Glamorgan County Records: Quarter Sessions order books, 1730-70

Pages 236-242

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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Quarter Sessions Order Books. 1730—1770.

April 1730 to Epiphany 1753.

[Square 8vo. paper book bound in vellum.]

1738 Michaelmas.

Presentment upon the knowledge of John Williams Esqr That the Highway leading from a place called Hewl y Park in the parish of Pentyrch by a House called Pen y Toyn and from thence to a place called Pen y Garn And from thence to the River Taff called Rhyd y Twad In the said Parish of Pentyrch is not sufficiently repaired But that the same is in great decay.

Note that a Welsh bushel=2½ Winchester bushels. One pedorran (of grain)=4 quarts.

1745 Easter.

Indictment against Lionel Stibbs, of Cardiff, for assaulting Nicholas Jayne.

1750 Easter.

Indictment against Morgan Daniel and William Williams, of Wenvoe, labourers, for maiming cattle. The accused "were Accquitted but being Extreamly Poor the ffees were forgave them."

"Indictment Agt Wm Rosser of Llanedern for Stealing a Quantity of Wheat from Wm Morgan Esqr—found Guilty & Ordered to be Whipped."


Presentment that the antient bridge called Llandaffe Bridge is ruinous and out of repair, and ought to be repaired by the inhabitants of the county of Glamorgan.

The like of Cardiff Bridge.

[The curious female names Sage and Freelove occur.]

1753 Easter.

Grand Jury present the highway leading from the town of Cardiff to the Broad Heath in the parish of Llandaffe.

Epiphany 1747 to Epiphany 1760.

[Quarto volume bound in vellum.]

1747 January 12 Tuesday. At Cardiff.

Anthony Mathew of Leckwith having no estate sufficient to qualify him to serve on Juries in this County, it is ordered that he be struck off the Freeholders' Book.

1751 October. At Cardiff.

Ordered that David Howell Bayliffe of ye Hundred of Kibbor be fined in ye Sume of fforty Shillings for his Neglect of Duty in not Attending this Court to make a Return of his Warrt of Sum[m]ons Returnable here in this Court and for other Misdemeanors by him Com[m]itted.

1751/2 January 14.

Ordered that the Dwelling House of Lewis Watkin in ye Parish of Roath be Registred as a place proper for ye Celebration of Divine Worship for his Majestys Protestant Subjects Dissenting from ye Church of England.

1752 October. At Cardiff.

Upon ye Motion of Mr Llewellin on ye behalfe of the Bailiffs of Cardiff as Coroners thereof, having Exhibited to the Court Praying According to the late Act of Parliament an Allowance of Twenty Shillings for each Inquest for two Inquisitions held and taken the one upon ye Body of John Lewis & the other upon ye Body of Thomas Evan, be allowed the sd sum[m]e of fforty Shillings, And which is hereby Ordered to be paid them by the Treasurer of the sd County.

1753 October. At Cardiff.

Ordered that William Thomas Convicted this Day for feloniously Stealing of Several Sheafs of Wheat the property of Lewis Thomas, be Transported for Seven Years to some of his Majesty's plantations in America. And it is farther Ordered that Martha ye Wife of ye sd Wm Thomas, also Convicted this Day for ye same Offence, be publickly whipped this Day according to Law.

1753/4 January. At Cardiff.

Ordered that Ann Harris late of the County Burrough of Carmarthen Singlewoman now a Prisoner in ye Com[m]on Goal of this County and found Guilty of ffelony by this Court, in Stealing of ffour Shillings the property of one Isaac Bowen, be upon Saturday the twenty ffifth day of January instant, at ten of the clock in the forenoon, be Stripped from her Wast Upwards And to be Whipped from the County Goal to the Western Gate of the Town of Cardiff and back again to the sd County Goal, Which is the Judgement of this Court upon the said Conviction.

1755 July. At Neath.

William David, of Penlline, convicted of stealing a quantity of iron, to the value of 10d., the property of Thomas Morgan and Hopkin Rees, esquires, is ordered to be stripped from the waist upwards and whipped on the following Saturday, round St Mary Hill churchyard.

1756 October. At Cardiff.

Elizabeth, wife of Morgan Thomas, of Eglwysilan, labourer, and Ann William of the same, spinster, convicted of stealing ten sheaves of wheat, the goods and chattels of Thomas Evan, gent., are ordered to be each of them publicly whipped on Saturday at Caerphilly, from the dwellinghouse of William David, blacksmith, to the bridge at Caerphilly aforesaid.

Upon the petition of Rowland Bevan, esq., and others, farmers of the County, ordered: That all grain be in future measured and sold only by the standard Winchester measure.

1757 October. At Cardiff.

Ordered that the Allowance heretofore paid by the County, for the maintenance of Lott, a Bastard Child born in the County Gaol, be for the future discharged.

Edward Turberville of the parish of Radir in ye said County Gent. having proved to this Court that he is of ye Age of Seventy Two Years and upwards, Ordered on ye Motion of Mr Henry Llewellin that he be struck off ye ffreeholders Book and for the future be not Sum[m]oned to serve on Jurys within the sd County.

1760 January. At Cardiff.

Two Neath colliers, for stealing glass bottles to the value of 6d., were ordered to be whipped from the Gaol to the West Gate and back.

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Quarto paper volume bound in limp calf.

[This book is a fine example of penmanship, the headings beautifully texted in law hand and print characters.]


Thomas Edwards, Clerk of the Peace.


A Deputation from Thomas Mathews of Thomas-Town in the County of Tipperary and Kingdom of Ireland esquire (bearing date the 17th day of October 1763) Deputing Anthony Mathews of Lecqueth in the County of Glamorgan, Gent., Gamekeeper within the Manor of Landaff, being produced in Court the Same is Allowed of and registred accordingly.

A Deputation from Willm Hurst of Gabalva in the County of Glamorgan Esqr and Calvert Richard Jones of Swansea in the said County Esqr bearing date the 19th day of September 1767 Deputing David Jones of St Andrews in the said County Yeoman, Gamekeeper within the Several Manors of Dynaspowis, Landough East, and Cogan in the said County, being produced in Court the Same is Allowed of and Registred Accordingly.


The Constables Return of Jurors.

Kibbor Hundred.


Thomas Lewis Esq. Reynold James

Thomas Williams Gent. John William


John Williams Gent. John Thomas junior Gent.

John Thomas senior Gent. Francis Durbrow Gent.


Thomas Evan Richard Thomas


Miles Meredith


Thomas Mathews Esq. John Morgan

Ely Hamlet

Philip Evan

Gabalva Hamlet

William Hurst Esq. Felix Fox

Canton Hamlet

John Jenkin the Elder

Fairwater Hamlet

None qualified

Cairo Hamlet

Wm Miles

Dynaspowis Hundd


John David


John Mathews Wm Williams

Wm Mathew


Nicholas Hopkins Christopher Jones


Mr Anthony Mathews Mr Thomas Mathews


John William Thomas Jones

St Fagan's

Mr Edward Llewellin Bartholomew Powell

Edward Jenkin Edward Mathew

Miskin Hundred.


Mr William Price Thomas Joseph


Mr Wm Turberville Oliver Robotham

John Robotham

Caerphilly Hundred.


Thomas Morgan Phillip William

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Thomas Roberts, the builder of Landaff bridge, is to be paid £50 towards the expenses thereof. Agreement that he is to repair Cardiff bridge, raising the broken pier as high as it was formerly, "and dam out the water so as to get a sufficient foundation, and afterwards to underpin the foundation of the said pier together with the foundation of the two arches supported by the said pier, with Lyon stones and good lime mortar, and all to be filled sollid to compleat the same in a good workmanlike manner," for £220.

Martha David, spinster, found guilty of felony, is to be whipped privately at the house of correction.

The Court, which appears about this time to have usually sat at the Red House, when at Cardiff, was occasionally adjourned to the Bear inn in the same town. The inn used for this purpose at Neath was the Ship and Castle; at Cowbridge the Bear, at Swansea the Star. Occasionally also at the Three Cranes, Cardiff.