Volume 246: Miscellaneous, 1723

Pages 240-257

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Miscellaneous, 1723

Documents for which a brief description suffices.
Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
4 Jan. 1.
Samuel Burridge, of Tiverton, in the co. of Devon. Lords of the Treasury. Asks to succeed the late Mr. George Thorne as Receiver General of land tax for part of the county of Devon.
[? about 11 Jan.] 2.
Do. -
John Smith and George Leslie, Deputy Chamberlains for joining Tallies in the Court of Exchequer. Do. - For payment of their fees (151l. 18s. 6d.) on payment into the Exchequer, by the Recr. General, of 1,500,206l. 3s. 9d. on account of customs. 1¼ pages.
15 Jan. 3.
Comrs. of Customs, Scotland. Do. - As to shells of mother of pearl imported at Kirkcudbright (supposed from Ostend) with design to have them condemned in the Court of Exchequer and afterwards sent to England prejudicially to the East India Company.
Minuted:—“23rd Janry. 1722. The E. I. Company to have a copie of this representation.” 1 page.
16 Jan. 4.
Letter - -
Bernard Cook - - Right Hon. — - Begs that he may be dispatched being mightily wanted by his distressed family at Barbadoes.
Minuted:—“To have 100li. notwithstanding ye report.” 1 page.
17 Jan. 5.
Navy debt as it stood 31 Dec. 1722. 2 large pages.
17 Jan. 6.
Memorial -
Comrs. for Forfeitures in England. Lords of the Treasury. For an order to the Exchequer to pay their salaries and those of their subordinates.
Also the account of their salaries. 3 pages.
19 Jan. 7.
Letter -
Robert Blount - - The Hon. Horatio Walpole. As to a warrant for commencement of the payment of his pension. Also a certificate on the same subject. 2 pages.
22 Jan. 8.
Do. -
Thomas Jekyll - Encloses a letter for the Lords of the Treasury as to the suppressing of smuggling at Southampton.
Minuted:—“26th Janry. 1722 to Comrs. Customes to report their opinion.” Also the letter named. 2 pages.
23 Jan. 9.
Do. - -
W. Lowndes Lord — - For the issue to Walter Chetwynd, Esq., of 200l. by way of imprest, the same to be paid to Sir Rowland Gwyn. 1 page.
28 Jan. 10.
Petition -
Daniel Brattell - Lords of the Treasury. Petitioner's grandfather, father, and uncle have been successively assaymasters for upwards of fifty years; prays to succeed his uncle. Also certificate of the truth of the petition. Signed Wm. Thompson and Isaac Newton.
Minuted: — “Mr. Hopton Haynes to have this office. Warrt. signd 7th Feb. 1722–3.” 1 page.
1 Feb. 11.
Do. - -
Jane Stuart The Rt. Hon. Robt. Walpole, Esq., and other Lords of the Treasury. Petitioner was widow of Jonathan Stuart, a drum major (whose services she states). Prays bounty.
Three certificates and a recommendation of her case. 1 page and 3 parts of pages.
3 Feb. 12.
Letter -
Victualling Comrs. Mr. Scrope - Sends an account of the money payable upon the course of the victualling. 1 page.
6 Feb. 13.
Copy of Order in Council, Minute of the Lords of the Treasury, &c.
Respecting the ship “Hannah” and her lading under quarantine in Standgate Creek. 3½ pages.
9 Feb. 14.
Estimate -
Debt of his Majesty's [Dock-] Yards. ½ page.
9 Feb. 15.
Letter -
F. Osborne Wm. Lowndes, Esq., at his house in Duke St., Westminster. As to arrears due in the Queen's time.
His son was taken away suddenly, leaving seven daughters and heavy debts. Mr. Wallpole was very cruel in taking Mr. Osborne's pension at his age. 1 page.
11 Feb. 16.
Draft of Minutes.
Minutes of the Treasury Board of 11 Feb. 1722–3 relating to buildings in the Savoy, and to papers concerning the revenue of the Hospital. 1 page.
14 Feb. 17.
Henry, Earl of Lincoln, constable of the Tower of London. Lords of the Treasury. Recommending 50l. a year to be added to the salary of “Gentleman gaoler,” which was but 20l. per ann.
Minuted:—“18th Feb. 1723. My Lords have taken his Mats. pleasure upon this memll., and direct a l~re to the Secretary-at-War to place this additional salary upon the Establishment.” 1 page.
22 Feb. 18.
Lord Townshend - Do. - - For directions to be given for the payment of the reward to James Peck and two others who apprehended the murderers of Anne Bristow on Smalbury Green. 1 page.
1 Mar. 19.
Charles Edwin, executor of Samuel Edwin, Esq., late Usher of the Receipt of the Exchequer. Do. Por payment of 998l. 5s. 10¼d. due for discharging wages of watchmen, &c. at the Exchequer.
Also a duplicate with slight verbal alterations. 2 pages.
14 Mar. 20.
Do. - -
Comrs. of Customs (Scotland). Do. - - Queries relative to the deduction of 6d. in the pound on salaries of officers. Enclosing another paper on the same subject. 3 pages.
[? About 15 Mar.] 21.
Petition -
Samuel Taylor, one of the messengers of the Great Chamber to the late Queen Anne. Do. - - For payment of 210l. 13s.d. due to him.
Also certificate thereof. 2 pages.
21 Mar. 22.
Draft of Minutes.
Of Minutes of the Treasury Board for 21 March 1722–3.
Also a letter from “Everslame Bestose” asking their Lordships to order him money. 2 pages.
[After 25 Mar.] 23.
Henry Tatlock, laceman, and others. Lords of the Treasury. For money due to them for supplying the stable liveries of her late Majesty.
Also a previous petition which is minuted thus:—
“19th Decr. 1722. To be consider'd when any money comes into the Exchr. upon this account.” 2 large pages.
[? About 27 Mar.] 24.
Comrs. of Excise (Scotland). Do. - As to exceptions to the deduction of 6d. in the pound out of salaries, &c.
Also “Genll. list of the usuall payments made out of His Majesty's revenues of Excise, &c. in Scotland.”
Minuted:—“27th March 1723. Prepare a S. M. according to the precedent.” 2½ pages.
[After 8 Apr.] 25.
William Watkins, Esq. Do. - - Asking for payment into the Paymaster of the Works' hands, of the allowance to the six gate keepers, that the memorialist might receive his pay as Surveyor of H.M. Private Roads. 1 page.
[? About 11 Apr.] 26.
Frances Wyndham - Do. - - King Charles II. granted her father, Sir Francis Wyndham, Bart., an annuity of 600l. per ann., and to Ann Wyndham his wife, a like annuity of 400l.; for services rendered to the King after the battle of Worcester. The grant was afterwards changed to petitioner and her sister (200l. each for life). These annuities were in arrear in 1714, 2,550l.; and 675l. was also due to Rachel her sister (deceased) as bedchamber woman to Queen Mary. 100l. is due to petitioner to Midsummer 1714: prays for the latter, and for further directions as to the arrears.
Also a certificate. 2 pages.
18 April 27.
J. Veel, for the Secretary to the Trustees of South Sea Co. Docketed:—“18 April 1723. A letter from the Trustees of the South Sea House relating to Mr. Hawes stock.” 1 page.
21 April 28.
Leonard Wooldeson Charles Dartiquenave, Esq., Paymaster Genl. of H.M. Works, Surrey St., St. Jameses. Represents the particulars of the large debt due to him from the late Queen. The Chancellor is to be at the Treasury to-morrow morning, when it is expected that the remainder of the Queen's money will be distributed. 2 pages.
23 April 29.
George Turbill William Lowndes, Esq. For a quarter's salary due at Christmas to the Comrs. for forfeited estates in England.
Minuted: — “23rd April 1723. Order'd.” 1 page.
[? About 29 April.] 30.
J. Laborde “My Lord” Is sent by “Mademoyselle de Malause” to wait upon his Lordship to receive his commands.
Minuted: — “26th April 1723. Prepare a warrt. for 500li. bounty.” 1 page, quarto.
30 April 31.
Nehemiah Arnold and John Duncombe. Lords of the Treasury. State what their services have been in forwarding the present Lottery, and ask to be continued in their Commission. 1 page.
1 May 32.
Do. -
Philip Cavendish, Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital. Do. - For money to be issued, 18,000l. being due for works at Greenwich Hospital. 1 page.
3 May 33.
“Of the dividends recd. by Mr. Henning upon the King's stock in the S. S. Company.” ½ page.
15 May 34.
T. Marten, Secretary to the Trustees for sale of estates of Directors of the South Sea Co. William Lowndes, Esq. The Trustees do not recommend intermeddling with the estate (which is extended) of Sir Harcourt Master, one of the directors.
Minuted: — “Read.” 1 page.
[? About 16 May.] 35.
Estimate -
Of the “Seaman's Monitor” to be distributed among the officers and seamen on board H.M. men-of-war.
Minuted: — “16th May 1723. Prepare a warrt. in the name of the Bookseller.” 1 page.
[After 17 May.] 36.
Col. Manning and Captain Legg. First Lord of H.M. Treasury. Had Mr. Layer under their care, in the Tower, from 20 Sept. 1722 to 17 May 1723. ½ page.
[About 20 May.] 37.
Petition -
Jonathan White - Lords of the Treasury. To be admitted as a settled man to the Tide Office.
Encloses similar petition to the Comrs. of Customs, dated 20 May 1723, and a testimonial. 3 pages.
21 May 38.
Letter -
Lord Townshend - Do. The King's pleasure is that they should issue to George Tilson, Esq., Under Secretary, 300l.; to Mr. John Wace, First Clerk, 200l.; and to Mr. John Courand 100l., for extraordinary expenses, as they were attending his Majesty during his absence out of the Kingdom for the affairs of the Secretary's office; besides which 3l. per day, 20s. per day, and 10s. per day is to be allowed to them respectively as board wages. 1 page.
21 May 39.
Copy of similar letter.
Lord Carteret Do. - Similar order in favour of John Anthony Balaguier, Esq., Under Secretary (300l.), Mr. Daniel Prevereau, First Clerk (200l.), Mr. Edmund Tigh, Clerk (100l.), Joseph Noble, Chamber Keeper (20l.), for extraordinary expenses as above; besides which they are to be allowed 3l., 1l., 10s., and 5s. per diem respectively as board wages. 1 page.
21 May 40.
Petition -
Elizabeth Wightman The King Is daughter to the late Major-General Joseph Wightman, and is left without bread. Asks to be provided for. (French.)
Minuted:—“May 21, 1723. 100 bounty.” 1 page.
23 May 41.
Do. -
Colonel Charles Cadogan. Lords of the Treasury. His regiment of foot (being the King's own) used to be allowed about 100l. each clothing, as trophy money. For the last four years has had to provide colours, clothes, &c. Prays payment of 400l. for the same.
Minuted:—“June the 6th, 1723. Refer to the Secretary at War to report what has been the practice, and out of what mony it has been usually paid.” 1 page.
24 May 42.
P. Whichcote - Mr. Walpole The Lord Lieut. of Ireland is very desirous to have the warrant signed before the King's departure. The purport of the warrant is not given, but it related to a favourite scheme of the Archbishop of Dublin. 1 page, quarto.
29 May 43.
Do. - -
Lord Townshend - Do. - As to the claims of the wife of James Gartside [on account of her husband's services].
Three other papers in connexion with her husband's affairs. 4 pages.
30 May 44.
Memorial -
Comrs. for Taxes Lords of the Treasury. Proposing the discharge of Mr. Thomas Gwyllim, a surveyer of the duties on houses in co. Merioneth, and recommending a successor.
Two other papers on the same subject.
Minuted:—“12 June 1723. Agreed.” 5 pages.
30 May 45.
“Produce of small branches of Civill List, &c., from Mich'as 1722 to Lady day 1723. Exchequer. Auditor's Office.” 1 page.
30 May 46.
Account or return.
Comrs. of Alienations Lords of the Treasury. Computation of the produce of their office. 1 page.
3 June 47.
Copy of Warrant.
Consolidating English and Scotch Boards of Customs. 9 pages.
[? About 5 June.] 48.
Two Petitions and two acaccounts.
Bernard Lintot, William Taylor, and Jacob Tonson. Lords of the Treasury. Respecting payment for printing copies of report, &c. of Committee appointed by the House of Commons to examine Christopher Layer and others in connexion with “the conspiracy.”
Each minuted:—“5th June 1723. Prepare a warrt.” 4 pages.
[About 5 June.] 49.
Memorial -
Loftus Cliffe - Lord Townshend, H.M. Principal Secretary of State. Was 27 years collector of the port of Ross, Ireland, and was dismissed without any reason in 1716. His rather was a sufferer for King William. Prays a letter recommending his case to the Lords of the Treasury.
Minuted:—“June the 5, 1723. A letter to be wrote accordingly.” 1 page.
10 June 50.
Samuel Mayo and Thomas Carter. Praying for consideration for their services in giving evidence in all matters relating to “the ship Phenice, Captain Halstead, &c.” also upon the trials of Plunkett, Kelly, and the Bishop of Rochester. Petitioners could not get their bread at sea without hazard.
Minuted:—“To subsist to this day & a months advance to carry 'em home. 1 page. [See also 16 Sept.]
11 June 51.
Letter and Memorial.
J. Burchett (Admiralty). Secretaries to the Treasury. As to the deductions of 6d. per month for Greenwich Hospital from Marine soldiers amounting to 5,525l. 19s.d. 5 pages.
11 June 52.
Letter -
E. Mason - His Majesty has granted him an annuity of 100l. per ann. and 100l. for his present exigencies. Hopes he will complete the Royal goodness. 1 page.
18–29 June 53.
Do. - -
Lord Townshend - Lords of the Treasury. His Majesty's pleasure is that their Lordships should forthwith order 1,000l. to be issued without account and paid into the hands of Charles Delafaye, Esq., secretary to the Lords Justices to answer bills drawn on them for postage, staffetes, expresses, &c. being the charges of the two principal Secretaries of States staying at Hanover. 1 page.
19 June 54.
Letter and Memorial.
J. Burchett (Admiralty). Secretaries of the Lords of the Treasury. As to the deductions of 6d. per month from the late six Marine Regiments for the use of the Chest, which had not been paid over to the Governors of the Chest. 4½ pages.
24 June 55.
Account -
Of money advanced on tin at Hamburgh and of tin sold at Hamburgh by John Gore. 1 double page.
[? About 26 June.] 56.
Memorial -
Royal Academy of Music. Lords of the Treasury. For a warrant to pay 1,000l. out of the Bounty Office and for 200l. to defray the taxes and other expenses attending the receipt of the 1,000l. which his Majesty allowed.
Minuted: — “26th June 1723 1,000li. order'd.” 1 page
[? About 1 July.] 57.
Petitions, &c.
Colin Campbell Lords of the Treasury. For consideration having lost his employment by the Union, before which he was possessed of the office of Clerk of the Coquets and Searcher at the Port of Preston-Pans, Dundee, Montrose, Inverness, and all the ports by North Tay.
One of the papers is minuted:—“1st July 1723. There is no vacancy. My Lords will give him an office when vacant in Scotland of the value of that which he lost.” 7 pages.
[? About 4 July.] 58.
Petition -
James Woodburn, Pratique Master in the Port of Belfast. Chief Comrs. and Governors of H.M. Revenue of Ireland. For payment for his services for 29 kalendar months connected with the performance of quarantine.
At the foot is a testimonial to his services. 1 page.
8 July 59.
Letter - -
Edward Parsons - Horatio Walpole, Esq. Sends account of taxes for the year 1722. Has received no more than 6,600l. which he paid into the Receipt of the Exchequer.
Also the account referred to.
On the back is a minute concluding “that the Lords are well satisfied, Mr. Parsons has paid all he has recd.” 2¼ pages.
9 July 60.
Petition -
Nathaniel Hunter, of Dublin, pilot. Comrs. and Chief Governors of the Revenue in Ireland. For relief having been exposed to injury by bringing a ship under quarantine. 1 page.
11 July 61.
Certificate -
J. Burchett (Admiralty). Lords of the Treasury. Of clerks who had paid the land tax for 1722. 1 page.
16 July 62.
Account -
Of taxes paid by the Secretary of the Admiralty and his clerks in the years 1719 to 1722 which have not been reimbursed.
Minuted: — “26th July 1723. My Lords give orders for the payment of the taxes of the clerks as usual.” 1 page.
18 July 63.
Memorial -
Comrs. of Forfeitures for England. Lords of the Treasury. For their salaries and those of their inferior officers; together with incident charges; also letter to Mr. Lowndes on the same subject.
Minuted:—“Order'd.” 2 pages.
[? About 24 July.] 64.
Petition -
Richard Burren, Surveyor of Searchers in the Port of London. Do. - For an addition of 50l. per ann. to his income.
Minuted: — “24th July 1723. My Lords will not increase his salary. 1 page.
26 July 65.
Letter -
Comrs. of the Navy - Secretaries of the Treasury. As to the state of Mr. Hampden's accounts as late Treasurer of the Navy. 2 pages.
30 July 66.
Do. - -
Comrs. of Customs, Scotland. Horatio Walpole, Esq. For the appointment of a successor to Mr. Jessop Boughton, Secretary to the Board since the Union, who is “confused in his understanding.” Recommending also an allowance of 20l. per ann. by way. of superannuation to Mr. Boughton. 2 pages.
31 July 67.
Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland. Lords of the Treasury. There is only 254l. 15s. 11¼d. in the Receiver General's hands of the Bishops' rents at his Majesty's disposal.
Encloses memorial “for the Chancellor of the Exchequer.” 2 pages.
[After July.] 68.
Memorial -
Thomas Moore, Esq., late Paymaster General of the Forces. Do. - - As to the balance of his account, &c.; asked to be allowed 300l. a year for three years and two months. Sir Roger Mostyn was allowed 300l. a year for eight years and three months for his trouble. 1 page.
1 August 69.
Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland. Do. - - Recommending their agent at London, Mr. Joseph Tudor, to be put on the establishment of Scotland, as he had only a small allowance by way of incidents. Exchequer Chamber, Edinburgh. 1 page.
2 August 70.
Letter - -
Thomas Woolley - Horatio Walpole, Esq. For the Directors of the East India Co. Acquaints the Lords of the Treasury that it is but lately the arrears for the duties on the Company's unrated goods were stated according to the new method of computation, which the Company always apprehend to be very severe. The Directors are providing to discharge the dues. 1 page.
8 August 71.
Philip Cavendish, Esq., Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital. Lords of the Treasury. The creditors for the building are very impatient and continually soliciting for relief; pray for an order for the payment of the remainder of the debt, being upwards of 18,000l. 1 page.
[? About 9 August.] 72.
Thomas Bishop of Sodor and Man. Do. - Prays payment of the 100l. in arrear, due to the poor clergy of his diocese for the year 1713.
Minuted: — “9th Augt. 1723. To be inserted in the List of the Queen's Creditors.” 1 page.
[About 14 Aug.] 73.
Captain John Verman and others. Do. On behalf of himself and the Captains of Col. Franks's late regiment of foot, prays that Mr. Thomas Moor of the Paymaster's office and Mr. Gough may be compelled to account with them.
Minuted: — “14 Augst. 1723. The Lords do not think fitt to give any directions in this matter.” 2 pages.
26 Aug. 74.
Andrew Shields Is afflicted with a tedious indisposition. Has nothing but his salary as an extraordinary page of the bedchamber, which is a year in arrear at Michaelmas next. Bath.
Minuted:—“11th 7br. 1723. To be paid as far as the rest of the pages are.” 2 pages.
27 Aug. 75.
Board of Trade - Rt. Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq. For an order to have the House quitted by the Earl of Clarendon allotted to the Board for an office.
Minuted: — “The Board of Workes to put the Lords of Trade in possession of that part of the Lord Clarendon's house which stands in Privy Garden.
29 Augt. 1723. Letter signed.” 1 page.
28 Aug. 76.
Report -
A. Cracherode - Lords of the Treasury. On the petition of Stephen Smith and others praying the reward of 100li. for taking and convicting a highwayman.
Minuted:—“My Lords do not conceive this case to be within the meaning and intent of the proclamation.”
Also the petition. 2¼ pages.
[? About 31 Aug.] 77.
Charles Christian, engraver. Do. For consideration for his services in having given evidence in the Houses of Lords and Commons as to two seals.
Minuted: — “31 Augt. 1723. 50li. per the hands of Mr. Cracherode.” 1 page.
[? About 4 Sept.] 78.
Do. - -
The widow and administratrix of Thomas Russel, of St. James's Market, butcher. [Do.] - - For payment of 621l. 19s.d. due on a contract made in 1713, with the Board of Green Cloth, to supply her late Majesty with meat.
Minuted:—“4th 7br. 1723, My Lords order a moiety to be paid.” 1 page.
6–17 Sept. 79.
Letter - -
Lord Townshend - Mr. S. Walpole - The money for extraordinary expenses at Hanover is nearly expended; another 500l. will be wanted. The under secretaries and clerks have three months due to them. Desires the allowances to be made as the King signified before his departure. 2 pages.
6–17 Sept. 80.
Do. - -
Ste. Poyntz - - Mr. Lowther - Asks him to receive Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer's commands upon two bills payable to the order of Mr. Michael David.
Minuted:—“16 7br. 1723. Mr. Lowther to accept these bills as also bills for 500 more which will come. 1 page, quarto.
10 Sept. 81.
Presentment -
Comrs. of Stamp Duties. For Charles Symister to be a stamper in the room of Edward Cooper, deceased. ½ page.
[? About 11 Sept.] 82.
Letter - -
As to payment of [reward] of 100l. for a robbery “committed upon William Fitser.”
Minuted: — “11th 7br. 1723. My Lords order the proper letter to be signd in this behalf.” 4 lines.
16 Sept. 83.
Samuel Mayo and Thomas Carter. The Chancellor of the Exchequer. Was evidence aginst Capt. Halfhead, &c., and attended both Houses of Parliament and received subsistence money to 12 Aug. last. Pray to be rewarded for lost time and to be provided for in the Customs as they cannot get their bread at sea for fear of the Jacobites.
There are two letters on the back respecting the petitioners' case. They received 2s. 6d. a day each to 14 June when they were discharged. 16 Sept. 1723. 2 pages.
16 Sept. 84.
Letter -
F. Osborne - William Lownds, Esq. Does not doubt his “friendly assistance if there be rome for it” for some family (not named) who have been long sufferers. 1 page, quarto.
19 Sept. 85.
Lords of the Treasury. Edward Carteret and Geoffrey Walpole, Esquires, H.M. Postmasters General. For 200l. to be paid to William French, Esq., in aid of keeping up the Light House on the Rock called the Skerries lying about three leagues from Hollyhead, in the entrance to the bay. 1 page.
[? After 27 Sept.] 86.
Martin Lewin, gent., late head Marshal of the city of London, John Dyer, and Edward Herring. Lords of the Treasury. Petitioners together with the late Jonathan Wild apprehended Humphrey Anger for highway robbery at Hornsey, Middlesex. Pray for the reward of 100l.
Also a certificate. 2 pages.
[? About 28 Sept.] 87.
Memorial -
Comrs. and Receiver of Alienations. Do. - As to deduction of sixpence in the pound from pensions, viz., from 500l., part of 2,000l. per ann. to the Duke and Duchess of St. Albans, and from 1,546l. 12s. per ann. payable to the Hanaper.
Minuted:—“28 7br. 1722–3. The pencõn exempted.—Hanaper to pay.
Wt. signed.” 3 pages.
[? About 30 Sept.] 88.
Jane Gunthorpe Rt. Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq., First Lord Commissioner of the Treasury. For arrears due from King William and Queen Anne to her late husband George Gunthorpe, confectioner, and to herself as table laundress to her late Majesty.
Minuted:—“30 7br. 1723. List of arrears.”
Also a certificate. 2 pages.
5 Oct. 89.
Of the debt due on the pensions payable in the office of Walter Chetwynd, Esq. Mich. 1722 to Mich. 1723. 12 pages.
8 Oct. 90.
“George Lord Parker,” one of the Four Tellers of the Exchequer. Lords of the Treasury. For directions to he given as to a loss by reduction of guineas from 21s. 6d. to 21s. Exchequer, 8 Oct. 1723. 1 page.
9 Oct. 91.
Comrs. of Alienations. Do. - - Produce of the office for six months, viz., to Mich. 1723. 1 page.
11 Oct. 92.
As to the subsistence of Capt. Gustavus Bahr who was sent for from Hanover to give evidence in the prosecution for condemning the ship “Revolution formerly in the Pretender's service.” Oct. 11, 1723.
Minuted: — “12th 8br. 1723. Mr. Lowther to subsist Capt. Bahr untill the process against the ship ‘Revolution’ is ended, the money to be afterwards replaced to Mr. Lowther out of the produce of the ship upon condemnation.”
Again:—5sh. per diem from 2d Augt. till the tryall. 30s. to carry him home.” 1 page.
7 Nov. 93.
Proclamation (copy).
The Hon. John Wentworth, Esq., Lieut. Governor of the Province of New Hampshire. Giving public notice that Robert Armstrong, Esq., late Deputy Surveyor of Woods in the province, has embarked for Great Britain, and no successor being appointed, he (the Lieut. Governor) has constituted Mr. Edw. Hall, of Exeter, to be Deputy Surveyor.
Also the form of oath to be taken. 2 pages.
8 Nov. 94.
Letter -
Ch. Delafaye - Lords of the Treasury. Transmits a petition of William Prust, a material evidence in a suit in the Court of Admiralty, for the condemnation of the ship “Revolution” for directions thereon.
The petition and a schedule entitled: “An account of what I have lost by upposing the Pertenders sarves.” 3 pages.
20 Nov. 95.
Letter - -
Sir Gilbert Heathcote. For process in the Exchequer to be stayed against Mr. Madockes for not accounting as Paymaster. Bank. 1 page, quarto.
[? About 22 Nov.] 96.
Officers of the Four Troops of Horse Guards. Rt. Hon. George Lord Newburgh, Lieut. Genl. of H.M. forces, and Captain and Colonel of the third troop of Horse Guards. Several repairs are wanted for the accommodation of the troops.
Minuted: — “20th 9br. 17… The Survr. of the Horse Guards to report what is wanting and an estimate of what the repairs will come to.” 1 page.
[About 26 Nov.] 97.
John Dive for Thomas Smith, Esq., Exec. of the Rt. Hon. John Smith, Esq., deceased, one of the four Tellers of the Exchequer. Lords of the Treasury. For delivery up of the bonds of the sureties of the late Teller of the Exchequer.
Also certificate of the Auditor of the Receipt of the Exchequer respecting moneys handed over to another Teller. 2 pages.
November 98.
Estimate -
Hugh Warren, Surveyor of the Guards. Lords of the Treasury. For necessaries and repairs to the Horse Guards, Tilt Yard, and offices thereunto belonging. 1 page.
November 99.
Petition -
Edward Wynn, steward to Richard Norton, of Southwick House, Southampton, Esq. Do. - For charges, fees, &c. attending the apprehension, &c. of four blacks lately executed.
Bill of the expenses. 3 pages.
4 Dec. 100.
Memorial -
Anthony Cracherode. Do. - Has several criminals to prosecute at the Old Bailey. Prays for half a year's salary (250l.) and for 500l. on account. 1 page, quarto.
6 Dec. 101.
Letter -
Ch. Delafaye - Do. - For 200l. to be ordered him for the clerks and servants of the Secretary's office for attendance on their Excellencies during the King's absence, and for 500l. to himself.
Minuted: — “500li. to himself for his attendance on the Lords Justices as their Sec[reta]ry and 200li. to be distributed among the clerks. 1 page.
6 Dec. 102.
Letter - -
John Eyles - - Mr. Carkesse Minuted: — “To Mr. Carkesse that the Chevalier Eon have the allowance of 2 tons of wine as a minister of the K. of Spain, and that the 75l. wt. chocolate seized by the Cust. Ho. Officers be delivered to him upon Mr. Lowthers paying the duty.” 1 page (quarto).
10 Dec. 103.
Presentment -
Comrs. of Stamp Duties. Lords of the Treasury. For Richard Dovey to be Inspector of Gaming Houses, &c. in the room of Geo. Portsmouth, deceased. ½ page.
10 Dec. 104.
Memorial -
Comrs. of Excise Do. - “Desiring that the officer who commands the detachm. at Blandford to prevent the running of goods may assist in executing warrts. to seize the murderers of one Purchase.”
Minuted: — “13th Jan. 1723–4. To Mr. Treby Sec[reta]ry-at-War to take the King's orders upon this memorial.”
Also a letter signed “James Furnell on the same subject.” 2 pages.
13 Dec. 105.
Letter -
Comrs. of the Navy - Mr. Lowndes - As to the Estimate of the debt of the Navy.
Also an abstract and another letter. 3 pages.
17 Dec. 106.
Do. -
Do. - Do. - On the debt of the Navy and as to what money has been paid into the Exchequer to discharge Mr. Hampden's balance as Treasurer of the Navy.
Certificate of Imprest Money repaid to Richard Hampden, Esq. 2 pages.
20 Dec. 107.
Letter - -
Sir George Oxenden Lords of the Treasury. Declines to accept the stewardship of the manor of Wingham, to which their Lordships had appointed him.
Minuted: — “21 Decr. 1723. Prepare a warrt. appointing Mr. Thos. Winter, steward of this mannor with a clause of revocation of the grant to Sir Geo. Oxenden.” 1 page.
[? About 24 Dec.] 108.
Account -
“Revenue Acct. Isle [of] Providence.” 2 pages.
24 Dec. 109.
Report -
Comrs. of Customs (Scotland). [Lords of the Treasury.] “Concerning the sureties for John Haldane Collector of the Customs and Salt duties at Preston - Pans. Edinborough. 24 Decr. 1723.
Minuted: — “13th May 1724. Read.” [Haldane was indebted to the Crown, 3,500l.]
Also the memorial of the sureties. 3 pages.
[After 24 Dec.] 110.
Copies of Receipts, &c.
For salaries paid to Gentlemen and grooms of the bedchamber and to the Comrs. of Trade, by Mr. Richard Powys, &c. The last dated 24 Dec. 1723. 2½ pages.
25 Dec. 111.
Matthew Penny-father, Comptroller and Accountant General. Of the produce of His Majesty's Revenue in Ireland, for one year ended at Christmas, 1723. 1 page.
[? Dec.] 112.
Memorial -
Piercy Kirk, Esq., House Keeper of Whitehall. Lords of the Treasury. For payment of a debt of 390l. 8s. 11¼d. due from the late Queen Anne.
Also a certificate. 2 pages, quarto.
[? Dec.] 113.
Alexander Carleton Do. - Has been applying for his debt for brass and iron goods for 24 years. Is a younger brother, of good family. The Treasury has usually given him annually 50l. bounty money: prays to be ordered 50l. this Christmas. 1 page.
1723. 114.
John Wilson, one of the Land carriage men for the Port of London. Hon. — Edgecomb, Esq., one of the Lords of the Treasury. Prays for restoration to his employment, being dismissed through the representations of two other custom house officers, in connexion with a seizure of uncustomed goods below Gravesend. 2 pages.
1 Jan.–31 Dec. 115.
State of Account.
Of Joseph Gascoigne, Esq., late Receiver General of H.M. patrimony in the Island of Minorca, between 1 Jan. 1712 and 31 Dec. 1723. 2½ pages.
[End of 1723.] 116.
William Johnson, Solicitor. Of persons indebted to the revenue on salt in Mich. term, 1723, and of the proceedings against them and of what has been recovered. 7 pages.
[? 1723.] 117.
Master of the Barges and 48 watermen to His Majesty. Lords of the Treasury. For an order to pay them for a small bill of services rendered, and for their salaries to Christmas 1722. 1 page.
[? 1723.] 118.
Robert Monro and Henry Cuningham, Esquires. Do. - Praying for reappointment of Thomas Dishington, formerly salt officer at Innerkiethen, in the collection of Barrowstowness. 1 page.
[? About 1723.] 119.
Maurice Hayes, of the Kingdom of Ireland. Robt. Walpoole, Esq., First Comr., &c. Discovered the conspiracy against King George and Government. His Majesty ordered petitioner the bounty of 40l. per ann. in Oct. 1722. Prays that it may be paid. 1 page.
[Perhaps 1722 or 1723.] 120.
Elizabeth Murray, widow and relict of Anthony Murray, Esq., deceased. Do. - For continuation to herself of her husband's pension [Her husband had the honour to be known to the King in Hanover.] 1 page.