Glamorgan County Records: Quarter Sessions files, 1727-53

Pages 192-236

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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Quarter Sessions Files.


These bundles of records on parchment and paper formerly lay (one cannot say were preserved) at the old Shire Court of Cardiff, and later at Bridgend. A large proportion of them are so decayed by damp, worms, dry-rot, dust and general neglect, that they almost crumbled to powder when the Archivist undid the strings. It should be stated that the present Clerk of the Peace for the County has deposited his archives in an excellent strong-room, where they will be safe against further decay. The series is tolerably complete, there being ordinarily four bundles to each year.

Easter 1727.

Glam. ss. The Presentment of the Grand Jury Sworn & Impannel'd at the General Qr Sessions of the peace holden at Cowbridge in the sd County the eleventh day of April Anno D'ni 1727 before the Hono'ble Joselyn Sydney Esqr., Evan Says, Thomas Matthews, Thomas Popkins, William Dawkins, William Bassett & John Towgood Esqrs his Maj'tyes Justices of the peace for the sd County.

Wee present Landaffe bridge to be out of repaire &; that the same ought to be repaired by the Seu'all Inhabitants of the p'ishes of Llandaffe &; Whitchurch in the sd County.

Wee have nothing else presentable to the best of our knowledge.

[15 signatures.]

Glam'gan ss. Articles of Misdeameanour Exhibited att ye Generall Quarter Sessions of ye Peace hold' att Cowbridge in and for ye sayd County ye Eleventh day of Aprill Anno R'ni Georgij Dei Gra'a Mag: Britt: &;c. Decimo tertio before ye Hono'ble Joselin Sidney Esqr [&;c.] Against Miles Evans late of Landaffe in ye sayd County.

1. Impr's. It is articled and objected to you ye sayd Miles Evans that all Libellers and dispersers of false News are by ye Law of ye Realm to be punished according to their Demeritts.

2. Item That ye sayd Miles Evans not haveing ye fear of God before his Eys but being led by ye instigation of ye Devill in Contempt of ye Wholesom Laws of this Realm did in ye moneths of September October November December January and ffebruary last past &; every or one of them falsly, wickedly &; malitiously compose write &; publish a certain infamous and Scandalous Libell a true Coppy whereof is hereunto annex'd in and by which Libell ye Right Reverend father in God Robert Clavering Doctor in Divinity Lord Bishop of Landaffe, The Worshipfull Wm Beaw Doctor of Laws Chancellor of ye Diocess of Landaffe, Wm Morgan Cl'k, Presideing Surrogate to ye sd Wm Beaw, Thomas Davies Gent: Deputy Register of ye sayd Diocess &; of ye Consistory Court of Landaffe, Wm Jenkins, Jenkin Williams, Charles Jones &; Edmund Kemeys Gent: practiseing Proctors of ye sayd Court are much defamed aspersed vilifyed and reflected upon as in and by ye sayd Libell a Copy whereof is hereunto annexed which ye sd Lord Bishop of Landaffe, Wm Beaw, Wm Morgan Cl:, Thomas Davies, Wm Jenkins, Jenkin Williams, Charles Jones and Edmund Kemeys doe pray and desire may be taken and read as parte hereof as if ye same had been herein &; in this place writt over &; inserted &; to which they referr themselves plainly appears, and allso made out and dispersed Severall coppies of ye sayd Scandalous Libell repeated ye same & ye contents thereof to Severall p'sons with a design to Expose and Scandalize ye sd Lord Bishop of Landaffe [&;c.], Against his Ma'ties Peace &; to ye Violation of ye Laws of ye Land.

3. Item That all &; Singular ye pr'mises are true of which due proofe being made ye sayd Miles Evans ought to be punished according to his demeritts which ye p'ties Exhibitant doe hereby desire.

proued p' Thomas Wilkins
John Charles.

[The Copy above referred to.]

A Satyr on the unjust Civilians or a true narrative of ye unjust proceedings in Landaffe Court.

Civilians Civill villains are and doteing fools are Doctors Notorious Rogues are Notaries and prateing Knaves are Proctors. In paths untrod I sing in mournfull Lays The Church oppressed in these wicked days and those who in this villany are Actors Bishops, Chancellors, Regrs &; Proctors all you yt love ye Ancient Civill Law and serve the Church in both respect &; Awe I'll tell a Story yt will make you laugh How the Church is governed in Landaff A Court is kept there undr B'pp Clavering A man whose mind I'm sure is allways wavring This Dcor: he is but a Bishop new his Chancellors Name they say is Wm Beaw this man had Courage when he acted there but forced he was to leave ye Court &; Shire some say for money that to him was lent for which ye Countrey many a tear have spent Poor man tis pity he was sent away For in his absence things are gone astray when he was here wee had some Justice done but those behind are Traytors evry one all that they practice fill'd w[i]th treachery malice, Extortion, partiality, &; Bribery The man reprsents ye Chancellors place Is not as much a man as Silly Ass I'm sorry yt a Judge is such a toole Just as much knave as he is a foole A man who never knew reason or Law the dullest preist yt e're w[i]th eyes you saw If you'l talk of some one Judge beside him He'l certainly assign ye Cause ad Idem I'll speak no more of this for fear he should Pr'tend to doe what he ne're knew or could Perhaps he'll send one of his Citac'ons and sue me in a Cause of Defamac'on I'll keep out of his Clutches if I can &; tell my Story to a wiser man Let him pronounce his Excom[m]unicac'on And be as drunk as if he own'd the Nation I cannot help it let who will absolve him I'll leave him now 'tis vain for to involve him The Register of this Court is very well Known by ye Name of Daniell Gell an honest man but 'tis a thousand pity the Devill sh'd be his Deputy A saint you'd think him when he first appears But if you doe remember a few years there was a matter given him for a portion a very fine Indictmt for Extortion I don't Intend to do unto him Injury nor say yt he hath er'e com[m]itted Perjury if others say I can noways them hinder I'll stop my pen &; allways save my tinder as for ye Proctors they are now no holier 'tis Like to Like ye Devill to ye Collier If there is one honester by me misus'd I humbly beg yt I sh'd be excus'd Because I think he often stays att home and to ye Court doth very seldom come a modest peasant who was bred In Landaffe City as 't was say'd one day approached nigh ye Court to hear them prate &; have some sport Er'e he came there they spy'd him comeing and att ye sight they fell to mumming Quoth one who thought himself most wise because of late he gott a prise being favoured by a thing called fate tho' his desert was a knock in's pate If that this Youngster come among us I am afraid yt he will wrong us ffor when we pass an Unjust Sentence he'll surely make us shew repentance I humbly beg you master Surrogate not to Suffer this little Runagate to be admitted here unto us least hearing our villany he doth undo us w[i]th that they plac'd two lusty fellows as bigg as er'e blew Vulcans bellows to stand aside &; keep ye door whilst they had time to oppress ye poor this is their practice yt doth make the hearts of honest men to ake to see a Court oppres'd with Villains worse than Samaria was w[i]th Syrians God give unto all Just men grace to avoid both them &; all their Race.
Milo Evans script

[The defendant was committed to prison, as appears by the accompanying Gaol Calendar. The list of officials, as below, is yearly repeated.]

John Seward, gent., Steward to the Most Noble Thomas, Viscount Windsor.

Thomas Meredith Bailiffs of Cardiff.
Edward Herbert
Lewis Thomas Chief Constables of Kibbor.
Miles John

1727 July.

Miles Evans, gent, was released on recognisances.

"John Watson committed by the Worshipfull James Thomas Esqr. for being a Vagrant and found wandring from place to place &;c. Set att liberty by order of ye sd Justice.

Maud the wife of John Thomas committed by the worshipfull John Towgood Esqr. for being a common desturber of her neighbours &;c. Set att liberty by order of ye sd Justice.
Richard Bates."

1728 January. Sessions holden at Neath.

[Indictment, on slip of parchment.]

Glam'gan ss. Juratores pro D'no rege Super Sacr'um Suu' prsentant qd Wenllyana Mathew nup' de Ruddry in com' pr'd' vid' primo die Maij anno r'ni d'ni n'ri Georgij S'c'di nunc Regis magn' Brittan' etc. Quinto apud Ruddry in Com' pr'd' in prsentia quamplurimor' Subditor' d'c'i d'ni Regis hec falsa ficta &; Scandalosa Wallica verba Sequen' de quad'm Margaretta Thomas sp'r in Com' pr'd' adtunc &; ib'm dixit publicavit &; p'palavit vizt Y Butteni cwsney Tre a Gwlad pr'd' Margaretta inuendo ang'i'e Thou whore &; cheat of Town &; country pr'd' Margaretta inuendo quor' quid'm falsor' & Scandal'or' verbor' pr'd' publicac'on' &; propulac'on' gravit' scandalizat' exist' ad gr'e damp'u' ip'ius Margarette et Contra pacem d'c'i d'ni Regis Coron' &; dignitat' suas.

Margaretta Thomas.

[Endorsed] Test: William Thomas.


Glamorgan, to wit. The Jurors for our lord the King upon their oath present that Gwenllian Mathew, late of Ruddry in the county aforesaid, widow, on the first day of May in the fifth year of the reign of our lord George the Second, now King of Great Britain &;c., at Ruddry in the county aforesaid, in presence of several of the subjects of our said lord the King, these false, feigned and scandalous Welsh words following concerning one Margaret Thomas, spinster, in the county aforesaid then and there said, published and uttered, namely: Y butain cwsni tref a gwlad, meaning the aforesaid Margaret; in English: "Thou whore and cheat of town and country," meaning the aforesaid Margaret. By the publication and utterance of which false and scandalous words aforesaid she is gravely scandalised; to the grievous loss of her the said Margaret and against the peace of our said lord the King, his Crown and dignity.

Margaret Thomas.

[Endorsed] Witness, William Thomas.
No true Bill.

By another Indictment Jenkin John, of Saint Athan, cordwainer, was charged with uttering these scandalous Welsh words concerning one William Bennett: Y Rogue Lleidir Robber pen fford ("Rogue, thief, robber on the highway.") The Grand Jury threw out this Bill also.

1729 January. At Cardiff.

Thomas Williams, of Llangynyd in the county of Brecon, exhibits Articles of Misdemeanour against Thomas Rosser, of Kellygaer in the county of Glamorgan, labourer, for the following libellous words: Lleidir fy nhorth i wyti ("Thou art a thief and hast stole my loaf.")

Libellous words spoken by William Richard of Llancarvan, gent., concerning Thomas Love of Penmark, gent.: "I'le prove yor Son a thiefe, He came to my wood and stole my Ashes &; brought his Waine and Oxen in the Night to Carry them away and he Stole the beam of a Sull from my Son in Law Richard Thomas."

In this bundle are a number of Certificates of persons qualified for office, under the Test Acts. The following is a specimen:—

These are to Certifie all whome it may Concern, That John Hopkins of the Parish of Barry in the County of Glamorgan Gent., did on the Twenty fifth Day of Decem. being ye Nativity of our Saviour, Commonly called Xmass day Receive the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, According to the Ussage of the Church of England, Immediately after Divine Service, and Sermon Read and Preached In the Parish Church of Portkerry in ye aforsd County of Glamor: In Wittness whereof We Jno. Richards Minister of the said Parish, and Richd Thomas Churchwarden, doe hereunto Subscribe Our Names the said Twenty fifth Day of December in the Third Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Second Annoq. Dom. 1729.

Jno. Richards Minister.
Richd. Thoms Churchwarden.

We Griffith Bevan of the Parish of Portkerry in the County of Glamorgan Gent. and Henry Penry of the same Parish Gent. doe make Oath, That we saw the said John Hopkins, Receive the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper at the Time, and Place, and in Manner and form mentioned in the above Written Certificate, And further we make Oath that we saw the said Jno Richards and the said Richd Thomas Subscribe their Names to the sd Certificate, and also that we did See the said Jn° Hopkins Deliver the same subscribed soe into this Court before he took the oath of allegiance and Supremacy according to the Statute in that Case made and provided.

Griffith Bevan.
Henry Penry.

Jur' in Cur'.
[On sixpenny stamp paper.]

John Hopkins was thereupon appointed Portreeve of Neath.

The Grand Jury Present the causeway leading from the Whitehouse Bridge to a place called King's Castle in the parish of St. John, Cardiff, to be out of repair, and that the same ought to be repaired by the inhabitants of the said parish. They also Present the western end of Cardiff Bridge to be out of repair, and that the same ought to be repaired by the inhabitants of the said County of Glamorgan.

1729 Michaelmas.

Glamorgan ss.

Cardiffe Quarter Sessions. October 7th 1729.

Laid out by William Phillips Keeper of the said County Goal.

£ s. d.
To Hire for three Horses and Expences for whipping Edward William at Caerphily
To the same for whipping William Thomas Tinkerat Landaff
To the same for whipping the said William at Neath 3 0 0
To paid for whipping ye sd Wm at Cardiffe 10 0
To paid for Coffins, burying &; other Expences for Griff. William, James William &; Margaret John who lately dy'd in the said Goal 2 5 0
To Deal boards for the use of sd Goal 12 0
To Carpenters work 7 0
To Timber for 2 door frames &; Mantle piece &;c 10 6
To Wm Brewer for Lime 7 0
Attorneys fee 2 0
7 13 6

Wm Phillips.
Jur' in Cur'

Persons Names that lately dy'd in the sd Goal—
Mary William
Evan David
Mathew Davies
Griffith William X
James William X
Jane Morgan
Jon William
Morgan Jenkin
David Richard
Thos William
Margaret John X

N.B.—Those mark'd with ye Cross—Wm Phillips was at ye Expence to bury them.

A Note of Work Done and Goods Deliv'd for
ye Use of the County Goal in Cardiff by me Evan
Deer for ye Year 1729.

April ye 10th 1729. for mending the Record house Lock and Key
1s. 6d.
One new Cubbord Lock for ye Same 6d.
In Nails for ye Goal 1s.
for a New Key to a Chamber Lock 8d.
In Oyl for Oyling the Locks 6d.
for mending the hooks and hinges of the fore Door belonging to
ye Goal 1s. 6d.
for 5 Chimney Bars wd 17 pounds ½ at 3d. p' lb. 4s. 4½d.
15 holdfasts 4s.
3 pounds of pitch for pitching the shoots at 2d. ½ p' lb. 7½d.
for two new Door Locks 4s. 6d.
for three pair of H hinges 2s.
for One new Lock for Egypt Door 2s.
for One new hoop to ye Buckett &; mending ye Chain 1s. 6d.
for mending two pair of Irons for ye ffellin[n]ers 2s.
for Mending the Citching Lock 6d.

for a New bridge and mending the Key of the Main Door 2s.
ffor an Attorneys ffee 2s.
1 11 2

Evan Deare.
Jur' in Cur'
to be pd p' Cur'

Anne Lewis, spinster, exhibits Articles of Misdemeanour against John David alias Bowen, of the parish of Michaelston sup' Avan, labourer, for uttering these Welsh words: Mi fuo gan ferch Shôn Lewis yr High Constable gan waith heb yr un waith ddiweddaf ("I have layn with" or "had carnall knowledge of John Lewis ye High Constables daughter's body a hundred times besides the last time.")
Proved by Anne the wife of Thomas Bowen.

This is to acquaint the honourable bench, of his majesty's jesstysses of the peace, at their generall Quarter Sesions of the peace held at Cardiff, ye 7th day of october 1729, that the dwelling house of Jenett Cradock in the p'ish of Newtown Nottage is design'd, for a house for prodestant Decenters to meet in, to wirship God. it's hoped they will admit, the Clark of peace, to register the same, persuant to an act of parliament in yt behalf made. Signed by us

Griffith Jones Pastor. Robert Thos
John Jones. Jacob Rees
Evan Griffith
Richard morgan
John Lewelin

[The above is written on a small piece of paper, apparently by the hand of the signatory John Jones.]

1730 July. At Neath

A not for woork don in ye Countey Goale
& Record House.

for white liming ye Counte Goale 10s.
for a labring man to throw ye ruble & Caring Earth to lenthen
ye lime 3s.
for ayering firing &; whiteliming ye Record House 15s.
for a bucket &; mending ye owld wan 3s. 2d.
for mending ye Irons yt belong to ye buckett 8d.
pd James Jones &; Henrey David for Caring Edward John
Quaker from this Town to Bridwell by order of ye
Jestices 7s.

Wm Phillips.

Thomas Rosser charged 10s. "for kiping the Shire Hale
windows in Repair."

[A strip of paper bears only this writing:—]

"for our troubles in Getting the timber Makeing Gallows &
fixing of it there being Nobody that wod assist—6l 6s. 0d.
allowed 3l."

Articles of Misdemeanour exhibited against Mary wife of Thomas Jenkin, for speaking to Richard Aubrey these scandalous Welsh words concerning Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, the wife of Caleb Jones, of Lantwitt-juxta-Neath: Mi a gawso dafod drwg gan Betty Gwraig y Doctor y Buttain mi ai prwfa ("I had ill language from Betty the Doctor's wife, the Harlott and I'll prove her to be so.")

Articles exhibited against Margaret, wife of John Richards, for uttering these Welsh words to Rachell William, concerning William Williams, of Lansamlett: Rachell, Rachell, Rachell, ble may Will dy fâb dy y guattws yn yr Claudd ag y rheibws fy whech mochen i ag oedd ar y Maes, ble may ef, i mi gael y gwade ef rhag ofn iddo ddwad ith i rheibo nwy y forry etto, mi vynna y croggy ef gwnna beth y costa i mi ("Rachell, Rachell, Rachell, Where is Will thy Son," meaning the said William Williams, "who lay hid in the Ditch and that bewitched my Six Oxen that were on the Ground; where is he that I may have his blood for fear that he should come to bewitch them to morrow again. I will have him hanged whatever it cost me.") The Articles set out that the complainant "is a person of good and honest fame and Reputation and as such hath behaved from the time of his Nativity without any Charge or Imputation of Witchcraft or any other Evill Crime of that Nature."

Parchment printed Certificate that George Watkins, of Cardiff, did on Sunday 12 July receive the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper in the Parish Church of Saint John Baptist, immediately after Divine Service and Sermon. Signed by Thomas Colerick, Minister, and Charles Gibbon, Church Warden; and witnessed by William Phillip and Thomas Glascott.

1731 January. At Cardiff.

16 September 1731.

money Laid out and Disbursed by William Phillipps for repairing the County Goal and towards repairing of Cardiffe Bridge

towards the Goal. 12 Hundred of Pantile for a slope House 2l 14s.
one thousand &; a halfe of Sap Lates 13s. 6d. 4 Doz. &; ½ Crest 17s. 4d.
for men &; Horses to Carry all ye Rubbage that belonged to ye
work out of ye South Gate 1l.
towards the Great Bridge. John Kill for 3 days work 2s. 6d.
Richard Robert &; his horse 13 days 19s. 6d.
for the Gaol. Madam Richards for timber 7l 14s.
William Richards Esqr for Bricke 14s. 4d.
for my Expences in Going with Joseph Avery to be Executed my
selfe (fn. 1) &; 2 horses 4 days 2l 2s.
Mr George Roods ffunerall Expences 1l 10s.
David Hugh Mason for staying ye Beams 2s. 4d.
to Mr Priest for 2 Boats Loading of Stones for the Bridge 12s.

A Note of the Expence and for the trouble of John
Morgan Keeper of his Mates Goal for the County of
Glamorgan in and about the transporting of
William Harry, Henry Watkin and Anne Price.

Imprimis. For my trouble Expences and Horse Hire in Goeing
to Bristoll two severall times by the Justice's orders to treat
with Merchants for the transportac'on of the sd ffelons
4l 4s.

Item. For my trouble and Expences with Wm Grandfield to assist me in Conveying the ffelons to Bristoll and staying there a ffortnight before I Could Discharge them 4l 4s.
Item paid the Boatmen for Carrying them to Bristoll 14s.
Item paid John Hodges for their meat and Drink at Bristol 18s. 6d.
Item paid Mr Jonas Bates for Keeping them in Bridwell at Bristoll 1l 10s.
Item paid for Cloaths for them 6l.
Item for my trouble in attending the Justices severall times and Expences in Goeing to Cowbridge severall times to the Cl'r'e of the Peace about this affair 1l 1s.
Item paid for Drawing my accounts and attorneys fee 4s.
£24 15 6
[altered to] 18 15 6

John Morgan.

The Rev. Samuel Richards, of Bonvilston, was ordered by the Justices to pay unto the Revd Thomas Lucas, Rector of the Parish of Caddoxton-juxta-Barry, the sum of 7s. 7d. due for the small tithes arising for the Sweldon Farm in that parish, for the year 1731, being the value of the said tithes, or agistments in lieu thereof.

[In dorso]

"N.B. while ye Oxen are plowing ye 10th Accre you will allow for yeir grass but not while yei plow ye nine because yei plow for me. So for ye cows while yei give milk to make nine chees you will allow but not for ye other weeks in the year because yeir milk is mine.

"Sr I have sent p' bearer J B ye tender of 3—10 if that will not satisfie I shall make my appeal as ye law directs."

Appeal was entered in respect of a precisely similar demand on Walter's Farm in the parish of Merthirdovan.

Indictment of William Llewellyn Edmond, of Llanedern, tailor, for these scandalous Welsh words concerning William Meredith: Lleidr y Dragg ar Oged ("Thieff of the Dragg and Harrow.") Submitted and was fined 1s.

Several persons were indicted for abusing and assaulting William Phillipps, Keeper of the County Gaol.

1731 July. At Neath.

The Grand Jury present a number of persons for selling ale, gingerbread and cakes in the churchyard of Peterstone sup' Montem on the Lord's Day commonly called Sunday, the fourth day of July instant. They were mostly ale-drapers from the neighbourhood of Cowbridge, and were fined 6d. each and costs.

Sheriffes Bill abt the Execuc'on of
Joseph Avery.

For Chains 5l 5s.
Carriage from Bristoll to Oystermouth 10s.
for . . . . . on trouble and Sherriff's men and others
Expences in Carrying Joseph Avery from Cardiff to Oystermouth and a p'son to Conduct the Execuc'onr 11l 11s.
To the Carpenter for makeing the Gall' as p' Bill 2l 2s.
For Timber to make Gall' as p' Bill 2l.
For an Iron staple to fix the Chains to the Gal' 2s. 6d.
For a Journey to Oystermouth to setle the place where the
Gal' shd be fixt and agree for the Timber and with the
Carpenter to make it—


To the Worship11 his Majes Justices of the Peace on The Bench for
the Quartr Sesss for the County of Glamorgan

The Petition of Mathew Hall of
Oystermouth in the sd County

Humbly Sheweth

That your petitioner by Order of Walter Hughes of Swanzey sent from the Debuty Sheriff did Imploy men to build a Gibbet for ye Executing the man Condemnd last sessions and was promised to be paid by the sd Walter Hughes who told him that It was by the Sheriffs appointment he did It Your petitioner paid Sixteen shillings out of his Pocket to those that assisted him and the Debuty Sheriff in person promised to see him paid but he has not yet been satesfied tho he has made Two Journies after It
he therefore hopes your Worships will take
it into Consideration and as in Duty Bound
yr Petitioner Will Ever Pray.

[Endorsed] To the Worshipfull
his Majes Justices
of the Peace.
These humbley.

[Form of Oath, on parchment.]

I A. B. sincerely Promise and Swear that I will be faithfull and bear true Alegiance to his Majestie King George the Second, So help me God; and that I do from my heart Abhor, detest and abjure as Impious and Heretical that Damnable Doctrine and opinion that Kings may be deprived by the Pope or any authority of the See of Rome, or may be deposed or murdered by their Subjects. And I do declare that no foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction, power or Authority Ecclesiastical or Spiritual within this Realm, so help me God &;c. And I sincerely Acknowledge, profess, testify and declare in my Conscience, before God and the world, that our Sovereign Lord, King George the Second, is lawfull and rightfull King of this Realm and all other his Majesties Dominions thereunto belonging. And I do Solemnly and Sincerely declare that I do believe in my Conscience that the Person pretended to be Prince of Wales during the life of the late King James (and since his Decease Pretending to be and taking upon himself the Stile and Title of King of England by the name of James the third or of Scotland by the name of James the Eighth or the Stile and Title of King of Great Brittaine) hath not any right or title whatsoever to the Crown of this Realm or any other the Dominions thereunto belonging. And I do renounce, refuse and abjure any allegience or obedience to him. And I do Swear that I will bear faith and true allegience to his Majesty, King George the Second, and him will defend to the utmost of my power against all traitorous Conspiracies and attempts whatsoever which may be made against his Person, Crown or Dignity. And I will do my utmost Endeavour to disclose and make Known to his Majesty and his advisers all treason and traiterous Conspiracies which I shall Know to be against him or any of them. And I do faithfully promise to the best of my Powers to Support, maintain and defend the Succession of the Crown against him the said James and all other persons whatsoever; which Succession, by an act entitled "An Act for the further limitation of the Crown and better Securing the rights and liberties of the . . . . " is and stands limited to the Princess Sophia, Electress and Dutchess Dowager of Hannover, and the heirs of her body being Protestants. And . . . . . . . I do solemnly and sincerely acknowledge and swear, according to these Express words by me Spoken, and according to the plaine and Common meaning and understanding of the same words, without any Equivocation, mental Evasion or Secret Reservation whatsoever. And I do make this acknowledgment, abjuration, Renunciation and promise heartily, willingly and truely, upon the true faith of a Christian. So help me God
[Signatures of Grand Jurors.]

1731 October. At Cardiff.

[Form of Test Oath, on parchment,]

I A. B. do Declare that I do believe that there is not any transubstantiation in the Sacramt of the Lord's Supper or in the Elements of Bread and Wine, at or after the Consecration thereof by any p'son or p'sons whatsoever.

Lewis Davies.

Andrew Evans, of Lancarvan, indicted for uttering the following scandalous Welsh words concerning Henry David: Harry David y Rogue Leidir mab y garne Bittain Deoch y maes ("Henry David, you rogue, thief, son of a great whore, come out.")

Ann Gabins alias Thomas, of Kelligare, for these Welsh words concerning Joan, wife of William Edmund: Ve dallodd y gwr y gwas gudda yr Gwraig un y Gweli ("The husband caught his serving man with his wife in bed.")

Lewis Watkins, of Llantrissent, for these Welsh words concerning Henry Powell: Rogue Lleidir Broker a gwath na Lleidir ("Rogue, thief, broker, and worse than a thief.")

Test Oaths sworn (inter alios) by Richard Turberville.

1732 Hilary. At Cardiff.

Jurors present that William Thomas, of the parish of Eglwsilan, smith, at Cardiff conversing with Thomas Morgan Lewis junior, of Ruddry, yeoman, uttered these scandalous Welsh words concerning Thomas Morgan Lewis senior: Mab Leidir Defaid wyt ti ("Thou art the son of a sheep-stealer.")

And that John Rewell, of Landaffe, yeoman, at Landaffe did utter these scandalous Welsh words concerning John Prichard, of Canton: Nid wyt ddim fitt i ddod i gwmpniath o waith di a dyngaist anudon ("Thou art not fit to come into company, for thou has sworn false oaths.")

Daniel Mathew, of Lantrissent, said of Thomas John and Elizabeth his wife: Y cuckwalll, y cuckwallt; yr whore, whore pawb ("Cuckold, and common whore.")

1732 October.

Evan Deer's bill for ironmongery work done at the County Gaol includes:—

"A pair of hinges for the Cover of the well 1s. 4d.
Iron work for a wooden Cagemts."

Nicholas Jayne's bill for the same includes:—
"a barr for the kichen Grate 1s. 6d.
had two padlocks 4s.
mended a large Stoek lock 1s.
had 3 portemantell lock for hand kuffs 2s.
a box lock and pare of hinges 1s.
had a large plated dubell Spring lock for the Street dore 7s.
a box Stapell for ditto 6d.
for mendind the Great lock the same doore 4s.
for a pare of new fetters and mendind all the old ones 6s.
had an Iron shoole 1s. 6d.
had a Rope for the buckett well 4s."

1733 January. At Cardiff.

Grand Jury present the highway leading from the ford on the road to Landaff, from the parish of Radyr to the parish of Whitchurch, to be out of repair; and that the same ought to be repaired by the inhabitants of Whitchurch.

"Item we prsent Evan Thomas Howell of the p'ish of Whitchurch in the sd County for not pruneing his hedges adjoyning to the high way leading from Ton Gwinlas to fforest yssa in the sd p'ish of Whitchurch." (Discharged.)

Scandalous Welsh words at Lancarvan, said by one woman to another: Y Mae yih cawse ach mennin yn drewy Ac y mae yih Tuy yn drewy ac yn Rwstro fy fynd Rhyd yr Heol ("Your cheese and butter stink; and your house stinks and prevents my walking along the road.")

This year for the first time the Indictments are in English. Also the Writ to the Sheriff.

1733 July. At Cardiff.

Scandalous Welsh words at Langevelach: Fi ddaeth gwraig ach o Languick a Mochin o Landeilo hyd y Pwll Brwnt dan Dregibe ag fe ddaeth dau ar ei ol hy ag a cymmerth ef i fynnydd oddiwrthi ("A little woman came from Llangwic with a pig from Llandeilo, as far as the Pwll Brwnt by Tregubi; and two men came after her and took it away from her.") And being asked: Daeth hi ag ef yn lleddrad? ("Had she stolen it?") answered: Do, fe ddaeth ("Yes, she had.")

1733 October.

Scandalous Welsh words at Llanvabon: Lleidir pair o Eskidiau iw James Morgan ("James Morgan has stolen a pair of shoes.")

1734 January. At Cardiff.

The Inhabitants of the Town of Swanzey to the

8° 8bris 1730. To Cash paid for Whipping a ffelon 3s. 6d.

Decbr 20th To the takeing up a woman that pretended to tell fortunes and Expence of Carrying her to Cowbridge (the house of Correcc'on) 15s.

To the takeing up of Ten Vagabonds at one time and expence Releiveing them till they were Conveyed before a Justice of the Peace 1l 5s. [Margin:] fellows taken up on the Complaint of Mr Wm Jones as persons suspected of writeing threatning L'res.

for the passage of Two of them from Penclawdd to Ireland & expence there 1l 10s.

Jan. 17th for Going to Cardiffe with Joseph Powell, Roger Landeg &; Nehemiah Rees 2l.

ffeb. 28th To the takeing up of a Vagabond Due as by Direcc'ons of an Act of Parliament 2s.

Mar. 26th for takeing up Two Vagabonds 4s.

To the Expence of a Mittimus and attendance at Penllergare 3s for Carrying the Vagabonds to Lanelthy and Expence 10s. £6 14 0
Allowed of this Account Two Pounds and fifteen shillings Towards sending Vagrants to Ireland and Llanelly by 2 15 0

Tho. Popkins
Tho. Price

Rece'd of Mr Henry Llewellin the Sum of Two Pounds and fifteen Shillings above menc'oned allowed by Mr Popkins and Mr Price I say Rece'd for the use of the Petty Constables of the Town of Swanzey this 14th day of July 1731 by

Huh Powell.

William Morgan senior and junior, of Langevelach, "potfounders," entered into Recognizances.

Scandalous Welsh words at Llandaf: Lladron yih chwi gwath na Lladron ("You are thieves, and worse than thieves.")

Grant Gibbon, Esq., Sheriff.

1734 Easter. At Cowbridge.

Scandalous Welsh words at Merthyr Tidvill: Fe a fu Blentyn iddi hi mor saffed ag y bu Blentyn i munieh bruth beth a wnath hi iddo ("She hath had a child, as sure as I have had a child, whatever she hath done with it.") And added: Hi a Claddwy ef yn yr Ardd ("She hath buried it in the garden.")

An account of money laid out by Wm Phillipps includes this item:— "For Horse Hire In Going to Bridgend with two to be whipped and paid for whipping them 2l 2s."

Scandalous Welsh words at Merthir Tidvill: Mwrddwr yw Thomas Shon a Robber penfford ("Thomas John is a murderer and a Robber on the highway.")

Scandalous Welsh words at Llanwonno: Mi Gwelais William Thomas yn Dwyn y Gaffletts o poc'k chwy ("I saw William Thomas steal Gafletts out of your pockett.") In an amended Indictment the words complained of are these:—fe Ddwgws William Thomas o Bock Evan Davidd Box a pump Gaflett ("William Thomas stole out of Evan Davids pockett a Box and five Gafletts or cock spurrs.")

1734 July.

William Thomas Edward, of Llanvabon, labourer, was indicted for that he at Llanwonno did steal a wooden box of the value of 1d., and five cock spurs of the value of 10d., of the goods of Evan Davies, gentleman. Verdict of Not Guilty.

The Jurors present that whereas Rebecca, the wife of Simon Simmons of Oystermouth, gentleman, being convicted of breaking and entering the house of David Simmons at Swansea and assaulting Elizabeth the wife of the said David Simmons, and refusing to give security for her appearance at Quarter Sessions, was committed to the custody of David John and Samuel Groves, Petty Constables of the parish of Oystermouth, to be conveyed to the County Gaol, the said Constables suffered the said Rebecca to escape.

Glamorgan To witt

To all whom it may Concern

We the persons Subscribing being two of his Ma'ties Justices of ye Peace in and for ye Sayd County doe hereby Certify that the Highway leading from the ford called Rhyd y Radir on ye River Taffe from ye parish of Radir to the Church and village of Whittchurch in ye sayd County w[hi]ch stands presented in his Ma[jes]ties Court of Quarter Sessions of ye sd County of Glamorgan to be out of repayr Hath Since such presentmt been well repayr'd by and att ye Expence of ye Inhabitants of ye Sayd parish of Whittchurch so that his Ma[jes]ties Subjects may Safely pass and repass that way. Given under our hands this thirteenth day of July in ye yeare of our Lord God 1734.

1734 Michaelmas. At Cardiff.

Evan Deer's Account for Iron work done
at and supplied to the County Goal & Bridge.

Fitting a pair of Irons for ye Man yt Kill'd his Father and
Mother 2s.
One Lock for ye Dungeon Door 2s.
One Lock for a Pair of Mannacles 6d.
300 of 5s. nail for ye white house bridge 15s.
26 Large Speeks for ye same 4s.

William Phillips' Account:—

for peices of timber &; Dele boord to put behind the Perthonitur (fn. 2)

in the shire hall 3s.

for whipping Neste the wife of David Evan by order of Court of Great Sessions 1l.

1735 Easter.

Philip Richards was charged with taking away one fighting cock from the dwellinghouse of David Howell at Coyty.

1735 October. At Cardiff.

Grand Jury present the highway leading from Lysvane to Machen, beginning at Sarn y Coynant, to be out of repair, and that the same ought to be repaired by Michaelstone Vedow parish.

"Also Vpon the Veiw of Michael Richards Esqr one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for the Countty of Glamorgan We Present the Highway Leading from Ely to Eval yr Dowst Beginning from the Causeway to the sd Eval yr Dowst &; that the same is Much out of Repair &; ought to be repaired by the Several Parishes of Landaff &; Cayre."

The like for the highway leading from the Northgate at Cardiff to the Mayndy, to be repaired by St John's parish.

1736 July. At Neath.

The highway leading from Lanedern church to Rhydlydan, in the highway leading from Lanedern to Landaff Bridge, has been duly repaired by Lanishen parish.

1736 Michaelmas. At Cardiff.

Henry Thomas, Keeper of the County Gaol.
Rees Watkin, carpenter, sends in his account for work at the
gaol, including "a Shelf over the ffire 1s."

A Bill for work done and Goods Delivered
By Nicholas Jayne To Mr Henry Thomas
Keeper of the County Gole for the use of
the Same ye 5th June 1736.

For Mendind the Great Lock of the Street Doore 2s. and a New
Lock for the Great Chamber Doore 2s. 6d.—4s. 6d.
and two Barrs for the frame of the well 12lb at 3½ pr pound and
In Nailes 4d.—3s. 10d.
for haltering a hook for the Chimbly 3d.
and in Nailes to make a parting in the Roome 1s. 8d.
for takeing the Irons of the woman for her Bastird Childe 6d.
and for takeing the Great Irons of the Man that killed his father
and mother to put on the horse Stealler 0s. 0d.
and for puting them on the theaf 6d.
and for puting a small pare on the Murderer 6d.
for puting a pare on newgent 6d.
for a R markeing Iron made to Burne the prisoners 0s. 0d.

Sept ye 2. a fender for the kiching Grate Nine Inches Broad and
and two futt Long and a top Barr for the Same Grate
Seven povnd att 3d. pr povnd 7s. 2d.

[The above is on paper; the ink very faint.]

George David, Petty Constable of the Parish of Roath, presents his Bill for "Conveying of Marry Barton that was taken up in London and Brought by a pase to ye Parrish of wenvo." One shilling had been "paid for dring and diet by the waye."

1737. At Cardiff.

Nicholas Jayne's Account for Ironmongery at the Gaol includes:—

"For takeing down the Iron Speeks from over the window in the
Court 1s. 6d.
One new Lock for the back Chamber 1s. 4d.
Altering a pair of Irons for a Criminal 6d.
For takeing of the Irons of the Boy that was transported 1s.
takeing the Irons of a prisoner 1s.
two plates of Iron for the frame of ye Street Door and large
Speek nails for ye Same 3s. 6½d.
a large bolt and three staples for the Stair door 1s.
Decr 9th ffor a pair of Irons put on a Criminal 1s.
22d A pair of dufftail hinges and nails 6d."

The Grand Jury present David Lewis, of Aberavon, innkeeper, for keeping a disorderly house and harbouring idle persons and drunkards "on Saboth days," to the evil example of others his Majesty's liege subjects and against his Majesty's peace.

A note for Expences for and towards the
transportation of Thomas Morgan and
Anne Pratt by Henry Thomas.

For my trouble and expences in attending Justice Morgan to
have the order of Transportation signed—

For my Journey to Bristol to agree for their Transportation and expences myself and horse four days 2l 2s.
For going with them to Bristol with another man with me for to assist me and the expences of them myself and 2 horses for 8 days 4l.
Paid hire to the man that went with me from Cardiffe 10s.
paid another man at Bristol for assisting to look after the prisoners for 6 days 6s.
paid for the use of a Room to Confine the prisoners at Bristol for 6 days 5s.
£7 3 0

allowed 4l.

[The above document was so decayed by damp that it went to pieces in the process of copying.]

To the worshipfull the Justices of the peace for the County of Glamorgan.

We the persons subscribing inhabitants of the p'ish of Llandyvodug doe hereby certify that Rees Edward husbandman lately an inhabitant of this p'ish and now a prisoner for debt in his Majesties Goal at Cardiffe is a very poor man and has nothing to live upon but his labour, and that he has a wife and three very young &; small children which the said p'ish doe &; must relieve and maintain, &; hope you will be pleased to consider his poor condic'on &; order him to be relieved according to your discretion dated at Llandyvodug this seaventh day of January in the year of our Lord 1737/8.

Ri. Watkins
John Mathew
Griffith Jenkins
Llewelin William.
John David
John Morgan
overseers of the poor.

Glamorganshire to witt.

I Llewelin Williams Esquire one of his Majesty's Justices of the peace for the said County Do hereby Certify to the Clerk of the peace of the County aforesaid that Llewelin William of the parcell of Glyndylais within the parish of Cadoxton juxta Neath in the County aforesaid yeoman was since the Last Sessions (viz.) on the twenty fifth day of November last convicted before me for Swearing Seven prophane Oaths: Given under my hand and Seal this 6th day of January in the year of our Lord 1737.

L.S. L. Williams.

[The seal, in red wax, is an antique head. The document is much torn.]

Recognizances entered into before Michael Richards, esq., J.P:—

Mary Edwards, of Penarth, and Anthony Mathews of Leckwith, yeoman; on condition that the said Mary Edwards shall appear to answer a charge of attempting to rescue Edward Edwards, a prisoner in custody of the Sheriff.
John Lewis, of Leckwith, bound in the same matter.

Watkin Morgan, esq., Steward to the Right Honble Thomas,
Lord Windsor.

1737 April. At Cowbridge.

Nicholas Jayne's Account.

for puting the Large Irons on the hores Stealer and a Large
padlock for the Stocks 3s.
And a Lanthorne 1s. 6d.
for putting a pare of Irons on the Boy thatt Stole Mr. Popkins
mony 6d.
a Lock for a doore a Bove Staiers 2s. 6d.
a new pare of Irons (15lbs. att 4d.) 5s.
and for putting them on the Man which Stole the Blancots 6d.
A New Barr for the dungen window 2s.
for taking the Irons of newGent 6d.
A Cros Barr for the dungen window Shutter 2s. 7½d.
two Large Stapells and a padlock for the Same windows 2s.

The Grand Jury present, on the view of Michael Richards, esq., the highway leading from the Eastgate at Cardiff, commonly called Cockerton gate, to Romney Bridge; and that the same ought to be repaired by Saint John's parish.

Richard Powell, esq., Clerk of the Peace.
Edmund Treharn, Steward to Lord Windsor.

[This bundle, like the preceding, is greatly decayed with damp.]

1737 Michaelmas. At Cardiff.

Grand Jury present the highway leading from Pontcanah to PlaceSturton within the Parish of St Johns in the town of Cardiffe to be out of repair.

Also the road leading from the Great Heath to a gate commonly called the North Gate in Cardiff. To be repaired by St John's parish.

"We do likewise present upon the View of Michael Richards Aforesaid All that Ditch upon the side of the High Way Called the Black Wears &; that the same is now out of Repair and that the same ought be Cast up by Rowland Thomas of Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan Labourer Occupier of the Lands thereto Adjoining."

They present Roger Rosser of Landaff for neglecting his duty as Surveyor of Highways, and for flinging of straw into the highway to the annoyance of his Majesty's subjects. (He was fined 5s.)

"We do likewise for this present upon the View and knowledge of Michael Richards Aforesaid Phillip Evans of Ely in the parish of Landaff Victualler for permitting and Suffering Several Idle and disorderly people to prophane the Lords day by playing att Ball and by sev1 Other disorderly Meetings."

A number of debtors imprisoned in the County Gaol at Cardiff avail themselves of the new Act for the relief of insolvent debtors, and the papers relating to their several petitions are numerous.

1738 Easter. At Cowbridge.

A number of shipwrights and publicans were indicted for tumultuously assembling and dragging Mary Harry, widow, to the river of Swanzey and casting and ducking her therein two several times.

1739 a.

Account of John Brewer, carpenter, for work
at the County Gaol.

ffor putting Irons on two Soldiers 2s.
ffor a large Stock Lock for ye Garden Door 2s. 6d.
ffor one Bellis 1s. 6d.

The County of Glamorgan to Evan David.

To Halling Timber from Coedygoras for makeing the Ducking Stool 15s.

An Account of lime, stone and mason's work done at the County Gaol by John James refers to premises known as "Egypt", the Brewhouse and the "Pinend", and includes a charge for "156 Cronacks of lime at 2s. pr Cronack."

Receipt for the sum of 3s. "for the Hire of Horses to Carry one of the Captains in Coll11 Harrisons Regimtt's Baggage from Cardiff to Newport." Signed by John Minnitt.

A long Account to the County Treasurer, Mr. Henry Llewelyn, "for Lime had for the Euce of the whitte howse briggd and Causeway deliu'rd by me John James."

Receipt signed by George Williams, Overseer to the Parish of Roath, for the sum of 19s. "for Removeing of Vagabones, from the Parish of Roath To Bridgend."

Evan David's Account.

To 13 Days work for my Team of Oxen and Cart in halling Stones Earth &c To Repair the highways between the Whitehouse Bridge and Kings-Castle at 5s. pr Day 3l 5s."

Two tin candlesticks were purchased for the Shirehall, and a large box to keep the County books.

A Note for yc County for Goods sold &
Delivered to yc County Goale p' Nicholas Jayne.

for new Irons &; Large nailes for the new Stocks 1l 4s. 2d.
A bed Coard 1s.
A Large pad Lock for ye Stocks 2s.
two smal eyes for A Casement 1d.
for mending A Lock for ye stable 8d.
A Large Scissiars 1s. 4d.
for a Large hatchett &; handle 2s. 1d.
for altering two pair of Irons and rivetts &; putting them on
2s. 6d.
for making a new Joynt to ye old stocks and for two new plates
&; staples &; nails 3s. 8d.
for Large speek nails for ye Stocks 6d.

Certificate that the hedges from Penarth Crossway to the house of John Hopkin, presented to be overhanging the highway, are now cut and pruned at the expence of John Phillip.

John Phillips, Clerk of the Peace.

A number of persons, mostly of Llantrissent, indicted for selling ale, gingerbread and cakes on the Lord's Day commonly called Sunday.

[The papers in this bundle are almost destroyed by damp and mildew.]

1739 b.

10s. 8d. paid for ironwork to the ducking-stool, and 3s. for 3
bushels of stone lime for the same.

A Bill of Work done on the White House
Bridge and the County Goal & for Makeing
a Duckin Stool in the Year 1738/9 by the
Orders of Mr Thomas Williams Keeper of the
Said Goal Done by me Jn° Brewer Carpenter.

Oct. 9th 1738. ¾ of a 100 of 5s. nail for ye White House Bridge 3s. 9d.
8 foot of Juyce 3s.
Dec. 3d 1738. two locks for ye Dungeon 2s. 4d.
17th Carpenters work done at the Dungeon 9d.
Jan. 10th Makeing a Coffin for a Bastard Child 5s.
ffeb. 16th Three large Cross ward pad Locks for the Dungeon 7s. 6d.
two Double Spring Stock locks One for the Garden Door andv One for ye fore Door 11s.
March 2d a plate Stock lock for ye Chamber Door 4s. 6d.
4th four Mannacle Locks 6s.
Jan. 2d 1738/9 forty two foot of timber bought of William Morgan
Esqr for ye Use of the Duckin Stool 1l 13s. 7d.
ffor makeing the Duckin Stool 1l 17s. 6d.
In 12d. nail for the same 2d.
¼ of a 100 of ½ Crown and ¼ of a 100 of 12d. for ye Same 10½d.
paid for Digging a Hole for ye post 2s.
paid for Sawing the timber for ye Chair 2s. 6d.
three large Staples 9d.
for removing the Stool into the County Hall 4s. 6d.
One Cord for the Same 4d.
ffor putting Irons on Jane Thomas 1s.
27. ffor takeing the Irons of David Morgan 1s.
ffor putting another pair of Irons on David Morgan 1s.
ffour pair of hand bolts 8s.
Two thumb Scrues 6s.

An Account of mony Expended and Laid out by
Thomas Williams Keeper of his Mat'yes Goal att
Cardiff in and for the Said County for and Towards
the Maintainance and Burrying of a Bastard Child
begotten by Lewis Robert on the Body of Jane Thomas
now a Prisoner in the said Goal and also for Cuckingv
the Woman by Order of Last Quarter Sessions held
at Cardiff.

To Cloaths for the Child 5s.
To Maintainance of the Same and her Mother 10s.
To mony Paid for Laying out the Child when Dead 4s.
To Ditto for Ringing the Bell and Digging the Grave 3s.
To Money Paid for Assistance in Cucking Elizabeth Jones 15s.
allowed £1 17 0

Thomas Williams Keeper.

Petition to license the dwellinghouse of Lewelin Thomas, of the parish of Roth, as a meeting-place for Protestant Dissenters.

1739 c.

Amongst the subscribers to and compliers with the Test Oaths this year are David Morgan, and Thomas Morgan of Landough.

(This bundle consists only of Test Oaths and Certificates.)

1739 d.

Grand Jury present Thomas Floyd, Petty Constable of Penarth, and those of several other places, for not making a loyal return to the Chief Constable of the Hundred of the persons qualified to serve on the Jury.

They present the highway leading from the North gate of Cardiff to the Wedall brook; also the ditch adjoining to Maindy Ground, to be out of repair.

Margaret Thomas, of Lavernock, widow, charged with having wrongfully milked a cow of Thomas Webb, of the parish of Coggan.

Writ of Disseisin in le post: Thomas Turberville of the parish of Pile and Kenfig, and Anthony his eldest son and heir, for £200 paid by Nathaniel Taynton. Messuage and 85a. in said parish, called Ballace Farm.

1740 a.

Reduced almost to powder by damp.

1740 b.

The like.

1740 d. At Cardiff.

Nearly as bad as the last.

Two pair of stocks made for the Gaol.
Grand Jury present the causeway leading from the great oak in Canton (fn. 3) in the parish of Llandaffe, to Lecquith Bridge in the parish of Lecquith, to be out of repair.

1741 a. At Cowbridge.

Much decayed by damp.

[This bundle fell to dust in my hands.]

1741 c.

The like.

1741 d.

The like.

1742 a.

Nearly as bad.

Thomas Morgan, gent., Steward to Herbert, Lord Windsor.

Man and woman found guilty of stealing a peck of apples and five gallons of cyder, of the value of tenpence, at Whitchurch.

1742 b.

Almost perished with damp.

1742 d. At Cardiff.

Grand Jury present Thomas David and David John otherwise David, both of the parish of Pentirche, "for prophaning the Lord's day by playing att Tennis at rhiw sayson within the parish of Llantrissent;" upon the information of Morgan David, one of the Jury.

Account for conveying of vagabonds since
last Quarter Sessions.

Kate Mort ordered to Cadoxtowne Juxta neath sickned and not
able to trauell and thear died she had 10 days Subsistance 3s. 4d.
for attendance in her Sickness 2s. for Extraornary necessarys 3s.
for a Coffin 8s. Church officers 2s.
for Bread and ale to the persons that dressed ye corps and
carried her to Church 2s. 6d.

[Greatly decayed with damp.]

1743 a. At Cardiff.

Grand Jury present "that part of the Highway within the Parish of St John Babtist within the Town of Cardiff in ye County of Glamorgan leading from the late house of Thomas Morgan Lewis Commonly called and known by the name of Steppers side to wain Ddyfell (or ye town Heath)" to be out of repair.

[This bundle is fallen to pieces with damp.]

1743 c. At Neath.

Account of what it cost me in clothing and
necessaris towards Ann the daughter of Margarett
Smith that would not be receaued att neath
according to the pass sent with her.

for a gown and a body stay 4s.
for an other gown and Skirt 3s.
for six smocks 7s. 6d.
for four pare of stockins 1s. 6d.
for Aprons 2s. for Caps 1s. 6d.
for nees clothes 1s. 6d. for shoes 4s. 2d.
for a hatt 1s. for coals 2s. 6d.
for 89 weeks subsistance at 18d. p'r week is 6l 7s. 6d.
for conveying to Neath on horse Back 8s.
for my mans attending att Cardiff quarter Sessions to proue to
the Justices the tender of her to the ouerseer att Neath 2s.

theare was also one Catherine Mort committed as a vagabond sickned, and in fourteen days dyed and the charges of her attendance during her sickness and her buriall cost me 18s. 9d.

theare was also one margarett Harris committed for contempts that sickened and dyed in Bridwell and cost me towards burying of her 16s.

1743 d. At Cardiff.

[This bundle, like the preceding, is reduced to powder by damp, worms and dry-rot. I have nevertheless been able to examine its contents with some approach to thoroughness.]

1744 January. At Neath.

[Similarly decayed.]

Glamorgan to wit.

The Jurors for our Sovereign Lord the King upon their Oath present that Joanna Lond of the Town of Swansea in the County of Glamorgan Widow the second day of July in the Eighteenth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the grace of God of Great Britain ffrance and Ireland King Defender of the faith and soforth and continually afterwards for the space of Six days then next ensuing in the said Town of Swansea in the said County for the gain and profit of the said Joanna did keep and maintain a certain Common gaming house for a certain unlawfull game called Shuffle board and for one other unlawful game called [struck out] Billiards otherwise Billyards and did also for all the time aforesaid keep hold and maintain for the gain and profit of the said Joanna a certain place for the playing a certain unlawful Game called ffives and another place called a Skittle Alley for the playing of Bowles and Skittles and the same unlawfull Games at all the times aforesaid in her Dwelling house and at the places aforesaid scituate in the said Town of Swansea and County aforesaid for her own gain and profit did permit divers persons to use and play at contrary to the form of the Statute of the thirty third year of the Reign of his late Majesty King Henry the Eighth in that case made and provided [Endorsed] A true Bill.

Glamorgan to wit.

The Presentment of the Grand Jury of the General Quarter Sessions of our Souerain Lord the King held at Neath for the County of Glamorgan on Tuesday the Tenth day of July in the Eighteenth year of the Reign of our Souerain Lord George the Second King of Great Brittain &c And in the Year of our Lord 1744 Before Lewellin Williams Esqr Herbert Mackworth Esqr Thomas Price Esqr John Lewellin Esqr John Powell Esqr his Majesties Justices for the sd County &; others their Associats.

Upon the Oath of John Jeffreys Gent Wee doe present David Edwards of the Town of Swanzey in the said County of Glamorgan Glover for keeping a Large Mastiff or Bear or Mungrel Dogg which is Accustomed to Bite Doggs of his Neighbours and others his Majesties Subjects passing along and through the streets and other places in the said Town of Swanzey To the Annoyance of his Majesties Subjects.

A Kallender of the Prisoners in the house of
correction since the last quarter Sessions made
this tenth day of July 1744.

Thomas Sauage committed by the worshipfull John Powell Esqer one of his majestyes Justices of the peace for this County.

as allso John Dauid committed by the worshipfulls John Powell and James Phillips Esqers two of his majestyes Justices of the peace charged with begging and wandring abroad and with other Lewd and disorderly behauiours.

Both of them did on monday ye 2d of this Instant in the night Break open the House of Correcc'on and thearfrom did make their escape and could not find them nor hear of either of them since by ye way of Cardiff Carphilly or Merthir.

We Thomas Lewis and William Richards Esqrs two of his Majestyes Justices of the peace for the County aforesaid Do hereby Certifye That we have veiwed the Highway leading from the Long cross in the parish of Roath to Roath Bridge in the said parish and County aforesaid and that the same has been sufficiently amended and is now in Good repair. Given under our hands and Seals this 7th day of July 1744.

Thos Lewis L.S.
Wm Richards. L.S.

Sr please to Enter underneath Thos James of Lanvedows Recognizance yt thay haue agree'd &; aquaint Mr Phillips Clark of ye Peace yt I have been paid for them, being Mr Morgan of Koyd Gorass has Requested me yt ye parties may stay at home, ye Weather being so favourable, and you'l oblidge him who is Respectfully

yours Thos Lewis.

New House Soudry
9 aclock.

[Endorsed] To Mr Lewis ye Lawyer at Garn Lloyd These.

1744 Epiphany. At Cardiff.

Grand Jury present Luce Phillip, of Swansea, widow, "for Buying &; Selling Goods and Victuals coming to Market, and Inhancing the price of the same as a Forestaller contrary to the Statute."

Ralph Bowen, of the Red House, Cardiff, innkeeper.

1744 Easter. At Cardiff.

[This fell to pieces as fast as I could copy it.]

The Dispursment of Thos Williams Keeper in ye year 1744.
Im[m]ps Cleaning &; making fire in ye Record House 1l 10s.
Cleansing ye Boghouse 1l.
Cleansing ye Well 10s.
White liming ye Goal 10s.
Chimneys Sweeping 5s.
Besoms 10s.

A poor Criminal woman being w[i]th Child &; (as she said) Sick'ned
in Labour. Charges to ye midwife &; a woman in watching,
wine, &; other Necessaries thereunto provided 6s.

My Care, trouble, &; Charges in Conveying Tho. Parry, by an
Habeas Corpus, on March 8th from Cardiffe Goal to ye City
of Hereford 8l.

My Care, trouble, &; Charges in Conveying Lewelyn William from Cardiffe Goal April ye 6th to Bridgend &; whipping him 1l.

My Care, trouble, &; Charges in Conveying Mary David from Cardiffe Goal to Neath on July ye 9th &; likewise Conveying her from thence to Swansea &; whipping her there 2l.

My Care, trouble, &; Charges in Conveying Rachel Owen from Cardiffe Goal to Swansea on 7ber. ye 14th &; whipping her 2l.

Maintaining ye poor prisoners Last Quarter 10l.

1745 January. At Cardiff.

Grand Jury present the highway leading from Chappell Laniltern in the parish of St ffagans, by a certain house called Ryd Laver in the said parish to the parish of Radyr, to be out of repair.

1745 Easter. At Cowbridge.

An Account of Moneys laid out by me
Thomas William towards a Base Child
born in the Goal.

paid the Midwife 5s.
paid two Women for being with the Midwife 2s. 6d.
paid for washing the Womans Cloaths 6d.
pd for Candles 6d.
paid for Coal 6d.
paid Mr John Oakey for a Wrapper and a fflannen 3s.
paid for a Swathe 6d.
ffor meat and Drink for the Woman when she lay in 7s.
ffor 4 Days Attending on the Woman in her laying in 4s.
paid the Nurse for 10 Weeks at 18d. p' Week 15s.
To the Minister and Clark 2s. 6d.

Certificate of the repair of the road leading from Taffe river ffoord near the New ffurnace in the parish of Pentirch to a place called Penygarn in the same parish and thence to a place called Pentwyn, where one Adam Hooper now lives, in the said parish of Pentirch.

Nicholas Jayne's Account.

For putting Irons on the . . . . . . that Stole the Tankard 1s.
For putting Irons on the Horse Stealer 1s.
For putting Irons and Rivetts on a man from Brecon 1s. 6d.
For putting a pair of Irons and Rivetts on the Sheep Stealer 1s. 6d.
ffor mending a Tongs 3d.
ffor putting Irons on ye Woman that Stole ye Sheep 1s.

Morgan Thomas, of Landaff, yeoman, is charged by his sister Elizabeth Thomas with beating her on the King's high way and taking away from her "a parcel of geese" by force of arms, being her property. Sureties for his appearance are Joseph Meredith, of Roath, yeoman, and William Morgan, of Cardiff, tiler.


Thomas Williams' Account.

For maintaining a Bastard Child in the County Gaol twenty four
Weeks at 1s. 6d. p' Week 1l 16s.
paid for Shirts and makeing for the same Child 3s.
paid for Shoes ...... d.
paid for Flannen 1s. 4d.
paid for Stockings 8d.
paid for Caps 6d.
For Cleansing the Well in the County Goal 10s.
For Besoms at Several times 10s.

Nicholas Jayne's Account

for putting Irons on the man that Stole the mony and Revits 1s. 6d.
for putting Irons on howell of the Shopis Son and Revits 1s. 6d.
for makeing a Grate for the kiching parte old Iron from the Gole
the Remainder my Iron 3s. 6d.
Six Locks for hand Cuffs 2s. 8d.
ten hovld fasts for Shots 1s. 4d.
a Lock and Staple for the new doore in the Court 3s. 6d.
two Large padlox one for the dungun the other for the Covrt doore 5s.

Edmund Lloyd, Steward to the Lord Windsor.

1747 Easter.

Know All Men by these presents that I Herbert Lord Viscount Windsor of the Kingdom of Ireland and Baron Mountjoy of the Isle of Wight in the Kingdom of Great Britain Lord of the Manors of Miskin, Pentirch, Clunn, Glynronthey and Lecqueth in the County of Glamorgan Have Made Nominated and Appointed Oliver Robothan of the Parish of Aradir in the said County Gentleman my Lawful Gamekeeper of and for my said Manors of Miskin, Pentirch, Clunn, Glynronthey and Lecqueth to look after and take care to preserve the Game there and do allow him in my name to Hunt Hawk Fish and Fowl within my said Manors and Demeasnes thereof, and places thereto belonging, from time to time during my ffree will and pleasure only And to do all other things belonging to the Office of a Game Keeper According to the Several Acts of Parliament in that Case made and Provided In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seal the Twenty sixth day of January in the Year of our Lord Christ One Thousand Seven Hundred and fforty Six

Windsor. L.S.

Glamorgan to Witt. Kibbor Hundred.

The Presentment of Richard Watkins Chief Constable of the Western Division within the Hundred and County aforesaid made the 28th day of April in the Year of our Lord 1747 of Persons ffitt to Serve the said Office in his Stead for the Year aforesaid

John Hammond Both of the Hamlett of Gabalva.
Thomas Gibbon

[cross mark] George Collins of Ely.

Similar presentments for Roath, Caerphilly &;c.

1748 January. At Neath.

[This year the bundles are in good condition.]

Grand Jury present, upon the oath of Lewis Thomas, gentleman, the highway leading from a place called Velindre in the parish of Whitchurch towards a certain dwellinghouse of Thomas Morgan, called late Mr Howard's, in the parish of Raddyr, to be out of repair.

The Inhabitants of ye County of Glamorgan
Dr to Thos Lewis Goaler.

pd for a Coffin for Mr Francis Abbot of N ............... 10s.
pd in ale for Carrying Mr Abbots Corpse to Church 6s.
pd parson 1s.
pd sexton for Digging ye Grave 1s.
pd for Tolling ye Bell 1s.
pd Cl'r'e and Psleas [?] 2s.
pd for 9 Yds Crape at 1s. [per] yd ......
pd for Thread 2d.
pd Woman for laying him out &; making the Shrowd 5s.

Expence of Whipping Three people 15s.
for a Bottom of a Buckett 9d.
£2 10 11
To be deducted for Whipping 0 15 0
Allow'd 1 15 11

Henry Lewis, of Cardiff, mercer, and William Lewis, of the same town, yeoman, indicted for unlawfully exercising the art, mystery or occupation of feltmakers, hatmakers and haberdashers, without having served seven years' apprenticeship. (No true Bill.)

1748 Easter. At Cowbridge.

[Bad condition.]

Thomas Williams, Gaol Keeper, paid a sailor a shilling for making some clothes for the bastard child.

Certificate of the repair of the common highway within the parish of Roath, which leads from Roath bridge to a certain place called the Corner, opposite to the Great House late Sir George Howell's.

The like for the highway leading from Cardiff bridge to Place Sturton.

1750 Easter. At Cowbridge.

[This bundle is in good condition.]

Account of ironwork done for the Gaol by
John Lewis smith.

To Ironing Wm Rosser 1s.
To taking off the irons from Wm Rosser being Too Close 1s.
To putting a wider pr on D° 1s.
To streaks for ye Wheel Barrow 2s.

1751 Midsummer. At Neath.

[Good condition.]

Glamorgan 1751. Account of the misrepairs of the House of Correction. [At Cowbridge.]

Account of John Lewis, blacksmith.

For Ironing Edward Thomas 1s.
For takeing of ye A Bove Irons And Puting on a Leser Pare 2s.
For takeing Wm Morgans Irons of 1s.
For takeing a Single Iron of James Williams 6d.

1751 Michaelmas. At Cardiff.

Grand Jury present the highway leading from Landaff to Cardiff, from a place called Pont Ganna to Cardiff bridge in the parish of St John Baptist in Cardiff.

Appointment by Herbert, Lord Viscount Windsor, of Thomas Lewis of Llanishen House, esquire, to be gamekeeper for the Viscount's Manors of Senghenith Supra and Subtus, Listalebont and Roath Dogfeild.

William Richards, esq., J.P., presents the highway leading from the town of Cardiff to a place called Groes Vaen in the parish of Pentirch, from a place called Pont Canna in the parish of Llandaff to Groes Vaen.

Account of Thomas Lewis, Gaoler.

In Expence laid out for Whipping Moses David 10s.
paid to the Merchts in Bristoll for the passage of three transports 15l 15s.
my own Expence in Going up twice to Bristoll and their Passage
from Cardiff with a Guard 6l.
ffor a New Bottom to the Bucket 9d.
ffor Conducting Ann the wife of Hopkin Lougher to Neath and
back to Cardiff 10s.
paid for taking the Irons off the transports in Bristoll 5s.
one Bottle of wine to the Justices when the Articles was Signed
for ye transports 2s.

John Lewis' account includes a shilling for "Ironing Mary Jenkins," and a similar fee for taking off her irons nearly two months afterwards.

Roath being the easternmost Glamorgan parish on the road to and from England, the Petty Constable of that parish figures largely among the County papers as conveying vagrants to or towards their places of legal settlement.

John Watkins, carpenter, was paid 12s. for "Six Secret Crablocks" supplied to the County Gaol.

Thomas Morgan, Deputy Clerk of the Peace.

1752 January. At Cardiff.

The house of Lewis Watkins in the parish of Roath is ordered to be registered as a meeting-house of Baptists.

William Stone, of Cardiff, barber, is declared entitled to a reward of 10s. for apprehending a vagrant named Thomas Hatton and conveying him to Romney on the way to his legal place of settlement, viz., Wigan in the county of Lancaster.

George David, Overseer of Roath.

1752 Easter.

Thomas Lewis' account includes 10s. "paid for Whipping Two Women convicted last Sessions."

Sybil Cox, of Roath, widow, charged with stealing a hen the property of William Morgan of Coyd Gorass, esq. Bound over by Thomas Lewis, esq.

1752 Michaelmas. At Cardiff.

Certificate under the Test Act, made out on behalf of Thomas Morgan the younger, of Ruperra, esquire, by the minister of Michaelstonevedow.

The like on behalf of the Honble Thomas Morgan of Ruperra.

Account of Thomas Lewis, County Gaoler.

pd mr Richd Priest for 300 of Brick to mend the Chimneys yt the storm Blew Down 15s.
pd for stones to make new stairs Going up to the Rooms 5s.
pd for 2 Doz. of Cresis at 3s. [per] 6s.
pd for conveying 3 transports to go to Merry Land (fn. 4) 15l 15s.
pd mr Priest for Carrying ye transpts to Bristoll 1l.
my own expences Going up to Bristoll at two Different times
and two men besides to Guard them up 5l.
pd for a New Bucket and Roap 4s. 8d.
Agreed with ye Merchants at Bristol for Transporting Thos
Watkin who is to [leave] for Bristol ye 6th of Octor 5l 5s.

Thomas Nicholl, of Lansannor, licenced alehouse keeper, bound over to appear and answer to a charge of permitting several persons to "play at nine pins &; other diversions on the Lord's day commonly call'd sunday."

1753 Epiphany. At Cardiff.

Hopkin John's receipt from the County Treasurer for 40s. for the half year's maintenance of "Lott a poor Boy born in Goal."

Grand Jury present the highway leading from the town of Cardiff to Whitchurch, from a certain gate leading to Maindy House in the parish of St John Baptist in Cardiff to a place called Mynachdy gate in the parish of Landaff.

The gaoler's account includes 2l 10s. for "Expences of Two Journeys to Bristol in order to transport Thos Watkin Blacksmith."

1753 Easter. At Cowbridge.

The Grand Jury present the King's common highway leading from the village of Cantown in the parish of Landaff to Landaff bridge.

Account of Thomas Lewis, gaoler, includes 1l 1s. for "an Expence in whipping 2 woamen one at Cardiff and the other at Bridgend."

Account of John Lewis, blacksmith.

Jany. 15th 1753 For taking David David's Irons of 1s.
For taking John Evan's Irons of 1s.
For taking Griffith Evan's Irons of 1s.
For Ironing the three above mentioned in smaller Irons 3s.
March 13th For Ironing Hopkin Popkins 1s.
A Grabble for the Well 2s.
For Ironing Esther Thomas 1s.


  • 1. Please note it was Joseph Avery who was going to be executed.
  • 2. Query: thermometer ?
  • 3. This stood a little east of the Canton Cross inn, near the end of the Leckwith Road.
  • 4. Three convicts transported to Maryland.