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Cardiff Records: Volume 5. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1905.

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CHAPTER V. Documentary Addenda.

By the kindness of Mr. George E. Robinson, I am enabled to print an additional document from the Particulars of Augmentation Grants, of the reign of Edward VI. It contains some interesting references to the parish churches of Saint Mary and Saint John in the town of Cardiff, their ministers and services in Catholic times.

Our next document is a Deed Poll by Thomas Jenkins, assigning to Christopher Hengod the Lease of a bakehouse, yard and garden in Saint John Street (now Church Street), Cardiff. These were the premises afterwards given by Alderman James Gale to the Town of Cardiff, for an almshouse. Full particulars will be found ante, Vol. IV., pp. 102, 139, 141. The witnesses to this deed are noteworthy persons who appear elsewhere in our Records, Gabriel Lewis being a cadet of the family of Lewis of Llanishen, and Edward Jordan the Collector of the Port.

The third and fourth documents are by way of addenda to our Records of the Custom House. The Port Surveyor in 1750 begs the Collector and Comptroller to represent to the Revenue Commissioners the advisability of purchasing a certain public house at Penarth, near the place where the King's boat was moored. It does not seem that this request was complied with, as the house retained its licence until it was pulled down, about the year 1880. It was known as the Penarth Head Inn, and was a picturesque old house on the beach, at the corner where the road comes down hill towards the pier. This was the house which was reported to be used by smugglers in 1738. (Vol. II., p. 385.)

Messrs. Jenkin and Rosser, glaziers, who flourished at Cardiff in 1763, were no more believers in free trade than their contemporaries. Edward Jones was a member of the same craft as themselves, but had secured the responsible post of Comptroller in the Customs. To the indignation of Jenkin and Rosser, he nevertheless continued to glaze people's windows. This intolerable wrong was the subject of the burning appeal addressed to the Board of Customs by the outraged victims.

In the age, which now seems so remote, when steam transit was not, and a journey from one county to the next was often an achievement to be boasted of, markets and fairs possessed an economic importance which is no longer theirs in this progressive era. The annual fair was then an event of the greatest importance to the town, bringing in strangers from distant places, with strange goods of all descriptions. During the duration of this mart, the ordinary life of the town was exchanged for days of turmoil and excitement. Disputes would arise between buyer and seller, and outlandish knaves would pick pockets and pass bad money. All these unwonted difficulties called for prompt redress on the part of judicial authority; and it was found in the Court of Piepowder (Cour de Pie-poudre), wherein justice might be done while the boots of the parties were yet white with the dust of the highway. The Court was holden before the two Bailiffs, and suitors were summoned by the triple cry of Oyez! Ancient as was the Court of Piepowder, its records are rare and of late date, probably because they were kept on detached sheets of paper instead of in a book. The Piepowder papers belonging to the Cardiff Corporation are merely records of the holding of the Court, with the names of the officials and the Burgesses for the year. I have selected the record for 1824.

The petition, dated in 1852, of the inhabitants of Baker's Square, seemed worthy of inclusion on account of its vivid presentment of the state of things which then existed in an ancient thoroughfare which has lately been effaced from the map of Cardiff through the erection of Messrs. Morgan's huge premises and the Morgan Arcade. It is addressed to the Surveyor of the Local Board of Health, whose functions were long ago merged in those of the Borough Council.

I. R. O. Particulars of Augmentation Grants.

Ed. VI. Breton and Nicholas Extracts.


Burgage in High Street, in the hands of John David Roberts and others, given with other premises, in feoffment, "to the entent to fynde two priests for the Chantry in the Quiere of Or Lady, commonly called St. Marie's Church."

John Bassett.

Burgage in Warton Street, in the hands of William Yeoman, in St. John's Parish.

"Sarteyn acres of Arable lands and pasteur lying at ye Splott, ye nombre said to be unknown now in the hands of Wm Baudrippe at the yerely rent of xxs, late pertayning to the Church of St Mary.

Among the lands and tenements pertaining to St. John's.

"In ye hands of Sondrie pore folks tenants at wyll, on burgage lying in Workin Street, valued at nihil."

One house in the High Street late in the hands of the Canons.

Pensioners in St. John's Church.

Sir Richard Okes, clerk.

Sir David Morgan, clerk, died 26 April 7, Ed. VI.

Hugh Lambe, organ player.

"Morer we do prsent that in the seide Church of Seint Johns was accustomably used in tyme owte of all memorie vntill the taking away of the lands foresaide by force of the Statute made in A?o primo Edwrdi Sexti these services following: The Curat att the High Altar upon the Vicarie of Saint Maries in the seid town dischargg a priest daily celebrating att Our Lady Altar. A prist daylie celebrating at Sainte Katherines Alter. A Prist dayly Celebrating att Trinity Alter. A prist dayly celebrating att Saint James' Alter. The Sondays and holy days allway sruice by note and a Masse of or Lady wykely at the alter of our Lady foreseide by note, Mondays, Wensdays & Frydays. The Chardges off the Ministers attending abowt the seid Srvice over and above the rents off the foresaide lands there prtaining to the seid church was borne yerely by contribucion emonste the prshnrs of seid prishe."

II. [1608.]

Go all trew Christian people to whome this my present deede of Assignation shall come I Thomas Iinckin of Cardyffe in the Countie of Glamorga? yeoman doe send greeting in our lord god eu'lastinge Knowe yee that I the said Thomas Iinckin haue and doe by theise presents for and in Considerac'on of the some of xxvli. of lawfull money of England to mee paide vppon the last daie of Maye being the daie of the date hereof By Christopher hengod of the Towne of Cardiffe Aforesaide Cordyner according to the true meaneinge of an order taken before the lord president and other the kings Mats Councell in the marches of Wales at Ludlowe the viijth daie of Aprill last past before the date hereof deliur vpp to the said Christopher hengod one lease and assignmt and all other bands and writings w[hi]ch I haue touching or Concerninge one Messuage or tenemt conteyning Abakhowse w[i]th A curtelage and a garden lyeing in St Jones streete in the Towne of Cardyff in the Countie of Glamorgan afforesaide and mencioned in the said Order And also doe by theise p'nts assigne and graunte ouer to the said Christopher his executors and administrators the said lease and premisses and all my right title interest and estate therein According to the true meaneing of the said Order Sealed w[i]th my Seale Dated the last daie of Maye in the yeares of the Raigne of our Soueraigne lord James by ye grace of god of England Scotland ffraunce and Ireland King Defender of the ffaieth &c. (vizt) of his Raigne of England ffraunce and Ireland the sixt and of Scotland the one and ffortithe 1608.

Sealed and deliu'ed in the presents of:

Gabriell Lewis.

Edw: Jordan.

Thom[a]s prowtinge

Phillipp Will[ia]ms

John tanner

Wm myles

signu[m] Tho: X Jinckin (L.S.)

III. 1750.

To ye Collr & Compr (fn. 1) of the port of Cardiff.


Please to represent the foll' proposal to ye Hon'ble Commrs as we know if it takes place must be of great Service to ye revenue & you will oblige

yr Humble Serts

Will Richards Surveyr

Rowd Vaughan Will Mathew, Boatmen

1st You both very well know that Rowd Vaughan & Willm Mathews boatmen live at above a Mile distant from each other there being not a ° (fn. 2) between them

2d That Rowland Vaughan lives at about a Mile distant from where the Ks (fn. 3) Boat is moord w[hi]ch is called Ely river adjoining Pennarth

3d That Willm Mathews does the same

4th That there is one house within 200 yds of the place where ye Ks Boat is moord w[hi]ch house is in the p'sh of Pennarth & have been formerly an Aleh° but at May next Will become Vacant w[hi]ch house rents for 3£ p'r Ann'

5th If their Ho?ors will be pleased to rent it for the use of the revenue it will be of great Service & also of Service to the Surveyr & his officers for the foll' reasons

1st It will prevent a Smugler from Liveing there

2d It will keep the masts & sayls dry that belong to the Boat

3d It will be of great Service to the poor officers to keep ym from the Inclemancy of the weather who when it rains or Blows have no shelter to go to for an Ill natured Lanlord can deny them admittance if he please w[hi]ch have been ye case before now.

Will Richards Surveyr

Rowd Vaughan Will Mathew, Boatmen

Cardiff March 9°



Cardiffe 30th august 1763.

May it Please your Honours,

Wee John Jenkin & Isaac Rosser of the Town of Cardiffe in the County of Glamorgan Glaziers Humble Petitioners to your Honours in behalf of our Selves & families Depending on your Honrs Clemency in hopes of having our wrongs Redress'd which have been Infring'd by one Edwd Jones, by Trade a Glazier but now in the office of a Comptr in his Majesty's Customs in the Port of Cardiffe, from which he reaps a sufficient Compentency for himself & Families, yet notwithstanding this he Carrys on his Trade as usual to the great Detriment of us unless assisted by your honours who haveing to Sustain us but our Trade; Wee therefore humbly Submitt our Selves Relying on your Honours assistance in hopes of having a Stop put to his proceedings: wee rest as in duty bound

your Honours Humble Petitioners and most Devoted Servants

John Jenkin & Isaac Rosser, Glaziers

17 Septr

The Collector & Comptr to

Report returning this paper

By order of the Commrs

I: Fremantle.

The following droll certificate was found among the Corporation records.

December the 24 day 1786

This to Sertyfie that Mary Morris Singel Woman Hath behave onest and faith fully the tim that She Have been With me and I diden hear no ill in anyway in our hamlet

David Penry Langevelach Parish


Cardiff Town.

At a Court of Pie Powder held this Twenty ninth day of June in the Fifth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Fourth by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand eight Hundred and Twenty four Before William Prichard and John Bird Esquires Bailiffs of the said Town.

Oyes. Oyes. Oyes

All manner of Persons that have any thing to do or any Complaint to make at his Majesty's Court of Pie Powder to be held during the Continuance of this fair let them draw near and they shall be heard.

Oyes. Oyes. Oyes

All Bailiffs Coroners Justices of the Peace Aldermen Capital Burgesses, Serjeants at Mace and Constables Answer to Your names and Save Your fines

Constable of the Castle

Lord James Stuart


William Nicholl Esquire


William Prichard and John Bird


Powell Edwards Clerk Seur. Alderman Thomas Morgan Edward Thomas Thomas Charles
Thomas Morgan Geut John Thackwell
Henry Williams Edward Priest Richards
John Wood John Bradley

Capital Burgesses

Nathaniel French Nicholl Wood Thomas Morgan Joseph Wheeler Samuel Dimond Thomas Bourue William Morgan John Homfray Phillip Woolcott

Serjeants at Mace

John Strange


T. S. Todd the Younger

Common Attorneys

Edward Bird and William Ray.


John Lougher William Reed John Lewis
East Ward

Thomas Jenkins William Lewis William Edwards
South Ward

John Llewellyn William Lloyd William White
High Street Ward

Evan Williams John Hussey John Griffiths
West Ward


Morris Morris

Charles Jones

William Owen

Rickett Willett

John Richards Esquire

William Westmacutt

William Jones Yeoman

Thomas David Smith

John George. Jacob Thomas

Thomas Thomas

Francis Minnitt

James Walters

John Morgan

John Stibbs

Thomas Stibbs

William Evans Cordwainer

Lewis David

William Vaughan Gent

John Morgan

James Williams

John Hussey

Thomas John

Thomas Stephen Todd the Elder

Frederick Wood

Thomas Watkins

Evan David

John Lucas

William Bird

John Davies Bird

Hugh Whiteing

John Winstone

Phillip Lewis

Edward Windsor Richards

Evan Leyshon

Edward David

John David Smith

Henry Morgan

Richard Jenkins

William Barrett

Robert Thomas

William Jenkins Scrivener

Nathaniel French Jr.

Nicholas Hook

James Jacob

William Price

William Bradley

William John Vine

William Williams Lanmaes

Edward Edmundes

Robert Richard Roberts

Thomas Hopkins

David Evans

Henry Sinclair

Alexander Wilson

William Hopkin

John Richards

Roger Evans

William Evans

Thomas Evans

William Morgan Shoemaker

John Jenkins

William Thomas Mason

Herbert Rees

William David

Richard Davies

Revd. Thomas Davies Junr.

Daniel Hooper

Henry Hooper

Thomas Thomas

James Jenkins

William Davis

John Thomas

James Thomas

William Tell Wheeler

Edward John

Thomas Jenkin

Daniel Jones

Wyndham Lewis Greenmeadow

Revd. William Price Lewis

John John Lavernock

Thomas Thomas Atty.

Edward Bird Junr.

Richard John Lavernock

Evan Evans Lavernock

Charles Vachell Senr.

William Jones

William Prichard

David Harris

William Thomas

Mathew Pride

John Williams

William Williams

John Richards

John James

Thomas Morgan Carptr.

Nicholas Brewer

Thomas Herne

Edward Evans

Thomas Lloyd

Griffith Lloyd

Richard Lloyd

Samuel Jones

Henry Morgan Farmer

Giles Wilks

John Davies

John Rees

William Richards Esquire

Josiah John Guest

William Lodwick Owen

William Evans

Richard Reece

William Bird Junr.

James Evans

William Vachell

Charles Vachell the Younger

Edward Thomas

William Evan

Wyndsor Rees

Rowland Bevan

William Lewis Mercer

Thomas Evans Carpr.

Llewellyn David

John Morgan

George Davies

William Wood the Elder

William Thomas Painter

Lewis Morris

Edmund Ward

Evan Llewellyn

Samuel Partridge the Elder

Evan Evans

Nicholas Hopkins

Thomas Rees Senr.

Thomas Prouse

William Lloyd

William Lewis

William Greenwood

John Michael

Thomas Christopher

Henry Lewis Esqre.

Charles Crofts Williams

Lewis Evan

James Bird

Richard Morgan

John Laugley

John Mathews Richards

John Hewett

Evan Williams


Cardiff June 23rd 1852

To Mr Benjamin Phillips

Surveyor of the Town of Cardiff


We the undersigned Owners and Occupiers of Houses in Bakers Square in the Town of Cardiff beg most respectfully to state the disadvantage we are under for want of a Public Lamp. We are paying for Light, and have none, and are often annoyed by persons of the lowest Class meeting about the Square after dark in consequence. Their Actions and Language is most disgraceful and which we believe would not be the case if a Lamp was placed in the Square, which would expose the Parties, and thereby do away with the Nuisance complained of. Trusting you will be pleased to lay our grievance before Your Honorable Board for their consideration, who will we hope be pleased to make an Order, for the remedy solicited.

We are Sir Your obedient Servants
Richard Tredwen
John Woods
R. Beynon Agent for Mrs. Winstone
David Rees
David Lewis
Lewis Rowland
Evan Lewis
Ann Lewis
George Baker
William Potter.



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