House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 18 June 1659

Pages 688-689

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Saturday, the 18th of June, 1659.

Overton's Petition.

THE humble Petition of Robert Overton Esquire was this Day read.

Ordered, That this Petition be referred to the Committee of Colchester; to examine the Matter of Fact; and to report their Opinion, What they think fit to be done, as concerning the Sufferings of the Petitioner; and touching making good to Him, and His, the Donative of Five hundred Pounds per Annum given to the Petitioner by this Parliament, out of the Earl of Leven's Estate in Scotland; and touching the taking off the reserved Rent of One hundred Pounds per Annum, in Consideration of the Petitioner's Damages: And that Mr. Darley and Mr. Anlaby be added to that Committee.

Embassy from Sweden.

Letters from Charles Gustaff, King of Sweden: Given at his Castle at Croningburgh, the One-and-thirtieth of May 1659, was this Day read.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State, to give Audience to the Envoys Extraordinary of the King of Sweden; the Lord George Fleetwood, Lieutenant-General of the said King's Infantry; and John Frederick, of Freisendorff, Counsellor to the said King, in Prussia; to receive their Propositions; and to treat with them; and report their Proceedings therein to this House.

Customs, &c.

An Act, ingrossed in Parchment, for continuing the Excise, and New Impost, Customs, and Subsidies, until the First Day of October 1659, was this Day read the Third time.

Resolved, That the Debate of this Bill be adjourned until Monday.

Resolved, That some Members of the House be desired to look upon the Paper Draught of this Act, to see what is fit to be amended; and report it to the House, that it may be amended at the Table: Viz. unto Mr. Robinson, Mr. Lechmere, Major Salway, Mr. Boone, Colonel Martyn, Colonel Downes, Mr. Blagrave, Colonel Sydney.

Ejecting Ministers.

Ordered, That a Bill be brought in on Wednesday next, For the Ejecting of scandalous Ministers: And relieving oppressed Ministers.


An Act, ingrossed, intituled, An Act of Assessment, was this Day read the Third time; and, upon the Question,

Resolved, That these Words be added to the Fourth Folio, Line Eleventh "or other."

The Question being put, That the Word "Acts," in the Second Folio, Sixth and Tenth Lines, do stand;

It passed with the Negative.

And the said Act, so amended, being put to the Question, passed: And it is

Ordered, That the said Act be printed and published.

Ordered, That it be referred to a Committee, to consider, How, upon the Credit of this Bill, or any otherways, Money may be borrowed towards the present Pay of the Soldiery; and to treat with Persons to that Purpose: Viz. unto Alderman Penington, Mr. Dormer, Colonel Eyres, Alderman Atkin, Colonel Martin, Colonel Downes, Mr. Leman, Earl of Pembroke, Mr. Pury the elder, Mr. Nelthrop, or any Three of them.

New Buildings.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee appointed for providing of Money, to examine the Business touching the present Cash now in the Hands of the Commissioners or Collectors for New Buildings; and state the Matter of Fact, How they find the same; and report it to this House, with their Opinion therein.

Greenwich, &c. Parks.

Ordered, That it be referred to some Members of this House, to treat with the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London, about the Exchange of Greenwich for New-Parke: Viz. Major Salway, Alderman Pennington, Colonel Rich, Mr. Holland.

Sale of Castles, &c.

Ordered, That the Trustees named in one Act of Parliament, intituled, An Act for the exposing to Sale divers Castles, Houses, Parks, Lands, and Hereditaments, belonging to the late King, Queen, or Prince, exempted from Sale by a former Act, do forthwith proceed to the Sale of all comprised within the said Act: And that they take care of the Profits arising from the same, for the Use of the Commonwealth, till Sale thereof be made.

French Protestants.

Ordered, That the Protestants of the French Congregation do make Use of the Chapel belonging to Sommerset House, until this House do take further Order, notwithstanding the former Vote.