A Short English Chronicle: London under Richard II (1377-99)

Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe. Originally published by Camden Society, London, 1880.

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, 'A Short English Chronicle: London under Richard II (1377-99)', in Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe, (London, 1880) pp. 47-51. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/camden-record-soc/vol28/pp47-51 [accessed 26 May 2024].

. "A Short English Chronicle: London under Richard II (1377-99)", in Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe, (London, 1880) 47-51. British History Online, accessed May 26, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/camden-record-soc/vol28/pp47-51.

. "A Short English Chronicle: London under Richard II (1377-99)", Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe, (London, 1880). 47-51. British History Online. Web. 26 May 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/camden-record-soc/vol28/pp47-51.

London under Richard II (1377–99)

Ricardus ijdus.

Thes bethe the names of the Maires and Shoreffes of the Cite of London in the tyme of the renge of Kyng Richard the ije.

Nicholas Bremble, Maire Andrewe Pykeman A° primo
Nicholas Twyfford

This yere every man, woman, and childe after the age of xiiij yere payd to the kynge iiij d.

(fn. 1) John Philpot, Mayre Thomas Cornwales A° ije.
John Basham

This yere was a bushell of whete at vj d. And galon of white wyne at vj d. and a galon of rede wyne at iiij d.

John Hadle, Maire John Aylsdon A° iije.
William Bareyte

This yere was the Parlement at Northampton, and ther was Kyrkeby drawen and hanged for the dethe of Marshaunt Janyn. And in the same yere, be for the feste of Seint Michell, were the gallyes in Temmes brent at Gravysende; and for the same cause was Sir Rauffe Ferres appellyd. In the same was a bataylle at Westmester be twene Sir John Aunsell, knyght, appellaunt, and Thomas Katerton, defendaunt. And in this yere come a grete people oute of Kentt and Essex to London and brent the Savey and a parcell of Seynt Johns and the maner of Heybury. And so entryd in to London and fette oute of the Toure the Erchebysshoppe of Caunterbury, the priour of Seint Jonys, and a Frere Robert Halys, and Frere William Appylton, and a Frere Menor, and John Legge, a sergeaunt of armes, and Richard Somner, were be hedid at Towre Hill. And Richard Lyons behedid at the Standard in Chepe. And on the morowe after was William Walworth, Nicholas Brembyll, John Philpott, and Robert Lawnde, made knyghtis in Smythfeld. And uppon Samfford Hill was the Erle Marchall, and the Erle Pembroke, and Syr Nicholas Twyfford and Sir Adam Fraunces, knyghtes, with in a shortt tyme. And this was called the Hurlynge tyme.

William Walworthe, Maire Watyr Begette A° iiije.
John Knyghtcott

This yere the kynge hade of every man and woman be twene lx and xvj yere xij d., for the whiche þerysinge afore be ganne.

John Norhampton, Maire John Rote A° ve.
John Hende

This yere, the vij day of Januer, on a Saterdaye, Quene Anne came to the Toure of London, and the Sonday followinge she was weddid to Kynge Richard the Secounde. And the xxiiij day of Maye was a grete Erthe quawe.

A post Dunstanum post tempore meridianum
C circulm vixi terre motum tibi dixi. (fn. 2)

John Norhampton, Mair Adame Bamme A° vje.
John Cely

This yere the Bysshoppe of Norwyche went in to Flaundres and slewe many Flemynges. This yere was John Norhamton, John More, John Norbury, dampned in the Toure of London for certeyne congregaciouns that were made a yenes þepese.

Nicholas Bremble, Mair Nicholas Exton A° vije.
John Fresche
Nicholas Bremble, Maire Symond Wynchecombe A° viije.
John More

This yere the kynge wentt in to Scotlonde with a riall power and distroyed all the londe to the Scottes see.

Nicholas Bremble, Maire John Orgon A° ixe.
John Churcheman

This yere went the Duke of Lancaster in to Spayne for to chalange the crowne.

Nicholas Exstone, Meir William Staunton A° xe.
William More

This yere was the Erle of Arondell mad Amell of the see, and toke in that yere lxxxxx (fn. 3) shippis of enmyes and mo with xiiijmlton wyne.

Nicholas Exston, Mayre William Venor A° xje.
Hugh Fasthalffe

This yere was a grete dissencion amonge the lordis, that is to sey, the Duke of Glowcester, the Erle of Derby, the Erle of Arondell, the Erle off Warwyk, and the Erle of Notyngham, a gayne the Erle of Oxynford, and the Erle of Southfolke, and the Erchebysshope of Yorke, Sir Robert Tresylyan, and Sir Nicholas Bremble, the whiche Sir Robert and Sir Nicholas were drawen and hanged, and the Erle of Oxynforde and the Erle of Southefolke fled in to Braband, and ther died, and the Erchebysshuppe of Yorke fled in to Scotlonde and ther died, and all ther godes fell in to the kynges hande.

Nicholas Twyffor, Mair Thomas Austyn A° xije.
Adam Carlhill
William Venor, Maire John Walcotte A° xiije.
John Loveney

This yere was a grete Pestylence.

Adame Bamme, Maire Thomas Vyment A° xiiije.
John Fraunces
John Hende, Maire Harry Vanner A° xve.
John Shodworth

This yere was the Mayre and bothe the Shoryves were putt downe of her offyce, and Syr Edwarde Delyngrege made wardeyn by the kynge. And after him Syr Bawdewyne Radynton in the xv yere of the kynge and Gebonde Mandfeld and Thomas Newnton chosyn Shoreffys, and London rawnsoned at a ml marke.

William Staunton Gylberd Mansfeld A° xvje.
Thomas Neunton
John Hadle, Maire Drue Barentyn A° xvije.
Richard Wytington

This yere on Witsondaye dyed Quene Anne and lithe at Westmester; and in the same yere the kynge wentte in to Irlonde and toke all the rebelles of that londe.

John Fresshe, Meire Thomas Knollys A° xviije.
William Bramton

This yere came the kynge oute of Irlande.

William More, Maire Roger Elys A° xixe.
William Heryngham
Adame Bamme, Maire Thomas Welford A° xxe.
William Perker

This yere Quene Isabell was wedded to Kynge Richard at Caleys. And also the same yere, the xxi day of June, was the Duke of Glowcester, the Erle of Arondell, the Erle of Warwyke, the Lord Cobham, Sir Thomas of Arondell, the Exchebysshoppe of Caunterburye were a rested, and the Duke of Glowcester was sent to Caleys and ther mortherd, and the Erle of Arondell behedid at the Toure Hill on Seint Matheus Eye. And the Erle of Warwyke, the Erle of Arondell, the Lord Cobham, and Sir John Cheyne, were dampned to perpetuall prison.

Richard Wytington, Maire William Ascame A° xxje
John Wodcok

This yere the kynge made v Dukes and a Markes and iiij Erlys. Fyrst was the Erle of Derby was made Duke of Hereforde, and the Erle of Rutlonde Duke of Arondell, and the Erle of Kent Duke of Surre, the Erle of Hontyngdon Duke of Excester, and the Erle Marchall Duke of Northefolke, the Erle of Somersed Markes of Dorsett, and the Lord Spencer Erle of Glowceter, the Lord Nevell Erle of Westmerlond, Sir Thomas Percy Erle of Worseter, and Sir William Scroope Erle of Wilshire.

Drew Baryngtyn, Mayre John Wade A° xxije
John Warner

This yere dyed the Duke of Lancaster and is buryed at Seint Poules in London. Also the Friday after Seint Peter and Poule the Duke of Lancaster after his fader disses came in to Englonde, with him his sonne Thomas Arondell that was Erchebysshoppe of Caunterbury, and they londed in the northe contre at a place called Ravenspore, to whom came in haste the Erle of Northehomberlonde and his sonne Sir Harry Percy, and many other lordis with grete power, and thei went to Brystowe wher thei fonde Sir William Scrope, Tresourer of Engelonde, and Sir John Busshe, and Sir John Grene, and all were be heded. And in þe monthe of Septembre the kynge resseyved his dignite in Toure of London.


  • 1. The names and heading for this year are supplied by the Corrector at the foot of a page.
  • 2. I confess the meaning of these lines is beyond me.—Editor.
  • 3. "lxxxxx." So in MS.