Cardiff Council Minutes: 1879-81

Pages 46-62

Cardiff Records: Volume 5. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1905.

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1879 November 10 Monday. Present:—

The Mayor, Chairman.


William Alexander.
W. B. Watkins.
C.W. David
Thomas Evans.
Daniel Jones.
Joseph Elliott.
Henry Bowen.
Daniel Lewis.


Rees Jones.
J. W. Vachell.
David Duncan.
Richard Cory junior.
John Rowlands.
John Evans.
G. A. Stone.
A. Thomas.
G. W. Armstrong.
T. V. Yorath.
D. L. Lougher.
E. W. Shackell.
J. G. Proger.
W. Sanders.
W. Treseder.
A. Fulton.
D. E. Jones.
T. W. Jacobs.
Robert Davies.
David Jones.
Thomas Rees.
Rees Enoch.
Thomas Evans.
W. E. Vaughan.
W. J. Trounce.
W. J. Newbery.

Ebenezer Bevan.

Councillor John McConnochie elected Mayor. Salary £300.

Alderman Thomas Evans, Deputy Mayor.

(Morgan John, Town Crier, deceased.)

November 17. Special.

Approves the application of Mr. H. R. Snelgrove to lay down a tramway from Lower Grangetown to Splotlands.

December 8. Special.

Mr. W. C. Hurley, the Manager of the Tramway, has agreed to convey the prison van from the Police Station to the Gaol, for six months, at the rate of £60 per annum.

The contractors have commenced work on the southern portion of Richmond Road, as ordered by the Council.

Borough Engineer recommends that the carriage-way of Trinity Street be altered from pebble pitching to macadam.

Newport Road is being widened, from Roath Court to Broadway.

Mr. Henry Allpass, Secretary and Librarian of the Free Library, is in future to be denominated the Chief Librarian; and Mr. John Ballinger, Assistant Librarian.

One of the rooms in the Old Police Station, Saint Mary Street, is to be used as a cabmen's shelter in cold weather.

General District Rate 1s. 3d. in the £.

£1,000 to the School Board.

The application of Thomas Davies, one of the Serjeants at Mace, for an increase of salary was lost. (The salary was at this time £5 per annum and a suit of clothes.)

The Mayor and Financial Clerk are authorized to overdraw the Corporation account at the Old Brecon Bank, (fn. 1) to the extent of £50,000, if required for the purchase of the Waterworks.

Finance Committee recommend compliance with the request of Inspector James and his wife, that their salary as hall-keepers of the Town Hall be increased to 30s. per week.

Watch Committee draw the Head Constable's attention to the practice of flying pigeons in the suburbs of the town on Sundays, and to the blocking of North Road by the Cathays omnibuses.

Museum Sub-Committee acknowledge donations of a Welsh "Prince of Wales halfpenny" and an autograph letter of Daniel O'Connell.

Town Clerk is to request Dean Vaughan of Llandaff to distribute prizes to the students of the Science and Art Schools.

Resolved, by the Schools Sub-Committee, that the Art Silver Medal be awarded to Mr. John Ballinger.

1880 January 12. Special.

The purchase of the Cardiff Waterworks having been completed, it is resolved, that the best thanks of this Council be given to his Worship the Mayor, Aldermen Jones and Bowen, Councillor Sanders and the Town Clerk, Mr. J. L Wheatley, for the valuable services they have rendered to this Borough in connection with the purchase of the Waterworks, and for the highly satisfactory manner in which they have negotiated the necessary loan.

R. W. Lewis, of Cardiff, is appointed Principal Assistant in the Financial Clerk's Department, at a salary of £100 per annum.

Attention was called to the obstruction in Saint Mary Street, caused by the awning erected in front of the Town Hall on the occasion of balls, &c., and a suggestion was made that in future the sides should be left open until the last moment. Attention was also directed to the want of police in Roath, but no resolution was come to.

David Morse, Water Bailiff, reports that the North West Buoy, leading to the Old Canal, has been raised by him and left to dry on Coffin's Beach.

1880 February 9 Monday.

Memorial praying the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to consent to an exchange of the site of Castle Street for property belonging to the Trustees of the Marquess of Bute. Recites that one of the Improvements contemplated by the Cardiff Improvement Act, 1875, was the widening of Angel Street on the north side and for the whole length thereof, and the stopping up and appropriating the soil of a very narrow street called Castle Street, which ran parallel with Angel Street; and that for this purpose it was necessary to acquire a number of houses on the north side of Angel Street. That Angel Street and Castle Street were two narrow streets lying parallel to one another and separated by a block of houses forming the northern side of Angel Street and the southern side of Castle Street. That the said houses have been demolished and the site thereof, about twenty feet in width, now forms part of Angel Street; which has thus been formed into a thoroughfare sixty feet wide, more than sufficient for the present requirements of the traffic. That Castle Street is bounded along its northern side by the grounds of Cardiff Castle, the property of the Most Honourable the Marquess of Bute and of the Trustees of the Will of the late Marquess of Bute. That, by the widening of Angel Street, Castle Street has become unnecessary for public purposes, and its site has been agreed to be exchanged for other land.

Council petitions against the proposed amendment of the Bristol Channel Pilotage Act, 1861, which would enable pilots and shipowners to sit on the Board.

Council thanks Mr. B. S. Marks for his gift of the portrait of Lord Aberdare, to be placed in the Town Hall.

Mr. Cochrane, Museum Curator.

Resolved, by the Museum Sub-Committee, that the thanks of this Committee be given to Mr. Stanislas Bonfils, Curator of the Museum of Mentone, Corresponding Member of the Academic Society of Cherbourg, of the Archæological Society of the Tarn et Garonne, of the Historical Society of Rhode Island, &c., for the interest he has taken in the progress of the Museum in this town, for the collection of specimens illustrating the evidence which exists of the occupation of the caves of Bausse Rousse by men of the Palæolithic age, and for various fossils from the neighbourhood of Mentone, which he has forwarded by Mr. T. H. Thomas, (fn. 2) for deposition in the Museum.

The old Borough Offices are to be used for the Waterworks Department.

1880 March 8 Monday.

Head Constable is to suppress the practice of leaving marketcarts in front of the Masons' Arms inn, Queen Street.

Library Sub-Committee resolve that their thanks be given to Mr. J. G. Godwin, the Marquess of Bute's librarian, for two volumes of "Passages in Church History" presented by him to the Library.

The thanks of the Museum Sub-Committee are accorded to Mr. T. H. Thomas for many valuable objects from Cwmffrwd, Merthyr; and to Mr. Hern for his donation of an armadillo.

Letter to the Waterworks Committee from Captain Montgomery, of the 41st Regiment, (fn. 3) asking for permission to fish in the Lisvane Reservoir.

Resolved, that fishing in the reservoir must be by ticket obtained of the Town Clerk for the sum of 2s. 6d.

1880 April 12 Monday.

Mr. John Evans, of Pengam Farm, is to be required to show by what right he slaughters sheep on his own premises.

A Catalogue of the books in the Library is to be printed and published.

1880 May 10 Monday.

The question as to lighting the streets with electric light was referred to the Lighting Committee.

Joseph Monk appointed Mace Bearer, in the place of William Roberts deceased.

Negotiations are pending with Lord Bute as to the purchase of a site for the proposed new Infirmary at the corner of Newport Road and Longcross Street.

Borough Engineer to prepare an alphabetical list of streets within the Borough, in a book to be called the Street Register.

Mr. F. Webber, the Postmaster, shall be permitted to erect a pillar letter-box in Richmond Road, facing Northcote Street.

Veterinary Inspector having reported a case of hydrophobia among the hounds at Roath Court: Resolved, that the Mayor's attention be called to the matter.

Lighting Sub-Committee appointed to consider the questions of electric lighting and of the Corporation's manufacturing their own gas.

Mr. John Ballinger, Assistant Librarian, has received the appointment of Chief Librarian at Doncaster.

Mr. J. H. Lucas, late Science Teacher, has received an appointment in Chili.

Tenders were received for taking down Zion Chapel and other buildings on the site of the proposed new Free Library.

1880 June 14 Monday.

Report of Deputation to Charity Commissioners re Howell's Charity:—

After tracing the history of the Charity, Mr. Duncan pointed out the serious mal-administration of the revenue by the Trustees, the Drapers' Company, and discussed the several clauses of the Memorial presented by the Corporation last October. The Deputation particularly objected to Howell's Charity being conducted as a purely Church of England institution. (fn. 4) The Commissioners promised their most careful consideration of the points brought to their notice.

The Council sanctions the Town Clerk's appointment as Secretary to Howell's Charity, for a period of twelve months.

Borough Engineer reports that the Wedal, Fairoak and Coed-ygurnos bridges, on the Borough boundary, are much out of repair.

140 persons visited the Museum in 10 days.

Mayor is desired to make arrangements for the Corporation to visit the Merthyr Tydfil Fine Art Exhibition, according to invitation.

1880 July 12.

Mr. A. C. Crutwell, F.G.S., F.R.H.S., is appointed Curator of the Museum; salary £60.

Mr. George Thomas, of the Heath, applies for shooting rights over the land leased with Llanishen Mill.

Mr. James Howell declines the Corporation's offer for the purchase of Wharton House.

1880 August 9.

The roan mare "Bunting" and the roan horse "Nelson" are to be sold at Caerphilly Fair, by Councillors Treseder and Evans. Also the mare "Darby" and her colt.

The house at the corner of the Hayes is to be taken down, and the land let.

Lord Bute is to be desired to lay the foundation-stone of the new Free Library; or, if he is unable to do so, the Mayor.

1880 October 27 Wednesday. Special.

A procession was formed in the following order:—

Head Constable.
Town Crier.
Mace Bearers.
Mayor, accompanied by the
Town Clerk.
Aldermen and Councillors.
School Board.
Pilotage Board.
Consuls and Vice Consuls.
Honorary Members of the Free Library Committee.
Borough Officials.
Other gentlemen.

They proceeded to the site of the new Free Library, Museum, and Science and Art Schools; when Alderman Bowen, as Chairman of the Special Free Library Building Committee, requested his Worship the Mayor (Mr. John McConnochie) to lay the foundationstone of the new building, which was done.

It appearing that Mr. John Evans, who has resided at Pengam Farm since 1845, has always been accustomed to slaughter sheep on his own premises, and the Farm not having at that time been within the jurisdiction of the Roath Local Board of Health, Mr. Evans is seen to have a prescriptive right, and the prosecution against him is to be withdrawn.

Mr. Peter Price hands over to the Town Clerk the first Minute Book of the Free Library Committee.

16,388 persons visited the Museum during the year.

60,000 volumes were issued from the Library—an increase of nearly 12,000 on the previous year.

963 new borrowers have joined the Library.

The Town Clerk placed in the cavity of the foundation stone of the new Free Library copies of the local newspapers and the Times of the 27th instant; also a specimen of each coin of the realm for the year 1880, obtained by the Treasurer from the Mint. The following is the inscription on the stone:—

"This Memorial Stone of the Cardiff Free Library, Museum, and Schools for Science and Art, was laid by the Worshipful the Mayor of Cardiff, John McConnochie, Esq., C.E., J.P., on the 27th day of October, A.D. 1880."

1880 November 9 Tuesday. Present:—

The Mayor (Chairman).




John Evans,
D. E. Jones,
David Jones,
Thomas Evans,
Henry Jones,
Evan Jones,
John Evans (Canton),

Councillor Rees Jones elected Mayor; salary £300.
Alderman Daniel Jones appointed Deputy Mayor.
Thomas Davies and Joseph Monk, appointed Serjeants-at-Mace.
William Cox appointed Town Crier.
David Davies appointed Inspector and Collector of Market Tolls.

A letter was read from Mr. G. E. Robinson, asking for permission to inspect certain records belonging to the Corporation.

Resolved, upon the motion of Alderman David, seconded by Alderman Taylor, that the application be granted upon the under- standing that the documents are not taken away from the Town Clerk's Office.

Constables on night duty are to be supplied with coffee during the severe weather.

Council accepts the offer of Mr. B. S. Marks, to paint a portrait of Mr. Peter Price, to be hung up in the new Free Library.

The question of providing Reading Rooms for outlying districts is referred to the Library Committee.

1880 November 29.

The Town Clerk having informed the Property and Markets Committee that the appointment of a Water Bailiff rested with the Council: Resolved, That the Council be recommended to appoint a suitable person as Water Bailiff in the place of the late David Morse.

General Purposes Committee resolve that in future the several offices of the Corporation shall be closed at one o'clock on Saturday afternoons, instead of Wednesday. (fn. 5)

Also that Mr. G. E. Robinson be allowed to examine the Charters of the Corporation at his residence.

Also that the following gentlemen be appointed a Sub-Committee to obtain possession of all Records and Charters which are not in the possession of the Corporation:—The Mayor; Aldermen David Evans, Jones, Winstone, Taylor; Councillors Duncan, Bird, Fulton.

1880 December 13.

General District Rate 1s. 4d. in the £.

Borough Engineer reported that the portion of the Old Town Wall adjoining the canal and on the north side of Queen Street, was exchanged for the frontage of the old Unicorn Inn, which projected eight feet beyond the street line; and that the Corporation have no other property at that point, between the site of the old wall and the Canal, except a short piece (11 feet) of the wall forming a continuation of the street-line eastward of the new premises of Messrs. Hern, drapers.

The Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act Committee having found the Council Chamber occupied by the Royal Commissioners on Education, and the Grand Jury Room also occupied, thus inconveniencing them in holding their meeting: Resolved, That the Town Clerk be instructed to inform this Committee in proper time when the Council Chamber is so occupied, and that the Council be desired to authorise the Property and Markets Committee to provide a room in the Town Hall for Committees meeting under similar circumstances.

1881 January 10.

Resolved unanimously, that this Council desires to record its high appreciation of the munificent gift made by Lord Bute to the Corporation for the purpose of widening the roadway adjoining the Cardiff Arms Hotel.

(Francis Matthews was the last landlord of the Cardiff Arms.)

1881 January 28. Special.

Address to Major-General Sir Frederick Roberts, V.C., G.C.B., welcoming him on the occasion of his visit to the Borough, and congratulating him on the success of his Afghan campaign, which included the great march from Cabul to Candahar.

The Mayor presented the address to General Roberts, who replied thereto in a suitable manner.

The Mayor and Corporation and the invited guests, numbering about 200 persons, afterwards lunched together in the Assembly Room.

1881 February 14.

Watch Committee resolve that in future all officers recommended for promotion in the Police force be brought before them.

Also that the Head Constable be instructed to retain, out of moneys found on prisoners, such an amount as will defray the cost of their keep while in the Police Station, if he can legally do so.

Property and Markets Committee accept the offer of Mr. J. T. Handy, M.R.C.V.S, to pay a rent of £36 per annum for the premises lately known as the Golden Lion inn, Wharton Street.

1881 March 22.

Thomas Thomas, Water Bailiff, is to superintend the removal of the wreck "Jeune Emile" from the Penarth Roads.

All the streets within the Borough have been provided with name-plates. New trees have been planted in Newport Road, Wordsworth Street &c., to replace dead ones.

Councillor McConnochie has been elected an Alderman, in the place of Alderman Bowen deceased.

1881 April 11.

Memorial to the Rt. Hon. Henry Fawcett, M.P., Postmaster General, praying for improved accommodation at the Cardiff Post Office, which has not been enlarged since 1870.

1881 May 9.

Resolved that the best thanks of this Council be given to James Ware, esq., J.P., for his munificent offer of stained glass to fill four of the windows in the Reference Department of the Free Library, Museum &c. now being erected at Cardiff, as well as for his other efforts to advance the welfare of that institution.

Aldermen Evans and Elliott, with Councillor Fulton and Mr. G. A. Edwards, were similarly thanked for their gifts of stained glass windows for the entrance corridor of the Free Library &c.

1881 June 28.

To the Most Honourable John Patrick Crichton Stuart, Marquis of Bute, Earl of Windsor, Baron Cardiff of Cardiff Castle, &c. &c.

We the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan, in Council assembled, desire to offer to your Lordship and your noble Lady our most sincere and hearty congratulations on the auspicious occasion of the birth of a son (fn. 6) and heir to the ancient and noble house of Bute. We trust that her Ladyship the Marchioness may speedily be restored to health and strength, and that your Lordship and Lady Bute may, under Divine Providence, enjoy many years of uninterrupted happiness and find an ever-increasing source of pride and comfort in your infant son; who we earnestly pray may be spared to enjoy the high position which, in the fulness of time, he will be called upon to assume. And we cherish the hope that the strong community of interest which has ever existed between the inhabitants of the Borough of Cardiff and your predecessors, no less than yourself, may extend unimpaired to your infant son.

Given under our Common Seal this 28th day of June 1881.

1881 July 11.

Letter received from the Marquess of Bute:—

Chiswick House, Chiswick.

July 8th, 1881.

Dear Mr. Mayor,

I beg to acknowledge with many thanks the address which you have been so good as to send to me; and to offer to yourself, to those who were present with you in the Council on the 28th ultimo, and to all those in Cardiff who are so kind as to wish me well, the expression of my sincere appreciation of their congratulation and friendly feeling towards my family. Little need I say that I participate in the hope that the community of interests of which you speak and which exists between the people of Cardiff and myself may, if my son be spared to inherit it, be both to his and their advantage. I remain, Dear Mr. Mayor, faithfully yours.


Resolved that the Public Works Committee be requested to consider the right of the Taff Vale Railway Co. to close the footpath leading from Blackweir to Crwys Road, and the entrance into and out of the field leading from the Grange Farmhouse to the Crwys Road; and also to enquire into the cause of the stopping up of the footpath near the Maindy Bridge.

Letter from Mr. Daniel Gooch, Chairman of the Great Western Railway Co., to Mr. H. Hussey Vivian, M.P. The Directors regret their inability to comply with the Memorial of the inhabitants of Cardiff, Swansea and Newport praying for an accelerated train-service between South Wales and London. The average number of South Wales passengers between Paddington and the three Welsh towns is only twelve per train per diem, and therefore insufficient to warrant the alterations required.

Burial Board resolve that their Clerk be empowered to pass tombstone inscriptions—excepting any of an unusual character, which must be laid before the Committee.

Veterinary Inspector reported an outbreak of swine-fever at Mrs. Evans', Dean Farm, Roath, and at Mr. T. L. Evans', Crwys Farm.

Mr. John Storrie (fn. 7) is appointed Museum Curator.

The Museum is to be closed during the Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition held at the Drill Hall.

1881 August 8.

Council agree to the extension of Bank-holiday arrangements to the Post Office.

Consulate of the United States of America,
Cardiff, July 14th, 1881.

Rees Jones, Esq., Mayor.

Dear Sir,

I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your much esteemed communication of the 12th instant, enclosing the Resolution of sympathy touching the recent brutal assault of an assassin upon the President of the United States. I beg to express my profound gratification at this expression of good feeling towards our President and people from the municipal representatives of the people of Cardiff, and to inform you that the resolution will be at once transmitted to the Hon. James G. Blaine, our Secretary of State, by whom it will be communicated to General Garfield and his family, together with the expression of your own personal sympathy and hope for the President's early restoration to health. The information which reaches me from private sources is of the most encouraging character in this regard, and there is every reason to believe that the President will escape the evil intended for him by his foolish and wicked assailant. I have the honour to be, Dear Sir, with great esteem, Yours faithfully.

Wirt Sikes, (fn. 8)

A letter was read from the officiating priest at the Cemetery, making application on behalf of the Roman Catholics of the Town for an enlargement of their Chapel at the Cemetery. Resolved, that the Chairman, and Councillors Davies and Carey, with the Borough Surveyor, inspect the building and report upon the subject.

1881 September 12.

Watch Committee met for the purpose of taking into consideration the Sunday Closing (Wales) Act.

Moved by Councillor Carey, seconded by Councillor Treseder, That the Head Constable be instructed to take two or three test cases against the publicans for opening their public houses on Sundays in contravention of the Welsh Sunday Closing Act.

Moved by way of an amendment by Alderman Taylor, seconded by Councillor Blessley, That the police be instructed to take no action until 10 October next.

The amendment was carried by 18 votes to 5, and became the substantive motion.

Moved by Councillor Duncan, by way of further amendment, seconded by Alderman Lewis, That this Committee declines to give any instructions to the police until Sec. 3 of the Act be interpreted by some competent authority.

The amendment was carried by 19 votes to 4.

Resolved, on division, That the Town Clerk do not express any opinion as to the interpretation of the 3rd clause of the Act.

At a subsequent meeting of the Watch Committee a letter from Councillor Beavan was read, enclosing the copy of a resolution passed at a meeting of ratepayers held in the Circus, Cardiff, on the 17th September:—

"That this Meeting expresses regret at the course adopted by the Watch Committee at their special meeting on Monday last; and regarding them, as they do, the authoritative body to enforce Acts of Parliament affecting the Borough, urges upon them the necessity of rescinding the resolution passed at the said meeting, and of giving immediate effect to the Welsh Sunday Closing Bill, which was clearly intended by Parliament to come into immediate operation, for the town of Cardiff; and that a copy of this Resolution be forwarded to his Worship the Mayor and to the Town Clerk."

Councillor Carey submitted the following Resolution passed at a meeting of the Committee of the Cardiff Licensed Victuallers' Association, 20 September:—

"The meeting was called to consider the proceedings of the Blue Ribbon party in reference to the resolution of the Watch Committee as to Sunday Closing in Wales.

"Resolved unanimously That this meeting, having confidence in the Watch Committee of the Cardiff Corporation, that they are not likely to stultify themselves by rescinding a resolution so lately passed by an overwhelming majority, leave the matter in their hands and take no action for the present."

Moved by Councillor Bird, seconded by Councillor Beavan, That the resolution passed at the last meeting of the Watch Committee be rescinded; and that, as it is desirable to have an expression of opinion on the part of those entrusted with the administration of the law in Cardiff, and also in view of the decision at Neath, this Committee do not further hinder the Law relating to Sunday Closing.

After considerable discussion, the motion was withdrawn.

At a meeting of the Free Library and Museum Committee, Dr. Vachell called attention to a paragraph in the Western Mail, stating that the Committee had accepted a copy of the "Intellectual Repository and New Jerusalem Magazine," which the Committee denied. The Chief Librarian was instructed to decline offers of distinctively sectarian periodicals.

1881 October 10.

The Mayor reported that Sir Edward James Reed, K.C.B., M.P., had presented to the Corporation a valuable oil-painting by Vicat Cole, R.A., entitled "Noon on the Surrey Hills."

Mr. B. S. Marks presented to the Corporation a picture painted by him, entitled "The Board School Children," to be placed in the new Art Gallery of the Free Library and Museum.

£3000 paid to the School Board.

Sub-Committee reported on the negotiations between the Corporation and Lord Bute for the purchase or lease of the Bute Docks. The Marquess' representatives had come to the conclusion to advise his Lordship to retain all his dock property in his own control; but Lord Bute was himself prepared to provide a new Dock, in order to give the additional accommodation rendered necessary by the increase in the tonnage of the Port.

Dr. Paine retired from practice and resigned the post of Police Surgeon.

Resolved: That the Water Bailiff be instructed to have the "Embriaco," now lying a wreck on Penarth Beach, properly fastened so as to prevent her drifting; and that the Town Clerk be desired to communicate with the Agent of Lord Windsor, asking whether he is in a position to give notice to the owners of the vessel to properly secure her. (The wrecked barque was subsequently broken up on the beach.)

At the next meeting of the Property and Markets Committee the Town Clerk stated that Mr. R. Forrest, Lord Windsor's Agent, had written in reply that, though Lord Windsor was the owner of the foreshore at Penarth, having purchased the same from the Crown, he did not know that his right of ownership would go so far as to give the notice above referred to.

Public Works Committee resolved that Baker's Row, down to the Royal Arcade and across the same into the Tabernacle Chapel yard, be put into repair under the direction of the Borough Engineer, and that steps be taken to maintain the right of way from Baker's Row into the Arcade.

Councillor Bird presented to the Corporation trees to be planted in Newport Road.

A Report on public Improvements refers to the "site of the old Whitehouse bridge," on the Cowbridge Road.

The Newport Road was now being improved by the construction of a footpath on its northern side from the Roath Brook to the river Rhymney, in such a way that it might form a part of the road when the time arrived for the road to be widened and raised above the level of the highest spring tides.

1881 November 2. Special.

Science and Art Schools Committee pass a vote of thanks to the Town Clerk (Mr. J. L. Wheatley), "who has so efficiently managed the numerous examinations; a work to which he devoted much time, both in arranging and conducting. In addition to this he has placed his collection of works of art at the service of the students, who greatly appreciate the privilege of being able to copy them." Mr. Wheatley had also contributed prizes.

The Free Library Committee applied for £1,017. 8. 9. and interest, realized at the Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition held at Cardiff in 1870, for the purpose of erecting a new Free Library, Museum, and Schools for Science and Art.

A considerable sum has been realized by the Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition held in the Drill Hall during August and September 1881, for the artistic furnishing and decoration of the New building.

Water Works Report shows that the Llanishen Reservoir is supplied by the following streams:—Llanishen Brook, Nant Mawr, Nant Draw, Nant Felin, Nant Dulas.


  • 1. Its offices were in a lofty, red-brick, Georgian house on the west side of High Street, demolished circa 1890.
  • 2. Mr. Thomas Henry Thomas ("Arlunydd Penygarn"), of Cardiff.
  • 3. Now the Welsh Regiment, having its Déôt at Maendy Barracks, Cardiff.
  • 4. The founder being a Welshman long resident in Spain, who died there at the end of Henry the Eighth's reign, it might be questioned whether this Charity was intended by him for the special benefit of any Protestant communion. Until its reorganisation by the Charity Commissioners, it was limited to descendants of the founder (in the male or female lines), residing in Glamorgan or Monmouthshire; and genealogical proofs of such descent were required of each applicant for admission.
  • 5. At this time Wednesday was the weekly half-holiday at Cardiff.
  • 6. John, who succeeded his father as 4th Marquess.
  • 7. A Scotsman, a self-educated, eccentric, and learned scientist—a genius, in fact, of whom Cardiff will one day be proud.
  • 8. Author of "British Goblins" and "Old South Wales."