Volume 232: Miscellaneous, 1720

Pages 31-39

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Miscellaneous, 1720

Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
Estimate -
Of the charge of his Majesty's Ordnance for the year 1720. 1 page.
1719–20 2.
Account -
Ciryl Wich, Esq., appointed resident. Receipts and expenditure. 2 parts of pages.
Account -
Arrears due to the tradesmen of her late Majesty's stables under the direction of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Feilding. 2 pages.
9 Jan. 4.
Letter - -
Allan Boresele Vander Hooghe. “My Lord” - Respecting a Dutch ship wrecked at Orkney, a great part of the cargo being saved: asking for speedy justice in giving possession of the goods to the owners. (French.)
Minuted:—“2nd Febry. 1719–20. See if any directions have been given to the Commrs. of Customes. 2 pages.
1 Feb. 5.
Do. - -
John Clayton - - Reasons offered by the Judge of ye Court of Vice-Admiralty in Virginia in support of his decree (of 13 March 1718) on the sloop Adventure and goods piratically taken.
1 Feb. 6.
Do. - -
Charles Carkesse William Lowndes, Esq. Respecting the insolence of the smugglers who defended their illegal practices by force of arms. 1 page.
5 Feb. 7.
Do. - -
Lord Stanhope - Lords of the Treasury. Sends letter from the Lords of Trade as to building of two new rooms. 2 pages.
6 Feb. 8.
Do. - -
George Gordon - William Lowndes, Esq., Secretary to the Treasury. Sends letter as to injustice suffered by Capt. Brand, late Commander of H.M. Ship “Lyme,” and by Capt. Pearse and himself from custom house officers. 1 page.
9 Feb. 9.
Do. -
Comrs. of Ordnance Lords of the Treasury. Send copy of the security taken on the appointment of Mr. John Lansdell as Paymaster. 2 pages.
11 Feb. 10.
About “insupers” of the Clerk of the Pipe. 1 page.
18 Feb. 11.
Letter -
Lord Stanhope Lords of the Treasury. For payment of 200l. to Capt. Corner, who was sent hither with the instruments of His Catholic Majesty's Accession to the Convention made at Paris, and to the Treaty of London. 1 page.
Minuted:—“20th Feb. 1719–20. Prepare a sign manual.” 1 page.
24 Feb. 12.
Report and Warrant (Copies).
For payment of 600l. to John Mulcaster, late Agent to the Garrison of Annapoles Royal, from the Paymaster General. 2½ pages.
29 Feb. 13.
Letter -
William Yonge, for himself and other Commissioners. Secretary-at-War Not authorised to examine the accounts in the enclosed memorial, and have no authority to make any stoppage from the States General. Dorset Court, Feb. 29, 1719–20.
Minuted: — “When the Commrs send a farther account of this matter to my Lords, they will determine upon it.” 1 page.
[? about 24 Mar.] 14.
Memorial -
The Duke of Montagu. [Wardrobe.] Lords of the Treasury. As to the great debt due to the tradesmen.
Minuted:—“24th March 1719–20. Issue 2,000 li. to the Duke of Montagu for furniture of the apartments at Kensington over and above the establishmt of 13,000 li. per ann.” 1 page.
25 Mar. 15.
Of what is due and in arrear from her late Majesty to the Public Ministers to the day of her decease. 1 page.
25 Mar. 16.
Do. -
Arrears due at Midsummer 1714 to her late Majesty, Queen Ann, annual pensioners, and charities established by her late Majesty. Examined “per Edw. Godfrey, March 25, 1720.” 1 page.
25 Mar. 17.
Do. - -
A state of the debt unpaid on account of the late Queen's Civil List. 1 large page.
Duplicate of the same. 1 do.
[It has an entry additional at the foot.]
4 Apr. 18.
Letter -
J. Craggs - Lords of the Treasury. Encloses two extracts of letters from Mr. Pulteney concerning the present state of our gold and silver coin. 6 pages.
4 Apr. 19.
Do. - -
Lords Justices - Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Sends petition, &c on behalf of the clothiers of Dublin for his Majesty to be moved for a warrant to discharge the debt. 1 page.
5 Apr. 20.
Report - -
Comrs. of Customs, Scotland. Lords of the Treasury. On the petition of Hendrick Smith, vinegar maker a Leith. The petitioner can be only relieved by Act of Parliament. Also the petition.
Minuted:—“Read 6 July 1720. They may apply to Parlt.” 5 pages or parts.
6 Apr. 21.
Do. -
Controller of Army Accounts (Medows). Do. - On memorial of Viscount Irwin, Col. of his Majesty's own regiment of horse, as to clothing of the “Kettle-drum and nine trumpeters,” and as to claim to have colours and liveries for trumpeters, hautboys, and drums. Also two other papers. 3 pages.
22 Apr. 22.
J. Burchett (Admiralty). Wm. Lowndes, Esq. Forwards copy of letter from Capt. Brand of H.M. Ship “Lyme,” as to the Custom House Officers corresponding with the pirates abroad.
Also the letter. 2 pages.
[? About 10 May.] 23.
Petition -
Clifford William Phillips and others. Lords of the Treasury. For a reward of 100li. for apprehending and convicting one William Joans, alias Charles Campbel, of robbery within five miles of London Dated 10 May 1720.
Also a certificate. 2 pages.
13 May 24.
Money requisite for the immediate service of the office of ordnance.
Minuted:—“4 June 1720. 16,000 ordered.” 1 page.
9 June 25.
Mr. Secretary Craggs Lords of the Treauy. For directions to be given for payment of 300l. for services of Mr. John Bermingham in the late expedition to Spain under Lord Cobham. 1 page.
9 June 26.
Do. - -
F. Osborne - William Lowndes, Esq., att his house i[n] Duke Street. Is kept in bed by a severe hit “got by a fall.” 1 page.
15 June 27.
Of H.M. Ships, &c. in Sea pay with an estimate of wages. 6 pages.
20 June 28.
Balance sheet
Income by forfeitures in England. 2 pages.
[? About 30 June.] 29.
Petition -
William Cobbe, Receiver General of Taxes, Chester. Lords of the Treasury. For an allowance of 521l. 14s. for remitting the money collected. Has never kept an exact account of the charges he was at, an affidavit having never been required from receivers of Wales, to which this country was formerly joined.
Minuted:—“30 June 1720. Commrs. Taxes to report to my Lords of the Treasury their reasons for not making report on ye petition of Mr. Cobbe for allowances.” 1 page.
1 July 30.
Lease - -
“An English copy of the Exchequer lease to the D[uke of S[omerse]t of ground, &c. at Newmarkett. July the 1st, 1720.” 4 pages.
28 July 31.
Report (Copy)
Barons of the Exchequer (Scotland). Lords of the Treasury. On the petition of the Deputy Clerk of the Court of Justiciary and the three Macers as to additional salaries. Also the petition of the Macers. 2 pages.
8 Aug. 32.
Report - -
Secretary - at - War (Treby). Do. - On the case of the drummers, hautbois, and trumpeters' liveries.
Minuted:—“19 Augt. 1720. Respited.” 1 page.
[? About 10 Aug.] 33.
Memorial -
James Chase, Esq., Apothecary in Ordinary to King Will. III. and Queen Anne. Do. - For payment of arrears. Also certificate.
Minuted:—“10 Aug. 1720. To be paid out of the 1st money coming in upon these arrears.” 2 pages.
20 Aug. 34.
Letter -
Comrs. for Forfeitures, Scotland. [? Secretary of the Treasury.] For payment of their salaries.
Minuted: — “25th Oct. Orderd.” 1 page.
25 Aug. 35.
Do. - -
Chr. Delafaye - - Lords of the Treasury. The Lords Justices recommend William Nost (who suffered by detection of treasonable practices) for a tidesman's place for London. 1 page.
10 Sept. 36.
Comrs. for Forfeiture in Scotland. [? Secretary to the Treasury.] Enclose certificate of the absence of Mr. Grantham, one of their number. 1 page.
13 Sept. 37.
Do. - -
G. Bridges - - The Hon. Richard Edgecomb, one of the Lords of the Treasury. For 40 or 50l. and some timber for the repair of his Lodge, “Lady-cross Lodge, in the New Forest. 7ber ye 13th, 1720.”
Minuted: — “21st Sept. 1720. My Lords adhere to their order (viz., not to allow any repairs to persons who have lodges for the future”). 1 page.
21 Sept. 38.
Report -
A. Cracherode - Lords of the Treasury. On the petition of Thomas Middleton and others, setting forth that John Potter was robbed on the highway, near Kennington (Surrey), by Thomas Metterick and Nicholas Henshaw, whom they apprehended. Is of opinion they ought to receive 200l.
Also the petition. 3 pages.
28 Sept. 39.
Opinion (copy).
The Attorney and Solicitor Generals' opinion on extraordinary allowances to Receivers General of Taxes. Dated 28 Sept. 1720.
Also copy of letter of W. Lowndes to the Comrs. of Taxes. 2 pages.
29 Sept. 40.
Of Extra Clerks who had 3l. per month imprested to them to the 29th September 1720. 1 large page.
29 Sept. 41.
“Of arrears of taxes set off for the aggregate fond” at Michaelmas 1720, and the issues that have been made out of the same. 1 page.
30 Sept. 42.
Letter -
Ch. Delafaye Lords of the Treasury. Expressing their “Excellencies' the Lords Justices'” approval of the list of presents to be given by Governor Nicholson to the Indians, bordering on Carolina, to regain some and preserve others in the interest of the British Nation: for orders to be given thereon.
Minuted:—“28 Octr. 1720. L~re signd.” 1 page.
6 Oct. 43.
Letter - -
Ch. Delafaye - - Lords of the Treasury. For repayment of 13l. 13s. to Mr. Wace to reimburse him that sum paid by order of the Lords Justices to 12 Algerines. 1 page.
11 Oct. 44.
Do. - -
Do. - - Do. - - Has enclosed copy of a letter from Mons. de Castro, Envoy from the King of Portugal, for leave to export to Holland (custom free) some plate of Dn. Luis d'Acuntra, formerly Envoy here, and now Ambassador at the Congress at Cambray. In favour thereof.
Also the letter. 2 pages.
13 Oct. 45.
Officers of Alienations Do. - As to the gross produce of the Office of Alienations for the year ended Mich. 1720.
Dated 13 Oct. 1720. 1 page.
14 Oct. 46.
Comrs. of Excise (Scotland). Do. - - Praying the assistance of the military force to prevent smuggling. 1 page.
18 Oct. 47.
Letter -
Ch. Delafaye - Do. - For the Lords Justices that order be given for payment of 63l. to William Harper for services. 1 page.
24 Oct. 48.
Of the debt of his Majesty's Navy as it stood on 30 Sept. 1720.
Also the amount of money and tallies to satisfy the same. 2 large pages.
25 Oct. 49.
Report - -
Officers of Works - Lords of the Treasury. For building a new charcoal house at St. James.
Dated “Board of Green Cloth,” 25 Oct. 1720.
Minuted: — “26th Octr. 1720. My Lds. agree to this, provided it be within the rules.” 2 pages.
Oct. 50.
Petition -
George Ingoldsby, son and administrator of Col. Richard Ingoldsby, deceased. Do. - - The respits on his father's company amounted to 1,083l. 0s. 8d.; prays for consideration.
Minuted:—“See if there is any money to pay this.” 1 page.
[? About Oct.] 51.
Jane Stuart, widow - Lords of the Treasury. For continuance of his Majesty's bounty, her husband having served as drum-major 25 years, partly in Flanders, where he was dangerously wounded, and afterwards in Portugal, where he was mortally wounded.
Also copy of certificates of his services, one of which is dated 25 Oct. 1720. 2 pages.
3 Nov. 52.
Of the debt for Transport service as it stood on 30 Sept. 1720. 1 page.
16 Nov. 53.
Thomas Missing, contractor for victualling the Garrison of Gibraltar. Lords of the Treasury. As to the supply of 600 men under Col. Kane arrived at Gibraltar. 1 page.
22 Nov. 54.
Mr. Secretary Craggs Do. For payment of 500l. as a mark of H.M. special favour to Signior Claudio Ré, Secretary to the Duke of Parma, recalled home. 1 page.
23 Nov. 55.
Do. - -
James Craggs Do. - Transmits the gross and net produce of the revenue of the Post Office. 1 page.
[Enclosure not now with it.]
20 Dec. 56.
Do. -
George Treby - - Secretaries of the Treasury. For their Lps. to give directions to the Contractor for provisions at Gibraltar, that there may be always four months' provisions in advance.
Minuted: — “22 Dec. 1720. Write to Mr. Missing accordingly.” 1 page.
25 Dec. 57.
Account -
Salaries and incidents of the Comrs. and Trustees for sale of forfeited estates and of their officers. Mich. to Christmas 1720. 2 pages.
1720. 58.
Do. -
Of presents bought by the Hon. Charles Stewart, Esq., on account of his Majesty, for the Emperor of Morocco. Together with the Invoices. 14 pages or parts of pages.
[? In or after 1720.] 59.
Lord Killmaine, Col. Archibald Hamilton, and Col. Wentworth. Lords of the Treasury. For the difference of pay due to their men for the time they served on board the fleet until their landing in Ireland, to be included in the demand to be laid before Parliament. 1 page.