A Short English Chronicle: London under Henry IV (1399-1413)

Pages 51-54

Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe. Originally published by Camden Society, London, 1880.

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London under Henry IV (1399–1413)

Henricus iiijtus

Thes bethe the names of the Maires and Shoreffes of the Cite off Henricus iiijtus. London in the regne of Kynge Henry the iiijth, the whiche was crowned at Westmestre in the daye of Translacioun of Seint Edwarde, the yere of our Lord mliijelxxxxix. (fn. 1)

Thomas Knollys, Maire William Walden A° primo.
William Hide

This yere the vj day of Feverell were all the seales of blanke chartours brent at the Standarde in Chepe, and the xth day of Marche Kynge Richarde the Secunde (fn. 2) was brought from Pomfret Castel whereyn he decessyd (fn. 2) to London in to Powles, and the nexte day after he was caryed to Langley to be buryed there yn a howce of freers. (fn. 3) And in the same yere was the Erle of Kent, the Erle of Salisbery, be hedid at Susseter. (fn. 4) And Sir Thomas Blunt, Sir Rauffe Lomney, Sir John Cely, and Thomas Venter, were be hedyd at Oxenford. And Sir John Holond and the Duke of Excester were be hedyd at Plaschey. And the Lord Spencer was be hedid at Bristowe.

John Fraunces, Maire John Wakele A° ije.
John Gnotte

This yere was the Batel at Halydon Hyl. (fn. 5)

John Shadworthe, Maire William Venor A° iije.
John Frelyngham

This yere the kynge spoused Dame Jane, Duches of Brettaynge. And the same yere apperyd stella comata v wekys in Leynte. Also the yere the Priour of Launde and Sir Roger Claryngton and viij Frerys Menoures were drawen and honged upon a day.

John Walkott, Maire Richard Marlowe A° iiije.
Robert Checheley

This yere, on Mary Mawdelen day, (fn. 6) was the Bataylle of Shrowysbury, and ther was Syr Harry Percy slayne and Syr Thomas Percy his eme take, and ij dayes after he was drawe and hanged, and the Erle of Stafford slayne under the kynges baner.

William Askam, Maire Thomas Faukener A° ve
Thomas Polle

This yere was William Serle, that mordered the Duke of Glowcester at Calleys, drawen, hanged, quarterde, and beheded (fn. 7) at London.

John Hende, Maire William Lowthe A° vje.
Stephyn Spilman

This yere on the Monday in Witsonweke Syr Roger Scrope, Erchebysshoppe of Yorke, and the Erle Marchall, were behedid at Yorke. The same yere was a grete frost that endured xv wekes and m[o]. (fn. 8)

John Wodcok, Maire Harry Barton A° vije.
William Crowmer
Richard Wityngton, Maire Nicholas Wotton A° viijth.
Geffrey Brooke

This yere the Erle of Kent spoused the Duches doughter of Myllayne.

William Stawnton, Mair Harry Poumfrett A°ixe.
Harry Halton

This yere the Erle of Nothehomberlonde and the Lorde Bardollff was be hedid. Also the same yere was a stronge frost that duryd xv wekys, and the Erle of Kent was slayne in Brettayne.

Dreugh Barentyn, Mair Thomas Duke A° xe.
William Norton
Richard Marlowe, Meire John Lane A° xje.
William Chechiley
Thomas Knolles, Maire John Penne A° xije.
Thomas Pyke

This yere came Enbassatours from the Duke of Burgoyne to have men a gayne the Duke of Orlyance. And the Prince sent over the Erle of Arondell and the Lord Cobham with other dyverse lordes.

Robert Chechiley, Maire William Reynwell A° xiije.
John Cotton

This yere Thomas the kynges sonne was made Duke of Clarence, and he wente over the see with a faire mayne in help ynge of the Duke of Orlyaunce a gayne the Duke of Borgoyne. Also the same yere the kynge lete smyte a newe mynte the noble lesse wight than the olde noble by halfe apeny wight of gold.

This yere in one day were iij floddys yn the Temmys water. (fn. 9)

William Waldren, Maire Rauffe Lovenam A° xiiije.
William Sevenoke


  • 1. The words following "Seint Edwarde" are added by the Corrector.
  • 2. The words "the Secude" and "from Pomfret—decessyd" are inserted by the Corrector in the margin."
  • 3. "there—freers." These words are inserted by the Corrector.
  • 4. Cirencester.
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