Council Minutes: 1868-72

Pages 457-476

Cardiff Records: Volume 4. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1903.

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Cardiff Council Minutes. 1868–1872.

1868 May 11 Monday, 11 a.m.

Mayor's salary to be increased £25, by way of subscription to special prizes at the Glamorganshire Agricultural Society's show.

Town Clerk to purchase a print view of Cardiff, offered for sale by Mr. Hibbert at 15s.

May 21. The Lords of the Committee of Council on Education inform the Mayor that Mr. Whitworth desired one of his sixty scholarships of £25 should be placed at the absolute disposition of the Corporations of Cardiff and Swansea, as they might agree. Richard Aubrey Essery, esq., Town Clerk of Swansea, writes that his Town Council had appointed a committee to confer with Cardiff thereon. The Corporation now appoints a Committee to make arrangements with Swansea.

June 22. Edward Stelfox is to raise the wreck of the "Edmond" before August the 1st, in accordance with agreement.

The Special Committee recommend that the question of dividing the Wards remain in abeyance.

Address to Her Majesty on the late attempt on the life of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh.

Cardiff and Swansea agree that the abovementioned Whitworth exhibition shall be offered to the person who should obtain the highest number of marks at the Science and Art examination.

Mr. D. Rees, Clerk to the Borough Magistrates, writes that their Worships have resolved to order the payment to the County Treasurer of the fines held by him as their Clerk.

August 4 Tuesday. Special Meeting.

The Ball, to be given to the Marquess of Bute on attaining his majority, is to take place at the Drill Hall.

A sum not exceeding £1,500 shall be spent on the occasion, to be divided thus:—

Prize at Regatta £50.
Triumphal arches 400.
Illumination of Town Hall 200.
Gas for do. &; triumphal arches 50.
Illumination of St. John's tower, &; statue of Marquis of Bute 100.
Ball 500.
Contingencies 200.

This sum is accordingly to be added to the Mayor's salary.

August 10. Committee appointed to provide a proper supply of water in case of fires.

Stelfox having failed to raise the wreck "Edmond" lying in the fairway, his contract is rescinded. Tenders for that purpose are to be invited from other persons.

The Water Bailiff is to furnish the Collector of Customs, Mr. T. S. Miller, with monthly returns of anchors and cables raised.

Resolved, that the Mayor accept the invitation of Mr. G. T. Clark, the High Sheriff, for the Corporation to be guests at the County Dinner at the Drill Hall, in celebration of the attainment by the Marquis of Bute of his majority.

Resolved, that an Address be presented by the Council to the Marquis of Bute, to congratulate him on his coming of age, on the 12th September. Committee appointed to frame the Address.

Resolved, that the Mayor, on the part of the Council, send an invitation to the Marquis of Bute to a Ball to be given at the Drill Hall on Friday 18 September next, in honour of the above event.

Resolved, that a gold chain and badge be purchased for the use of the Mayor for the time being.

Resolved, that a sum not exceeding £250 be applied for the purpose, and that the same be taken out of the £1500 voted to the Mayor to meet the expenses of the rejoicings on the occasion of the Marquis of Bute coming of age.

September 7 Monday. Special Meeting.

Resolved, that the Members of Council be invited to sign a Memorandum consenting to pay for any tickets that may be used by them at the Ball on the 18th September.

Resolved, that the Ball Committee issue tickets to the Corporation Ball, at their discretion, to the inhabitants of the Town and neighbourhood, at one guinea per ticket.

The following Address was approved of:—

"To the Most Honorable The Marquess of Bute, Earl of Windsor, Baron Cardiff of Cardiff Castle, &c., &c.

"We the Mayor, Alderman and [Capital] Burgesses of the Borough of Cardiff desire, as well on our own behalf as on that of the Town we represent, to offer to your Lordship our most sincere and hearty congratulations upon the arrival of that period in your Lordship's life when you have to undertake the responsibilities of your vast inheritance and participate in the legislation of this great country.

"It is superfluous for us to acknowledge how largely this Town is indebted for its high commercial position, for its many charitable and public institutions, and for all that tends to the prosperity and happiness of the people, to the forethought, enterprise, benevolence and sympathy of the lamented nobleman whose name you bear. From the day which closed his valued life, those to whom the management of his extensive and important properties was entrusted have most ably carried out the great designs of his distinguished mind and, while duly protecting the estate confided to their care, have materially benefitted this Town in which his Lordship took so much interest.

"We repeat our warm congratulations upon your Lordship's accession to your noble inheritance; and we pray that, under the blessing of Divine Providence, you may be long spared to continue in its enjoyment; and that, following in the steps of your honoured father, it may be so administered as to promote your Lordship's own happiness and conduce to the welfare of this important Town and district.

"Given under our Common Seal this [15th] day of September, 1868."

September 15 Tuesday. Special.

John Bird elected Alderman, in the place of Thomas Morgan deceased.

September 21 Monday. Adjourned.

Votes of thanks to the Mayor, to the Chief Constable of the County Police (Colonel Lindsay), and to Mr. Jeremiah Box Stockdale, Superintendent of the Borough Police, for their services during the festivities in celebration of Lord Bute's attainment of his majority.

The last is thus worded:—

"Resolved unanimously, that the thanks of the Council be given to Superintendent Stockdale for the very efficient manner in which he conducted the procession on the entry of the Marquis of Bute into the Town on Wednesday last."

October 5 Monday. Adjourned.

Town Clerk to request the Bute Trustees to lend appliances for raising the wrecks "Edmond" and "Saint Leon" in the roadstead, the Council bearing all expenses.

The Council being the Local Authority for that purpose constituted by the Representation of the People Act, 1867; it was ordered, that the several Polling Districts for the Borough of Cardiff be at the places hereinafter named.

Polling Districts.

St. John's, Cardiff; for the parish of St. John Baptist, Cardiff,
and for the Freemen of the Municipal
Borough of Cardiff.

St. Mary's, Cardiff; for the parish of St. Mary.

Roath for such part of the parish of Roath as lies
within the Borough of Cardiff.

Canton for such parts of the several parishes of
Llandaff and Leckwith as lie within
the Borough.
Cowbridge for the Borough of Cowbridge.
Llantrisant for the Borough of Llantrisant.

And that notice thereof be given by advertisement in the Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian and the Cardiff Times newspapers, and by affixing printed notices on the outer door or walls of the churches and public chapels within the Borough of Cardiff.

October 30 Friday. Special.

Common Seal affixed to the Corporation's Conveyance to the Postmaster General of the piece of land (on the site of the old workhouse) agreed to be sold for the purpose of erecting a new Post Office, and also Agreement as to access to letter boxes.

1868 November 9 Monday noon.

Councillor Thomas Evans elected Mayor.

Charles Williams David, William Alexander and William Bradley Watkins elected Aldermen.

Mayor's salary £200.

Alderman C. W. David appointed Deputy Mayor.

Jenkin Jones appointed Water Bailiff.

Richard Robertson and William Morgan appointed Sergeants at Mace, at a salary of £5 each and a suit of clothes. They are to deliver Notices and letters to the Aldermen and Councillors when required by the Town Clerk, and to attend the Mayor and Council on all public occasions.

Edward David appointed Town Crier during the Mayor's pleasure.

Thomas Jenkins appointed Inspector and Collector of the Tolls at the Markets &c.

Edward Jenkins appointed Weigher at the Market Scales.

Resolved, that £500 (including rent and repairs) be paid by the Borough Treasurer to the Committee of the Public Library for the ensuing year.

£18. 8. 6. was paid to the Water Bailiff for anchors and repairs of buoys &c., and £7. 10. 0 his salary.

£5. 10. 9 was paid to Lord Bute's Trustees for one year's Town tolls.

1869 February 8 Monday, 11 a.m.

Petition to Parliament to abolish the present system of nominating candidates to represent any place in Parliament, and to adopt in lieu thereof the plan now used in the nomination of Town Councillors and Guardians or some other suitable plan.

Resolved, that the declaration of the poll be made in writing under the hand and seal of the Returning Officer.

Ordered, that the Water Bailiffs make soundings round the wrecks in channel and report to the Council thereon.

That such of the anchors and chains in Stuart Street yard as are of any service be removed to the yard on West Bute Dock, and the the remainder to be sold for the best price that can be obtained and the Stuart Street yard given up.

May 10.

The Report of the Committee appointed to confer as to fines inflicted by Borough Magistrates was read as follows:—

That a sum of about £150 is annually paid by the Clerk to the Borough Magistrates, to the Treasurer of the County, in respect of fines inflicted for offences committed and dealt with by the Borough Magistrates.

That, in order to secure such fees for the benefit of the Town, as well as exemption from the payment of a considerable portion of the Borough contribution towards County expenditure (such contribution being in the gross near £3,300 a year), it will be necessary that a separate Court of Quarter Sessions should be formed, a Recorder and Coroner appointed, separate prisons constructed and other charges incurred, which would entail a cost upon the Borough much in excess of the present charges.

That your Committee are impressed with the injustice of fines arising in respect of offences committed within the Borough and exclusively dealt with by the Borough authorities being diverted to County purposes, and recommend that a Memorial be presented to the Secretary of State praying the insertion of a clause in some general measure, by which the evil complained of may be remedied.

Resolved, that the Report be adopted, and that a Memorial be presented in accordance therewith.

Resolved, that Morgan John be appointed Town Crier, during the Mayor's pleasure, in place of Edward David, deceased.

The Mayor reported that a Petition had been presented to the House of Commons, on behalf of the Town Council, praying that the granting of licenses for the sale of beer may be transferred from the Inland Revenue Office to the Magistrates.

Resolved, that Mr. David Roberts be appointed Auditor of the Accounts of the Council, at a salary of £5 per annum.

Resolved, that this Meeting, having read the evidence given by Colonel E. S. Hill before the Parliamentary Committee of Enquiry as to the mode of conducting Elections (in reference to the disturbances at the late contested Election for the Borough), believes it to be a true and temperate statement of the occurrences at Cardiff as witnessed by him.

June 21. Adjourned.

Ordered, that the room late Town Clerk's Office be papered and put in order for the use of the Sheriff.

Letter from Superintendent Stockdale:—

"Cardiff, June 21st, 1869.

Dear Sir,

Adverting to the conversation you had with me on Tuesday last, in which you told me it was the wish of the SubCommittee that I should resign my office of Superintendent of Police, I desire to say that, whilst I should not wish to continue that office in opposition to the views of the Council, I am not conscious of any inability to fulfil the duties I have discharged so many years; and that to exchange a life of honorable activity for one of no employment would be entirely repugnant to my feelings. I have now served the Corporation upwards of 34 years, and during the whole of that prolonged period I have devoted the whole of my time and abilities to the duties of my office; and I believe that the manner in which those duties have been performed has equally commanded the approval of the Council, the Magistrates and the public. So far as I am aware, nothing whatever has been alleged against me; nor is it even intimated that my conduct has not been actuated by entire conscientiousness. Under these circumstances, having spent the best years of my life in the service of the Corporation, and knowing how unfitted I am for other occupation, I am naturally most reluctant to consent to an enforced resignation; and notwithstanding the recommendation of the Sub-Committee I can hardly think that the Corporation will wish to terminate the connection which has so long subsisted between them and an old and tried Servant, under circumstances so opposed to his wishes and so painful to his feelings. Should, however, it be the opinion of the Council that the efficiency of the Public Service would be promoted by my tendering a resignation of my office, I beg respectfully to place the same in your hands. I am, Dear Sir,

Yours very faithfully,

J. Box Stockdale.

To Thomas Evans, Esqre.,
Mayor of Cardiff."

As an Amendment to the Motion that the Report of the Watch Sub-Committee be adopted, it was moved, and eventually resolved by a majority of one, that Superintendent Stockdale be requested to withdraw his resignation.

Resolved, that a Deputy Superintendent of Police be appointed in place of Inspector Rollings (to retire on superannuation allowance), at a salary of £2 per week, the appointment to be advertised.

August 9.

Resolved, that Edward Jenkins be removed from his situation as Weigher at Markets.

That the Clerk and Collector at the Markets wear a distinguishing badge.

The question of payment of expenses by the Candidates at the late Parliamentary Election was considered, together with the objection on the part of Mr. Giffard to pay his proportion; and the Town Clerk was instructed to make a further application for the same. [The matter in dispute was eventually referred to the decision of Robert Oliver Jones, esq.]

1869 November 9 Tuesday noon.

Councillor Edward Whiffen elected Mayor.

Mayor's salary to be £200.

Jenkin Jones appointed Water Bailiff for the ensuing year.

William Evans and John Christopher, Sergeants at Mace, salary £5 each.

Morgan John to be Town Crier during the Mayor's pleasure.

£500 voted to the Public Library.

Resolved, that the Mayor's salary be increased by £100, for a contribution towards rent of the Drill Hall for use of the Volunteers.

Committee appointed to inquire into the alteration in the course of the channel of the river Taff by the construction of a bridge near the Old Sea Lock.

December 13. Adjourned.

Alderman William Alexander appointed Deputy Mayor.

Councillor John Pybus Ingledew laid before the Council the following Memorail:—

"To the Worshipful the Mayor, Aldermen and Town Councillors of the Corporation of the Borough of Cardiff.

We the Ratepayers of the Borough of Cardiff, in a Public Town Meeting (convened by the Mayor to take into consideration the recent vote of your Honourable Corporation) assembled at the Stuart Hall on Wednesday the 8th day of December 1869, by adjournment from the Town Hall on Tuesday the 7th day of December 1869, have by Resolution unanimously passed, recorded our entire disapproval of the appropriation of any portion of the Poor's Rate for a purpose so foreign to that for which it was levied as the payment (in the form of an addition to the Mayor's salary) of a sum of One Hundred Pounds as rent for the Drill Hall; and we hereby respectfully, but most urgently, request you will, at the earliest possible opportunity, rescind such Resolution.

Signed on behalf of the Town's Meeting.

John Cory."

Resolved (by a majority of 10 to 5), that the Minutes of the last Council Meeting be confirmed without alteration.

Resolved, that no addition be made in future to the Mayor's salary, without 2 weeks' previous Notice being given to each Member of the Council.

1870 February 14 Monday, 11 a.m.

Ordered, that the Water Bailiff keep the Council advised as to the removal of wrecks in the fairway of the channel.

Among the Police Bills occurs this item: "Witnesses expenses in connection with the murder on board the ship 'Nordage,' £1. 4s."

March 28. Adjourned.

The Borough Architect's plan, shewing the laying out of the ground behind the Town Hall, with a footway, was referred to the Property and Markets Committee.

Captain J. E. Bedford, R. N., and Professor Gagliardi were appointed Members of the Free Library Committee.

May 9 Monday.

Committee appointed to consider the affairs of the Wells Charity, and to act therein as they may deem requisite for its general benefit.

June 20. Adjourned.

Resolved, that the Town Clerk write to the Trustees of the Marquis of Bute, enquiring as to the probable date of the opening of the new low-water pier and if it would be agreeable to them that a public demonstration take place on the occasion.

Mr. R. W. Williams, Solicitor for the Canton Market Company, writes complaining that the Corporation illegally permit the skins of beasts to be sold in the Pig Market, and hold a Corn Market in the vestibule of the Town Hall.

Resolved, that the matter be referred to the Property and Markets Committee.

The Council approve the Surveyor's plan for the completion of the new roadway at the north side of the Town Hall, which suggests the removal of the pillars and gates back to the palisading of the road.

Letter received from Mr. E. Payne, Hon. Secretary to the Cardiff Fine Arts and Industrial Exhibition, asking the Council to concur in making the inauguration of the Exhibition appropriate to the occasion.

Resolved, that the Town Clerk reply stating the willingness of the Council to do as required.

August 29. Special.

Resolved, that the Royal Archæological Institute be invited to hold their annual Meeting for the year 1871 within this Borough.

Resolved, that a Superintendent of Police be appointed in the place of Mr. Jeremiah Box Stockdale deceased; and that the salary be £200 per annum, with an allowance of £10 per annum for uniform, and residence at the Police Station, coals and gas free. The age of applicants is not to exceed 40 years, and the person appointed must devote his whole time to his duties, including the supervision of the Fire Brigade.

September 19. Adjourned.

Committee appointed to assist the Town Clerk in preparing the returns, required by the Privy Council, of the population of the town, rateable value, and number of elementary schools.

1870 November 9 Wednesday noon.
Alderman Charles Williams David elected Mayor.
Mayor's salary to be £300.
Alderman John Bird appointed Deputy Mayor.
Jenkin Jones resigned the office of Water Bailiff.
William Evans and Robert Thomas appointed Serjeants at Mace.
William Rollins, Market Inspector.
John Meredith, Market Weighman.
£550 voted to the Public Library.
£1. 10. 6 was allowed to the Water Bailiff, for replacing buoys.
Resolved, that all the unclaimed property now at the Police
Station be sold, and the proceeds paid to the superannuation fund;
and that in future all unclaimed property be deposited at the Gaol.

December 9. Special.

A Deputation from a Meeting of the inhabitants of the Borough, held on the 6th day of December instant, and a Deputation from a Meeting of working men of the Borough, held on the 8th day of December instant, to present Resolutions from the several Meetings, requesting the Council to consider the expediency of taking immediate steps for the formation of a School Board for the district, under the Elementary Education Act, attended the Council.

Resolved, that a Special Meeting to consider the question be convened on the 19th day of December instant.

December 19. Adjourned.

Resolved, that the Meetings of the Watch Committee be private in future.

The Town Clerk is to invite the Royal Agricultural Society to hold their Meeting for 1872 at Cardiff.

A Deputation from a Meeting of ratepayers and others, to memorialize the Council to refrain from making an application for an immediate appointment of a School Board, attended the Council.

The Council then formed itself into a Special Meeting to consider the question of an application for the appointment of a School Board.

Moved and seconded, that the Council apply for the formation of a School Board for the district.

For the Motion:—J. P. Ingledew.

P. Bird.
S. D. Jenkins.
D. Lewis.
J. Elliott.
L. Davis.
W. Vachell.
D. Jones. 8

Against:—J. Pride.
H. Bowen.
J. N. Flint.
H. North.
R. L. Reece.
C. Thompson.
R. E. Spencer.
W. Taylor, M.D.
J. McConnochie.
T. J. Waller.
E. Whiffen.
J. Bird.
W. B. Watkins.
The Mayor. 14

The Motion was declared lost. 6

1871 February 7 Tuesday. Special.

To Consider the proposed Cardiff Improvement Bill.

Resolved, on division, that the Borough be divided into six Wards.

Committee appointed for further consideration of the Bill.

February 13.

Captain Henry Fraser appointed Water Bailiff, for the current year.

6s. 3d. was paid to the Cardiff Water Company, in respect of the Cross Bakehouse.

To E. Jenks, for painting done at the Whitmore Lane Cottages 6s.

To G. Roberts, for cleaning and repairing the portrait of Lord Bute 16s.

To C. J. Jackson, for rebuilding pillar-gates, altering Hall Keeper's house, and constructing palisade in Westgate Street £72.8. 6.

A Deputation from the Roath Local Board of Health, upon the subject of the proposed removal of all turnpike gates within two miles of the Borough, attended the Council.

Resolved unanimously, that an Address of congratulation from the Council be presented to Her Majesty upon the approaching marriage of Her Royal Highness the Princess Louise with the Marquis of Lorne.

February 16. Adjourned.

Moved by Alderman W. B. Watkins, seconded by Dr. W. Taylor:—

That, if at any time it may be deemed desirable to include in the Borough of Cardiff any part of one or more of the Parishes adjoining the said Borough, it shall be competent for such portions to be included by mutual arrangement of the Borough with such places as are proposed to be included, upon the assent in writing of threefourths in value of the occupiers of such portions or the whole of adjoining Parishes as are proposed to be included in the Borough; and, upon such arrangement being carried out, the newly included portions shall for all purposes of taxation, local government, and all other purposes, be deemed an integral part of the Borough of Cardiff.

The motion was lost by a majority of 11 votes to 5.

Resolved, that the compulsory clauses in the Cardiff Improvement Bill, relative to the removal of the turnpikes two miles beyond the boundary of the Borough, and relative to the Llandaff and Canton Markets, be withdrawn, and the Bill proceeded with.

March 1. Special.

Resolved, that the Resolution of 7 February 1871, with respect to the division of the Borough into six Wards, be rescinded.

Resolved (after the defeat of two Amendments), that the Borough be divided into four Wards: The South Ward, the district lying south of the South Wales Railway; the Central Ward, the district between the Glamorganshire Canal, the Taff Vale Railway and South Wales Railway; the West Ward, the district lying west of the Glamorganshire Canal; and the East Ward, the district lying east of the Taff Vale Railway. And that the number of the Council be increased to eight Aldermen and twenty four Councillors.

The Council guarantee £2,000 in the event of the 1872 Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society being held at Cardiff.

March 17. Special.

Resolved, that the Resolution of 1 March 1871, relative to the division of the Borough into four Wards, and the increase in the number of the Council, be rescinded.

Resolved (on a division), that the Borough be divided into three Wards, without any increase in the number of Members of the Council; and that it be referred to the Committee appointed to assist the Mayor, to consider as to the best mode of division.

March 27. Adjourned.

A report from the Water Bailiff as to the wreck of the "Fonmon Castle" in the roadstead (the result of a collision) was read, to the effect that the attempt to raise the vessel was about to be repeated.

The Mayor laid before the Meeting a Memorial to the executors of the Will of the late Dr. Rowland Williams, relative to the library bequeathed by him for the benefit of some town in Wales or Monmouthshire, with priority to Swansea and Carnarvon, and urging the claims of this Borough to the said library, upon the ground of Swansea having tacitly declined the bequest and that Carnarvon had taken no steps in the matter; to which Memorial the Free Library Committee requested the Council to affix their Common Seal.

Resolved, that the Common Seal be affixed accordingly.

April 5. Special.

The Mayor laid before the Meeting a letter dated 28 March 1871, from the Town Clerk of Swansea, in reference to the above Memorial, and stating that the Corporation of Swansea had accepted the bequest of the library and were Defendants in a suit for the Administration of the testator's estate; and the Mayor also laid before the Council some correspondence between the Free Library Committee's Secretary and Mrs. Williams, on the subject.

Resolved, that the Memorial be withdrawn, and that the Town Clerk be instructed to write to Dr. Williams' trustees and inform them that the Corporation of Cardiff was prepared to accept the library on the terms of the Will, in the event of Swansea and Carnarvon failing to do so.

April 14. Special.

Resolved (after the defeat of an Amendment proposing an alternative scheme), that the West and East Wards be as follows:—

West Ward.

The district lying west of a line following the course of the Glamorganshire Canal, from a point where it intersects the northern boundary of the Borough and including the said canal to the Hayes Bridge; thence southward of an imaginary line through the centre of Bridge Street, Nelson Terrace and Wellington Terrace to the Feeder, and west of the Feeder from that point to the Great Western Railway; and thence following the course of the same railway, on the northern side thereof, to the western boundary of the Borough.

East Ward.

The district lying east of the above line and north of the Great Western Railway, and bounded by the eastern and northern boundary of the Borough.

May 8. Monday.

The Report of the Water Bailiff was read.

Ordered, that the buoys and chains be repaired and repainted, subject to the directions of the Pilotage Board.

That the Town Clerk report at the next Meeting of the Council, as to the power to remove the wreck of the "Fonmon Castle."

June 29 Special.

Petition to Parliament in favour of a Bill giving power to Municipal Corporations to promote and oppose Bills in Parliament, &c.

July 25. Special.

Address to the President and Members of the Royal Archæological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland:—

"We the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Cardiff beg to offer you our sincere and hearty welcome.

"Surrounded as this Borough is with the evidences of the various races which have held sway within the district, and with remains most interesting to the archæologist, we earnestly hope that the Members of the Institute will feel that their visit will not have been without profit and gratification.

"In welcoming amongst us the Members of the Institute, we cannot forbear expressing the additional pleasure that has been afforded to us by the Institute having selected as the President of this Meeting one towards whom this ancient Borough feels a deep debt of gratitude as the representative of a long and distinguished line of ancestors.

"We also beg to express our sense of the honour conferred on this Borough in being selected as the place of holding the first Meeting of the Institute within the Principality; and our earnest desire is that, when the time of separation shall arrive, the Members of the Institute may carry away with them the recollection of a successful and agreeable Meeting.

Given under our Common Seal this 25th day of July 1871."

The above Address was ordered to be sealed and presented to the opening Meeting of the Archæological Institute, by the Mayor and Members of Council.

August 2. Special.

The Mayor laid before the Council an Agreement relative to the Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society at the Cathays Park, which contained various stipulations in reference to works to be done within the Park, and to the opening of the North Road turnpike free of toll during the holding of the Meeting (with regard to which the Town Clerk had written to the Agent of the Marquis of Bute, and also to Major General Wortham as having the superintendence of the County roads.) No replies had been received.

Resolved, that the matter be considered at the next Quarterly Meeting of Council.

August 14 Monday.

The last-mentioned matter was again deferred.

The Report of the Water Bailiff was read; as also a letter from Captain Evans, of the Trinity Wharf, Neyland, advising that the wreck of the "Fonmon Castle" be blown up.

Ordered, that the Water Bailiff report as to the position of the wreck, and that a Special Meeting of Council be convened to consider the same.

September 25. Adjourned.

Water Bailiff reported that he had failed to find the wreck, and that there was no danger to navigation.

The Mayor informed the Meeting that Mr. Corbett, Lord Bute's Agent, assented to the proposed works in the Cathays Park, in connection with the visit of the Royal Agricultural Society.

The question of a scheme for the better regulation of the Wells Charity was brought before the Meeting, and it was referred to the Aldermen to consider the same.

A letter from Captain Bedford, R.N., was read, on the subject of the anomalous state of the Borough arms, which were displayed in two different forms in the Town Hall. (fn. 1)

Resolved, that the matter be referred to the Mayor and Aldermen Reece and Pride to report thereon.

1871 November 9 Thursday noon.
Alderman David re-elected Mayor.
Richard Lewis Reece, James Pride and John Bird were elected

Mayor's salary £700.
Alderman Bird, Deputy Mayor.
Henry Fraser, Water Bailiff.
William Evans and Richard Robertson, "Sergeants of Mace."

A Deputation from the Library Committee presented a Memorial
praying for the grant of a penny in the pound rate for more efficiently
carrying out the Public Libraries Acts.

£700 was voted to the Free Library.
The following Report of the Committee appointed to consider
the question of the Borough arms was read and adopted:—

"We have to report that, in pursuance of the resolution of the Council Meeting of the 25th September last, we have considered the question as to the Arms belonging to the Borough. Upon referring to Berry's 'Encyclopædia of Heraldry' (an authority upon the subject), we find the Borough arms described as: Gules, 3 cheverons [sic] or; but in a note appended to a copy of the work, in the possession of Alderman Reece, it is stated that the arms should be described: Or, 3 cheverons gules; and that he had probably mislead [sic] Berry. The arms: Or, 3 cheverons gules, are the arms of the Clare family, the ancient Lords of the Marches; and their connexion with the Borough raises a presumption in favour of the Borough arms being similar to [those of] the feudal Lord. (fn. 2) We therefore recommend that the Borough arms be borne: Or, 3 cheverons gules; and the present anomaly of the arms appearing in different forms in the Town Hall be corrected."

Mr. William Davies resigned his appointment as Borough Treasurer.

Letter from Mr. T. Waring, Borough Surveyor. He is desirous of obtaining a portion of the ground in the rear of the Post Office, for the purpose of building a private office. "The permanency of the foot-path into Westgate Street is now probably established; but, if it were desired at any time to close it, the road (fn. 3) between the Post Office Yard and the Town Hall would give sufficient access to a set of offices," and would leave ample space for the backlets of any premises to be built in Westgate Street front.

November 18. Special.

Unanimous vote of sympathy with the relatives of the late Mr. Alderman Bird recently deceased.

December 18. Adjourned.

Resolved unanimously, that a humble Address be presented to Her Majesty, expressive of the congratulation of this Council at Her Majesty's restoration to health, and also of deep sympathy in the sore affliction caused by the dangerous illness of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. (fn. 4)

An Inspector of Weights and Measures is to be advertised for.

Councillor Daniel Jones had a Notice of Motion to rescind the Resolution that Meetings of the Watch Committee be private in future; but the numbers present being insufficient by Standing Orders, the matter could not be entertained.

Memorial from a Committee of legal gentlemen, praying the Council to assist the establishment of a Law Library in the Borough. It is one of the proposed rules that all Judges and other persons exercising judicial functions in Cardiff shall have free use of the Library, which should be located in the Town Hall. (Referred to the Property and Markets Committee.)

Committee report that they have considered the offer made by the Cardiff Baths Co., Ltd., for the sale thereof to the Corporation. They are unanimously of opinion that the Baths are not of sufficient capacity for the requirements of the Borough, and that the space does not allow of further extension or for providing Wash-houses.

Committee to arrange for granting a lease to Mr. John Williams, ironmonger, of a portion of the Town Wall in the rear of premises about to be rebuilt by him in Queen Street.

1872 February 12 Monday.

Mr. F. R. Greenhill appointed Financial Clerk.

Mr. W. Luke Evans appointed Inspector of Weights and Measures, and Inspector of Explosives under the Petroleum Act.

Address to be presented to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, congratulating them on the Prince's recovery from his late dangerous illness.

Letter from the Mayor of Chicago, thanking the citizens of Cardiff for their donation of £555. 18. 9 to the victims of the great fire of Chicago.

March 13. Special.

Resolved, that public rejoicings be held in the Borough on the occasion of the approaching marriage of the Marquis of Bute on the 6th of April next, and that the expenses attending the same be raised by public subscription. Committee appointed to make arrangements.

May 13. Monday.

Letter from Miss Mauleverer, of Armagh, requesting the favour of an impression of the Corporate Seal. Her request was complied with.


  • 1. This refers to the mistaken practice, which at this time prevailed to some extent, of painting the De Clare arms with the tinctures reversed, as the arms of Cardiff. See next page.
  • 2. This presumption was well founded, and the Committee were well advised.
  • 3. This road was afterwards blocked by a building erected uniting the Town Hall and the Post Office. The Post Office is now occupied by the Offices of the Borough Engineer and Surveyor.
  • 4. His present Majesty had contracted typhoid fever, and lay for several days hovering between life and death. The anxiety of the nation during that time of suspense was very acute, and the rejoicing on the Prince's recovery prodigious.