A Short English Chronicle: London from Edward I to Edward III (1272-1377)

Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe. Originally published by Camden Society, London, 1880.

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'A Short English Chronicle: London from Edward I to Edward III (1272-1377)', Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe, (London, 1880), pp. 38-47. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/camden-record-soc/vol28/pp38-47 [accessed 19 June 2024].

. "A Short English Chronicle: London from Edward I to Edward III (1272-1377)", in Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe, (London, 1880) 38-47. British History Online, accessed June 19, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/camden-record-soc/vol28/pp38-47.

. "A Short English Chronicle: London from Edward I to Edward III (1272-1377)", Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe, (London, 1880). 38-47. British History Online. Web. 19 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/camden-record-soc/vol28/pp38-47.

London from Edward I to Edward III (1272–1377)

Edwardus Primus.

Thes bethe the names of the meyres and shereffes in the regne of Kynge Edwarde the First.

William Hervy, Meir John Horne A° primo.
Water Porter
Harry Walleys, Meir Nicolas Wynchester A° ije.
Harry Coventre
Gregory Rokysley, Meire Lucas Madcourt A° iije.
Harry Frowycke

This yere was a grete erthe quake.

Gregory Rokysley, Meire John Horne A° iiije.
Rauff Blunt
Robert Bras A° ve.
Raff Fyner
John Adryan A° vje.
Water Langley
Robert Basynge A° vije.
William Morle

This yere the house of Frere Prechours was first founded at Castell Baynarde.

Gregory Rokysley, Meire Thomas Box A° viije.
Raffe More
William Farendon A° ixe.
Nicolas Wynchester
Harry Walleys, Meire William Meyre A° xe.
Richard Chykwell
Rauff Blunte A° xje.
Ankyrtyn Betle

This yere Newlyn Prince of Walis was take and beheded.

Harry Walleys, Meire Jordane Godechepe A° xije.
Martyn Box
Roger Rokesley, Meire Stephen Cornhill A° xiije.
Robert Rikysle
Watyr Blunt A° xiiije.
John Wade
Thomas Gros A° xve.
William Antony
Rauffe Southe, Meir William Harfford A° xvje.
Thomas Stanys
William Betayne A° xvije.
Thomas Caunterbury
Fult Edmond A° xviije.
Salmon Langfford
Cartsteyne, Meire Thomas Romayne A° xixe.
William Lyre

This yere the kynge ordeyned that all the Jewes that were dwellinge in this londe shulde be exiled for evir.

Rauffe Blunt, Maire Rauffe Blunt A° xxe.
Hamond Box
Harry Belle A° xxje.
Ellyse Russell
Sir John Kyrton, Costos Martyne Ambreshire A° xxij.
Robert Rokysley
Richard Glowestre A° xxiije.
Hary Box
John Donstable A° xxiiije.
Adam Alyngbury
Thomas Southe A° xxve.
Adam Fulham

This yere the kynge toke the towne and castell off Berwyke, and ther were slayne many Scottes.

Sir John Kyrton,Costos William Stafford A° xxvje.
John Stafford

This yere the kynge did a grete batayll in Scotlonde.

Harry Walles, Meire Richarde Soperlane A° xxvije.
Thomas Cely
Elys Russell, Meire Harry Fyngreth A° xxviije.
John Anetres
Syr John Blunt, Meire Lucas Averyng A° xxixe.
Richard Cambe
Robert Taylor A° xxxe.
Petyr Basynge
Hugh Proude A° xxxje.
Symond Parys
Sir John Bluntt, Meire William Commate A° xxxije.
John Burfford
Roger Paryce A° xxxiije.
John Luncolne

This yere the lordis of Scotland were sworne liege men to the kynge of Engelonde.

Harry Wales Reynold Underle A° xxxiiije.
William Cosyne
Symond Benett A° xxxve.
Geffrey Conditt

This yere died the noble kynge, whos bonys ben buried at Westmester.

Edwardus ijdus.

Thes bethe the names of the Meires and Shereffes of the Cite of London in the tyme of þe regne of Kynge Edwarde the Secunde.

Thomas Romayn, Maire William Furney A° primo.
Nelle Drury

This yere the kynge spowsed Isabell, the kynges doughter of Fraunce, and in the same tyme proffessioned the holy chanone of Brydlyngton.

Thomas Romayne,Maire William Basynge A° ije
John Boteler
Nicolas Faryngdon, Meir Roger palmer A° iije.
John Edmond
Richard Bosham, Meire Symond Cropp A° iiije.
Petyr Blakeney
John Gysors, Meire Symond Morwade A° ve.
Richard Wilfford

This yere was Edward the kynges sonne borne at Wyndsore on Seint Bricys daye.

Nicholas Faryngdon, Meir John Lambuy A° vje.
Richard Lutkyn
Adam Burton A° vije.
Hugh Gayton

This yere the kynge went in to Scotland with a riall power.

John Gysors, Meir Stevyn Abyngdon A° viije.
William Bedyngham
Stephen Abyngdon, Meire Hamond Goodchepe A° ix.
William Bedyngton

This yere the towne and the castell of Berwyk was lost throwe treson of Peris of Spaldynge [ (fn. 1) whom the kyng had put there to kepe the towne with many burgesys of the same towne, where fore the chyldren that were put in hostage thorough the burgesys of Berwyke folowde the kynges marchalse many dayes fetterd in strong yrens. And after that cam two cardynals in to Englonde to make peace be twene Englond and Scotland. And as they went toward Durham to have consecrate one Master Lewys of Beamount Bysshop of Durham they were robbyd upon the more of Wynglesdome, of whiche robrye Syr Gylbert of Mytton was atteynt, take, drawne, hangyd, hys hed smyt of, and quarterde. And the same tyme be fel many myscheves in Englond, for the pore people dyed for hungre, and so faste that unethe men myght bury them. For a quarter of whete was then at xl s., and two yeare and di. whete was at x marke a quarter, in so moche that pore people stole chyrdern and ete them, and all so ete howndes, hors, and cattes.]

John Wyngrave William Palmer A° xe.
Rauff Gawston
John Pryour A° xje.
William Furnex
John Pulteney A° xije.
John Dollynge

This yere the kynge helde his Parlement at Yorke, and Sir Hugh Spencer sone was made chefe Chamburlayne of Inglonde.

Hugh Chykwell,Meyr Symond Abyngdon A° xiije.
John Preston

This same yere was bothe Lord Spencer and his sonne exiled oute of Ingelond, and, sone after, the kynge commaunded ayene to the Lordis governaunce.

This yere were the fyrst nobles, di. nobles, and farthynges of gold made, for a fore this tyme there was no mony but sterlyng.

Nicholas Faryngdon, Maire William Pordon A° xiiije.
Reynolds Condyt
Hamond Chykewell, Mair Richard Costantyne A° xve.
Richard Akeney
John Grantham A° xvje.
Roger Ely
Nicholas Faryngdon, Maire Adam Salysbury A° xvije.
John Oxynford
Hamond Chykwell, Maire Benett Fullham A° xviije.
John Gawston

This yere the Bysshoppe of Exceter, (fn. 2) that tyme was (fn. 2) Tresorer of Inglonde, was be heded at the Standarde in Chepe.

Rechard Betey, Meyre Gilbert Mordon A° xix.
John Cotton

Edwardus iijus.

This yere the kynge was deposed and Edward his sonne made kynge.

The names of the Meire and Shereffes of London in þe yere of the regne of Kynge Edwarde the iije.

Hamond Chikwell, Maire Richard Deryng A° primo.
Roger Chaunceler

This yere the kynge spoused the Erlis doughter off Henawde. And in the same yere the kynges fader was morthered at the castell of Berkele.

Hamond Chikwell, Meire Richard Deterynge A° ije.
Harry Darcy
Richard Deterynge A° iije
Roger Chaunceler
John Grantham, Maire Symond Fraunces A° iiije.
Harry Chamburleyne

This yere was Roger Mortymer honged for holding of the Quene.

Symond Swanlond,Mayre Richard Later A° ve
Harry Gesors
John Powntney, Maire Robert off Ely A° vje.
Thomas Herwolde
John of Mokkyng A° vije.
Andrew Aubry

This yere was Berwik yolden to oure kynge.

John Powntney, Maire Nicholas Pyke A° viije.
John Howsbonde
William Haunsed A° ixe.
John Haunseyd
Reynold Condit, Maire John Hyngeston A° xe.
Watyr Turke
John Powntney, Maire Watir Mordon A° xje.
Rauff Upon
William Beklesworthe A° xije.
John Northhalle
Harry Dacy, Maire Watyr Neell A° xiije.
Nicholas Crane
William of Pounfret A° xiiije.
Hugh of Markeber
Andrewe Awbrye William Thorney A° xv.
Roger of Forsham

This yere was the bataylle of Slews in Flawndres.

John of Oxynford, Maire Adam Lucas A° xvje.
Bertilmewe Denmarke
Richard of Berwyk A° xvije.
John Rokysle
Symond Frawnces, Maire John Lovekyn A° xviije.
Richard of Kyllyngbury

In this yere was an erthge quake.

John Hamonde, Maire John Sewarde A° xixe.
John of Haylham

This yere began the knyghtys of the Garter a yene.

John Hamonde, Maire Geffrey Wyngham A° xxe.
Thomas Legge

This yere was the kynge of Scotlonde take the broȝte in to Ingelonde.

Richard Lacer,Maire Edmond of Evynhall A° xxje.
John of Glowcester

This yere was the Batayll of Cressy and the Sege of Caleys, be gonne 1346.

Geffrey Wychyngham, Maire William Clapton A° xxije.
John Croydon

This yere was Calys wonne and yelde to Kynge Edwarde.

Thomas the Gaye, Meir Adam Brabanson A° xxiij.
Richard of Basyngstoke

This yere was the fyrst Pestelence.

Harry Loffkyn, Meire Harry Pykard A° xxiiije.
Symond Dolseley
John Turke, Maire Adam Bury A° xxve.
Rauffe of Lynee

This yere was the grete Pestelence.

Richard Beslyngbury, Maire John Nott A° xxvje.
William of Worseter
Andrewe Aubry,Maire John Wroth A° xxvije.
William Styryntrope
Adam Fraunces,Maire John Peche A° xxviije. (fn. 3)
John of Stody
William of Welde
A° xxixe.
John Lytell
Thomas Legge, Mair William of Tudham A° xxxe.
Richard of Smolt
Symond Fraunces, Mayre Watyr Frost A° xxxje.
Thomas of Lardon

This yere the kynge of Fraunce was brought on to Ingelonde prisoner, the whiche Prince Edwarde toke in þe felde at the Batayle of Peyters. And the Crow[n]e off Scotlond yelden to oure kynge.

Harry Pycard, Maire Richard Notyngham A° xxxije.
Thomas Dolsle
John Stoody, Maire Stephanus Caundiche A° xxxiije.
Bertilmewe Frestlynge
John Lovekyn, Maire John of Burys A° xxxiiije.
John of Banys
Symonde Dolse, Maire Symond of Bodyngton A° xxxve.
John of Chechester

This yere was the threde Pestelence.

John Wrothe, Maire John Denys A° xxxvje.
James Andrewe
John Peche, Maire William Holbeche A° xxxvije.
Jamys of Tame

This yere was a grete wynde on Seint Mawres daye.

Stephen Candysh, Meir John de Seint Albonis A° xxxviije.
James Andrewe
John Notte, Maire Richard of Croydon A° xxxixe.
John Hiltoft
Adam of Bury,
Symond of Mordon A° xle.
John of Medfford
Adam of Bury, Mairto þe xvij day of
John Brekyllesworthe A° xlje.
Thomas Irelonde
John Lovekyn,Maire John Warde A° xlije.
Thomas Atlee
James Andrewe,Maire John Tornegold A° xliije
William Dikeman

This yere was the fourthe Pestilence, and in the monthe of Marche apperid. (fn. 4)

Symond Mordon Adam Wymondham A° xliiije.
Robert Gurdeler

This yere went Sir Robert Knollis in to Fraunce with a grete power.

John Chechester, Maire John Pyll A° xlve.
Hugh Holbech

This yere was called the grete dere yere, and that same yere was a quarter of whete at iiij nobles.

John Bernys, Maire William Walworthe A° xlvje.
Robert Gayton
John Pyell, Maire John Philpott A° xlvije.
Nicholaus Brambyll
John Bernys, Maire Robert IIattfeld A° xlviije.
Adame Stable

This yere was John Norword, mercer, slayne att the Blacke hethe at a wrestelynge.

Adam of Bury, Maire John Aubrye A° xlixe.
John Fysshehed
William Walwothe,Maire Richard Lyons A° l.
William Woodhows
John Warde, Maire John Hadley A° lj.
William Newport

This yere was the wode Satyrdaye for the Duke of Lancaster at Sir Johnis Inne of Prys; the same yere was the v pestelence. This yere dyed Prince Edwarde, and lithe at Caunterburye.

Adam Staple, Maire John Northehampton A° lije.
Robert Launde

This yere was Adam Stable deposid of his meyralte by John Duke of Lancaster on Palme Sondaye eve, that is to sey the xij day of Aprile. And in his stede was made Nicholas Bremble. And on the same day was John Mynsterworthe handgged and heded. And on Seint albones even dyed Kynge Edwarde [the thirde], (fn. 5) and is enterred at Westmester.


  • 1. This between brackets has been added by the Corrector at the top of the page, fo.24b.
  • 2. The original reading was "Oxenford," which has been corrected into "Exceter" by a later hand.
  • 3. The following note occurs in the margin opposite the 28th year: "This yere were the fyrst g[ro]tes and di. grotes, that is to s[aye] iiij d. and ij d. of sylver made, [and] afore ther was no monye b[ut] the noble, the half noble, the [far]thyng of gold and sterlyng o[f]sylver."
  • 4. So in MS. Doubtless the words "stella comata" written above under the regnal year ought to have been inserted here.
  • 5. The words between brackets are inserted by the Corrector