Cardiff Council Minutes: 1887-9

Pages 124-141

Cardiff Records: Volume 5. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1905.

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Cardiff Council Minutes, 1887-1888.

1887 November 9 Wednesday.

Alderman T. W. Jacobs elected Mayor. Salary £300.

Sir Morgan Morgan, Deputy-Mayor.

Councillor Andrew Fulton elected Alderman, in the place of Daniel Jones deceased.

Committee appointed to ascertain upon what terms the necessary properties can be obtained for opening up the thoroughfare from Charles Street to David Street.

Parliamentary Committee. Resolved, That the Town Clerk be instructed to take such measures as he may deem requisite for the purpose of including in the County of Glamorgan the Parishes of Rumney and St. Mellon's, which are in the District of the Cardiff Union and in the County of Monmouth; also to cause to be included in the County of Glamorgan certain lands which are situated on this side of the River Rumney but are in the County of Monmouth, and certain other lands to be included in the County of Monmouth which are situate on the other side of the River Rumney but are within the County of Glamorgan and in the Borough of Cardiff.

1887 December 12.

Alderman Duncan writes protesting against the alteration of the hour of the Council Meeting from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. He believes it is asserted that the change was desirable in order to allow working men an opportunity of attending; but he very much questions the desire of any large section of the ratepayers to enjoy such a privilege.

Cardiff Ratepayers' Association write urging the Corporation to continue Charles Street through to David Street.

Councillor E. Beavan called attention to the hoarding or billposting station on the Newport Road, near the Clifton Street Chapel, and urged the desirability of the Corporation acquiring the site, with a view to opening up new thoroughfares to Broadway and Piercefield Place. (Referred to the Borough Engineer to report.)

Committee recommend the Council to offer £3,230 for the premises dividing Charles Street from David Street.

Application was made on behalf of Lord Bute, for a police constable to patrol the Castle grounds. The same was allowed.

1888 January 9.

Town Clerk read certain letters from the Society for the Abolition of Turnpike Tolls on the South Wales Roads, calling upon the Corporation to assist them in this object.

Vote of regret on the death of Alderman Duncan.

1888 February 1.

Councillor David Edgar Jones, M.D., is elected Alderman.

Letter was read from Mr. B. S. Marks with regard to the condition of the portraits of two Welsh Judges in the Museum and Art Gallery, and asking for permission to restore one of them.

Resolved, That this offer be accepted, and that Sir Morgan Morgan having generously offered to pay the cost of restoring the other picture, both gentlemen be thanked for their kindness.

Borough Engineer is to have the site of the Cardiff Savings Bank cellared and levelled and thrown into the street.

Notices are to be issued to vendors of fish &c. in the Hayes, that rent will in future be demanded from them.

Accommodation for the Press is to be provided in the Council Chamber.

The Ystradyfodwg Local Board having intimated their intention to bring their sewage to the sea at Cardiff, the Town Clerk is instructed to oppose that course.

Committee decline to light Spital Square as requested by Mr. John Lewis, it being private property.

Council memorialize the Lord Chancellor to allot two out of three Assize Courts for South Wales to Cardiff.

A fish pass will be constructed at Ely Weir by the Taff and Ely Fishery Board.

1888 February 20.

The resolution of 9th November last, altering the hour of meeting from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., was rescinded.

1888 March 12.

Mr. Charles James Jackson, B.L., resigns his seat in the Council, and receives a vote of thanks for the services rendered by him to the Borough during a period of 5½ years.

Address to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, on the occasion of their Silver Wedding.

Petition to Her Majesty the Queen in favour of Cardiff being decided upon as one of the centres for the training of hospital nurses, under Her Majesty's Jubilee scheme.

Council approve the Commissioners' scheme for the Craddock Wells' Charity, whereby the Governors are to pay £350 per annum to the general purposes of the University College of South Wales, and £450 a year to the maintenance of scholars who shall have attended the public elementary schools of the Borough for at least two years— provided this aggregate sum of £800 a year do not exceed half the income of the Charity.

Petition to Her Majesty the Queen in Privy Council, praying for a separate Court of Quarter Sessions for the Borough of Cardiff.

At this time are recorded a great number of complaints against the traction-engine of the Corporation, as a nuisance to the public.

Resolved That, inasmuch as a loss of revenue is occasioned to the markets by the itinerant vendors, and serious obstruction created in the streets, the Council be recommended to take the necessary proceedings to collect the street hawking tolls.

It having been reported that the time-ball had only acted once since the recent repairs, and that the same did not work satisfactorily and had been a source of great trouble and expense since its erection: Resolved That the makers be desired to forthwith put same in order, and make the time-ball work satisfactorily; otherwise this Committee recommend the Council to have the same removed.

The Mayor having reported that Mr. Storrie, the Curator of the Musuem, had waited upon him with reference to the old Town Hall clock, which was lying on the basement floor of the Hall, it was Resolved That the Council be recommended to present the clock to the Museum.

1888 April 9.

School Board Precept for £9,800.

Resolved That the attention of the School Board authorities be called to the heavy and rapidly increasing amount of the Precept each half year, and the Council beg that they will do their utmost to keep their expenses down to the lowest possible point.

Petition to the President of the Local Government Board, praying that Cardiff may be constituted a County under the Local Government Bill.

Two drinking-fountains and troughs are to be erected, opposite the new Infirmary and at the junction of Westgate Street and Cowbridge Road. The cost, £200, will be defrayed by the ex-Mayor, Councillor Alfred Thomas, out of the addition voted to his salary during his mayoralty.

Resolved That the attention of the Head Constable be called to the continued obstruction created in Church Street, Trinity Street and Victoria Place, and especially to the obstruction in the Hayes on market-days, by itinerant vendors.

1888 May 14.

The Corporation became Patrons of the National Eisteddfod of Wales, for the meeting at Brecon next year.

Borough Engineer reported that the footpath from Roath Church to Pen-y-lan had been fenced off on either side, whereby two other footpaths to Llanedern Road had been stopped up.

Resolved That the Borough Engineer take steps to cause the obstruction to be removed.

1888 June 1.

Councillor Kennard resigns. Council rescinded the Resolution of 14 December 1885, which enabled representatives of the Press to be present at Committee Meetings.

1888 June 11.

Cardiff has now been constituted a County in itself.

Council accede to the request of Mr. W. H. St. John Hope, Secretary of the Royal Society of Antiquaries, for the loan of one of the large and one of the small maces belonging to the Corporation, for the purposes of an Exhibition of Civic Insignia.

Vote of regret on the death of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Germany.

Town Clerk reported that a difficulty had arisen with regard to the conveyance from Lord Bute to the Corporation of land for the North Street improvements. It appeared that part of the land running from the Pound towards North Street Bridge was a part of the Castle Grounds, under the Will of the late Marquess, in which case it would seem that the Trustees had no power to sell this strip.

Resolved That the Town Clerk be instructed to carry out the purchase, notwithstanding the above defect in the title, upon taking an indemnity from Lord Bute in respect of the purchase money.

Borough Engineer's report as to a suitable site for a Pound was postponed for further consideration.

Mr. W. Hughes Morris, Hon. Secretary of the Cardiff Footpaths Preservation Society, writes calling the Public Works Committee's attention to the fact that Mr. Williams, of Pengam Farm, a tenant of Lord Tredegar, has enclosed a good deal of the land at Pen-y-lan, thereby stopping certain footpaths. The Town Clerk reported that Mr. Williams had agreed to re-open one of the footpaths, but not the other.

Resolved That the resolution arrived at by this Committee at its last meeting be strictly adhered to (vide ante).

Messrs. Davis & Lloyd, Solicitors for Lord Tredegar, write that they had (without prejudice) arranged with Mr. Thomas Williams, the tenant of Pengam, that the footpath from the top of the main footpath from Roath Mill to Pen-y-lan, towards Llwyn-y-grant Isaf, should be forthwith opened; but that they see no reason for admitting the alleged right of the public through any other portion of the same field.

Resolved That consideration thereof be deferred, in order that the Borough Engineer may enquire as to the user of the footpath in question by the inhabitants of Llanedern.

An application from the Postmaster, Mr. F. C. Webber, to erect a pillar letter-box near the Mason's Arms inn, in Queen Street, was granted.

Resolved, That the Borough Engineer be desired to have the grass on the Flat Holm cut and harvested.

1888 July 9.

Public meeting has protested against the exclusion of the Press from Committee meetings.

The Council of Judges has decided that the Criminal Assizes for Glamorganshire in the Autumn shall be held at Cardiff and Swansea alternately.

Letter from Mr. Charles Conway with reference to the two portraits of gentlemen in Judge's robes, recently restored; together with a description of the pictures, prepared by Mr. John Storrie, Curator of the Museum:—

Portrait of John, 2nd Marquess of Bute.

It represents the late Marquess in the dress of the last generation, with the addition of a very large cloak of Stuart tartan, lined with red, and a crutch-handled cane, standing on a sandy shore, with the Kyles of Bute in the distance. The inscription: "This portrait was presented to the town of Cardiff by Lieut.-Colonel Crichton Stuart, M.P., 1859."

Portrait of Judge Hardinge.

This portrait hung in the old Town Hall, and after its demolition the portrait was stored, along with another, in the gallery of the Nisi Prius Court. The damp completely destroyed the frame, and also damaged the picture. About four years ago I happened to see it lying there and brought it over to the Museum, where I washed it and hung it up, till it was sent lately to Messrs. Conway to be restored. This is the portrait which Mr. G. T. Clark, of Tal-y-garn, mentions in his "Glamorgan Worthies" as having been once a portrait of Admiral Button, of Cardiff and Worlton, a distinguished Arctic navigator, and officer in the Navy of James I. and Charles I. Mr. Clark states that the Corporation, wishing to do honour to Mr. Justice Hardinge, who was a great favourite here and a noted Welsh Judge at end of last century, engaged a limner to paint his portrait on the top of an old portrait in their possession, said to have been that of Admiral Button; and that the limner added a red cloak and a wig to the gallant admiral, transformed his baton to a roll of paper, and made certain other alterations, as he states, "to do honour to Themis at the expense of Neptune."It is certain that this portrait is painted over an older one, whether Admiral Button's or not. By comparing it with the undoubted portrait of the admiral at Coedriglan, it is easy to see that all resemblance is now lost; and if the Corporation wish to have a portrait of Admiral Button for the Town Hall, the easiest way will be to have a replica painted from the one in possession of Mr. G. M. Traherne of Coedriglan. Admiral Button is certainly the best man that Cardiff has produced, and, as Mr. Clark says, "it is little to her credit that no memorial of him adorns her Council Chamber, or greets the mariner that steps ashore at her port." I ought to say that this portrait has been considerably improved by being cleaned and relined.

Portrait of Judge

Painted by T. Hudson, 1746, the celebrated English portraitpainter, and instructor of Sir Joshua Reynolds. It is stated, on what authority I know not, to be a portrait of Chief Justice Lee, who sentenced David Morgan of Coed-y-gores, and others, for participation in the rebellion of 1745. I regret that the face in this picture has lost some of the dignity and grace that it had before restoration. This picture was stored with the last, and suffered great injury from damp.

Resolved That the two paintings be suitably framed; and that the best thanks of this Council be conveyed to Sir Morgan Morgan and Mr. B. S. Marks, for their kindness in paying the cost of restoring the pictures.

Mr. Storrie further reports:—

In the Assembly Room there is a large blazon of the Royal Arms, framed. It has the letters G. II., for George the Second. It was brought from the old Town Hall that stood in the middle of High Street, where it hung over the Judge's seat. It is believed to have been painted about 1750. Painter unknown.

A very large picture, by Frank Howard, a son of the Secretary to the Royal Academy. It represents an episode in the history of Cardiff, which occurred in the year 1158. Ivor Cadivor, known as Ivor Bach, or the Little, considering himself unjustly treated by the Earl of Gloucester, determined to surprise the Castle, and carried out his plans with complete success. The picture shows him, sword in hand, dictating to Earl William the terms of peace, which are said to have been, 1st Re-granting the right of the Welsh to be governed according to their old Laws and Customs; and 2nd Renouncing certain territory which Ivor considered himself unjustly deprived of. The Earl and Countess and child appear struck with terror in the foreground, while an aged figure on the right, supposed to represent Robert Curthose, the eldest son of William the Conqueror, who was imprisoned here, is seen leaning on a harp. Duke Robert, however, was dead and buried 24 years before the time of Ivor Bach's exploit. The history of this picture is as follows. About 50 years ago it was determined to decorate certain corridors in the new Houses of Parliament with paintings of historical scenes, and this picture was one of those painted for the competition; but the late Duke of Wellington, who was the umpire chosen to judge the pictures sent in, rejected this one. The artist then attempted to sell it elsewhere, and finally made an offer of it to the Cardiff Corporation, who appear to have had then no funds; till at last in despair at the expense of moving such an enormous picture about the country, he made a final proposal to the Corporation, that if they were willing to pay £50 for the frame he would present the picture to them. During the time this offer was being considered the artist died, and the picture is still here.

Large portrait of Sir Herbert Mackworth, bart., of Gnoll Castle, M.P. for Cardiff 1754–1790. He is represented with the Muster Roll of the Glamorgan Militia in his hand, of which he was Colonel. He was raised to the baronetage in 1759. Painter's name unknown. I have not been able to ascertain how the Corporation became possessed of this picture.

1888 August 13.

The freedom of the Borough, and the certificate thereof in a jewelled casket, was presented to Mr. Alfred Thomas, M.P.

Letter from Count Hatzfeldt, the German Ambassador, acknowledging the Corporation's vote of condolence on the death of the late Emperor Frederick of Germany.

Resolution of the Free Library and Museum Committee urges upon the Corporation the necessity for extending the buildings of the Library, Museum and Art Gallery. (Consideration deferred).

A motion in favour of the re-admission of the Press to Committee meetings was defeated by a large majority.

Borough Engineer reported as to the proposed acquisition by the Corporation of land on the Canal Wharf for the purpose of widening the roadway on the East Wharf.

Resolved that the Town Clerk be desired to write Mr. Jonas Watson stating that, on reference to an ancient Plan, it appears that the land in question belongs to the Corporation, although they have not received any rent from Mr. Watson therefor.

The old ditch on the north side of the road from Roath Church to Pen-y-lan Road is being filled up and a footpath formed over same, and the waste land intervening is being thrown into the carriage-way. (Albany Road improvements).

1888 October 8.

Thomas Windsor Jacobs, Mayor.


William Taylor,
Thomas Vaughan Yorath,
Daniel Lewis,
Thomas Waring,
John McConnochie,
Patrick William Carey,
Richard Cory,
Andrew Fulton,

David Edgar Jones.


David Jones,
Edward William Shackell,
William Sanders,
William Edmund Vaughan,
Robert Bird,
William John Trounce,
Thomas Rees,
Ebenezer Beavan,
Daniel Lloyd Lougher,
Sir Morgan Morgan,
John Guy Proger,
Thomas Reynolds,
Joseph Ramsdale,
John Amice Le Boulanger,
Joseph Reynalt James,
George Hopkins,
Thomas Oliver,
Peter Price,
Thomas Morel,
Francis John Beavan,
Samuel Arthur Brain,
William Benjamin Gibbs,
Richard Price,
Edward Herne,
Tom Hurry Riches,
Joseph Henry Jones,
William Burrow,
Alfred Rees,
Samuel Mildon,
David Richards.

Joseph Larke Wheatley, Town Clerk.

Inspector of Weights and Measures reports that vessels carrying petroleum, gunpowder or dynamite are discharged in the Old Canal.

Public Works Special Sub-Committee recommend the Corporation to purchase the land claimed by Mr. Jonas Watson, on the East Wharf, between the towing-path and the road.

Town Clerk reported that he had received notice of a claim for £6 and damages alleged to have been caused by a tumultuous and riotous mob assembled outside No. 70 Coburn Street, Cathays, in the occupation of David Churchill Forsey, bootmaker, from William White, the trustee of Forsey's estate under a deed of assignment for the benefit of creditors. (Referred to the Head Constable to report).

Resolved that the Head Constable's attention be directed to the depredations committed by juvenile thieves, especially in the neighbourhood of Newport Road, Roath.

1888 November 2.

In accordance with a request from the Lord Mayor of London, the Mayor will order a banner with the arms of Cardiff, to be included in the series of municipal flags for the British Court of the Paris Exhibition.

Cardiff Council Minutes, 1888-1889.

1888 November 9 Friday.

Councillor David Jones elected Mayor; salary £300.

Alderman Daniel Lewis Deputy Mayor.

Vote of thanks to Councillor Sir Morgan Morgan, for his gift of a portrait of himself, painted by Mr. B. S. Marks.

25 guineas added to the Mayor's salary, for the purpose of awarding prizes at the Cardiff Fat Cattle Show.

Owners and residents at Salt Mead call attention to the state of Clare Street.

Arran Street and other thoroughfares on the Mackintosh Estate are being completed.

The Coedriglan Estate and other land in Castle Road is to be purchased of Mr. Traherne and Mr. J. G. R. Homfray, for the widening of the said road.

Council memorialize the County Justices to locate the Court of Quarter Sessions for the County at Cardiff.

1888 December 10.

The following honorary members were added to the Free Library and Museum Committee:—Messrs. Dr. Vachell, Rev. W. Winks, Peter Davies, Dr. Wallace, W. H. Thomas, Ronnfeldt, J. L. Wheatley, Rev. J. Williamson, Marcus Gunn, T. H. Thomas, R. W. Atkinson, Rev. John Hayde.

Branch Library and Reading Room to be established in Roath Ward.

Resolved That it be an instruction to the Borough Engineer to have number-plates affixed facing each chair in the Council Chamber, corresponding with the progressive number of each Member of the Council on the official list published by the Town Clerk, and keys to the drawers.

Resolved That the General Manager of the G.W.R. Co. be again urged to comply with the wishes of the inhabitants of Cardiff, as laid before his Directors by the Mayor and Corporation from time to time, by having the central station at Cardiff made an open one, and permitting public access from Penarth Road and Wood Street, and by the erection of a station at Roath.

Resolved That the Parliamentary Committee prepare and submit to Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen a petition praying that Her Majesty's Letters Patent, or a Royal Charter, may be granted to the Borough of Cardiff, as the metropolis of the Principality of Wales, the dignity and title of a city.

Letter from the Standards Department of the Board of Trade with reference to the drinking-vessel known locally as a "blue," stating that, as there was no Board of Trade standard of the "blue," or one-third of a quart, the Inspector of Weights and Measures would have no power to stamp measures of such denomination for use in trade.

Resolved That it be an instruction to the Inspector of Weights and Measures not to stamp the "blue" in future.

Committee considered the question of removing the old timber at the horse-fair at Canton.

Property and Markets Committee decided not to invite further tenders for watching and lighting wrecks.

32 St. Mary Street, Cardiff.

19th November 1888.

Dear Mr. Wheatley,

The re-print of the Beaufort Progress, 1684, just out, contains an illustration of the Common Seal of the Town of Cardiff. As I do not see the name of any member of the Corporation amongst the subscribers, it is possible this may not come to your notice. In some measure it bears out what I had to say upon the subject when writing you concerning the Charters. A copy of the book is in the Free Library; you will find the illustration page 357. I think it is a pity the more interesting of the Charters cannot be re-produced by the same means —or, for that matter, all of them, and especially the very interesting MSS. extente in your hands; but to do this the documents would have to be entrusted to the firm by whom this book is produced, and who, in addition to their great skill in such matters, may be and are entrusted with most rare deeds for a similar purpose. The arms are those of De Clare, Earls of Gloucester; but the supporters are, I think, the lyoncels of Jestyn ab Gwrgan. The shape of the shield and the character of the lettering are, I think, the earlier part of the 14th century. It is possible the Seal itself may have been given up at the same time as the deed of surrender to which it was affixed, and that the smaller steel die which I have seen in your office may have been obtained and used subsequently until the royal grant of a new seal or the confirmation of the old one should be given. I suggest this as a possible reason only for the loss of that seal, which was the very symbol that such a "Comune" as Cardiff existed.

Very truly yours.

Geo. E. Robinson.

J. L. Wheatley, Esq.

Consideration of the above letter was deferred, and subsequently postponed.

Resolved That the Council be recommended to accept the offer of Lord Bute as to the following open spaces, on condition that his Lordship enclose and lay out and properly fence the same to the satisfaction of the Borough Engineer and properly convey the same to the Corporation, who will refund to his Lordship any sum he may have paid for private improvements in respect thereof and undertake to maintain such open spaces for all future time:—

Loudoun Square,
Bute Esplanade,
Adamsdown Square,
Clare Gardens,
Despencer Gardens,
Howard Gardens,
Senghenydd Gardens
(North and South),
Llanbleddian Gardens,
Ruthin Gardens,
Plasturton Gardens.

1889 January 14.

£400 added to the Mayor's salary.

Committee formed to make arrangements for presenting the Honorary Freedom to the Right Honourable William Ewart Gladstone, M.P.

Mr. A. H. Collingwood resigns the post of Deputy Town Clerk, on his appointment to the Town Clerkship of Carlisle.

Council memorialize Lord Salisbury, the Premier, on the urgent necessity for the construction of adequate military defences for the coal ports in the Bristol Channel.

The Corporation have given the Marquess of Bute notice of their intention to purchase Leckwith Common. His Lordship is Lord of the Manor of Leckwith, and very nearly the sole commoner there.

John Davis Williams to be appointed Deputy Town Clerk, salary £200. Mr. Williams is in the office of the Town Clerk of Denbigh.

1889 March 11.

Resolution of regret on the death of the Right Honourable John Bright, M.P.

Vote of thanks to Mr. John Lloyd and others, for the public service rendered by them in procuring the final abolition of turnpike tolls in South Wales.

At the expiration of two months the Borough Engineer is to take down the old buildings adjoining the Free Library, in Trinity Street and Working Street.

Borough Engineer is to prepare the necessary plans and drawings for a new bridge over the Roath Brook, on the Pen-y-lan Road.

Head Constable is granted six weeks' leave of absence on account of his health.

1889 April 8.

Resolution of regret and condolence on the death of Alderman McConnochie, J.P.

Precept from the School Board for £10,500, for the expenses of the Board for the ensuing six months.

Asylums Committee formed, Alderman John Cory chairman.

Mr. Gladstone has intimated that he is unable to visit Cardiff, but will be pleased if the presentation of the Freedom can be made to him at Sir E. J. Reed's London residence.

Resolved accordingly; and the Freedom is to be presented in a gold casket, to be purchased by voluntary subscriptions.

1889 April 17.

It was proposed by Councillor J. H. Jones that Saint Mary Street be in future called High Street, and that the present High Street with St. Mary Street be numbered continuously; but a contrary amendment was carried.

The Council's attention was called to a Resolution of 12 December 1887, that the Borough Engineer furnish a yearly statement of the Corporation property. The instruction is now renewed.

A motion by Councillors Thomas Rees and Sanders, for fixing 10 a.m. as the hour for meetings of the Council, was lost.

Town Clerk submitted the scheme of the Charity Commissioners for dealing with the property of the dissolved Corporation of the Constable of the Castle, Portreeve, Aldermen and Burgesses of Llantrisant in the County of Glamorgan.

Resolved That the Town Clerk oppose the above scheme so far as the same relates to the Freemen's Roll, and that application be made to the Commissioners to place the said Roll in the custody of the Corporation of Cardiff.

Mr. Spiridion is to repair the maces, at a cost of £3.

Resolved That the boundary of the Borough be enlarged by the inclusion of the following parishes, viz., Penarth, Cogan and Llandough, comprising the district of the Penarth Local Board; so much of the parish of Llanishen as lies on the east side of the Rhymney Railway; the parish of Rumney; the parish of Leckwith, and so much of the parish of Llandaff as lies to the south of the river Ely.

A license was granted to Mr. William John for the Grand Theatre, recently constructed in Westgate Street.

1889 May 13.

Vote of condolence with the widow of the late Head Constable, Mr. Walter Hemingway.

The attention of the Health Committee is called to the nuisance caused by the smoke from the Ely Paper Mills.

Resolved That the Borough be further enlarged by the inclusion of so much of the parish of Llanedern as stands northwards to the present boundary of the Borough, and bounded by the parish of Rumney on the east, the parish of Llanishen on the west, and so far northwards as the course of the brook called Nant Glan Dulas.

1889 June 3.

District Rate 1s. 1d. in the £.

Common Seal to be affixed to the Honorary Freedom of the County Borough of Cardiff, for the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P.

The re-admission of the Press to Committee Meetings was carried by a large majority.

Florentine sun-blinds are to be fitted to the windows of the Town Clerk's office.

1889 June 26.

To be included in the borough extension scheme: That part of the parish of Llandaff lying east of and including the Rhymney Railway.

William McKenzie is appointed Head Constable and Director of the Fire Brigade of the Borough of Cardiff; salary £400.

Borough Treasurer reported to the Watch Committee that there were certain deficits in the accounts of the late Head Constable, amounting in all to £376. 19s. 0d. It was therefore resolved not to pay over to his widow the gratuity of £400, one year's salary, as previously voted.

Borough Engineer reported that considerable damage had been done to the allotments land on Canton Common by cattle trespassing thereon.

Resolved That trespassers be proceeded against and stray cattle impounded, if found on the said land.

1889 July 8.

Council to represent to the Monmouthshire County Council the desirability of removing the old toll-bar cottage on the northwest side of Rumney Bridge, adjoining the County Borough, and throwing the site thereof and the garden adjoining into the highway.

Land near Pengam Bridge is being acquired for widening Newport Road.

Borough Engineer reported that he had an interview with Mr. Henry John Davis, of Newport, in reference to the proposed enclosure of a portion of the old village green in front of Roath Church.

Cabs Committee resolved That the Town Clerk write the local Directors of the Tramway Co. calling attention to the necessity of employing a pilot horse to draw the cars up the hill in Bute Street.

1889 September 9.

Resolution of regret and condolence on the death of Councillor J. A. Le Boulanger, J. P.

Bus route from North Street to Blackweir is extended to Maendy and Whitchurch.

First Meeting of Electric Lighting Committee, 30 September, recommended the Council to oppose the schemes of various companies for supplying the electric light to Cardiff.

1889 October 14.

Mayor (Councillor David Jones).


William Taylor,
Richard Cory,
Thomas Vaughan Yorath,
Thomas Windsor Jacobs,
Thomas Waring,
Daniel Lewis,
Patrick William Carey,
Andrew Fulton,
David Edgar Jones.


William Sanders,
Robert Bird,
Thomas Rees,
John Guy Proger,
William Edmund Vaughan,
William John Trounce,
Ebenezer Beavan,
Sir Morgan Morgan,
Thomas Reynolds,
Joseph Ramsdale,
Joseph Reynault James,
Thomas Morel,
Samuel Arthur Brain,
Richard Price,
Tom Hurry Riches,
William Burrow,
Samuel Mildon,
Edward William Shackell,
George Hopkins,
Peter Price,
Francis John Beavan,
William Benjamin Gibbs,
Edward Herne,
Joseph Henry Jones,
Alfred Rees,
David Richards,
Frederick Henry Jotham,
William Lewis,
Henry Lascelles Carr,
James Tucker.

J. L. Wheatley, Town Clerk.

£7,000 to the School Board.

The land around Penhill reservoir is to be planted with shrubs by Mr. William Treseder.

The Medical Officer of Health reports on the "Havannah" Industrial School Ship. She is an old Government frigate, built in the year 1814, and lent by the Admiralty to the Cardiff Ragged School. She was brought from Devonport in 1860, and berthed in an excavation made for her in the bank of the River Taff. The tide was banked out and she was placed in her present position on the Dumballs, on an acre of ground which was filled in and enclosed. It would be unwise to incur any considerable expense in endeavouring to improve the condition of this ship. In their report for 1888, the "Havannah" Committee allude to the vessel as a "decaying hulk," and state that "age and weather have rendered her top-sides too rotten to be made water-tight by caulking."

Borough Engineer is to submit plan and estimate of cost of fencing and laying out the old village green opposite Roath Church. (N.B. Previous entries refer to the land in question as "portion of the old village green.")

1889 November 2.

Resolved That such part of the proceedings of the Parks &c. Committee as recommends that a dwarf wall be erected round the open space near Roath Church be eliminated.

Letter from Mr. J. A. Corbett applying, on behalf of Mr. G. T. Clark, for permission to inspect the original Charters belonging to the Corporation.

The Council has pleasure in granting permission to the person to be appointed by Mr. G. T. Clark, to examine the Charters, in the Town Clerk's Office.

Councillor Carr moved that the Mayor's banquet, hitherto held on the 9th November, be discontinued.

Resolved accordingly, after defeat of an amendment which would have made the banquet optional.

Resolved That a subscription banquet in honour of the incoming Mayor shall be arranged by the Town Clerk, the price not to exceed 10s. 6d. per head, exclusive of wines; to take place on 9 November, 1889.

Committee appointed to arrange about the Judges' accommodation and to consider the question of a Mansion House for the Borough.