Council Minutes: Extracts from Town Book, 1711-21

Pages 176-217

Cardiff Records: Volume 4. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1903.

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Extracts from the Cardiff Town Book. No. 5. 1711–1777.

This is a quarto paper volume, well bound in stamped vellum. It is the oldest book in the possession of the Corporation; but that preceding volumes have been lost, appears from the fact that the present one is marked on the outside of the cover "N° 5 F," in writing of apparently the commencement of the 19th century. The contents are Minutes of Council, Churchwardens' Accounts, Terriers, Admissions of Freemen, and Miscellanea. The first few pages are in the neat, clerkly handwriting of Town Clerk Michael Richards.

Overseers' Accounts for St. Mary's.

The Acct of John New & Christopher Hugh Overseers of ye Poor of the Parish of S. Marys in the Towne of Cardiff aforesd for part of the year 1711 & part of 1712 as follth Vizt

Charge. The Toll of the Rate amounts to 35. 9. 11½
Discharge. Paid the Poor as follth
Paid ym 48 Weeks att 12s. p' Week 28. 16. 6
Pd ym 5 Weeks att 13s. p' Week 03. 5. 0

Vacancys & Uncollecc'ons

Mr Wm Richards a house 0. 7. 6
Gabll Lewis Esqre the Like 0. 2. 3
Wm Peterick for a house 0. 0. 3
Mr Wm Richards for a house 0. 0.
Chr Mathews Aldn for a house 0. 0. 9
Mr ffennell for a house 0. 1. 6
Geo. Stephens Esqre for a Garden 0. 0.
Mary Sweet or Tents for a house 0. 0. 7
Thos Powell for a house & Gardn 0. 1.
Wm Harry for a Barne & Orchard 0. 0. 9
Charles Davies for a Garden 0. 0. 7
Thos Phillips for a house 0. 0.
Mary Sweet for 2 houses 0. 1. 11
Thos Wms for a house 0. 1. 2
Geo. Stephens for a house 0. 0. 2
Kate Mayo for ye New Markett house 0. 0. 10
Jno Kill for a house 0. 0. 6
Robt Lewis one Acr. of upd (fn. 1) 0. 1. 3
Jno Price 18 Acr. of upd 0. 6. 10
Mr Smith 8 upd 0. 9. 0
Mr Wm Richards or Tent for ye Domball 0. 2. 0
Mary Murton for a Garden 0. 0. 2
Charles Davies for ye Like 0. 0. 2
Jane Lewis the Like 0. 0. 2
Wm Jones ye Like 0. 0. 2
Jno Jones for a house & Garden 0. 0. 3
Jenkin Evans for ye hand Mill 0. 3. 0
02. 7. 0
pd for Makeing the Rate 0. 6. 8
pd for Edwd Jones's Ind'res 0. 5. 0
pd for Makeing this Acct 0. 2. 0
0. 13. 8
Totl Charge 35. 9. 11½
Totl Discharge 35. 2. 2
Due to ye sd Parish 00. 7.

Cardiff Vill.The Acct of William Richards Gen. & Robt Keer Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of St Mary's in ye said Towne of Cardiff for part of the year 1712 & part of the year 1713 as follth

The Totl of the Rate - 38. 4 4
Discharge. pd the Poor 53 Weeks att 13s. 34. 9. 0
pd for burying Maud Thomas als Vaier 0. 10. 0

Vacancys & Non Cullecc'ons

Jno Price for his Poor's Rate 0. 15. 0
Wm Evans the Like 0. 2. 1
Gabriell Lewis Esqr for a house 0. 2. 6
Mrs Kemeys for a Stable 0. 0. 10
Mr Wm Richards for a house 0. 1. 8
Thos Powell for a house 0. 1. 8
Chr Hugh Overcharged 0. 0 5
Cath. ffox ye Like 0. 1. 3
Oliver Evans 0. 0. 10
Jane Lewis for a stable 0. 0. 5
Thos Williams for a store house 0. 1. 3
Late Mary Sweet for 2 houses 0. 2. 1
ffran. Jones overcharged 0. 0. 10
Jno. Howell for ye Holms 0. 10. 0
Makeing the Rate 0. 6. 8
Totl Discharge 37. 6. 6
Due to ye sd Parish 00. 17. 10


That the above-named Mr William Richards paid to Evan Jones & Christopher Hugh the Churchwardens of the aforesaid Parish the sum[m]e of Eighteen shillings.
0 Soe there is due from ye Parish to the said Mr. Richards

Bailiffs' Accounts.

The Accompt of William Jones junr Alderman Late Bailiff of This Towne of Cardiff of all such monys as came to his Hands for & on the Acct of the sd Towne dureing the Time of his office Vizt

Rece'd of the severall Persons hereundr named for Towne Rents

May ye 12 1712.

LI. ss. dd.
Rece'd of M r Sheeres 00. 01. 00
of James Thomas 00. 02 00
of John James 00. 07. 06
Ll. ss. dd.
of Wm Williams 01. 15. 00
of Mr Alexr Purcell Jun r 00. 04. 06
of Joseph East 00. 01. 03
of Mr Michll Richards 00. 02. 00
of John Howell 00. 04. 00
of John Thomas 00. 08. 00
of M r Wm Richards 00. 18. 08
of M rs Nowell 00. 10. 00
of Mr Eman ll Miles 00. 18. 00
of Mr Tho s Williams 00. 01. 06
of Wm Thomas 00. 15. 00
of John Brewer 01. 00. 00
of Mary Brewer 01. 17. 00
of Griffith Popkin 00. 03. 00
8ber ye 3d of the mar of the Cordwain rs (fn. 2) 00. 02. 00
of Thos Williams Esq re 00. 03. 06
23d of M r Sheeres 00. 00. 06
of Mr Hamonds 00. 10. 00
of Mr Alexr Purcell Junr 00. 11. 00
of John Brewer 01. 00. 00
of W m Thomas 00. 05. 00
of Mary Brewer 01. 17. 00
of Mrs Rowbotam 00. 02. 00
of John James 00. 02. 06
of Griffith Popkin 00. 01. 00
of M r Wm Richards 00. 18. 08
of Mr Alexr Purcell senr 00. 12. 00
of M r Lambert 00. 13. 04
of Mr Mich ll Richards 00. 02. 00
of Mrs Nowell 00. 10. 00
of Sibill Poughnell 00. 00. 06
16. 19. 05

An Accompt of such sum[m]es of mony as was rece'd by the sd Mr Jones on Acct of Towne Collecc'ons

Rece'd on Acct of the small Rate

Ll. ss. dd.
Rece'd of Evan Deer 01. 15. 11
of Edmond Jenkins 03. 09. 00
of Jenkin Evan 01. 03. 01
06. 08. 00
Rece'd of Mr Christopher Mathews Late Bailiff 07. 07.

Towne Collecc'ons

of Mr George Stephens Late Bailiff 02. 11. 11
of the Com[m]on Attornys 05. 01. 09
for makeing Two ffreemen (fn. 3) 00. 06. 08
for makeing Nichs Price Junr ffree 05. 00. 00
Rece'd of John Brewer Junr for a Lease 10. 00. 00
for makeing Mr Richard Jenkins ffree 01. 00. 00
31. 08.

An Accompt of such sum[m]es of mony as was rece'd by the sd Wm Jones to the use of the poor of ye sd Towne

29th May 1712. Rece'd of John Duke for Rent due to the Poor 00. 15. 00
4th June. Rece'd of Antony Mathews for Rent due to ye Poor 01. 00. 00
21th 8ber Rece'd of John Duke 00. 15. 00
12th of Decr Rece'd of the Poor's Interest mony 02. 06. 08
To this point the Town Book has been copied in full, verbatim et literatim. Henceforward extracts must not be taken to be necessarily consecutive, as items devoid of interest will be omitted. No particulars will therefore be given of the next matter, which is headed An Account of mony Rece'd of John Brewer for Toll of Corne to the use of the Poor.
on the other side Mr Jones Stands Debtor vizt
On Account of Towne Rents Rece'd 16. 19. 5
On Acct of the Small Rate 6. 8. 0
On Acct of Towne Collecc'ons 31. 8.
On Acct of mony rece'd to ye use of ye Poor 12. 9. 11½
Soe the whole Charge on Mr Jones is 67. 5. 5

Wch He Discharges in this manner.

By Disbursmts on the Towne Acct as follows

Paid the Steward 1. 0. 0
Paid Morgan the Tyler £1. 15s.
Paid James the Tylor £1. 12s. 4d.
Paid Mr Preist £1. 7s. 6d.
Paid Mr ffran. Jones 17s. 6d.
Paid Thos Powell 10s.
Paid Mr Alexr Purcell Iunr £3. 3s. 9d.
Paid for mending the Pump (fn. 4) 2s. 2d.
Paid Thos Powell 4s.
Paid for painting the Pump 3s. 8d.
Paid for Ringing the 30th of Janry 5s. (fn. 5)
Paid Evan Deer £1. 4s. 8d.
Paid Thos Bembrick 4s. 5d.
Paid the Steward £1. (fn. 6)
Paid the Judges Porter for 2 Sessions 5s.
Paid James King 2s. 8d.
Paid for mending the Pump 6s. 7d.
Paid Thos Powell 1s. 5d.
Paid My Lord Windsor's Auditor £5. 13. 7½ (fn. 7)
Paid the Clerke 6d. (fn. 8)
Paid Mr Alexr Purcell senr £2. 8s.
Paid Mr Michll Richards (fn. 9) for a Bond 2s. 2d.
Paid for Ringing the 30th of Janry 5s.
Paid for mending ye Pump 5s. 6d.
Paid the Judges Porter 2s. 6d.
Paid for 6 Bottles of Brandy 12s.
Paid for 2 Bottles of Lime Juice 4s.
Paid for a Loafe of D (fn. 10) refind Sugr 6s. 6d.
Paid the Judges Porter 2s. 6d.
Paid the Steward £1.
Paid the Messengr to Carry ye Mandates (fn. 11) 5s.
Paid the Ld Windsor's Auditr £11. 7. 3.
Paid the Clerke 6d.
£38. 0. d.

The above account is copied in full.

By Disbursmts on Account of the Repairs of the Highway & other Charges incident thereto.

Aprill 1712. Paid the Clerke of Peace £1. 19. 2. [recurs]

Paid Roger Pendry for [blank] 14s. 3d.

Paid the Sherriff's Bailiff 2s. 6d. [recurs]

Paid the Muster Mar 11s. 8d. (fn. 12)

Paid Mr Michll Richards what he pd att the Quar Sessions to the C1 of the Peace & for his ffees £1. 13s.

Paid Morgan John for repairing the highway to Landaff £1. 10s.

Paid Wm Jenkins ye Attorny abt the highways 3s.

By Disbursmts on Acct of the Poor of the said Towne.

Aprill 1712. Lent the Overseers of the Poor £2. 10s.

Paid the Poor of the Alms House 16s.

Three more similar entries, of various amounts.

Laid out by him (fn. 13) in severall Charitable uses £5. 9. 7½d.

Laid out by Mr Sheeres (fn. 14) to the same purpose 9s.

£ s. d.
Mr Jones's Disbursmts on the Towne Acct is 38. 0.
His Disbursmts on Acct of the High Ways is 14. 9.
His Disbursmts on Acct of the Poor is 15. 6. 10½
Totl of his Disbursmts are 67. 17.
Tot1 of Receipts are 67. 5. 5
The Ballance due to Mr Jones is 11.

Paid the Towneclerk for entring this Acct 6s. 8d.

Paid for this Booke 8s. 8d.

Due to the Accountant £1.7s.

Decr 8th 1713.

This Acct in Com[m]on Councill was read perused & approved of by Com[m]on Consent & the Ballance being one pound seven shillings was then paid to the said Mr Wm Jones by us

Alexr Purcell Will. Richds

On the opposite page follows a short reckoning headed Observac'ons on Mr Jones's Acct before it was passed & allowed. This is followed overleaf by a long account under the words The Account of Charles Gibbon & Morgan William, Com[m]on Attornys of this Towne of Cardiff of what they have Collected as followth for part of the year 1712 & the year 1713. No particulars save the word collected are prefixed to any of the sums entered; but at the end is the item Rece'd of those made ffree of the Sd Towne £1.

The Disbursemts of them the said Charles Gibbon & Morgan Williams dureing the time of their Office are as follows. Vizt

pd as p' Note 15s. [This item frequently recurs.]

pd for a Bull Rope (fn. 15) 6s.

pd for makeing of the Bull's Coller 6s.

pd the slippkeeper (fn. 16) 2s. 6d.

pd Henry Williams 7s. 6d. [recurs]

pd the Ringers 15s. [recurs]

pd Wm Richards Esqre 15s.

pd John Brewer & Sampson Stone 8s. [recurs]

pd for Ringing 12s.

pd Lewis Jones £1. 15. 9.

pd the Clerke of the Corne Markett 4s. [recurs]

pd the Slippkeeper 2s. 6d. [recurs] (fn. 17)

pd Gascott & Evan Deer 4s.

pd Mr Wm Jones £1. 7s.

pd Jno. Phillips 10s.

pd Henry Williams & James Thomas 6s.

pd Morgan Jones 2s. 6d.

pd Jno. Morgan & Evan Deer 17s.

pd Thos Powell £2.

pd towards the Bull 19s. 7d.

pd for a Head Rope 1s.

pd for another 3s. 6d.

pd for a Bull Rope Lent 2s.

pd James Jones 1s.

Their (fn. 18) Sallary for 16 Months amts to £1. 15. 6½.

Paid the Towne Clerk for Entring this Acct 6s. 8d.

Soe falls due from the Towne to the sd Com[m]on

Attornys 17s. 3d.

Aprill 9th 1714.

Agreed to a poors rate for the parish of St Johns att 2s. a pound for this Currt year.

Agreed to a small rate for the same parish att 6d. a pound.

The parish of St Marys is to raise 2d. a pound by way of a small rate or otherwise as they shall think proper.

Witness Mich: Richards.

Overseers' Account for St. John's.

The Acct of John Morgan & Edmond Thomas Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of St Johns w[i]thin the Towne of Cardiff for the year 1713 as follth Vizt

Charge as p' Rate 64. 15. 11.


Paid the poor att 24 severall paymts as by Accot appears £65. 14. 6.

Vacancys & uncollecc'ons £4. 4. 5¼.

pd in Charitable uses as followeth

for John Morgan gen: 8s. 6d.

Pd fflorence Evans & Cath: Jenkins for Cureing Phillip Tanner's Legg 16s. 6d.

pd for John Pellys Buriall 17s. 5d.

Pd Thos Powell Carpenter for makeing the seat in Church for the Overseers 3s. 6d.

Pd the Towne Clerk for makeing the Rate & Entring this Accot 13s. 4d.

Pd his Clerk for makeing this Accot & examineing the same 2s.

Octobr 7th 1714.

This Acct was prused pass'd & allowed by us His MajMaj[es]tiesties Justices of the Peace of the sd Towne

Alexr Purcell.

Will. Richds

Election of Steward.

Cardiff vill. Att a Court of Aldrmen duely Sum[m]oned & held this 14th of January 1714 Wm Phillips of Breconn[n] Esqr was proposed to be ellected steward for this Towne & we the persons subscribeing Aldrmen of the sd Towne have ellected the said Mr Phillips our Steward (Wm Jones senr Christopher Matthews & Pethuell Sheers Aldrmen Dissenting & giveing their vote for George Howell Esqr)

Richards Alexr Purcell [junr] Towne Clerke Will. Richds

Alexr Pursell [senr]

Nath: Wells

Wm Jones.

Common Attorneys' Account.

The Account of William Foord & Evan Deer Com[m]on Attornys of the said Towne for part of the years 1713 & 1714.

The Account of moneys collected, and of those received for Town rent, have nothing of interest.

The Disbursemts by the said Com[m]on Attornys by ye Bailiffs Order are as follth

paid the Ringers their 4 Quarterly paymts att 15s. each Quarter £3.

paid the Clerks of the Markett their 4 Quarterly payments att 8s. each Quarter £1. 12s.

March 15th pd 2 poor Soldiers 1s.

22th paid a poor Man & his family 1s.

29th pd Henry Williams his Quarter's paymm[en]t for keeping ye Clock & Chimes (fn. 19) 7s. 6d. [recurs]

pd for painting the Constables seat (fn. 20) 12s.

pd four poor persons 2s.

Aprill 5th gave a poor Man 6d.

May 18th pd 3 soldiers & their Wifes 2s.

pd 2 poor seamen 1s.

June 5th pd 3 Castaway seamen 1s.

24th pd a seaman 1s.

July 11th pd a poor Captain 5s.

22d paid Wm Jones for White Limeing ye Counc. chamber 6d.

31th p'd a poor soldier 6d. [recurs]

Augt 6th pd The Ringers 12s.

7th pd 3 poor soldiers 1s.

Septr 19. pd ye Ringers for Ringing att ye Kings Comeing over 12s. (fn. 21)

26th pd Robt Priest for Lime for the Pump 4s. 1d.

Octr 4th pd Samuell Jones for keeping the slipp a Qr 2s. 6d.

9th pd the Ringers for ringing on the Crownac'on day 12s.

pd Thos Powell for Worke done abt the Pump £1. 3. 7.

paid a poor Man 1s. [recurs]

Janry 15th pd the Towne Clerk £1.

30th pd ye Ringers for Towling K: Charles's Martyrdomday 5s.

pd a poor Wooman 1s.

pd John Brewer for his Troble abt the Pump 8s. 6d.

pd Thomas Powell Carpenter for his Work on ye Pump £2. 3s.

pd 3 poor persons 2s.

pd the slipp keeper 2s. 6d.

pd for washing the Bull Rope 1s. 8d.

paper & purse 1s. 7d.

Accts Sallary £1. 6. 8.

pd for a Loafe 6d.

pd for drawing this Account 2s.

pd for cleansing abt ye Pump 6d.

paid the Towne Clerk for entring this Acct 6s. 8d.

The Account concludes with the usual elaborate summing up, and certificate of payment. The following is written in a round hand.

Account of St. John's Churchwardens.

Cardiff Vill: The Account of Alexr Purcell Junr of Mony Disburst for ye Repair & Beautifying of St Johns Church w[i]thin the said Towne for part of the years 1714 & 1715 as follth

July ye 10th Paid Thomas David for Carrying ye Rubbell out of ye Ch. yard 5s. 6d.

16th Paid Carrying ye Powles to ye Church & Sawpitt 9d.

23th Paid for Sawing 2 Powles 1s.

Augst 7th Paid for 24ls of boyld Alabaster 3s.

Paid Mr ffrancis Jones for Tyle £6.

Paid for Sacrament Bread 3d. for Cutting ye Nettles in the Churchyard 9d.

Paid for Hair to Mrs Nowell 1s. 4d.

Paid John James 4s.

Paid for boyld Alabaster 14s.

Paid Preist for ye Use of a Great Line 2s. 6d.

Paid for Sacrament Bread 3d.

Paid Lewis Wade for White Lime 2s. 6d.

Paid ye ffees at ye Generalls (fn. 22) & Expences there 9s. 10d.

Paid ye Clerke for Drawing ye Presentment 1s.

Paid Nicholas Gye & Henry Williams for Carrying ye Rubbell out & Cleaning ye Church 3s. 10d.

Paid for a Chime Roape 8s. 6d.

Paid for Worke done to ye Bells 2s.

Paid for Killing two full Birds (fn. 23) 8d.

Paid for Carrying 2 Blocks of ffreestone 1s. 6d.

Paid for Mending &. Washing ye Linnen (fn. 24) att severall times 13s.

Paid for Candles 6s.

Paid for Raiseing ye stones att Larnock for paveing ye Church £1.

Paid att ye Generalls ffees and Books 10s. 10d.

Expences there £1. 10s.

Paid for Drawing Transcript & prsentmm[en]t 3s. for Carving ye Diall 3s. 10d.

Paid himselfe for 1500 Tyle for ye Church 14s.

Paid for Elms Juie & Rafter 1s. 6d.

Paid Young James for 3 Days & halfes Work 2s. 11d.

Paid Vokes D° 2 Days 1s. 8d.

Paid Killing 10 Hedghocks 2s. 4d.

Paid ye Glasier 10s. 9d.

Paid John Phillips for 5 Large Powles £1. 5s.

Paid for a Blok & Wier to ye Chimes 8s. 8d.

Paid for ffreestone for ye Vestree £1. 2. 11.

Paid Howell Roger & Wms for Tyleing & sealing (fn. 25) ye Church £24. 15. 11.

Paid Roger for 3 potts & Hugh Lewis Halling Tyle sand & Water 12s.

Paid Cooke for Painting ye Church £38. 17 5.

Paid Giles for his Work on ye Church £8. 14. 3.

Paid ye Labourers £3. 6s.

Paid Mr Wells for Wine for ye Sacramm[en]t £1. 15s.

Paid Mr Powell Carpenter £8. 5. 6.

Paid Mr Wm Ward of Possett £5. 5. 6.

Paid Evan Deer £5. 1. 6.

Paid John Davies for Rope & Blocks to ye Church 5s.

Paid James Morgan & Morgan William by Rate 18s. 6d.

Paid Mr Wm Williams of Bristoll for Lathnailes £1. 18. 9½.

The above account has been copied in full.

Cardiff vill: The Account of Richard Jones & George Stephens Churchwardens of ye Parish Church of St John the Baptist within the said Towne for ye year 1711, as follth

Aprill 19th Paid for their Dinners att ye Generalls 18s.

Paid Mr Purcell & Mr Lamberts ffees 12s.

Paid for a Book for Mr Purcell & Mr Lambert 1s.

Paid for a Book for ymselves 1s.

May 20th Paid for 3 qtts of Wine for ye Sacramm[en]t 7s. 6d.

Paid for Bread ye same time 2d.

June 27th Paid for Washing ye Surplice 2s. 6d.

Paid for a Rope & Weights for ye Chimes £1. 14s.

Paid Edwd. News Man for Killing a Polcatt 4d.

Paid for a New Key & Mending ye Lock of ye Chime Loft 1s.

Paid for Killing a Hedgeock 4d.

8ber ye 11th Paid for Makeing a Rate 6s. 8d.

Paid for their Dinners att ye Generalls 5s. 9d.

Paid ye Court ffees 3s. 10d.

Paid for makeing ye Presentment 1s.

Paid for makeing ye Bell Loft 2s. 10d.

Paid John Abbiess for Latt Nails 3s. 4d.

Paid for a Spade for the Church 2s. 6d.

Paid John Clement for Killing a Hedgeock 4d.

Paid Robert Watkin for Killing a Polcatt 4d.

Paid Thos Rosser for mending ye Church-windows £3. 8s.

Paid for 2 sacks of Lime there 7d.

Paid for 3 quarts of Wine for ye Sacramm[en]t 7s. 6d.

Paid for Bread 3d.

Paid for Washing ye Surplice 2s. 6d.

Paid John Smith for Killing a Poll Catt 4d.

Paid Thos Maurice for Killing a nother 4d.

Paid James ye Tyler for Work on ye Church 14s.

Paid for 2 Bundle of Latts there 5s.

Paid for Rafter there 1s.

Paid for Tyle Pins & Oviss Board 2s. 6d.

Paid Cheltenham for Nailes 1s. 8d.

Paid Mr Priest for Lime 5s. 4d.

Paid for Crests for ye Church Porch 8d.

Paid Mr Wm Powell for 12 Cusheens £1. 12s.

Paid James ye Clarke for Killing a Poll Catt 4d.

gave John Pedwardin to goe about w[i]th ym 1s. 6d.

Paid for 1000 of Tyle & Carriage 8s. 8d.

Paid for hair (fn. 26) to ye Church 4d.

Paid Mr Chr Mathews as p' Note 8s. 4d.

Paid him for Mr Purcell & Mr Lambert 16s. 6d.

Paid Mr Archer's Note for Ropes 4s. 6d.

Paid for 3 quarts of Wine & Bread for ye Sacramm[en]t 7s. 9d.

Paid Mr Andrews (fn. 27) yt he pd for Mr Purcell 10s.

Paid Washing ye Lin[n]en & Cleaning ye Plate 5s.

Paid Thomas Cox Mending ye Bells £1.

Paid Mr Richard Jones's Note £6. 3. 5.

Paid Mrs Cheltenham p'te of her Note £4. 10s.

The above account has been copied in full.

Cardiff Vill: The Account of Nathaniell Wells & George Stephens Churchwardens of ye Parish Church of St Johns ye Baptist in ye sd Towne for ye year 1712 as follth

Aprill 30th Paid for their Dinner at ye Generalls £1. 6s.

Paid ye Court ffees then 3s. 10d.

Paid for ye Prayer Book 1s.

Paid Makeing ye prsentmm[en]t 1s.

Paid Makeing ye Transcript 2s. 6d.

May 16. Paid for 3000 of Tile at 7s. 6d. & telling (fn. 28) £1. 3s.

Paid Carrying them 3s.

June 6th Paid Washing ye Surplice 2s. 6d.

Paid Mending ye Churchyard Wall 9s.

Paid a Labourer for one Days Work 10d.

Paid for Lime there 8s. 5d.

Paid John Thomas for Whitelimeing ye Church £1.

8th Paid for 3 qrts of Wine & Bread for Sacramm[en]t 7s. 9d.

Paid Hugh Lewis Carrying Earth 1s. 2d.

Paid Thomas Rosser Mending Churchwindows 5s. 6d.

8ber 2d Paid att Generalls for their Din[n]ers 9s.

Paid Court ffees 3s. 10d.

Paid Makeing Pr'sentmt 1s.

9ber 18. Paid James Morgan for Work on ye Church £1. 13. 4.

Paid for 1000 Latts 10s.

Paid for Lime 6s. 5d.

Paid for Pile Pins there 2s.

Paid for Latt Nails 3s.

Paid John Morgan for mending ye Vestry 4s. 6d.

Decr 10th Paid for Washing ye Surplice 2s. 6d.

24th Paid for 3 quarts of Wine & Bread for ye Sacramm[en]t 7s. 9d.

28th Paid for 3 Pints of Wine & Bread for ye Sacramm[en]t 3s. 11d.

Paid John Jones mending ye Clapper of ye Great Bell 7s. 6d.

Paid Mr Bradford for mending ye Vestry 15s. 6d.

Paid Evan Deer for mending ye Clapper of ye Great Bell 10s.

Paid Mr Priest for Lyme 2s. 11d.

Paid Ralfe Morgan for Killing a Pollcatt 4d.

March 30th Paid for 2 Quarts of Wine & Bread for ye Sacramm[en]t 5s. 2d.

Aprill 3d Paid for Washing ye Linnen & Cleaning ye Plate 5s.

6th Paid for 3 quarts of Wine & Bread for ye Sacramm[en]t 7s. 9d.

20th Paid Mr Madocks his ffees 3s. 10d.

Paid Makeing ye Presentmm[en]t 1s.

Paid Makeing ye Transcript 2s. 6d.

Paid James Morgan ye Tyler One Days Work 1s. 8d.

Paid Mrs Priest for Lime 1s. 9d.

Paid John Abbiess for Nails & One Bundle of Latts 7s. 7d.

Paid Thomas Rosser Mending ye Churchwindows 9s. 7d.

Paid Mr Chr Mathews Note 10s. 8d.

Paid Mr Archer for Parchmm[en]tt 2s. 8d.

The above account has been copied in full.

The Account of Mony Rece'd by the said Mr Stephens as Churchwarden for ye Buriall of ye Dead in ye sd Parish Church of St John for ye years 1711 & 1712 is as follth

Lewis Cox Aldn above ye Speeks (fn. 29) 6s. 8d.

Mary ye Daur of Wm Lambert above ye Speeks 6s. 8d.

Wm ye Son of Wm Williams below ye Speeks 3s. 4d.

Edward News Wife below ye Speeks 3s. 4d.

So the list continues, the charge being uniformly 6s. 8d. for burying above, and 3s. 4d. below the Speeks. For convenience, these remaining entries may be classified thus:

Buried above the Speeks.

Elizabeth daughter of William Lambert (bis.)

Mrs Jones of the "Blew Anchor."

John Langton.

Mr Stone's daughter.

Nicholas Edwards.

Mary Wells.

Rees Tanner.

Buried below the Speeks

Mary daughter of Robert Kerr.

Thomas Lewis's wife.

A daughter of Phillip Stephens.

Morgan Rees mason.

A son of William Williams.

A son of Arthur Yeomans.

William Meredith.

Mary Yeoman.

Robert Kerr.

George son of George Stephens alderman.

Ralfe Morgan.

Rachaell Richards.

Novr 9th 1715.

Ordered yt Priscilla the Wife of Wm Thomas & their child Ann of the Age of 4 Months be removed to St Nicholas in the County of Glamorgan.

Court of Aldrmen. Novr 9th 1715.

Ordered yt all Persons who are in Arrear for Towne rents yt have not paid the same be used by the Towne Clerke he giveing them first notice.

Ordered yt all Persons who stand indebted by Bond to the Poor of this Towne be desired to pay in their mony wtin three Months in order to be placed out upon one securety.

Ordered yt all Persons (who are not ffreemen) be sum[m]oned to appear before the Bailiffs to show Cause why they execute their trades not being ffree.

Election of Alderman.

July 9th 1715.

Court of Aldermen Duely sum[m]oned Att a Court of Aldrmen duely sum[m]oned It was proposed to nominate an Alderman in the Roome of Emanuel Miles Alderman dece'd And William Lambert one of the Assistants was proposed to succeed & the said Wm Lambert was vnanimously elected Alderman by vs the only persons prsent.

Geo. Stephens.

Nath. Wells.

Alexr Pursell.

Chr. Mathew.

Alexr Purcell.

Wm Jones.

Peth. Sheeres.

St. Mary's Overseers' Account

Cardiff Vill. St Marys The Account of Henry Williams & his Partner Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish Com[m]enceing the 30th of Aprill & Ending the 27th of January (1715) following.

Payments to Poor.
Paid John Griffith 40 Weeks & 4s. Due the former year £2. 4s.
Pd John Russell £3. 0. 8.
Pd Katherine Hopkin £1.
Pd Anne Hopkin £2. 9s.
Pd ffrancis Jones £4. 6s.
Pd Tho s Phillip £2. 1s.
Pd Jno. Thomas £2. 4s.
Pd Joan Phillip £1. 13s.
Pd Margtt Morgan £2. 15s.
Pd fflorence Thomas £2. 4s.
Pd Mary Morgan £1. 13. 9d.
Pd Wm Miles £4.
Pd Dorothy Guy 16s. 6d.
Pd Kath. Pope £2.
Pd Mary My rick £1. 13s. 9d.
Pd Oliver Evans 3s.
£37. 10s. 8d.
Disbursm ts
Mending John Bembricks shoos 6d. & for a New pare 1s. 8d.
A New Gown & stays for the same 8s. 6d.
To the present Bayliffs what they had advanc'd the year before 10s.
To Mr Wm Richards D° 5s.
To Mr Michll Richards for D° £2.
To the Late Overseers what they Laid out more yn their Rate £1. 14. 9.
Att May Generalls 16s. 7d.
Cleansing the Churchyard 1s. 6d.
att Mich'as Generalls 8s. 10d.
Mending the Churchyard Rails 9s. 6d.
A Lock for yt Gate 4d.
A ffitchog (fn. 30) 4d. a Hedgehog 2d.
A Warrt 1s. a Presentmm[en]tt 1s.
To a Woeman Lying in 1s.
£44. 11s. 4d.
Wm Morgans house 1s.
Robt Lewis's stable 9d.
Nichs Thomas's house 9d.
Henry Williams 2s. 6d.
James Jones 1s.
Chr Hugh 6d.
Gabll Lewis Esqr 9d.
Edwd. New 6d.
Jonathn Lambert 6d.
Wm Miles 3s.
Mr Mich. Richards 1s. 6d.
Mr Lambert 4d.
John Phillip 1s. 2d.
Mr Robins 12s.
Totl of Vacancys £1. 6. 3
Tot of Paymts to Poor & Disbursm ts 44. 11. 4
In all 45. 17. 7
Totl of the Rate 45. 16. 0
Pd for Makeing Acct & paper 2. 6
Expence ab t Distreyning on Jonathn Lambert 9 3. 3
Soe due to the sd Henry William to Ballance
this Acc t 4. 10

Common Attorneys' Account.

Next follows The Account of William Powell & Richard Jenkins Com[m]on Attornys of the said Towne for part of the years 1715 & 1716; but only dates and amounts are given in the first part, headed Debtors by Mony Collected, and only names and amounts in the second, under the heading Mony Rece'd for Towne Rents. The third part runs thus:—

Disbursments by the Com[m]on Attornys Disburst & Laid out by the Bailiffs Orders as follth

1715 ffebry 21th Paid Poor Persons p' Order 1s. 6d.

March 29th Pd for a Purse 2d.

Aprill 13th Pd Bailiff Stephens £1. (fn. 31)

Augt 20th Pd the Ringers 12s.

Octr 13th Pd for washing the Bulls Coller 4d.

22th Pd the Ringers 12s.

Novr 4th Pd for washing the Coller 4d.

Decr 24th Pd the Ringers 15s.

ffebry 7th pd Henry William for tolling the Bell the 31th of Janry 5s.

To the Accountants their sallery for a year & two months £1 10. 6.

Pd for Makeing this Account 2s.

Pd Towne Clerke for Entring this Account 6s. 8d.

Pd for Paper 2d.

Besides the above, this account contains a number of sums Paid to poor persons.

St. John's Overseers' Account.

Cardiff Vill. The Account of William Hieley & John Morgan Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of St John's in the said Towne as follow[e]th

1714. May ye 11th Paid Mr Richards for an Order of Removeing the family of the Kings Castle 3s. 6d.

To Mr Sheeres Cloth for Badges (fn. 32) 1s. 3d.

To the Taylor for Sewing ym on 1s.

ffor our Dinners att the Longcross 3s.

28th To Sarah Hodge 1s.

ffor Ale & Bread for putting her Out 1s.

ffor 3 hours Ringing 1s. 6d.

ffor Cutting the Grave 6d.

ffor the Little Bell 4d.

½ a yard of Crape 6d.

ffor the Coffin 8s.

If the above items refer, as they seem to do, to the obsequies of Sarah Hodge, the ale and bread must have been consumed by the women engaged in laying her out for burial. The ringing of a "little bell" about the streets was a survival of a very ancient custom, and was originally intended to remind the people to pray for the soul of the deceased.

June ye 10th for Phillip Tanner's son for shooes & Stockings 3s. 3d.

23th ffor Makeing Cloaths for the Gloucester maid (fn. 33) 2s. 6d. ffor Thread 3½d.

A pair of stockings 7d.

ffor a Paid of shooes 2s. 5d.

ffor Linnen ffor the same Maid 12s. 11¾d.

ffor makeing her Ind'res & the stamps 8s. 6d.

ffor 12 yds of Cloth for Kate Jenkin 12s.

ffor 3 yds & ½ of ffrize for Phillip Tanners son 6s. 1½d.

ffor Threed & Buttons & 8 yds of fflannen (fn. 34) 5s. 9½d.

ffor Makeing the 2 Suites of Cloaths 6s.

ffor Kate's Coffin 8s.

Charge att her Watch Night (fn. 35) 1s.

ffor Cutting the Grave Ringing & ye Little Bell 2s. 10d.

ffor Jane Jeroms Coffin 8s.

her ffunerall Expence 4s. 6d.

Expences to St Nicholas w[i]th Evan Walter & ffamily 5s.

Expences to St Andrews w[i]th Edward New's maid 4s.

My Expences & Weeks Loss w[i]th John Broads Children £1. 10s.

Pd Elinor Lewis ffor Tending Kate Jenkin 1s.

Pd Edwd Jenkins for John Pellys Child £1. 3s.

Allowd Mr Purcell Junr what he Disburs'd 3s. 6d.

Pd Mr Richards for Coppying 7 Orders £1. 1s.

More for another 3s. 6d.

More for Makeing 2 pair of Ind'res 17s.

More for makeing a Rate & Entring the same 15s. 4d.

Pd Mr Jones P' Cureing Phillip Tanners son's Legg 13s. 11d.

ffor 2 Sacks of Lime for the Alms House 7d.

ffor Goeing to Landaff w[i]th the People of the Kings Castle 1s.

ffor warning the Intruders w[i]th a Constable 9d. (fn. 36)

ffor Mary Mathew when sick 1s.

The above account has been copied in full. It is followed by another, the only explicit items of which are as follows:—

Paid Edward Jones Hattmaker as p' Note £1. 16s.

Paid Ourselves towards Expences as allow'd 10s.

Then follows the usual list of Vacancies, including:—

Wm Watkin Kgs Castle 4s.

Wm Evan of the Heath 6d.

Mrs Mayo for the Tan House 4s.

St. John's Churchwardens' Account.

Cardiff Vill: St John's Parish.The Accot of William Jones & Edward Jenkins Churchwardens A° 1715.


Laid out att Landaff £1. 4s.

Pd for 5000 Tyle att 7s. 6d.—£1. 17. 6.

for Bringing ym to the Church 5s.

for telling (fn. 37) the Tyle 10d.

for a qrt of Oyl 2s.

for Cleaning ye Arch over ye Organ (fn. 38) 3s.

for mending the Virgins (fn. 39) 6d.

to Mr Berrow £6. 17. 6.

to Jno. Morgan £1. 5. 10.

for mending the Keys of the Chymes 6d.

for making the Curtain 5s.

to the Porters for Lifting the 2 Beams to the Top of the Tower 8s.

to Evan Deer 16s.

for Bringing the New Lead 7s.

to John Davis for 4 Spars 10s. 6d.

for Charcoal 1s.

for Bringing the Old Lead to the Boate 6s.

to the Masons £5. 8. 6.

to the Labourers £2. 6. 6.

to Hugh Lewis 4s. 2d.

to Mr Nowell 1s.

ffor Cleaning the Tower 3s.

ffor a Lanthorn 1s. 6d.

for 6 Ropes £1. 12s.

for Bringing ym to Cardiff 2s.

for Killing a Fulbert 4d.

Pd the Glazier 5s. 6d.

Laid out att Landaff 8s. 10d.

for Makeing the P'sentmm[en]tt 1s.

for Makeing the Rate 10d.

for Killing a ffulbert 4d.

for a Qt of Oyl 2s.

to Dick the Painter 19s. 6d.

to Clean the Plate 1s.

for 1000 Laths 10s.

to the Tylers £1. 17. 6.

to Mr Cornish 1s.

to Mr Wells £1. 17. 6.

Pd att Landaff Court 3s. 10d.

for the 6 Articles 1s. 10d.

Pd Jno. Davies of Landaff 19s.

for the prsentmm[en]tt 1s.

for ye Transcript 2s. 6d.

for Parchmm[en]tt 1s. 2d.

Then comes a list of Vacancys under the respective headings of High Street Ward, East Ward and West Ward.

Election of Capital Burgess.

January 11th 1716.

Cardiff vill:

Att a Com[m]on Councell duely Sum[m]oned for the Ellecc'on of an Assistant in the Room of Wm Lambert lately ellected & sworne an Aldrman Cradock Nowell Tanner was vnanimously ellected a Capitall Burgess & Assistant for the sd Towne by vs.

Mich: Richards Towne Clerke.

Wm Jones.

Will. Lambert

Will. Jones

Alexr Purcell

Alexr Purcell Jnr.

Will. Richds:

Ar. Yeomans.

ffran. Jones.

John Jones.

Edwd Jenkins

John Sweet

Will. Mathew

Ar. Williams.

February 9th 1716.

Att a Court of Aldrmen duely sum[m]oned Arthur Yeomans one of the Capitall Burgesses of the sd Towne was Elected Aldrman instead of Mr Michll Richards the prsent Towne Clerke.

Wittness our hands.

Wm Jones

Will. Lambert

Will. Jones

Geo. Stephens

Alexr Purcell

Nath. Wells.

Common Attorney's Account.

Cardiff Vill: St Johns. The Account of Phillip Stephens & Thos Rosser Com[m]on Attornys of the said Towne for the year 1716 Comencing the 21th of Aprill as follth

Debtors by Collecc'ons.

Aprill the 21th Rece'd 7s. 1d.

so on for other dates.

Mony Rece'd for Towne Rent

Rece'd of Mrs Mayo £4. 8s. 8d.

&c, to the amount of £19.3.2.

Disbursm ts

Ap. 22th Paid for a Purse 6d.

for paper 6⅓d. [recurs]

for Washing the Bull Rope twice 8d.

for makeing the Rent Roll 6s. 8d.

21th pd for a Purse & paper 2½d.

28. pd for paper & Ink 2½d.

Pd Hen. Wm for Keeping the Clock & Chimes 1s. 6d.

June 2d Pd Wm Lewellin for Ringing 12s.

9th pd the same for Ringing 12s.

13th pd Wm Phillips Goaler £1. 10s.

Pd to a Poor Woeman 1s. [recurs]

Pd to a Poor Soldier 6d.

22d pd to a Poor Man 2s.

Pd a Poor Man 1s. [recurs]

July 7th pd Wm Lewellin P' Ringing 15s.

14. Pd Hen. Wm for Keeping the Clock & Chimes 7s. 6d.

Augt 11th pd Ja: Thomas Cl: (fn. 40) for Ringing 12s.

Pd for a Large Purse 6d.

22th to 3 Saylors 1s. 6d.

9ber 14. Pd 2 poor Men 6d.

Pd Wm Lewellin for Ringing the Coronac'on Day 12s.

Pd Mrs Nowell for a Coller 10s.

Pd for makeing this Accot 2s.

Pd the Towne Cl: to Enter this Accot 6s. 8d.

Churchwardens' Account.

The Accot of Alexander Purcell Churchwarden for ye years 1715 & 1716.

Octer 1715. Paid at ye visitation & expences 9s. 2d.

presents 1s.

ffeby 29. To Wm Williams for ropes £1. 14s.

ffeby 17. To Mr Wells for wine for ye sacramt 16s.

march 12th To Mr Mathews for a quart of oil 2s.

To Mr Powell ye Carpenter £4. 10s. 6¾d.

Aprll 17th 1716. To Will. Thomas for stones to pave ye church 16s.

Paid at the Generalls £1. 4s.

Paid at the Court 3s. 10d.

Paid James ye Clerck for Draweing Transpt (fn. 41) & prst 3s. 6d.

Paid for parchment 7s. 6d.

Paid for a lanthorne 1s. 6d.

Paid Mrs Sheers for making a new surplice & washing ye

Linnen £1. 7s.

Paid for sacramt bread 4 times 1s.

Paid Thos Rosser for Glassing £2. 10s.

Paid Rees Parry for cutting ye nettles twice: & cleansing ye church yard 7s. 4d.

Paid mr morice morgan for killing 5 fitch hogs 1s. 8d.

Paid Robert King for Killing a hedghog 4d.

Paid Rees Thomas for killing 10 fitch hogs 1s.

Ocber 1716. Paid att ye visitation 6s. 10d.

Presentment 1s.

Paid for mending ye chimes 1s.

Paid ye organist of St Nicholas that came here to serve us 10s.

Nober 17th Paid Morgan Williams for Tyling 5s.

Paid for 2 hundred of tyle 2s.

Paid for ½ a hundred of laths 6d.

Paid for 3 sackes of lime 10½d.

Paid Henry Willms for cleaning ye church severall times 1s. 10d.

Paid Anne mouse for scouring ye Branch (fn. 42) twice 2s.

Janry 1st Paid Mrs Sheers for washing ye surplice 2s. 6d.

Aprll 16. Paid John Price for Candles 2s. 9d. [recurs]

20. Paid mrs sheers for washing and mending the church linnen 3s. 6d.

Paid mr Turner for worke done in putting up ye dial £3. 5s.

Paid Mrs Stephens two notes for mending & washing ye linnen of ye church 18s. 6d.

Paid James ye Tyler 8s. 4d.

Paid Wm Hedges by rate 5s.

Paid mr Claro for a set of ropes £1. 2s. 6d.

Paid Hugh Lewis for carying of stones to pave ye church & sand 11s. 6d.

Paid for drink att ye setting up ye dial 2s.

Paid mr Bailiff Jones & mr Jenkins ye Apoth: 12s.

Paid Thos Morice for killing a hedghog & 3 fitchhogs 1s.

Rece'd for burying £2. 13. 4.

Rece'd of Bailiff Jones £1. 3. 6.

Rece'd for a rope 8s.

Debts due from ye Church.

To Jno Phillips for Carrying ye stones to ye Church £1. 6s.

To Mr Wm Jones Aldn for Oyl & Colors £3. 5s.

Minutes of Council. The Town Archives.

1° Septris 1718.

Cardiff Vill:

It is ordered by the Com[m]on Councill whose Names are hereundr named yt the Charters & other Papers & Great Seale (fn. 43) belonging to this Towne shall be brought to the Towne Hall of the said Towne yt they May be Perused & Kept in the Chest of the said Towne Hall according to Antient Custome att or before the Eleventh of this Instant.

To Mr Michaell Richards Towne Clerk of Cardiff. Ar. Yeomans ffran. Jones

Will. Jones

Geo. Stephens

Alexr Purcell [junior]

Nath. Wells

Wm Jones

Cradock Nowell

Will. Mathew

John Jones

Will. Powell

David Owen

Henry Meredith.

20th of July 1719.

Cardiff Vill:

Att a Court of Aldrmen duely Sum[m]moned Thomas Nowell a Capitall Burgess of this Towne was duely elected an Aldrman in the roome of Wm Jones Junr Aldrman dece'd Wittness our hands.

9 signatures.

St. John's Overseers' Account.

The Account of Wm Morgan & Thomas Rosser, Overseers of the Poor of the parish of St John's from the 28th of Aprill 1718 to the 20th of March 1718 as follows.

harge Accountable by the Rate for 73 16 0
Deducc'ons by reason of severall Vacancys & poor
Inhabitants 6 12 1
soe they are accountable for clear mony to 67 3 11

Then comes a list of sums received of various persons therein named, towards their next rate. This is followed by Disbursmts of the said Overseers of the Poor, commencing with the Names of the Poor & their Seu'all Allowances. The following is a selection of these:—

3. Cate Jenkins 1s. 6d.

6. Emll Grandfeild 1s. 6d.

8. Widow Green 3s.

9. Lewis & Jane 3s.

10. Joseph Phillips 2s. 6d. Dead.

13. Mary Mullins 2s.

14. Nath. Tanner 2s.

16. Jenkin Evans 2 Children 4s. one child goes off.

24. Cissil Howell 1s. gone to the Almes house.

Pd for Wm Wades Ind'res by the Bailiffs orders 8s. 4d.

Pd for Purse & paper 11d.

Pd for nurseing John Peleys Son 10s.

Pd for nurseing Anne Aylworths son 17s. 6d.

June 14. Pd for hireing two horses and our trouble to look after the father and mother which left a Child upon the Towne and likewise to put them out of the parish 5s.

July 25. Pd for 3 yards of Dowlas (fn. 44) att 10d. p' yard for Natt Tanner 2s. 6d.

Pd for makeing and thread 6d.

august 10. Cecile Howell dyed—

7ber 8. Pd for a pare of Breetches for Natt Tanner 2s. 6d.

Pd for 3 yards of Cloth at 1s. 10d. P' yard for Natt Tanner 5s. 6d.

Pd for Making the Coat 2s. 6d.

Pd for buttons and Thread 7½d.

pd for moorehair (fn. 45) 6d.

pd for a qr of shaloon (fn. 46) 4d.

for staitape (fn. 47) 1d.

18. orders to pay from the Bailiffs 12d. more in the fortnight to Eliz. Nowell—

19. pd relief to Anne the widdow of Nicholas Thomas 1s.

pd for tending & watching her when she was sick day & night 1s.

21. pd more for tending & watching day & night when she was in her death bed—

22. pd more reliefe 1s.

pd for Tending and watching day and night 1s.

pd for Candles 6d.

23. pd for washing of her when she was dead and put her out to three women 1s. 6d.

24. pd for drink 1s.

pd for 4 yards of Crape 4s.

pd for Cadess (fn. 48) 2d.

pd for the Coffin & making the shroud 9s.

pd for ringing the bell & Cutting the Grave 2s.

pd for going with the Bell (fn. 49) about 4d.

8ber 2d orders to Lewis & Jane more in the fortnight 6d.

3 Wenllian Wood dyed—

10ber 8. pd for nursing Anne Aylworth's son 15s.

taken from Natt Tanner to give to Edwd Thos every fortnight 6d.

13. Eliz. Nowell went to the almshouse took fro' her a fortnight 6d.

ffeb. 21. pd Jo. Phillips 4d.

when he was sick 4d.

pd for tending him 6d.

23. pd for washing him when he was dead 1s.

pd for 2 yards of Crape 2s.

for Cadess 1d.

for a Coffin 8s.

pd for 5 quarts of drink 1s. 3d.

pd for making the shroud 6d.

pd for ringing & Cutting the Grave 2s.

pd to John Brewer for going with the little bell abt 4d.

March 8th Jon Bevan was pd his Qr for Nurseing Aylworths Child due yt day 13s.

pd for makeing the Acct 2s.

pd for Entring it 6s. 8d.

The following is in the handwriting apparently of Mr. Michael Richards, Town Clerk.

St. John's Churchwardens' Account.

Cardiff Vill. The Acct of Arthur Yeomans & William Matthews Church Wardens of the parish Church of St John Baptist in Cardiff for the yeare 1717.

Mem'dum that the said Church Wardens had noe rate for yt Yeare.

Their Disbursmts for yt year are as follows.

Spent & laid out att the Generalls £1. 14s.

pd for a Coppy of their Oaths 1s.

Oyle for the Clock & bells 3s.

for cleansing the Church Yard 8d.

for Washing the Surplice 2s. 6d.

for bread 2d.

Oyyle 2s. [recurs]

to Severall people to raise the Great bell out of the fframe 4s. 6d

more 1s. 6d.

pd the Regr & Apparitor att the Generalls 3s. 6d.

for drawing the p'sentmt 1s.

laid out then 5s. 6d.

for bread to the Com[m]union 2d.

Candles 3d.

for soap for the Rope of the Chimes 3d.

Oyle & Marlin 2s. 1d.

for scouring the Branch twice 2s.

for Washing the Surplice 2s. 6d.

for bread 2d.

paid the Tyler for tile lime & ½ a days Work on Church 1s. 4½d.

pd the Towne Clerk for makeing the rate 6s. 8d.

pd Mason for mending the Walls of the Churchyard 3s. 9d.

for Lime then 2s. 7½d.

Candles to ring the Judges to Towne 3d. wt lime then 6d.

for matts for the Com[m]union table 2s. 6d.

Washing the Surplice & Linnen 3s. 6d.

for Bread 2d.

Paid for Candles for the Church att Christmas 6s. 6d.

for parchmt for a transcript 1s. 4d.

for drawing the transcript 2s. 6d.

for drawing a prsentmt 1s.

pd Regr att the Generalls 3s. 10d.

pd Tho. Matthews for the Chimes 11s. 2d.

to Evan Deer for Work £1. 14. 9.

to Tho. Rosser for Glazeing Work 6s. 10d.

for makeing this acct 2s.

for entring the rate 6s. 8d.

Rec'd for Buryalls £3. 14. 4.

The Acct of Nathaniell Wells Aldrman & David Owen Church Wardens of the parish Church of St Johns in Cardiff for the Yeare 1718.


Pd for a Book 1s.

Expence at Llandaff £2. 2s.

Pd the Proctor 2s. 6d.

also other Expence 2s. 6d.

for cleaning the Church yard 1s.

for a Sequestrac'on 2s. 6d.

for 2000 tyle & telling ym 16s. 4d.

pd Mashman & Patrick for Work abt the Church 6s. 2d.

pd for prsentmt 1s.

pd att the Genlls in Octobr 11s. 4d.

to the Apparitor 6d.

for a long staff to clean the Church 4d.

for Bread 8d. to Jon Price for Candles 5s. 9d.

for cleaning Sconce 2s. Catching fullbird 4d.

pd for secureing the Pinnacle of the Tower 6s. 10d.

pd for wyer for the Chymes 10s. 3d.

for Washing the Surplice 3s. 6d.

for prsentmts 3s. 6d.

pd Rosser the Glazier for glazeing the Church 18s. 9d.

for a treat to the Singing Women 4s.

pd for painting the Iron Barr £1. 12. 6.

for carriage of the Sconce 12d.

pd towards the Sconce £1. 13s.

pd Mr Wm Matthews 15s. 9d.

pd for washing the Church Linnen 9s. 6d.

pd Mr Lee for cleaning the organ £1. 1s.

pd Mr Preist for a Debt due on the Church for Lime £2. 17. 6.

pd for Catching 5 fullbirds 10d.

pd for wine for the vse of the Church £4. 7s.

pd Elias Wrentmore for the steps in the Church & Chancell £18.2.11.

pd Towne Clerk for makeing the Acct 2s.

pd for entring it 6s. 8d.

1719. Cardiff Poor School. Appointment of Schoolmaster.

Cardiff vill: Whereas Cradock Wells Alderman Dece'd Did by his last Will & Testamt (fn. 50) devise to the Aldermen of this Towne & their Successors severall Messuages lands & tenemts in the County of Glamorgan in trust for the Educatting & bringing vp of Poor Boys & Girls to read write & Cypher We the Aldermen whose Names are herevnder Subscribed in pursuance of the said Will have constituted & appointed & by these p'sents doe Constitute & appoint Nathaniell Wells of Cardiff Clerk to teach & instruct such poor Boys & Girls as we shall from time to time direct to be instructed & taught Hereby Giveing & Granting vnto the said Nathanll Wells the Issues rents & profitts of the said Devised p'misses for & dureing such time as he shall behave himselfe well in his teaching & instrucc'on of such Boys & Girls as aforesaid In Wittness whereof we have herevnto Sett our hands & Seales this 26th day of Novr 1719.

Ar. Yeomans ffran. Jones Will. Mathew Nath. Wells Crad. Nowell Will. Jones Alex. Pursell Geo. Stephens Alex. Purcel Will. Richds.

Cardiff vill: 8th of January 1719.

Att a Court of Aldermen duely Sum[m]oned Henry Meredith a Capitall Burgess of this Towne was duely elected an Alderman in the Room of Arthur Yeomans Alderman dece'd Witness our hands.

Nath. Wells Crad. Nowell Geo. Stephens

Will. Richds.

Will. Mathew.

Cardiff vill: 8th of January 1719.

Att a Com[m]on Councell duely sum[m]oned for the elecc'on of an Assistant in the Room of Thomas Nowell lately ellected & Sworne an Alderman, William Hiley was ellected a Capitall Burgess and Assistant for the said Towne by us.

Nath. Wells Crad. Nowell Geo. Stephens

Will. Richds.

Will. Mathew

Henry Meredith

Richards David Owen J. Thomas.

1719. January 14,

Election of Thomas Matthew as an Assistant and Capital Burgess, in the room of Henry Meredith. In addition to the signatures last given, appear those of Thomas Nowell, John Sweet, Henry Llewellin, Arthur Williams and Richard Jones, being Councillors. The following is written in a fair, clerkly hand.

St. John's Churchwardens' Account.

An Acct of Money Disburs'd Goods deliver'd &c for ye Use of the Parish Church of St John's in Cardiff by Wm Mathew & David Owen Church-Wardens for the Year 1719 viz.

Apr. 10th Laid out & Disurst at ye Generll yn (fn. 51) £1. 8s.

Do Paid for a Book yn w[i]th ye Copy of our Oaths 1s.

June 8th 30 yds White Rope for ye Bells 5s. 7½d.

Do Paid for Cleansing ye Church Yard yn 1s.

July 19th Paid John Richards Mason for mending ye North Porch 1s.

Augt 17th For Cleansing ye Church after ye Stone Cutter 2s.

Oct. 9th Paid at ye Genell yn 9s. 1d.

14th Paid James ye Clark yn for drawing ye Presentmt 1s.

Do To ye Apparritor yn 6d.

Do A Lanthorne yn 1s. 6d.

20th A qte of Oyl for ye Clock & Chimes 2s.

22d For killing a Feghock 4d.

24th Paid Jn Griffith & Nich. Wms for help to raise ye Great Bell 1s. 9d.

9ber 13th Paid Mr Richards for making the Rate 6s. 8d.

Do Candles yn 6d.

14th Paid Jn Brewer for 1000 Bricks & Freight as p' Recpt: £6. 13. 10.

Xber. It 30 Yards large white Rope for ye Wgt (fn. 52) of ye Chimes qte 29Ib at 6d.—14s. 6d.

Do Paid Wm Williams for Freight 6d.

Do For setting sd Rope to ye Chimes 9d.

16th Paid Hugh Lewis yn for Halling ye Brick & Sand as p' Recpt 7s. 2d.

Do Paid yn for Carriage of sd Brick to ye Chancell 7d.

23d For Scouring ye Branches agst Xmas 2s. 6d.

Do For Washing ye Surples & Linnen as p' Recpt 11s.

Paid Geo. Voaks for Tending ye Mason abt ye Window 15s.

For Cleansing ye Church-yard yn 1s. 6d.

Jay Paid Geo. Voaks yn for 2 days work abt ye Gutter 1s. 8d.

For Lime yn abt sd Gutter in Mr Cordericks (fn. 53) Court 2s. 11d.

Paid Arth. Price for 7 days work tending ye Masons abt stopping ye Chancell Window & Cleansing ye Church-yard 5s. 10d.

Paid Thomas Mrs Jones's old Servt for 3 days 2s.

More to Arth. Price 1 day's Work 10d.

Paid Rowland Lewis for helping ye Organist in Cleansing the Organ 2s.

Ja. 13th Paid Thos Rosser Glazier for a New Window as p' Note £1. 8. 7.

Paid for 2 Mawns (fn. 54) & Marlins for ye Masons Work 1s.

Feb. 26th Paid for mending & Cleansing ye Clock & Chimes p' Recpt £1.

Paid Ja. King for leveling ye Wall for ye Alter-piece and pitching (fn. 55) abt ye young Trees in ye North Church-yard 1s. 4d.

There are now no trees in the north part of the churchyard. A small tree which grew close to the railing by the north wall of the tower disappeared in 1895. Those growing south of the church were all, it is believed, planted about 1865 by Sexton Cook.

Paid Evan Harry for Cleansing ye sd Yard 9d.

1720. Mar. 25th Paid Ja. Morgan for Plaistering ye New Window 2s.

For Lime as p. Note 5s. 3d.

Hair for ye Morter 4d.

Apr. 16th For washing & mending ye Surples & Linnen p' Note 4s.

Paid Ja. Morgan for Tyleing as p' Note 18s. 8½d.

Paid the Apparritor yn 6d.

Paid for Scouring ye Branches agst Easter 2s. 6d.

20th Paid Richd Hopkin for Painting ye Chancell Window 4s.

22d Paid Mr Wells for Winep' Note & Recpt £1. 7s.

Do Paid for Candles for ye Church Xmas Eve p' Recpt 6s.

28th Paid for 7 days work in Cleansing in & abt ye Church & removing & Carrying ye 2000 Tyle & Free Stones to ye Vestry 5s. 10d.

Do Paid for Bread for ye Com[m]union as p' Note 2s. 9d.

Do 18 yds Rope to lengthen one of ye Bell Ropes 3s. 6d.

29th for a qte of Oyle for ye Bells & Clock 2s.

Do Paid for a skin of Parchmt for drawing ye Transcript 1s. 4d.

To Ja. ye Clark for drawing ye Transcript & Presentmt 3s. 6d.

Paid ye Register yn at ye Generlls 3s. 10d.

pd mr Beavor for sodering the new window 4s. 2d.

pd Evan Deer for a spade 3s.

Vacancies in y Church Rate Anno 1719.

Widd. Morgan for ye Bear 1 Qr 1s.

Mr Henry Meredith½ year for Mault house 1s.

Mr Glascott for Brew-house 4d.

Mr Alex. Pursell for Kingshead (fn. 56) ½ a Year 1s. 8d.

D° for a stable there ½ a Year1½ d.

Mr Mackworth for house & Garden 7d.

Mr Sweet charg'd for 12 Acres Land att Orchard street (fn. 57) whereas but 2 Acres 10s.

Sr Geo. Howells little Swan ½ a Year 1s.

Wm Jones's Widd. for ye Crow 2s.

Jn Price ½ a Year for ye Plough 6d.

Mr Cook or Tents for 5 Acres Heathld 3s. 4d.

Rece'd for Persons seated in the Church 2s.

1720 August 11th.

Election of William Hieley as Alderman, in the room of Henry Meredith deceased.

An Acct of Money laid out for ye use of ye Parish Church of St Johns in Cardiff for ye year 1720 p' William Mathew & Fran. Jones.

Apr. 29th Laid out & Disburs'd at ye Genlls yn £1. 2s.

Do For a Book w[i]th ye Copy of our Oaths yn 1s.

May 8th To Treat Mr Harris ye Organ Builder yn 3s.

16. For Hire of two Horses & our Expences in going to St Donn[n]etts to get a Subscription for ye New Organ 10s.

18. For Hire of two Horses &c. to Kevenmable on yt Acct 5s.

23. For a New Curtain & making for ye Chancel window 11s. 1d.

for white-washing ye said Window 6d.

Paid for Paving stones for ye Chancell & Carriage 7s. 6d.

For Bread for ye Com[m]union at Whitesuntide 3d.

25. Paid a Labourer for 3 days work w[i]th Elias 2s. 6d.

June 4. Paid Mrs Shears for washing & mending ye Surples 4s.

For Holland & Thread to Do 1s. 4d.

For Carrying Rubbell out of ye Chancell 6d.

July 9. Paid Rees Parry for Cleansing ye Church-yard 1s.

Paid for 4 New Bell-ropes 16s. 4d.

Pd Edwd Thomas for ffishing ye Blocks abt ye new wall 1s. 6d.

Pd Wm Miles for New binding ye Church Bible 8s. 6d.

Pd Samll Jones for going w[i]th a Lettr to Pen[n]arth 1s. 3d.

Augt 2. Pd for Killing a Hedghock 2d.

For a long hair Broom for dusting ye Alter-piece 2s.

27. Pd Mrs Shears for washing ye Surples 2s. 6d.

30. Pd for Killing a ffetchock 2d.

7ber 3. A New Lanthorn for ye Church 1s. 6d.

21. Pd for Carrying Deal & Dutch Oak to ye Church for ye Gallery 1s.

22. For 2 Mawns Marlin & Rope abt ye New wall 2s. 2d.

Pd ye Sexton & other Labourers att Severall times abt digging a Foundac'on for ye Pillars of ye New gallery &c. 13s. 9d.

Gave ym in Ale & Brandy when abt yt work 3s.

8ber 7. pd ye Register & laid out at ye Genlls yn 15s. 10d.

Pd ye Clark for Drawing ye Presentmt 1s.

Pd Nich. Williams for 2 days work 1s. 6d.

Pd Nich. Price for 2 Bushells of Hair 2s. 8d.

Gave in Drink to ye Workmen abt ye New wall 1s. 6d.

Pd Jn White for a day's work under ye New Pillers 1s. 6d.

Pd Jn James Mason for 2 days work there 3s.

25. For 3 Bundles of Laths 6s.

Pd Hugh Lewis for Hawling Sand to ye Church 2s. 6d.

Pd for Candles 3d.

9ber 11. Pd ye Sexton for Cleansing ye Church & Drink to Workmen 3s.

For 74 foot of Rafter to Lengthen ye New Gallery 9s. 3d.

25. In drink to Treat Mr Harris's Workmen abt ye Organ 2s. 6d.

In Bread to ye Com[m]union at Xmas 3d.

To ye Sextons Wife for Scouring ye Branches 3s.

Pd Oliver for Carrying out Rubbell 9d.

In Ale to ye Tylers mending over ye Organ on a Storm 1s. 6d.

Feby. Pd James ye Sawyer for Work 2s. 6d.

Pd Sevll Labourers Assisting Mr Seabrook abt ye New Gallery 3s. 2d.

Pd for help for for Edmd to hang ye Cradles &c. 1s. 6d.

Pd Fran. James Carpenter for a Jobb 9d.

James King Mason for a Jobb 1s.

Pd Hen. Jones 6 days work in Plaistering 6s.

April 1st. Pd for Cleansing ye Chancell &c. 3s.

Pd for Carrying Boards from ye Boat to ye Church 3s.

Pd Wm Williams for Boards & Freight 8s.

Pd for a Tubb & Pail abt Whiteliming ye Church 3s.

For 2 Mawns yn 1s.

For Cleansing ye Church Plate 1s.

A Bottle of Oyl for ye Chimes 2s.

Pd Edmd ye Taylor for a Jobb 6d.

Pd Edmond for Hanging ye New Branch 1s.

To Fran. James ye Carpender for fitting up ye Same 1s.

Candles yn 1d.

Apr. 172.1 For a skin of Parchmt for drawing ye Transcript 1s. 4d.

Pd for 2 Ffast Books 2s.

Pd for making our Rate 6s. 8d.

Pd ye Porters yn 1s. 6d.

More for Freight & Portridge 7s.

Pd Mr Alex. Pursell Junr for Building ye New wall in ye Bellfrey pr Agreement 4li.

Pd ye Register at ye Genll then 3s. 10d.

Pd Ja. ye Clark for drawing ye Transcript & Presentmt 3s. 6d.

Pd Mr Pursell for Timber as pr Recpt 5li. 14s. 5d.

Pd Edmd Jones for Wte liming ye Church pr Recpt 1li. 2s.

Pd Do for Plaistering pr Recpt 16s.

Pd Mrs Shears for washing ye Church Linnen pr Note 8s. 6d.

Pd David Jacob for Looping ye Treese abt ye church 2s. 7½d.

Pd Jn Price Chandler for Candles 6s.

Pd Mr Wells for Wine for ye Church 15s.

Pd for 6 New Bell-ropes & Carriage from Glor (fn. 58) 1li. 2s. 7½d.

Pd Evan Deer 11li. 7s. 8d.

Pd Thos Rosser Glazier 11s. 11d.

Pd the Towne Clerke for Entring this Acct 6s. 8d.

Recd by the Church Rate 57li. 12s. 2d.

for Burialls 13s. 4d.

for Seating 1s.

Vacant in ye High Street Ward A° 1720.

Joyce Jenkins House 10d.

Wm Morgan D° 10d.

Charles Gibbon a Stable 7½d.

Morris Morgan a Shop 1s.

In the East Ward.

The original has, by error, "West Ward."

Mr Glascott a Brew-house 6d.

Geo. Williams a house pr ye North Gate 3s. 4d.

Mr Alex. Pursell Senr for ye Kings-head 4s. 2d.

John Morgan Esqr 2 Houses 10d.

Richd Jones for a house late Scotts 1s. 3d.

Miles Thomas for Green Dragon 2s. 1d.

In Pt for Mr Edwd Morgan's 2 Houses 1s. 4d.

Late Wm Jones ½ a year for ye Crow 1s. 3d.

John Price Glover a Stable 8d.

In the West Ward.

Jonah. Lambert a Stable 8d.

Mr Crad. Nowell 2 Houses & Tannyd ½ a Year 1s. 3d.

Mr Cook 5 Acres of Heathld 4s. 2d.

Bailiffs' Account.

Cardiff vill: The Account of George Stephens & Wm Matthews, Bailiffs for the yeare 1720.

1720 Augt 30th Recd of Gabll Lewis Comon Attorny 8s.

October 15th Recd of Morgan Jenkins Com[m]on Attorny 10s.

Decr 23d Recd of Antony Matthews poors mony 1li.

1721 Apr. 18. Recd of Com[m]on Attornsy 12s. 2½d.

July 10th Recd of Jon Price Com[m]on Attorny 1li. 11s. 11½d.

7ber 28th Recd of Edward Roberts being made ffree 3s. 4d.

of Mr Okey of John King, of Mich11, of Michll Brewer, of David Brewer of, John Meredith, of John George, of Joseph Howell, of Wm Phillips Junr, of John Dukes 3s. 4d. Each for being made ffreemen 1li. 10s. 0d.

pr Contra.

1720 Augt 30th Gave the Steward his ffee 1li. 1s. 0d.

Octobr 15th Pd the Clk of the Peace 1li. 7s. 0¾d.

Novr 3d pd Ld Windsors rent (fn. 59) 5li. 13s. 7½d.

pd Mr Pursells interest of poors mony 4li.

pd Lord Windsors Clerke for receipts 3s. 6d.

Decr 23th pd the poor their Quarteridge 1li. 15s. [recurs]

Ja. 12th pd the Clk of the Peace 9s. 6¾d. [recurs]

1721 Aprill 10the pd the Steward 1li. 1s. [recurs]

Septr 8th pd Mr Anstance Wells for Wine 2li. 2s.

pd the Towne Clerke for Entring the Account 6s. 8d.

Soe the Accountants are indebted to the Towne 17s. 10d.


  • 1. upland.
  • 2. The Master of the Cordwainers' Company.
  • 3. 3s. 4d. was the customary fee on admission of a townsman to the freedom of the Borough; but the sum paid for admitting a non-resiant was at the Bailiffs' option.
  • 4. The pump (formerly a well) in High Street.
  • 5. Anniversary of the beheading of King Charles I., 1649.
  • 6. i.e., the Recorder.
  • 7. The Fee Farm Rent to the Lord of the Borough.
  • 8. i.e., Lord Windsor's clerk.
  • 9. He was the Town Clerk.
  • 10. Double
  • 11. The mandates to Cowbridge and Llantrisant, outlying members of the Borough, for the election of a Parliamentary representative.
  • 12. The Muster Master was the officer who summoned the Trained Band, or militia, for the annual drill.
  • 13. i.e., by the accountant, Mr. William Jones, late senior Bailiff.
  • 14. Pethuel Sheeres was the other Bailiff.
  • 15. In connection with the sport of bull-baiting, which was officially supported by the Corporation.
  • 16. This was the man who had the custody of the bull.
  • 17. In this account the slipkeeper receives four payments of half-a-crown each.
  • 18. i.e., the Common Attorneys'
  • 19. This was the Town Hall clock and bell.
  • 20. The pew of the Constables, in St. John's church.
  • 21. The Elector of Hanover began his reign as King George the First of England 1 August 1714.
  • 22. The Consistory Court at Llandaff.
  • 23. i.e., fulberts, a West Country term for what in ordinary language are called polecats. The Churchwardens customarily paid so much per head for vermin or supposed noxious animals destroyed in the parish.
  • 24. i.e., the parson's surplice, and the white linen cloth spread upon the communion table at the administration of the Sacrament.
  • 25. ceiling.
  • 26. To make lime, or for stuffing cushions.
  • 27. The vicar.
  • 28. counting them.
  • 29. 1 See Vol. III., p. 407.
  • 30. polecat. (See Vol. III., p. 446, note.)
  • 31. George Stephens and Nathaniel Wells were the Bailiffs.
  • 32. Badges to be worn by paupers.
  • 33. She was a parish apprentice.
  • 34. The above is an older form of the word now rendered "flannel," and comes nearer to its Welsh original gwlanen.
  • 35. Watching a corpse during the night previous to its burial was another ancient religious custom, which it is interesting to see, in this instance, used out of respect to the body of a pauper. The charge was for bread, ale and candles to two women watchers, as appears by other entries.
  • 36. This appears to refer to some disputed occupancy. The King's Castle was a substantial building on the north side of the Cowbridge Road, Canton, just west of what is now the Workhouse.
  • 37. To tale, or tell, means to count; whence the nouns tale, toll and tally.
  • 38. The organ at this time, and long after, stood in a west or tower gallery; so that the arch referred to is the tower arch.
  • 39. The keys of the organ.
  • 40. Clerk
  • 41. Transcript and presentment
  • 42. The brass chandelier is meant. This item recurs.
  • 43. This must have been the seal figured in the "Duke of Beaufort's Progress," 1684.
  • 44. Welsh cloth, originally made at Dowlais.
  • 45. mohair; cloth made of the hair of the Angora goat, or in imitation of it.
  • 46. shalloon is a woollen stuff, originally made at Chalons.
  • 47. stay-lace.
  • 48. A kind of tape or ribbon lint for dressing wounds; doubtless originally made at Cadiz.
  • 49. i.e., for ringing the "little bell" in the streets, to give notice of the death.
  • 50. See Vol. III., p. 150.
  • 51. then
  • 52. weight
  • 53. Mr. Coldrick, the vicar. The Vicarage adjoined the church on the north-east.
  • 54. Mawn or maund, a shallow round basket.
  • 55. laying stones
  • 56. The old King's Head inn in High Street, on the site of the late Post Office.
  • 57. Orchard Street disappeared on the construction of the Glamorganshire Canal between Crockherbtown lock and North Street, at the end of the 18th century.
  • 58. Rudhall of Gloucester was a noted bell-founder at this period.
  • 59. The chief rent due from the Borough to the Lord.