House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 14 January 1660

Pages 812-813

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Saturday, January the 14th, 1659


Col. Lambert &c.

ORDERED, That the Council of State be, and are hereby, authorized and enjoined to secure Colonel Lambert, Colonel Disbrowe, Colonel Berry, Colonel Kelsey, Colonel Cobbet, Colonel Ashfeild, Colonel Barrow, Major Creed, Colonel Packer; and all such other Person or Persons against whom any Orders or Warrants have been, or shall be, issued from the Parliament, or Council of State, to depart the Town to their respective Houses in the Country, who have not, or shall not, yield ready Obedience to the said Orders; and have not departed, or shall not depart, to their respective Houses in the Country, according to the said respective Orders.

Regiment disbanded.

Ordered, That the Regiment of Foot, called Sir Henry Vane's, be forthwith disbanded: And that their Arms be returned again into the Tower of London: And that the Council of State do take care, that they be disbanded, and the said Arms be forthwith delivered in to the Tower of London, accordingly.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State, to consider of a Way for Satisfaction to be given to the said Regiment; and report it to the Parliament.

Resolved, That the Two Militia-Troops of Horse, in the County of Lincoln, now kept together, be immediately disbanded: And that the Commissioners for the Militia in the said County do see the same disbanded, accordingly.

Delinquents Estates.

The Lord Chief Baron Wild reports from the Committee to whom it was referred to prepare a Bill for Sale of the Estates of Sir George Booth, and all other Traitors and Delinquents in the Insurrection of Sir George Booth, A Paper delivered in by the Commissioners for Sequestretions; and also Two Letters from the Lord Lambert, from Newcastle, the one of the 30th of November, and the other of the 1st of December, 1659; enjoining the Commissioners for the Counties of Chester and Lancaster to keep the Monies, raised by Sequestrations, in their Hands: And also, another Letter, from Chester, from LieutenantColonel Gilbert Gerrard, of the 7th of January 1659, to the Commissioners for Sequestrations: And also, the humble Petition of Lieutenant-Colonel Gilbert Gerrard: Which were all read: And also, A Paper, intituled, "At the Committee of Safety at Whitehall:" Which was also read.

He also reported, A List of the Names of several Persons sequestered.

Ordered, That Mr. Lechmere be added to the Committee for bringing in a Bill for Sale of the Estates of the Traitors and Delinquents in Sir George Booth's Insurrection: And that Mr. Lechmere do bring in the said Bill.

Ordered, That the Commissioners for Sequestrations, at Haberdashers-Hall, be, and are hereby, required forthwith to proceed in the Hearing and Determining of the respective Cases depending before them, touching Delinquency.


Ordered, That the ingrossed Bill, for an Assessment, be read on Monday Morning next, the first Business; nothing to intervene.

Issue of Monies.

Ordered, That the Report concerning Monies issued out of the Treasuries of this Commonwealth, since the late Interruption of Parliament, be made on Monday Morning, next after the Bill of Assessment is read.

Army Appointment.

Resolved, That Samuell Palmer be Captain-Lieutenant in Colonel Sir Arthur Hesilrig's Regiment.

Ordered, That Sir Arthur Hesilrig do deliver him his Commission, accordingly.