Council Minutes: 1872-76

Cardiff Records: Volume 4. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1903.

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. "Council Minutes: 1872-76", in Cardiff Records: Volume 4, (Cardiff, 1903) 476-493. British History Online, accessed May 23, 2024,

. "Council Minutes: 1872-76", Cardiff Records: Volume 4, (Cardiff, 1903). 476-493. British History Online. Web. 23 May 2024,

Cardiff Council Minutes. 1872–1876.

1872 July 1 Monday.

Letter of thanks from the Royal Agricultural Society, for the reception accorded them at Cardiff.

Unanimous vote of thanks to the Marquess of Bute, for his kindness in granting the use of Cathays Park and for his contribution to the fund for the local expenses in connection with the recent Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society at Cardiff.

Resolved, that a Memorial be presented to the Home Secretary, requesting the attendance of two of Her Majesty's Judges at the Assizes for the County of Glamorgan.

Copy Resolution of the Free Library Committee laid before the Council:—That the time has now arrived when it is imperatively necessary that steps should be taken to provide a new home for the Free Library, Science and Art Schools, and Museum; and that the Secretary request the Mayor and Corporation to grant facilities for the acquisition of a suitable site, by gift or exchange, and otherwise to further an undertaking which is so essential to the welfare of the Town.

Referred to a Committee to report.

November 9 Saturday noon.
Councillor Henry Bowen elected Mayor. Salary £200.
The ex-Mayor to be Deputy Mayor.
Henry Fraser, Water Bailiff.
William David and William Hopkins, Serjeants at Mace.
George Stocks, Market Inspector.
John Meredith, Market Weighman.

On accepting the resignation of Mr. Peter Price as Honorary Secretary to the Free Library Committee, the Council resolve that their best thanks be given him for his services in that capacity during the past ten years.

£700 voted to the Free Library.

Committee report that, as the Corporation have no land available as a site for the proposed new Public Library, nor any land which they might give in exchange for such a site, the Free Library Committee should arrange terms for a renewal of the lease of the present Free Library premises.

December 16. Adjourned.

Magistrates' Clerk's salary raised to £400.

1873 February 10.

The following letter was read:—

"Cardiff Chamber of Commerce,
22 January 1873.

George Salmon, Esq., Town Clerk, Cardiff.


At a Meeting of the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce held today, it was reported by a Committee specially appointed for the consideration of the subject, that owing to the depth of water on the Wrach, and the corner of the East Mud being considerably less than the East Dock sill at high water, the navigation from and to the said Dock is greatly retarded, and that a mud bank outside Penarth Dock also retards the navigation, there being as much as 5 feet 6 inches less water on the bank than on the Dock sill.

I was directed to call your attention to the subject, in the hope that you would take such steps as you might consider desirable to improve the navigation.

I am, Sir,
Your Obedient Servant,
Alexr. Dalziel,

Ordered, that the Water Bailiff report thereon to the Town Clerk.

Resolved, that the Mayor and Deputy Mayor go to London to represent the Corporation at a Meeting of Representatives of Municipal Corporations, in connection with the unduly restrictive provisions of the recent Municipal Corporations Borough Funds Act.

Resolved, that the several Acts relating to Public Baths and Wash-houses be adopted within the Borough.

Resolved, that the Cardiff Baths Co.'s offer to sell their premises for £2,200 be accepted.

March 24. Adjourned.

Resolved, that this Council become a Member of the Association of Muncipal and Corporate Bodies, about to be formed.

Water Bailiff's Report read:—

"I have to report that, in accordance with your instructions, I have ascertained the depth of the water in the channel leading to the East and West Bute Docks; and I find that, in the channel to the west, recently dredged by the Trustees of the Marquis of Bute through the Wrach, there is a depth of water about 3 feet 6 inches exceeding that at the sill of the East Bute Dock; and there is also a like increased depth of water in the channel to the east, made two or three years ago between the East Mud and the Marl Bank. With regard to the West Bute Dock, the increased depth of water is of course greater by 18 inches. I do not find that there has been any accumulation of deposit on the Wrach."

Second letter read from Mr. Dalziel:—The channels to the East and West Bute Docks were deepened a few months ago, just before the ss. "Glamorgan" commenced running to this port. The depth of water on the sill of Penarth Dock is several feet greater than at the East Dock, and yet ships cannot go in and out with a greater depth of water; in fact, owing to obstructions outside, no ship is allowed to go in and out of Penarth Dock unless there be 6ft. 6in. more water in the sill of the dock than the ship draws. There is no doubt a deep channel down the river Ely; but the Water Bailiff, who is also Pilot Master, told one of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce that no pilot would dare to navigate it, on account of the great current and sharp bend in the river. The greater depth of Penarth Dock is thus of no benefit; and, as ships are daily increasing in size, the matter is of great importance to the trade of the Port.

Resolved, that the Town Clerk be instructed to reply to the letter of Carrington Francis, esq., the Lord Chancellor's Principal Secretary, that the Council had no observations to make on the proposed appointment to the Bench of Borough Magistrates of Messrs. John Cory, merchant, William Vachell, merchant, Thomas Evans, surgeon, and Daniel Jones, surveyor.

Resolved unanimously, that the Council, through the Town Clerk, submit to the Lord Chancellor the name of Mr. Alderman Richard Lewis Reece, as in every way qualified to be a Borough Magistrate.

The tender of Mr. Charles James Jackson, architect, for the alteration to the entrance to the Market House, for £265, was accepted.

Resolved, that the Mayor and Aldermen of the Borough be a Committee to take the necessary steps in relation to a scheme for the better management of Wells' Charity.

Swansea and Neath are to be invited to co-operate with Cardiff in obtaining the attendance of two Judges at the Glamorganshire Assizes.

April 22. Special.

Mr. Peter Mannion (fn. 1) and his wife are appointed to manage the Corporation Baths, with John Hare as male attendant.

June 30. Adjourned.

The Mayor informed the Meeting that the Deputation appointed by the Council, with the Mayors of Swansea, Neath and Aberavon, and the Town Clerks, accompanied by the Members for the County and for the Boroughs of Cardiff and Swansea, had attended the Home Secretary to urge the necessity of the attendance of two Judges at the Glamorganshire Assizes; that the Home Secretary concurred, and promised to confer with the Lord Chancellor thereon.

Committee appointed to arrange about the forthcoming visit of the Associated Chambers of Commerce.

November to Monday noon.
Councillor William Vachell elected Mayor. Salary £200.
Alderman David, Deputy Mayor.
Henry Fraser, Water Bailiff.
William Thomas and Thomas Thomas, Serjeants at Mace.
Committee appointed to consider a Memorial from the Police,
asking for increased pay.

1874 January 13. Special.

Address of congratulation to the Queen, on the occasion of the marriage of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh with the Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia.

The Town Hall is to be illuminated on the 23rd instant, in honour of the occasion.

February 9 Monday.

A letter was read dated 19 December last, from the Under Sheriff, Mr. L. V. Sherley, as to Mr. Justice Archbald having complained of the insufficient accommodation at the Judge's Lodgings, and nuisances thereat.

Ordered, that the same be referred to the Property and Markets Committee.

A letter from Mr. Edgar Stockdale, son of the late Superintendent of Police, applying for pecuniary assistance from the Corporation, was referred to the Finance Committee. [The representatives of Jeremiah Box Stockdale deceased had been plaintiffs in an action against the Corporation.]

An address is to be presented to congratulate Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh on their marriage.

March 16. Special.

This Meeting considered the provisions of the new Bute Docks Bill. It was resolved to present a Petition in favour of the Bill, but that the Bute Trustees ought to insert a clause enabling the Town Clerk to obtain such information respecting their annual accounts as might be necessary for the purpose of rating the Docks. [The Trustees declined.]

March 23. Adjourned.

Resolved, that this Council are of opinion that the municipal boundaries of this Borough should be extended so as to include the parishes of Roath, Llandaff and part of Leckwith. [From the Rhymney to the Ely.]

Committee formed to consult thereon with the Local Boards of Canton and Roath.

May 11 Monday.

Resolved, that the Borough Engineer report to the Council as to the damage done by the recent fire at the Police Station; and that the Mayor be empowered to engage a house for the use of the Superintendent of Police, for a term of six months.

Ordered, that a new anchor and chain be procured by the Water Bailiff.

Ordered, that a Petition be presented to Parliament, in favour of the continuance of the present exemption of the Members of the Council from serving on Juries.

May 29. Adjourned.

The Mayor laid before the Council a Memorial received from Mr. Solomon Marks on the subject of a public demonstration in honour of the approaching opening of the Bute Dock New Basin, and an invitation to Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales.

June 29. Adjourned.

A letter dated the 20th day of June instant from the Churchwardens of the parish of Saint John, Cardiff, asking the Corporation to pay the sum of £3. 3. o for ringing the bells on the occasion of Her Majesty's Birthday, was read.

Resolved, that the amount be paid accordingly.

July 15. Special.

Address approved:—

"To the Most Honourable The Marquess of Bute, Earl of Windsor, Baron Cardiff of Cardiff Castle, &c. &c.

We the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Cardiff desire to offer to your Lordship our sincere and earnest congratulations on the successful completion of the New Basin at the East Bute Dock, and the inauguration this day of so important an addition to the extensive dock accommodation already existing.

We hail the presence of your Lordship on this occasion as a token of the deep interest felt in the commercial prosperity of this Port; and, having regard to the largely extended works for which the requisite Parliamentary powers have been obtained, we cannot forbear expressing our admiration of the spirit of public enterprise which prompts your Lordship to undertake works of such incalculable value to the district in general, and also our hearty appreciation of the desire of your Lordship to follow in your late noble father's steps, in carrying out the designs conceived by him with such great foresight.

That your Lordship may long live to see the success of the projected works, is our fervent and humble hope.

Given under our Common Seal this fifteenth day of July 1874.

William Vachell, Mayor."

August 10 Monday.

Resolved, that the Surveyor prepare Plans for a new Police Station on the Corporation property in Whitmore Lane.

A Tender from C. Lucas & Son for a new buoy at the price of £21 was accepted.

The Rev. Mr. Norton and other gentlemen, as a Deputation from the Free Church of England attended the Meeting, and requested that the use of the Crown Court might be continued for the purposes of divine service.

Resolved, that the same be granted for a period of three months.

Committee formed to confer with R. O. Jones, esq., Chairman of Quarter Sessions, respecting lodgings for the two Judges of the Glamorganshire Assizes.

Major Bond, Superintendent of Police.

September 28. Adjourned.

Resolved, that a Memorial be presented to the Directors of the Great Western Railway Co., calling attention to the defective station accommodation of the Borough.

That the Town Clerk be authorised to allow ratepayers to inspect the Minute Books of the Council and Committees, for the purpose of ascertaining attendances of Members.

Letter read from the Secretary of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, thanking the Corporation for their hospitable reception at Cardiff.

1874 November 9 Monday noon.
Councillor Daniel Jones elected Mayor. Salary £300.
Alderman Charles Williams David appointed Deputy Mayor.
Henry Fraser, Water Bailiff.
George Robertson and Joseph Monk, Serjeants at Mace.
Market Inspector and Market Weighman as before.
£700 voted to the Public Library.

Resolved, that in the Notices to Members of Council Meetings, all special business be specified.

November 12. Special.

Resolved, by an absolute majority of all the Members of the Council, that it is expedient for the said Council, as the Municipal Corporation and as the Urban Sanitary Authority, to promote a Bill in the ensuing session of Parliament, for the extension of the boundaries of the Borough and Urban Sanitary District, to include the Parliamentary District of the Borough of Cardiff, and the portion of the Parish of Roath not within the Parliamentary District; and that there shall be inserted in the proposed Bill provisions for making the Borough and Sanitary District coextensive and coterminous.

That there shall also be contained in the said Bill provisions for the following purposes:—

As to Markets, &c.

For authorizing the Town Council to purchase lands for
enlarging the present Cemetery, and purchasing a new
one, and for constituting the Town Council the Burial
Board for the extended Borough.

For the widening and improving Working Street, Wharton
Street, Trinity Street, Victoria Place, Golate, Angel
Street and Castle Street; and for a bridge across the
Glamorganshire Canal, opposite Hill's Terrace.

For forming a new street between Saint Mary Street and
Bute Street, with a bridge over the canal.

For acquiring the rights of the Right Hon. Baron Windsor
and his Trustees, in the Grangetown sewer.

For the removal of the existing turnpike gates, and pro-
hibiting the taking of turnpike tolls within the limits
of the extended Borough.

For the improvement and construction of bridges over and
under the Great Western Railway.

For the purchase of the Cardiff Gas Light and Coke Co. and
the Cardiff Water Works Co.

For the purchase of lands for the purpose of public parks
and recreation grounds.

November 17. Special.

Mr. Rees Jones laid before the Meeting a Memorial from the inhabitants of Pen-y-lan, requesting that the portion of the Parish of Roath outside the Parliamentary limits be excluded from the proposed extension of the Borough boundary; but the Council did not deem it advisable to comply therewith.

Resolved, that a further portion of the Parish of Llandaff, lying north of the District of the Canton Local Board of Health, bounded by the river Ely on the east and the river Taff on the west and the parish boundary and Fairwater brook on the north-west, be also included within the limits of the extended Borough.

1875 February 8 Monday.

Letter to the High Sheriff was read as follows:—

"Whitehall, 22 January 1875.


Mr. Secretary Cross having had under consideration the subject of the Assizes for Glamorganshire, with reference to the attendance of a second Judge, I am directed to acquaint you that it has been settled among the Judges that henceforward the Judge going the North Wales Circuit shall join the South Wales Judge at Cardiff or Swansea, according as the Assizes are held at the one place or the other, and attend the Assizes as second Judge. Before, however, this arrangement can be carried out, I am directed to inquire whether a second Court, and proper accommodation for a second Judge, can be provided at Cardiff and Swansea. I am to request to be favored with a reply to this communication at your early convenience.

I am, Sir,
Your Obedient Servant.
A. F. O. Liddell.

To the High Sheriff,
County of Glamorgan."

Resolved, that it be referred to the Property and Markets Committee.

Resolved, that a Public Analyst be appointed for a limited period.

February 16. Special.

Moved by Councillor John Winstone, seconded by Councillor Richard Cory: That public Meetings of the Wards be called for the purpose of getting the public opinion as to the right of the Corporation to the site of the Circus. (fn. 2)

The Cases and Opinions thereon of Messieurs Mellish, Kingdon and Rogers, taken when the subject had been before the Council some years before, were read; and such Opinions being against any such right of the Corporation, the Motion was withdrawn.

March 10. Special.

Resolved, that the Mayor ascertain the terms of sale of Plasnewydd (fn. 3) for recreation purposes.

March 17. Special.

The Meeting was attended by Messrs. R. I. Yorath, S. A. Tilke and William Saunders, Members of the Canton Board of Health; and Messrs. Rees Enoch and Thomas Evans, from the Roath Board.

A proposal made on behalf of the County Roads Board as to removal of the turnpike gates from and after the 31st December next, on payment of £150 for expenses, was agreed to.

The County Justices objected to lowering the archway of the Taff Bridge, but agreed to the widening of the bridge.

March 29. Adjourned.
£350 to be paid to the School Board.
Joseph William Thomas to be appointed Public Analyst.
Memorial to be prepared praying for the formation of a Harbour
of Refuge at Lundy Island.

August 9 Monday.
£500 paid to the School Board.

Septr. 27. Adjourned.

Council's attention was called to the position of Wells' Charity, and four Members of Council were added to the list of Aldermen for the purpose of submitting to the Corporation the names of Trustees to carry out the Charity.

November 9 Tuesday noon.
Daniel Jones re-elected Mayor. Salary £300.
Henry Fraser, Water Bailiff.
Richard Robertson and William David, Serjeants at Mace.
£900 voted to the Public Library.
Roath County Police Station to be purchased.

November 17. Adjourned.

Resolved, that the Meetings of the Council as a Local Board of Health, heretofore held, be discontinued; and in lieu thereof that Special Meetings of the Council, to receive and adopt the Reports of the several Committees and for the transaction of such business of which due notice shall have been given, shall be held on the second Monday in the several months of the year, except when the same shall fall on one of the appointed quarterly days of meeting of the Council; and that the Mayor be requested to call such Special Meetings accordingly.

[Then follows the appointment of the Finance, Property and Markets, Public Works, Sanitary, Cabs, Contagious Diseases of Animals, Fire Brigade, Lighting and Water, Cardiff Improvement, and Public Library Committees.]

The question of Branch Libraries for Roath and Canton was referred to the Free Library Committee.

December 13. Special.

Resolved, that the Town Clerk be relieved of all duties in connection with the Burial Board, except as Legal Adviser; and that Mr. F. R. Greenhill be appointed Clerk and Registrar to the Burial Board.

Mr. Greenhill's salary to be £500.
The salary of Mr. T. L. Johnson, Borough Surveyor, to be also

The salary of Major Bond to be £250.

The recommendation of the Finance Committee, as to increasing the salary of the Town Clerk, is referred back to the Committee for further consideration.

Mr. Heard's offer of Mr. Sillifant's premises in Wharton Street for £2,450, was accepted, as also the offer of Mr. Wiltshire's premises in the same street; and it was resolved that the cottages there be pulled down and the materials sold.

Ordered, that the repair of the parish roads, lately under the Llandaff Highway Board, be carried out by the Surveyor.

Street names and house-numbers to be put up at Roath.

The question of removing the granite pitching in Duke Street is referred to the Public Works Committee.

Ordered, that the plans of the proposed weir across the river Taff be referred back to the promoters, for amendment.

The terms of the Ordnance Department for making their Survey on an enlarged scale over an extended portion of the Borough, was accepted at £600.

A Motion by Mr. George W. Armstrong, that the Corporation support Sir John Lubbock's Bill enabling Towns to increase the Free Libraries rate from 1d. to 2d. in the £, found no seconder.

Resolved, that the banking account being overdrawn to the extent of £12,000, and large sums being required immediately, the Mayor and Alderman David be empowered to proceed to Town and negociate for a loan on the best terms.

£500 paid to the School Board.

1876 January 3. Special.

"To the Most Honorable The Marquess of Bute, Earl of Windsor, Baron Cardiff of Cardiff Castle, &c.

We the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Cardiff, on behalf of ourselves and our fellow Burgesses, and in hearty attachment to your Noble Lady the Marchioness of But, on the Lordship and your Noble Lady the Marchioness of Bute, on the recent birth of a daughter, (fn. 4) which we hail as another tie to those already existing between the noble house of Bute and this ancient Borough.

We desire also to express our fervent hope that this auspicious event may ever be a joy and comfort to your Lordship and noble Lady, and that the life of your infant daughter may be full of all earthly happiness and be a blessing alike to herself and to all around her.

That her Ladyship may speedily regain her usual health is also our most sincere desire.

Given under our Common Seal this 3rd day of January 1876."

The Mayor informed the Meeting that negociations were still pending with regard to the proposed new [railway] bridge across the Penarth Road.

January 10. Special.

The offer of Mr. R. W. Williams to sell his house in Saint Mary Street, together with the cottage in the rear belonging to the estate of the late W. Wyndham Lewis, esq., was accepted.

Sir Mark Wood will widen the road on the south side of the Cowbridge Road, near the old Toll House.

Resolved, that a lamp be placed opposite the old Toll House in North Road.

Alderman John Winstone moved, that the Council recommend to the Free Library Committee that the present Reading Room be closed, and that the Free Library be a library of reference only, and be opened daily from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.; and that scientific classes be formed in connection with the Library, for skilled workmen, artizans and professionals.

The Motion was not seconded.

February 14 Monday.

Resolved, that the salary of R. O. Jones, esq., Stipendiary Magistrate, be increased to £750, consequent upon the extension of the Borough.

That the salary of Dr. Paine, as Medical Officer of Health to the Urban Sanitary Authority, be increased to £280.

That the salary of the Town Clerk be fixed at £500 per annum; and that a Deputy be appointed at a salary of £200, and a clerk at £100 a year, and, if required, on office boy from 6s. to 8s. per week.

That an Assistant Surveyor be appointed at a salary of £150.

Joseph George Gover appointed Inspector of Nuisances, at a salary of £2 per week with uniform.

The Council approved the Surveyor's plans for streets to be formed on the Little Heath estate belonging to C. H. Williams, esq.

Committee appointed to act in concert with the Aldermen, under Sec. 39 of the Cardiff Improvement Act, 1871, for the purpose of devising a scheme for the better regulation of Wells' Charity, and for the better administration and management of the estates and money of that Charity.

Plans of new Council Chamber and the Town Clerk's Offices, prepared by Mr. James Seward, were referred to the Public Works Committee.

The following letter read:—
"Mount Stuart,
Rothesay, Isle of Bute.
21st January 1876.


I am directed by Lord Bute to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 17th instant and also the address of congratulation from the Town Council of Cardiff, to Lord and Lady Bute on the birth of their daughter.

Lord Bute requests me to thank the Council as an official body; and to those members of it who have in the past, as well as in the present, acted towards him with fairness and uprightness, he desires to return his own and Lady Bute's sincere acknowledgments for the present manifestation of their kindness.

I am, Sir, Your Obedient Servant.
J. G. Godwin.

The Town Clerk, Cardiff."

February 21. Adjourned.

Letter read:—

"Clerk of Peace's Office,
19th February 1876.

Dear Sir,

By an arrangement with the County Roads Board of this County, the roads over and at end of Cardiff Bridge and the Whitehouse Bridge were repaired by the Board, for the last thirty years, for an allowance of Five pounds each bridge.

As the roads are now no longer Turnpike Roads, the Council will thank you to let me know by the 14th March next whether the Town Council will accept the like sum of £10 yearly for the like repairs.

I am, Dear Sir,
Yours truly.
Thos. Dalton.
Clerk of Peace.

George Salmon Esqre.,
Town Clerk, Cardiff."

The letter was referred to the Public Works Committee.

March 13. Special.

The Town Clerk was instructed to write to the Rhymney Railway Co. requiring them to carry the footpath leading from Saint Andrew's Place to Roath, under the railway by a bridge similar to the adjacent bridge under the Taff Vale Railway.

A letter dated 14 February 1876 from Messrs. Luard & Sherley, declining, on the part of Lord Bute's Trustees, to light the Penarth Road from the bridge under the South Wales Railway to Clive Street, but suggesting that the road should be placed in the hands of the Council.

The Council declined acceding thereto.

Arbitrator appointed in the dispute raised by Michael Spain O'Rourke (fn. 5) concerning apportionment of charge for improvements in Green Lane, otherwise Broadway, and by Selig Brukewich for the like in Cyril Crescent.

William Harpur appointed Assistant Borough Surveyor, at a salary of £150.

Town Clerk to prepare Case for the inclusion of Llandaff and Caerau within the Cardiff School Board District.

£500 paid to the School Board.

April 10. Special.

Letter from Mr. Forrest, (fn. 6) declining, on behalf of Lord Windsor, to light the Penarth Road.

Letter from Miss Gertrude Jenner, (fn. 7) asking the Council to petition Parliament in favour of the Women's Disabilities Bill; but it did not seem expedient to the Council to accede thereto.

Letter from Mr. J. K. Collett, requesting permission to lay down a piece of improved wood-pavement, by way of experiment.

The Council declined.

May 8 Monday.

Resolved, that a curb and channel be laid from Jenny's Cottage to the foot of Woodville Bridge, and the footpath re-formed and gravelled.

Footpath from Castle Road through the Plasnewydd grounds to the Merthyr Road, (fn. 8) to be re-formed.

In view of the increased duties performed by Robert Oliver Jones, esq., in the office of Salaried Police Magistrate, his salary is to be raised to £750.

Gravel paths are to be constructed, and a few iron benches placed, from Longcross Barracks to Rumney Bridge, and from Roath Court along Merthyr Road as far as the New Cemetery, and from Crwys Gate to North Road.

May 22. Special.

Plans are to be furnished for the construction of a bridge over the Glamorganshire Canal at Mill Lane.

Plans are approved for the proposed wall and improvements at the Sophia Gardens.

June I. Adjourned.

Special Committee Report as to the fraudulent sale of old paving materials from Bute Street; they recommend that an officer be appointed to check all old materials removed, and to see that the same are duly deposited in the Corporation Yard.

June 12. Special.

The Borough Surveyor, Mr. T. L. Johnson, in consequence of his repeated absentation from the Meetings of the Corporation, is called upon to resign.

Mr. S. I. Thorp, of Salford, was elected to the post of Deputy Town Clerk, by 15 votes, as against 13 votes for Mr. Edward Grogan, of Cardiff.

Mr. Benjamin Bryant, of Cardiff, was appointed Assistant Clerk.

A Motion for a Petition in favour of the Sunday closing of public houses was negatived on a Division.

July 10. Special.

The claims of Patrick Welton and Andrew Parlato, for compensation for cows ordered to be destroyed on account of pleuro-pneumonia, were referred to the Contagious Diseases of Animals Act Committe.

£500 paid to the School Board.

August 14 Monday.

Local Government Board renew the Order temporarily constituting the Town Council the Port Sanitary Authority for part of the Customs Port of Cardiff.

Steam locomotives may only be driven on highways within the Borough between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., and at no greater speed than two miles an hour. (fn. 9)

The question of closing a house in Westgate Street as unfit for human habitation, is referred to the Sanitary Committe.

Claims of Timothy Hayes, (fn. 10) C. Hurley and James Keohane, for diseased cattle slaughtered, are referred to the Special Committee.

Mr. J. A. B. Williams, of Cardiff, was appointed Borough Surveyor.

Mr. David Thomas appointed Rate Collector for the Parish of Saint Mary.


  • 1. Peter Mannion, a native of County Mayo, was a veteran of the Army, and a fluent speaker and writer of the Irish language. He died at Cardiff about 1900.
  • 2. In Westgate Street, on the site of the present Post Office, in the old river bed.
  • 3. In or about 1892 this property was made into recreation rooms and grounds for his tenants, by The Mackintosh of Mackintosh.
  • 4. The Lady Margaret Crichton Stuart.
  • 5. Sometime Surveyor to the Roath Local Board of Health. See his drawing of Cardiff, facing p. 240 of Vol. III.
  • 6. Robert Forrest, esq., J.P., C.C., Agent to the Lord Windsor.
  • 7. The philauthropic Miss Jenner, of Wenvoe, is still a familiar figure to the eyes of "the man in the street."
  • 8. Now Albany Road.
  • 9. The first swift horseless road-vehicle seen at Cardiff under the present permissive law was a motor-van which entered the town, on a journey from London, on Saturday 2 January 1897.
  • 10. Timothy Hayes, a native of County Cork, died at Cardiff aged 109 years, and was buried 21 March 1900.