House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 16 May 1660

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Wednesday, May 16th, 1660.


J. Bradshaw.

ORDERED, That James Norffolk, Serjeant at Arms attending this House, or his Deputy, do forthwith seize and secure all Goods, late of John Bradshaw, Serjeant at Law, deceased, wherever he shall find the same: And he is impowered, in case of Resistance, to break open any Doors and Locks, for the more effectual Execution of this Service.

Public Records.

Ordered, That all Records, Books, Papers, and other Writings, relating to the Publick, in the Hands of Mr. John Phelpes, be forthwith secured by Mr. Pryn and Col. Bowyer, Members of this House; and such as have been removed, to be inquired after, and secured, in whose Hands soever they shall be found.

Archbishop of Canterbury's Library.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee to whom the Business of Secretary Thurloe is referred, to take Order, that all the Books and Papers, heretofore belonging to the Library of the late Archbishop of Canterbury, and now, or lately, in the Hands of Mr. Hugh Peters, be forthwith secured.

Money due to Massey.

Resolved, That a Debt of Nine hundred Forty-four Pounds Six Shillings Two-pence, due to Major General Edward Massey, by virtue of an Ordinance of the Lords and Commons, bearing Date the Second Day of October 1646, together with Interest for the same, from the Time it ought to have been paid, be forthwith paid and satisfied to the said Major General Edward Massey, or his Assigns; according to the Tenor of the said Ordinance.

Public Revenue.

Mr. Annesley, Lord President of the Council of State, reports from the Council of State, a Particular of the Sums of Money charged by Order and Warrants from the Council of State, upon the several Treasuries therein named, from the Twenty-fifth of February 1659, to the Fifteenth of May 1660.

Public Revenue.

A PARTICULAR of the Sum of Money charged, by Orders and Warrants from the Council of State, upon the several Treasuries after-named, from the Twenty-fifth of February 1659, to the Fifteenth of May 1660: viz.

£. s. d. £. s. d.
Charged on the Receipt, of publick Exchequer FOR his Excellency the Lord General George Monke, on an Act of the late Parliament, of which there is yet unpaid the Sum of 4,856 l 20,000 - - 68,273 7 11 1/4
£. s. d.
For Dunkirk Garison, To Col. Wm. Lockhart, the Governor, on Account for fortifying the Place, all unpaid, 1,000 - - 19,006 8 10
To Ald. Edward Backwell, For Four Weeks Pay 4,800 - - 12,000 - -
For Two Weeks Pay 2,400 - -
For Four Weeks Pay (unpaid thereof 4,609l. 12s.10 1/2d.) 4,800 - -
For Provisions To Cap.Thomas Lodington, 1,000 4,450 - - 6,006 8 10
and (all unpaid) 3,450
To Henry Sunball (all unpaid) 1,556 8 10
For Savoy and Ely House Hospitals, To Mr. John Bressey, Treasurer, Part of 2,000 l. 300 - - 2,000 - -
To the Committee appointed by Parliament, their As-signee, in full of the 2,000 1. viz.
By one Warrant 300 - - 1,700 - -
By another Warrant (which is all unpaid) 1,400 - -
For the Council's Contingencies. To Mr. Wm Jessop, before a Treasurer was appointed, 1,000 - - 8,400 - -
To Mr. Thomas Parry Treasurer 28 March, 1660 500 - - 7,400 - -
and 500 - -
30. 400 - -
2 April (whereof 4,900l. is unpaid) 5,000 - -
10. 500 - -
11. (whereof no part in paid) 500 - -
For Mr. Martin Noell, to enable him to strike a Tally, for so much paid by him on Orders of the former Council of State, to General Mountagu ; and for the Commissioners Plenipotentiaries of this Commonwealth, at the Sound 7,252 6 2
For Alderman Tho. Vyner and Ald. Christopher Packe, Treasurers for the Collection Money for Piedmont and Poland, for so much ordered from them, by the late Parliament, into the Exchequer (none of which is paid) 7,978 8 9 8,454 8 7
And for so much deposited in the Exchequer, of clipped and Brass Money, ' Part of the said. Collection Money 475 19 10
For the. Earl and Countess of Nottingham, on Pensions from His lateM ajesty, and con firmed by Parliament ; viz.
To the said Earl (all unpaid) 300 - - 500 - -
To the said Countess (all unpaid) 200 - -
For the Gentleman Porter, Warders, and Gunners, at the Tower, for Two Quarters, ended 25 March 1660 (no Part paid) 1,160 4 4 3/4
For Christopher Peircehay, Esq. Receiver General for Yorkshire, to enable him to strike a Tally, for so much paid by him out of his Receipt, on Order of the late Council, to Col. Samuel Clerke, for Pay of his Regiment on their March to Scotland, 1,500 - -
Of which Sum of 68,273 8 11 3/4
There is paid but 34,386 13 3 1/2
So there is unpaid thereof 33,886 14 8 1/4
And of what was paid, there came into the Council's Contingencies no more than 3,000 - -
Charged on the Council's Contingencies. By Warrant on Mr. Wm. Jessop on the 1,000 l. by him received at the Receipt of Exchequer, as above, To Dr. Kinge, sent to Ireland on the publick Service 20 - - 1,000 - -
To Secretary Thurloe, on Account of Intelligence 250 - -
To Secretary Thompson, on the like Account 250 - -
To Maurice Gardiner, in pursuance of an Order of Parliament 100 - -
To John Bradley and Edward Titon, Messengers, on Account of a Journey to Dover, ln the State's Service 10 - -
To Major Clinton alias Fyennes, on Account for levying and transporting Recruits for Dunkirk 200 - -
To Colonel Jo. Bridges, on his Journey to Ireland, in the State's Service 100 - -
To Sir Oliver Fleming, in Part of a greater Sum due to him as Master of the Ceremonies 70 - -
Charged on Mr. Tho. Parry, Treasurer of the Council's Contingencies. For several publick Services, To Mr. Nathaniel Sterry, on his Journey to the Sound 30 - - 10,760 17 8
To Cornet Robert Goldston, for seizing an Agitator 10 - -
To Mr. Gumble, his Excellency's Chaplain, by Order of the late Parliament (not paid) 100 - -
To Col. Peter Temple, for publick Service, on a Recommendation from the late Parliament 200 - -
To Edward Lloyd, for his Journey to Ireland with the Seals 30 - -
To the Marshal of London, for discovering an Agitator 5 - -
To Major Smith, for his Journey and Expences to and at Hull, (not paid) 100 - -
To John Mountaine, &c. for seizing an Agitator (not paid) 10 - -
To Thomas Wright, for bringing Intelligence from Northampton, about Col. Lambert 20 - -
To Major Babington, for his bringing up Col. Lambert (not paid) 50 - -
To Mr. Gascoyne, to one that brought up a Letter from Northampton not paid 10 - -
To L. Lassells, for seizing Agitators (not paid) 20 - -
To Phyneas Paine, in Part, for his Journey to Scotland, and Disbursements (not paid) 40 - -
To Mr. Charles Rich, for Coaches to bring the Portugal Ambassador to Audience (not paid) 29 10 -
To Messengers of the Council, for Bills and riding Charges (not paid) 263 4 10
To Benjamin Ridley, for Service at Whitehall (not paid) 10 - -
To Thomas Simon, Graver, for the Seals for Ireland and Scotland (not paid) 500 - -
1,427 14 10
For Salaries Disbursement to Officer in Arrear, To Mr. Riley, Keeper of the Tower Records, Two Years Salary 400 - - 1,109 17 3
To Sir Oliver Fleming, Master of the Ceremonies (50l. only paid) 230 - -
Porters, Gardeners, and other menial Servants, at Whitehall (not paid) 100 - -
To Edmund Leman, Master of the Barges (not paid) 28 5 -
To Wm. Williams, who brings the Bills of Mortality, a Quarter (not paid) 2 10 -
To Messengers, belonging to the former Council, riding Charges (not paid) 103 - 3
To Mr. Cook, an under Clerk of the late Council (not paid) Part of 59l. 20 - -
To the present Officers of the Council, in Part of Arrears (not paid) 600 - -
To Mr. Scutt, Usher of the Council Chamber, for Fewel (not paid) 98 2 -
To Tho. Wright, and the Widows of Turner and Cook, Messengers of the late Council, Part of Arrear not paid 60 - -
To Messengers of the former Council, Part of Salary Arrear (not paid) 260 - -
To several Persons, on Account for Repairs, To Mr. Embree, Surveyor for Repair of St. James (200l. only paid) 400 - - 710 - -
To Mr. Bales, on Account, towards the Charge of removing the Gravel and Rubbish at Scotland Yard Gate (10l. only paid) 20 - -
To Mr. Embree, towards paving the Street before Whitehall (not paid) 50 - -
To Serjeant Birkhead, to prepare Necessaries for the Parliament House (not paid) 40 - -
To Mr. Davenport, to repair the Parliament House and West minster (not paid) 200 - -
To Officers of the late Parliament, on their Orders, To Mr. Thomas St. Nicholas, Clerk of the late Parliament (not paid) 468 15 - 1,438 15 -
To Mr. Darnell, Clerk Assistant (not paid) 350 - -
To Mr. Marsh and Mr. Frensham, under Clerks (not paid) 10 - -
To Mr. Streeter and Mr. Mecock, Printers, Part of 528 l. 13s. 3d. (not paid) 100 - -
To James Leaven and Edward Meakin, (not paid) 20 To Lancelot Emmot, Provost Marshal, (not paid) 50 - -
To his Six Servants, (not paid) 60 - -
To Serjeant Edward Birkhead, Salary (not paid) Part of 1,166 l. 1s. 3d 100 - -
To his Fourteen Deputies (not paid) Part of 952 l.11s. 8d. 280 - -
To the Officers of the present Council, To the Officers, for Salary, paid 500 - - 1,132 - 4
not paid 512 16 10
To their Printers, on Bill (not paid) 88 - -
To Messengers, for riding Charges, viz.Mr. Bradley 10l. 6 (not paid) Mr.Blake 21l. 3s. 6d 31 3 6
For Dunkirke To Col. Lockhart, Governor, for a special Service (not paid) 1,000 - - 1,650 10 3
To Cap. Tho. Lodington, for Provisions sent thither, in Part 500 - -
To John Berisford, for Medicaments sent thither (not paid) 150 10 3
For Bills of Exchange from publick Ministers Abroad. To Mr. Basse, on a Bill from Sir Philip Meadowe, (not paid) 250 - - 1,700 - -
To Mr. Swale, on a Bill from the Plenipotentiaries at the Sound (not paid) 600 - -
To Mr. Thomas Rider, on a like Bill (not paid) 600 - -
To Mr. Hope, on Bill from Mr. Downing, Agent in Holland (not paid) 100 - -
To Mr. Downing more (not paid) 150 - -
For Repair of Garisons, To Major Bayly, for Hull (not paid) 400 - - 800 - -
To Mr. Morrice, for Plymouth Fort (not paid) 200 - -
To Major Nicholas, for the Tower of London (not paid) 200 - -
Adhuc, charged on Mr, Thomas Parry, Treasurer of the Council's Contingencies. For Relief, To the Lady In chequin (not paid) 20 - - 30 - -
To Ann Hopkins (not paid) 10 - -
For the Army, To Col Stretter, to pay off Gunners, &c. (not paid) 69 - - 74 13 3
To Lt. Col. Pcppar, for Fire and Candle, at Bury St. Edmond's 5 13 -
By Order of the present Parliment. To Sir John Greenville, by so much borrowed of Mr. Forth 500 - - 1,000 - -
To Gen. Edward Mountague (not paid) 500 - -
So the Total charged on the Council's Contingencies is,
£. s. d.
By Warrants, charged on Mr. Jessop 1,000 - -
on Mr. Parry 11,865 - -
£ 12,865 - -
Whereof paid by Mr. Jessop, being the Whole received by him 1,000 - -
By Mr. Parry, Part of 2,000l. by him received, with the 500l. advanced by 2,460 13 3
Total paid is 3,460 13 3
So rests unpaid 9,404 6 9
Charged on the Commitee for the Army. For the Forces in England, For Lt. Col. Manwayring, being short paid on a former Muster of Sir Brice Cochrane's Regiment 61 4 - 8,938 4 6 45,657 12 6
To repay 1,000l. viz. 500l. apiece to the Commissioners of Customs and Excise, for so much paid by their Officers at Hull, on the Council's Desire, for the present Pay of that Garison 1,000 - -
To Sir John Carter, for his Disbursements to disband the Garison of Carnarvon Castle 40 - - 240 - -
For the For his Disbursements to the Forces that marched out of Denbigh Castle 200 - -
For disbanding Col. Mosse's Regiment of Foot 5,214 16 10 5,245 2 10
For Fire and Candle for that Regiment 30 6 -
To Mr. Wm. Clarke, on Account of the Army's Contingencies 500 - -
For Beds, Rugs, &c. for his Excellency's Regiment, quartering at St. James 1,431 17 8
To Mr. Snow, for his Disbursements for the Soldiers quartered at Exeter 460 - -
For the Forces of Scotland. Towards a Month's Pay, by Order, 20 March 6,000 - - 13,329 8 -
Towards another Month's Pay, by Order, 7 May 6,000 - -
For paying off Supernumeraries above what was to be continued in the Establishment of Scotland; viz.
In his Excellency's Regiment o Horse 765 12 - 1,329 8 -
In Colonel Cloberrie's Regiment o Horse 194 12 -
In Major Knight's Regiment o Horse 369 4 -
For the Forces in, and belonging to, ireland, To be sent to Ireland, to pay the Supernumeraries above what is intended to be kept up in the Establishment 8,000 - - 20,000 - - 23,350 - -
And 12,000 - -
To pay the Irish Brigade in England, on the Muster 19 December 1659 3,000 - -
To Col. Redman, relating to that Brigade, on Account 100 - -
To Lt. Col. Brett, relating to it, on Account 100 - -
For the Garrisons in Ireland 150 - -
For Dunkirk, - To Rob. Fitzwilliams, for transporting Seventy Recruits thither, 40 - -
For Fourteen Days Pay to the Soldiers that came from Scotland on Muster, 2 Jan.
Fourteen Days Pay to Col. Saunders's Regiment on that Muster.
Six Months Pay to Col. Redman, as Col. of Horse, to commence from 1 Aug. 1659.
A Month's Pay for Lantguard Fort Garison
Two Months Pay for Warwick Castle.
To Ensign Read the Money due to him on the Muster, 16 Jan. 1659.
A Month's Pay to Major Beake's Four Companies at Coventry.
Fifteen Shillings per Diem to Adjutant General Merist, till he can have a Troop.
Eight Days Pay to Col. Tompson's Regiment in Southwarke.
A Month's Pay to Portsmouth Garison.
Charged on the Almoner Dr. Barnard. For the Lady Inchiquin (not paid) 100 - - 6,000 - -
For Inhabitants of Dover, for Quartering sick and wounded Soldiers sent from Dunkirke (not paid) 300 - -
For Mr. Sam. Hartlib, in Part of his Arrears of what was allowed him by the State (not paid) 200 - -
Charged on theTreasury of the Navy. For General Mountague, advanced, at his going to Sea 500 - - 600 - -
For General Penue, for a special Service 100 - -
Charged on the Treasurers for the Piedmont Collection Money, To J. Baptista del Ponte, a suffering Protestant, 6 - - 156 - -
To Agents who attended that Bussiness on behalf of the Protestauts, 150 - -
Charged on Jersey Revenue , For Two Months Pay to Col Yardley for the Forces there.
Charged on the Revenue in Scotland, &c. On the Receiver General out of the Excise there, to pay for the Forces there, To Sir Archibald Johnson, out of the Office in Scotland, 600 1. per Annum, till further Order, in respect of a former Tide. 4500 - -
Charged on the Prize office, To Col. Alured and Major Smith, for their Charges to Hull, 40 - - 45 - -
To Lawrence Disbrough, who brought Intelligence from Northamptonshire 5 - -
Charged of Sherwood Forest, For Pay of such us look to the Forest, so much Wood to be disposed as may raise 20 - -
£ 20 - -
PENSIONS charged by Orders of the Council of State.
On the Exchequer, To Sir Andrew Dick, on an Order of Parliament 5 l. per Week.
To Mrs. Elizabeth Lilborne, on like Order 40 s. per Week
To Sir J. Siawell, on like Order 6 l. per Week
To Mrs.Bastwick, on like Order 40 s. per Week
To Mrs. Rood, on like Order 15 s. per Week
To J. Scarborough 30 s. per Week
On the Council's Contingencies, To the Countess of Worcester, on Order of Parliament 6 l. per Week
To J. Earl of Lauderda'e 3 l. per Week
To Capt. Maurice Gardiner, on Order of Parliament 20 s. per Week

Read 16 May, 1660.

Resolved, That this House doth approve of the Account this Day reported, by the Lord President, from the Council of State: And that the Monies, charged by the respective Warrants, be paid accordingly.

Council of State.

Resolved, That the Council of State have the Thanks of this House for their very great Service.

Mr. Speaker gave them Thanks accordingly, to the Effect following;

Gentlemen, You of the Council of State, that are Members of this House, (and you are desired to communicate it to the rest) the House have taken Notice of your great and careful Services; and they do give you their very hearty Thanks.


A List of such of his Majesty's Ships of the Navy Royal, now in Pay, not of the Summer's Guard, with an Account of the Wages due to them to the First of May 1660, and the Charge they are at, was read; and is as followeth: Viz.

Rates. SHIPS. Men. Guns. Wages due to 1 Maii.
£. s. d.
3. Lamport 210 50 8,854 1 9
3. Torrington 210 52 9,286 3 9
4. Kentish 150 40 3,025 6 -
4. Maidstone 140 40 6,386 14 3
4. Contnrion 150 40 4,432 8 8
4. Dover 140 40 5,206 11 9
4. Hampshire 130 38 2,163 14 3
4. Namptwich 140 40 4,430 14 3
4. Preston 140 40 3,785 14 3
4. Portland 150 40 6,578 11 9
4. Taunton 140 40 5,220 - 3
4. Dragon 130 38 4,370 6 -
4. Elias 110 36 5,175 4 8
4. Success 100 34 3,310 10 3
4. President 130 38 3,167 3 -
4. Constant Warwick 115 32 2,629 18 6
4. Tyger 130 38 5,147 7 6
4. Marmaduke 110 32 2,629 18 6
5. sorlings 100 22 5,811 18 -
5. Forrester 100 22 2,787 7 2
5. Coventry 90 20 3,579 8 10
5. Convert 90 26 4,604 19 -
5. Hector 85 20 2,480 12 -
5. Greyhound 85 20 3,512 3 9
5. Lyzard 60 16 1,619 - -
6. Weymouth 60 14 1,415 10 -
6. Wolfe 60 16 3,452 15 -
6. Francis 45 10 1,007 6 4
6. Cignet 35 6 840 14 -
6. Lylley 35 6 833 2 6
6. Roe 35 8 1,545 19 6
6. Hunter 30 6 881 7 6
6. Griffin 40 12 1,693 11 8
6. Chesnut 40 10 1,440 14 -
6. Cagway 35 8 648 9 8
6. Pearle 25 4 1,985 9 9
6. Dolphin 25 4 620 17 3
6. Truelove 60 12 1,179 19 6
6. Henrietta
6. Hart 3 8 1,260 19 6
40 Ships.                                                     Men 3,695 - 129,981 14 -

Memorandum: The Charge of these Forty Ships, which are unnecessarily kept Abroad, will, for every Month they continue unpaid, amount to the Sum of Eleven thousand Eighty-five Pounds.

Army and Navy Arrears.

Resolved, That on Friday next the House be resolved into a Grand Committee, to consider of Ways for the speedy raising of a considerable Sum of Money, for Satisfaction of the Arrears due to the Army and Navy; and that Mr. Speaker do then forbear to take the Chair.

Cardigan Election.

The humble Petition of the Gentry, and others, Freeholders of the County of Cardigan, was read.

Ordered, That new Writs be issued for Election of Members to serve in this present Parliament, for the County and Town of Cardigan; and that Mr. Speaker do send his Warrant to the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery, for issuing of new Writs for Election of Members to serve in this Parliament for the County and Town aforesaid: And that the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal, or any Two of them, are hereby required to issue out, and pass the same, under the Great Seal accordingly.

Ordered, That this Petition be referred to the Committee of Privileges, to examine the Misdemeanor about Miscarriage of the Writ for Election of Members to serve for the County of Cardigan; and that the Committee to sit this Afternoon to examine this Business.

Derby Writ.

Ordered, That it be likewise referred to the same Committee, to examine the Miscarriage of the Writ for Election of Members to serve in Parliament for the County of Derby.

Public Records.

Mr. Pryn reports from the Committee appointed to secure the Books, Records and Papers, concerning the Public, in the Hands of Mr. Phelpes, that they have, according to the Command of this House, repaired to Mr. Phelpes his House, and have secured some Books and Writings, according to the Order of this House.

Ordered, That the Committee be desired, this Afternoon, to proceed effectually, in securing of the Records, Books, Papers, and Writings, which concern the Publick, in the Custody of the said Mr. Phelpes.

Grant for Repairs, &c.

Resolved, That Twenty thousand Pounds, Part of the Thirty thousand Pounds assigned for repairing of his Majesty's Houses, and making necessary Preparations for his Majesty's Reception be charged on the Ordinance for Three Months Assessment, commencing the Twentyfourth of June next.

Loan from the City.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Members of this House, who serve for the City of London, and to Alderman Langham, Alderman Frederick, Alderman Bloudworth, and Mr. Tho. Rich, and Mr. John Jolliffe, Mr. Froth, and Mr. Middleton, to whom the Care of getting Thirty thousand Pounds, Part of the Fifty thousand Pounds to be advanced for his Majesty's Use, was referred, to use their best Endeavours for procuring the said Twenty thousand Pounds to be forthwith advanced in the City of London, upon the Credit of the Ordinance for the said Three Months Assessment, for Supply of this very urgent Occasion.

Settling Ministers in Livings.

A Bill for continuing of Ministers in their Parsonages, and Ecclesiastical Livings, was this Day read the Second time; and, upon the Question, committed to the same Committee that brought in the Bill: And all the Members of this House, who serve for the Universities, be added to that Committee: And they are to meet this Afternoon at Two of the Clock in the Speaker's Chamber.

Powers to Serjeant.

Ordered, That further Power be given to the Serjeant at Arms to break open Doors, in case of Resistance, for apprehending and securing the Persons who sat in Judgment upon the late King's Majesty.

Lords remind House of a Message.

A Message from the Lords, by Dr. Child and Mr. Rich, Masters of Chancery;

The Lords have sent us to put you in mind of a former Message of the Lords; and of an Order for Restraining of Wastes in the King's Houses, and Woods; whereto they desire your Answer and Concurrence.

Resolved, That the House return Answer by Messengers of their own.

The Messengers were again called in, and Mr. Speaker gave them this Answer;

Gentlemen, The House hath considered of your Message; and they will return Answer by Messengers of their own.

Mr. Holland, &c.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee to whom the Business touching Mr. Thurloe is referred, to examine the Business, whereof the House was now informed, touching Mr. Holland, Mr. Furley, and Mr. Kiffin, and report what they think fit to be done therein to the House: And that Mr. Shaw and Mr. Meeres be added to That Committee.

Eastlowe Election.

Mr. Turner reports from the Committee for Privileges and Elections, the Case upon the double Return for the Borough of Eastlowe in the County of Cornwall; that, upon Examination of the Matter of Fact, the Committee were of Opinion, that Mr. Seymour and Mr. Trelawny ought to sit; and that the other Indenture be withdrawn.

Resolved, That the House doth agree with the said Committee, that Mr. Seymour and Mr. Trelawny do sit in the House; and that the other Indenture be withdrawn.

Higham Ferris Election.

He also reports from the said Committee, the Case upon the double Return for the Borough of Higham Ferris in the County of Northampton; that, upon Examination of the Matter of Fact, the Question appearing to be, Whether a select Number of Burgesses, or the Burgesses at large, ought to elect; the Committee were of Opinion, that the Burgesses at large ought to elect; and that Sir Thomas Dacres was duly elected by them, and ought to sit.

Resolved, That this House doth agree with the Committee, that the said Sir Thomas Dacres is duly elected, and do sit in this House.

Ordered, That the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery do amend this Return accordingly.

Bedwin Election.

He also reports from the said Committee, the Case upon the double Return for the Borough of Bedwin in the County of Wilts; that, upon Examination of the Fact, the Question being, whether the Inhabitants in general ought not to elect, the Committee were of Opinion, that the Burgesses at large have Right to elect; and that Mr. Spencer and Mr. Gape were duly elected there, and ought to sit.

Resolved, That this House doth agree with the Committee, that the said Mr. Spencer and Mr. Gape are duly elected, and do sit in this House.

Pomphrett Election.

He also reports from the said Committee, the Case upon the treble Return for the Borough of Pomphrett in the County of Yorke; that, upon Examination of the Fact, it appeared, that Sir Geo. Saville Baronet, and William Lowther Esquire, had the greatest Number of Voices; and ought to sit.

Resolved, That this House doth agree with the Committee, that the said Sir Geo. Saville and Mr. Lowther are duly elected, and do sit; and that the Two other Indentures be withdrawn.

Ordered, That the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery do amend this Return accordingly.

Money due to Massey.

Whereas, the Second Day of October, 1646, it was ordained by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that Nine hundred Forty-four Pounds Six Shillings and Two-pence, being so much formerly disbursed by Col. Edward Massey (now Major General Edward Massey) for the Service of the Western Association, should be paid in Course, together with Interest, after the Rate of Eight Pounds per Centum per Annum out of the Receipts of the Excise, to come in upon the Ordinance of the 11th of September 1643, unto the said Major General Edward Massey, his Assignee or Assigns; whereof no part is as yet paid or satisfied:

It is Ordered, by the Commons, assembled in Parliament, that the said Nine hundred Forty-four Pounds Six Shillings and Two-pence, with Interest as aforesaid, for Forbearance thereof, ever since the same became due, be forthwith paid and satisfied unto the said Major General Edward Massey, or his Assigns; according to the Tenor, and true Intent and Meaning, of the said Ordinance; any Act, Order, or Ordinance, for transferring of the said Money from the said Security notwithstanding: And the Commissioners of Excise, and all others whom it doth or may concern, are required to take notice hereof, and make Payment of the said Money, with Interest as aforesaid, accordingly: And the Acquittance or Acquittances of the said Major General Massey, or his Assigns, testifying the Receipt thereof, shall be a sufficient Discharge in that Behalf.