Parochial Records: Registers of St. John's, Cardiff, 1669-1751

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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'Parochial Records: Registers of St. John's, Cardiff, 1669-1751', in Cardiff Records: Volume 3, (Cardiff, 1901) pp. 410-442. British History Online [accessed 29 February 2024]

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Parish Registers of Saint John's, Cardiff. Vol I.

A long narrow folio paper book re-bound in calf, and leaves repaired.

[The first entry runs thus:—]

Marriages in the year 1669.

December ye 27th

Beinge Mondaye william and Rebecka Hughes both of this Towne weare Lawfully Married by mr Price in St Johns church.

Januy ye 20th

Beinge Thursdaye Nathaniell Howell of Roath and Elizabeth Gerrard widow were Lawfully Maryed by Mr Price Vickar of St Johns in cardiff. St Maryes.

Aprill ye 3d 1670

Beinge Easter Daye Thomas Hopkin and Mary wms servant unto Nich: Kidner weare Maryed in St Johns church by Mr Price vicr

Maye ye °

Beinge Sundaye Philip Ceward and Mary Lewis daughter to Mr Harbert Lewis of Roath p'ish were Maried in St Jons church p' by Mr Theodorett Price Minister [addition in a hand of about the year 1700.]


Philip Jenkin and Joyce ye daughther of Ralph Lewis of St Mary p'ish by mee Theodorett Price minister ibidem.

Mathew Edwards of Swanzey & Sisell Morton of St Mary.

Mr Theodorett Bassett minister and wid' Thomas of St George were Maryed.

ffrancis creed of Runn[n]y (fn. 1) wid' and Welthen Thomas in crockertowne wid'.

John Stradlinge & Ann Jenkin both of Sully.

Thos Young & Blance Willy both of Runn[n]y.

Emanuell Grandfeild & Eliza Jenkin.

Steven Jones & Ann Thomas Plasturton.

1671. Geo. Price Esqe & ffrances Turbell.

Edward Morgan of Hentlis in the county of monmouth & margret Jones of malpas.

Harry Edwards of the Cayra (fn. 2) & Ann Harries of St Johns.

John Stedman gent' of bricknock shear & margrett matthew of Cardiff.

John Stasie and Mary Tanner of Silly. (fn. 3)

1672. Phillipp Jones of Landaff & Eliza Jones of Cardiff.

1673. Edward Woods and Welthian Phillpott.

Thos Edwards & Ginnet vensine.

John Richards & margrett demond.

1674. Thos Harbertt of Kinfigg [?] and Mary Jones wid. late wife to Lewis Jones att ye Heathcock in ye high streete were mard Lawfully by wm Evans vicker of St Johns in Cardiff [licence.]

Mr Wm Evans vicar of Cardiff and Mrs Cathrine Price wid' weare lawfully Married in St Johns church by docter christofers.

Guy Williams ye ffisher m. Dorothy Powell d. of Thos P.

Thos ap Thomas husband man m. Gillian Watkin wid'.

John Byar of Norwich weavar m. Ann d. of John Rathborne p'ish clark.

Wm Edward m. Hanna Lowrance both of Menethuslan. (fn. 4)

John Thom. Tyler & Joane David servant to Mrs Mathew in ye high streete.

John Butler m. Barbara Willis both of St Andrews.

Nichs Jones currier & Ann Jones servant to Mrs Mathewes in ye high streete.

1675. Mr Wm Edwards of Stembridge & Mrs fflorance Gamage of new parke in Monmouthshire.

Mr David Morgan aldn wid. m. Mrs Margerett Woolvin.

1676. Edwd Deacon m. Kath: Mayo.

Richd Davis mariner m. Tomsin Philpott.

Gabriell Lewis ye sonne of Edward Lewis feltm. m. [blank] Osborne d. of John Osborne ye elder.

1677. Mathew Evans of the coner house (fn. 5) wid' m. Sarah Evans.

1679. [Thomas Andrews became Vicar between July and October. Beavis William of St. Fagans (a female) is mentioned.]

1695. Alexr Pursell m. Mary Jones, both of this town.

1696. Wm Harry of the faire oak m. Alice William of the Weddle.

1696. Wm Seward & Wm Hunt, Churchwardens.

Mr Robert Thomas his wife and John Russells wife were seated the seat before Mrs Sweets seate and the same day Mrs Anstance Wells and her daughter Mrs Hammond were seated in the seat where they usually did sit and were by them repaired Likewise Mr Will. Hunt one of the Church Wardens was seated in the seat where he did use to sit and was by him repaired.

Mr Will. Jones the Church Warden Mr Henry Hammond Will. Miles Junior & Joseph East were seated in the seats between Mr Tho. Andrews his seate and the Assistants (fn. 6) seate.

Margarett daughter to Wm Miles Post Master was seated in her Mothers seat & John Brewer in the seat next to Mr Hunts seate and in the same were seated John Hammond & Jonathan Lambert.

Mrs Anne Williams in the seate adjoyning to Mr Robert Thomas his wives seate.

1697. George Mower & John Hamond, Churchwardens.

Burialles this yeare 1669.

1669. Florance wife of Geo. Evans feltmaker Buried in St Mary parrish. (fn. 7)

Lewis Cox Aldn

John Baker fidler bur. in St Marys.

Joan Hangott, St Johns.

Alexr Browne horse rider.

John Hangot junior.

Welthen Hawkins wife of Phillip Coward.

Maudlin Gaskoine.

George a poore prisoner buried.

Alse Richards of ye Almes house.

1670. John Evan of Brecon shire a stranger. Savias, wife of Gervis Roberts, bur. in St Marys.

Thos Edwards tucker.

Elizabeth d. of Sir Lewis Morgan, wife to Edmund Thomas of wenvoe esqre was buried in ye chancell.

Lewis Jones Aldn

[Wm Jones Aldn is named.]

the supposed child of Lewis Walter.

[Elbery Hengott is named.]

1671. A prisonar was buried one John Beavan.

Lodwicke Thomas buried.

1672. Hanna wife of Wm Williams of blacksturten (fn. 8) buried.

Licky wife of Wm gaskine buried.

Elbery s. of Elbery Hengett buried.

1673. Mr (fn. 9) Reece micecke was buried of pendilun (fn. 10) out of ye goale [hand of circa 1700] in ye Church above ye pikes.

Mary Thomas Wid' the wif of Ed: Tho: Ald' buried.

Richard Hawkins Ald' bur'.

Jane the wife of Miles Matthew gent' bur.

Morrice Tanner bur.

1674. Mrs Ann Haymes ye widow of John Haymes was buried in ye Aldr Eylde. (fn. 11)

Mary ye daughter of Samuell Jones buried in St Marys Church yarde by Mr Evans vickr

Aprill ye 23–1674 being thursday Edward ye son of Benjamine Browne Aldr & Ann his wife being one quarter of a year old Deceasd ye 21 day & was buried ye 23 in ye Cha[n]cell of St John Baptist Church in Cardiff by Will: Evans Vicar of ye same.

Wm Jones junr Aldn apothecary.

Glades Thomas.

Ambrose Poughnell weavar buried.

Wm Morton salter.

John Cradock sheapheard.

Ann d. of Mr Arthur price & Wm Jones of crockertowne tailor were buried one in ye church by ye ffont ye other in St Johns churchyard.

Thos s. of Robt Jones of Penkoyd in Mum[m]oth shire gent' bur. in ye chancell of St Johns.

Mrs Ann Herbert was buried in St Johns p'ish in Mr Herberts Ile.

Thos s. of Phil. Thomas of ye dawbin pitts (fn. 12) Labourer bur.

One poore man from canton bur.

John ap John Laborer bur.

1675. Elizb d. of ambroase Evans boatman bur. in St Marys church yard.

Constance d. of John Griffeth Sargent (fn. 13) bur. in St Mary's.

Ann d. of John Jones drumer bur. in St Mary's.

Mrs Kathrine Bassett wife to Mr Tho: Bassett of ye Radour (fn. 14) Register (fn. 15) of Landaffe bur'

1676. Tho. Watkin Begle (fn. 16) bur.

Mary wife to Tho. Williams Aldn bur' in chancel. (fn. 17)

Bride d. of Hy. Williams ffisher bur'.

[Ales, Luce, Maudlin, Jennett, are female baptismal names which occur at this time.]

1677. Mr Edmund Treharne bur' in Mr Harberts Ile.

Mrs ffrances Turbvill wife to Mr George Price Alder' was Buried aboue ye steps in ye chancell.

Mary ye wife of Thomas Herbett of ye heath cock in ye high streete was buried in ye church beelowe ye piks.

Thomas ye sonne of Mr George Williams Sargent bur'.

Thom' Peirce a prisoner bur'.

Jane wife of Mathew Evans of the Wtt house (fn. 18) bur'.

1678 Henry Hodges translator (fn. 19) bur'.

September ye 9th Beinge Mundaye Elizabeth ye wife of Thom' Hart Glassier was Buried in St Johns church yarde by Mr Wren being ye first buried in fflanning. (fn. 20)

1678. Mr Henry Jenkins gent' [struck out] of ye wtt ffryars (fn. 21) was buried in St Jons church in ye chancell by Mr Wm Evans vicker.

Wm s. of Emanuell Jones gent' by his wife Mary was bur' in St Jons chancell by Mr Wrenn.

Ann wife of John Sheeres aldn bur' in ye Aldermans Ile.

Mr Wm Evans vicr of Cardiffe was buried in St Jons church above ye pikes by Mr Wm Wrenn.

Thom' Bush gent' out of Guield haule (fn. 22) was bur'.

1679. Ann Wms wid' was buried in St Johns church yarde by one Mr Harbrt of pencr'.

[Thomas Andrews now vicar.]

Lewis ye sonne of Thom' Webb gardener was buried by his Brother in ye church by Mr Andrews.

Rich: Morgan Periwigmaker bur'.

Ann d. of Jon Boyer searge m[a]ker (fn. 23) bur'.

Edmund s. of Mr Rowland Davis postmaster bur'.

Rachell d. of Mr Henry Jones Solisiter was buried in St Johns church above the pikes.

Elizabeth wife of Mr Edward Harbert of ye Wtt ffryers was buried in there one Ile (fn. 24) by Mr Harbert.

Buried Mrs Elizabeth Herbert the late wife of Mr Edward Herbert sone of william Herbert Esqre of Cardiff she was the eldest Daughter of Sr Herbert Euans of Pencreeke in the County of Mounmouth.

Jane wife of Thos cox Gunsmith bur'.

Erbery Hangott (fn. 25) bur'.

Vigessimo secundo Die Mensis Decembris anno 1679 sepulte erant Reliquiae Elizabethae Andrewes filiae Thomae Andrewes Clerici Vicarij Ecclesiae Sti Johanis in villa de Cardiff in sacrario predictae ecclesiae sub spe beate Restitutionis. (fn. 26) [In Mr. Andrews' own handwriting.]

Wm Morgan of the Hall bur'.

1680. Mary wife of Robert Badger Sexton bur'.

Jane d. of Mr Jon Robert Atturney bur' in chancel.

Didvell (fn. 27) Wms wid' bur'.

1680. Morgan Hugh Sheparde att ye grange More (fn. 28) buried in St Marys.

Jon William servant to Esqre Mathews of Castle Meanagh (fn. 29) was bur' in St Jons church yarde by Mr Andrews. Gillian Watkin of Ely bur'.

Thom' William Translator bur.'

ffrithwith ye wife of Hugh Jones glour (fn. 30) bur.'

Charles Vaughan was buried in St Jons aboue ye pikes.

Mr Wm Harbert Brother to Esqre Herbert of ye wtt ffryers was buried in his Ile in St Johns church by Mr Thom' Andrewes vic'.

Wm Symons was buried in ye church porch.

1681. Sisill ye wife of Myles greene translater bur.'

Thom s. of Thos Williams Aldn bur.'

Wen'frid d. of Jon Lacester bur'.

Samuell Baudry of place sterton bur' in St Maryes churchyarde. (fn. 31)

Maudlin Love wid' bur' in St Jone church belowe ye spikes.

Dorothy wife of Arthur Lloyd Aldr. bur' in chancell.

Sina ye d. of Gabriell Lloyd in crockertowne bur' in St Maryes.

Edmund Morgan gentn bur' chancel.

1682. Richard ye sonne of Richard cornish tobaco cutter bur.'

Jon Stevens gent' bur' belowe ye Pikes.

John Owen of place sturton labourer bur'.

ffrances ye daughter of ffœlix ffox of ye Cate Hayes bur' in St Jons church yard

Geo. son of Mr Thos Lewis of Manaughty (fn. 32) gent' was buried in St Jons chuch in ye Aldr Ile.

Madam Mary Harbertt wife to Wm Harbertt Esqre of ye white ffryars was buried in his one Ile in St Jons church.

Ann ye wife of Lewis Williams of ye cross Baughan (fn. 33) bur'.

Mrs ffrances Harbert daughter to Wm Harbert Esqre of ye white ffryars was buried in St Johns church att the comunion table.

Mary Thomas one ot ye out poore of St Jons p'ish bur'.

Margerett Watkin wid' aboue ye Kate hayes (fn. 34) bur'.

Jon s. of Jon Barrett bodis maker bur'.

Elizabeth d. of Tho. Price Scholemaster bur'.

Ann ye daughter of Mr Thomas Andrewes vicr was buried in ye chancell under ye comunion tabell by Mr Davis of Llandaffe.

1683. Mr Thomas Goodin steward to Sr Rowland Gwin of Miskin dyed att Mr Hartts at ye Royall Oake & buryed in St Jons church belowe ye picks on ye north side.

Ales ye wife of Jon Phillipp cobler bur' in St M. p'sh.

Hatmakers and feltmakers now very numerous; glovers tolerably so. Limeburners frequent, as also fishermen, boatmen, weavers, seamen, hosiers, barbers, curriers, cordwainers, tailors, coopers, cutlers, masons, grocers, porters.]

ffebr ijd Beinge Thursdaye Marger' Woolvin wid' was buried above ye spiecks in St Jons

1684. John Jenkins stocking byer bur'.

1685. Elizb. d. of Mr christopher Mathews bur'.

James s. of Wm Jones Esqe bur' chancel.

frizwith Jones Widow bur'.

Samuell Sacam of ye p'ish of Llanteglus in ye County of Cornwell neere Camblefoorde (fn. 35) bur'.

Edward Sweete Sargient bur'.

[End of court-hand by John Rathborne.]

1686. Bethya Thomas bur'. (Arthur Roberts, Parish Register.) Elizb. wife of Wm Hunt Limner was buryed in St Johns church near the entring into the Aldermens Ilde.

Arthur yeoman Alderman having been severall times Baylife & Justice of & in the Town was Buryed in the uper end of the Aldermans Ilde.

Elizabeth Richard alias Watkin was buryed in St Johns church in the aley by the poors box.

Griffith Lewis writing Master & one of the Attorneyes of the Town Court buryed in St Johns churchyarde.

1687. a childe of Henry William Sexton bur'.

Christopher Wells Esqre one of the Bayliffs & Justices of the peace of this Corporation was interred in the Aldermans Ile his funerall sermon was preached by the famous Divin [interpolated] Mr Thomas Andrewes.

Lewis Shear Assistant (fn. 36) & churchwarden was bur'.

Norite d. of Chas Alcock Esqre bur'.

Dorothy wife of John Richards Esqre bur'.

Edward Hill a Taylor yt wrought att Evan ab Evan was buryed.

Anne d. of Mr Christopher Mathewes was buryed.

John Richards Aldn & Tho. Prichard a youth of Abergaveny wer buryed.

Tho. son of John James of Dobbinpits bur'.

Evan Jones of the White house bur'.

1688. Mrs Williams of the Blew Anchor bur'.

John Williams who had been five yeares and upwards in the new prison att the suite of Charles Bevan &c. was buryed.

Elizabeth Brewer widd' was buryed in St Maries having been a Widdow 20 years wanting 12 dayes.

William Lewis a prisoner changed prison. (fn. 37)

Mary d. of Lewis Cox Aldn bur'.

1690. Tho. Lewis of Manachtee Gent. and Wm Lewis his unckle were both buryed in the same grave att the upper end of the Aldrmans Ile.

June 6. Margaret wife of Miles Tomlin Cooper bur'.

July 7. Miles Tomline followed his wife.

Theodorett Jones was Buryed.

1691. Ann wife of Wm Thomas Townclark bur'.

Anne wife of Wm Jones Aldn bur'.

Grissell wife of John Sharp bur'.

George Thomas who dyed the day before in ye Churchyard.

1691. Lewis Evans Carryed to Roath to be Buried.

Lodwick Lloyde.

Ursula Lewis.

1692. Edward ye eldest sonne of Wm Herbert Esqre was Buried.

1693. Anne the supposed Daughter of Daniell the smith begotten on ye body of Jane Morgan of ye Hall buried.

John Daniell a basterd was beried.

Thomas ye son of George Mirick of St Maries p'ish was Buried in St Johns Church in the midle Alley ye Right side neere ye fontt.

1694. Morgan the son of Wm Herbertt Esqre of ye white fryars was buried neere ye Comunion table on ye South side.

Christian daughter of Mr Christopher Mathews Assistan bur'.

Mr Thomas Smyth Carpender who was slaine by ye north gate of this towne bying sunday before was buried in ye south alley.

Morgan Mortton was buried nere ye south stile in St Johns yard.

1695. Elizabeth Rosser who was and died a prisoner in ye Goale was buried.

Mrs Hannah Yeomans widd' of Mr Arthur yeomans Alder' of this towne was buried in ye midle Aley ner ye cross midle Aly by her owne seatt doore.

Elizb. d. of Emanuell Jones Esqr Bayliff of this towne bur'.

Mrs Margrett Bassett was Caried to Lantrisent & was intered there mr Thomas Andrews Vicr of Cardiff preched her funerall sermon & Buried her shee was widdow to Docter Bassett of Miskine of famous memory.

Mr Wm Richards Bayliff of this towne was Buried in the Ald' Ile in his Brothers grave. (fn. 38)

Wm Herbert of ye white fryars Mayor of ye towne of Cardiffe and Constable of the Castle Justice of ye peace for ye County of Glamorgan was buried in the Herberts Ile. (fn. 39)

Elizb. d. of Tho. Morgan Attorney was buried ye Right end of ye Alter table in St Johns Chancell.

ffrancis the wife & Tho. the s. of Griffith Beavan of Lantwid maior were buried out of ye County Goale.

Maudlum Morgan wid' bur'. (fn. 40)

1696. Marttine ye sonne of Lewis Code Esqre Bayliff of this towne was buried in ye uper aley.

William Morgan was buried in ye Church yard hee was a prentice to Mr Wm Thomas towne cleark.

Wenthlian Havartt was buried.

Jennett Havartt wid' was buried.

Christr s of Christr Mathewes Aldn bur'.

The forme of A transcript of worshipfull Consistery Coortt of Landaff &c.

A transcript of all ye Mariages Christinings & Burialls solemnized in ye p'ish of St Jon & St Maries within ye towne of Cardiff and Dioces of Landaffe in ye yeare &c.

ye Presenttmt

1700. The presentmt off ye Church Wardens of St John's p'ish in Cardiff to ye worshipfull the Chancellour of ye Dioces of Llandaff is as followeth.

Imprimis we presentt our church to be in good and sufficientt Repair.

Item we presentt our vicarage house to be in good Repair.

It'm we presentt our Church tower to be out of Repair.

It'm we present our p'shioners to be orderly for ought we know &more then this we have nott to presentt.

1687. Joseph Potiphar a Black belonging to Sr Rowland Gwin was Baptized.

Joane the daughter of Lewis Jones Hosebuyer was Baptized.

Bridgeman the son of Thomas Lewis Harper was Baptized.

1687. Margt d. of Chas Davies Churchwarden baptized.

Christian d. of Christr Mathews bapt'.

ffrances d. of Craddock Nowell Aldn bapt'.

Mary d. of Gabriell Lewis of ye George was Bapt'.

1690. Anastans d. of Hy. Hammond bapt'.

Septr 22. Cradock the son of Nathaniel Wells [cordwainer] was Baptized.

August ye 15th 1702 Being Saterday Anne ye wife of Mr Wm Meredith was seated in ye seate nextt to mrs Hannah Mathewes savieing one.

Henry Hammond, Churchwarden.

1692. Craddock s. of Cradd. Nowell Esqre bapt'.

Christr s. of Christr Mathews bapt'.

David s. of Tho. Morgan gent' bapt'.

1693. Anstance d. of Nath1 Wells bapt'.

James the son of Charles Davis was baptized by ye Reverend Mr Thomas Andrews vicar of Cardiff; the Lady Gwin, Madam Kemis and Mr George Kemis and Mr Andrew Mathews, sureties.

1694. Morgan s. of Wm Herbertt Esqre bapt'.

Mary d. of Mr Wm Jones Attorney bapt'.

1695. Mary d. of Wm Edward tayler by his wife Dido bapt'.

Elizabeth d. of Sherah Sweett bapt'.

Elizabeth d. of Mr Thos Morgan Attorney bapt'.

Katherine d. of Emanuell Jones Esqre Bayliff of this towne was bapt'.

a child borne to Joss Savin.

1696. Christr s. of Christr Mathewes Aldn by his wife Hannah bapt'.

Elizabeth d. of Edwd Gest of Bath by his wife Elizabeth Edwards was bapt'.


That Mr Christopher Mathews was seated in the seat next to Mr Nicholas Kemeys his seate on the Eighteenth day of December in the year of our Lord 1687.

By me Cha. Davies Churchwarden.

1707 June the 31 day.

Beinge Saturday before Whitsunday Jane Granfeild was seated in the same seat as Anne Meredith siet in By Mr George Stephens Church warden.

James Thomas p'sh cl'k.

Baptized this yeare 1669.

Wm s. of Alexr Pursell cordr beinge church Warden then was bapt'.

1671. Mary d. of Rich. Hawkins Ald' bapt'.

Miles s. of Rice Matthew bapt'.

1672. Elbury s. of Elbury Hengott bapt'.

1673. Sarah d. of Arthur Yeoman Bayliff bapt'.

1674. John the Sonne of John Hughes of Ireland dyer by Welthen Morgan his wife was baptized in St Johns church by Mr Wm Evans Minister of Cardiffe.

1675. Wm ye Sonne of John Thomas coachm' to Exqre Herbert of the ffryars bapt'.

Welthen d. of Robt Mathew of cross baughan (fn. 41) tailor bapt'.

Jane d. of Benjn Brown Bayliff Esqre bapt'.

Elizabeth ye daughter of Mr Barzillai Jones by his wife Mrs Wms wid' daughter to ye Ladie Harbert of ye ffryars bapt'.

1676. Edmund s. of Geo Wms Churchwarden (by his wife Mrs Margarett Bassett) bapt.'

Lewis Thomas ye Supposed Sonne of John Thomas ye late clearke of Peace Sonne ww[hi]chch was begotten on ye bodye of Kate servant unto his ffather was baptized.

Margerett d. of Hy Jerrom Bayliff hundred (fn. 42) by his wife Jane was bapt'.

John s. of Hugh Jones glover by his wife ffrishwith was bapt'.

Wm s. of Tho. Price bookebinder bapt'.

Griffeth s. of John Myrick commons aturny (fn. 43) by his wife Bridgett bapt'.

Mary d. of Elbrie Hangott weavour bapt'.

Bride d. of Hy Williams ffisher of St Mary p'ish bapt' in St Johns church.

1677. fflorance d. of Wm Wms Porter bapt'.

Hy s. of Tho. Hopkin shepard of St Mary p'ish bapt'.

1678. Ales ye daughter of James Black Aulder (fn. 44) of ye Black ffryers taylor by his wife Kathrin bapt'.

Michell ye supposed Sonne of Rice Myrick begotten on ye bodie of Margerett late servant att ye globe was baptized.

Elizabeth the supposed daughter of Jon James gardin' be gotten one ye bodye of Tanglas Hopkin his servant was bapt'.

1679. June. Anne d. of Tho. Wms Bayliff bapt'.

1680. Jane d. of Mr Jon Roberts Aturny bapt'.

Elizb. d. of John Cordevannell of Milton p'ish in Sumersett shire by his wife Judeth bapt'.

John ye sonne of John James Ga[r]dener by his wife Tanglas was bapt'.

Vertue ye supposed d. of Mathew Wells the elder bapt'.


William ye sonne of Mrs Jones a stranger att John Stockmans house a currier was bapt'.

26 Mch 1682 Beinge Sundaye. John ye sonne of Jon James gardner by his wife Tanglas was baptized in St Jons p'ish att ye dawbin pitts by Mr Andrews.

Merideth ye sonne of Morgan Thomas on the Heath by his wife Welthen was bapt'.

Evan ye sonne of John Griffeth Translator bapt'.

Jon ye Sonne of Wm Richards Mercr & com[m]ons Aturny by his wife cisell was bapt'.

1683. Rich. s. of Wm Herbert bapt'.

Pethuel s. of Lewis Sheares bapt'.

1686. Elizb. d. of Tho. Seabrooke of Blackfryers Joyner bapt'.

Margt d of Hopkin Jones late of the Kings head in Crockerton bapt'.

Hanna d. of Christr Mathews churchwarden bapt'.

John the posthume s. of David Reece bapt'.

1687. Elizabeth & Mary ds. of Gabriell Lewis Serjeant att Mace bapt'.

Elizb. d. of Wm Richards Aldn bapt'.

Vol. II.

Long folio vellum book rebound in calf.

The Register Booke for St Johns p'sh Church in Cardiff begun Anno 1696.

Baptized in the year 1696.

John s. of Wm Miles bookseller.

1697. Joseph s. of John Sweett Commons attorney.

Elizab. d. of Tho. seabrite by the Greate Bridge.

Benjn s. of Wm Stephens Barber & Sergantt at maze.

[Arthur Yeoman, Churchwarden.]

1698. Christr s. of Christr Mathewes bapt'.

1699. Silvister Dr of George Mower pewtrer bapt'.

Onour d. of Lionel Stibbs Ex'man bapt'.

John s. of Jas King bricklayer bapt'.

Mary d. of Jon ffoord Drumer bapt'.

1700. ffrances sonne of Morgan Hugh by Anne treharn alies Jenkins baptized being a Base sone supoesed of ye sd Morgan Hugh Baptized in St Maries p'ish.

May ye 9th 1700. Being Holy Thursday commonly called Assention day Jane the Daughter off Phillip Herbertt Esquier was Baptized att his house ye white fryars nere Cardiffe by the Rend Mr Thomas Andrewes vicr off Cardiff.

A child of John Thomas alies Kill bapt'.

A child of Wm Stephens Perwiggmaker bapt'.

1701. Anne d. of John Thomas alies Guill was bapt.'

Jon s. of Richd Morgan woolsteed Coommer (fn. 45) bapt'.

1702. Anne d. of John Dukes nailer bapt.'

Blanch ye Daughter off Robertt Baudrey Gent' bapt'.

Katherine Daughter off one Jon Gouldine a stranger by one Jane Jenkins a prisoner was baptized in ye County Gaole [per] mr Thomas Andrewes Junr

Nicholas sonne off Nicholas Greene off Lestalaboone1 bap: in St Johns p'ish

[Arthur Roberts' writing ends.]

Lettice d. of Tho. Sawyer bapt'. (Jas Thomas, parish clerk.)

1704. A child of John ye Coyder was baptd

1705. Robt s. of Robt Baudry bapt'.

October 5th Thomas the son of Christopher Mathews Esq' was Bapt'.

Edwd s. of Edwd Guest bapt.

1706. A Certificate was brought from William Rummy of the birth of a son which he Call Joseph.

Christr s. of Nath (fn. 46) Wells Aldn bapt'.

Margratt d. of Morgan the Lodar bapt'.

1708. Tho. s. of Mr Geo. Hearber bapt'.

1711. Allxr the seposed son of John Richard Axcizman bapt'.

1716. Robt s. of Mr Tho. Matthews bapt'.

Merwen s. of Merwen Cook bapt'.

1717. Tho. s. of Wm Mathew Smith bapt'.

1718. Anne d. of Captn Bedford bapt'.

Evan a son of a stranger was baptized.

(Revd Thomas Collrick, Vicar of Cardiff, inducted.)

1719. ffrigwith d. of Wm Bengeman bapt'.

Florance d. of Wm Williams School-master bapt'.

Geo. ye son of [blank] Moris posmaster bapt'.

1720. Tho. s. of Fras Jones Aldn bapt'.

1721. Jane ye Daughter of William Richards Esqr high Shirif of ye County was Baptized.

Anne ye Daughter of Roger Coppy an actr bapt'.

1722. John s. of John Lewis of Crugbogan (fn. 47) bapt'.

1723. Wm s. of Cradock Nowell Aldn bapt'.

Mary ye sopbos'd Daughter of Edward Morgan Apothicary was Baptized.

Blethen s. of Rev. Wm Williams bapt'.

Pethewel s. of John Meredith bapt'.

1724. Abraham s. of Jas Williams High Sherif of ye Cou[n]ty of Glamorgan was Baptized.

1726. Fras s. of John Minnitt bapt'.

1727. fresswith d. of Wm Bechaman bapt'.

1731. Florance d. of Wm Jenkin of ye tennis court.

(Richard Price, parish clerk.)

Being Sunday Tho. Estance Serjeant and William Jenkins of the tennis Court were both seated the North Side In St Johns Church under the last Window toward the West by Mr Phillip Stephens Church Wardner & Mr George Lewis.

The same Day was Thomas Rosser Glazier Seated by the Same Church Wardners In ye Seat lieing Opposite to ye Clarks the North Side.

1732. Sarah d. of John Bonner pipemaker a Stranger.

Mary d. of Wm Thomas translator bapt'd St Marys.

Thos s. of Thos Morgan gent by his wife Ann Kemeys bapt'.

Catherine d. of Jenkin Llewellin Inn holder liveing at the White House being in the parish of St Marys bapt'.

Margaret d. of Wm Jenkins liveing at the Kings Castle bapt'.

Sarah a Child found in the way leading to Cusbuchan (fn. 47) in the Parish of St John Baptist in Cardiff was Baptized.

1733. John s. of John Bird painter by his wife Margaret Mashman was baptized in the Castle that belong to the Lord Visct Windzor. (fn. 48)

Elizabeth d. of Richd Price School-Master [and Parish Clerk] bapt'.

1734. Edmund s. of Llewellin Treharne gent by his wife Anstance Wells bapt'.

1734. John s. of Wm Harrys Clock Maker being a prisoner in the County Goal was Baptized by the Reverend Mr Nathaniell Wells [curate.]

Wm s. of Thos Willson a Stranger baptd

1735. Wm the Son of Mr Thomas Morgan attorney by his wife Anne Kemeys was Baptized.

Sarah the Supposed Daughter of William Rees of the Lotch begotten on the Body of Sarah Lewis baptd

1736. Elizabeth d. of Mr Wm Basset by his wife Elizabeth baptd Thos s. of Wm Thomas fisherman by his wife Mary Brewer baptd

1712. Geo. Stephens and Nath (fn. 48) Wells, Churchwardens.

1713. Wm Jones and Edwd Jenkins, Churchwardens.

1715. Mr John Morgan was seated In ye seat nexxtt to ye Aldrman sons seatt By Mr Allex: Purcel and Mr Pell: Sheres Church Wardens.

1717. Thos Mathews was seated By Mr Willi: Mathews Being Church-warden with Mr Arthur Yemmans.

1718. Mrs Bassett and Mrs Kemic were Both of them seated in ye seat nex to Jane Brewer By David Owen being Churchwarden with Mr Nathaniel Wells.

1719. David Owen and Wm Mathews, Churchwardens.

1721. William Morgan was seated by Mr John Thomas being Churchwarden

1723. Augt ye 18th Allxr Samson was seatted by Mr Richard Jenkin and Tho. Meredith then being Church-Wardens in ye seat wher John Morgan Joynar do sitt.

1726. George Hasel was seaded in Morgan Reesis seat nexd to ye reading peeu by Nicholas Brewer and Arthur Williams Church-Wardens.

1729. John Tanner and Chas Gibbon, Churchwardens.

1731. Marg: the Daughter of John Price Book Binder was Seated In the Seat next to the Constables Seat beeing in the North Side.

1732. John Oakey and Wm Lambert, Churchwardens.

Mariages Solemnized in ye yeare 1696.

1698. Wm Treharne of Roth m. Cisill Osborne of this towne.

Nicholas Morgan of the Great Heath m. Mary Thomas of Monmoth sheere.

1699. John Dukes nailer of England m. Anne Reighly of Carleon.

1702. Geo. Lewis Perwick maker m. Margtt Edwards.

1704. Mr John Basset & Mary fell married.

1705. A Souldier of Major Morgan was maried.

Burials 1696.

1696. Burd ffrances d. of Mr John Sweet sargent att Mace.

A kinswoman of Mr Thomas towne clerk was Caried to be buried in ye Cuntry.

1697. Mr Roderick Morgan An Excizeman was Buried in ye chancell.

Mrs Dorothy Morgan ye Wife of Tho. Morgan Attorney was Caried to Landaff and was Intered in ye Mathew Ilde there.

A strange seaman was Buried in ye church yard nere Nicholas Brewers grownd.

Nicholas Kemyes Esqre was Buried in the Left side of St Johns chancell Aboue ye steps by ye Revd Mr Thomas Andrewes Vicr of Cardiff & preached his funerall sermon.

1698. Thomas ye sonne of Mr Thomas Morgan Attorney was caried to Landaff and Buried there.

Christopher s. of Christr Mathewes below ye Pikes.

1699. Wm John of St fagans taylor that was Drow[n]ed by the Galyate was buried in St Maries p'ish.

A strange taylor & prisoner buried in St Maries p'ish Being a prisoner in ye County Goale.

Mr John Sheeres Senr Aldm of this towne was Buried in ye Aldms Ile.

ffrancis the Wife of John Henson Keeper of the Goale was buried in ye Chancell off St Johns Church it being on fryday.

David Smyth a strange scotchman was buried in St Johns Church in ye north aley aboue the pickes.

1700. Katherine wife of Lewis John thatcher burd by ye Ewe tree.

Mary ye wife of felix fox the Elder off ye Kate Hayes was buried by her husbands side nere ye south stile in ye Church yard off St Johns p'ish.

Old Jole Jenkins was buried out off ye Alms house proper. In St Johns yard.

Thomas & Edward sons of Mr Geo. Stephens baylife were Both buried in St Johns Church below ye spickes in ye midle Aley.

1701. Cissill ye wife off Wm Treharn off Roath p'ish was burd Nicholas s. of Nich. Green off Lestalaboone was buried in St Johns chancell.

1702. Dorothy Arthur spinster burd

Mary Daughter off Joseph Meredith yeoman was buried in St Johns Church below ye spickes nere ye fontt.

1703. Mr Wm Jones attorney was buried in St Johns Church aboue ye spickes pr mr Davis off Landaff.

Lionell Stibbs axcizman was buried in St Johns Church nere ye tower stayers.

Robertt Thomas (fn. 49) Alder' was buried in ye Chancell of St Johns Chu[r]ch in his fathers Graue.

July 28. Hannah ye wife of xopher mathews was buried below ye spikes.

1704. Nicholas s. off John Brewer hall keeper burd feb. 29. Being shroue Tuesday Old Wm Woods was buried in St Johns Church aboue the spickes nere ye Herberts Ile. Wm Lambert (fn. 50) Aldn burd Wm Thomas Townclerk burd

1705. Two ch'ren of Walter Estradling Tanner burd

John s. of John Palferry Dancing master burd

A Childe of a beggarwoman was buried. (fn. 51)

1706. John David a stranger did dye at the house of Edward New in this towne and was buried by Mr David Thomas.

1707. William Herbert Esqr was Buried.

Robert the son of Wido: Baudery burd

John Baudry burd (fn. 52)

Mrs Joyce Walter of the ffriers burd (fn. 53)

1708. Madm Jane Herbrtt (fn. 54) was Buried.

Morgan David the Sayer (fn. 55) burd

Griffith Ap Evens was Buried out of the County Goal.

Lewis Basset was Buried in the Church below the spiks by Mr Thomas Andrewes Vickr

Jaen the wiffe of Mr Raliens Tannar burd

1709. Phillip Tanner Tobaconist burd

Cradock Nowel (fn. 56) Alderman was Buried.

Madam Thomas was Buried By The Rev'end Mr Thomas Andrewes Vicker of Cardief and of Landife.

Bridgett the wife of Mr Cradock Wells was Buried.

1733. Elizabeth Mathews buried. (Thos. Colerick, Vicar.) John David of Lustlabont burd

1734. William the Son of Edward Thomas Weaver was Buried in the Yard belonging to the Parish Church of St John Baptist by Mr Colerick he was drownd the Day before.

Sarah a Child found on the Heath was Buried.

Elizabeth d. of Mr John Thomas was Buried above the Spikes under his seat next to Madam Buttons.

Mrs Lougher was Buried in the Chancell the Grave being one part under Madam Richds Seat and the Other part under the Pillar that Supports the Chancel.

A Boy drowned at the Black ware (fn. 57) was Buried. William Vaughan a Prisoner in the Goal was Buried. Mrs Elizabeth Morgan of the Red House (fn. 58) burd Elizabeth d. of Tho. Watkins Gardiner burd

Madam Ann Powell the Wife of Roger Powell Esqre of Energlyn was buried in the Ile belonging to the White Fryers in Cardiffe.

Martha a Child belonging to a Stranger was burd

1735. A Stranger was Buried in the Chancel below the Steps. Wm s. of Thos Morgan Gent was Buried within the Rails near the Communion Table.

Mr Henry Morgans Attorney at Law was Buried in St John Baptist Church in the North Alley above the Spikes.

1710. Tamson (fn. 59) Davies Widd. was Buried.

Lewis Cox All'man was Buried.

Nicholas Green of Lustaluboon burd

Morgan Thomas one of Mr Wattkins is skolares burd

Elizabeth the sobosed Daughter of Nich. Green burd

1711. Jany. 13. Cradock Wells (fn. 60) Alderman was Buried By the Rev'end Mr Thomas Andrewes.

Florance Wod one of the Gaol was burd

Elizabeth ye Daughter of Roger stoon of Cleue (fn. 61) In summaset sheer burd

Thos Price Bookbinder burd

Jane wife of Mr William Jones Alderman Jun'or burd

December ye 3 day 1711. The Good and Pious Madm Margrett Morgan (fn. 62) was Buried.

1712. Elizabeth Hengod widd. burd

George s. of Geo. Stephins Alderman burd

John Lantton one out of ye Cuntty Gole was Buried.

Mr Thos Williams Alderman burd

1713. Maudlin a Stranger burd

Wenlian Purcel widd. burd

Elizabeth James A stranger of Bristol burd

1716. Eman (fn. 63) Miles Aldn burd

Mr Expr Matthew1 burd

1717. Pethewel Sheres All'man burd

1718. The Rev'ēd Mr Thomas Andrewes Vicr of Cardife was Buried. Mrs Dorethy Kemyes widd. was Buried.

1719. Mr Wm Jones (fn. 64) Alderman burd by Rev. Thos Colrick Vick. of Cardife.

Griffith Popkin burd

Anne ye Wife of William Mathews Alld'man burd

Arthur Yemmans Alldrman burd

1720. Hy. William Sexton burd

Stephen Howert attorney burd

Hy. Meredith Aldn burd

Nathanell Wells Allderman burd

1721. Thomas Nowel Aldn burd

1722. William Powel Aldn burd

Tanglass (fn. 65) James widd. burd

1723. Mary wife of Tho. William sexton burd

Mr Edward Kemis burd

1727. Wm Lambert (fn. 66) Allman burd

Allx Purcel (fn. 67) Alldm burd

Thomas William sexton burd

1728. Mathew Davies a Prisoner in His Ma[jes]ties Goal burd

James s. of Arthur Williams Aldn burd

1729. Will: Thomas a Lad from Abergin. (fn. 68) was Buried.

Anstance ye Dar of Mr Crad Wells was Buried.

Joseph Farmar pipmaker was Buried.

Cradd. Nowell Alderman burd

Mr Michael Richards was Buried.

1730. Jenkin scacy of silly was Buried.

Roger Sheres Corps from Bristol was Buried.

1731. Joseph Robert of blakstordon (fn. 69) was Buried.

A strang Woman from Blakstordon was Buried.

Jenkin William an Osler of ye Red-hous was Buried.

John Lewis of Crossbughan (fn. 70) burd

Lewis Thomas of ye Maindy burd

A stranger as was Drowned was Buried In ye Church year of St John in Cardife.

[Here James Thomas' writing ceases and Richard Price's begins.]

James Thomas parish-Clerk burd

Ann wife of Wm Williams Courier burd

Alice wife of Geo. Williams Schoolmaster burd

1732. being Tuesday and St Pauls Day a Servant Man belonging to Squire Lewis of Landull being a Stranger was burd

Wm Richards (fn. 71) Esqe burd in the Aldermans Isle.

The Lady Gwin was Buried in the Isle belonging to Squire Herbert of the White Fryers in Cardiff.

Vol. III.

Parchment book (first 2 leaves of paper) rebound.

A Register Book for the Parish of St John Baptist in Cardiff.

1736. Anne d. of Mr Thos Williams Victualler at ye George baptd

Henry s. of Hy. Cornish Tobacconist baptd

Dorothy the Daughter of a Strowling Woman baptd

Wm s. of Evan Rees of Cusbuchan (fn. 72) on the Heath baptd

Chas Wm s. of Michael Richards Esqre bapt. St Marys.

1737. Mrs Lougher burd in the Chancel.

John Maddocks (fn. 73) a Criminal in the County Gool burd

Wm Williams a Stranger from fflintshire burd

Abraham Smalley Organist was Buried under the new pavement.

Wm Williams was buried in St John Baptist Church below the Spikes under the New Pavement.

1738. Jane Jones was Buried in St John Baptist Church below the Speeks.

1739. Jane d. of Edwd Whiteing was burd under the new pavement under the Organ.

Tresure Jenkins burd

Mr George Lewis Aldn burd

Joanna d. of Edmund Lloyd Esqe burd above the Speeks by the Bailiffs Seat.

Cath. wife of Mr John Williams Apothecary was Buried in St John Baptist Church under her own Seat near the South Door above the Speeks.

Ann d. of Mr John Powell burd in the Chancel below the Steps.

John Morgan Parish Crier burd

1741. Margt Hambury burd

Richd. s. of Richard ap Evan burd

1743. John Thomas Stays maker a stranger burd

Wm Mathews Aldn burd below the Speeks.

1744. A Young Lad a Stranger as Suppos'd from Pontipool was burd

A Stranger drown'd near the great Bridge in Cardiffe was burd

A Stranger unknown that died in the parish of St Marys. He was Buried in St Johns Church Yard.

1745. Hannah the Daughter of a Soldier was burd

Thomas s. of Tho. Mathew.

1746. Mr John Phillips Alderman was Buried in the Aldermens Ile by Mr Colerick.

Mrs Wenlion (fn. 74) Lloyd was Buried above the Speeks.

1736. Elizabeth d. of Revd Mr Tho Colerick Vicr of Cardiffe by his wife Jane Andrews was Baptized by Revd Mr Nathaniell Wells.

Blanch d. of Phillip Stephens peruke Maker baptd

1737. Jas s. of Hy Parry Sexton baptd

Rachel the Supposed Daughter of John David of Lloynabrain begotten on the body of Sarah Lewis baptd

1738. Munsella son [?] of Mr Chas Gibbon baptd

Lewis s. of Lewis Williams labourer baptd

Chas s. of Lionell Stibbs peruke Maker baptd

Mary d. of Wm Richards gent by his wife Mary Preist baptd

1739. Richard s. of Richd ap Evan baptd

Wm s. of Thos Evans ffeltmaker baptd

1740. John the Supposed Son of William Jones begotten on the Body of Mary the Supposed Wife of William Phillips was baptd

Elizb. d. of Wm Thomas fisherman baptd

Knowlin s. of Mr John Willson baptd

Novr 9. Being Sunday Mary the Daughter of William Williams Weaver near the Bridge was Baptized in St John Baptist by Mr Charles Wesley

1741. Sarah d. of Thos Williams Goal Keeper baptd

Wm s. of Wm Richards gent' baptd

1742. Wenlion d. of Wm Thomas Cobler baptd

Eliz: the Daughter of Jenkin Richard was Baptized at the House call'd the Kings Castle.

Edmund s. of Edmund Lloyd Esqe baptd

Wm s. of Mr Evan Prichard Surgeon baptd

Mary d. of Wm Miles School-Master baptd

Friswide (fn. 75) d. of Evan Watkin baptd

Richd supposed s. of Rich. Mansell by Jane Davies baptd

1744. Elizabeth the supposed Daughter of Mr John Oakey Alderman by Ann Llewellin his maid was baptized.

David s. of Thos Llewellin Potter baptd

Lot, a Criminals Child born in the County Gaol bapt (fn. 76)

Bloom s. of Mr John Williams apothecary.

1745. Wm s. of Wm Richards Esqre baptd Hannah the Daughter of a Soldier was Baptised at Black Sturton being in the parish of St John Baptist.

David s. of Jas Owen Schoolmaster.

1746. Ann d. of John Harry at Boncanna (fn. 77) baptd

Petuell s. of Edwd Whiteing baptd

John s. of Wm Richards Esqre baptd

1741. March the 17th this Day Joseph Farmer Pipe Maker delivered the Key of the Seat that belonged to his wife Jane to Mr Henry Williams Chandler in the presence of Richard Price and Henry Parry and gave him full power and Authority that the sd Seat should be for the use of Mr Henry Williams and his ffamily and gave him right and Title to the same as his own and none others.

1745. December the 29th Being Sunday Thomas Williams Gardiner was Seated in Elizabeth Gawlers Seat the same having the Seat of Mary Deer Spinster on the East, the Seat of Elizabeth Williams on the South, the Seat of Mary Hart Widow on the West and the North Alley Leading to the Herberts Isle. [Richard Jones, churchwarden.]

Marriages 1735.

1736. Wm Richards gent' m. Mrs Mary Preist.

1738. Thos Morgans m. Frisfith Williams both of Radyr.

1743. Chas Williams of Rumney p'sh m. Susan Rowland of Bedwes p'ish.

Mr John Preist m. Mrs Dorothy Brewer.

1744. Thos Mathew m. Mary Purcell.

1748. Rev. Mr Wm Llewellin m. Hannah Mathews.

Vol. IV.

Large folio parchment book rebound. (First few leaves paper.)

1748. Bapt. Pethuell s. of Wm Richards Esq.

Bur. Mr James Nooth organist below the Speeks.

1749. October 13 Being Friday at Night Arthur Williams Esqre Bailiffe of the Town of Cardiffe was Buried.

Zipporah Williams burd in Aldermens Ile.

1750. John Tanner Aldn burd above the Speeks.

1770. (Owen Jenkins, Vicar.)

Wm s. of Thos Powell Shipwright baptd

John s. of John Morgan fisherman baptd

Thos s. of John Mathews Courrier baptd

1771. Sarah supposed daur of Mr Wm Richards begotten on the body of Catherine Davis was baptised.

Elizabeth d. of John Owen Sarjeant bapt.

Mary d. of Hy Williams Attorney bapt.

Elizb. d. of Jas Williams Forgeman bapt.

Elizb. d. of Morgan John Sarjeant bapt.

John s. of Paul Price Clerk bapt.

Margt d. of Wm Evans Serjeant bapt.

1772. Joan d. of John Harry Harper bapt.

1766. Mary d. of Wm Dunn Forgeman bapt.

Jane d. of Thos Barlow Forgeman bapt.

1767. Mary d. of Rich. Andrews Breechesmaker bapt.

1769. Jas supposed s. of Wm Richards Esq. bapt.

Tho. s. of Peter Mathew bapt.

John s. of John Richards gent. bapt.

Jane d. of Tho. Williams of Blacksturton bapt.

Elizb. d. of Tho. Thomas alias Kill bapt.

1751. John Whiteing Aldn burd

1752. Frances Smalle was Buried in St John Baptist Church under the Organ between the two Iron Pillars.

Edwd s. of Edwd Kemeys was burd [the father was a carpenter].

1753. Being Thursday at Night was Buried William Richards Esqre in the Aldermens Ile.

Jas Nooth burd near the organ [this was a son of the organist who died previously.]

Henry Lewis a Stranger that died at the dawbinpits was buried.

1754. Nicholas Meyrick a Young Man drownd in Crockherbtown Well was buried.

Lot Lewis burd1

1755. Mrs Mary Morgan burd in the Herberts Ile.

Rees John a young Man drowned at the old Key.

Elizab. Morgan burd under the organ.

1756. Mrs Mary Mathews burd below the Speeks.

Jane d. of Eman (fn. 78) Lewis burd above the Speeks. [Last mention of the Speeks.]

Lewis Thomas a young Lad that was drowned in the River Taff burd

Rich. Price Clerk bur. (John Willson, Parish Register.)

1757. Aldn David Owen burd in Aldns Ile.

Mathew the Soposed Son of Edward Williams of Tophill. A Strang Man Which Died in the Gole burd

1759. Mary Jones by the Hays Stile was buried.

A Strange Man belonging to his Magistis Man of War. Thos Williams from London burd

1760. Margt wife of Joseph Severne a Soldier burd

1761. Rev. Tho. Colerick late Vicar burd in the chancel by the Rev.

Mr Wells. [Owen Jenkins succeeding Vicar.]

Ann Williams alis Gey burd Mary Which Was Boren in the Gole burd

1762. Mary wife of Mr Bowls Attorney at Law burd

Mrs Jane Williams at the Cathayes burd in the Aldermans Ile.

1763. Luke Powell Serjeant in the Glamorganshire Militia burd Ann d. of John Jones Schoolmaster. (Paul Price, Parish Register.)

Thomas the supposed son of Mr Cradock Nowell was buried.

1765. John Thomas a Black was buried.

Phil. Stephens Aldn burd Henry the supposed son of Hy. Williams attorney was buried.

1766. Geo. Watkins Aldn burd in Aldns Ile.

Llewellin Treherne (fn. 79) Esqe burd Wm Lewis of the Kingcoad (fn. 80) burd

1767. Wm James burd under the organ loft.

1753. Hy. supposed s. of Mr Henry Chilcott Organist baptd Ann a Child born at the Cathays bapt.

1754. A Child born at the dwelling house of Wm James in Homanby baptd by the name of William.

Wm s. of Cradock Nowell Esqe Bailiff of the Town of Cardiff.

1763. Ann d. of John Deer Musitioner bapt.

1764. Thomas s. of John Gimlett forgeman bapt.

Elener d. of Thos Lewis feltmaker bapt

1765. Reece s. of Thos David feltmaker bapt.

Evan s. of Thos Evan limeburner bapt. Magdalen d. of Thos Jones Peruke Maker bapt. Wm supposed s. of Mr Miles Wells begotten of Margt

Baptisms 1755.

1756. Robert s. of Wm Jones the Town Cryer bapt.

1761. Mary supposed d. of John David of Langavella (fn. 81) bapt.

(Richd Evans, Minister.)

(James Thomas, Minister.)

Audry d. of Wm Dinnes bapt.

1762. Wm (fn. 82) s. of Terance Magrath bapt.

1770. Hy Webber Chilcott organist burd under the organ loft.

1768. Ann d. of Acquilla Jones Innkeeper burd

Ziphera d. of Jon Estance Shoemaker burd

1769. Margaret Stradlin who died in the County Gaol was buried.

1749. Jas s. of James Obrjan (fn. 83) Seaman bapt.

1751. Elizb. d. of Elizb. Best that liv'd at the Holms (fn. 84) bapt.


  • 1. Rumney.
  • 2. Caerau.
  • 3. Sully.
  • 4. Mynyddislwyn.
  • 5. Corner house.
  • 6. Councillors'.
  • 7. Saint Mary's churchyard still subsisted, in part.
  • 8. Plasturton.
  • 9. This Christian name was altered circa 1700, from one which began with W. The surname is meant for "Miricke."
  • 10. Pendaulwyn, now commonly spelt Pendoylan.
  • 11. Aldermen's Aisle.
  • 12. Dobbinpits.
  • 13. Serjeant-at-Mace.
  • 14. Rhadir, or Radyr.
  • 15. Registrar of the Consistory Court.
  • 16. Beadle.
  • 17. Aldermen's families were buried in the chancel by prescriptive right.
  • 18. White House, in Welsh Ty Gwyn.
  • 19. Cobbler.
  • 20. Buried in flannel, under the new Act of Parliament.
  • 21. Whitefriars.
  • 22. Probably an imprisoned debtor, from the Guildhall prison.
  • 23. Serge-maker.
  • 24. Their own aisle.
  • 25. Also known as Elbury Hengod.
  • 26. On the twenty second day of the month of December in the year 1679 were buried the remains of Elizabeth Andrews, daughter of Thomas Andrews, clerk, Vicar of the church of Saint John in the town of Cardiff, in the chancel of the aforesaid church, in the hope of a happy restitution.
  • 27. Tydvil.
  • 28. Now called Grangetown.
  • 29. Castell-y-Myneich.
  • 30. Glover.
  • 31. See his Will ante, p. 129.
  • 32. Mynachdy.
  • 33. Crwys Bychan.
  • 34. Cathays.
  • 35. Lanteglos-by-Camelford.
  • 36. Councillor.
  • 37. i.e., was buried.
  • 38. See his Will ante, p. 134.
  • 39. See his Will ante, p. 133.
  • 40. See his Will ante, p. 133.
  • 41. Crwys Bychan.
  • 42. Bailiff of the Hundred.
  • 43. As to the Common Attornies, see Vol. II., p. 312.
  • 44. The Elder.
  • 45. Worstead-comber.
  • 46. Llystalybont
  • 47. Crwys Bychan
  • 48. I have heard that John Bird senior was employed to decorate the interior of Saint Fagan's Castle, having been sent for from England for that purpose. He settled at Cardiff, where his descendants are numerous.
  • 49. See his Will ante, p. 140.
  • 50. See his Will ante, p. 141.
  • 51. Such an entry as this illustrates the fact that Parish Registers were not kept to perpetuate genealogical data, but to record the changes in the population and to indicate the various fees received.
  • 52. See his Will ante, p. 143.
  • 53. See her Will ante, p. 144.
  • 54. See her Will ante, p. 145.
  • 55. Sawyer.
  • 56. See his Will ante, p. 146.
  • 57. Blackweir.
  • 58. Ty Coch, an inn; afterwards known as the Cardiff Arms, now the (new) Angel.
  • 59. Thamsyn, Thomasine.
  • 60. See his Will ante, p. 150.
  • 61. Clevedon.
  • 62. See her Will ante, p. 152.
  • 63. Christopher Mathews. See his Will ante, p. 156.
  • 64. See his Will ante, p. 159.
  • 65. rccté Tanglust.
  • 66. He married Rachel Morgan of Coed-y-gores. See Vol. II., p. 445.
  • 67. See his Will ante, p. 162.
  • 68. Abergavenny.
  • 69. Plasturton.
  • 70. Crwys Bychan.
  • 71. See his Will ante, p. 168.
  • 72. Crwys Bychan.
  • 73. I believe this was a poor lunatic of Oystermouth, who in 1734 killed both his parents with an axe. See ante, pp. 213, 214.
  • 74. recté Gwenllian ("White Linen").
  • 75. Friswith, Frideswide. It would be interesting to know why the patron saint of Oxford was so popular at Cardiff.
  • 76. See ante, p. 239. Expences apparently about him may be seen ante, pp. 228–230.
  • 77. Pontcanna.
  • 78. Perhaps this was the child born in the Gaol. See above, Baptisms, 1744.
  • 79. Collector of Customs. See Vol. II., p. 393.
  • 80. Cefn Cocd.
  • 81. Llangyfelach.
  • 82. Buried at Llandaff 1764. See post.
  • 83. O'Brien.
  • 84. The Flat Holm island is in Saint Mary's parish, Cardiff.