Cardiff Council Minutes: 1881-3

Pages 62-84

Cardiff Records: Volume 5. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1905.

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Cardiff Council Minutes, 1881–1882.

1881 November 9 Wednesday. Present;—

The Mayor (Councillor Rees Jones).




David Edgar Jones,
David Jones,
Thomas Evans,
Henry Jones,
Evan Jones,
John Evans,

Councillor Alfred Thomas elected Mayor; salary £300.

Alderman Daniel Jones appointed Deputy Mayor.

Thomas Davies and Joseph Monk appointed Sergeants-at-Mace; salary £7. 10s. each and a suit of clothes. They are "to deliver notices and letters to the Aldermen and Councillors, when required by the Town Clerk, and attend the Mayor and Corporation upon all public occasions."

William Cox appointed Town Crier (by resolution of the Council).

David Davies, Inspector and Collector of Market Tolls; salary 30s. per week.

Resolved that, in addition to the Quarterly Meetings, a Special Meeting of Council be held on the second Monday in every month, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.

Grant of 1d. in the £ to the Free Library, based on the net amount of rates collected for the previous year.

The Borough Engineer was instructed to obtain estimates for a bell for the Roman Catholic Chapel at the Cemetery.

Mr. F. Wotton received a prize of 30s., offered by the late Curator, Mr. Crutwell, for the best collection of British land and fresh-water shells.

The present Museum Curator, Mr. John Storrie, is to receive an annual salary of £60, rising by degrees to £100, and to devote his whole time to the duties of his office.

1881 December 12.

Moved by Councillor Henry Jones, in pursuance of motion previously given, and seconded by Councillor Rees Jones, and resolved, that, inasmuch as the Royal Education Commission recommended a College for Glamorganshire in connection with the proposed University College for South Wales, it is advisable that the Corporation take immediate steps to secure same for the Borough of Cardiff, and that a Special Committee be appointed for that purpose.

The Whitchurch Brook is to be utilised to supply Whitchurch, Gabalfa, Llandaff and Cardiff with water, under a scheme reported on by the Water Engineer.

Dr. Thomas Wallace is appointed Police Surgeon; salary £30.

Mr. J. Woosey, Superintendent of the Scavenging Department, is authorised to fill up the ditch in the Cardiff Arms Park, with slurry, as requested in his report.

The Mayor informed the General Purposes Committee that William Menelaus, esq., of Dowlais, had generously offered to present to the Corporation of Cardiff a number of valuable works of art, to the value of £10,000, to be placed in the Fine Art Gallery of the new Free Library.

The Mayor is desired to convene a meeting of the nobility and gentry of South Wales and Monmouthshire, to consider means to secure the erection at Cardiff of the University College.

The following gentlemen were desired to act with the University College Committee:—

The Most Hon. the Marquis of Bute, K.T.
Right Hon. Lord Aberdare.
Right Hon. Lord Tredegar.
Right Hon. Lord Windsor.
Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Llandaff.
Right Rev. the Bishop of Newport and Menevia.
Sir E. J. Reed, K.C.B., M.P.
E. H. Carbutt, Esq., M.P.
Very Rev. Dean Vaughan.
Rev. J. Buckley.
Rev. Vincent Saulez.
Rev. C. J. Thompson.
Rev. John Griffiths.
Rev. G. A. Jones.
Rev. C. A. Smythies.
Rev. A. J. H. Russell
Rev. W. C. Bruce.
Rev. Cynddylan Jones.
Rev. Joseph Waite.
Rev. A. Tilly.
Rev. N. Thomas.
Rev. W. E. Winks.
The Mackintosh.
The Mayor of Newport.
The Town Clerk of Newport.
R. O. Jones, Esq.
J. S. Corbett, Esq.
Jonas Watson, Esq.
G. W. G. Thomas, Esq., of the Heath.
J. R. Homfray, Esq., Penlline Castle.
W. Menelaus, Esq., Dowlais.
W. T. Lewis, Esq., Mardy.
C. H. Williams, Esq., Roath Court.
F. E. Stacey, Esq.
Cyril Stacey, Esq.
G. C. Williams, Esq., Lanrumney.
R. Forrest, Esq.
Lewis Williams, Esq.
Daniel Owen, Esq.
J. Batchelor, Esq.
Colonel Tynte.
J. A. Le Boulanger, Esq.
F. Primavesi, Esq.
John Duncan, Esq.
W. Sanders, Esq.
F. Sonly Johnstone, Esq.
H. Lascelles Carr, Esq.
Dr. Edwards.
James Ware, Esq.
Professor Harper, Oxford.

1882 January 9 Monday.

A very large number of names of prominent inhabitants of East Glamorgan and West Monmouthshire were added to the University College Committee, including the following:—

John Cory, Esq., Vaindre Hall, near Cardiff.
Lewis Davies, Esq., Ferndale.
David Davies, Esq., Blaengwawr, Abernant.
John Nixon, Esq., Westbourne Terrace, Cardiff.
A. Dalziel, Esq., Bute Docks, Cardiff.
C. R. M. Talbot, Esq., M.P., Margam.
H. Hussey Vivian, Esq., M. P. Swansea.
Count Lucovich, Penhill, Llandaff.
Gwilym Williams, Esq., B.L., Miskyn Manor.
J. P. Thompson, Esq., Redlands, Penarth.
G. T. Clark, Esq., Tal-y-garn, Dowlais.
J. H. Insole, Esq., Ely Court, Llandaff.
W. G. Cartwright, Esq., Newport.
Charles H. James, Esq., M.P., Merthyr Tydfil.
Crawshaw Bailey, Esq., Maindiff Hall, Abergavenny.
R. W. Williams, Esq., Roath Road, Cardiff.
J. Colquhoun, Esq., Iron Works, Tredegar.
L. V. Shirley, Esq., Roath.
Clement Waldron, Esq., Llandaff.
Louis Gueret, Esq., Roath Road, Cardiff.
Henri Gueret, Esq., Llanishen.
Arthur E. Guest, Esq.
The Earl of Dunraven.
Rev. J. T. Waddy, Canton.
Archdeacon Griffiths, Llandaff.
Captain Herbert, Clytha Park, Pontypool.
Rev. Dominic Cavalli, Newport.
Dr. Nicholl Carne, St. Donat's, Cowbridge.
Colonel Turberville, Ewenny Priory.
Colonel Hill, Llandaff.
Colonel Page, Llandaff.
Sir George Elliott, M.P., Bellevue, Newport.
F. G. Mitchell, Esq., Llanfrechfa Grange.
Charles Lyne, Esq., J.P., Brynhyfryd, Newport.
J. A. Lyne, Esq., Newport.
Sir George Walker, Newport.
John Gunn, Esq., Newport Road, Cardiff.
Dr. Wallace, Crockherbtown, Cardiff.
Judge Herbert, Hay.
Judge Falconer, Usk.
Lady Llanover, Llanover Park, Abergavenny.
J. A. Herbert, Esq., Llanarth, Raglan.
Louis Tylor, Esq., Cathedral Road, Cardiff.

A letter from Mr. W. T. Lewis informed the Committee that the Marquis of Bute would contribute £10,000 towards the £50,000 to be raised for the University at Cardiff.

1882 February 13.

Council petitioned Parliament in favour of the Bute Docks Bill 1882.

Council memorialised the Charity Commissioners, praying them to institute enquiries as to the sum of £1,017. 8. 9., balance of proceeds of the Cardiff Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition 1870, which sum was to be paid towards the erection of a Free Library &c. at Cardiff, and which the Corporation claimed should be paid towards the expenses of the Free Library &c. then in course of erection by the Corporation.

Mr. Forrest wrote announcing Lord Windsor's intention to subscribe £1,000 towards the fund for the Cardiff University College.

1882 March 13.

The Council instructed the Mayor to forward to Sir H. F. Ponsonby, K.C.B., Her Majesty's Private Secretary, a Resolution expressing their indignation at the recent detestable attempt upon the life of the Queen.

His Honour Judge Falconer presents 1,000 volumes to the library.

1882 April 6.

Mr. W. T. Lewis offers to present the Corporation with a marble bust of the late Mr. Menelaus, to be placed in the Free Library. Mr. Lewis' gift is accepted with thanks.

The old King's Castle public house is to be pulled down in the summer.

1882 May 8.

Resolution of the Council's indignation at and abhorrence of the atrocious crime committed against the Government of the United Kingdom by the assassination of Lord Frederick Charles Cavendish, the newly appointed Chief Secretary, and Mr. Thomas Henry Burke, the Under Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

Council thankfully accepts the gift of stained glass to the value of £100, offered for the Free Library by the Cardiff Foresters.

Messrs. Spiller and Co. are allowed to present £21 to Superintendent Hemingway, in recognition of his services in connection with the disastrous fire at their works.

Town Clerk is instructed to prosecute several persons who have refused to pay street hawking tolls.

Town Clerk is instructed to see his predecessor, Mr. Salmon, with reference to certain costs incurred four years ago in connection with the new road from Canton to Grange Farm.

Order of Procession to be followed on the occasion of the opening of the new Free Library, Museum &c.

Fire Brigade
Band of the 2nd Detachment, 2nd
Glamorgan Rifle Volunteers
Architects, Contractor and
Chairman of Building Committee
Press Reporters
Four Mace Bearers
Mayor, Town Clerk, Chairman of Free Library Committee
Sir E. J. Reed, Very Rev. the Dean
Mayors and Town Clerks of Boroughs
Hon. Members of Library Committee
Corporation Officials
Donors to the building fund
Executive Committee of 1881 Exhibition
Borough Magistrates
Consuls and Vice-Consuls
Clergy and ministers
Members of Cardiff School Board
Representatives of Chamber of Commerce
" Law Society
" Medical Society
" Naturalists' Society
Editors of local papers.

The procession will leave the Council Chamber at 11 a.m. and proceed by way of Quay Street to the Cardiff Arms Park, and join the procession of the various trade and benefit societies. The whole procession will then pass through Angel Street, Duke Street, Crockherbtown, Newport Road, Glossop Terrace, Moira Terrace, Adam Street, Bute Terrace, Custom House Street, Saint Mary Street, Church Street, Trinity Street.

The Mayor will be presented with a gold medal commemorative of the event.

1882 July 12.

District rate 1s. 2d. in the £.

Lord Bute's representatives decline to comply with the wishes of the Council by eliminating certain Labour Clauses from the Bute Docks Bill 1882.

Waterworks Committee recommend the Council to construct a new reservoir at Llanishen, and filter-beds near the Heath, the Reservoir to contain 300 million gallons, as the first step towards providing a complete water-supply for the Borough.

Burial Board decline to comply with the desire of the Vestry of Saint Mary's Parish by taking upon themselves the repairs and care of the Old Cemetery.

One day's pay is to be allowed extra to each member of the Police, as a recognition of their duties performed during the holding of the Bath and West of England Agricultural Show at Cardiff in Whit week.

1882 July 10.

Resolved, upon the motion of Councillor Bird, seconded by Councillor Enoch, That the representatives of the Roath Ward be appointed a deputation to wait upon Lord Tredegar with the view of trying to make some arrangement with him whereby a public park may be secured for that part of the Borough.

Resolved, upon the motion of Councillor Sanders, seconded by Councillor Bird, That, considering the serious aspect of affairs arising from the proposition to promote Docks outside the boundaries of the Borough of Cardiff, (fn. 1) a representation be made to the various com mercial and dock interests, asking them to meet together to discuss the possibility of forming a Harbour Trust for the Port of Cardiff, which shall include all parties interested, and which shall be purely a commercial body.

1882 September 11.

The Town Clerk declined to give information to the Vicar of Saint John's respecting the date of the sale by the Marquis of Bute to the Corporation of the Vicarage Garden in Working Street. The Vicar contended that the Marquis had no proper title to the land in question.

The Cabmen's shelters at the Bute Docks, and at Gaol Lane, Crockherbtown, were presented to the Corporation, to be managed by the Cabs Committee.

The Cymmrodorion Society of London presented to the Corporation the original model of the statue "Religion," by the late Joseph Edwards, to be placed in the Museum.

1882 October 9.

The Watch Committee are to instruct the Head Constable to prevent horn-blowing by milk-sellers and others on Sundays. The Town Clerk is to prosecute offenders for Sunday trading.

A gas-lamp is to be fixed near the first brook by Roath Church, as the darkness renders access to the new houses in the adjacent terrace dangerous by night.

The Committee of the Exhibition of 1881 have presented to the Museum £100 worth of Swansea and Nantgarw porcelain, to form the nucleus of a collection of local china.

The Draft Scheme for a University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire was submitted to Mr. Mundella, Minister of Public Education, by the local Committee.

St. James' Hotel, London, 19th October, 1882.

My Dear Mr. Lewis,

Will you kindly let the Mayor and Corporation of Cardiff know that each and all of the Trustees and myself have given their present suggestion the most protracted and anxious consideration; and that, while we recognize the force of many arguments tending to show that the disposal at some time and to some public body, for an adequate price, of a very large part, or even of the whole, of our direct interest in the Bute Docks might be advantageous, we do not see our way to enter into the negotiation now proposed. Sincerely yours.


Cardiff Council Minutes, 1882–1883.

1882 November 9 Thursday. Present:—

The Mayor (Chairman).




Duncan, Yorath,
D. E. Jones,
D. Jones,
H. Jones,
E. Jones,
R. E. Jones,

Councillor Gaius Augustine Stone elected Mayor; salary £300.
Alderman Daniel Lewis, Deputy Mayor.
Thomas Davies and Joseph Monk, Serjeants at Mace.
David Davies, Inspector and Collector of Market Tolls.
£24. 10. 6. was paid to the Marquis of Bute for the privilege of taking stone, sand and gravel.

Town Clerk recommends that Mr. F. R. Greenhill, the Financial Clerk, should in future be styled the Borough Treasurer, to conform with the terms of the Municipal Corporations Act 1882. Also that the practice of three members of the Corporation signing each cheque be abandoned.

General Purposes Committee resolve that a room in the Town Hall be set apart for a Mayor's Parlour and that furniture be purchased for the same.

Borough Engineer is to obtain estimates for speaking-tubes or telephones between the various Departments of the Corporation.

Mr. Edward A. Bond, Principal Librarian of the British Museum, writes that the Cardiff Museum has been placed on the list of those which are to receive electrotypes of coins from the British Museum.

1882 December 11.
General District Rate 1s. 2d. in the £.
David Vaughan appointed Assistant Inspector of Nuisances.
Dr. Paine is re-appointed Medical Officer of Health, upon the same terms as before.

Vote of condolence with the widow and relatives of the recentlydeceased Bishop of Llandaff [Dr. A. Ollivant]. The Corporation will attend the funeral.

The Secretary of the Great Western Railway Co. writes that the Directors will consider the question of a station at Roath at an early date.

Moved by Councillor Henry Jones, seconded by Councillor Cory, That inasmuch as a paragraph appeared in the Western Mail of Thursday 21 December 1882, reflecting on the honour and morality of the Cardiff Corporation, we instruct the Town Clerk to take Counsel's opinion on the same; and, if there be ground for an action for libel, to take legal proceedings against the Western Mail forthwith.

Moved by Councillor R. E. Jones, seconded by Councillor Reynolds, by way of amendment, That no notice whatever be taken of the paragraph which appeared in the Western Mail of the 21st instant, referring to a member of the Corporation.

The amendment was carried by 16 votes to 7.

T. Gambier Parry, esq., of Highnam Court, Gloucester, was received in the Council Chamber on the 14th December by the Free Library Committee, and was by them accompanied to the Assembly Room, where he distributed the prizes to students of the Science and Art School.

The Free Library Committee became a member of the Cymmrodorion Society of London.

The President of the Cardiff Natural History and Antiquarian Society was made ex officio a member of the Free Library Committee.

The Town Clerk tendered his resignation of the office of Honorary Secretary to the Free Library Committee, and it was resolved that their best thanks be given to Mr. Wheatley for his valuable services to the institution during the past three years.

Mr. D. Dundas Gordon declined the Hon. Secretaryship of the Free Library Committee, in consequence of the heavy duties now devolving upon him in the Town Clerk's office.

Town Clerk reported that he had received notices from the promoters of the Barry Docks and Railway Company, of their intention to apply for parliamentary powers to acquire certain property of the Corporation in the parishes of Cogan and Llandoughjuxta-Cardiff.

Arbitrators are to be selected to decide between Cardiff and Swansea as to the site of the South Wales University College.

1883 January 8.

Special Finance Committee. Town Clerk read a confession of embezzlement, signed by Morcombe and also implicating Gordon and Morgan.

Resolved, That the Town Clerk take proceedings against Morcombe and Gordon, who are detained on the above charge.

Morcombe's statement:—" As to the Milk and Cowkeepers' Licenses, that for about twelve months I have received the money for a number of licenses. I have divided the money for four with Morgan during the last three weeks through me. I asked him to take the money. He knew what the money was received for. As to Drivers' and Conductors' Licenses, I have taken the money for many during the last twelve months, and applied it for my own purposes. During the last twelve months I have, after orders have been received from the Town Clerk's office, altered the order after Mr. Greenhill has signed it, by adding further contracts to be stamped ten shillings each. Then I handed each order to Gordon, who took it to Mr. Lewis, the printer, who gave Gordon the money in order that he might stamp the contracts. Then Gordon would divide the money with me for those I had added to the order. Respecting postage stamps, for about the same period we did the same thing, only getting the money from D. Owen & Co. We only received a few pounds from this source."

Subsequently Morcombe and Gordon confessed their guilt in the Town Clerk's office before the Mayor and Town Clerk.

The consideration of going on with the prosecution against Gordon for forgery was fully discussed; and the Committee resolved to continue proceedings but, if possible, to obtain a conviction on the charge of embezzlement.

The question of taking proceedings against Morgan was considered, and Mr. Hemingway was ordered to arrest him.

Finance Committee recommended that the hotel expenses to be allowed the members of the Council and their officials, for journeys on business of the Corporation, be limited to £1. 1s. per day.

Resolved that all postage and adhesive stamps required on behalf of the Corporation be perforated.

Resolved that the Borough Treasurer cause all documents requiring to be stamped to be sent to the Inland Revenue Department at Cardiff.

Property and Markets Committee. A letter was read from Mr. J. S. Corbett, denying Lord Bute's liability to pay rent for land known as the Old Barracks, near the Blind Asylum, Longcross Street, to the Corporation, and referring them for payment to the authorities of the Cardiff Infirmary.

Attention was called, at the Cabs Committee, to the fact that Mr. Solomon Andrews had recently changed the starting-point of his omnibuses, from the junction of Adamsdown Road with Newport Road, to the corner of Clifton Street, without having obtained permission.

The Taff Vale Railway Co. are to be asked how they intend to deal with the footpath leading from the North Road, near the old Militia Barracks, to Cathays.

Special Committee re New Dock. The first sod of the New Dock was to be cut by the Marquis of Bute on 31 January; and it was suggested that a public demonstration should be made by the Corporation and the various Trade and Benefit Societies, to celebrate the event, and that the day should be observed as a general holiday. This Committee was accordingly formed to carry out the necessary arrangements.

It was arranged that an open-air procession should be formed, to attend the opening of the New Dock, and that the various societies should be invited to join in it. The route was fixed as follows:— From Westgate Street, via Angel Street, High Street, Saint Mary Street, Custom House Street, Bute Road to the Docks. The Mayor proposed that, after the conclusion of the ceremony by the Marquis of Bute, the procession should re-form and accompany his Lordship back to Cardiff Castle and then disperse. Mr. J. Tayleure, of the Circus, offered the services of his brass band dressed in uniform, for the procession, which was accepted by the Committee with thanks. The Oddfellows arranged to provide two bands.

1883 February 12.

The Mayor is requested to convene a public meeting of the burgesses of Cardiff, to discuss the proposed construction of a dock at Barry, which a memorial of the Cardiff burgesses has called on the Council to oppose.

J. G. Grover appointed Inspector of Nuisances for the Cardiff Urban Sanitary Authority at a yearly salary of £109. 4s., and for the Cardiff Port Sanitary Authority at a salary of £10 per annum.

The Marquess of Bute offers to present to the Free Library a copy of the maps and memoirs issued by the Palestine Exploration Fund, which offer the Council thankfully accept.

Council will attend the funeral of the late Mr. William Done Bushell.

Mr. G. F. Hill writes that the promoters of the Barry Dock Bill are not likely to withdraw the same on any terms whatever, but that he will submit to them the proposals of the Corporation.

Cardiff 21 February 1883.

Dear Sir,

Church Street houses.

With respect to the conversation which I had this morning with yourself and Mr. Alderman Jones, as to the terms upon which the above property might be acquired by the Corporation for the purpose of public improvement, I beg to inform you that the property is held under a lease granted by the Churchwardens and Overseers of the United Parishes of Saint John and Saint Mary, Cardiff, to the late William Prichard, Esq., for 99 years from 1824, at the annual groundrent of £7; so that there are now 40 years unexpired Myself and co-owners are now in possession of the property, by devolution from the original lessee, who was my great-grandfather. It has passed through so many hands through deaths and other circumstances, that it would be troublesome and costly to set out a legal title on the part of the present owner; but I should be prepared to take the responsibility of granting a lease in my own name, if the Corporation like to accept it, for the remainder of the term at £127 a year, subject to the existing tenancy of one of the houses, which I expect to revert to me in a few days, as the person in possession is there without my consent. It would be easy for the Corporation to acquire the freehold by arrangement with the Guardians and the Parish of Saint John. I may state that the rent I received from Staniforth, for the corner, was £75, and for the other house £50. I am daily receiving applications, and could easily re-let at increased rents. It is important that a decision should be given at an early date. I am, Dear Sir, yours very truly.

W. P. Stephenson.

G. A. Stone, Esq., Mayor of Cardiff.

Resolved That the offer of Mr. Stephenson be accepted.

G. M. Douglas appointed Collector of Harbour Tolls, in the place of G. B. Raggett resigned,

A long judgment is here inserted, given by County Court Judge Selfe in the action of Weaver v. Cardiff Corporation. It decides the Corporation is entitled to charge an extra Water Rate in respect of water supplied by them to a fixed bath in a private house, such not being a supply of water for domestic use within the meaning of the Acts. (This was reversed on appeal, by the Divisional Court.)

Town Clerk read to the Watch Committee a letter from the Cardiff Temperance Association, deprecating the Head Constable's statement that Sunday drunkenness had increased, and calling upon the Corporation to ascertain the facts, with a view to enforcing the Welsh Sunday Closing Act in its entirety.

Resolved That it be left to the Head Constable to take such action in the matter as he from time to time thinks advisable.

Mr. Alderman Jones stated that £900 had been named as the price of the six feet of land required for setting back the Saint Mary Street entrance to Quay Street.

Cabs Committee resolved that the terminus for all omnibuses on the Newport Road be altered from Clifton Street to Roath Court.

Town Clerk reported to the General Purposes Committee as to a part of the land upon which the new Infirmary was being built, fronting Longcross Street: That by a lease dated 20 June 1863 the Corporation, with the sanction of the Lords of the Treasury, granted to Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State, for the War Department, a plot of land containing 3 roods 13 perches, for a term of 987 years from 22 December 1856, at a yearly rent of £8. 4. 2½.; and a plot of land containing 2 roods 30 perches, for 1000 years from 22 December 1843, at £6. 15. 9½ per annum. The Town Clerk was of opinion that the Council have not the power to sell or alienate these rents.

Council petition against the Barry Dock Bill, and point out, among other considerations, that the proposed Dock would be within the Port of Cardiff, and the Corporation of Cardiff would be deprived of their harbour-dues.

Mr. William Thomas Lewis writes pointing out that, although objections had been made to the dues charged at the Bute Docks, the Barry Company were proposing to make the same charges at their new docks.

The Council approve a draft memorial to W. T. Lewis, esq., representing that the proposed dock at Barry must necessarily compromise the future progress of the Town and Port of Cardiff; and that the promotion of the Barry Bill has been brought about by the dissatisfaction of the freighters with the mode of transacting business in the Port of Cardiff. They point out the obvious consequences to the revenues of the Marquess of Bute of the success of the Barry scheme, and ask Mr. Lewis to advise Lord Bute to make timely concessions in regard to port rates and charges, which are alleged to be excessive and burdensome.

Mr. E. J. Reed, M.P., writes suggesting certain demands in the matter of dock rates and charges, which he thinks the Bute authorities and Taff Vale Railway Co. would be likely to concede. "By these means," he concludes, "the present deplorable antagonisms would be brought to an end, and Cardiff would start afresh upon her career of almost unexampled prosperity."

Mr. W. T. Lewis writes encouraging the hope that the suggestions of Mr. Reed may be favourably considered by the parties concerned.

1883 March 12.

Resolved, on an amendment, that the Council neither oppose nor support the Barry Dock and Railway Bill.

Mr. Robert Davies presented to the Free Library Committee a copy of a pamphlet published in 1834, containing an account of the proceedings at the Royal Eisteddfod held at Cardiff that year.

The Arbitrators (Lord Carlingford, Lord Bramwell and the Rt. Hon. A. J. Mundella, M.P.) unanimously award that Cardiff become the site of the College intended to be established and endowed in South Wales.

Sir Hussey Vivian contributes £1000 towards the College. In thanking him, the University College Committee of the Cardiff Corporation assure him that it is their earnest desire that the College should be as great a benefit to Swansea and the rest of South Wales as they trust it will prove to Cardiff and Monmouthshire.

Dean Vaughan writes "I am most anxious that the kindest consideration should be shown to the naturally wounded feelings of Swansea. It must be our first care now to try and carry with us the sympathy and co-operation of South Wales, and particularly of the rival town, which has undergone what we must feel to be a trying mortification."

Telegram from Bishop Hedley, in Rome, to the Mayor of Cardiff:—"Just seen news about college. Warm congratulations to yourself, town, and all concerned."

Resolved unanimously, on the motion of the Mayor, seconded by Alderman Evans: That the best thanks of this Committee be accorded to Mr. J. L. Wheatley, the Town Clerk, for the zeal and efficiency he has shown in the discharge of the onerous duties of Honorary Secretary to this Committee, and for the valuable assistance he has rendered in carrying out their instructions, and particularly in the preparation and formulation of the arguments and facts which were adduced in support of Cardiff's claims to be the site of the University College for South Wales and submitted to the Arbitrators to whom the question of site was referred, with so completely successful and satisfactory a result. That he be asked to accept the sum of £200 as an honorarium for his special services, and to defray the expenses he has incurred in connection therewith. (This Resolution was engrossed on vellum with the Corporate Seal affixed, and presented to Mr. Wheatley.)

1883 April 9.

£5,500 to the School Board.

Head Constable's Report to the Watch Committee shows a marked increase in the convictions for drunkenness. "It may appear strange to many that drunkenness should increase when the public houses and beer-houses are closed, and as the statement which I made in reply to a question from a member of your Committee relative to the increase of drunkenness on a Sunday has been challenged and disputed by a number of persons, it will, I trust, not be out of place if I give a few facts as to the cause of the increase. I may add that my statement was based upon reports from my inspectors and sergeants and from personal observation, and not from the number of persons arrested, as a much larger number might have been arrested had the police interfered with quiet drunkards. Those shown in the return are cases of the worst description and could not be passed over. The primary cause of the increase is, that a number of Clubs have been established, also illicit trading is carried on to a great extent. The County of Monmouth being contiguous to Cardiff, a number of people drive out to the country over three miles, to obtain drink, and convey drink home with them to finish their carouse in the evening. Private drinking of liquor purchased on a Saturday, has increased the drinking which previously prevailed. There are thirteen Clubs within the Borough (irrespective of the "County," "Glamorgan" and "Mercantile"); twelve of these have been established since the Act came into force. The registered number for the last quarter is 2,854. The entrance fee or subscription is one shilling per quarter, with the exception of one which is two shillings and sixpence. In some of the clubs the member is (according to the rules) permitted to take a friend. These clubs do a large trade in the sale of liquor during the whole day on Sunday, but little or no business during the week. There are therefore many evasions of the Act, over which the police can exercise no control. Their duties have been considerably increased on a Sunday. The legislature should place the Clubs on the same footing as public houses.

University College Executive Committee elect Lord Aberdare as President of the College; Mr. Henry Richard, M.P., Vice-President; Sir Hussey Vivian, bart., Treasurer, together with 36 members of the University Council, and approve the 60 nominated Governors.

1883 May 7.

Captain Richard Short, of Tiwarnal, Howard Terrace, Cardiff, presents to the Town Collection a small marine picture painted by himself.

Letter read from Major-General A. Jenkins respecting a large sum of money bequeathed for educational purposes by the late Duke of Mantua and Montferrat. (fn. 2)

A Deputation was appointed to attend a meeting of the Trustees of the fund, in London, to support the claims of Cardiff to the benefit of the fund.

Negotiations are pending between the Corporation and Mr. W. G. Cartwright, Lord of the Manor of Llandaff, with regard to the purchase of the manorial rights in Ely, Leckwith and Canton Commons by the Corporation.

Resolved that Canton Fair be advertised to take place at Whitsuntide as usual.

Town Clerk wrote Mr. Edward David, cattle dealer, St. Mellon's, with respect to the cattle-fair (fn. 3) proposed to be held in a field in the parish of Llandaff on the following Whit-Monday. The same could not be legally held, being contrary to the Llandaff and Canton District Market Act, 1858.

1883 June 11.

Dumfries House, Old Cumnock, N.B.

Sir,—I beg to acknowledge your communication of the 21st and to offer my best thanks to all my well wishers for their kind congratulations upon the birth of my second son. (fn. 4) I am happy to be able to say that both my wife and child are very well. I am, Sir, your very obedient servant.


J. L. Wheatley, Esq., Town Clerk, Cardiff.

Town Clerk expresses his willingness that the Corporation should take over his staff of assistants together with his obligations to them.

The following were the staff referred to:—

Legal and Conveyancing Department.

J. S. Smith, chief clerk.
T. M. Barlow, articled pupil.

Municipal Department.

W. J. Newbery, committee clerk.
J. Boyce, shorthand clerk.
W. T. Lee, general clerk.
Office boy.

Their salaries amounted to £397. 8s.

Resolved That the present arrangement existing between the Town Clerk and the Corporation be not disturbed.

University College Committee recommend the Council to acquire the old Infirmary for the College premises; but the Council resolve to enquire as to the possibility of accommodating the students in the Free Library buildings.

Mr. William Harpur, Deputy Borough Engineer and Surveyor, was appointed Borough Engineer and Surveyor in succession to Mr. J. A. B. Williams; salary £400.

Resolved That the attention of the Public Works Committee be called to the projected new Exchange to be erected in Mount Stuart Square.

Roath Park Committee formed.

Waterworks Committee considered an application from Mr. P. S. Dowson for a water supply to Crwys Farm.

1883 July 9.

£500 to be added to the Mayor's salary, to meet expenses in connection with the Welsh National Eisteddfod to be held at Cardiff in August next.

Head Constable is authorised to engage 30 extra constables, 4 detective officers, and four horses, for the Eisteddfod week.

In the event of any case of cholera being imported, the same shall be treated at the Flat Holm or Sully Island.

Roath Park Committee recommend the purchase of Roath Castle and grounds (50 acres) for the purposes of a public park.

1883 August 13.

Replying to a deputation of the Council, Lord Bute stated that he was not disposed to give the Cardiff Arms Park as a site for the new University College, as he desired to reserve it as an open space for recreation purposes; but that he would be prepared to dispose of a site in the Cathedral Road, or a part of the Ten Acre Field facing Moira Terrace, Roath.

Notwithstanding the desire of the College Council to temporarily locate the students' classrooms at the old Infirmary, the University College Committee advise the Town Council to acquire Queen's Chambers for that purpose. (A contrary amendment was lost. At the next meeting the College Council gained their point.)

Resolved on the motion of Councillor Trounce, seconded by Councillor Beavan, That the Town Clerk write to the Manager of the Cardiff Tramway Co., calling his attention to the desirability of discontinuing work on the tramway lines on the Lord's Day, and suggesting that repairs &c. should be done by night.

Great Western Railway Co. decline to make a station at Roath.

1883 September 10.

Mr. F. M. Greenhill appointed Deputy Borough Engineer; salary £150.

Town Clerk is authorised to act on behalf of the College Council, to prepare a petition for a Royal Charter to the University College.

Head Constable's salary increased to £400.

Amy Timothy, Mason's Arms, to be proceeded against for adulterating whiskey.

Resolved That the question of supplying the Free Library Reading Room with secular papers printed in the Welsh language be referred to the Library Sub-Committee, to consider and report thereon; and that Councillor H. Jones be added to the SubCommittee in the consideration of that matter.

Vote of thanks to Mr. Murdoch, of Christina Street, for his donation to the Museum of a fourteenth-century shield.

1883 October 8.

Councillor David Duncan elected Alderman in the place of Alderman David, deceased.

The following were elected to act on the Court of Governors of the College, as representatives of the Corporation:—James Hurman, Dr. Andrew Davies, Dr. Thomas Wallace, F. B. de M. Gibbon, George Griffiths, William Adams, T. Foster Brown, J. A. Le Boulanger, Dr. J. J. Buist.

Councillor Richard Cory elected Alderman in the place of Alderman Evans, deceased.

Mr. Cook, the Sexton of St. Johns, waited upon the Committee of the Burial Board respecting a complaint made by the Rev. Alexander Roger (fn. 5) at the previous meeting; but Mr. Roger did not appear to support his complaint, and, after waiting twenty minutes, the matter was dismissed.

Borough Engineer reports as to the recent inundation of Grangetown. On October 17th he found the water standing to the level of the tramway along Clive Street, streets and houses below that level being under water. In their anxiety to let out the water, some of the inhabitants cut through the embankment, thereby exposing the town to an influx at the next high tide. The Engineer had the Sea Bank at once restored, and in 22 hours the water subsided through the drains.

1883 November 2.

General District Rate 1s. 2d. in the £.

£4,500 to the School Board.

Deputation presented to the Council a memorial in favour of the formation of a direct thoroughfare between Crockherbtown and Bute Terrace, by the demolition of two houses and a few sheds which intervene between Charles Street and David Street. "The proposed improvement would open out the shortest and best route from Roath and Crockherbtown to the Docks and Penarth Road, via Bute Terrace, and could not fail to relieve the heavy traffic of Duke Street, Working Street and the Hayes." (fn. 6)


  • 1. i.e., at Barry.
  • 2. This person afterwards proved to have been an adventurer, and the supposed bequest illusory.
  • 3. A last echo of the ancient Llandaff Fair.
  • 4. Lord Ninian Edward Crichton Stuart, born 15 May.
  • 5. The Free Church of England minister and a popular Protestant lecturer,
  • 6. This improvement was not effected until 1901.