Gregory's Chronicle: 1250-1367

The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century. Originally published by Camden Society, London, 1876.

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'Gregory's Chronicle: 1250-1367', in The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century, ed. James Gairdner( London, 1876), British History Online [accessed 21 July 2024].

'Gregory's Chronicle: 1250-1367', in The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century. Edited by James Gairdner( London, 1876), British History Online, accessed July 21, 2024,

"Gregory's Chronicle: 1250-1367". The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century. Ed. James Gairdner(London, 1876), , British History Online. Web. 21 July 2024.

1250 – 1367

Ande that yere, the yere of oure Lorde Ml cc. l., be gan the ordyr of Frer Austynys.

John Telasano, Maire of London William Durham A. xxxvj°.
Thomas Winborne
Nicholaus Batte, Maire of London John Northamton A° xxxvij°.
Nicholaus Pykarde

Ande that yere the kynge grauntyde the viij day of Juni that the shrevys of London shulde yerely be a lowyde in the Chekyr by ther offyce of ther sherevehod vij li. And alle so whanne the mayre ys chosyn that he shalle be presentyd to the Baronys of the Chekyr, and there to take his othe.

Richardus Hardylle, Mayre of London v yere togedyr Raffe Aswy A° xxxviij°.
Robertus Bylton
Stephynne Doo A° xxxix°.
Henricus Walmonde
Mychell Bokerell A° xl°.
John Lymnour
Ricardus Ewylle Anno xlj°.
William Aswy
Thomas fiz Ricardus A° xlij°.
Robert Catylleyne
Johannes Gysours, Maire of London Johannes Adriam Anno xliij°.
Robertus Cornille

Ande that same yere, the yere of oure Lorde Ml cc and viij, (fn. 1) there fylle a Jwe into a gonge (fn. 2) att Tewkysbury uppon a Satyr day, and he wolde not be drawe up owt of the gonge for reverens of hys Sabat day. And Syr Rychardus of Clare, Erle of Gloucester, hirde there of and wolde not suffer hym to be drawe uppe on the Sonday for reverens of the hyghe holydaye, and so he dyde in the gonge. And that yere a quarter of whete was worthe xxiiij s. of sterlyngys.

Wyllyam fiz Ricum, Mayre of London ij yere Adam Brownenge A° xliiij°.
Henricus Covyntre
John Northamton Anno xlv°.
Rychardus Pykarde
Thomas fiz Thomas, Mayre of London Robertus Tayler A° xlvj°.
Richardus Walbroke

Ande that same yere be ganne the Baronys warre ayenne, and durynge that werre there were many worthy lordys slayne. And moche myschyffe and sorowe was that tyme in thys londe.

The same Thomas Mayre stylle Robertus Mounpelers A° xlvij°.
Obertus Sowtheworke

Ande the same yere was Northamton towne takyn, ande many of the men of the towne that were there yn were slayne, for they hadde ordaynyd wylde fyre to have brente the citte of London.

The same Thomas Mayre Gregorye Rokisle Anno xlviij°.
Thomas Forthe

And that yere was the batylle of Lewys, and then was the kynge and his sone takynne.

The same Thomas Maire of London Edwardus Blunte A° xlix°.
Petrus Armiger

Ande the same yere was the batelle of Evysham.

Anno Domini M l cc lxv.

William fiz Ric, Mayre of London John Lynde Anno l°.
John Walrent

And the same yere be ganne the Emperowre of Tarteryn for to reygne, that was callyd the Grete Cane. The yere of oure Lorde Ml cc lxvij.

Alein Sowthe, Custos of [th]e citte of London ij yere to gedyr John Adrian Anno lj°.
Lucas Batyngcort
Walterus Hervy Anno lij°.
Wyllyam Duryseyne

Ande the same yere Octobon, the Legate, hylde a conselle at Syn Poulys at London.

Henricus fiz Thomas, Mayre of London Thomas Basynge liij°.
Robert Corinhylle

Ande the same yere the xxvj day of Marche was ordeynyd by the kynge and his consell that noo cyttezen of London shulde goo owte of the cytte to mete with noo maner of vytayle comynge unto the cytte, nothyr by londe nothyr by water, unto the tyme that they come to the cytte, on payne of presonnement. The yere of oure Lorde Ml cc lxix.

John Adryan, Mayre of London Walterus Plotte A° liiij°,
John Taylour
Gregory Rokysle A° lv°.
Henricus Waleys
Syr Watyr Hervy, knyght, Mayre of London John Bedell A° lvj°.
Richardus Parys

Ande that same yere dyde Kyng Harry the iij, and was beryd at Westemyster.

Deus misereatur.

The namys of mayrys and sherevys yn the tyme of Kyng Edwarde the sone of Kyng Harry. The yere of owre Lorde Ml cc lxxij.

Syr Water Hervy, Mayre of London John Horne Anno primo.
Water Potter

Ande that yere Lewynne, the Prynce of Walys, he rebellyd a gayne Kynge Edwarde. And the kynge scomfytyd hym in the batayle and toke hym. And he gave hym grace, and he swore that he shulde nevyr rebelle a yenste the kynge more aftyr that tyme.

Henricus Waleys, Mayre of London Nicholaus Wynchester A° ij°.
Henricus Covyntre

Ande that yere the kyng grauntyd unto the Mayre of London for to chastys bakers and myllers whenne they trespasse. That ys whenne that bakers make there brede aftyr the whyte that ys ordaynyd by the mayre and a sysyd, and the myllers for stelyng of corne. And that yere Lewys Prynce of Walys rebellyd a yenne, and was take and scomfyte. And yet the kynge gave hym grace the ij tyme.

Gregory Rokeley, Mayre of London Lucas Ratyncourte A° iij°.
Henricus Frowyke
John Horne Anno iiij°.
Raffe Blount
Robert Aras Anno v°.
Raffe Feverrer
John Adryan A° vj°.
Water Englysche

Ande that yere the corte was remevyd from Westmyster unto Schrovysbury fro the feste of Saynt Mychelle un to Synt Hyllarys daye nexte folowynge, and then remevid a yenne to Westemyster. And that yere was the batelle of Evysham the xiiij day of Auguste, the yere of our Lorde Ml cc lxxviij. (fn. 3)

Gregory Rokysley,Mayre of London Robertus Basyng A° vij°.
William Maserer

Ande that yere the Kyng of Scotland com unto [th]e Parlyment of Kyng Edwarde holdyn at Westemyster. And at the feste of Saynt Martyn the same yere there were Jwys a reste for treson, and othir certayne goldesmythys. And uppon the Monday next aftyr the Epiphanye iij Crysten men, Englysche, and cc and iiij schore Jewys, were drawe and hangyd. And that yere was the chyrche of Frere Prechourys in London be gonne.

Gregory Rokysle, Mayre of London Thomas Boxe A° viij°.
Raffe More
William Farindon A° ix°.
Nicholaus Wynchester
Henricus Waleys, Mayre of London William Maserer A° x°.
Ricardus Chikwelle

Ande in that yere the kyng segyd the towne and castelle of Berwyke. And in short tyme he wanne hyt bothe the towne and the castelle with a sawte. And that tyme were slayne xxv Ml Scottys and viij c.

Harry Waleys, Mayre of London Raffe Blounte A° xj°.
Aukyn Betnell

Ande that yere was borne Edwarde of Carnarvyan. Ande that yere Prynce Lewyn of Walis rebellyd a yenne [th]e iij tyme a yenste the kynge, and the kyng toke hym ande lette smyte of hys hedde the ix daye of Feverer, the yere of oure Lorde a Ml cc iiij schore and iij.

Harry Waleys, Mayre of London Jordon Goodeschepe Anno xij°.
Martyn Box

And that yere was the grete condytte in Chepe made.

Gregory Rokysle, Mayre of London, unto the feste of Petyr and Poule; and thenne was he put downe and Raffe of Sandewyche made Mayre of London tylle the Monday aftyr the Puryfycacyon of owre Lady nexte aftyr, ande John Bryton chose Mayre of London to the feste of Sayntt Margarete the nexte yere folowyng. Stephynne Cornehylle and Roberte Bokysby Sherevys that yere folowyng. Anno xiij°.

Raffe Sandewyche, Mayre of London William Blounte Anno xiiij°.
John Wade
William Herforde Anno xv°.
Thomas Stanys
Thomas Cros Anno xvj°.
Wylliam Hauten
Wylliam Byton A° xvij°.
John de Cantysbury
Fullo de Sancto A° xviij°.
Edmundo Salaman Lancastre

Ande in thys yere alle the Jewys that dwellyd yn Englond were exilyd and drevyn owte of the londe. Ande for to have that done the Comyns of the Reme grauntyd to the kynge the xv parte of hyr mevabylle godys.

Thomas Romayne Anno xix°.
Wylliam de Lyre
Raffe Blounte Anno xx°.
Hamonde Box

Ande that yere the kyng presonyd Edwarde his sone of Carvarvyan. And aftyr he exilyd hym for dyvers traytours that he mentaynyd a yenste the kyng hys fadyr.

Harry Belle Anno xxj°.
Elysse Russelle

Ande the same yere, the morowe aftyr the feste of Saynt Barnabe, thys Raffe Sondewyche was putt downe. And John Bryton was made Wardyn of the citte of London.

John Brytton, Mayre of London or Wardon Robert Rokysle A° xxij°.
Martyn Aumbre
Harry Box A° xxiij°.
Ric. Glowcester

Ande that same yere, the yere of oure Lorde Ml cc lxxx & xvij, Kyng Edwarde toke the Castelle of Edyngborow, in Schotlonde. And in that castelle he founde the regaylle of Schot londe, that ys to wytte, the kyngys see, hys croune of golde, and his septour, the which regaylle the kyng offerde up to Saynt Edwarde schreyne at Westmyster, the xvij day of June, &c.

John Bryton, Mayre of London Thomas Sowthefolke A° xxv°.
Adam de Fullam
John Stroteforde A° xxvj°.
Wylliam Strateforde
Henricus Waleys, Mayre of London Ric. Bosham A° xxvij°.
Thomas Tely
Eleys Russelle, Mayre of London John Armenters A° xxviij°.
Herry Fyngrey
Lucas Haveryng A° xxix°.
Ric. Chaunpyn
John Blounte, Mayre of London Robert Caller A° xxx°.
Petrus Besynhe
Hugo Pentre A° xxxj°.
Symon Parys
John Blounte, Mayre a yenne. William Combermartyn A° xxxij°.
John Burforde
John Blounte, Mayre of London Rogerus Parysche A° xxxiij°.
John Lincolne

Ande that yere Wylliam Waleis, that was sworne lige man to the Kynge of Inglond, he made hym selfe Kynge of Schottys, and rebellis a yenste the Kyng of Inglond. And he was take and brought unto the Towre of London, and there he was jugyd that he schulde he (fn. 4) trawe, hangyd, and quartryd and hys bowyllis i-brente before hym, &c.

The same John Blounte, Mayre Galfridus Conductu A° xxxiiij°.
Symon Bolete
The same John Blounte, Mayre Wylliam Cosyn Anno xxxv°.
Raynolde Thundrylle

Ande the same yere deyde Kyng Edwarde [th]e friste, and ys beryd at Westemyster the vij day of Juylle, that ys the yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc vij.

The namys of Mayrys and of Sherevys of the cytte of London in the tyme of Kyng Edwarde of Carnarvyan, that was crownyd the kalendys of Marche the yere of oure Lorde a fore sayde.

John Blount, Mayre of London Nicholaus Pycok A° primo.
Nygellus Drewry

And that same yere the kyng weddyd the kyngys doughter of Fraunce, dame Isabelle Phylyppe. And the same yere profecyde the Chanon of Brydlyngton.

Nicholaus Faryndon, Mayre of London William Basynge Anno ij°.
John Butteler
Thomas Romayne, Mayre of London Roger Palmer Anno iij°.
Jamys Edmunde

Ande that yere the kyng lette to frem the Sherevys of London and of Myddelle sex for cccc li of starlyngys by yere. Alle so the same yere of oure Lorde M ccc x the ordyr of Templers were dystroyde thorowe alle Crystyndom in on day, the whiche ordyr be ganne the yere of oure Lorde Ml iiij schore & xviij. Alle so the same yere be ganne the ordyr of Powlys, that ben callid Crowche Frers.

Ricardus Bosham, Mayre of London Symon Creppe Anno iiij°.
Pers Blackeney
John Gysors, Mayre of London Symon Merwoode Anno v°.
Ricardus Wylforde

Ande that yere was borne Kynge Edwarde the iij at Wyndsore, the whiche was callyd Kyng Edwarde of Wyndesore.

John Kysors Mayre of London Johm Lambin Anno vj°.
Adam Litkyn
Nicholaus Faryndon, Mayre of London Adam Burton A° vij°.
Hugo Gayton

Ande that yere, the yere of our Lorde Ml ccc xiiij, Kyng Edwarde went to Schot londe whythe a ryalle power at the feste of the Natyvyte of John the Baptyste. And the Shottys gaffe hym batayle and dyscomfyte hym and slewe many of hys men. Ande the kynge fledde awaye.

John Kysors Mayre of London Stephyn Habyngdon A° viij°.
Hamonde Chikewelle

And that yere ther was a fole that was callyd John Canne, and he claymyd to be Kyng of Inglonde, sayng that he was the kyngys sone, and, of negligens of his norys, wylle that he was yn hys cradylle ther come a sowe into the howse, and alle to rent hym and hys norys druste nott telle that, and toke a nothyr yong chylde that was a water berrers chylde, in (fn. 5) kepte hyt in stede of hyt, and put me in othir mennys kepyng for to norysche, and soo he was dyssayvyd of hys kyngdome; and Edwarde take for kyng that was the water bererrys chylde and namyd hym Edwarde, and to make that knowe he shewyde clothys with bloode of hys hurtys. Alle so he sayde that the maners of Kyng Edwarde acordyd to the maners of his fadyr the water berer. For in as moche he sayde that he usyd carly werkys of kynde, and for suche sayyngys he was jugyd false and was hangyd at Northe hampton. And yet sum men be levyn hys wordys.

Stephyn Habyngdon, Mayre of London Hamon Goodeschepe A° ix°.
William Redynge

Ande that same yere, the yere of owre Lorde Ml ccc xvj, on Mydde Lent Sonday, the towne and the castelle of Berwyke was loste by the treson of Perys of Spaldyng that was keper of the sayde castelle and towne. And alle soo the sayde yere grete derthe of corne thoroughe alle Inglonde, for a boschelle of wete was worthe v s.

John Wengrame, z Mayre of London William Causton Anno x°.
Ricardus Balaunser

Ande that dyrthe duryd of corne and vytayle that for hunger pepyle yetyn houndys, cattys, and horse, for be fore there was grete morayne of bestys of oxyn, kyne, and shippe. (fn. 6)

John Wengame, Meyre of London John Pryoure A° xj°.
William Furneyse

And that yere the Schottys dyd moche harm in Inglonde with fyre.

Nycholaus Farindon, Mayre of London William Proudham A° xij°
Raynolde at the Condyte
John Poyntelle A° xiij°.
John Darlynge

Ande in that yere Syr Thomas of Lancaster was be hedyd the xx day of Aprylle, the yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc xxj. And that yere was the rysyng of erlys and baronnys of thys londe, and they toke Syr Pers of Cavyrston, the kyngys sworne brother, and smote of his hede. And sone aftyr the kyng dyd be hedde iiij schore lordys in a day for the dethe of the sayde Pers, by conselle of Syr Hew Spenser.

Hamond Chickewelle, Mayre of London Symon Habyngdon A° xiij°.
John Preston
Nicholaus Farindon, Mayre of London William Proudeham Anno xiiij°.
Raynolde at [th]e Condite
Hamonde Chyckewelle, Mayre of London Ric. Constantyne Anno xv°.
Ric. Habeneye

Ande the same yere there of oure Lorde Ml ccc xxij the sonne was turnyd in to the coler of bloode, and duryd from the morne tylle xj att the clocke in the laste day of October.

The same Chyckewelle, Mayre of London John Grauntham A° xvj°.
Roger Ely
Nicholaus Farindon, Mayre of London Adam Salusbury A° xvij°.
John Oxynforde
Hamond Chickewelle, for a parte Benet Fullam Anno xviij.
John Cawston
Rycharde Betayne, for a parte Gybon Mordon A° xix°.
John of Coton

Ande that yere the Quene com a yenne yn to Inglonde whythe Edwarde hir sone by the helpe of the Erle of Henowde. And that yere Mayster Watyr Stapylton, Byschoppe of Execeter ande Tresourer of Inglonde, was be hedyd at the Standerde of Chepe. Alle so the same yer the kyng was put in to the castelle of Barkeley. And that yere by the assent of alle the lordys of thys reame, spyrytualle and temporalle, and by alle the comyns of the sayde reame, he resynyd, and Edwarde his sone, of Wyndsore, was crounyd at Westemyster at the age of xv yere. Ande that same yere Syr Hewe Spenser the eldyr was take, and he was take and drawe and hangyd at (fn. 7) quarteryd at Brystowe, and his hede smete of and sett uppe att Wynchester. And the same yere the kyng by conselle of his modyr went into Walys, and many lordys whithe hym, and there he toke Syr Hewe Spenser the yonger in the montaynys, and Mayster Robert Boldete, and moo othyr of hir assent, and they ne wolde nevyr ete mete ne drynke aftyr that day. And at Herforde they were drawe and hangyde and quartyrde and behedyde, and Sir Hewe Spenser the yonger al so.

Here folowythe namys of Marys and Sherevys in the tyme of Kynge Edwarde the iij, that was crownyd at the feste of the Conversyon of Syn Poule. The yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc and xxvj at Wynchester, the yere of hys age xv.

Rycardus Beteyne, Mayre of London Ric. Rotinger Anno primo.
Roger Chaunceler

Ande that yere, the yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc xxvj°, were sene in the firmament ij monys. And alle so that tyme there were two Popys. And in that yere, the vj day of Marche, the kyng confermyde the lyberteys and the franches of London. Ande he grauntyd that the Mayre of London shulde be on of [th]e Justysse of Newgate; alle so he grauntyd that sherevehodys sholde goo to ferme for ccc li. be yere, as hyt was yn olde tyme. Ande alle so the kyng grauntyde that the cytsynnys of London shulde not be chargyd with no man that flede to holy chyrche, nor they shulde not be constraynyde to goo owte of the cytte of London to noo werre, but yf thaye wylle hem selfe. Also the kynge grauntyde the same tyme that the lyberteys and franches of the cytte shulde nott aftyr that tyme for noo cause [be] (fn. 8) takyn away in to the kyngys honde. Al so that same tyme Southeworde (fn. 9) was [granted] to the Sherevys of London for to have to ferme.

Hamonde Chyckewelle, Mayre of London Harry Darcy A° ij°.
John Hadden

Ande that same yere, the xxj day of September, Kyng Edwarde the Secunde was slayn yn the castelle of Barkely by treson of Syr Roger Mortymer. And that yere the kyng helde a Parlyment at Notyngham. And in the fyrste yere of Kynge Edwarde the iij, aftyr the feste of the Trynyte, the Schottys come in to Inglonde in to the parke of Stanhope. And ther they were vyseryde for knowynge, and storyd them with vytayle thorowe the treson of Syr Roger Mortymer. And in the secund yere of Kyng Edwarde the iij Davyd Brus, Kyng of Schottys, weddyd Dame Jone, the kyngys doughter of Inglonde, by conselle of the sayde Mortymer. And the kynge was governyd alle to gedyr by the same Mortymer. And by the counselle of the sayde Mortymer the kynge ma a chartoure to the Schottys. And the tenoure of the chartoure ys unknowe to Englysche men yet. And that same yere the kyng weddyd Dame Phylyppe, the kyng ys doughter of Fraunce, the Erlys doughter of Henowde.

John Grauntham, Mayre of London Symon Fraunsces A° iij°.
Harry Thonbyrmartyn

And that yere the kyng wente into Fraunce to make omage to the Kynge of Fraunce for the Duche of Gyene and for the Counte of Pountyf.

Symon Swanne, Mayre of London Ric. Lacer Anno iiij°.
Ric. Gysers

Ande that same yere the fryste be gotyn sonne of Kynge Edwarde the iij was borne at Wodestoke in the feste of Vite et Modeste. And that yere Edmond of Woodestoke, Erle of Kent, was be hedyd at Wynchester.

John Putteney, Mayre of London Robert Ely Anno v°.
Thomas Harrewode

And the same yere Edwarde Baylolle, the sone of John Baylolle, sum tyme Kyng of Schottys, whythe home many lordys of Inglonde, went with in to Schott londe. And at Dounfrymylyn they aryvyd faste uppe be the Abbey. And there ij Ml Englysche men scomfytyd xl Ml Schottys. And the same Syr Roger Mortymer was hangyd uppon a comyn galowys of thevys of Synt Androwys eve, the yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc & xxx.

John Putteney, Mayre of London John Mokkynge Anno vj°.
Androwe Awbrey


Ande that yere the kyng layde sege to the towne and castelle of Berwyke. And on Saynt Martyn ys evyn they come thedyr a grete nombyr of Schottys for to have brokyn the sege. And the kyng and his mayne fought with hem, and slowe viij earlys and Ml ccc knyghtys and squyers of Schottys, and many fotte men; of Englysche men were slayne but a knyghet, and a squyer, and xij fotte men. Ande on Saynt Margaretys day the towne and the castelle was i-yolde to the Kyng of Englonde.

John Preston, Mayre of London Nicholaus Pyke Anno vij°.
John Hosbonde

In that yere the kyng slowe many Schottys, and wanne the Castelle of Kylburge.

John Pounteney, Mayre of London John Hamonde Anno viij°.
Wylliam Haunsarde

Ande that same yere the kyng of Schotlonde came to the Newe Castelle uppon Tynde. And at the feste of Syn John the Baptyste he dide omage unto oure Kyng of Inglonde. And the same yere the Duke of Bretayne dyde omage to the kynge for (fn. 10) the Counte of Regemounde, (fn. 11) the yere of our Lorde Ml ccc xxxiij.

Radulfe Cotymger, Mayre of London John Kenton Anno ix°.
Water Turke

And that yere was grete dethe of men and morayne of bestys and grete rayne. And that yere a quarter of whete was worthe xj schelyngys.

The same Radulfe Maire of London Water Mordon Anno x°.
Ricardus Upton

Ande that yere the kyng went ovyr the Schottys see. And he toke the Erle of Moryf and many othyr of the wylde Schottys, and warryd apon the wylde Schottys and slowe many of them.

John Pounteney, Mayre of London William Byrkyllysworthe A° xj°.
John Northehale

And that same yere, in the mounthis of Junij and Julij, in dyvers partys of hevyn apperyde the starre comate, id est a blasyng sterre. And that yere was grete plenty of vytayle, and a quarter whete was at ij s. at London, and a fat oxe for vj s. viij d., and vj pejonys for a peny; nevyrtheles ther was grete scharsyte of mony that tyme. Al so that yere deyde Syr John of Eltham. Alle so the kyng grauntyd that yere that the sargentys of the mayre and sherevys schulde bere by fore them macys of sylver and ovyr gylte with the kyngys armys in that one ende and the armys of London in that othyr ende.

Harry Darcy, Mayre of London Water Nele Anno xij°.
Nicholaus Grene

Ande that yere the kyng made of the Counte of Cornewale a duchye, and gave hyt too Edwarde hys eldyste sone with the Erledome of Weste Chester.

The same Harry Mayre of London William Pountefrete Anno xiij°.
Hew Marberer

Nota partus Lyoneli.

Ande that yere the kyng and the quene saylyde yn to Brabayne. And in the towne of Andeworpe the quene chyldyd Syr Lyonelle. And that yere the kyng made fryste clayme unto the crowne of Fraunce yn Braban.

Androw Awbry, Mayre of London William Thorney A° xiiij°.
Roger Forsham

Ande that yere the kyng helde a Parlement at Weste myster. And he askyd to be gynne hys warrys the v parte of the mevabylle goodys of Inglonde, and the costome of the wollys, and ix sheffe of every corne, and hyt was grauntyd hym. And that yere [th]e kyng changyd hys armys. And that same yere the kynge made the coyne of the nobylle, halfe nobylle, and farthynge.

The same Androwe, Mayre of London Adam Lucas Anno xv°.
Bartholow Mareys

Ande that yere the kyng fought in the Swyn whythe Fraynysche men at Scluse. And there were slayne of Fraynysche men xxx thoughesaund. And they toke ccc and x grete shippys. And the same yere the kynge be ganne the seege [of] (fn. 12) Turney, and the towne of Saynte Amandys was destroyde. And that yere the kynge come home a yenne in to Inglonde a Synt Androwe ys evyn, and come by the nyght in to the Towre of London. And he toke many lordys and put hem in preson. And al so the same xv yere was the fyrste yere of his rayne of the kyngdome of Fraunce, [th]e yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc and xl.

John Oxynforde, a parte of the yere Ricardus Berkyng Anno xvj°.
Symon Fraunches, a parte of [th]e yere, Mayres of London John Rokysle
Symon Fraunches, Mayre of London John Lowkyn Anno xvij°.
Ricardus Kyllingbury

Ande that same yere was the grete turnement att Dunstapille of alle the chyvalry of Inglonde ande of gentellys. Alle so that same yere there was a grete erthe quake.

John Hamonde, Mayre of London John Sywarde Anno xviij°.
John Aylsham

Ande that yere the kyng at a Parlement at Westemyster he made Edwarde hys yldyste sone Prynce of Walys.

The same John Hamonde, Mayre of London Geffray Wychyngham Anno xix°.
Thomas Leggy

Ande that yere the kyng be ganne the Rounde Tabylle at the castelle of Wyndesore, that ys for to saye, [th]e ordyr of the Knyghtys of the Gartyr.

Ricardus Lacer, Mayre of London Edmounde Hemnale A° xx°.
John Glouceter

And that yere the kyng saylyd to Bretayne and in too Gyene, and come a yenne the same yere.

Geffrey Wichyngham, Mayre of London John Coydon A xxj°.
Wylliam Clopton

And the same yere the kyng wentte unto Normandye. And the xij day of Juylle the kyng faught whythe the Normandys at the Brygge of Cadona, and there was take the Erle of Eue, the Lorde of Tankyrvyle, and c. knyghtys, and men of arms vij c., and many of the comyns of Normandy were slayne. The yere of grace Ml ccc & xlvj. And the same yere there went owte a maundement fro the Emperowe of Tartery into alle his londe that every man schuld usyn what lawe and beleve that he wolde soo that he worschippe noo ydollis but only every lyvyng God. Al so the same yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc xlvj was the batelle of Cresse, the xxj day of August. In the same batelle was slayne the Kynge of Beme, the Duke of Lorayne, the Erle of Launson, the Erle of Flaundrys, the Erle of Bloys, the Lorde Arcourte, the Lorde Almarle, the Erle of Maners, and many othir baronys and knyghtys the nombyr of xv c and xlij. And King Philippe of Fraunce fledde. And the iij day of September next folowyng be ganne the sege of Calys, and that contynuyd unto the iij day of Auguste next sewyng. And al so the same yere the Kyng of Schotlonde, Davyd, was take at the batelle of Dyrham the laste day of October; and he was ramsomyd at C Ml marke for to pay hyt in x yere.

Thomas Legge, Mayre of London Adam Bramson A° xxij°.
Ricardus Basyngstoke

Ande that yere, duryd the sege of Caleys, Kynge Phylyppe of Fraunce come downe the xxvij day of Juylle whythe a grete hoste, and purposyd for to have remevyd the sege; and proferde batelle to Kyng Edwarde, Kyng of Inglonde, and a sygnyd the day a place. And the Kyng of Inglonde acceptyd hit whythe a gladde chere. And Kyng Philippe, (fn. 13) and Kynge Phylyppe, (fn. 13) knewe that he wolde kepe his day, and he brent his tentys by nyght, and went hys waye cowardely; and the pepylle in to the towne seyng noo comfort of rescuse, the yelde the towne to the kynge whythe the castelle. And at Myhelmas nexte folowynge the kyng come unto Inglonde.

John Lowkyn, Mayre of London Harry Pykarde Anno xxiij°.
Symon Dolsle

Ande that yere wa[s] a grete morther of pepylle, and pryncepally a mong the Sarsonys that un nethe ther lefte the x. man on lyve. Alle so that same yere hit raynyd the moste parte from Mydsomer unto the feste of Crystys masse nexte sewynge aftyr.

Wylliam Turke, Mayre of London Adam Bury Anno xxiiij°.
Raffe Lynne

Ande that yere was the grete pestelance at London, and thorowe alle Inglonde, and duryd from the feste of Synt Michelle unto the monythe of Auguste next folowyng, the yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc xlix.

Ricardus Kilbngbury, Mayre of London (fn. 14) John Notte A° xxv°.
William Worceter

Ande that yere the kyng faught whythe Spaynardys uppon the see by syde Wynchelsee, and slewe many of them, & toke many vessellys of hem.

Androw Awbry, Mayre of London John Wrothe A° xxvj°.
Gybon Steyndrope

And that yere, the yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc and lij, the kyng made newe mony, that ys for to saye grotys ande j d of two pensse, the whiche was lasse by vs. in the pounde thenne olde sterlyng was.

Adam Fraunseys, Mayre of London John Pecche Anno xxvij°.
John Stodyd

Ande that yere was a grete dyrthe of corne ande of alle maner of vytayle in somer tyme. And that was callyd the dyre somer. And that yere was a grette drought that laste fro the begynnynge of Marche unto the laste ende of the monythe of Juyll, the yere of oure Lorde Mlccc liiij.

The same Adam Mayre of London John Wolde Anno xxviij°.
John Lytylle

And the same yere, at a Parlement at Westemyster, the Erle of Lanchaster, Harry, was made Duke of Lancaster, the fyrste Duke that was made at Lancaster.

Thomas Legge, Mayre of London Wylliam Totnaham A° xxix°.
Ricardus Smarte

Nota bene.

And that yere Kyng Edwarde and Kyng Philippe of Fraunce were sworne to kepe pesse. And the Kyng of Inglonde schulde have in pesse, with owte omage doynge, alle the londys of Gyan, Aungoye, and Normandye, and alle that longyd to hym by hys herytage. Al so that yere the kyng remevyd the stapellys of the wollys owte of Flaundrys in to dyvers placys of Inglonde, that was to Westemyster, Cantyrbury, Chychester, Brystowe, Lyncolne, and Hulle, the yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc lv.

Symon Fraunseys, Mayre of London Thomas Brandon A° xxx°.
Thomas Foster

Ande that yere dyde the Kyng of Fraunce, Phylippe, and John his yldyste sone was crounyde. Ande the same yere Kyng Edwarde wente to Calysse and so forthe unto Fraunce to mete whithe Kyng John that un goodely hadde broke the pesse. And whenne Kyng John wyste that the Kyng of Inglonde was come he with drowe hym and made his pepylle to cary a way alle maner of vytayle, that Kyng Edwarde shulde have no maner of freschynge for hys mayne. Al so the same yere the Schottys wanne the towne of Berwyke a yenne, but nought the castelle, for hyt was kepte with Englysche men. And that yere was grauntyd unto the kynge [th]e costome of the wollys, xl schelyngys of sacke for [th]e tyme of vj yere folowynge.

Harry Pykarde, Mayre of London Ricardus Notyngham A° xxxj°.
Thomas Dolsell

Ande that yere Syr Baylolle, Kyng of Schotlonde, gave up the croune of Schotlonde unto Kynge Edwarde at Rokysborowe, and the towne of Barwyke was delyveryd a yenne unto the Kyng of Inglonde. Also the same yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc lvj, the xxix day of Septembre, was Kyng John of Fraunce takyn at the basteyle of Peyters, and Syr Philippe his sone with hym, the Erle of Pountyf, the Erle of Eue, [th]e Erle of Longevyle, the Erle Tankyrvyle, and viij erlys moo, and iij byschoppys. And there were slayne the Duke of Burbone, the Duke of Docens, (fn. 15) Constabylle of Fraunce, and the Byschoppe of Chalons, and many moo grete lordys. And the were Ml Ml viijc personys, of the whyche were Ml Ml knyghtys and squyers; ande the Dolfyn fledde. And this batylle dyd Edwarde Prynce of Walys.

John Stodey, Mayre of London Sthevyn Cauwndysche Anno xxxij.
Bartholomewe Frostyng

Ande that yere the kyng cam home and brought with hym the Kyng of Fraunce whythe alle hys presoners of lordys and knyghtys, and thys was the xxiiij day of May that they come to London and so to Westmyster. And that yere were ryalle justys in Smethefylde, there beyng iij kynges, the Kyng of Englond, the Kyng of Fraunce, ande the Kyng of Schotlonde, and many othyr dyvers lordys of othyr londys.

John Lowkyn, Mayre of London John Bernes Anno xxxiij°.
John Burys

Ande that yere the kyng hylde hys feste ryally of Syn Gorge at Wyndesore, and ther was the Kyng of Fraunce and the Kyng of Schottys.

Symon Donfylde, Mayre of London Symon Radyngton Anno xxxiiij°.
John Chichester

Blacke Mondaye, quare sic nominatur.

Ande that same ye[re], the xiiij kalendys of Juylle, Sir John of Gaunte, Erle of Richemounde, weddyd Dame Blanche. Alle so the same yere Kyng Edwarde saylyd in to Fraunce, by cause that Charlys Regaynt of Fraunce hadde movyd and steryd warre a gayne the Kynge of Inglonde. And the same yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc lx. ande the xiiij day of Aprylle, the morne aftyr Estyr daye that yere, the kynge with hys hoste lay aboute Parys. And that day was a foule derke day of myste, rayne, and hayle, and soo bytter colde that men dyde for colde, where fore yet in to thys day hyt ys i-callyd Blacke Monday next aftyr Estyr day.

John Wrothe, Mayre of London John Deynys Anno xxxv°.
Water Berney

Ande that yere were rovers apon the see undyr the governayle of the Erle of Syn Poule. And the fyrste day of Marche they dystryde the Rye and Hastynge ande many moo townys by the see syde, and slowe many menne. And that yere the pesse was made by twyne Kynge Edwarde and Kyng John of Fraunce, the x day of May. The Kyng of Inglond sende hys bassetours to take the othe of the Regayunt of Fraunce, Charlys, the whiche othe was doo undyr this forme: Charlys dyd do syng a masse solempny; and whenne that Agnus Dei was thryesse i-sayde layde his ryght honde uppon the patent, were uppo lay Goddys owne precyus body, and his lyfte londe on the Masse Boke, sayng on thys wyse, "We sweryng uppon this holy precyus Goddys body, and uppon the Ewangelys, fermly and trewly to holdyn and mentayne pesse and concorde by twyne us two kynges, and in no maner for to do the contrarye in no maner wyse." And that same yere men, bestys, treys, and howsys were smyght fervently with lytthenyge, and sodenly i-peryschyde. And they fonde (fn. 16) in mennys lyckenys splatt men goyng in the waye.

John Pecche, Mayre of London Wylliam Holbeche A° xxxvj°.
Jamys Tame

Ande that same yere, uppon the kalende of Julij, ther fylle a blody skynne (fn. 17) in Burgayne, and a bloody crosse apperyd in the ayre from the morne unto myd day, the whyche crosse aftyr mevyd and fylle doun into the see. Al so that yere Prynce Edwarde weddyd the Countasse of Kentt. And the same yere was the secunde pestylence, in the whiche Syr Harry, Duke of Lancaster, deyde ynne, and Syr John Erle of Rychemounde was made Duke of Lancaster. And that yere be-ganne the grete company in to Fraunce. Ande the grete wynde, the yere of oure Lorde Ml ccc lxj.

Sthevyn Caundische, Mayre of London John of Synt Albonys A° xxxvij°.
Jamys Androwe

Ande that yere Syr Lyonelle, the kyng ys sone, was made Duke of Clarence, and Syr Edmounde of Wodestoke was made Erle of Chambryge, the yere of oure Lorde Mlccc lxij.

John Notte, Mayre of London Ric. Croydon Anno xxxviij°.
John Hyltofte

And that yere ther come iij kyngys in to Inglond for too speke with Kyng Edwarde; that ys to say, the Kyng of Fraunce, the Kyng of Schottys, and the Kyng of Syprys.

Adam de Bury, Symon Mordon Anno xxxix°.
Mayre of London John de Metforde

And the same yere the same Adam was mayre unto the xxviij day of Janyver. And thenne John Lowkyn chosynn mayre. And that yere was the batelle of Orrey in Bretayne. And the same yere deyde Kyng John of Fraunce in the Savey be-syde Westmyster. And that yere was a grete froste, and duryd fro the feste of Synt Androwe tylle the xiiij day of Feverere next folowynge.

John Lowkyn, Mayre of London John Brykylysworthe Anno xl°.
John Irlande

Ande the same [yere] (fn. 18) Edwarde, the fyrste sone of Prynce Edwarde, was borne on the vij kalnd of Feverer. And at that age of vij yere he endyd his lyffe. Alle soo the same yere was grete batelle of sparowys in dyvers placys of Inglonde, where the bodys were founde dede in the feldys with-owte nombyr. Al so the same yere men and bestys were grettely infectyd with pockys, wher fore they dyde, bothe men and bestys.

John Lowkyn, Mayre of London John Warde Anno xlj°.
Wylliam Dykman

And the same y[e]re Rycharde, the sone of Prynce Edwarde, was borne in Burdox, the yere of our Lorde Ml ccc lxiiij.

Jamys Androwe, Mayre of London John Corgolde Anno xlij°.
Wylliam Dykman


  • 1. So in MS., instead of 1258.
  • 2. A jakes.
  • 3. So in MS., though the battle of Evesham has already been noticed under its true date in the 49th year of Henry III., A.D. 1265.
  • 4. So in MS.
  • 5. So in MS.
  • 6. In the margin in another hand is written "Nota the hunger in Hynglonde.
  • 7. So in MS.
  • 8. Omitted in MS.
  • 9. Southwark.
  • 10. Omage to the kyng for, repeated in MS.
  • 11. Richmond.
  • 12. Omitted in MS.
  • 13. So in MS., repeated.
  • 14. So in MS. The name is Kislingbury or Kilsingbury in other Chronicles.
  • 15. The Duc d'Athènes or Duke of Athens.
  • 16. they fonde. The Chronicle in Vit. A. xvi. reads "the Fend." The Chronicle published by Nicolas says, "And the devell in mannes lyknes spak to men goynge be the weye."
  • 17. skynne. Evidently a transcriber's error. Harl. 565 has "a blody reyne," and so other authorities.
  • 18. Omitted in MS.