House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 21 October 1648

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 21 Octobris, 1648.


Defaulters Fines restored.

RESOLVED, &c. That Mr. Jennour and Sir Robert Binlosse shall have their respective Twenty Pounds, deposited by them, restored unto them; their Excuses for their Absence, at the last Call of the House, being admitted by the House.

Scotch Prisoners.

A Letter from Edinburgh, of * Octobris 1648, from the Lord Loudoun, and Marquis of Argyll; a Letter from Marquis Argyll alone, from Edinburgh, of 11 Octobris 1648: a Letter from Lieutenant General Cromwell, from Dalhousee near Edinburgh, of 8 Octobris 1648; directed all to Mr. Speaker; were this Day read; recommending unto the House Colonel Robert Montgomery, Son to the Earl of Eglington, to have the Liberty to transport Two thousand of the Scotts Prisoners, being common Soldiers, into foreign Services, upon good Security, that this shall be no Prejudice to the Kingdom of England.

Ordered, That the Committee for Prisoners where Colonel Moore has the Chair, do give Order, That Colonel Robert Montgomery, recommended by the Letters of the Marquis of Argyll, the Lord Loudoun, Lord Chancellor of Scotland, and Lieutenant General Cromwell, may have Two thousand of the Scotts Prisoners, being common Soldiers, and Liberty to transport them out of the Kingdom into foreign Parts and Services; he giving good Security, presently to ease and discharge the Counties, and other Places, of the Burden of them; and that these Men shall not occasion or be any Prejudice to the Kingdom of England.

Message to Lords.

Colonel Harvey, besides the Particulars of his Message Yesterday appointed, carried to the Lords an Order for Payment of One hundred Pounds to Captain Wolfe, and Twenty Pounds to Mr. Noble, out of Sir Charles Keymish his Fine, in Course.


According to former Order, the House resumed the Consideration of the Reports made from the Committee of the Army, in order to the taking off of Free Quarter.

And the Instructions given the last Year, for bringing in the Arrears of the Assessments; and the Ordinance then passed, concerning Free Quarter; were read.

Resolved, &c. That Members be employed to use their best Endeavours, to bring in the Arrears of the Assessments for the Army; to the end Free Quarter may be taken off.

Resolved, &c. That Members of this House be sent down to the General, to confer with him, and his Officers, such as he shall appoint, How the Army, and all other Forces, may be reduced to the Establishment; and how those Forces that are to be reduced may have Satisfaction.

Resolved, &c. That this Committee shall have Power to confer with the General, and such Officers as he shall appoint, How the Army may have Satisfaction for the Pay due unto them since the Fifteenth of January 1647; and that Consideration may likewise be had of the Free Quarter taken upon the Country, since the said Fifteenth of January, that Satisfaction may be given them.

Resolved, &c. That the Committee have likewise Power to confer with the General, and such Officers as he shall appoint, How the Army may, with the most Conveniency, be quartered, according to former Instructions and Directions.

Mr. Scawen, Sir Wm. Litton, Mr. Priestly, Captain Wingate, Sir Tho. Dacres, Sir Richard Onslowe, Colonel Birch, Mr. Lemman;

This Committee, or any Three of them, are appointed to go to the General, upon the Votes aforesaid.

Message to Lords.

Ordered, That Mr. Annesley do carry to the Lords, for their Concurrence, the Vote declaring, That the House will proceed, as to the Taking away of Life, not to the Number of above Seven Persons.


Colonel Harvey brings Answer, That the Lords will send Answer, by Messengers of their own, to the Vote concerning the Contractors: To the other Orders, concerning Mr. Pecke, Colonel Birch, Captain Wolfe, the Messengers from Appleby and Carlisle; and concerning Colonel Mitton; they do agree.

Delinquents Estates.

Resolved, &c. That it be referred to the Committee of the Army, to bring in the Names of Ten Delinquents, not yet engaged, whose Estates or Compositions may be converted to the Use of the Army.

Offices held by Members.

Resolved, &c. That on This-day-sevennight, after the Reports and Business concerning Sir John Danvers, and Colonel Gold, the first Business, the House do take into Consideration the Business concerning Offices held and enjoyed by Members, contrary to the Self-denying Ordinance.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Annesley brings Answer, That the Lords will send Answer, by Messengers of their own, to the Vote carried by him.

Thanks to Army Committee.

Ordered, That the Members of the Committee of the Army, that were employed into several Counties upon the Service of the House, have the Thanks of this House given unto them, for their good Services.

Mr. Scawen then present had accordingly the Thanks of this House given him by Mr. Speaker.

Army Committee.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Army do give their Warrant to the Treasurers at Wars, to satisfy and pay unto the Members of the Committee of the Army employed by this House into several Counties, upon the publick Service, the Expences and Charges they were at in the Discharge of that Employment.

City Arrears.

Ordered, That the Committee of Sequestrations in London be summoned to give an Account to this House, on Monday Morning next, What they have done upon the Order of this House of 7 Octobris 1648, injoining them to levy the Arrears due by several Persons for the Assessments of the Army, mentioned in the said Order, upon their Estates.

Report deferred.

Ordered, That Mr. Swynfen do make his Report on Monday Morning next.

Dutch Officers.

Ordered, That Mr. Knightley do make his Report concerning the Dutch Officers, and other Reports in his Hands, on Thursday next.

Report, &c. deferred.

Ordered, That Mr. Scawen do make his Report on Friday Morning next, touching the Auditors: And, that Day, the Accompts touching the Soldiery in Abingdon are to be taken into Consideration.

Col. King.

A Letter from the Committee of the County of Lincoln; and the Information of George Wanbee and Thomas Ostler; with a Paper under the Hand of Colonel Edward King; were this Day read.

Ordered, That Colonel King be summoned to attend this House.

Ordered, That the said Letter, Informations, and Paper, be referred to the Committee of the Army, to examine the State of the Business touching Colonel King: And the said Committee have Power to send for Parties, Papers, Witnesses, Records: And are to report the same to the House.

Army Assessments.

Ordered, That a Letter be signed by Mr. Speaker, and sent down to the Committees of the several Counties, for levying the Assessments for the Army according to the Ordinance.

Lincoln Assessments.

Ordered, That the Sum of Money for the monthly Assessment for the Army, formerly assessed upon the City and County of the City of Lincolne, be joined to the Sum set upon the County of Lincolne: And that it be referred to the Committee of the said County, to see that there be no more set upon the City than their due Proportion: And the Committee of the Army is to bring in an Ordinance to that Purpose.

Granting Passes.

Upon a Report from the Committee at Derby House;

It is Ordered, That Captain Henry Stone, Governor of Stafford, have Power, and be and is hereby authorized, to grant Passes unto Lieutenant Colonel Fouell, Lieutenant Colonel Dalmahoy, Lieutenant Colonel Cowper, Major Ramsey, Major Ogilon, Captain Durham, and Captain Bosuell, to go beyond the Seas; upon their Engagement, never more to bear Arms against the Kingdom of England: And that the said Governor do grant them Passes accordingly.