A Short English Chronicle: London under Richard I and John (1189-1215)

Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe. Originally published by Camden Society, London, 1880.

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. "A Short English Chronicle: London under Richard I and John (1189-1215)", in Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe, (London, 1880) 31-38. British History Online, accessed May 26, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/camden-record-soc/vol28/pp31-38.

. "A Short English Chronicle: London under Richard I and John (1189-1215)", Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe, (London, 1880). 31-38. British History Online. Web. 26 May 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/camden-record-soc/vol28/pp31-38.

London under Richard I and John (1189–1215)

Ricardus Primus.

The names of the Kepers and Baylyffes of the Cite of London in the tyme of Kynge Richarde the fyrst, the whiche was crowned iij daye of Septembre.

Henry Cornhill, Richard Remer, Baylyves A° primo.

The same day of the kynges coronacion all the Jewes that were fownde or myght be take were distroyed as well be nyght as by day.

John Herlyon, Roger Duke, Baylyves A° ij.
William Averyll, John Boknott, Bayllives A° iije
Nicholas Dukett, Peter Newlyn, Bailyves the iiijeyer.
Roger Dewke, Richard Aleyn, B. the v yere.
William FitzIsabell, William FitzArnulff, B. the vj.

The same yere the kynge comyng homard warde from Jerusalem was take wythe the Duke of Ostrych and was rawnsoned, and for to pay his rawnson euche other chalis throwe this londe was coyned in monye.

Robert Besaunt, Jokerell, Josue, Baylives the vij.
Gerrard Antilache, Robert Durant, B. the viij.
Roger Blont, Nicholas Dukett, B. the ixe.
Costotinus Arnulff, Robert Lovell, B. þe xe yere.

This yere dyed Kynge Richard, and lythe at Powntlarge.

Rex Johaunnes.

The names of the Kepers and Baylyves in Kynge Johns tyme, the Assencion daye of our Lorde at Westmester.

Arnolde Arnulffsone, Richard Darthy, B. þe j yere.

This yere the kynge had of every plowelond in þis lond iij s.
Roger Dosett, Jamys Darthy, B. the ij yere.

This yere died Seint Hugh of Lyncolne.
Water FizAlis, Simond Alderman, B. the iij yere.
Norman Blonden, John Ely, B. the iiije

This yere Englond and Walys was enterdited, the whiche dured v yere.
Water Browne, William Chamburlayne, B. þe v yere.
Thomas Averyll, Hamonde Bronde, B. the vje.

This yere began the Order of Frere Prechurs.
John Waldgrave, Richard Wynchestre, B. the vije
John Holylonde, Edmond Gerrard, B. viije.
Roger Wychester, Edmond Hardell, B. ix.

This yere Henry the kynges sonne was borne, and the enterdityng sessed.

A° x° Regis Johannis, a° vero Domini 1210.

All presentes that was Kepers and Baylyves at that tyme were put downe, and chosyn Mayr and Shoreffes for the Cite of London.

Primus major, quia ante fuerunt ballivi.

Harry Allwyn, Mayr Petyr Duke Shoryffis
Thomas Nell

This yere the chirche of Seint Mary Overes was fyrst fownded.

1211. iij.

Harry Alwyn, Meir Petir Joswe the xje.
William Glond
Adam Wittley the xije.
Stephen Legras

This yere the kynge wente in to Irelonde, and made the rebelles sogetis to hym.

1212. iiij.

Harry Alwyn, Meir Josevus Petresson A° xiije
John Garlond

This yere Sowthewerke, London, the Brygge, and the most part of the Cite of London, was brent.

1213, iiij.

Harry Alwyn, Meir Raff Holylond the xiiije
Costantyne Joswe

This yere the stone brygge was fyrste be gon, and Castell Baynarde destroyed.

1214, iiiij. 1215, j° 1216.

Roger Aleyn, Meir Martyn FizAlis the xve.
Petyr Batte
Serle Mercer, Meir Salman Basynge þe xvje.
Hugh Basyng
William Hardell, Meir John Traver þe xvije.
Hugh Basynge

This yere, the morne after Seint Lukys day, dyed Kyng John, and is beryed at Wursceter.

Henricus iijus.

The name of the Meyres and Shoreffes of London in the renge Henricus iijuo of Kyng Henry the iije, the whiche was crowned at Glowcester in thest (fn. 1) of Simond and Jude.

Jacob Alderman, Meir Benet Coventre þe j.
William Blunttravers
Serle Mercer, Meir Thomas Bokerell A° ije
Rauff Holylond
Serle Mercer, Meir John Wayle þ iije.
Josevus Spicer

This yere the kynge had of every plowe londe ij s. And the same yere Scint Thomas of Caunterbery was translatyd, 1 yere aftir that he was martred.

Serle Mercer, Meyr Richard Wymbyldey A. iiije.
John Waylle
Richard Renger A° ve.
Josevus Ruff
Richard Rengee A° vje.
Josevus Ruff

This yere the kynge was in purpose to caste downe the wallys of London.

Serle Mercer, Meir Richard Renger the vije.
Thomas Lamberd
Richard Renger, Mair William Joyner the viije.
Thomas Lambard

This yere came Frere Mynours first in to Englonde.

Richard Renger, Meyre John Travers þ ix.
Andrewe Bokerell
Roger Duke the xe.
Martyn Fiz William
Stephen Bokerell the xj.
Harry Cobham

This yere all the weerys that were in Temmes were distroyed by the kynges ordynaunce. And the same yere the kynge graunted to the Cite of London waren.

Roger Duke, Meir Stephen Bokerell A° xije. (fn. 2)
Harry Cobham

This yere the kynge grawnted that eche Shereffe of London sholde have ij Clerkis and ij Sergauntes and no moo. Also the kynge graunted to the Citezeynes of London that thei shulde have a Comyne Seale, þe whiche shulde be in kepynge of ij Aldermen and ij Com[en]ers of the seid Cite. And that the seid seale shuld not be denyed to any comener of the seide Cite whan hit is resonablye asked. And nothinge be taken for the seid seale, &c.

Roger Duke, Maire Water Wynchester A° xiije
Robert FizJohn
Andrew Bokerell, Mair Richard Watyr A. xiiij.
John Wouborne

This yere was ordeyned that from that day forwarde shold never after Shoreff of London be in Office lenger then one yere.

And[r]ewe Bokerell, Meyre Mighell of Seint Ellyns A. xv.
Water of Denffeld
Andrewe Bokerell, Mair Harry Edylmetory A° xvje.
Gerrad Batte
Symond Marye A° xvije.
Roger Bontt
Rauff Ashewy A° xviij.
John Norman

This yere was a grete wynde and an erthequake.

Andrewe Bokerell, Maire Gerrard Batte A. xix.
Robert Ardell

This yere the kynge spoused the eldest doughter of the Provynce (fn. 3) at Caunterburye.

Andrew Bokerell, Mair Harry Cobham A° xx.
Jordeyn Coventre
William Juyn, Mair John Tolesan A° xxj°.
Gervys Cordwan
Richard Date, Mair John Wilhale A° xxije.
John Saundres

This yere Edward the kynges sonne was borne.

Rauffe Grene, Maire Reynold Bongey A. xxiije.
Rauff Ascheheme
Richard Renger, Mair JohnGysors A° xxiiij.
Myhell Truy
Stephen de Bongey, Maire John Wayle A° xxve
Thomas Durham
John FizJohn A° xxvje
Rauff Aschewy
Rauff Ashewy, Mayre Hugh Blunt A° xxvije.
Adam Bassynge

This yere Newlyn Prynce of Walys meved wer a gayne the kynge, and Gryffyn, Newlyns sonne, fell oute of the Toure of London and brake his neck.

Michell Tony, Meir Rauffe Spiccr A° xxviij.
Nicolas Batte
John Gysors, Mair Robert Cornhill A° xxix.
Adam Bentley
Symond Mary A° xxix.
Lawrens Frowyke
Roger Fiz Roger, Maire John Wayle A. xxxje.
Nicolas Batte
Michell Tony, Maire Nicholas Joce A° xxxiije.
Geffrey Wynchester
Raffe Ardell A° xxxiije.
John Tolesan
John Nornya, Meir Geffrey Basynge A° xxxiiij.
William FizRichard

This yere the Cite of Damaske was won with Cristen men.

Adam Basynge, Maire Lawrens Frowyke A. xxxv.
William FizRichard

This yere be gan Frere Austines fyrst in Engelonde.

John Teson, Maire William Durham A° xxxvje.
Thomas Wyndborn
Nicholas Bamme, Maire John Norhampton A° xxxvije.
Richard Pykard
Rauff Ardell, Maire William Asshewey A. xxxviij.
Robert Bylton

This yere was Seint Peter of Melayne martered.

Rauff Ardell, Maire Stephen Oystergate A° [xl]. (fn. 4)
Harry Walmote
Martyn Bockerll A° xlje.
John Mynor
Richard Ewell A° xlije.
William Asshewey
Thomas FizRichard A° xliije.
Robert Catlegre
John Gesors, Maire John Adryan A° xliiije.
Thomas Cornhill

This yere the kynge lete gader the scowtage, that is to sey of every knyghtes fee throw Englond xl s.

William Riche, Meir Adam Brownyng A° xlve.
John Norhampton
Rychard Pykard A° xlvje.
Richard Coventre
Thomas Fiz Thomas, Maire Phelip Walbroke A° xlvj. (fn. 5)
Richard Taylor

This yere was the bataylle of Lewys, and stella comata apered xv wekys.

Thomas Fiz Thomas, Maire Robert Momplers A° xlvij.
Osbern Buckessell
Thomas Lampforde A° xlviij.
Gregory Muskessell
Edward Blunt A° xlviij.
Peter Augre
John Ryche, Costos John Lynde A° l.
John Walme
Almanus Godich, Costos John Adryan A° lj.
Lucas Bradcourt
Water Hermy A° lije.
William Duranson
Hugh Thomas, Mair Thomas Basyng A° liij.
Robert Cornhill

This yere the kynge did translate Seint Edward in to a precious shryne, and in the same yere was the erþe quake.

John Adryan, Maire Watyr Porter A° lv.
John Taylor
Gregory Rokisley A° lvje.
Harry Waleys

A° Dol Ml.ij. c.iijxxix.

This yere the stepill of Bowchyrche fell downe and did myche harme

John Adryan, Maire Robert Mylkottee A° lvije.
Petyr Cosyn

This yere died that noble kynge, whose bones ben buryed at Westmestre.


  • 1. So in MS.
  • 2. Owing to an erroneous entry before the last paragraph which is crossed out, this and all the subsequent years of the reign have been dated a year in advance and afterwards corrected, as far as the 39th year, originally written "xl", in which the numeral letters are simply crossed out without further correction.
  • 3. So in MS. The word "the" before "Provynce" is interlined in a later hand.
  • 4. Crossed out.
  • 5. Corrected from "xlvij."