House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 22 November 1555

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 45

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Veneris, 22


1. The Bill against the Sale of tanned Sheep-skins.


1. The Bill for Weavers in Devon, &c. to dwell in Towns. - Reject'.

Transporting Coin.

2. The Bill for carrying of Coin over the Sea for Charges, viz. Four Pounds. - Mr. Clere.


2. The Bill for the Town and River of Stamford. - Ingrossetur.


4. The Bill touching Buying of Herrings upon the Sea. - Ingrossetur.

Examination concerning Smyth.

John Spenser, One of them that killed Rufford, brought in by the Serjeant; and declared at length, that Smyth promised Conyers 840 l. to kill Rufford, and all the Manner how Rufford was killed by Conyers beyond Huntyngdon.

Francis Conyers, likewise brought for that Cause, confessed the same Matter, and that he himself killed him, and Spenser did not kill him, but was with him at the Murder.

Benet Smyth, likewise brought in, utterly denied the Fact, and all the Circumstances.

* Godfrey, Servant to Smythe, declared, that he carried a Letter, a Ring, and Twenty Shillings in Money, by his Master's Commandment, to Spenser at Ryckmansworth, after the Murder done; and justified to Benet Smythe's Face the same.

Roland, a Taylor, confessed before Smyth, that he sent him to Conyers and Spenser, bidding them to go out of the Realm to Flanders; for which Message Smyth gave Rouland Ten Shillings.

Conyers and Spenser avowed to Smythe's Face all the Procurement of Smyth to the Murder; which he still denied.

Whereupon all, save Smyth, were had out of the House.

And then Smith confessed, that he consented to the Murder, and promised to give Conyers but Twenty Pounds for the Doing of it.