Memorial inscriptions: Llandaff Cathedral

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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'Memorial inscriptions: Llandaff Cathedral', Cardiff Records: Volume 3, (Cardiff, 1901), pp. 553-580. British History Online [accessed 19 June 2024].

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Memorial Inscriptions at Llandaff Cathedral.

In the Cathedral.

West wall:—

Brass to the officers and men of the 41st (Royal Welsh) Regiment who died in the Crimean War, 1854–1856. [Their old colours hang close by.]

North Wall (west to east):—

Richard Crawshay, Esq., of Cyfarthfa; ob. 27 June 1810.

Elizabeth, wife of William Crawshay, Esq., of Cyfarthfa; ob. 30 Sept. 1825, aet. 65.

Isabel, 2nd wife of William Crawshay, Esq., of Cyfarthfa and Hensol; ob. in London 28 May 1827, aet. 40.

Infant children.

The abovenamed William Crawshay; ob. 4 August 1867 at Caversham Park, co. Oxon., aet. 80.

Window commemorating three members of the Thomas family; 1832–1865.

Arms: Argent, on a chevron engrailed sable two griffins combattant of the first. On a chief of the second, three cinqfoils or pierced of the field.

Henry Thomas of Llwyn-Madoc, (fn. 1) co. Brecon, Esq., Chairman of Quarter Sessions for Glamorgan; ob. Dover 24 Dec. 1863.

North aisle, south of the alley:—

Altar-tomb with recumbent effigies of a knight and his lady. On his helm, a heathcock for crest. Around the sides of the tomb, in canopied recesses, angels holding shields, ladies, bearded men in religious habit, holding rosary. The lettering of the inscription has been in part restored.

"Orate pro animabus Gulielmi Mathew Militis qui obiit decimo die Martij A.D. Mccccc° vices° viij etiam Jennette uxoris eius quae

Deo reddidit spiritum [apud (?) Ra]dir . . . . . Mensis A.D. Millmo ccccc trices° quorum animabus propitietur Deus Amen." (fn. 2)

North wall:—

Evan David, gent., of Fairwater; ob. 21 March 1814, aet. 59.

Edward David of Radyr Court, son of the above; ob. 29 July 1819, aet. 28.

Rev. Edward David, son of the last above named; ob. 18 April 1850, aet. 32.

Mary Anne, wife of Evan David of Radyr Court; ob. 29 May 1851, aet. 25.

Brass. Charles Frederic Harries, Rector of Gelligaer, a Prebendary of Llandaff; ob. 10 Nov. 1879, aet. 51.

Grey slate tablet. "In Memory of Florence the wife of William Herbert of the White Fryers in Cardiff Esqr who Departed this life October ye 13th 1709 aged 40 years."

Maria Williams; ob. 4 Dec. 1797, aet. 9.

Charles Williams, of the town of Cardiff; ob. 12 Sept. 1801, aet. 47.

Sarah, wife of Charles Crofts Williams, of Cardiff, only dau. of T. Charles, Esq., of Cardiff; ob. 4 Feb. 1831, aet. 28.

Ann, widow of the above Charles Williams, of Cardiff; ob. 7 Nov. 1848, aet. 87.

Catharine Diana, wife of J. Richards, Esq., of Landaff Court, and second dau. of Robert Jones, Esq., of Fonmon Castle; ob. 18 Nov. 1810, aet 55 [?].

Arms: Party per pale: I. Gules, three boar's heads erased argent. II. Argent, on a bend azure three stag's heads cabossed or.

Recumbent effigy in recess, by W. Goscombe John, A.R.A., 1900:—

"Charles John Vaughan D.D. Dean of Llandaff 1879—1897 Honoured in his generation as scholar master preacher counsellor a man greatly beloved 'ambitious to be quiet.' 1 Thess. IV., ii. Born August 16, 1816. Died October 15, 1897."

John Richards, Esq., of Landaff Court; ob. at Bath 3 Dec. 1819, aet. 51.

Arabella, wife of John Mathews Richards, Esq., of Plasnewydd; ob. 15 April 1843, aet. 35.

The above John Mathews Richards (only child of the above John Richards); ob. 22 Dec. 1843, aet. 40.

John Robert, eldest son of John M. and Arabella Richards; ob. 12 April 1845, aet. 18.

Elizabeth Anne, youngest daughter of John M. and Arabella Richards; ob. at Cannstadt in Germany 17 Feb. 1837, aet. 7 months.

Oliver Calley, youngest son of John M. and Arabella Richards; ob. at Cannstadt 12 Feb. 1838, aet. 4.

Mary, second daughter of John M. and Arabella Richards; ob. 7 Dec. 1853, aet. 24.

Edward Priest, second son of John M. and Arabella Richards; ob. 12 Nov. 1856, aet. 25.

Arms: Per pale: I. Sable, three pheons or, points in base. II. Gules, a lion rampant or, within a bordure of the second.

Rt. Hon. John Nicholl, D.C.L., Chairman of Quarter Sessions for Glamorgan. Born 1797, only son of the Rt. Hon. Sir John Nicholl of Merthyr Mawr, Dean of the Arches. He was elected M.P. for the Cardiff Boroughs 1832; appointed Lord of the Treasury 1833, and Judge Advocate General and a Privy Councillor 1841. Ob. in Rome 27 Jan. 1853.

East wall of the Mathew Chapel:—

Arms: Argent, a lion rampant sable. Crest: Heathcock. Supporters: Unicorns. Motto: "Y fyn Duw a fydd." (fn. 3)

Brass. "Major William Joseph Mathew, whose remains lie in Lansdown Cemetery, Bath. This memorial is placed in the Mathew Chapel, in which his ancestors for many years have been buried, by his daughter S. L. Stevenson."

Brass. Murray William Mathew, only son of the late Major Joseph William [sic] Mathew (H.E.I.C.S.), who died 9 Nov. 1875 and was interred at Pilton, Barnstaple. Placed by his widow and surviving sons.

South wall of the Mathew Chapel:—

Arms: Per pale, baron and femme: I. A lion rampant. II. Three lioncels rampant reguardant. Esquire's helm. Crest: A lion couchant.

Slate. "Thomas Roberts, Gent., dyed ye 4th of October 1728 Aged 7.... Also Thomas Roberts, Gent., Son of Ye above said Mr Roberts Dyed the 22d of May 1741 Aged 22 Years."

Thomas Roberts, gent.; ob. 23 March 170 9 / 10, aet. 63 years. Also Mrs Alice Roberts, wife of the above; ob. 13 March 1721, aet. 67 years.

In the pierced wall between the Mathew Chapel and the Lady Chapel:—

Alabaster altar-tomb. Recumbent effigies of a knight and his lady. Around the sides, in panelled compartments, are figures of bearded men in religious habit, holding rosaries, and ladies praying. Two vested angels hold shields with the arms: Per pale, baron and femme. I. A lion rampant (Mathew.) II. A griffin segreant (Morgan).

"Orate pro a'i'ab'z xp[ist]oferi mathew Armigeri & elisabeth vxoris sue que quide[m] elisabeth obiit pen'ltimo die Januarij an[n]o dnn[n]i m° qu'gentesimo xxvjto et p'dict' xp[ist]oferus obiit die . . . . . .

Anno d[omi]ni Ml'imo q'ngetesimo . . . . . quor' a'i'abs p'picietr ds Ame[n]. (fn. 4)

North wall of Lady Chapel:—

William Bruce Knight, M.A., Dean of Llandaff, Chancellor of the Diocese; ob. 8 August 1845, aet. 59.

Floor of the Lady Chapel chancel:—

Arms: Per pale, gules and argent, a chevron between three fleurs-de lis.

Eleanor, wife of Rev. Richard Prichard, Senior Vicar of this Cathedral; ob. 15 February, 1848, aet. 70.

Their daughters, Mary Shaftesbury, ob. 1834, aet. 21, and Susannah, ob. 1834, aet. 26.

Arms: Per pale, baron and femme: I. Quarterly, 1 and 4. Argent, two pallets azure; on a chief gules a spur leathered, rowel in base, or. 2 and 3. Or, a saltire gules; on a chief of the last a martlet argent. II. Argent, a chevron between three sparrow-hawks proper, belled or; a canton of the last, three bars azure; over all a lion rampant argent.

William Bruce Knight, Dean [see above].

"Margaret the Wife of William Price A.M. Vicar of Landaff was Born October 31st 1698 & Bury'd December 24th 1729.

Here Lyeth Ye Body of William Price Clerk A.M. senior Vicr Choral of this Church who dyed Ye 2nd of September in the Year of our Lord 1742 Aged 49.

Also Hannah the Second Wife of William Price Dyed August the 22d 1748 Aged 67."

Arms: Argent, a chevron between three leopard's heads gules.

Brass (facing west). Edvardus Copleston Ep'us Llandav Ob. xivmo Oct. MDcccxlix.

Below chancel steps of Lady Chapel:—

E. P. [circa 1700].

M. C. Aug. 23, 1695.

Back of the reredos to the principal Communion-table:—

"Thomas filius charissimus Tho: Davies gen: Ex uxore Sua wenlliana obijt 23 Julij A.D. 1723 Æt. 10.

Wenlliana Ux: Tho: Davies Gen: Obijt 21 Apr: Anno Salutis 1741. Ætatis 50." (fn. 5)

"Here lyeth the Body of Mary the Wife of John Smith of Cardiff who Departed this Life the 8th day of October in the year of our Lord God 1716 in the 24th year of her age."

"Here lyeth the body of John Okey Mr[cer of] Cardiff who [departed this life] . . . Jany 1750 [aged] . . ."

"Here Lyeth the Body of Edward ye Sonn of John Oakey of Cardiff Mercer, by Ann his Wife, who Departed this Life June ye vjth 1727 Aged 2 Years & 5 Months.

Anne the wife of John Oakey of Cardiffe Alderman died the last day of May 1748 Aged 54.

Also Anne the wife of James Wood late of the Town of Brecon Mercer Daughter of the above named John and Anne Oakey she departed this Life January the 10th 1777 Aged 50 years."

North side of chancel:—

Altar-tomb with recumbent effigy. Around the sides, the arms of the See of Llandaff, alternating with: Gules, a chevron between three crescents or.

Alfred Olivant, D.D., Bishop of Llandaff; born 1798, died 16 Dec. 1882.

North side of presbytery, by the organ:—

Brass. Hugh Brooksbank, Mus. Bac., organist of this cathedral; ob. 28 April, 1894, aet. 39.

South side of presbytery, on westernmost pier:—

Brass, with Latin inscription. Edward Priest Richards, esquire, who both in life and in death contributed to the restoration of the cathedral. 1869.

Modern brass eagle lectern, of ancient design. Given by Charles Hill, of Bristol, and his sons.

South wall (east to west):—

Brass. William Humphreys, Esq., of Penhill House; ob. 15 Jan. 1850.

Window. Evan David, 1862.

Anne, his wife, 1867.

Thomas Davies, gent.; ob. 21 Oct. 1751, aet. 71.

Alice, wife of Mr James Evans, of this parish; ob. 21 August 1793, aet. 45.

Mr James Evans; ob. 10 Jan. 1806, aet. 56.

William Evans, gent., their son; ob. 13 Jan. 1835, aet. 52.

Elizabeth, his wife; ob. 17 April 1855, aet. 71.

"Beneath lie the Bodies of Miles & Thomas, Sons of Miles Williams of this Parish Surgeon. Miles died Dec. 26: 1738. Thomas died May 29: 1740. Infants.

And Mary the Wife of John Williams of this Parish Gent. died May 31: 1779: Aged 64."

James Davies, Registrar of this Diocese; ob. 21 Nov. 1789, aet. 68.

Johana, his wife.

Dedicated by his niece, Jane Davies, daughter of the late Rev. Edward Davies, A.M., one of the Prebendaries of this cathedral.

Mary, wife of Sir Jeremiah Homfray, knt., and second daughter of the late Capt. Richards of Cardiff; ob. 17 March 1830, aet. 59, at Boulogne-sur-mer in the Kingdom of France, where her remains are interred.

Robert Shedden Homfray; ob. 1803, aet. 2 weeks.

Francis Homfray; ob. 1813, aet. 19.

George Homfray; ob. 1815, aet. 19, sons of the above.

Sir Jeremiah Homfray, knt.; ob. 9 Jan. 1833, aet. 73, at Boulogne, where his remains are interred.

Window. "Isabella Mary, daughter of John Ludford and Emma Catherine White, late of Dowlais Put up A.D. 1869 by the kindness of the child's uncle, W. H. Forman Esq. late of Penydarran Iron Works."

Benjamin Hall, D.D., Precentor of this church and Chancellor of the diocese; ob. 25 Feb. 1825, aet. 83:—

"Ni bydd marw yn dragywydd." (fn. 6)

Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. Hugh Williams, M.A., and Mary his wife, of this city; ob. 14 Feb. 1834, aet. 8.

Also of Hugh, their son; ob. 25 July 1831, aet. 5 months.

Maria Elizabeth, the wife of Josiah John Guest, Esqre, of Dowlais House, Glamorgan; ob. 14 January 1818, aet. 23.

"John Coote Grant, son of Henry Grant Esqr of Portman Square London Died the 18th of December 1788 aged 7 Years:—

"Sweet Boy, what hopes thy infant Genius rais'd!
All Innocence, all Truth; belov'd and prais'd,
Admir'd so much: I fondly thought thee born,
By Science, as by Virtue, Manhood to adorn.

"How unsearchable are the Judgments of God."

Brass. Celtic interlaced ornament. Portrait bust in bronze.

Arms: Quarterly: I. and IV. Azure, eight cross crosslets or, 3, 2, 3. II. and III. Gules, a lion rampant within a tressure flory counter-flory or.

Venerable John Griffiths, B.D., Archdeacon of Llandaff and Canon Residentiary. Died at Neath 1 Sept. 1897. "A true Welsh patriot and nationalist." Gwyn ei fyd. (fn. 7) Erected by Mrs. Crawshaw Bailey and her daughters, Mrs. Gordon Canning and Mrs. Curre.

Rev. Thomas Lewis, clerk, junior Vicar Choral; ob. 21 June 1843, aet. 52.

Brass. Richard Crawshay Hall, second son of Benjamin Hall of Hensol Castle and Abercarne. Born 28 March 1804. Died 14 Decr. 1884.

Classic marble bier on large pedestal. "In a vault near this place are deposited the remains of Benjamin Hall Esqr of Hensol Castle, Member of Parliament for this County, who died xxxj July MDCCCxvij aged xxxix. To record the high sense they entertained of his industry talents and integrity and as a tribute due to the man whose life was sacrificed to the zealous discharge of his public duties, this monument was erected by a considerable body of the nobility, clergy, gentry and freeholders of the County of Glamorgan."

Arms: Or, a chevron gules; on a chief of the second a martlet of the first.

Brass. Rev. William Bruce, M.A., third son of John Bruce Pryce, Esq., of Duffryn, Glam. Died at Brynderwen, near Usk, 28 March 1894, aet. 77. The window above was erected by the said Rev. William Bruce in memory of his wife, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of the Very Rev. W. D. Conybeare, Dean of Llandaff: Ob. 24 April 1866, aet. 48, and buried at St. Nicholas.

Brass. "In memory of A Great Architect: John Prichard, Restorer of this Cathedral. Born May 6, 1817. Died Octr 13, 1886."

West wall of south aisle:—

Brass. John Harding, M.A., Rector of Coyty and Coychurch; ob. 10 May 1861.

On the south aisle floor, against the westernmost pier.

"Here Lies the Body of Mary Mathew of this Town who died May the 18th 1780, in the 57th year of her age.

Also the Body of her Sister Elizabeth Mathew of the Parish of Leckwith who Departed this Life 3rd February 1797 Aged 76 Years.

And also William Mathew of Fairwater in this Parish, Son of Blethyn Mathew of this Parish, who departed this life 24th November 1830 [?] Aged 61 Years.

Elizabeth Wife of the above William Mathew Died Sep. 16th 1851 [?] Aged 77 Years.

The Churchyard.

West side:—

Mary Anne, wife of Edward Payne, of Cardiff; ob. 1832, aet. 42. Also the above Edward Payne; ob. 1848.

John David; ob. 1835, aet. 89. Also Ann, his wife; ob. 1829, aet. 85. And Richard Thomas; ob. 1836, aet. 59. Richard Thomas, his son; ob. 1840, aet. 24. Elizabeth, widow of Richard Thomas senior; ob. 1869, aet. 95.

John, son of John and Ann David; ob. 1788, aet. 2. Other children. Also the above Ann David; ob. 1829, aet. 85.

. . . . . wife of E . . . . . Gedrych; ob. 10 Jan. 1798 [?], aet. 59.

Catherine wife of Evan Jenkin; ob. 1792, aet. 53. Also Evan Jenkin; ob. 1811, aet. 84.

William son of Morgan John; ob. 1795, aet. 8. Also Ann David; ob. 1840, aet. 57.

Thomas Jenkins; ob. 1825 [?]:—

"Ceisiwch yr Arglwydd tra y gellir ei gael ef, gelwch arno tra fydd ef yn agos." (fn. 8)

William son of Llewelyn and Hannah Thomas; ob. 1820, aet. 12. Also Mary, daughter of the same parents.

"William the son of Terence Magrath died Feb. the 22d 1764 in ye 2d Year of his Age." (fn. 9)

Margaret wife of George Williams; ob. 1805, aet. 38. Others of the same family.

John son of Thomas and Sarah Edward; ob. 1808, aet. II:—

"Parents forbear to mourn & weep
Whilst in my Grave I sweetly sleep."

Also the above Thomas Edward; ob. 1816, aet. 85.

Thomas son of William and Mary Williams, of Ely; ob. 1837, aet. two days:—

"Pwy bynnag ni dderbynio deyrnas Dduw vel dyn bach, nid a efe i mewn iddi." (fn. 10)

Also Mary, wife of Richard Williams; ob. 1841, aet. 69.

Thomas son of Thomas and Hannah Williams; ob. 1841, aet. fourteen months.

Catherine Davies; ob. 1883, aet. 79.

William Richard; ob. 1814, aet. 51. Also Margaret, his wife; ob. 1837, aet. 76.

Edward Evan; ob. 1802, aet. 29.

William Snook; ob. 1844, aet. 31.

William Richards; ob. 1840, aet. 46:—

"Ffarwel, briod anwyl iawn,
Tros ennyd fechan ymadawn.
Henffych! i'r dydd cawn eto gwrdd
Yn Salem fry o ddautu'r bwrdd." (fn. 11)

John Lewis; ob. 1801, aet. 73.

William Watkin, of Cardiff; ob. 1829, aet. 60. Also Joseph Watkin; ob. 1850, aet. 81. Also Henry Naylor Ball; ob. 1839, aet. 1 year and eleven months.

Morgan Thomas; ob. 1825, aet. 67. Also his two infant sons.

Mary, daughter of William Jones; ob. 1797, aet. 1. And Mary, daughter of William Jones; ob. 1806, aet. 8.

William John, of Rhadyr; ob. 1842 [?], aet. 48. [Welsh inscription, almost effaced.]

Jane, wife of William Thomas, of Ely Farm; ob. 1839, aet. 56.

William Hogg; ob. 1835, aet. 47. Also Caroline, his wife. And George James Hogg, their son.

Isaac Lewis "who died upon Goodhope Estate at Trelawny in Jamaica," 1822, aet. 42. Also Hannah, daughter of Thomas Lewis, of this parish; ob. 1825, aet. 6. And Hannah, wife of the above Thomas Lewis; ob. 1827, aet. 40.

Infant children of Miles and Joana Morgan, of Cardiff; ob. 1834 &c.

John Lewis; ob. 1766, aet. 66. Also Jane, his wife; ob. 1773, aet. 72. Also William Lewis, of Pencicely; ob. 1779, aet. 66. And Mary, wife of John Claxson, of Maindy in the parish of St. John's, Cardiff; ob. 1807, aet. 72.

Joan, wife of William Jones; ob. 1763, aet. 64.

Infant children of John and Ann Edmunds; ob. 1847–1849.

Jane, daughter of Thomas and Mary Rees; ob. 1851, aet. 4. Also Jessy, daughter of the same parents; ob. 1856, aet. fourteen months.

Thomas Harris; ob. 1820, aet. 33. Also Elizabeth, his wife, and their infant children.

William Wilton; ob. 1839, aet. 80. Also Elizabeth, his wife.

William, son of William and Sarah Milward; ob. 1835, aet. 16. Also Jane, daughter of the same parents; ob. 1840, aet. 46.

Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Sarah James; ob. 1849, aet. 23:—

"Darllenydd, pwy bynnag yr 'wyt, cais gofio
Mai byr yw'r fuchedd hon, cai 'mado;
Ac am na wyddost pa awr daw Angau,
Cais heddwch Duw, yn enw'r meichiau." (fn. 12)

William Watkins, of Cardiff; ob. 1831, aet. 92. Also his widow and children. And Mary Agnes, daughter of William Bradley and Isabell Watkins, of Cardiff; ob. 1853, aet. 4.

Samuel Jones; ob. 1820, aet. 31. Also Thomas Jones, of Cardiff, Alderman; ob. 1823, aet. 66.

Dinah, wife of John Howe; ob. 1853, aet. 36. Also Thomas, their son; ob. 1857, aet. 9.

Brother James Wilton; ob. 1848, aet. 62. Erected by the Brethren of the Loyal Bute Lodge, U.A.O.D., (fn. 13) Cardiff.

Elizabeth, wife of William Wilton; ob. 1827, aged 71:—

"Grieve not o'er what this Grave contains
It holds not me—but my Remains."

Also the above William Wilton; ob. 1839, aet. 84:—

"Let no Tears of Sorrow be,
Dear Relations, shed for me;
Tho' my earthly Life is gone,
I have found an heav'nly one."


Thomas Lewis, Junior Vicar of this cathedral; ob. 1843.

Slab flat on the ground, near the wall of the south aisle. "This stone is placed here in Remembrance of departed Worth and to record the union of domestic and more extended Virtues with very distinguished Family connections in the Person of Mary Adkin second Daughter of the Rev. Robert Adkin Rector of Rainham in Norfolk England. She died 1st Octr 1805. For the good that she did while living may her remains be undisturbed, until she is called to happiness, we hope in Heaven."

William Harry; ob. 1822, aet. 21. Also William Harry; ob. 1846, aet. 83.

John, son of William Harry; ob. 1806, aet. three months. Also infant children, Jane and Thomas.

Hester Crow; ob. 1803, aet. 72. Also Catherine Crow, sister of the above; ob. 1804, aet. 74.

John, son of John Davy, of Cardiff; ob. 1804, aet 2:—

"Let Parents learn to be Content
When God calls back which were but lent."

Owen Bowen; ob. 1849, aet. 56. Also his infant daughter Anne.

Edmund, son of Thomas and Ann Harman, of Llandaff Bridge Ferry; ob. 1841, aet 19. (fn. 14)

Lucy, wife of John Geake, of Canton, veterinary surgeon, and daughter of Jenkin Harris, Pencisly, farmer; ob. 1847, aet. 42. Also Catherine, their infant daughter.

John, son of Charles White; ob. 1796, aet. ten months.

William Harris; ob. 1827, aet. 24.

Jenkin Harris, of Pencisly; ob. 1854, aet. 76. Also Sarah, daughter of the above; ob. 1863, aet. 64. And Gwenllian, his wife; ob. 1863, aet. 83. Also Mary, daughter of Jenkin Harris and wife of Llewelyn Morgan; ob. 1845, aet. 36.

(Three Welsh verses.)

Thomas Locke; ob. 1834, aet. 33. Also Elizabeth, his widow.

Maria Elizabeth, wife of Josiah John Guest, Esqr, of Dowlais House, Glamorgan; died 14th January 1818, aged 23 years.

James Crawford Ranken; ob. 1818, aet. 18.

John Pride, of Llandaff Mill; ob. 1829, aet. 64. Also Helen, his relict; and Jane, their daughter.

Benjamin Bryant, of Merthyr Tydvil; ob. 1812, aet 36.

Inscription almost concealed by a thick growth of ivy. Rebecka, daughter of John Pride.

Elizabeth, wife of John Pride; ob. 1813.

Mary, daughter of Elizabeth Pride; ob. 1815, aet. 23.

Sarah Hannah, wife of James Williams, of Batley, Yorks.; died at Canton, 1 Oct. 1856, aged 24.

Hugh, son of the Rev. Hugh Williams and Mary his wife; ob. 1831, aet. five months. Also Mary Elizabeth, their eldest daughter; ob. 1834, aet. 8.

(Welsh verses.)

Fine blue slate, coffin-shaped stone, overgrown by turf. Zillah Rebecca, wife of Richard Charles Else, of the city of Bath; ob. 19 April 1851, aet. 20.

Headstone fallen nearly flat on its face. Margaret, wife of John Tyson; ob. 1854. Others of the same family.

Eleanor, daughter of John and Eleanor Jones; ob. 1819, aet. 5.

Juliana, wife of Edward Lewis; ob. 1835, aet. 54. Also their infant daughter Mary; ob. 1819.

Thomas Preece; ob. 1841, aet. 93. Also his wife Elizabeth; ob. 1831, aet. 69.

"Burial Ground of Margaret Griffiths 1803 Aged 96 Years."

Amelia widow of Hopkin Eustace; ob. 1847, aet. 67.

"In Memory of Elizabeth Wife of Hopkin Eustance of this Parish who departed this Life the 17th of March 1807 Aged 39 Years:—

"Dedwuddach uw na'r Buw yny Bud
O afael Pob ruw ofud." (fn. 15)

Also the above Hopkin Eustance, "malster"; ob. 1821 [?], aet. 58.

Evan Hopkins; ob. 1848, aet. 70. Also his wife Elizabeth; ob. 1855, aet. 74. Also their son William; ob. 1822, aet. 10. And their daughter Elizabeth; ob. 1826, aet. 2. Also William, son of William and Jane Evans, late of London; ob. 1838, aet. 24:—

"A soul resign'd, a mind contented,
He liv'd belov'd and died lamented."

Adam Davies, mercer, of Cardiff; ob. 1837, aet. 33. Also Amelia, his wife; ob. 1836, aet. 41. And John Eustance, their son; ob. 1833, infant.

Cecilia, wife of Edward Thomas; ob. 1838, aet. 23.

Elizabeth, wife of Edward Thomas; ob. 1834, aet. 48. Also Abraham, their son; ob. 1844, aet. 21. And other children died infants, 1816 etc.

Rebecca, daughter of Thomas and Mary Edmunds; ob. 1822, aet. 1. Also the above Thomas Edmunds; ob. 1830, aet. 45:—

"Am hyny byddwch chwithau barod." (fn. 16)

William, son of Robert and Mary Short; ob. 1813, aet. nine months:—

"Seek diligently, watch & pray,
And always mind your dying day."

William Llewellin, of Canton; ob. 1835, aet. 46. Also his two infant daughters.

Mary, daughter of Jane and Edward [sic] Robins; ob. 1820, aet. 2. (fn. 17)

George Ashburner, of Tilgate in the county of Sussex, eldest son of Luke and Sarah Price Ashburner; ob. 1869, aet. 59. Also his mother.

John Thomas; ob. 1817, aet. 47. Also his wife Sarah. And John, their infant son.

"Sacred to the Memory of Thomas Holden Ormerod, Fellow of New College, Oxford; who Departed this Life the 14th of September 1818, Aged 24 Years."

(Verse of Scripture.)

Mary, wife of William Thomas; ob. 1849, aet. 36. Also Hannah, their daughter; ob. 1850, infant.

Overgrown with thick ivy. Joan, wife of Henry Morgan, of PwllCoch; ob. 1809, aet. 66.

Lewis Rees; ob. 1812, aet. 32.

George Kent; ob. 1849. Also his two infant daughters by his wife Jane.

Ann, wife of Rees Hopkin; ob. 1806, aet. 47. Also Rees their son; ob. 1794, aet. 2.

Joan wife of Evan Lewelin; ob. 1812, aet. 49.

John Franklin; ob. 1819, aet. 79.

Rachel, wife of John Franklin; ob. 1829, aet. 79.

"John Franklin, of Cricklade, Wilts., Gardener to Admiral Mathews of Landaff Court"; ob. 23 June 1766, aet. 52.

Ann, daughter of Philip Thomas; ob. 1842, aet. 23.

Margaret, wife of John Griffith; ob. 1823, aet. 23.

Ann, wife of Abraham Rees; ob. 1840, aged 86.

Joan, wife of Thomas Miller; ob. 1842, aet. 63.

Infant children of William and Catherine Williams; ob. 1809 etc.

Jane North; ob. 1807, aet. 21.

Sarah Ann, daughter of William and Sarah Clode, of Cardiff; ob. 1858, aet. 1.

Mary Brown; ob. 1818, aet. 76.

Hopkin Jenkins; ob. 1829, aet. 46. And others of the same family.

John Owen, of Cardiff; ob. 1876, aet. 70. Also his wife Maria; ob. 1876, aet. 58. And seven infant children; ob. 1839–1851.

Maria, wife of Thomas H. Lowder, of Cardiff; ob. 1852, aet. 56. Also their infant daughter.

David Richards, of Cardiff, carpenter; ob. 1816, aet. 82. Also his wife and children.

Nine infant children of David and Margaret Lewis; ob. 1819– 1839. Also the above Margaret Lewis; ob. 1844, aet. 47. Also the above David Lewis, Alderman, J.P., of Cardiff; ob. 1860, aet. 64. Also their son Frederick; ob. 1870, aet. 33. Also their son Joseph; ob. 1883, aet. 52. Also Jeremiah, son of Joseph and Mary Lewis; ob. 1863, aet. 62. And others of the same family.

John, son of John and Amelia Thomas; ob. 1793, aet. 41. [?] And others of the same family; inscription effaced.

I.N. [cross mark] R.I. . . . . . Smith, of Newport, aged ten months. Also the abovenamed Jennet Smith; ob. 1847, aet. 40.

Thomas Miles, cordwainer; ob. 1828, aet. 55. Also Margaret, his wife:—

"Does yma ond y corph o glai
Mae'r enaid fry yn llawenhau." (fn. 18)

Charles, son of Henry and Mary Watters; ob. 1854. Also the above Mary Watters. And others of the same family.

Ann, infant daughter of John and Susanna Harris, of Cardiff; ob. 1833.

Margaret, daughter of Thomas and Ann John; ob. 1836, aet, 8.

Morgan Lewellin, of Radyr; ob. 1834, aet. 26.

Edward George, of Cardiff; ob. 24 Sept. 1743, aet. 38. Also Mary, his wife; ob. 1759, aet. 50. And Dorothy, their daughter; ob. 1780, aet. 50. Also Ann, daughter of Margaret John, of Cardiff; ob. 1782, aet. eighteen months.

Lewis, son of Charles Lewis, tin plate worker, of Cardiff, by Margaret, his wife; ob. inf. 1777. Also the above Margaret; ob. 1778, aet. 27. And Margaret, their infant daughter; ob. 1781.

Edward Thomas, "of the parish of St John Baptist in Cardiff, Tyler"; ob. 10 May 1776, aet. 57.

Ann, daughter of Edward Thomas, of this parish; ob. 1753, aet. 5. Also Margaret, his wife; ob. 1774, aet. 58:—

"Meek was her Temper
modest was her life
A tender Mother
and a Vertuous Wife."

Freestone slab flat on the ground, near the churchyard cross. "Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth Thomas the wife of Edward Charles of Eley in this parish deceased the 29th day of Oct. An[n]o Dn[n]i 1659 aged 36." [A later inscription illegible.]

Mary, daughter of William Lewis; ob. . . aet. 18. Also . . . ob. 1768, aet. 52.

(Welsh verses.)

[Further inscription illegible, the slab broken in pieces.]

Richard Preece; ob. 1841. Also Elizabeth, his widow; ob. 1857, aet. 46.

(Welsh verses.)

Joan, wife of Samuel Owen, of Canton; ob. 1766, aet. 60.

(The socket of the ancient churchyard cross lies on the ground near the modern one.)

Charles . . . . . "Tin Plate worker"; ob. [circa 1790], aet. 29.

John Jonas, formerly of Pwllcoch; ob. 1893, aet. 65. Also Alice, his wife; ob. 1898, aet. 71. And children.

Mary, daughter of Francis Williams, of Wenvoe; ob. 1804, aet. 69.

William Stephens; ob. 1830, aet. 76. Also Mary, his relict; ob. 1831, aet. 80.

John Stephens, ob. 1815; aet. 93.

David Jenkins, of Ely; ob. 1772, aet. 36. Also Jane, wife of David Jenkins [junior.] And David Jenkins; ob. 1825, aet. 77. Also Thomas David, of Ely, son-in-law of the "abovenamed" David Jenkins; ob. 1850, aet. 77.

Obelisk within an iron railing. Edmund Edwards, of Ely, wheelwright; born 1782, died 1852. Descendants. Philip Evan, of Ely, engineer; born 1776, died 1848. And others of the same family.

Vault railed, on the slope under the north wall of Ty Gwyn. Elizabeth, wife of J. B. Woods; ob. 1853, aet. 71. Also J. B. Woods, forty-eight years Governor of the County Gaol at Cardiff; ob. 1872, aet. 86. (fn. 19) Also William Woods, their son; ob. 1874, aet. 56. And Elizabeth, their daughter; ob. 1885, aet. 73. Also Esther, wife of W. Luke Evans, and daughter of the above J. B. Woods; ob. 1891, aet. 68. Also John Woods, "eldest son of above;" ob. 1856, aet. 12. Also James Watts Woods, "son of the lastnamed John Woods;" ob. 1862, aet. 18.

Three infant sons of Edward and Sarah Ann Whiffen. Also the above Sarah Ann Whiffen; ob. 1885, aet. 56. And the above Edward Whiffen; (fn. 20) ob. 27 Dec. 1897, aet. 78.

Charles Denroche, native of Kilkenny, Ireland; ob. 1855, aet. 33. Also Caroline Annette, his daughter; ob. 1848, aet. 1.

Abraham, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Harding, of Cardiff; ob. 1854, aet. 21.

Jane, wife of John Richard; ob. 1821, aet. 28. Also the above John Richard; ob. 1835, aet. 40.

Hugh Steele, of Llandaff Yard, hay merchant; ob. 1840, aet. 47.

Jane, wife of Hugh Steele; ob. 1835, aet. 38. Also their two infant sons.

Walter, second son of Thomas Edward and Hannah Heath; ob. 1855, aet. 6. Also Margaret, their infant daughter.

. . . . . ne, daughter of . . . . . Rosser; ob. 177 . . . Also others of the same family.

George Rosser; ob. 1792, aet 60.

Thomas Gibbon, of Ely: ob. 1826, aet. 60. Also Charles, his son; ob. 1831, aet. 25. Ann, his daughter; ob. 1852, aet. 41. Jane, his widow; ob. 1853, aet. 83. And Cecil, their daughter; ob. 1853, aet. 50.

Thomas Harry, of Canton; ob. 1833, aet. 36. Also Elizabeth, his wife. And Henry, their son; ob. 1847, aet. 24.

Miles John; ob. 1818, aet. 46. Also two infant sons.

Thomas Phillips, of Canton; ob. 1848, aet. 25.

Jennet, daughter of William and Mary John; ob. 1848, aet. 23. Also Mary Ann, sister; ob. 1849, aet. 33.

William John; ob. 1826, aet. 45. Also Mary, his wife; ob. 1854, aet. 75. Also Evan, their infant son; ob. 1817.

William Llewellyn; ob. [circa 1840]. (Almost effaced.)

John William; ob. [circa 1840.]

Thomas Roberts; ob. 1835, aet. 28.

William Roberts, of Landaff Bridge Farm; ob. 1796, aet. 54. Also Jane, his wife. And others of the same family.

Thomas Whittingham, gent., formerly of Kentish Town in the county of Middlesex; ob. 1819, aet. 61. Also Miss Savage; ob. 1843, aet. 51. And Mrs Anne Whittingham, relict of the above Thomas; ob. 1844, aet. 84.

Edward Thomas; ob. 1809, aet. 69. Also Mary, his wife.

Philip, son of William and Mary David; ob. 1819, aet. 3.

Eliza Ballantyne; ob. 1847, aet. 27.

Ann Traunton, native of Bath; ob. 1837, aet. 88.

Hannah, daughter of Richard and Hannah Richards; ob. 1843, aet. 23.

Thomas Richards; ob. 1830, aet. 65. Also Mary, his wife; ob. 1803, aet. 48.

Evan Llewelyn; ob. 1885, aet. 82. Also Jane, his widow; ob. 1886, aet. 77. Also Hannah, his second wife; ob. 1844, aet. 58.

Also Evan, his son; ob. 1862, aet. 12. And John, his eldest son; ob. 1868, aet. 31.

Elizabeth, wife of Evan Llewelyn; ob. 1832, aet. 60. Also John, his son; ob. 1835, aet. 21. Also the above Evan Llewelyn; ob. 1853, aet. 79. And William, his son; ob. 1877, aet. 79.

Edmund Lewis; ob. 1849, aet. 38.

Margaret, wife of William Evans; ob. 1833, aet. 54. Also the above William Evans; ob. 1856, aet. 73. And Mary, their infant daughter.

Headstone with inscription, hardly legible, to William and other children of William and Hanna Evan, of Whitchurch; 1826, etc. Also a slab lying flat:—William Evan; ob. 1796, aet. 42. Also four infant sons of the above William Evan, by Hannah, his wife.

John Jenkins, of Ely Mills, late of Organford, Dorsetshire; ob. 1844, aet. 27.

Charles Jones; ob. 1810.

William, son of Thomas and Cecilia Jenkins; ob. 1815, aet. 11.

Thomas Jenkins; ob. 1849, aet. 55.

(Welsh verse.)

[cross mark] John Adams, of Canton; ob. 4 Jan. 1855:—

"Friend of my Soul, Farewell!"


Mary, daughter of John and Elizabeth Lewis; ob. 1777, aet. 8. Also the above John Lewis; ob. 1807, aet. 62.

Miles, son of John Williams, Surgeon; ob. 1767, aet. 21. Also Ann, wife of the above John Williams; ob. 1777, aet. 56. Also the above Mr John Williams; ob. 1778, aet. 80. And John Williams, Esq., son of the above Mr John Williams; ob. 1815, aet. 76.

Sarah Morgan; ob. 1811, aet. 78.

Thomas Rosser, tiler; ob. 1844, aet. 68.

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Rosser, tiler; ob. 1832, aet. 58.

Thomas, son of Ebenezer and Frances Miles; ob. 1839, aet. 4. Also the above Frances Miles.

Mary, wife of Henry Hicks; ob. 1807, aet. 72.

John, son of Edmund and Amelia Lewis; ob. 1814, aet. 3. Also the above Edmund Lewis; ob. 1815, aet. 44.

Margaret, daughter of David and Mary Phillips, of Cardiff; ob. 1833.

John, son of John and Ann Prees; ob. 1811, infant. Also the above Ann Prees; ob. 1820, aet. 32.

Sarah, daughter of Lewis Williams; ob. 1774, aet 34. Also Mary, wife of Mr William Williams, of Cardiff, sadler; ob. 1820, aet. 80.

Harriot, daughter of James and Jemima Miles; ob. 1818, infant.

Kate, wife of Henry Paramore, Esq., Surveyor of Taxes for this County; ob. at Cardiff 1846, aet. 30:—

"Deeply lamented by her sorrowing Husband and Friends to whom she
was much endeared by her affectionate and amiable disposition."

John Thomas, brewer and maltster, of Cardiff (late of Ely); ob. 1842, aet. 38. Also Henry, his son; ob. 1843, infant. Ann, his daughter; ob. 1844, infant. Edward Williams, of Cardiff, his nephew; ob. 1853, aet. 33. Samuel, son of the above John Thomas; ob. 1854, aet. 19. William, son of the same father; ob. 1863, aet. 25. Thomas, another son; ob. 1865, aet. 25. And Elizabeth, wife of John Thomas; ob, at Llandudno, North Wales, 1865, aet. 59.

William, son of Griffith and Catherine David, of Ely Mills; ob. 1845, infant. Also Jane and Mary, infant daughters. Ann David; ob. at Canton 1864, aet 10. Jane, wife of William Jones and daughter of the above Griffith and Catherine David; ob. at Ely Mills 1875, aet. 25. The above Griffith David; ob. at Caerau 1876, aet. 61. And Catherine, his widow; ob. at Canton 1892, aet. 77.

Lewis Morgan, of Canton; ob. 1854, aet. 67.

"Yna dychwel y pridd i'r ddaear fel y bu, ac y dychwel yr ysbryd at
Dduw yr hwn a'i rhoes ef." (fn. 21)

Sarah, wife of John John; ob. 1817, aet. 51.

Margaret, wife of John Davies; ob. 1844, aet. 61.

Headstone sunk very deep into the ground. Miles Gabriel; ob. 1819.

Evan Morgan, of Canton, sculptor, who died of an apoplectic seizure 1830, aet. 56.

Henry . . . . . . [Go]odfellow; ob. 1856.

Agness, daughter of Joseph and Mary Norman; ob. 1847, aet. one day. Also James, their son; ob. 1851, infant. And the above Mary Norman; ob. 1855, aet. 40.

James Wixey; ob. 1850, aet. 7. Also Margaret Wixey; ob. 1852, aet. 5. And Fanny Wixey; ob. 1859, aet. 19; children of James and Anne Wixey.

Howell, son of Howell and Mary Ann Williams; ob. 1851, aet. 7. "Also other infants."

Richard, son of William and Ann Williams; ob. 1849, aet. 3.

Thomas James; ob. 1823, aet. 39. Also Job, son of the above; ob. 1851, aet. 32.

John Conway; ob. 1815, aet. 30.

Griffith David; ob. 1804, aet. 29. Also Griffith, son of the above; ob. 1805, aet. 2.

Ann, wife of William Evan, sawyer; ob. 1806, aet. 37. Also Catherine, their infant daughter. And the above William Evan; ob. 1841, aet. 72.

John Jenkin; ob. 1823, aet. 27.

John Eustance, farmer; ob. 1827, aet. 62. Also Mary, his relict; ob. 1831, aet. 75.

William Humphreys, Esq., of Penhill House; ob. 1850, aet. 86. Also Thomas, son of the late Christopher and Catherine Williams, of Ely House, brother-in-law of the above William Humphreys; ob. 1872, aet. 56. And Elizabeth Purchase, widow of the above William Humphreys; ob. at Dowlais 1888, aet. 85.

Lydia Pride, second daughter of Christopher and Catherine Williams; ob. 1835, aet. 34. Also Christopher Williams, their eldest son; ob. 1842, aet. 47. Edward Williams, of Ely, his brother; ob. 1865, aet. 52. And Jane, wife of the lastnamed; ob. 1880, aet. 60.

Christopher Williams, of Ely House, gent.; ob. 1826, aet. 71. Also Catherine, his relict; ob. 1850, aet. 75. Ellen Williams, their daughter; ob. 1878, aet. 67. And William, their son; ob. at Glynteg, Ely, 1886, aet. 67.

William Griffith; ob. 1824, aet. 48. Also Elizabeth, his wife; ob. 1843, aet. 78. William, their infant son. And Ann, their infant daughter; ob. 1814.

Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary Pamplin; ob. 1828, infant. Also the above Mary Pamplin; ob. 1841, aet. 37.

Thomas Pamplin; ob. 1842.

Elizabeth, wife of John Phillips, of Whitchurch; ob. 1835, aet. 30.

Edmund John Bowen, of Whitchurch; ob. 1848, aet. 61.

William Summerwill, native of Ilfracombe, Devonshire; ob. 1845, aet. 26. Erected by his wife.

Edward Griffiths; ob. 1845, aet 65. Also Margaret, his wife; ob. 1848, aet. 69. And Martha, their daughter; ob. 1823, aet. 3.

Sarah, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Goodfellow; ob. 1836, aet. 21. Also the above Elizabeth; ob. 1854, aet. 69.

. . . . . . daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Goodfellow; ob. 1843, aet. 23.

William Thomas; ob. 1847, aet. 54. Also Ann, his widow; ob. 1856, aet. 63.

William David; ob. 1816, aet. 65. Also Mary, his wife; ob. 1835, aet. 84.

Charlote, daughter of John John, of Cardiff; ob. 1816, aet. 18.

Mary, daughter of John and Mary Oram, of Cardiff; ob. 1808, infant. Also Jane, sister; ob. 1811, infant.

Samuel, son of William and Elizabeth Griffiths, of Ely; ob. 1839, aet. 2. Also Thomas, son of the same parents; ob. 1856.

Mr. Jonathan Blacklock; born at N . . . . thead, Cumberland, 1800; ob. 1847.

East of Chapter House:—

David Howell, of Canton; ob. 1811, aet. 88.

John Jonas, wheelwright; ob. 1834, aet. 69. Also Ann, widow of John Jonas; ob. 1862, aet. 79. John Jonas, wheelwright, son of the above John and Ann; ob. 1848, aet. 55. Ann, relict of John Jonas; ob. 1867, aet. 69. Mary Jonas; ob. 1882, aet. 81. Margaret, daughter of "the said John Jonas"; ob. 1791, infant. Margaret, "his" daughter; ob. 1812, aet. 17. Thomas Jonas, his grandson; ob. 1831, infant. Mary Jonas, his granddaughter; ob. 1836, aet. 4. And Margaret Jonas; ob. 1887, aet. 53.

Richard Watkin; ob. 17 .... Also Mary, his wife; ob. 1750, aet. 68. Jane William; ob. 1760, aet. 82. And Anne, wife of William Howell; ob. 1804, aet. 80.

James, son of James Morgan; ob. 1801, infant.

William Tilling; ob. 1813, aet. 34.

Edward David of Radyr Court, son of Evan David of Fairwater, gent.; ob. 1819, aet. 28. Also Edward David, clerk, B.C.L., only son of the above Edward David; ob. 1850, aet. 32.

Jane, daughter of Evan and Barbara David; ob. 1759, aet. 1. Also the above Evan David; ob. 1761, aet. 37. The above Barbara; ob. 1802, aet. 88. And Evan Williams David, esq., of Fairwater House; ob. 1872, aet. 37.

Evan David of Fairwater, gent.; ob. 1814, aet. 59. Also Anne, eldest daughter of Evan and Anne David of Fairwater House; ob. 1857, aet. 43. Evan David of Fairwater House; ob. 1862, aet. 73. And Anne, wife of the lastnamed Evan David; ob. 1867, aet. 80.

Lewis Thomas, of Fairwater; ob. 1753, aet. 69. Also Elizabeth, wife of Evan David of Fairwater; ob. 1787, aet. 27. Evan, infant son of the above Evan and Elizabeth David. Lewis, son of the above Lewis Thomas; ob. 1795, aet. 81. And Mary Anne, wife of Evan David of Radyr Court; born 1826, died 1851.

Almost perished, and concealed by a yew tree. William Daniel [circa 1840].

William, son of George Price; ob. 1804, infant. Also the above George Price; ob. 1807, aet. 39. And Alice, his wife; ob. 1841, aet. 69.

John Lewis; ob. 1803, aet. 36. Also Ann, his daughter; ob. 1802, infant.

John Richards; ob. 1791, aet. 77.

Cruciform bier-shaped monument, on platform, surmounted by a crucifix and implements of the Passion. Richard Prichard, clerk, B.D. (Oxon.); born at Collenna 1772, ob. at Llandaff 1856; Senior Vicar Choral Also John Prichard, architect, restorer of this cathedral, youngest son of the said Richard Prichard; born 6 May 1817, died 13 October 1886. Jane Catherine, the youngest danghter; born 1818, died 1861. Eleanor Ann; born 1804, died 1882. And Decima; born 1814, died 1896.

Catherine, wife of Thomas William; ob. 1775, aet. 39. Also Thomas William; ob. 1782, aet. 47.

Philip Evan; ob. 1761, aet. 59. Also Jane, his wife; ob. 1761. And others of the same family.

Jane, wife of Samuel Woodhouse; (fn. 22) ob. 1765, aet. 47.

Frances, wife of Thomas Miles; ob. 1815, aet. 30. Also Ann, their infant daughter.

Anne, daughter of Robert and Mary Savours; ob. 1750, infant. Other infant children. Also the above Mary Savours; ob. 1784, aet. 57.

John, son of Robert and Mary Savours, of Cardiff; ob. 1766, aet. 2. Also Robert, son of the same parents; ob. 1782, aet. 27.

"William Davies of this Parish Gent. Dyed the 4th of May 1755."

John, son of Edward and Mary Sant; ob. 1840.

Sarah Evans, widow of Richard Evans of T . . . . Park in this county, gent.; ob. 1836, aet. fifty . . . . Also Thomas Brown Evans, son of James Evans by Margaret Maria, his wife; ob. 1836.

Lewis Charles; ob. 1768, aet. 93. Also Lewis Charles junior; ob. 1786, aet. 67. Lewis and John, infant sons of Richard Evans of Pentrebane in the parish of St. Fagans, gent., by Sarah, his wife. And the above Richard Evans; ob. 1829, aet. 49.

Jennet, wife of Lewis Charles; ob. 1760, aet. 78. Also Anne, wife of Richard Evans; ob. 1786, aet. 73. Mary, daughter of William and Elizabeth Evans of Fairwater; ob. 1828, aet. 13. James, son of the above William and Elizabeth Evans; ob. 1834, aet. 25. The above William Evans; ob. 1835, aet. 52. Jane, his daughter; ob. 1844, aet. 21. And the above Elizabeth Evans; ob. 1855, aet. 71.

Mr Thomas Charles, junior Vicar of this church and Vicar of Pendaulwyn; ob. 1764, aet. 55. Also Richard Evans, yeoman; ob. 1779, aet. 72. Alice, wife of the above Mr James Evans; ob. 1793, aet. 45. And the above Mr James Evans; ob 1806, aet. 56.

North side (east to west):—

James Lewis; ob. 1855. Also Charlotte, his wife; ob. 1855. And Eustatia Donelly Homfray, their niece; ob. 1854.

Sarah Bruce Campbell; ob. 1846, aet. 2. [Further inscriptions almost illegible.]

John B. By Matthews, of Canton; ob. 1859, aet. 31.

"Henry Bird junior, of Cardiff, who was extensively employed as a plumber at the commencement of the restoration of this cathedral"; ob. 1856, aet. 35. Also his widow, and their infant son.

William David, of Gabalva; ob. 1857, aet. 57.

Elizabeth, wife of Richard Hollier Parris; ob. 1847 at Llandaff Lodge, aet. 45. Also the said Richard Hollier Parris.

Edmund Rees; ob. 1854, aet. 63. Also Edmund James, son of the above Edmund Rees by Sarah, his wife; ob. 1850, aet. 32.

Henry Phillips, of Cardiff (late of Chepstow); ob. 1842, aet. 57. Also Emily, his youngest daughter; ob. 1842, aet. 12.

George Thomas, (fn. 23) High Constable of Kibbor, Assistant Overseer of Llandaff and Canton; born 1821, died 1898 June 22. Also Elizabeth, his wife; born 1822, died 1897. Four infant children of the above. And Moses Thomas, brother of the above George; ob. 1864, aet. 40.

Most of the interments on the north side of the cathedral are too recent for the purposes of this work. All the legible inscriptions on the other sides, however, are included in this collection, which is the result of much labour, physical as well as mental, on the writer's part.


  • 1. He is buried in Breconshire.
  • 2. Pray for the souls of William Mathew, knight, who died on the tenth day of March in the year of our Lord 1528; also of Janet, his wife, who gave back her soul to God at Radir on the . . . . of the month of . . . . in the year of our Lord 1530. Upon whose souls may God have mercy. Amen.
  • 3. Welsh. "What God willeth will be."
  • 4. Pray for the souls of Christopher Mathew, esquire, and of Elizabeth, his wife; which said Elizabeth died on the last day but one of January in the year of our Lord 1526, and the aforesaid Christopher died on the . . . . day of . . . . in the year of our Lord 152.... Upon whose souls may God have mercy. Amen.
  • 5. Thomas, most dear son of Thomas Davies, gentleman, by his wife Gwenllian, died 23 July in the year of Our Lord 1723, aged 10. Gwenllian, wife of Thomas Davies, gentleman, died 21 April in the year of Salvation 1741, aged 50.
  • 6. Welsh. "He shall not die for ever."
  • 7. Welsh. "Blessed is he."
  • 8. Welsh. "Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near."
  • 9. See entry of his baptism at Saint John's, Cardiff, ante, p. 442.
  • 10. Welsh. "Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, shall not enter therein."
  • 11. Welsh. "Farewell, wellbeloved spouse, For a brief space we part. Hail to the day when we shall meet again, In Salem on high, around the table."
  • 12. Welsh. "Reader, whoever thou art, remember that this life is short—thou wilt depart; and, for that thou knowest not at what hour Death shall come, seek the peace of God, in the name of the Surety."
  • 13. United Ancient Order of Druids.
  • 14. This inscription will soon disappear by the peeling of the surface, which is merely a coating of cement. The same is the case with a large proportion of the stones of this period.
  • 15. Welsh. "He is happier than those who are living in the world; out of the reach of every kind of grief."
  • 16. Welsh. "Therefore be ye also ready."
  • 17. To read this inscription, I had to remove an ant-hill; to the great contentment of a robin, which immediately came and ate up the ants' eggs, quite fearless of my presence.
  • 18. Welsh. "Here's nothing but the corpse of clay; The soul's above, rejoicing aye."
  • 19. See ante, p. 520, his and his son William's memorials in Saint John's church, Cardiff. There is a difference in certain figures of the dates and ages, to be accounted for by the difficulty of closely inspecting the inscriptions.
  • 20. Mayor of Cardiff, 1869–70.
  • 21. Welsh. "Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return to God who gave it."
  • 22. The slab is split laterally through the second half of the surname, and the stone is otherwise much damaged.
  • 23. The late Mr. George Thomas, of Ely Farm, was a yeoman of the good old type. He was the last who used oxen for ploughing, in this neighbourhood, an ancient practice which he discontinued only about the year 1850. Mr. Thomas, whom I knew well, had an immense fund of information on local matters, relating to olden times, and could sing the old Welsh tribanau, or topical songs, wherewith the Glamorgan ploughmen were wont to cheer their toiling oxen. He was father to Councillor Illtyd Thomas.