House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 23 May 1657

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 23 May 1657', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660, (London, 1802) pp. 538. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]


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Saturday, 23 May, 1657.

Durham Privileges.

A BILL of Grant and Confirmation of Liberties, Privileges, and Jurisdictions, formerly used within the County Palatine of Duresme, was this Day read the Second time; and, upon the Question, committed to Sir Wm. Strickland, Mr. Attorney of the Duchy, Lord ChiefJustice Glyn, Mr. Fowell, Mr. Godfrey, Mr. Downing, Mr. Bampfeild, Sir Lislebone Long, Lord Whitelock, Col. Jones, Major-General Lilburne, Mr. Bodurda, Mr. Bond, Mr. Berkeley, Captain Hatsell, Captain Lilburne, Lord Commissioner Lisle, Sir Christofer Pack, Mr. Brisco, Mr. Smyth, Sir Edward Rhodes, Mr. Robert Fenwick, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Holland, Lord Commissioner Fiennes, Lord Strickland, Mr. Margett, Alderman Geldart: To meet in the Duchy-Court, on Monday at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon.

St. Aubin's, &c. Arrears.

The humble Petition of John St. Aubin, and Thomas Gorges, Esquires, was this Day read.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Commissioners for stating the Accompts at Worcester-house, and the said Commissioners are hereby impowered and authorized, to state the Accompts of John St. Aubyn, and Thomas Gorges, Esquires, according to the Instructions of the 24th of December 1647; and to give them Debentures respectively, for such Arrears as shall appear to be due upon the said Accompts so stated: And that the Trustees for Sale of the late King, Queen, and Prince's Lands, be authorized and required to pass the said Accompts, so stated, into Bills or Bonds; which said Bills or Bonds are to be allowed, upon the Purchase of any Lands already appointed, or to be appointed, for Satisfaction of the Arrears of the Army; notwithstanding the said John St. Aubin, and Thomas Gorges, were not in the Service in the Year 1647.

Lincolns-Inn Fields.

The humble Petition of several Owners and Lessees of Houses in Lincolns-Inn Fields was this Day read.

Resolved, That this Petition be referred to the Committee to whom the Bill touching new Buildings is referred.

Great Marloe Bridge.

The humble Petition of the Inhabitants of Great Marloe in the County of Bucks, was this Day read.

Resolved, That it be offered to his Highness the Lord Protector, That he will be pleased to take this Petition into Consideration; and, if his Highness shall see Cause, that he will be pleased to grant a Brief for a Collection for repairing the Bridge at Marloe in the Petition mentioned.

Ordered, That the Lord Whitelock, and General Disbrow, do present to his Highness this Petition, with the Vote of this House.


Upon the humble Petition of Thomas Denman and William Stanton, both of King's-Lynne in the County of Norffolk; It is

Ordered, by the Parliament, That the further Imprisonment of Thomas Denman and Wm. Stanton, be remitted; and that they be discharged of their Imprisonment in Newgate.


Ordered, That the Bill for Tythes be read on Monday Morning next.

Louthian's Petition.

Ordered, That the Petition of Colonel James Louthian be read on Monday Morning next.

Petition and Advice.

Resolved, That the Clerk do rase out the Clause in the First Article in the Ingrossment of the Petition and Advice; and do insert the other Clause in room thereof, according to the Votes Yesterday.

And the same was done at the Table, accordingly.


The Question being put, That James Naylor be removed for a Month, out of Bridewell, London;

The House was divided.

The Yeas went forth.

Colonel Cooper, Tellers for the Yeas: 38.
Mr. Holland, With the Yeas,
Mr. Pitts, Tellers for the Noes: 49.
Colonel Edwards, With the Noes,

So it passed in the Negative.

Henley's, &c. Petition.

The humble Petition of Robert Henley, of the MiddleTemple, London, Esquire, and James Cooper, of Lincoln's Inn, in the County of Middlesex, Esquire, was this Day read.

Resolved, That this Petition be referred to the Committee for Buildings.

Halford's Estate.

Ordered, That Sir Samuell Sleigh, Mr. Pitts, Mr. Pickering, Colonel Purefoy, Mr. Lucy, Colonel Beomond, Captain Hatsell, Mr. Stanley, Mr. Bedford, be added to the Committee for Mr. Halford.

Protector to be attended.

The Question being propounded, That a Committee be appointed to attend upon his Highness the Lord Protector, to know when this House shall attend his Highness with this humble Petition and Advice;

And the Question being put, That this Question be now put;

It passed with the Affirmative.

And the main Question being put; It was

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to attend upon his Highness the Lord Protector, to know when this House shall attend his Highness with this humble Petition and Advice, Viz. Lord Chief-Justice Glynn, General Disbrow, General Mountagu, Sir Thomas Pryde, MajorGeneral Goff, Sir Lislebon Long, Lord Strickland, Lord Cleypoole, Sir John Thorougood, Mr. Holland, Lord Commissioner Lisle, Sir John Barstead, Sir Christofer Pack, Mr. Williams, Sir John Hobart, Colonel Beomond, MajorGeneral Boteler, Sir Tho. Honywood, Lord Lambert, Sir Richard Lucy, Sir Wm. Strickland, Lord Commissioner Whitelock, Mr. Bampfeild, Lord Eures, Mr. Barkley, Lord Cockram, Sir John Coppleston, Colonel Purefoy, Mr. Francis Bacon, Doctor Clarges, Mr. Lucy, Sir James Mackdowell, Colonel Phil. Jones, Lord Deputy Fleetwood, Mr. Attorney of the Duchy.

Resolved, That this Committee do wait on his Highness, so soon as the House riseth.