Council Minutes: Extracts from Town Book, 1722-30

Pages 218-236

Cardiff Records: Volume 4. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1903.

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July 12th 1722.

Examined then the acct abovewritten & the same was allowed & approved of by me in the p'sence of the Towneclerk & others & the ballance was rec'd (being Seventeen shillings & ten pence) was rec'd by me.

Mich. Richard.

Da. Owen

Wm Hiley.

St. John's Churchwardens' Account.

Cardiff vill: The Account of ffrancis Jones & John Thomas late Church-Wardens of St John for the yeare 1721.

li. s. d.
Tot. of the Rate 58. 9
Recd for Burialls 16. 8
Recd for Seating 6. 0
Recd of Bailiff Owen 5. 3. 1
Recd of Jon James for the Rent of a Garden 5. 0
Recd for a Pear tree 2. 0
Charge 65. 2.


Pd Mr ffrancis Jones & Mr Wm Matthews (fn. 1) 19li. 11s. 1½d.
Aprill. Pd for Dinner &c att Landaff 1li. 6s.
Pd for Presentmts & transcripts 3s. 6d.
Pd for Parchmt & paper 1s. 6d.
Pd for cleansing the Sconces 3s.
Pd Mr Leighs Charges to Bristoll 2li.
Pd for his horse hire 10s.
Pd for killing a ffitchock 4d.
Pd att the Red House (fn. 2) for Preist & others 12s.
Pd Mr Davies of Worcr 9li.
Pd Mr Leigh for inspecting the Organ 2li. 2s.
Pd for Bread 3d.
Pd Edmd the Tyler for Work 4s. 4d.
Pd Jon Griffiths & Nich. Wms for rectifyeing a bell 1s. 8d.
Pd for Com[m]on Prayer Books 1li. 16s.
Pd for help in putting the Beam in the Tower 1s.
Pd for cleaning the Aldrmens Isle 1s.
Pd for Wyre for the Chymes 1s. 9d.
Pd att Landaff for a Dinner 3s. 10d.
Pd more for a Book 1s.
Laid out by ffra. Jones in (fn. 3) 8s. 8d.
Pd for Drawing prsentmts 1s.
Pd for Cleaning the Church yard 9d.
Pd Mr Harries for Boards not in the last acct 16s. 2d.
Pd Walter Wm Evan for mending the 5th bell 5s.
Pd for cleaning the Sconces 3s.
Pd in treating Mr Harries 3s.
pd for cleansing the Chancell 6d.
pd for drawing prsentmts 3s. 6d.
Pd for parchmt 1s. 4d.
Pd for Lime 7d.
Pd for Worke att the vestry 9d.
Pd for tyleing 2s. 2d.
Pd for cleansing the poors Garden 1s. 6d.
Pd Rich: Hopkin for painting the Branch 2li. 6s.
Pd Evan Deer for makeing it 5li. 3s. 6d.

Monys vncollected & vacancys

late Jonathan Greenfeild 4s. 2d.
Sr Geo. Howells 2s. 6d.
Mr Purcell for the Ks Head 4s. 2d.
the Crow 2s. 6d.
more Jon Goyder for 11 Acres of land 10s.
Pd the Towne clerke for entring the Acct 6s. 8d.
Pd the Ballance to Mr Jon Sweet on Acct of the Church 7s. 6d.

May 19th 1724.

Soe the Accountant has paid the Ballance & his Acct is allowd & passed by vs
Will. Lambert
Will. Richds.
Tho. Colerick vicr
Mich. Richards
Richd. Jenkins
Tho. Meredith
Jon Morgan.

Octobr 9th 1722.

Att a Comon Councill duely assembled It was vnaiminously agreed to Elect Thomas Meredith Cordwainer to be a Capitall Burgess of the said Towne in the Roome of George Lewis Wittness our hands
The Marke of
David × Owen,
Geo. Stephens
Will. Lambert
Will. Mathews
Wm Hiley
Edw Morgan
George Lewis
John Jones
Richard Jones
J. Thomas
Thomas Glascott
Edward Kemeys.

Cardiff vill: Novr 5th 1722.

Att a Court of Aldrmen duely sum[m]oned Walter Churchey Esqrwas elected Steward of the said Towne by vs the Aldermen herevnder Subscribed Wittness our hands

Signatures as the first seven to the preceding Minute; but Bailiff David Owen's purports to be his autograph, and the name of Alexr. Pursell comes second. Old Mr. Pursell wrote his baptismal name in a very trembling hand, and his surname was then written for him. This is the last signature of Alexander Pursell senior. Bailiff Owen appears to have been illiterate, as his name has evidently been signed to all the Minutes by the hands of other writers. See Vol. II., p.122, footnote 2; where, however, Bailiff Owen's baptismal name is erroneously given as James.

Aprill 11th 1723.

Whereas a Suite in Chancery is now carried on agt Wm Lambert Esqr & Edward Morgan Church Wardens of the parish of St Johns in Cardiff & agt Michael Richards Gent. touching an Agreemtw[i]th one Renatus Harries abt the Organ in Cardiff We whos Names are herevnder Subscribed doe Severally promise that the aforesaid Mr Lambert, Mr Morgan & their Successors & Mr Richards shall be indempnified out of the Corporac'on Stock in the just defence of this Suite. Wittness our hands
Dauid Owen
Edw. Morgan
George Lewis
Hen. Llewellin
Richard Jones
Thomas Meredith
Will. Lambert
Wm Hiley
Geo. Stephens
Alexr Purcel.

March 23d 172¾.

Att a Court of Com[m]on Councell duely Sum[m]oned John Morgan
Joyner was duely Elected Councell Man in the Roome of Edward
Kemeys Gent. dece'd Wittness our hands.

10 signatures.

172¾ March 23. Thomas Meredith, cordwainer, elected Aldereman vice
William Hiely deceased. Form as above. The following is written in a large
sprawling hand.

The Account of Alexr Pursell Junr as Bailiff in the Yeare 1714.
Recd of Sampson Stone Junr for his ffreedom 3s. 4d.
Recd of William Morgan of the White Horse D° 1l.

Then follows an account of Poors Money Recd from various persons.

per Contra

Gave severall Poor Travellrs severall times 6d.
Paid for a pair of Stockings for Bambricks Child 4d.
Paid for Nursing of the sd Child to Margarett Mullins 2li. 1s.
Paid for Ale to ye Ringers on his Maiestyes proclamac'on day 2s.
Paid ye Mr Richards for a Coppy of Mr Nichas Kemys Will
1l. 1s. 6d.
Paid Mr Seward my Lords Rent 11li. 14s. 11d.
Paid John Richard when he (fn. 4) on the Stone Brd 8s. 6d.
pd Hugh Lewis for Carrying Stones & sand for ye pump 1s. 2d.
pd ye Towne Clerke for one Bailiffs Acct & three Church wardens
Accts 1l. 6s. 8d.

Paid ye poor.

1713 Decr 11th To Elianor Stone, Ann Hugh, Mrs Deacon, Jane
Jerom, Mary Browne, Kate Jenkins, Sarah Hodges & Mary
Mathew 2li.

Augt 27th Paid ye Same persons ditton 1l.
Apr. 14th Pd Mr Bailiff Stephens to pay the poor 1l. 2s. 6d.

Recd of Brewer at Severall times, ww[hi]chch was given to poor house
Keepers by Brother Bailife & my Selfe 4li. 9s. 10d.

By Mr Pursells Acct on the other Side as Bailiff in the year
1714 It appears yt he recd on the Towne Acct 27li. 19s. 2d. That he
Disbursed that year as Bailiff 17li. 16s. 3d. Soe yt there remains in
his hands 10li. 2s. 11d. That the Sum[m]es recd on the poor Acct was
paid as tis entred on the other side.

Aprill 30th 1724.

Recd of Mr Pursell the abovesaid Ballance of ten pounds two
Shillings & Eleven pence & this Acct was allowd & passed in
Councell I say recd the said Ballance by me
Will. Mathew
Da. Owen
Will. Lambert
Will. Richds

Mem'dum that att the same time Mr Lambert paid Mr Pursell
three pounds three shillings & 9dfrac14; w[hi]ch was due to Mr Pursell on a
Ballance of an Acct in March 17 11/12 Soe yt Mr Lambert had in Neat
Mony but Six pounds Nineteen shilling & a penny three farthings.

9 signatures.

St. John's Churchwardens' Account. The following is written in a crabbed

Cardiff Vill: The Acct of John Cornish & Richard Jenkins
Church Wardens for the p'ish of St Johns the Babtst in Cardiff
aforesd 1724.

Apr. 17th Att the Genlls att Landaff 26s. Courtffess 3s. 10d.
for a Book of Articles &c one Shilling 1l. 10s. 10d.
To Rees Parry for Weeding ye Church Yard 2s.
To Mrs Margtt Sheers for Washing, and Mending ye Church
Linnen 18s. 6d.
¼ of holld & thrd 2 (fn. 5) s. 6d.
Octor 8th To Roger Jones for Weeding the Walls of the
Church 1s.
Att the Genlls at Landaff 9s. 6d. Court ffees 6s. for Drawing the
prsentmtone Shilling 16s. 6d.
To James Morgan Tiler for Work and Materialls done by him on
the Church 8s. 9d.
for putting A new Rope to the Chimes &gt 3s. 6d.
To Mr John Abbies pr Note 16s. 10d.
To John Price Chandllr for 2 doz. and 9 pounds of Candles at 5s.
to ye use of the Church pr ye Years 172¾. 13s. 9d.
To Mrs Wells for four Qurts of tent (fn. 6) 12s.
Bred for ye Sacramt one Shilling 1s.
To the Sexton for Cleaning the Sconches 7s. 6d.
To Thos Rosser Glazier pr Note 32/6d. 1l. 2s. 6d.
Apr. 9th 1725. Att the Genll Court ffess 6s.
to the pariter 1s.
to Mr Wm Lambert for 3 Qurts of tent he had pd Mr John Sweet
att Whitesontide 1723. 9s.
to Mr Mich. Richards for the Church Rate 6s. 8d.
D° for Entering the Acct 6s. 8d.
to Mrs Margtt Greenfield for parsmt (fn. 7) Is. 6d.
the transcript and prsentmt 4s.

At foot is a note of 2li. 15s. 8d. received for parson Wms Garden.

This Acc was Allowed & Approved by us
Edw. Morgan

Will. Richds.
Mich. Richards
Alexr Purcel
David Owen
Will. Mathew
J. Thomas

Crad. Nowell Church
Wm Cornish

St John's Vestry.

The following is apparently the handwriting of Alexr. Purcel.

Att a Vestry held for the parish of St Johns in Cardiff this 26th
of Aprill 1725 It was Agreed yt a Church Rate of 2 shill. a pound
be raised for the vse of the said parish Church for the said year.
Wittness our hands

8 signatures.

The following is written in a large, sprawling hand.

The Account of William Lambert Esqr & Edwd Morgan Church
wardens of St Johns in Cardiff for ye year 1722.

The Total of ye Rate 57li. 5s. d.
Recd for 2 burialls 6 8
Charge 57 11 11¾


Expence att Landaff 1l. 12s.
Pd for a book 1s.
Pd Walter Harte for Glaseing 4s. 3d.
Pd Thos Rosser for Glaseing 9s. 1d. [recurs]
Pd Mrs Wells for Wine 15s.
Paid John Griffith, for ale for the men about ye Gudgeings of the
bells 4s. 6d.
Paid John Price for 3 pound of Candles 1s. 3d.
Paid Evan Deer 8s. 2d.
Pd for the prsentmt of the tower 3s. 10d.
Expence att yt time 4s. 2d.
Pd James the Clerk for a prsentmt1s.
Paid the paritter (fn. 8) for his trouble 3s.
Paid for Cleansing the Sconses 8s.
Paid Mrs Eliz. Stephens for Washing ye Surplis & Cleaning ye
plate 4 times 17s. 6d.
Paid for giveing in ye prsentmt7s.
Paid for parchmt 1s. 4d.
Paid for bread att Severall times 1s. 3d.
Paid John Morgan for a kowler (fn. 9) for ye Chimes 6d.

Moneys uncollected & Vacancyes in the High Street Ward.
Reese Watkin 2s. 6d.
Joyce Watkins vacant 10d.
John Jones a Stable behind the Haies 1s.
David Jones 9d.

In the east Ward.

Mr Pursell for ye Kings head vact 4s. 4d.
George Williams house & Land 2s. 6d.
John Morgan Esqr or tent vact 10d.
ye Green Dragon 2s. 1d.
John Thomas Goyder (fn. 10) 7d.
John Goyder 3¼ of upld 10d.

In the West Ward.

Mr Nowell 2 Houses & tan yard vact 2s. 6d.
Wm Morgan Esqr vact 2s. 1d.

Aprill 30th 1724.

Edward Herbert Gentn was Elected a Capitall Burgess of this
Towne in the Roome of Mr Thomas Meredith by vs
Will. Lambert
Will. Mathew
David Owen
George Lewis
Tho. Meredith
John Jones
Richd Jones
Tho. Glascott
John Morgan.

April 30th 1724

The above named Edward Herbert was elected an Aldrman by vs
Will. Lambert
Will. Mathew
Da. Owen
Edw. Morgan
George Lewis
Tho. Meredith.
St. Mary's Overseers' Accounts.
The Account of ye weekly payments to the poor in Saint Mary's
Parish for ye year of our Lord 1722, William Llewellin & [blank]
being overseers of the poor
Dates and amounts only:—
paid att Landaff 15s.
Pd for mowing and Cleaning ye Churchyard 1s. 6d.
May ye 6th Gave Arthur Williams wife by Mr Owens orders
1s. 6d.
pd att Mich. Generalls expences 11s.
for Clearing the Cost 6s.
for a Book 1s.
pd for a bag for ye Communion Cup 8d.
pd for Looking after loan Blont and of her [blank] 18s.
pd Mr David Owen towards ye Bridge (fn. 11) 18s. 8d.
pd Wm Miles for a order for removeing of a woman and Expence
4s. 6d.
pd ye Clerk of Peace 10s. 8¾d.
D° for ye prsentmt1s.
D° for ye prsentment and ye transcript 2s.

St. John's Churchwardens' Account.

The accott of Richd Jenkins & Thomas Meredith, Church
Wardens for St Johs parish in Cardiff 1723.

Imps to William Paul for Worke done by him & others on ye
tower 36li.
pr two Bushell of tarris (fn. 12) for the said work & fraight 14s.
pr three days & a halfes work in pointing & fastning the Loose
stones on ye Great pinacle (fn. 13) 16s. 6d.
Pr a new stone added to ye worke after the first Agreemt 5s.
7ber 12th pd mr Greenfield pr a Span 3s.
20. to Natt Guy 6d.
for one J
Ladle (fn. 14) 1s. 6d.
for Coale to the said Worke 2s. 11d.
8ber 4° to Mr Llewellin for drawing of Articles between us &
Paul 13s.
to John Griffith for ale 8s.
to Edwd Lewis for a pail 8d.
to Nichs Brewer p' 200w of lead & fraight 1l. 7s. 4d.
to the porters 1s.
xber 27° Mr Priest for deale boords poles & fraight 3li. 19s.
Jan. 1° 1° Evan Deer for a Mawna (fn. 15) at 3d. pr pound 6s. 9d.
for a Seeve to the use of the Church 9d.
to Daniel Rees for a fortnights work 14s.
March 18° to Nicholas Brewer for brick 5s.
to Edmd Thomas for lime 1l. 4s.
due pr Note to Mr Wm Mathews 2li. 11s. 2d.
to Mr Abbis 3li. 7s. 7d.
to the Plumr for two hind of Ledd at ½d. pr Pound 1l. 8s.
to Wm Williams for the fraight 6d.
to Anthony Mathews for fagotts 10d.
Pd Mr Lee Sallary 24li.
In Landaff att Easter 1723. 18s.
for two pound of Leather for the bells 2s.
to Rees parry for weeding the Church yard & throwing a trench
the out Side of the wall 2s.
Octobr 21. to James for Drawing the prsentmt 1s.
for halfe a pod of flick (fn. 16). 3d.
a hand binch to the Church use 1s.
for Bread for the Sacramt 8d.
Jan. ye 9. to Mrs Wells for Wine 9s.
10. at the Court of defaults 2s. 2d.
to ye Pariter 1s.
to Christopher Price for Ale 1s.
to Tho. James for mending ye Churchyard wall 2s. 6d.
to Mrs Margt Greenfield pr parsmt1s.
to Mr Richards pr the Rate 6s. 8d.
to James Thomas pr the Presentmt 4s.
for washing the Church Linen 10s.
for Cleaning the Sconches at xmas 10s.
to Thos Rosser Glazier 1l. 17s. 3d.
to Mr Alexander Pursell 17s. 3¾d.
Mr Sweet for Wine 18s.
Mr Cradock Nowell pr tile &c 8s.
to Mr Mich. Richards for Entering the Account 6s. 8d.
for Hedge hoggs &c 3s.

The Tot. of the Rate is 70li. 10s. 0d.
Burial Money recd 2. 16. 8
Town Rent of Mr Williams
for his Garden
9s 0d.
tot. 73. 15. 8.
Vacancies deducted 3. 14. 9½.
tot. Recd 70. 0. 10½.
Pd 89. 13. 0¾.
Recd 70. 0. 10½.
Due to the Accountants 19. 12. 2¼.

But there are a few Vacancies to the value of abt 5s. w[hi]ch the Churchwardens are desired to endeavor to gett in.

May 19th 1724

This Acct was allowd & approved by vs
Will. Lambert
Will. Richds.
Tho. Colerick vicr
M. Richards
J. Thomas
John Morgan.

St. John's Overseers' Account.

The following is written in a cramped, old-fashioned hand.

A true Acct made by Henry Lewis & Thomas Estonce Overseers of the poor of St Johns for the year 1725.

Dates and amounts only.

The Acct of Casuall Charitable paymts

May 6th Imps ffor the Rate 6s. 8d.
It. for the Warrt 6d.
18. Item Roger Jones for repairing the Alms house 2s.
Item ffor A Nurse 4d.
June 4th Item pd Thos Evan for keeping Jennet Evans Child 2li.
Item ffor The Bond 3s. 6d.
10. It. A qr ffor Ann Aylworths Child 13s. [recurs]
12. It. pd ffor two Shirts ffor Ann Aylworths Son 4s. 10d.
It. A pair of Shoes for Ann Aylworths Son 2s. 8d.
Augt 4th ffor Mending a Cock to the Alms house 3d.
It. ffor helping James to remove into the Alms-house 6d.
Oct. 29. pd the ffunerall expences of James Thomas 16s.
Novr 11th pd ffor Makeing & setting on the patches 12s. 6d.
Decr 4th It. Phillip Tanner 2s. 6d.
January 11th pd Eliz. Meredith ffor Watching with Eliz. Roberts 2s.
ffebry 6th pd the ffunerall expences of Marg. Roberts 17s.
March 17. It. ffelix Howell 2s. 6d.
Item Jane Brown 1s.
23. Item ffor her Lodging 8d.
26. A pair of Shoes ffor Ann Aylworths Son 3s.
Apr. 5th It. Elizabeth Meredith for Looking after Jane Brown 1s. 6d.
pd for A Lock to the Alms house 1s. 10d.
Pd Henry Parry 1s. 10d.

St. John's Churchwardens' Account.

The Acct of the Expences & vacancys of Cradock Nowell & William Cornish Church Wardens for the p'ish of St Johns in Cardiff for the year 1725


Att the Genlls att Landaffe 27s.
Court ffees 6s.
for A book of Articles one shilling.
ffor Vermine 8d.
ffor Mooting & Cleansing the Church Yard to Danll Kill 2s. 3d.
ffor 2000 of Tyle telling & Carriage 18s. 4d.
pd To A Man yt Suffered by ffire in this County 1s.
ffor a Purse to Collect the Rate 4d.
ffor the Carriage of the freestone fro' ye Key to ye Church 4s.
for hoising it up to the Tower 2s. 6d.
Pd by Mr Cornish att Landaffe Genlls 5s.
To Mr Davies yt Mr Cornish left unpd att the same time 5s.
To Mr Charles Jones for Court ffees 5s. 6d.
To John Griffith & others for putting ye 5th Bell in ye Gudgeon 1s. 6d.
ffor 1000 of Denny Boul Tyle 13s.
for 1 quartr of A thousand of Hart Laths 3s. 6d.
To Edmd Thomas for Lime to the use of the Church 11s. 3¼d.
To Roger Jones for Tyleing work 17s. 10d.
To Edmd Jones John Price & their Tenders (fn. 17) 14s. 2d.
To the Widdow Thomas for Creest (fn. 18) 1s. 4d.
To Hen. Jones for pointing over the Organ 5s. (fn. 19)
pd by Mr for Cornish for Carrying 100wt of lead to ye Church 3d.
More by him for Cleaning the Sconches 7s. 6d.
To Roger Jones for Mending the Church yard Wall 3s. 6d.
Pd Wm Williams for the ffreight of Stone 7s. 6d.
pd Mr Lee his years sallary 24li.
pd Wm Crew free Mason as pr Article 21li. 1s.
To John Abbis for Iron Work 1l. 6s. 6d.
pd Mr Richd Jenkins an overplus due to him of the old Rate 6s. 2d.
To Thomas Rosser Glazier 1l. 4s. 10d.
To Mrs Margt Sheers for Mending & Washing the Church Linnen 14s. 6d.
To Mr Hen. Llewellin for Drawing An Article 13s. 4d.
To John George Pariter (fn. 20) for his Assistance to collect the Rate 2s.
Landaff Court ffees when wee were Discharged 3s. 10d.
To Mr Attwood for A Doz. pound of Candles 5s.
To Thos Powell for A Plank & work abt the Scaffelling 13s. 6d.
ffor the transcript parchmt & prsentmt 5s.
To Edwd Herbert Esqe for the Advice of Dr Andrews 2li. 18s.
Wm Mathews Alderman 4s.
To Mr John Sweet for Vine had 2li. 5s.
To Mr Richds for entering the Acct 6s. 8d.
Bread for the Sacramt 1s.
Cicely Claudy for Cleaning the Church plate 4s.

8th ffeb. 1729.

Att a Court of Com[m]on Councell Duely Summon'd It is Ordrd by the Bailiffs &c that the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of St Johns in Cardiff shall give timely notice to the Severall Persons herein after named or their Assignes to pay their severall Debts Due fro' them by their severall bonds to the use of the Poor of the Alms house w[i]thin the sd Town on or before the 18th of Augt next or else to be sued & proceeded agt as the law Directs

The list is composed of 17 names of some of the most considerable burgesses.

St. Mary's Churchwardens' & Overseers' Account.

Cardiff vill: Wm Llewellin & George Evans Church-Wardens & Overseers of the Poor in the Parish of St Marys in the sd Town Debtors vizt:

Imps. To the Tot. of the Rate for 1726. 22li. 14s.

pr Contra Creditors

Imps. To the Weekly Paymts to the Established Poor as pr p'ticulers 18li. 18s.
It. By Vacancys returned 1l. 5s. 5¼d.
It. By other disbursmts & Expences to Casuall Poor as Appears pr p'ticulers 3li. 5s. 11d.
23. 9. 4¼.
The Tot. of Rate 22. 14. 0.
Ballance due to officers 15. 4¼.

St. John's Overseers' Account.

The following is written in an old-fashioned clerkly hand.

The accounts of Jon Greenfeild & Jon Minitt Over seers of the poor for the parish of St Jon Baptist in Cardiff for the year 1729.

The ffortnights pay

Impris. May 2d Pd then to the poor 1l. 18s. 6d.

Other similar entries follow.

Disbursemts for ye sd year1729.

May 17th To Sampson Stone Junr by ordr from the Bayliffs 5s.
23d To Sampson Stone Senior 4s. 5d.
To Elizabeth Lewis being in a sick & poor Condition 1s.
more to a Woman for being one night with ye same 6d.
To Edwd Morgan Cordwainer for the being with & looking after Wm Jenkins in his Illness at sevral times 6s. 3d.
Pd more for haveing a Warrt to have ye people of the White house (fn. 21) before Wm Richards Esqr 1s.
More for paper at several times 8d.
June 4th Pd for looking after Emanuel Grandfeild 7 Weeks during his Ilness 3s. 6d.
more for Washing his Bed Cloaths 3d.
more to ye Wido' Bembrick she laying out mony to ye use of ye sd Granfd 3d.
Paid funeral Expences for Wm Jenkins, Emanuel Grandfeild, Rees Parry & his Wife 2li. 15s. 7d.
July 1th Pd to Hugh Rees for 12 yds ½ of Cloth thread & Coloured Linnen to make a Gown for Ann Aylwood 11s. 11d.
To David Owen Esqr for making the same 2s. 6d.
To Sampson Stone Junr being poor 2s. 6d.
8ber To Phillip Jones being Sick & poor 1s. 6d.
Septr 19. To Thos Mathews esqr for his apprentice 2li. 10s.
ye 27th More paid to old Phillip Jones being sick and poor 1s.
Octr 3d To Mr Wilson for a Shroud had for Rees Stratford's Child 2s.
Octr 6th To old Robert Watkin being poor 1s.
31st To fflorence Green being sick & poor 2 several times 4s. 6d.
To Margt Edwards looking after the same 1s. 6d.
Feb: 23d To Mr Waters the Constable 2s. 6d.
more to Mr Wm Lewis for makeing an Ind're1 8s. 4d.
24th To Thomas Meredith alderman being moneys laid out by him towards the support of Wm Jenkins dece'd in his life time 4s.
March 7th To Wm Brewer Marriner for Lime had to the use of the almshouse in the year 1728. 6s. 8d.
Aprill 23d 1730. Paid to Mr Herbert 1s.

Vaccancyes &c in High Street Ward

Impris Jon Abbis being poor left unpaid 7s. 6d.

Shops & Facultyes in the sd Ward

Benjamine Stephens a Shop he being poor 7½d.
Lewis David unpaid ½ for his Faculty 2s. 2½d.

East Ward

Wm Lambert aldn or Tennt a house ½ vacant 1s. 10½d.
Thos Morgan Esqr a house The tennt poor 1s. 3d.
Sr George Howells a house vacant 3s. 1d.
George Lewis aldn a house vacant 3s.
Thos Rees a house his Wife poor unpaid 7½d.
Jon Price Bookbinder a house ½ vaccant 1s. 3d.
late Jon Howells house now Mr Fox vacant 11d.
the house called Step aside vacant 6d.
late Wm Evan ald. Biskedar's house vacant 6d.

West Ward

Mr Wm Mathews Alderman, 2 stables overcharged 3d.
Mr Mich (fn. 22) Richards or Tennt Henry Watts a house ½ vacant 11¼d.
Wm Richards Esqr a Malthouse ½ vacant 3s. 9d.

Occupiers of Land in the sd Parish

late Jon Thomas Painter ¾ Qrs of uplands 1s. 5¼d.

The Account of Thos Williams & Wm Thomas Overseers of the poor of the parish of St Jon the Baptist in Cardiff for the year 1730.

Dates and amounts only.

Disbursements for the sd year 1730.

Pd for 1 yd of Bazes to Badge the poor 1s. (fn. 23)
Pd for Badging 19 poor at 4d. each 6s. 4d.
Pd for thread & Buckram 1s. 5d.
Pd Mr Herbert 1l. 4s. 10d.
Pd Miles Jones ye Rent of a house to Eliz. Morgan 9s.
gave Edwd Morgan by the Bayliffes orders 2s. 6d.
Pd Evan Howell for a Coffin for Jon Lewis 8s. 6d.
Pd Harry Parry for Digging the grave & ringing ye Bell 2s. 6d.
Pd Evan Howell for 2 Crab Locks & Nails for Jukes's house 3s. 8d.
Pd Mrs Thomas the Midwife for being with Eliz. Morgan 5s.
Pd for tending her in her Sickness 7s.
Pd the parson for Christening the Child 1s. 6d.
Pd for Cole for her 8d.
Pd for ale at ye Christening 1s.
gave Ann Jukes several times in her Sickness 7s.
gave for the Watching of Ann Jukes in her Sickness 2s.
gave Sampson Stone by the Bayliffes order 5s.
gave Ann Lewis in her Sickness 1s.
pd for a Warrt to bring the body of Jon Evan 1s.
pd for paper at Several times 10d.
To the Clerk for makeing the account 5s.
Paid to a poor man by the Bayliffs order 1s.
Paid for Coal for Ann Jukes 1s. 4d.
gave her in her Sickness 6d.


Highstreet Ward

Alexr Purcell a house 10½d.

East Ward

Cath Morgan a Poor Woman 2s.
Mrs Herbert a house half vacant 2s.
the house called Step aside 5½d.
Jon Powell or Tennt for ye late Griffith Popkins house 6½d.
late Jon Coyder 3 Qrs upland called Cutt throats Lands 1s. 2½d.
Jane Mathew a house 1s.
late Wm Evan aldn Biskedor's house 5d.

West Ward

Sampson Stone a poor man a house 1s. 7d.

An Account of the money pd for the Removal of David Morgan is as followeth

Impris. Pd for 3 horses to Carry him & his Children to Neath 1l. 8s.
Pd for a man to go with me 10s.
Pd at Bonvilstone for a Pint of ale 2d.
Pd at Cowbridge 4d.
Pd at New Inn for Meat Drink Horses & Lodging 5s.
Pd at Margam 2d.
Pd at Neath for meat 5s.
Pd for Drink 4s.
Pd for Horses 2s.
for my own trouble 10s.
Pd for meat drink & Horses coming home 3s.
Pd at ye Quarter Sessions to the attorney 5s.
Pd for a horses hire & meat & Drink for my Self 15s.
Pd for a Bottle of Wine 2s.
for my own trouble 10s.
£4. 19. 8.


  • 1. They were the late Churchwardens.
  • 2. The Red House, or Ty Coch, was the old name for what at the end of thecentury became known as the Cardiff Arms inn.
  • 3. The article is left blank, but some such word as "liquor" may safely beunderstood.
  • 4. It is impossible to supply the blank in this entry. Posterity must be content toremain in ignorance of what John Richards did on the Stone Bridge to earn the abovesum—as of so many other interesting facts of history.
  • 5. holland and thread
  • 6. Tent was another name for sack.
  • 7. "parsment," for parchment.
  • 8. the apparitor
  • 9. collar
  • 10. (Welsh)=weaver.
  • 11. i.e., towards the rate for repairing Cardiff bridge.
  • 12. Tarrace; a volcanic earth resembling puzzolana, used as cement.
  • 13. The great pinnacle is the one surmounting the stair turret, at the north-eastangle of the tower.
  • 14. Presumably a ladle for melted pitch.
  • 15. Qucete: Ammonia ?
  • 16. "flick" is that part of the fat of a pig which is boiled down for grease, withoutbeing salted.
  • 17. The journeymen who worked under them.
  • 18. Crests, ridge-tiles.
  • 19. i.e., for replastering the joints in the stone of the wall above the organ.
  • 20. John George the Apparitor.
  • 21. The Whitehouse, or Ty Gwyn, was a farmhouse which stood at what is now the north-west corner of Lower Cathedral Road, off the Cowbridge Road.
  • 22. An Indenture of apprenticeship for a young pauper—probably the one sent to Thomas Mathews.
  • 23. i.e., to make badges for them to wear.