Gregory's Chronicle: 1189-1249

The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century. Originally published by Camden Society, London, 1876.

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'Gregory's Chronicle: 1189-1249', in The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century, ed. James Gairdner( London, 1876), British History Online [accessed 23 July 2024].

'Gregory's Chronicle: 1189-1249', in The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century. Edited by James Gairdner( London, 1876), British History Online, accessed July 23, 2024,

"Gregory's Chronicle: 1189-1249". The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century. Ed. James Gairdner(London, 1876), , British History Online. Web. 23 July 2024.

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Here folowythe the namys of the Baylyes and Sheryfys (fn. 1) of London in the cytte of Kynge Richarde the Fryste aftyr the Conqueste of Englonde that was crownyde the thyrde daye of Septembre the yere of owre Lorde Ml c iiijxx and ix. Ande that yere be ganne the ordyr of Sent Tonyes of Prews, the yere of oure Lorde ut supra Ml c iiijxx x. The namys of the Baylyes and Sherevys:—

Henricus Cornyll Anno primo.
Rychardus Ryvers
Johannes Harlyon Anno secundo.
Rogerus Duke
Wyllelmus Haveryll Anno tercio.
Johannes Boqueynte

And that yere Kyng Richarde made a grette ffeste ande a solempne at Londyn, whithe grete justys and turnementys whythe alle the chevalrye of Englonde and of othir londys. Also that yere he wente ovyr see yn to the Hooly Londe, and he toke the grete cytte of Acrys and slowe many Sarezenys. Ande that yere the Byschoppe of Covyntre put owte the Pryer of monkys, and put ther on secular chanons.

Nycholaus Dukette Anno quarto.
Petrus Newlynne
Rogerus Duke Anno quinto.
Richardus fiz Aldyne
Wyllelmus fiz Isabell Anno sexto.
Wyllelmus Arnulphi

Ande that yere Kynge Richarde come home warde yn to Englonde fro the Hooly Londe ande was take prysener by the Duke of Ostriche & ladde to the Emperoure and raunsomyde. Ande his raunsum drewe to so moche that every chyrche yn Englonde gave every othyr chalys. Ande monkys ande othyr howsys of relygyon solde hyr bokys to paye hys raunsome.

Robertus Besaunte Anno septimo.
Jokelle le Josowe
Gerardus Antyoche Anno octavo.
Robertus Duraunte

In that yere, the yere of oure Lorde Ml c iiijxx xviij be ganne the Ordyr of the Trenyte. Ande the same yere was Wylliam with the Longe Berde hangyde ande drawe for erresy. And that same yere, aftyr [th]e Puryfycacyon of oure Lady, the kynge toke the castelle of Notyngham and deseretyde John hyse brothyr. Ande that yere Kynge Rycharde was crownyde at zenne at Wynchester.

Rogerus Blountte Anno nono.
Nycholaus Dukette

Ande that yere Kynge Rycharde wente ynto Normandye ande gaffe batylle unto the Kynge of Fraunce.

Constantinus Arnulphi Anno decimo.
Robertus le Bele

Ande in that yere the kynge come homewarde, ande at the Castelle Gaylerde in Normandy he was schottyn thorowe the hedde whythe a quarelle ande loste ther hys lyffe. But yet or he dyde he wan the castelle. And his body ys beryd at Pount Ebraunt, (fn. 2) in Normandy, by hys fadyr. The obyte of the same Kynge Rycharde ys the syxtye (fn. 3) daye of Aprylle, the yere of oure Lorde Ml c iiijxx & xix.

Here be ganne fryste the Mayrys of Londyn.

The namys of Marys and Sherevys of the cytte of Londonne in the tyme of Kynge John, the yere of oure Lorde Ml c iiijxx & xix, crownyde at Westemynyster.

Arnulfus fiz Arnulphi Anno primo.
Rychardus fiz Barthi

Ande that yere Kyng John loste alle Normandye ande Angoye.

Robetus Deserte Anno secundo.
Jacobus fiz Barthyn
Wyllelmus fiz Alysie Anno tercio.
Symon de Aldermanburye

Ande that same yere, by concyderacyon of worthy men of the same cytte of Londone, ther were chosyn xxxv, ande sworne to up holde and mentayne the cytte whythe the Mayre and Baylys.

Norman Blunden Anno quarto.
John Ely

And that yere were grete tempestys of wedyr ande raynys, thoundyr and lyghtenynge, and hayle stonys the grettenys of eggys fylle downe a monge the rayne, where of treys and vynys, cornys, ande alle maner of frute were gretely dystryde. Al so there were sene fowlys ande bryddys fleynge in the ayre, berynge fyre on ther mouthys that brente many howsys; thys was the yere of oure Lorde Ml cc & ij. Ande the same yere Englonde was enterdytyd, and other yerys be forne ande aftyr, viij yere durynge, for the kyngys trespas.

Walterus Browne Anno v°.
Wyllelmus Chambyrlayne
Thomas Havyrylle Anno sexto.
Hamonde Bronde

And that yere of oure Lorde Ml cc iiij be gan the ordyr of Fryer Prechourys; and that yere was a fulle stronge wynter ande sharpe, and that enduryd fro Newe yere ys day tylle the Annuncyacyon of oure Lady nexte sewynge. Ande that yere were the plays holdyn and motyde at the Towre of London. Ande that yere were sene two fulle monys in the fyrmament.

John Walhame Anno vij°
Rycardus Wynton

And that yere was Harry Oysyll hangyd.

Johannes Holylonde Anno viij°.
Edmundus fiz Gerardi
Serle, Mercer Anno ix°.
Henricus de Sancto Albano
Rogerus Wynchester Anno x°.
Edmundus Hardell

Ande that yere be ganne a generalle entyrdith thorowe alle Englonde. Here was borne Harry, the sone of Kyng John.

And here beganne the fryste Mayre of London, etc.

Henricus filius Petrus Bukke
Alwynne, Maior Thomas fiz Nele
London' primus Anno xj°.

Ande that yere was Synt Maryes Overay be gunne.

Petrus Josowe Anno xij°.
Willelmus Blunte

Nota bene.—Harry Alwyn was Mayre stylle v yere sewynge.

Ande in thys yere was thys londe reconsylyd a yenne. And the same yere was London Brygge be gunne of stone oon arche.

Adam Whytteby
Stephin Grace.

Ande the nexte yere aftyr by one Serle Mercer, and Wylliam Aldnan the moste parte the yere of oure Lorde Ml cc x. And that yere a man of Ambigensis was brent. And that yere was Castylle Baynard destryde.

Henricus filius Alwyny Mayre of London Joseus filius Pers Anno xiij°.
John Gerlande

Ande the same yere was a grete devysyon in [th]is londe by twyne John. the kynge ande his lordys. And Lowes the kyngys sone of Fraunce was wagyd with many Fraynysche men, and they dyd moche harme in thys londe. And Kyng John fledde to Berandowne. Alle so the towne of Sowtheworke and London Brygge and a grete party of London was brente uppon the day of Syn Lenarde the Translacyon, &c.

The same Harry Mayre of London.

Rafe Holylonde Anno xiiij°.
Constantine Joswe

And that yere dyde Harry fiz Alwyn, the firste Mayre of London.

Rogerus fiz Aleyne, Mayre of London Martyn fiz Alesye A° xv.
Petrus Batte
Serle, Mercer, Mayre of London Salman Basynge Anno xvj°.
Hugo Basynge
Willelmus Ardelle, Mayre of London John Travers A° xvij°.
Androwe Newland

Ande this yere uppon the vygylle of the Puryfycacyon of oure Lady the kyng passyd ovyr the see into Pycardy. Also the same yere, the x day of May, the baronys entryd in to London, and that (fn. 4) was on a Sonday. And thenne be ganne the warre that was i-callyd Barownys warre. And thenne was the Mayre putt downe by the Baronys, and made Serle Mercer Mayre viij dayes. And thys warre duryd alle the yere of Johnne Travers and Androwe Newlond with ynne wrytynne. Ande the same yere nexte be sayde by fore the yere of our Lorde Ml cc xiiij be ganne the ordyr of Freer Menourys. And the xvij yere of the regyne of the kyng, the sayde Kyng John (fn. 5) dyde, and ys berryd at Worsester.

Jamys Alderman, Mayre fro
the Trynyte Feste forthe, &c.

The namys of Mayrys and Sheryvys in the tyme of Kyng Harry the thyrde, the yere of oure Lorde Ml cc and xv that was crownyd at Gloucester, and ix yere of age.

Jamys Aldyrman a parte Mayrys of London.
Salamon Basyng a parte
Ricardus Sumpturer Anno primo.
Wyllelmus Blome Travers

Ande that same yere was Walys enterdyte and Loudwyke the kyngys sone of Fraunce went home a yenne in to Fraunce with hys mayne and he hadde of the kynge a Ml marke of sylver.

Serle, Mercer, Mayre of London two yere Thomas Bukrelle Anno ij°
Raffe Eylonde
John Vyele Anno iij°.
John Spycer

Ande that yere the kyng hadde of every plowe londe ijs. Also that same yere Syn Tfhomas of Canterbury was translatyde. And the same yere Kyng Harry was crownyd at Westmyster.

Serle, Mayre of London, Mercer Rycardus Wynbyldene Anno iiij°.
John Vyele
Ricardus Renger Anno v°.
John le Joswe

Custace Menke (fn. 6) the cros of Broumholme, and that yere the plees of the crowne were motyde at the Towre of London. Ande the same yere was [th]e Castelle of Bedforde besegyd, and that duryd fro the Assencyon of owre Lorde to the Assumpcyon of oure Lady nexte aftyr; and that day by grete crafte and stronge sawte hit was i-wonne and dystryde and nevyr bylde more, be cause hyt was rebylle a yenste the kynge. Al so that yere the ordyr of the Freer Carmys be ganne, the yere of oure Lorde Ml cc and xx. Al soo the same yere a Syn Lukys eve or day, ther blewe a grete wynde owt of the northe est, and that wynde caste downe many howsys, styplys, turretys, and chyrchys, and treys. Ande the same tyme were sene in the ayre fyre dragons and wyckyd spyrytys a grete nombre.

Serle, Mercer, Mayre of the cytte of London Ricardus Ronger Anno vj°.
Thomas Lamberte

And that same yere was grete persecusion resyd by one that was callyd Water Bokerell, soo that Constantyne Arnulphus was hongyd on the morowe aftyr the Assumpcyon of oure Lady.

Ricardus Ronger, Mayre of London Wylliam Jowner A° vij°.
Thomas Lamberte

Ande that yere the kyng had purposyd hym to have do kaste downe the wallys of London. Ande the same yere the ordyr of Fryer Menours came fryste in to Inglonde, and a man (fn. 7) that faynyd hym selfe Cryste at Oxynforde, he was cursyde at Aldermanbery at London the yere of oure Lorde Ml cc xxij.

Ricardus Ronger, Mayre of London John Travers Anno viij°.
Andrew Bokerell
Rogerus Duke Anno ix°.
Martyn fiz Wylliam

Ande that yere the plees of the crowne were holdynne at the Towre of London, and John Herlyon faylyd of his lawe for the dethe of Lamberte of le Legys, etc.

Rycardus Ronger, Mayre of London Rogerus Duke Anno x°.
Martyn Wylliam
Rogerus Duke, Mayre of London Stephanus Bukler Anno xj°.
Henricus Colleham

Ande the same yere the Sheryvs of London ande of Myddelsex late to ferme the Shervys (fn. 8) of London for iij c pounde (fn. 9) by yere, and that was grauntyd the xviij day of Feverer the yere a fore sayde. Ande [th]e same yere hit was grauntyd by the kynge and hys consayle, that alle the werys that stode in Temys sholde be dystroyed and nevyr more aftyr stonde in Temys. Alle so the same yere the kyng grauntyd to the cytsynnys of London that they shulde (fn. 10) in alle the kyngys londe, as welle be yende the see as on thys syde the see; yf any man toke any of (fn. 11) the Shervys of London shulde take stresse of hem of the same countres were they myght be founde in any place of London. Alle so the xvj day of Auguste the same yere was i-grauntyd to the cytsyns of London wareyne.

Rogerus Duke, Mayre of London Stephyn Bukrelle Anno xij°.
Henrycus Cobham

Al so that yere, the vij day of Junij, the lyberteys and the franches of London were radyfyde. Alle so the kyng grauntyd that every Sheryffe sholde have two clerkys and two othyr servauntys and no moo for that offyces. Alle so that yere was ordaynyd [th]at the towne sholde have a comyn sele, and tha shulde be yn kepynge of two aldermen and two comeners of the same cytte; and that hit shulde not be wernyd nor denyde to poore men, nothyr to comyners of the sayde cytte whenne they had nede ther too yf hyt be resonabylle axyde, and that nought be take for the sayde sele.

Roger Duke, Mayre of London Walterus Wyncester Anno xiij°.
Roberte fiz John
Roger Duke, Mayre Ricardus fiz William Anno xiiij°.
John Wodeborne

Ande the same yere was i-geve a decre by the Mayre and Aldermen of London, with the counselle and comynne assent of alle the cytte, and sworne on the Evengely or Gospelle, that fro thens forwarde they shulde nevyr suffer Shrevys to abyde in here offyce but oone yere aftyr that day.

Roger Duke, Mayre Mychell de Sancta Elena Anno xv°.
Watkyn Denfylde

Ande that same yere the sayde Roger was putt downe of hys offysse. And that same yere was dyscorde by twyne the kynge and Hew de Burgo. And that same Hew was takyn at Brent woode and brought unto the Towre of London and put in preson.

Andreas Bokerelle, Mayre of London Henricus Eldymenton A° xvj°.
Gerardus Batte

Ande that yere was grete harme done in London of fire by Dame Johne Lamberte.

The same Androwe, Mayre of London Symond Marys Anno xvij°.
Rogerus Blounte

And that yere was consecrate Saynt Edmonde of Pounteney, Archebyschoppe of Canterbury, and that revokyd the fore sayde Hewe of Burge.

The same Androwe, Maire iiij yere sewynge Raffe Asshewy Anno xviij°.
John Norman
Bernardus Batte Anno xix°.
Robertus Ardelle

Ande that yere was Qwene Elynore crownyde. And here was the Statute Merton made.

Ricardus Roger, Mayre of London Henricus Cobham Anno xx°.
Jordan Covyntre
John Tesalano Anno xxj°.
Gerad Cordawner
Wyllelmus Joynor, Mayre of London John Wylhale Anno xxij°.
John Goundris
Remond Bughey Anno xxiij°.
Raffe Asshewy

Ande that yere was borne Sir Edwarde Kynge Harrys firste sone. And that same yere was Poulys chyrche in Londyn i-halowyde.

Gerarde Batte, Mayre of London John Gysors Anno xxiiij°.
Mychell Cony
Remonde Bounghey, Mayre of London John Vyalle A° xxv°.
Thomas Durysyne

Ande that yere dyde Saynt Roger, Byshoppe of London. And Wylliam Marche was drawe and hanggyd at Tyburne.

The same Remonde, Marye (fn. 12) of London John fiz John Anno xxvj°.
Raffe Asshewy

And that yere the kyng wente unto Burdowes.

Raffe Asshewy, Mayre of London Hew Blounte A° xxvij°.
Adam Basynge

And that yere the kyng com home from Bordowys a yenne. And that yere the plees of the Crowne were holdyn at the Towre of London. Ande Wylliam of Yorke, Rychard Paslewe, Herry Bas, and Geron of Gayton, were justysys.

Mychell Tony, Mayre of London Raffe Spycer Anno xxviij°.
Nicholaus Batte

Nota bene.

Ande the same yere Michell Tony and Nicholaus Batte were convycte in a perjury be fore the kynge on the Sacramentys in presens be fore alle the Aldyrmen, werefore the same Michell was put downe of his mayrelte and the sayde Nicholas of his sheryvehode.

John Gysors, Mayre of London Robertus Cornill Anno xxix°.
Adam Benle
Symon fiz Marie Anno xxx°.
Laurence Frowyke

Ande that yere was translatyd Saynt Edmounde of Pounteney, and a newme (fn. 13) of blode was put in Saynt Thomas of Acris tylle the feste of Saynt Edmounde next sewynge. Ande that day the kyng whithe a ryalle processyon hit was brought to Westmyster.

Perys Alein, Mayre of London John Vyale Anno xxxj°.
Nicholaus Batte
Mychell Tony, Mayre of London Nicholaus Jocy Anno xxxij°.
Galfrydus Wynton
Roger fiz Roger, Mayre of London Raffe Hardelle Anno xxxiij°.
John Telasano
John Norman Maire of London Humfray Basse A° xxxiiij°.
William fiz Ricum

Ande that same yere on Saynt Symon and Judys day there was a grete wynde, and dyd moche harme in many placys of Englonde.

Adam Basynge, Mayre of London Nicholaus Bate, sheryffe, Anno xxxv°.
Laurens Frowyke, Mayre of London


  • 1. It is right to state that the list of City Officers in this Chronicle is not altogether trustworthy; but instead of correcting individual inaccuracies in footnotes we reserve our remarks on this subject for an Appendix.
  • 2. Fontevraud.
  • 3. So in MS., meaning the 6th.
  • 4. thas MS.
  • 5. John repeated in MS.
  • 6. So in MS. The chronicler doubtless intended to have mentioned the bringing into England of the Cross of Bromholm, of which Matthew Paris gives an account in the year 1223. To that year of our Lord it is also assigned in the text of the Chronicle of London, printed by Nicolas, which a good deal resembles our present Chronicle; but still under the same mayor and sheriffs, and in the 5th year of Henry III.
  • 7. Here in the margin of the MS. is written "Nota bene," in another hand.
  • 8. Meaning the Sheriffwick.
  • 9. Fabyan says 400l.
  • 10. So in MS. The words "pass toll free" should be supplied.
  • 11. So in MS. The writer should have said, "of their goods."
  • 12. So in MS.
  • 13. So in MS. The word is unintelligible, and a blank has been left for it in the old English Chronicle in MS. Cott. Vitellius A. xvi., which at this period follows the text of our Chronicle pretty closely. The Chronicle in Julius B. I. mentions the matter as follows:—"This yere was Seint Edmond of Pountney translatid, et uen' (venarum?) sanguis depositus fuit in hospicio Sancti Thomæ apud Conductum usque ad festum Sancti Edwardi; quo die dominus Rex cum honorabili processione venerabiliter apud Westmonasterium deposuit."