House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 28 April 1626

Pages 850-851

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 28o Aprilis


SIR Altham's Bill, - Monday, Two Clock.


L. 1a. An Act for the Increase of Trade.


Mr. Saunders informeth, that in a Suit commenced by Sir Tho. Horwood, concerning the Inheritance of Mr. Upton Crooke; wherein the Plaintiff hath proceeded in Examination of Witnesses, notwithstanding it were known, Mr. Crooke was a Member of this House.

Mr. Crooke further informeth, that Sir Tho. Norwood reviled him, saying, he came to be a Member of this House by Bribery and Corruption.

Upon Question, Resolved, That Mr. Crooke shall have Privilege; and that Mr. Speaker shall write a Letter to the Lord Keeper, for Suppressing of the Depositions thus taken.

Resolved also, That Sir Tho. Horwood shall be sent for, to answer his Contempt to the House, in his Proceeding in Chancery, knowing Mr. Crooke to be a Parliament Man ; and also to answer the said Words, so spoken to Mr.Crooke.

Resolved also, The Commissioners shall be sent for. The Committee of Privileges to examine them, and report their Opinions to the House : So also for Sir Tho. Norwood's Offence aforesaid.


Mr. Noy reporteth the Bill of Apparel. - 1. That the Committees held this a very necessary Law. - Some Amendments made : Which twice read.

The Petition of the Drawers, &c. of Gold and Silver Thread, read.

Upon Question, the Petitioners to be heard, before the Bill about Apparel, pass.

2ly, Upon Question, they shall be heard by their Counsel, in the House, upon Monday Morning.

The Bill, upon Question, re-committed - Two Clock, Monday.

Charge against Duke of Buckingham.

Mr. Wandesford reporteth from the grand Committee Yesterday, concerning the Duke of Buckingham. -

A general Resolution amongst all the King's sworn Physicians, that nothing should be ministered to the King, without a joint Consent of them all. -

Reporteth the Four Things resolved by them, upon Question, -

Killing of a common Person, by a Madman, no Felony; his Killing of a King treason : Otherwise, of offering to strike a King, whereby he may be killed. -

That none of the Questions so resolved, were in any Particular crossed by any Testimony whatsoever.

1. Upon Question, Resolved, That a Plaister applied, and a Drink given, to the late King, in the Time of his last Sickness, without the Advice of his sworn Physicians, and not made by his sworn Apothecaries, or Surgeons, contrary to the general Directions of the Physicians, and after particularly disliked by them,

2ly. Upon Question, the Application of the Plaister, and Giving of the Drink, to the late King, agreed, upon the last Question, is an Act of a transcendent Presumption, of a dangerous Consequence.

3ly, Upon Question, this Drink was given to the late King, by the Duke, and the Plaister applied to him by the Duke's Direction.

4ly, Upon Question, Resolved, That this shall be annexed to the rest of the Duke's Charge.

Grand Committees.

Resolved, The grand Committee for Grievances, and all other the Grand Committees, to proceed upon their several Days appointed.


Sir Ro. Howard's Business to be proceeding in To-morrow, if conveniently may be; else, upon Monday next.