House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 18 April 1640

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 18 Aprilis, 1640.

APetitions from Essex, &c.

APETITION from Essex, affirmed to be delivered by the County to the Knights that serve for that County.

A Petition from Hertford, affirmed to be delivered by the County to the Knights that serve for that Shire.

A Petition from the City of Norwich, subscribed by very many of the Citizens.

Court of Honour.

Mr. Hide moves against the Court of Honour,-desires the Commission, under pretence of which they demand their Fees, may be sent for.

Northampton Petition.

A Petition from the Town of Northampton, delivered by the Burgesses of the said Town.

Fast Day.

Mr Secretary Windebanke reports from the Committee for a Fast, out of a Paper, the Sense of the Committee; which was read, in hæc verba, (viz.)

The Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, of the House of Commons, taking into Consideration the great and weighty Affairs now in Agitation of both the Houses of Parliament, concerning the Welfare of the King, and this whole Kingdom; and believing the principal Way and Means to attain to a happy and prosperous Conclusion in the same, is, to beg the Divine Assistance, and Direction of Almighty God, in all their Consultations, by One Day's solemn Humiliation by Fasting, and Prayer to his Heavenly Majesty; have commanded us to acquaint your Lordships, that you will be pleased to join with them to move his Majesty, for his gracious Allowance of so pious a Work to both these Houses of Parliament, and also, that he would be pleased to grant and appoint a Day for a Fast through the whole Kingdom.

Ordered, That there shall be a Message sent to the Lords, according to the Sense and Meaning of this Paper, offered by the Committee for preparing the Conference for a Fast.

Upon Question, Ordered, That there shall be, by that Message, a Day also desired for a Fast through the whole Kingdom.

Upon the Question, Ordered, this Message shall be deferred till Monday next.

House go into Committee.

Upon the Question, Whether it should be put to the Question, for Mr. Grimston's assuming the Chair, when Mr. Speaker left it; it was agreed it should be put to the Question.

Upon the Question, Whether Mr. Grimston, upon the Speaker's leaving the Chair, should assume the Chair, or no; it was resolved, that he should take it.

Thereupon Mr. Speaker left the Chair; and Mr. Grimston assumed it.

Mr. Speaker reassumed the Chair:

And then it was ordered as followeth, viz.

Proceedings against Members.

Ordered, That the Records and Proceedings in the Star Chamber, and King's Bench, that concern several Members of this House in the last Parliament, shall be sent for immediately, viz. such as concern Sir Jo. Elliot, Mr. Strode, Mr. Selden, Mr. Valentine, Mr. Hollis, Sir Peter Hayman, and others, that were questioned after the last Parliament, for any Passages in the last Parliament.

According to this Order, there were Two several Warrants, signed with Mr. Speaker's Hand, sent, by the Officer of the House, to the several Officers of the King's Bench and Star Chamber.

Graud Committees.

Upon [Motion,] that the Grand Committees should have Power to make Sub Committees, [it was] resolved they had Power to do it without further Motion.

Select Committee.

Mr. Speaker reassumed the Chair:

And then, upon a Report from the Committee, that it was thought fit, that a select Committee shall be appointed;

Upon the first Question, * * * *

Violating Privilege of last Parliament.

Upon Question,

Ordered, That a select Committee shall be appointed, for stating the Matter of Fact touching the Violation of the Privilege of Parliament, the last Day of the last Parliament; and for that Purpose, the Opinion of the Committee to be reported to the House:

Sir P. Hayman, Mr. Lewkenour, Mr. Treasurer, Sir W. Erle, Sir Fr. Seymour, Mr. Comptroller, Mr. Cage, Mr. Hampden, Sir Tho. Bowyer, Sir Jo. Strangewayes, Mr. Pimme, Sir H. Mildmay, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Charles Jones, Sir Jo. Hotham;

This select Committee is appointed to meet, for the stating of the Matter of Fact touching the Violation of the Privilege of Parliament, the last Day of the last Parliament; and for that Purpose, the Opinion of this Committee is to be reported to the House; and this Committee is to meet at Two of Clock this Afternoon, in the Court of Wards.


* * made his Complaint, that his Goods were distrained, and taken by the Constable, within the Time of Privilege; but in regard the Committee for Privileges may properly take Notice of it, the House entered no further into any Debate of it.

Person to attend.

Upon Motion, that Sir Humph. Tracy, being now in Town, might attend the Committee for Privileges, on Tuesday next in the Afternoon; it was answered, the Committee had already appointed it.

Grand Committee.

Ordered, the Grand Committee, in which Mr. Grimston has the Chair, to sit again on Monday Morning, at Eight of Clock.

Mr. Pimme.

Mr. Pimme excuses himself, for the [Word defend.]

Records concerning Ship Money.

Motion,-That the Records of the Judgment in Mr. Hampden's Case, may be brought in by a Day certain:

That the Resolutions of the Judges, in several Courts, may also be brought.

Upon Question,

Ordered, That the Records, Inrollments, Judgments, and Proceedings, in the Exchequer, and other Courts whatsoever, concerning Ship Money, shall be sent for to be here on Monday, at Eight of Clock; and Warrants accordingly to issue forth to the several Officers of those several Courts, under Mr. Speaker's Hand.

Controverted Election.

Ordered, Mr. Thurland's Case to be first proceeded in at the Committee for Privileges, this Afternoon:

Mr. Harris's Case to be next: And it is further

Ordered, That the Committee for Privileges shall have Power to determine all Cases of the like Nature, which appear upon bare View of the Indenture.

Member makes Election.

Sir W. Pye waves Wendover, and chooses to serve as Knight for Hereford.