Memorial inscriptions: Llandough and Penarth churches and churchyards

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Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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Llandough Churchyard.

Fragment of headstone. Mary, daughter of Nicholas Morgan [circa 1630.]

In memory of Edward Vaughan, of this parish, gent.; ob. 2 June 1722, aet. 79 years. Also of Edmond, son of Edmond Vaughan, of this parish, gent.; ob. 9 October 1736, aet. 9 months. Also of Edmond, second son of Edmond Vaughan; ob. 6 February 1738, aet. 14 months. Also of Mary Vaughan; ob. 3 November 1767, aet. 23 years.

Edmond Vaughan, of this parish, gent.; ob. 2 May 1770, aet. 79. Also Grace, his wife; ob. 2 November 1776, aet 73.

Ricardus Vaughan, armiger, qui obiit apud Cardiff, 12 Augusti, 1835, aet. sui 56. Et Sara, uxor eius, qui obiit apud Londinum, 5 Februarij 1876, ætatis sui 86. (fn. 1)

Mary, wife of Morgan Matthew, of the parish of Lecwydd; (fn. 2) ob. 1821, aet. 52. Also the said Morgan Matthew; ob. 9 February 1835, aet. 74.

(Welsh verse.)

Several headstones of Matthews, in the 19th century.

A slab marked with a long incised and gradiated cross (? 16th century.) No inscription.

Celtic cross, of polished granite; no carved ornamentation. James Andrew Corbett; b. 24 August 1846, d. 6 November, 1890. Also Vincent Edward Corbett; b. 27 March 1879, d. 15 March 1891.


From the Middle Hill MSS., Cardiff Free Library. Vol. 19880. "Collections for Pembrokeshire."

One of several pages of pencil writing. Circa 1860.

St. Augustine's Church, Penarth, Glamorgan.

The old Church is a small building and in a very dilapidated state, with a tower at the west end. It is about to be pulled down.


Under the chancel window:—

In memory of Archibald Sinclare [&c; vide infra.]

Sacred to the memory of John Paull Minchin late Captain of the 38th Regiment who died at Kymin in this parish September 15th 1853 aged 64 years.

In memory of Barnaby Robert Insole Esq. of Cardiff died at Penarth Oct. 23rd 1858, aged 30. Also Robert Ohier born May 7th 1838 died Feb. 5th 1850. Also Julia Antionette October 29th 1855 (fn. 3) died Dec. 4th 1852, children of the aforesaid Robert [sic] Barnaby Insole.


Gwyn ei fyd y neb y maddeuwyd ei drosedd ac y cuddiwyd ei bechod. (fn. 4) In memory of Florence wife of Thomas John in this parish; died Septr 6th 1811, aged 66 years. Also the above named Thomas Jones who departed this life July 22nd 1826, aged 83 years.

Arms: A lion rampant.

Anthony, son of William Mathews, Cogan Pill in the parish of Llandough, Gent; died May 1st 1750, aged 21 months. Elizabeth his wife, died May 9th 1750, aged 31. Eleanor their daughter, died Aug. 30th 1769, aged 25 years. Also the said William Mathew who died Novr 1st 1803, aged 91. "A Fyno Dduw fydd." (fn. 5)

Guenllian, wife of Rosser Thomas, of this parish; died 16th Aug. 1807, aged 90. For the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall rise.

In memory of Stephen Young, of Wenvoe in this County, who died 26th of Janry 1792, aged 72 years.

In memory of Margaret, daughter of Rowland Hopkin, Gent. and Mary his wife; who died October 4th 1786, aged 6 months. Also of Thomas their son, who died Oct. 22nd 1795, aged 18 months:—

"Within four feet of this there lie
Two babes are blest above the sky
Their stay on earth was very short
Their parents' grief was great
Yet happy must these infants be
To live with saints eternally."

A Selection of Tombstone inscriptions in Penarth Churchyard, noted 8 February 1898.

These tombstones are all near the old churchyard cross. The present church is not orientated; the chancel faces south. The churchyard is full of fragments of tooled stone, the materials of the old church.

Thomas & Florence Watters. He died 1760, aged 55; she d. 1781, aged 73. Also relatives of a later generation.

Against the west wall of the present church lies, with its foot to the south, a bier-shaped pre-Reformation gravestone, with chamfered edges. Long slender cross incised in outline, with floriated terminations to the limbs. (fn. 6)

Henry Giles, of Penarth Inn; died 32, aged 1836. Also his son, Henry Giles; ob. 1838, aet. 5.

Against the south side of the platform of the churchyard cross:—

Arms: Per fess: In chief, a chevronel; in the dexter canton a lion rampant to the sinister. In basc. 3 cups.

A flat stone on the ground. "John Phillip, of ys Parish"; died 1754, aged 84. Also Sara, his wife.

Vault. Henry Llewellyn, of Lavernock; died 1804, aged 53. Also Thomas, his son; died 1805, aged 26:—

"Dan gudd mae fym grudd mewn grô—ar waelod
Oer wely 'rwy heno.
Haul leued Ieuenctyd ca'n druain dro.
'N iach heddyw chwi ddewch iddo." (fn. 7)

[cross mark] Jeremiah Theobald Murphy; died 1894, aged 65. Also Ellen Jane, his wife; died 1895. Also their children, Patrick Christian, Helena, Daniel Joseph, Mary Agnes.

Vault. Richard John, farmer, of Cwrt y Fil in this parish; died 1855, aged 32.

(Welsh scripture-text, indistinct.)

Flat stone, broken across. "Margaret, daughter of William Phillip & Mary his wife, of ye Parish of Sully"; died 1781. Also the said William Phillip; died 1781. And others of the same family.

Vault, inscription on top stone. "In Memory of Archibald Sinclair, of the Town of Cardiff, who was one of the Harbingers of His Majesty George the 3d & a justly celebrated & scientific Botanist. He died October the 7, 1795, aged 64 years." (fn. 8)

Against the north wall of the churchyard:—

Margaret Recovery, infant daughter of William and Euphemia Tolmir; born at sea, 1873, died same year.

From Penarth churchyard there is a magnificent panorama, looking eastward. The town of Cardiff lies at the spectator's feet, spread out like a map, with the fairway into the rivers Taff and Ely, and the dark, round hills of Glamorgan and Gwent behind. To the south, the watery horizon is closed by the blue hills of Somersetshire, with the towns of Weston and Clevedon gleaming white on the distant English shore.


  • 1. Richard Vaughan, esquire, who died at Cardiff, 2 August 1835, aged 56. And Sarah, his wife, who died in London, 5 February 1876, aged 86.
  • 2. Leckwith.
  • 3. Sic. Quaere 1835 ?
  • 4. Welsh. "Blessed is the man whose transgression is pardoned and whose sin is blotted out."
  • 5. Welsh. "What God willeth, will be." (Motto of the Mathew family.)
  • 6. This gravestone formed the step at the entrance to the chancel of the old church. (See Archaeol. Journal, 1848; Vol. V., p. 336.)
  • 7. Welsh. "Covered is my face in gravel; on the ground—a cold bed—am I this night. Let the sun shine on youth; they, poor things, will have (their) turn. (Though you be) in health to-day, you will come to him."
  • 8. And see ante., p. 533.