Cardiff Council Minutes: 1889-91

Cardiff Records: Volume 5. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1905.

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'Cardiff Council Minutes: 1889-91', in Cardiff Records: Volume 5, (Cardiff, 1905) pp. 141-160. British History Online [accessed 29 February 2024]

Cardiff Council Minutes, 1889–1890.

1889 November 9 Friday.

Councillor William Sanders elected Mayor. Salary £150.

The ex-Mayor, Alderman David Jones, J.P., appointed Deputy Mayor.

Resolved That the Quarterly Meetings of the Council for the ensuing year be held at 5 p.m. instead of 11 a.m.

Resolved That the portion of Canton Common recently acquired by the Corporation, situate north of the Great Western Railway, be forthwith levelled and made suitable for recreative purposes.

Deputation from the Corporation of Worcester attended the General Purposes Committee to ask for support to the Bill for the Improvement of the Severn Waterway. (Consideration adjourned.)

Frank Julius Schroeter appointed junior clerk in the Town Clerk's Department.

Town Clerk reported that he had received notice of the intention of Dr. Taylor to test the validity of the recent election of Aldermen. He is to take all necessary steps to defend the action of the Corporation.

Deputation from the Chamber of Commerce and the merchants of Cardiff attends a subsequent meeting of the General Purposes Committee, to support the project of the Severn Commissioners. They are of opinion that the projected improvements in the river Severn are calculated to be of immense advantage to Cardiff in bringing the manufactures of the Midlands to this port for export, and in facilitating the distribution through that district of the products imported here.

Resolved That the sum of £500 be voted for assisting the Bill in Parliament.

Resolved That this Committee recommend the Council to invest £5,000 in the proposed scheme, subject to terms to be arranged for the protection of the interests of Cardiff.

Stacey Road &c. to be planted with trees.

Newport Road to be widened opposite Rosemount.

Mr. Miles Aspinall is permitted to give his services gratuitously in the Borough Engineer's Office.

Borough Engineer submitted certain correspondence he had had with the Board of Trade in reference to the rights of the Crown in the foreshore recently reclaimed at Grangetown, from which it appeared that the land had been acquired by the Marquis of Bute.

Resolved That the Mayor and Town Clerk be desired to confer with the Board of Trade on the subject when next in London.

Sub-Committee re Allotments. Resolved That the maximum quantity of land let as allotments shall be 20 perches to each individual, who must be a Burgess of the County Borough of Cardiff.

1889 December 9.

Council thanks Lord Bute for his gift of land in Cathays Terrace, between Woodville Road and Minister Street.

General District Rate 1s. in the £.

Town Clerk reported that Mr. G. T. Clark of Tal-y-garn had presented to the Corporation Vol. I. of his new work on the Charters of Glamorgan.

Common Seal affixed to an Agreement with The Mackintosh and Mrs. Mackintosh for the sale of land at Plas-newydd, for the purpose of Albany Road improvements.

Borough Engineer is to carry out the approved plans for the widening of Pen-y-lan Road and the construction of a new bridge over the Roath Brook adjoining Roath Park.

Resolved That the Town Clerk make further enquiries and refer to certain old reports upon the subject of the foreshore of the river Taff near Penarth Road and opposite to the "Havannah" ship, upon which Lord Bute desired the Corporation to tip refuse.

Letter from the Allotments and Small Holdings Association, calling attention to the desirability of preserving charitable donations to the poor from being lost, and asking that a list thereof should be recorded by the Corporation.

Resolved That the Town Clerk be desired to ask the Vicars of the various parishes in Cardiff whether there are any such charitable donations in their respective parishes, and, if so, to give particulars.

At a subsequent meeting of the Parliamentary Committee the Town Clerk read letters from the Vicar of Roath and other local clergymen, stating that there were no charitable gifts in connection with their parochial districts; also a letter from the Rev. C. J. Thompson, Vicar of Saint John's, as follows:—"The only charity I can give you information about is one called Maddocks' Charity, which I formerly received, but payment of which was stopped by Sir Arthur Mackworth some eight or ten years ago. The amount annually paid was, I think, only about £4 per annum. It was for the relief of the poor. Sir Arthur Mackworth's agent simply refused payment, and I did not take steps to compel it."

1890 January 13.

Council thanks Mr. James Howell for his gift of a prize bullock to the poor of Cardiff.

Letter from G. T. Clark, esq., of Tal-y-garn, calling attention to the condition of the original Charters of Cardiff, and making suggestions for their renovation, the expense whereof he was prepared to bear.

Resolved That the Charters be entrusted to Mr. Clark for that purpose, and that the best thanks of this Council be given to him for his offer.

Vicar Thompson calls the Parliamentary Committee's attention to the list of Benefactions hung up in Saint John's Church.

Resolved That inquiries should be made, with a view of obtaining further information hereon.

Town Clerk wrote to the Charity Commissioners for an official list of the Charities of Glamorganshire.

1890 February 10.

Medical Officer reports on the epidemic of influenza, which has been of world-wide diffusion. It broke out in Russia in 1889, and reached England in December. In January it prevailed all over Cardiff, where it attacked 5 per cent. of the population. The symptoms were fever, followed by profuse perspiration, pains in the head and limbs, extreme prostration, catarrh and (in neglected cases) bronchitis and pneumonia.

1890 March 5.

Town Clerk reported that he had received from the Home Secretary Letters Patent under the Great Seal, dated 25 February 1890, conferring upon the Borough of Cardiff the grant of a separate Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace.

Mr. Joseph Larke Wheatley, Town Clerk of Cardiff, is appointed Clerk of the Peace for the Borough, at a salary of £150; the office to be held only during his tenure of the post of Town Clerk.

Mr. Edmund Bernard Reece, Solicitor, is appointed Coroner of the Borough of Cardiff.

Subscription list to be opened on behalf of the widow of J. Barnett, a sewerman, who lost his life in the service of the Corporation.

Town Clerk submitted to the Watch Committee certain correspondence between the Vicar of Saint John's and himself with reference to an account of 15s. 4½d. for damage done to the windows of Saint John's Schools, in October last, by the boys of Crwys Road Board School when out on strike.

Resolved That the amount be paid.

Head Constable reported with reference to the strike by the tramway employes, which commenced on the 15th February and lasted until the 20th, that inasmuch as the Company decided to run cars on the 19th ultimo by men imported from other parts of the country, for the purpose of ensuring the preservation of the peace he applied to the Mayor and members of this Committee for extra police assistance, which was readily granted. He obtained 16 men and 1 inspector from Newport, and 10 horses from the Tramway Co. for the use of the police, free of cost. Two constables in uniform were placed on each car, the remainder of the force were distributed along the line of route, every officer and man being on duty. Extra constables were also employed in plain clothes, and the strike passed off without any serious conflict.

1890 April 14.

£10,650 paid to the School Board.

"Whitehall. 21st March 1890.

Sir,—I am directed by Mr. Secretary Matthews to inform you that the Queen has been pleased, by warrant under Her Majesty's Royal Sign Manual dated the 15th inst., to appoint Benjamin Francis Williams, Esq., Q.C., to be the first Recorder of the Borough of Cardiff. I am, Sir, Your obedient servant.

E. Leigh Pemberton.

The Mayor of the Borough of Cardiff."

(Temporary wooden market erected in the Hayes, during the rebuilding of the Cardiff Market).

1890 May 12.

Resolved That the attention of the Most Honourable the Marquis of Bute, as the principal shareholder in the Glamorganshire Canal, be respectfully called to the hoarding erected on the canal bank in New Street by the Cardiff Billposting Company, and that he be earnestly requested to cause measures to be taken for the removal thereof; as the same is a serious disfigurement and a great public annoyance, as well as an injury to property in the neighbourhood. (fn. 1)

Cornelius Driscoll, of Mary Ann Street, accused a police constable of breaking open his door without a warrant. Mr. Cunningham Graham, M.P., put a question to the Home Secretary in the House of Commons, on this matter, and the reports of the Town Clerk and Head Constable of Cardiff were read to the House. Driscoll charged Police Constable Crook with the offence in the Cardiff Police Court, and the Defendant was fined £5 and costs. The Watch Committee recommend the Council to pay this.

Letter from the Coroner stating that on the 27th of May a child aged three years was drowned in the fountain in Loudon Square, and that his Jury recommend the fountain should be properly railed in.

1890 June 9.

General District 1s. in the £.

Mr. J. Lyster, Clerk to the Recorder of Cardiff, is appointed Crier of the Cardiff Court of Quarter Sessions, at a salary of £15 per annum.

Letter from Mr. Francis Anderson, Lord Bute's Secretary, acknowledging the Resolution respecting the New Street hoarding.

Letter from Mr. Clark of Tal-y-garn:—

"44, Berkeley Square, London.

26th May 1890.

Dear Sir,—I have just received from the expert I called in at the British Museum the Corporation Charters, which I send to your address this day by rail. I have to thank the Corporation and yourself for the use of them. I shall print them in the course of 1891. Very truly yours.

Geo. Clark."

Resolved unanimously That the cordial thanks of this Council be given to G. T. Clark, esq., of Tal-y-garn, for generously restoring the original Charters of the Borough of Cardiff at his own expense; and the Council hereby record the pleasure with which they receive the restored Charters.

The Town Clerk read letters from Mr. J. A. Corbett enclosing, on behalf of Lord Bute, four ancient Charters relating to Cardiff, granted by Kings Edward III., Henry IV., Henry VI. and Edward IV.

Resolved unanimously That the best thanks of this Council be conveyed to Mr. J. A. Corbett for his interesting and valuable description and translation of the four original Charters presented to the Borough of Cardiff by the Most Hon. the Marquess of Bute.

The Norwegian barque "Aalesund" has been wrecked in the Raine Pool within the Port of Cardiff, but the Water Bailiff does not think it necessary to light the wreck. Tenders are to be advertised for, to remove the vessel, the owners having abandoned her.

Professor F. E. Beckwith, of the Royal Aquarium, receives permission to give an exhibition of swimming at the Cardiff Baths.

1890 June 18.

Resolved That, in recognition of the great services rendered to civilization by the illustrious traveller, Mr. Henry M. Stanley, in his explorations and travels, resulting in opening up the resources of Africa, this Council desires to heartily welcome his return home, and to offer the Honorary Freedom of the Borough to him.

Mr. David E. Davies is appointed Prosecuting Solicitor to the Corporation, for the ensuing year; salary £50.

Sub-Committee recommend the Council to purchase the Cardiff Gas Works, and to obtain the monopoly for the supply of electric lighting within the Borough. This recommendation, however, was rejected by a large majority of the Council.

"34 De Vere Gardens, W.

24th June 1890.

Dear Sir,—I have to thank you for your various communications, especially the one of the 17th inst., informing me that the Corporation of Cardiff have been pleased to offer me the Honorary Freedom of their city. It is quite unnecessary for me, I am sure, to state how I shall value such an honour at their hands, and how pleased I shall be to accept it, although I cannot yet state a date upon which I may hope to visit Cardiff, as the multitudinous character of my engagements absolutely forbids, at present, any augmentation. As soon as I can possibly decide the date of my visit to Wales, I shall communicate with you.—Yours very sincerely.

Henry M. Stanley.

The Town Clerk, Cardiff."

1890 July 14.

Common Seal affixed to an Agreement with Mr. James Howell for the purchase of the house No. 21 The Walk, Cardiff, and for the provision of Lodgings for Her Majesty's Judges until completion of the purchase.

Watch Committee resolved that the Borough arms be printed on the prison van, instead of the letters V.R.

1890 August 11.

One of the small maces is lent to the Corporation of Gloucester, for exhibition at the annual meeting of the Royal Archæological Institute there.

Letter from the Coroner, complaining of the dangerous condition of the Glamorganshire Canal opposite to the Glendower Hotel, there being no railing or other protection on the bank there. On the 27th July one Richard Ellesworthy was found drowned at that spot.

Resolved That the Town Clerk reply stating the Corporation have no control over the towing-path of the Canal where the accident occurred.

Sub-Committee arrange the order of the procession, on the occasion of the opening of the Clarence Bridge by His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence and Avondale:—

After the reception at the Great Western Station, the procession will go to the new bridge by Saint Mary Street, High Street, Castle Street, Cowbridge Road, Lower Cathedral Road, Clare Street, Clare Road and Corporation Road.

Mounted Police.
Glamorgan Artillery Volunteer Band.
Borough Treasurer. Waterworks Engineer.
Medical Officer of Health. Dockmaster.
Postmaster. Governor of Gaol. Clerk to Justices, and
Clerk to Glamorgan County Council.
Members of Council.

Ministers of Religion.
Officer Commanding the 41st Regimental District.
Stipendiary and Magistrates of the County Borough.
President and Members of the Chamber of Commerce.
Members of Parliament.
Reception Committee.
High Sheriff of Glamorgan.
Lord Tredegar.
The Marquess of Bute.
Lord Lieutenant of Glamorgan.
Mace Bearers.
His Worship the Mayor, The Recorder, Deputy Mayor, and Town Clerk.
Mounted Police.
Head Constable, mounted.
H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence and Avondale.
Mounted Police.
The Royal Suite.
Foot Police.
Members of School Board.
Members of Glamorgan County Council.
The Press.

At the bridge, the Mayor will present the Duke of Clarence with a key to unlock the turnpike, and His Royal Highness will declare the bridge and roads open for traffic.

The Engineer of the Works (Mr. William Harpur, M.Inst. C.E.) will have the honour of being presented to His Royal Highness by His Worship the Mayor.

His Royal Highness will afterwards be presented with the Freedom of the County Borough of Cardiff, at the Park Hall. The Royal party will then leave the Hall and proceed by way of Queen Street, Duke Street, High Street and Saint Mary Street to the Great Western Station, for the train timed to leave at 5 p.m.

1890 September 8.

Town Clerk reported that he had completed the purchase of the Old Vicarage Garden from the Rev. C. J. Thompson and others, as also of the Saint John's Infant School.

The Head Constable's attention is called to the nuisance created by boys bathing in the brook at the Roath Park.

Resolved That Monsignor William Williams be invited to the Clarence Bridge procession and luncheon in the place of Bishop Hedley, who is unable to attend by reason of a long-standing prior engagement.

Resolved unanimously That the Right Honorable the Marquess of Bute and Earl of Dumfries, K.T., be most cordially and heartily invited to accept the office of Mayor of the County Borough of Cardiff for the ensuing municipal year.

Deputation appointed to wait upon Lord Bute and convey to him the purport of this resolution.

"Hotel Meurice, 228, Rue de Rivoli, Paris.

October 2nd 1890.

To the Mayor of Cardiff.

Dear Sir,—I have been reminded that the Town of Cardiff expects an answer to an invitation sent me some time ago to receive from the Corporation the honour they intended to confer upon me; but on consulting my list of engagements, and regarding the few days at my disposal, I find that my stay in England will be so short as to render the visit highly inconvenient. Considering that I shall have only eleven days at the furthest to prepare for a lengthened journey in America, and that I have several pressing engagements to fulfil, I feel I shall be utterly unfit to present myself before the public of such an important town as Cardiff. I therefore beg you will kindly accept these my apologies and the reiterated expression of my goodwill, and believe me Yours very cordially.

Henry M. Stanley."

Resolved That the consideration of the above letter be adjourned.

1890 October 13.

Mayor (Alderman William Sanders).


Daniel Lewis,
Richard Cory,
Thomas Waring,
Patrick William Carey,
Thomas Vaughan Yorath,
Thomas Windsor Jacobs,
Andrew Fulton,
David Edgar Jones,
David Jones (ex-Mayor).


Robert Bird,
Thomas Rees,
John Guy Proger,
William Edmund Vaughan,
William John Trounce,
Ebenezer Beavan,
Sir Morgan Morgan,
Thomas Reynolds,
Edward William Shackell,
Peter Price,
Francis John Beavan,
William Benjamin Gibbs,
Edward Herne,
Alfred Rees,
David Richards,
Joseph Ramsdale,
Joseph Reynalt James,
Thomas Morel,
Samuel Arthur Brain,
William Callow Hurley,
Richard Price,
Tom Hurry Riches,
Samuel Mildon,
Frederick Henry Jotham,
William Lewis,
Henry Lascelles Carr,
James Tucker,
Edward James Smith,
Philip Morel,
William Symonds.
Joseph Larke Wheatley, Town Clerk.

£10, 250 to the School Board.

1890 October 27.

"House of Falkland, Falkland, Fifeshire.

Oct. 17th 1890.

Sir,—Your kind letter of the 14th enclosing the Opinion of Mr. Henn Collins, Q.C., has been forwarded to me here from Dumfries House. I may also mention that I received at the same time a letter from Mr. Corbett enclosing another Opinion, by Mr. R. S. Wright, Junior Counsel to the Treasury, which he had thought it advisable to take and which agrees with that of Mr. Henn Collins. Under the circumstances, I hope I may now safely accept the proffered honour, and it gives me very great pleasure hereby to do so. Pray be good enough to convey this my reply to the Corporation; and in so doing, pray be good enough to assure them upon my behalf of my very high sense of the compliment which they have paid me, and of my very warm thanks for it. I hope to be at Cardiff in the week beginning Nov. 2nd, in order to be at their service—Believe me, Sir, Your very obedient Servant.


Resolved unanimously That this Council desires to record the great gratification and pleasure with which they have received the above letter from the Most Honorable the Marquess of Bute, stating that his Lordship was prepared to accept the Mayoralty of the County Borough of Cardiff for the ensuing year, and that the same be recorded on the Minutes.

Resolved That the Town Clerk write Mr. Henry M. Stanley stating that the Council will be very pleased to invite him to Cardiff to receive the Honorary Freedom of the Borough on his visit to Wales after his return from America.

Letter from the Secretary of the Great Western Railway Co., stating that no order had yet been given for the erection of a station at Roath, but that preparations were being made for the construction of two additional lines through Cardiff Station.

Resolved That the Town Clerk inform the Manager of the Company that his letter is very unsatisfactory to the inhabitants of Roath, and urge that the station be erected without further delay.

The Council will apply for Parliamentary powers to supply electric lighting within the Borough.

Cardiff Council Minutes, 1890–1891.

1890 November 10 Monday.

Resolved unanimously That the Most Honourable John Patrick Crichton Stuart, Marquess of Bute and Earl of Dumfries, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, be and he is hereby elected Mayor of the County Borough of Cardiff for the ensuing municipal year.

His Lordship having accepted the appointment, and subscribed and made the declaration required by the Municipal Corporations Act, and duly taken the customary oaths as Chief Magistrate of the County Borough of Cardiff, the chair was vacated by the ex-Mayor (Alderman Sanders, J.P.), and the Mayor was installed therein.

(Customary vote of thanks to the ex-Mayor, to be engrossed on vellum, signed by the Mayor and Town Clerk, and presented to Alderman Sanders).

"I John Patrick Crichton Stuart, Marquess of Bute and Earl of Dumfries, K.T., Mayor of the County Borough of Cardiff, in pursuance of the power vested in me by section 16 of the Municipal Corporations Act 1882, do hereby appoint Daniel Lewis, esquire, one of the Aldermen and a Justice of the Peace for the said County Borough, to act as Deputy-Mayor of the Borough during my illness or absence; and I do hereby signify such appointment to the Council.

Bute And Dumfries,


Dated this 10th day of November 1890."

Resolved That the salary of the Mayor for the ensuing municipal year be £750.

Town Clerk reported That G. T. Clark, esq., of Tal-y-garn, had presented to the Corporation a copy of Vol. II. of his "Charlæ et alia Munimenta de Glamorgan."

Vote of thanks for the gift.

Committee appointed to consider and report upon the question of a new Town Hall.

"Everett House, Union Square,

New York. Nov. 11th 1890.

Dear Sir,—It will be impossible to say on what date I can appear at Cardiff; as yet I do not even know when I can leave this country, certainly not before April. If you will kindly wait until my return to England, I shall then begin to see a possible date after consulting my agent.—Yours faithfully.

Henry M. Stanley.

J. L. Wheatley, Esq."

1890 December 22.

Corporation approve of the Council of the University College purchasing the old Infirmary, for the purposes of a College.

Mace-bearers Charles Pearce and James Locke are to have their salaries raised to £30 a year each.

1891 January 12.

Council petition that appeals against Income Tax Assessments may be heard at Cardiff.

Council petition for Cardiff to be made a wine-testing Port, and for the Custom House to be removed to the Docks.

Council adopt new and stringent Bye-laws with regard to Common Lodging Houses.

Tender accepted for forming and ballasting Wellfield Road, Roath.

1891 February 9 Thursday. (Special).

Resolved unanimously That this Council, while heartily appreciating the hospitable and magnificent celebration by His Worship the Mayor (the Most Honourable the Marquess of Bute, K.T.), of the unparalleled commercial growth and prosperity of the Town and Port of Cardiff, desire to express their sincere and heartfelt sympathy with His Worship upon the unfortunate termination, by an outbreak of fire at the Drill Hall, of the banquet given by him on the 14th inst. in commemoration of the opening of the Dowlais Iron and Steel Company's new works.

Resolved That the prompt action of the Head Constable and Fire Brigade, and also of the Borough Engineer, in extinguishing the fire be heartily approved of.

"February 6th, 1891.

Dear Mr. Town Clerk,

I beg that you will be so good as to convey to the Council my warm thanks for the very kind Resolution of which by their direction you have sent me a copy. Provoking as the accident was, I cannot but feel very thankful to Providence that the consequences were no more serious than they were; and I am very conscious that this was largely owing, humanly speaking, to the great coolness displayed by everyone who was present. I have at any rate the satisfaction of having offered the usual official hospitality to the Members of the Council and others, and of having received the honour of their presence in response to my invitation. Had I had an opportunity of speaking at the dinner, it was my intention to have specially thanked the Members of the Council for the honour of their presence, and assured them of the great pleasure it afforded me. I intended to have thanked them particularly for taking part with me in presiding, by sharing the different tables. I wished to have said that I could picture no relations more friendly than those which, owing to their courtesy and consideration, have subsisted between us for the three months of my mayoralty already passed; that I trust most warmly that these relations may continue, and that, while I feel sure there will be nothing on their part to interrupt them, so I hope that there will be none on my own. As I had not the opportunity of saying this then, I hope they will allow me to say it now. Pray accept my thanks for your own kind expressions, and believe me, Dear Mr. Town Clerk, sincerely yours.


Head Constable reported that he had been served with notice of action at the suit of Mr. Patrick O'Brien, M. P., for false imprisonment.

Resolved That the Town Clerk be instructed to take all necessary steps to defend the Head Constable in any such action.

Deputation from the local Committee of the Seamen's and Firemen's Union attended a Special Watch Committee and preferred a complaint against Superintendent Tamblyn of using language calculated to cause a breach of the peace at the Shipping Offices. Mr. Tamblyn denied the charge and called witnesses, and ultimately the Committee dismissed the case as unproven.

Head Constable reported that on the 6th inst. the coal-tippers employed at the Bute Docks came out on strike. Fearing disturbances in consequence of tips being worked by new men, the Bute Docks Co. had applied for and received police protection. The Borough Force was temporarily augmented by 2 inspectors and 38 constables from the Glamorgan Constabulary.

Resolved That His Worship the Mayor be respectfully desired to communicate with the Secretary of the General Post Office, calling his attention to the urgent need of improving the mail-service between Cardiff and London; and to the desirability of forwarding the West of England mails via the Severn Tunnel, instead of the present "circumlocutary route" via Gloucester.

General Manager of the G. W. R. writes that he is unable at present to give the proposed station to Roath.

1891 March 9.

Correspondence between the Town Clerk and the High Sheriff, Frederick L. Davis, esq., with reference to the accommodation of the Judges at the Town Hall. "Mr. Justice Vaughan Williams will make public reference to the insufficiency of the accommodation provided by the Corporation for Her Majesty's Judges of Assize. They will endeavour to get all the work done at Swansea, and that would be a great snub for Cardiff. A place of the size and importance of Cardiff ought to be able to afford better Courts."

Deputy Town Clerk (Mr. Davies) resigns, having received the appointment of Town Clerk of Southport.

Salary of Mr. Daniel Jones, the Water Bailiff, is increased to £45.

1891 April 13.

"San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

en route, March 27th 1891.

Dear Sir,—I have this day received your letter dated the 25th February, wherein you state that the Council of the Cardiff Corporation, in view of the difficulties and uncertainties attending a visit to your town, had decided to forward me the scrip of my admission as an Honorary Freeman of the County Borough, within a silver casket, and wherein you ask my acceptance of the same. I have to express my great regret that I have been unable to visit Cardiff to receive in person this high and coveted honour awarded me, and also to express my sincere appreciation of the considerate manner you have adopted to relieve me from the great inconvenience which a visit to Cardiff would entail on me. Will you kindly convey to the Council of the Corporation my deepest gratitude for the Honorary Freemanship, and for the genuine kindness with which they have conferred it.—I am, Dear Sir,

Yours most obediently.

Henry M. Stanley.

J. L. Wheatley, Esq.,

Town Clerk, Cardiff."

£12,100 to the School Board.

Frederick Charles Lloyd appointed Deputy Town Clerk.

S. J. Harpur appointed Junior Assistant in the Borough Engineer's Office.

Mr. Robert Forrest, of St. Fagan's, is appointed to act as Arbitrator on behalf of the Corporation, in all cases where the Corporation are desired to appoint an arbitrator.

Resolution of regret and condolence on the death of Alderman Waring, J.P.

Borough Engineer submitted plans and estimate for the Cardiff Sanatorium, which were approved and adopted.

Extensive improvements are to be made in the rooms at the back of the Crown Court and Nisi Prius Court, in the Town Hall.

Resolved That the Mayoress of Cardiff (the Most Hon. the Marchioness of Bute) be respectfully and cordially invited to perform the opening ceremony at the new Saint Mary Street Market, on such a day as may be convenient to Her Ladyship.

Borough Engineer submitted two designs for a gold key to be presented to Lady Bute on this occasion; and it was Resolved that the design showing the ducal [sic] and Borough coats of arms should be adopted, subject to certain alterations.

1891 May 11.

Council decline to vote a subscription towards the funds of the Cardiff Horticultural Society.

After reading a letter from the National Vigilance Association, with reference to certain advertisements recently exhibited in Cardiff streets, it was Resolved that the attention of the Head Constable be called to pictorial advertisements of an obscene character, with a view to their suppression.

Premises in Bute Street purchased for the purposes for a Docks Police Station.

Resolved That the Town Clerk communicate at once with Her Majesty's Postmaster General, calling his attention to the urgent and pressing necessity of providing proper and adequate accommodation for the public at the Cardiff General Post Office, the unparalleled and continued development of commercial enterprise and prosperity at Cardiff, and the vast amount of Post Office business consequent thereon, having far outgrown the capacity of the present Post Office.

1891 June 8.

Special Property and Markets Committee resolved That after the 13th instant street vendors be not allowed to stand for the sale of goods in the Hayes.

Mr. James Brown and Mr. Robert Foster (cheapjacks) attended a subsequent meeting of the above Committee with reference to the beforementioned resolution, but it was resolved that the Committee's decision be adhered to.

Resolved That the Town Clerk take such measures as he may deem advisable with reference to the obstruction created by Messrs. Cross Bros. in the entrance from Church Street to the Cardiff Market.

The County Court sitting now twice a month at Cardiff, the authorities are to be asked to increase the allowance to the Corporation for all services.

At a meeting of the Property and Markets Committee, a letter was read from Professor Scott (described in the Minutes as an "eye optician"), applying for a shop in the New Market. Consideration thereof was adjourned.

1891 July 13.

Special Public Works Committee considered the circumstances connected with the accidental death by suffocation of the sewermen A. Sutton and R. Luker on the 18th July 1891, and decided that no blame attached to anyone for the accident. Gratuities were voted to the relatives of the deceased.

The old Weigh-bridge Office in Queen Street was leased to W. Bruce Lovie for 21 years at £26. 10s. per annum.

Borough Engineer was instructed to prepare a design of a turret for a four-faced clock to be erected over the Manager's Office in Cardiff Market.

Watch Committee thank Lord Bute for his present of a complete series of Sir Walter Scott's works to the Police Library.

1891 August 10.

Vote of regret and condolence on the death of Councillor Reynolds.

Memorial from ratepayers complaining of the nuisance caused by the steam organ, swing-boats &c. on a piece of waste ground on Penarth Road, near the G.W.R. Station. The matter was left in the hands of the Town Clerk.

Councillor Peter Price moved to rescind the resolution of 13 December 1886 for changing the name of Crockherbtown to Queen Street, and proposed that the portion of Queen Street from the Glamorganshire Canal to the T.V.R. bridge be called Crockherbtown and be renumbered forthwith.

The motion on being put to the meeting was lost, and the names were taken as follows:—For: The Mayor; Aldermen Yorath, D. E. Jones, D. Jones and Sanders; Councillors Beavan, T. Morel, Mildon, Price, Shepherd, Thomas, Noah Rees and Owen—13. Against: Aldermen Cory, Carey and Fulton; Councillors Trounce, Brain, Hurley, Shackell, Herne, A. Rees, Jotham, Lewis, Carr, Parker, J. H. Cory, Jenkins and Andrews—16. Neutral: Alderman D. Lewis, Councillors Richards, Tucker and P. Morel—4.

1891 September 14.

The Secretary to the British Association communicates to the Council the thanks of that society for the hospitality shewn to them by the Corporation on their recent annual Meeting at Cardiff.

Letter from Mr. G. W. Carr stating that he had been appointed Collector of Customs in the place of Mr. Reynolds, retired.

Resolved That Mr. G. W. Carr, the Collector of Her Majesty's Customs, be and he is hereby appointed Collector of Harbour Dues for the Port of Cardiff, at a salary of £100 per annum; the appointment to be determined by one month's notice on either side.

Mr. W. W. Pettigrew entered on his duties as Head Gardener.

1891 October 12.

£13,400 to the School Board.

Mr. George Saunders, clerk to the Recorder of Cardiff, is appointed Crier of the Cardiff Court of Quarter Sessions, in the place of J. J. Lyster, resigned.

Judgment has been entered for the defendant, in the action brought by Mr. Patrick O'Brien, M.P., against Mr. W. Mackenzie, the Head Constable of Cardiff, for false imprisonment. The case was tried at the Midsummer Assizes at Swansea.

Mr. Goodyer is requested to instruct tram-inspectors to warn passengers before passing under the Bute Street bridge.

Resolved That the attention of the Head Constable be called to the great noise made by persons congregating around cheapjacks and lecturers in the Hayes, and that he be informed that the only persons allowed to stand in the Hayes are tenants of the fish stalls who pay toll to the Corporation.


  • 1. This unsightly nuisance still flourishes in 1904.