House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 24 March 1626

Pages 840-841

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 24 Martii


Mr. Rolle reporteth from the Committee, concerning Sir Tho. Moncke.

Resolved, To let this stay, till Mr. Drake be present.

Heaman's Ship.

Sir Tho. Hobby reporteth from the Committee for Heamans Petition, that Doubt, how they should proceed.

Resolved, This Committee is left at Liberty, to inform themselves, as they shall think fittest; and Mr. Whitby to attend.


Mr. John Wogan to have Privilege, for Stay of Two Trials, - A Letter, for Stay.

Sir Tho. Cannon hath like Privilege. - A like Letter.

Recusants Children.

A new Bill to be drawn, about Recusants Children, by Mr. Sherfeild, Mr. Noy, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Rolles, Mr. Bisse, Mr. Attorney Wards, Mr. Clarke, Sir Geor. More, Mr. Wentworth, Mr. Newbery.


L. 1a. An Act to direct the true - Recusancy.

Privilege-Election of a Member in Execution.

Upon Mr. Jo. Drake's Information in the House, that Sir Tho. Moncke, a Burgess for Camelford, was in Execution before, and at the Time of, his Election; Ordered, A Writ to issue, for a new Choice in his Room.

Raleighe's Restitution.

L. 2a. An Act for the Restitution in Blood of Carew Raleighe, Son of Sir Walter Raleighe Knight, late attainted of High Treason: - Committed to Mr. Pymme, Mr. Rolle, Sir B. Hicks, Sir Cl. Throckmorton, Sir Jo. Finch, Mr. Francis Finch, Mr. Jo. Drake, Mr. Attorney Wards, Sir Jo. Strangwayes, Sir Nath. Napper, Sir A. Temple, Sir Jo. Stradling, Sir H. Whitehead, Sir N. Saunders, Mr. Upton, Sir Wm. Walter, Sir Raphe Clare, Mr. Skynner, Sir Geor. Fane, Sir Jo. Jackson, Sir H. Poole, Sir Tho. Lucy: - To-morrow Morning, Seven Clock, Court of Wards.

Tonage and Poundage.

L. 2a. An Act for a Subsidy of Tonage and Poundage: - Committed to a Committee of the whole House; with Power to make Sub-committees; and with Power to send for any Customers, Books of Rates, &c. - Monday next, Two Clock in the Afternoon.

Letter from the King.

Mr. Secretary Cooke reporteth, that he found no Record in the Office, of this Letter, commended to his and Sir Jo. Jackson's Examination; but that his Majesty avowed the Letter, and that it was written upon good Grounds.

Leave of Absence.

Mr. Walden, of Coventry, licensed to depart for Ten Days.


The Business concerning Sir Ro. Howard, to be upon Tuesday next. Nine Clock; and the Parties to attend then, which were to attend now.

Dr. Turnor.

Upon Question, the Committee concerning Dr. Turnor, upon Tuesday next, Nine Clock.

Evils, &c.

Upon . . Wandesford's Report, the Committee for Evils, &c. adjourned to Two Clock this Afternoon; and Mr. Speaker to come about Four Clock.

Veneris, 24o Martii - Post meridiem


BILL of Salmons, - To-morrow Afternoon, Two Clock.