Parochial Records: Vestry Book of St John's, Cardiff, 1763-1820

Pages 471-492

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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Vestry Book of St John's, Cardiff, 1769-1820

Vol. II. Folio, calf; one half of cover missing.

Commences 21 November 1769, when it was ordered that £2. 2. 0. should "be allowed to Paul Price Clerk for putting the Chimes in order. Also we further Order Consent and Agree that Henry Webber Chilcott Organist be at Liberty to be Absent from Attending as Organist in the said Church One Sunday in a Month he finding a person to Execute the Office of Organist at such Sundays as he shall be absent, provided such person shall be first approved of by the Churchwardens."

Owen Jenkins Vicr; Tho. Edwards ; Alexr Purcel; W. Richards & J. Thomas, Churchwardens; Jas Owen.


Whereas the Second Bell of the said Church is broke ruinous and out of repair so that the same cannot be rung and made use of as usual It is therefore Ordered that William Richards Esquire and John Thomas Gentleman the present Churchwardens as soon as convenient Employ a proper person to New Cast the same and that they pay the Necessary Charges attending thereof.

Owen Jenkins Vicr; W. Richards, Jno. Thomas, Churchwardens; Robt Savours; Edmd Traherne; H. Williams; B: Williams; W. Eador; Davd Prichard ; Wm Llewellin ; Wm Glascott; Willm Evans; Paul Price; John Lewis.


Easter Monday. William Richards and John Thomas were chosen Churchwardens of St. John's. William Jones and John King, Sidesmen.

Jacob Rosser and William Rees, Churchwardens of St. Mary's.

Ordered that the present Churchwardens of the said parish of Saint John the Baptist Do as soon as conveniently they can provide a good, neat, and Sufficient Pulpitt Cloth and Cushion of Crimson Velvet and that they do likewise provide a new Surpless for the Vicar of the said parish And that they pay the Expences attendg the same out of the Church Rate.

Whereas the Place of an Organist in the said Parish and Parish Church is become Vacant on the Death of the Late organist (Henry Webber Chilcott Deceased) It is unanimously agreed by the majority then present that William Richards Esqr and mr John Thomas Churchwardens of the said parish Do Insert an advertisement in the Publick papers, that an Organist is wanted In the said parish and that for the Encouragement of a person of ability a Stipend or Sallary of forty pounds a year will be allowed him. And it is further agreed that the sum of Thirty pound part of the said forty pound be raised by a rate on the Inhabitants of the said parish and the remaining ten pound by a subscription of the Gentlemen of the sd parish.

Decr 12 Wednesday. It is unanimously agreed that Mr Samuel Mineard be Elected Organist . . . at the Yearly Salary of Twenty four pounds to be paid him quarterly to Commence from this day, And That the sum of Two pounds and Two Shillings be allowed him the said Samuel Mineard yearly towards his Care and Trouble in keeping the Organ in Repair. Also that the further sum of Four pounds and four shillings be yearly allowed the said Samuel Mineard towards his Instructing the Boys and Others of the said parish to Sing Psalms and to attend on them for that Purpose two Evenings in every Week.

Also It is unanimously Agreed that the sum of Twenty Six pounds and five Shillings be Allowed and paid by the Churchwardens of the said parish to Richard Chew of the City of Bristol Organ builder towards his Repairing the said Organ by adding C# d and putting all the other pipes in proper order to be paid him when he has Compleated the same, And that proper Articles be drawn by the Vestry Clerk Between the Churchwardens of the said parish and the said Richard Chew for repairing the same, as well as Between them and the said Samuel Mineard.

1771 March 4. The Churchwardens "Examined the Bills of David Prichard Carpenter and Thomas Richard Smith for the Repairs of the Fire Engine belonging to the parish Church."

1772 Novr 20. Whereas Samuel Mineard the present Organist of the said parish Church hath given Notice that he will quitt his office as Organist on the 12th December next It is therefore unanimously Agreed that Robert Savours and Francis Minnitt the present Churchwardens of the said parish Do immediately Cause an Advertisement to be inserted in the Saint James's Chronicle and the Glos'ter Journal that an Organist is wanted and that a Stipend or Sallary of £30 per annum will be allowed such Organist, and that such Advertisement be contd Three times in the said papers.

Also We unanimously Agree that the four Tablets on which the Inscriptions of Donations are incerted in the said Church, (fn. 14) be immediately cleansed and repaired by the present Churchwardens of the said Parish in such Manner as they shall [sic] most proper, and if any or all of them are too bad for Reparation that they cause new Ones to be made.

1773. James Moore elected Organist at £24 and perquisites as promised to Samuel Mineard; also £3. 3. 0 "towards his Expences in coming down."

1774. Whereas the pavement within the Several Allies are become very ruinous, irregular & out of Repair for Want of proper Attention being paid in laying down the same upon the Burials within the said Church And Whereas the Reverend Owen Jenkins Vicar of the said Parish Church has this day given up all Right or Pretensions of right to the Antient fees Accruing from the several Burialls within the said Church . . . . We do Order That the present Church Wardens Do Cause Notice to be given in the Church on the Two next ensuing Sundays, That unless the Owners and proprietors of the Several Tomb Stones and Buring places within the said Church Do within Thirty Days from the last Day of such Notice repair and amend or Cause to be repaired and Amended their said several and respective Tomb Stones and Buriall places, in a proper decent and regular fform, That the said Church Wardens may be at Liberty to procure proper and sufficient Workmen for that purpose, to raise, lower, amend and place the several Stones within the Allies of the said Church in such regular and decent form.

Ordered That the sum of One pound and One Shilling be Allowed to Paul Price towards Cleaning in a proper decent Manner the Walls, Roof, Pillars, Sconces, Tomb Stones paving and the Outsides of the Seats within the said parish Church.

1775. Ordered That the present Churchwardens of the said parish Church Do as soon as conveniently may be employ proper persons to repair the several Seats within the said Church in a regular and decent Manner And that the person or persons so employed shall keep a regular Account of the Expences Attending the Reparation of each Separate Seat; And that the Churchwardens do call on each proprietor for such Charges and Expences as shall attend the Reparation and Amendment of the Inside and Outside of his separate Seat who is hereby requested to pay the same.

W: Richards; Wm Llewelyn; Robt Savours; William Scandrett; Will: Prichard; Wm Powell; Paul Price; Thos Thomas.

1776. Ordered that Henry Williams of Lancarvan Clockmaker be employed By the Churchwardens to putt the Church Clock and Chimes into proper Repair.

1777 Novr 26. It Appearing unto us That a Room in the Chancel called the Vestry Room (fn. 15) hath for many years past been much neglected and Suffered to go out of Repair, and not fit for the Inhabitants to resort to, to Execute the public business of the said parish It is Ordered That the said Room be properly and decently repaired, And that the Expences attending the same be paid by the Churchwardens.

Ordered That the Walls abt the said parish Church Yard be properly rebuilt and that the Expences attending thereof be paid by the Church Wardens.

Ordered That a new Pulpitt, Seat, Churchwardens Seat and Parish Clerk Seat be Erected, and fitted out properly, and that the Expences attending thereof be paid By the Churchwardens.

Whereas the Dean and Chapter of Glos'ter together with the Vicar of the said parish Church, have consented that the present Gallery in the Chancel shall be taken down, upon their receiving an acknowledgment of Two Guineas p' annum in Lieu of their present Emoluments from the sd Gallery, It is therefore Ordered and Agreed That the said Gallery be taken down and that the said sum of Two Guineas be annually paid to the said Dean and Chapter or Vicar by the Churchwardens for the time being.

Whereas the said Vicar has proposed to procure as much Tent Wine as will be necessary for the Communion Service, It is Agreed That the Direction and Management thereof be given to the Vicar, and the Expences attendg thereof be paid By the Church Wardens for the Time being.

The like Order in Respect to the Surplice and Church plate The Charge whereof is given to the Vicar.

Ordered That no Tombs be for the future Erected in the Church Yard, belonging to the said parish Church above the Surface of the Ground; But That all Tomb Stones shall for the future be laid flat and decent even with the Ground, and that all the present Tombs there be reduced flat and even with the Ground.

Ordered that Ten Shillings be paid and allowed on the Kings Coronation Day, on the Kings and Queen's Birthday, and on the Accession Day towards Ringing the Bells.

W. Lowder, Vicar.

Thos Thomas, H. Williams, Churchwardens; Robt Savours; Thos French; Edmd Traherne; J. Priest; Sam1 Sabine; Francis Minnitt; Edwd Whiteing; James James; Tyzack Hodges; W. Glascott; William Prichard; John Hussey; Thos Williams; David James; Wilfd Colley; Bloom Williams; Barth. Greenwood.

1777. Ordered: That the Wall on the North Side of The Church be forthwith Rebuilt by Thomas Roberts, Builder.

1778. Ordered that the Church yard walls be rebuilt; that all tomb stones be taken down and levelled with the ground; that the pitching to the North side of the Church wall be repaired; that the Organ Loft be put into immediate repair.

1779. Whereas Several Trees that grew in the Church Yard of the parish of Saint John the Baptist aforesaid, have of late been Cutt down and Carryed away without any Order of Vestry or Consent of the parishioners for that purpose; It is therefore Ordered That application be made by the said Churchwardens to the Vicar of the said parish Church, in order to be informed by whose Directions the same were so cutt down and carried away, and to what purpose the same were converted.

1780. Ordered that Mr Henry Williams, Clockmaker, be employed to keep the Church Clock & Chimes in proper repair, at the yearly salary of Thirty Shillings, he finding all necessary articles for that purpose except the Ropes.

1781. Organ to be repaired by John Maddey, of Bristol.

1782. Ordered that Mr William Prichard one of the present Churchwardens, Do attend on Mr Paty or some other proper person at Bristol, and agree with such person to come to Cardiff to make a Survey and Estimate of the necessary Repairs of the Church Tower.

Whereas the Church Tower Appears to be much out of Repair: Ordered That Public Notice be incerted By The Church Wardens in the Two next Glos'ter and Bristol papers for all persons desirous of Contracting for the Repairs thereof.

1784. Vestry summoned for the purpose of taking into Consideration the conduct of Mr James Moore organist, in pursuance of public Notice given in Church on Sunday last.

Ordered that the said James Moore be suspended from the said office of Organist, and that unless he returns to Cardiff by this day fortnight that the place of organist become Vacant.

Agreed that Mr Tyrrell be requested to write to the said Mr Moore, to enquire into the cause of his absence & to know his Intentions as to the time of his return.

1785. Mr Moore's resignation was accepted, and a successor advertised for in the Gloucester and Bristol papers.

George C. Whatley junr, of Cirencester, was elected organist at the same remuneration as his predecessor.

Ordered that a Perambulation of the Parishes of Saint Johns and Saint Marys be made on Holy Thursday [i.e., Ascension Day.]

Ordered that Mr William Morris be employed to Survey the Limmits of the Parishes of St John's and St Marys and Maps the same.

Mr John Thackwell "to repair the Clock to make it go fifty hours" and wind & keep same in repair for the year.

Contract with Edward Rosser of the Parish of St Stephens in the City of Bristol, Mason, for the repair of the tower.

Resolved and Ordered that the thanks of the Parish be given to the Right Honble Lord Cardiff for the great testimony he has given of his regard for the Town in contributing so amply to the repair of the Church Tower.

Resolved and Ordered that the present Churchwardens call upon Mr Thomas (fn. 16) and request his deliverance of all such Papers & Books as belong to the Church and that the same be in future deposited in the Vestry.

1786. Ordered that Messers. Oven and Whiteing be desired to wait upon Mr Whatley Organist to know his reasons for not teaching the Boys to Sing according to one of the Conditions of his Appointment.

1787. Ordered that Locks be immediately put on the Seats belonging to the Courts of Assistance, and the Keys given to Mr Thomas Sweet & Mr Roger Griffiths, and that they be desired to prevent improper people coming in.

Ordered that the Churchwardens take possession of a Seat opposite the reading desk, known by the name of the Churchwardens Seat, that Rods be fixed therein to distinguish it and a Lock be put on it with two Keys to be kept by the Churchwardens.

1788. The Right Honble Lord Cardiff having signified his Intentions of making sundry Alterations in the Church, and amongst other things to erect a new Seat for the Church Wardens: Resolved and Ordered, that whenever these alterations take place, the Seat now occupied by the Church Wardens be given up to his Lordship, in order to accommodate such persons, whose Seats may be taken down, or for any other purpose his Lordship may choose, and that a Copy of this Resolution be given to Mr Hollier. (fn. 17)

S. M. Lowder, B.D., Vicr; Will. Prichard; Sam1 Sabine; Henry Hollier; John Hussey; Hugh Whiteing; Thos Stibbs.

Ordered That a wall on the East side of the Church Yard be built, of sufficient heighth to prevent any passing through there and that in future the churchyard be kept decent & in good order.

Rate of 6d in the £ ordered for the repair of Cardiff Tower.

1790. A Perambulation of the Parishes is ordered for Ascension Day.

Ordered that the wall on the West end of the Churchyard be built up to the heighth of the wall on the East side, and that two doors be placed one in each wall, which doors are to be opened in the day time & shut every evening.

Ordered that Mr Whatley write to Mr Seed to examine the Organ, which is much out of repair.

Ordered that Mr William Wilson be applied to respecting the Church Clock, that if not immediately made to strike as usual some other person be employed for that purpose.

The Church and Chancel are to be whitewashed and coloured.

Ordered that the Pitching and Binders for the Foot Path under the West Church Yard Wall be paid for out of the rate.

1791. The Revd Mr Lowder the Present Vicar of the Parish having illegally and in defiance of the Parishioners taken down and destroyed the Pulpit It is Ordered that unless he make a proper Apology to the satisfaction of the Parishioners an Action be brought against him by the Present Churchwardens.

Samuel Sabine; Henry Hollier; Thos Thomas; Wm Bew; Francis Minnitt; D. Prichard; W. Willson; Edwd Whiteing; Hugh Whiting; Wm Watkins; Thos Morgan; J. Bird; J. Wood.

1792. Belfry to be repaired, and new Donation Tables to be made.

1795. Perambulation is ordered for Ascension Day.

No Mason or Stonecutter shall in future prepare or engrave any Tomb or Head Stones within the porches of the church.

Bells not to be rung till the tower is repaired.

1798. The Most Honorable the Marquis of Bute having presented for the use of this Church a Cloth for the Communion Table a pulpit cloth and cushion a cloth for the reading desk and a curtain for the Organ Gallery and his Lordship having expressed a desire to have the old pulpit cloth and cushion, the same were given to him.

1799. George Whatley, the organist, resigned.

George Forster Cooke, of Stroud, elected Organist.

1800. John Jones Vicar instituted.

1801. Lewis Rees appointed Clerk vice Paul Price deceased.

This year the Vestry is summoned for both parishes together.

Thos Newton is appointed Sexton of the united parishes, at eight guineas a year, his duties being "to blow the bellows of the organ, wind up the clock, clean the church, chime the bells, keep the church quiet during divine service on Sundays, ring the Eight Oclock Bell and keep the church yard in order."

G. F. Cooke, organist, resigned, and was succeeded by Arnold Merrick, of Cirencester. Emoluments as before.

1802. A. Merrick, organist, resigned because the parish would not increase his salary to £50. He was succeeded by William Sweet, of Bristol, at £34; who is to teach singing to such boys and girls as shall be recommended to him by the minister and churchwardens.

1803. Easter Monday—the regular day for elections in Vestry— Churchwardens are chosen for both parishes as usual.

1807. The north and south sides of the church are to be stripped and covered with Caernarvon tile.

1808. William Wood junior and Daniel Hooper chosen Churchwardens of St. Mary's. (This was the last election for that parish.)

June 11. The Revd Mr. Jones having received a Letter from Messrs. Wm Boyer and David Galbraith Ex'ors of the last Will and Testament of the late John Rice formerly of New York in America Organist but late of little Peter Street Westminster informing him that the said Peter [sic] Rice had by his last Will and Testament bequeathed to the Rector or Vicar & Churchwardens of Cardiff in Glamorganshire & their successors One Hundred pounds sterling to be laid out in Government Funds & for the interest thereof on Mr Rices Birth day vizt the 31st of July in each year to be laid out in purchasing Bread or in any such other way or manner laid out and distributed among the Poor and needy of Cardiff as to the said Rector or Vicar should seem meet:

Ordered that the Vicar and Churchwardens of Saint Johns be requested to receive the said sum of One Hundred pounds and invest the same in their names in the Navy five per cents for the purposes of the said Will.

1809. Reciting Decree of the Bishop of Llandaff dated 16 Decr 1808 whereby was effected the union of the Parishes of St Mary & St John:

In consequence of the union, "we do hereby according to annual custom chuse and elect William Taitt and John Wood the Younger two substantial Housekeepers of the said Parishes to be Churchwardens of the said united Parishes."

Ordered that the Churchwardens be requested to get the Tower examined and to get the Flowers and Weeds now growing out of the Walls taken out & have the courses pointed where wanting.

John Jones, Vicar; John Richards; ° Bradley; Henry Jones; Jas Walters; Thomas Morgan.

1810. The different Spires of the Tower of the Church have been this day examined & found in a very dangerous & bad State of repair.

The Ornamental part of the Tower being very ruinous: Resolved that the same be repaired and that a Letter be written to Mr Jones Architect at Bristol to send a proper person to take down the loose stones and take a section of the Buildings in order that the same may be replaced after the same order of Architecture that it is now in.

John Jones; J. Capper; Wm Taitt; Thos Charles; Wm Rees; Jno. Wood; J. Bird; Will. Prichard; Hy Jones; Joseph Lewis; Chas Williams; Jno. Wood junr

1812. Resolved unanimously that every Parishioner claiming Title to the Seats of the Outdwellers shod at their own Expence take such measures for recovering of the same as to them shall seem meet.

Ordered that the Salary of the Clerk of the Parish be increased to the sum of Seventeen pounds p' annum to commence from 24 January next and he is not to have any fees for Tolling the Bell which is the perquisite of the Sexton and is to attend the several funerals in the said Parish and fulfill the other duties of Clerk of a Parish.

The Parish of Saint Johns and Saint Marys having been united and the Parishioners residing in St Marys not having any Seats in Church and it being proposed that a Gallery shall be erected on the North side of the Church at the expence of the united Parishes and be rented to the Parishioners of St Marys for their Accommodation and the rents be appropriated in aid of the Church rates: Ordered that the Churchwardens do proceed to contract for the erection of such Gallery & pay for the same out of the Church rates.

1813. The Porches at the North & South Doors of the Church being much out of repair & continually leaking: Ordered that the Churchwardens do repair the same by covering them with Leaden Roofs.

Resolved that the several Seats in the Gallery be apportioned to and among the several persons hereunder named in respect of the premises set opposite their names and they chuse & fix upon the Seats in order as they are hereafter named and that such Seats in future be attached to the premises to which they are to be fixed.

John Richards Esqe in respect of the Corner House.

John Wood Jnr in respect of the his own dwelling house.

Penydarran Comy in respect of the house occupd by Joseph Davies.

Cyfarthfa Compy in respect of the house occupd by Thos Charles.

Dowlais Compy in respect of house occupd by Wm Wood.

John Wood Jnr in respect of the house occup[ie]d by Mr Brown.

Wm Taitt in respect of the house occup[ie]d by Wm Prichard.

Canal Compy in respect of the house occupd by Lewis Evan.

John Wood Jnr in respect of the house occupd by Mr Russell.

James Walters in respect of the house occupd by J. Vine.

Lewis Evan in respect of the house occupd by Levi Marks.

Sir Digby Mackworth in respect of house occupd by Mary Thomas.

Thomas Charles in respect of the house occupd by Wm Martin.

Doctor Reece in respect of the house occupd by James Walters.

William Bowen in respect of the house occupd by himself.

Sir Charles Morgan in respect of the house occupd by Philip Lewis.

J. Wood Esqe in respect of the house occupd by Thos Morgan.

J. Pride in respect of house occupd by himself.

Jno. Pride in respect of house occud by Mathew Pride.

Canal ° in respect of house occupdd by Lewis Morris.

Dowlais Compy in respect of house occup[ie]d by Edwd Davies

Thomas Charles in respect of house occup[ie]d by Mary Lewis.

Lewis Evan in respect of house occup[ie]d by Martha Thomas.

Sarah Gainer in respect of house occupdd by herself.

1814. Mr Thackwell having reported the bad state of repair of the clock, he is to furnish the Church with a new Eight day Clock with proper hands for a Dial Plate, at the sum of £105.

Mr Bird having reported the deficiency of Bells to Ring the different changes & tunes on the Chimes & that the same would be remedied by the addition of two new Bells—Thos Mears is to furnish such bells as are wanted to make up the number Eight.

Ordered that the Churchwardens for the time being pay Thomas Newton the Sexton the additional annual Salary of Two Guineas for cleaning the Gallery &c. & that in future there be no passing Bell for funerals for a longer period than ten minutes & that the burial bell in future only be rung for a quarter of an Hour.

George Kebbey appointed Sexton vice Thomas Newton deceased.

Ordered that the Churchwardens provide the Sexton with a proper Gown to officiate in as Sexton which he is hereby ordered to wear during Divine Service.

Pinnacle on S.E. side of tower to be repaired.

1815. Joseph Wheeler is to repair the tower.

Children's seats to be erected in the gallery.

The West Door of the church to be repaired.

1816. Thanks of the Vestry to Mr Sweet the organist, and five guineas for having taught the singing-boys.

1817. Todd the organ builder is to add 15 Bass pipes open diapason and stopped diapason and principal, and the pipes are to be gilded.

1818. No allowance is to be made to the Churchwardens in future for the execution of their office.

Fire engine to be repaired, and also:

Ordered that the Churchwardens do purchase a new Engine pipes and Bucketts which is on Sale of Lady Blosse at Gabalva.

1819. John Jones, Vicar; Will. Prichard; Edwd Thomas; R. Reece; R. Rd Roberts; Thos Jones; Wm Jones; Thos Hopkins; John Thackwell; E. P. Richards; Edw. Davis; William Bird; Jos Davis; Wm Lewis; Wm Ray; David Evans; Thomas Watkins; Philip Woolcott; Edwd Bird; Joseph Wheeler.

1820. [Turn to the other end of the original.]

1763. Account of Francis Minnitt and Thomas Waters.

Paid for a Dinner at Llandaff £1. 10. 0.

Paid for Presentments 3s. 10d.

Paid for Cleaning the Plate 3s.

Paid for 24 Hedgehogs 4s.

Paid for three Fetchhogs 1s.

Paid Court Fees at Landaff 4s. 10d.

Paid for a Reap hook 1s. 2d.

Paid for a Maun (fn. 18) 6d.

Paid Frances Price for a Mop 1s. 2d.

Paid for Calling a Vestry 6d.

Paid at the Visitation 8s.

Nonpayments, Vacancies &c.

Thomas Jones Peruke Maker.

Wm Jones Gingerbread Baker.

Thos David Hatter.

Rate for St John's Parish.

Mr Wm Powell the Tennis Court.

Maindy Farm 70 acres upland & 4a. of heath.

Weddal Farm 22 acres of heath.

The Grange 30a. upland.

Wm Mathew of Rumney 5a. heath.

Thos Mathews Esqre 90a. upland.

Mr Thos Mathews for the Hayes.

Mr Minnitt for the Town Ditch.

1764. The Spittle House.

Spring Garden.

1765. Account of Michael Brewer and Thomas Deer.

paid for Ringing ye Bells at Christmas 18s.

paid for Vermin 1s.

paid for a Quart of Oyl 1s. 3d.

1766. Account of Shadrach Williams and Henry Williams.

To Minnitt's Man for a Hedgehog 2d.

To Wm Jones' Son for ° 2d.

To Mrs Mary Lewis for a Qt of Sallad Oil 1s. 6d.

To Edward James for a Fetchhog 4d.

for a prayer for ye Queen 6d.

for the Church Books £5. 7. 0.

to the Ringers 18s.

to Jordan's Men for 12 Hedgehogs 2s.

for 8 Martins (fn. 19) 2s. 8d.

1767. Account of John Llewellin and Edmund Traherne Esqres

paid For whiteliming the Walls & painting the Doors 7s. 6d.

paid for Thanksgiving Book 1s.

paid For Pole Cats.

paid for Hedgehogs 8d.

1768. Account of Edmund Traherne and William Lewis Esqes

Paid for painting the Dial Plate £1. 1. 0.

Paid for taking down the Bells 15s.

Paid for White Liming the Church £3. 3. 0.

Paid for Halling the Bells 2s.

Paid for Ale at taking down the Bells 9s.

Paid for Ale at the Trying the Engine 1s. 4d

Paid for a Form of Prayer 1s.

Paid for Polecats 2s. 8d.

Paid for Hedgehogs 1s. 4d.

Vacancies &c.

Mr Holmes 12 acres Upland—the Dobbin Pits.

Arnold Butler 8a. Arles 10s.

Thos Mathews Esqe 12a. Cutlers Closes.

1769. Account of William Richards Esqe and John Thomas mercer.

Paid the Court Fees at Landaff 3s. 10d.

° for the General Dinner £1. 10. 0.

Paid Postage of a Letter from Bayly 4½d.

1770. Account of William Richards Esqe and John Thomas mercer.

Paid Thomas Killigrey £1. 12. 10.

Paid for a Letter from Rudhall (fn. 20)d.

Paid Postage of a Lre. from Wm Thomas of Leominster 4½d.

° from Thos Brown of Bampton 4½d.

Paid Thomas Cocking 12s. 4d.

Paid the Bellringers 18s.

1771. Account of Richard Jenkins and John Priest gentlemen.

Paid the Organ Builder £26. 5. 0.

Paid for Killing a Fox 5s.

Pd for a New form of Prayer for the Royal Family 1s.

Paid for Killing a fullbard 8d.

Paid for Killing 2 Hedge Hogs 8d.

1772. Account of Robert Savours and Francis Minnitt.

Paid the two Sidesmen 3s.

Paid for Killing of Hedgehogs 4d.

Paid for a Hamper for the Church 6d.

Paid for 2 Letters Concerning the Organist 7d.

Paid Phillips the Cryer 4d.

Paid at Landaff for Confirming the Rate 4s. 6d.

1773. Account of Bloom Williams and John Waters.

Paid the Sidesmens Expences 3s.

Paid the Sexton and two other Men for filling up one of the Alleys of the Church that had Sunk 2s.

Paid for killing 2 Fitchhogs 8d.

Paid for killing 6 Hedgehogs 1s.

Paid for 2 Gallons of Tynte Wine £1. 2. 0.

Paid Emanuel Jones for mending the Leather pipe 1s. 6d.

1774. St John's Rate.

Lord Plymouth; Sir Charles Kemeys Tynte; Herbert Mackworth Esqe; "Wm Ceilog Dû" (fn. 21); Lady Windsor.

Account of William Williams one of the Churchwardens.

Paid for Wine Bottles &c. £1. 7. 6.

Account of Bloom Williams one of the Churchwardens.

for Killing a Hedgehog 2d.

for Killing 2 Pole Cats 8d.

St. John's Rate.

Wm Richards Esqe for Plwccahalog 4a. upland.

1775. Account of Bloom Williams and Thomas French.

Paid Isaac Rosser for mending Church windows £2. 1. 8.

Paid Tom the Smith for Iron Work 5s. 3d.

Ale for the Workmen at the Church 6d.

Paid the two Sidesmen 3s.

Paid for a Poll Cat 8d.

Paid for Oyl for Chimes & Clock 6s.

For a Handle to a Pick Ax 6d.


Persons rated.

Rate list: Mr Thos Thomas for Tir Ceilog 5a. Heath 7s. 6d.

Miss Cox, the Bear, East Ward.

Account of Thomas Thomas and William Sweet.

To Wm Morgan for one Hedgehog 4d.


Account of Thomas Thomas and Henry Williams.

To the Cryer for Proclaiming agt Playing Ball agt the Church 6d.

To Stibbs's Son for 4 Hedgehogs 1s. 4d.

To Maindy Servt for 14 Do. 4s.

To Cash paid at the Redhouse, a Vestry Bill £1. 4. 0.

To a Messr from Landaff with a form of Prayer 1s.

To Mr Richards's Servt for a Pole Cat 8d.



Wilfrid Colley & others for Society Room. (fn. 22)

The Right Honble Lord Cardiff.

The Right Honble Lord Talbot.

Mr John Williams late of Coedygoras.

Late Mr Evans White Lion.

Thos Mathews Esqe a Cott by Place Turton.

Wm Hurst Esqe for Cross Bychan 10a Heath.

Wyndham Lewis Esqe for Maindy 70a upland and 4a Heath.

John William Harry for Weddal 22a Heath.

Wm Richards Esqe 8a Heath, Cartook. (fn. 23)

Wm Hurst Esqe for the Grange.

Robt Savours Aldn for Cae Pwdwr 1a Heath.

Mr Holmes 12a upland Dobbin Pits.

Account of Thomas Thomas and Thomas French.

To 2 Pole Cats 1s. 4d.

To 2 Hedge Hogs 8d.


Account of Thomas Bennett one of the Churchwardens.

To Cash paid for 4 Hedgehogs 1s. 4d.

To Expences at the Visitation 6s. 2d.

To Mr Savours for Damask for a Curtain for the Organ Loft 12s. 9d.

To John Williams for altering a Curtain Rod 2s.

To Rickett Willett for Stuff and making Cushions for the Communion Table £1. 2. 3.

To Mr Andrews for Wool for Stuffing ° 11s. 7d.

Paid for Carding ° 3s. 9d.

paid for 3¼ yards Fringe for the Curtain 5s. 3d.

To Morgan John for making ° 1s. 6d.

Paid the Ringers for Ringing on the King's Birth Day 10s. 6d.

To Thos Richards for a Casement &c 10s. 4d.

Paid for 2 Acts of Parliamm[en]t vizt one against Profane Cursing and Swearing, the other for the Better Preservation of the Lord's Day 1s.

To David Dorward for Cleaning White Liming and Repairing the Church £10. 10.0.

Paid for the Presentment at Visitation 3s. 10d.

To Mr Prichard for Stools for the Communion Table and reading Desk £1. 1. 4.

Paid for a Fullberd 6d.

To Wine for the Sacrament £2. 15. 3.

To the Chapter of Glocester in Lieu of the Galery taken down in the Chancell £2. 2. 0.

Vacancies, Nonpayments &c.

The old Three Tuns; the old Bear.

Carreg Picka a ruin.

Late Tom the Post, poor.

Kings Castle.

Richards of Newport a stable.

Stepaside poor.

The Mills.

A Stable by the Tennis Court.

Shoomakers Hall a ruin.

The George; the White Lion.

A Cott in Black Sturton.

The late Miss Nowell for Fisher's Bridge.


There were 17 gardens in the Hayes.


Corporation part of land in Fisher's Bridge.

Lord Cardiff 2a. Fisher's Bridge.

Wyndham Lewis Esqe 2a. part of Maindy.

John Richards jun'r Esqe 4a. Maindy Bach.

John James, Weddal, Pentwyn House & 3a. Heath.

Robert Stephenson Esqe, Thomas Thomas gentleman, Churchwardens' Account.

1 Fitch Hog 8d.

Two Pole Cats 1s. 4d.

Vacancies &c.

The Corpn owned a Rick Yard in the street leading from the Church towards the Hays.

The Spittle Barn was in possession of Lord Cardiff.

The Corporation owned a Stable in the Middle Row near Crockherbtown.

" " " ruin in the Middle Row leading from the North towards the Church.

The Company of Cordwainers and Skinners owned a ruin in the street leading from the Church through King Street to High Street. (So down to 1790).

The Corporation owned a house and garden (vacant) without the North Gate; a house and garden occupied by Mathews; a garden; a house and garden occupied by Rowland; a house, garden and croft occupied by Wm Williams, and a house, stable and garden; all without North Gate.

The Corporation owned a ruin in the street leading from the Quay through Womanby Street (vacant).

Lord Cardiff owned the Mills outside West Gate.

Robert Jones Esqe owned the George Inn and Tennis Court outside West Gate.

The Corporation owned 2 houses outside West Gate, and the Forge outside West Gate.

Mrs Purcell held Little Troy, ruin.

The Mills and the George were ruins.

Kings Castle Orchard and garden were owned by Thomas Mathews esqe and tenanted by Miss Bates.

William Hurst and Mrs Jones occupied Fryars Green

The Corporation owned The Hays upland.


Account of Jonathan Davy and Isaiah Verity.

To Expences at Landaff Presentment, and Hedge hogs, Mops, Brushes, Rect stamps &c. £1. 15. 0.

Lord Cardiff owned the Spittle Barn, which was tenanted by Richard David.

Mr Hurst and Mrs Jones owned Spittle House & Garden, tenanted by Samuel Gwillim.

Mrs Holmes owned Spring Garden and House.

Sir Charles Kemeys Tynte 3s. 4d. upld "Betty careles." (fn. 24)

Thomas Mathews Esqe 8 acres of land called Arles.

Lord Cardiff 2a called Fishers Bridge.

Corporation, piece of land in Fishers Bridge.

John Richards jnr., esqe., House, barn, garden and 4a. of land called Maindy Bach.

ib. barn and 8a. of land at Cathook. (fn. 25)

The Dean and Chapter of Gloucester owned the great tithes.


Account of William Glascott and William Olds.

paid for Fulberts & Hedghoggs 4s. 8d.

Paid Chas Williams for repairing the Bells 17s.

Paid for Ringing the Bells, Novr 5, 10s. 6d.

Paid for ° at Christmas 18s.

Mending a stand as p' note 1s.

"The Cordwainers' ruin" was still standing.



Paid at the Generals at Landaff for Dinner 4s.

for killing a fitchock on Mr John Richards's ffarm 6d.

Mr Tollman's acct for Lead pipe £13.

Paid Wm of the Castle's Son for a fitchock 4d.

Thos Leyshon Carpenter for putting 4 Locks on the Organ Loft 1s.

Pd for a fulbert to John Hopkin 8d.

Paid for searching the Wills at Landaff 15s. 8d.

° for Prayer for the King 1s.

° for plan of Police Gilberts 6d.

The Gray House, (fn. 26) 30a. upland, belonged to Messrs. Hurst and Jones, and was occupied by Edward Thomas.


To Edward Joseph for a Pole Cat 8d.

Paid for 2 Hedgehogs 8d.

Ale to Workmen at the Church 1s.

Padlock for the Engine 1s.

2 Padlocks for the Organ 2s.

A Stock Lock for the Tower 2s.

A Padlock for the Tower door 8d.

Dinners 5s.


By Pd Jenkin Morgan for cleaning the church yard at sundry times 17s. 6d.

By Expences paid on Holy Thursday (fn. 27) £2. 11. 6.

By loss of 2 light Guineas 2s.

By Paid rent of the Chancel £2. 2. 0.

By Paid for Wine for the Communion table £2. 10. 6.


  • 14. See post, Chapter XI.
  • 15. The Vestry was adjoining the Chancel on the North.
  • 16. Thomas Thomas, the Town Clerk.
  • 17. Henry Hollier, Lord Cardiff's Steward.
  • 18. A maund; a shallow, round basket.
  • 19. The marten is a carnivorous animal allied to the weasel, and valued for its fur French martre.
  • 20. The bell-founder, of Gloucester.
  • 21. William of the "Black Cock"—probably a public house.
  • 22. The Wesleyan-Methodist meeting-room in Church Street.
  • 23. Cae Twc.
  • 24. "Careless Betty," in a later entry.
  • 25. Cae Twc.
  • 26. Ty Llwyd.
  • 27. i.e., Ascension Day, for beating the parish bounds.