Volume 231: Classified. 1720. Part II

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Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Classified. 1720. Part II

1720. 1. Letters of the Comrs of the Navy to the Secretary of the Treasury respecting deeds relating to houses occupied in right of their offices, about the Chest at Chatham, about the state of the late Treasurer's accounts, and about the debt of the Navy. 10½ pages.
2. Various papers connected with the affairs of the paymaster of the guards, garrisons, and other his Majesty's land forces, including estimates. 29 papers.
3. Numerous papers, most of them arising out of two acts of parliament, the one entitled:—an Act for enabling the South Sea Company to increase their present capital stock and fund by redeeming such public debts and incumbrances as are therein mentioned, and for raising money to be applied for lessening several of the public debts and incumbrances, and for calling in the present Exchequer Bills remaining uncancelled, and for making forth new bills in lieu thereof to be circulated upon demand at or near the Exchequer: the other entitled:—an Act for making forth new Exchequer Bills, not exceeding one million, at a certain interest, and for lending the same to the South Sea Company at any higher interest upon security of repaying the same and such high interest into the Exchequer for uses to which the fund for lessening the public debts, called the Sinking Fund, is applicable, and for circulating and exchanging, upon demand, the said bills at or near the Exchequer. [See one of the papers dated 26 May 1720.]
There are also proposals by the Governor and Company of the Bank of England to add to their stock, and comparisons of the proposals of the two companies. Also accounts and memorials of moneys due to the persons employed.
The last paper is entitled:—“Appendix No. IIII. Copies of the resolutions of the South Sea Company relating to loans and the particulars in which the said rules have been exceeded.”
4. Reports, &c. of the Officers of Works to the Lords of the Treasury on various claims arising in that department.
One of them relates to the carvings in the palace of Windsor. Mr Gibbons, his Majesty's carver, had a warrant for cleaning and repairing the same from King Charles II., which was continued in the succeeding reigns. Minuted:—“7th Decr 1720. See what Mr Gibbons was allow'd and where he was paid.” “100li p[er] ann. by the hands of the paymar of the works at Windsor by warrant under her late Mats signe manual, dated the 8th July 1702.” Another is as to the accommodation of the “young princesses” with stables and coach-houses in the Mews at Charing Cross. 9 pages.