House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 17 May 1660

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Thursday, May 17th, 1660.


Mr. Holland, &c.

MR. Pryn reports from the Committee to whom the Business touching Mr. Holland, Mr. Furlow, and Mr. Kiffin, was referred; the Copy of a Letter from Wm. Kiffen to Mr. John Furlow, Merchant in Colchester, to furnish Cornelius Holland, Esq. with Money, was read.

Proceedings against the Regicides.

Resolved, upon the Question, by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that all the Persons who sat in Judgment upon the late King's Majesty, when Sentence of Death was pronounced against him, and the Estates both real and personal, of all and every the said Persons, whether in their own Hands, or in the Hands of any other, in Trust for their or any of their Uses, who are fled, be forthwith seized and secured: And the respective Sheriffs, and other Officers, whom this may concern, are to take effectual Order accordingly.

Resolved, By the Commons assembled in Parliament, that nothing in the Orders touching the seizing of the Persons or Estates of those who sat in Judgment upon the late King, do in any wise extend to Col. Matthew Tomlinson, or his Estate.

Resolved, By the Commons assembled in Parliament, that the Council of State do forthwith take Order for stopping of all the Ports; to the end that none of those who are ordered to be apprehended, as having sat in Judgment upon the late King's Majesty, may make Escape beyond the Seas.

Resolved, That these Votes, with a List of the Names of those who are to be secured, be sent up to the Lords; and their Concurrence desired:

And Mr. Pryn is to carry these Votes to the Lords.

Charge against Mr. Villers.

Mr. Villers, alias Danvers, being summoned, according to the Order of this House, to appear to answer an Accusation laid against him, appeared; and, being informed, by Mr. Speaker, of the Matter of the Accusation, he, standing up in his Place, denied the Matters objected against him.

Mr. Eyre, being called in, as a Witness to the said Information given in against Mr. Villers, alias Danvers, and standing at the Bar, denied, that he ever heard Mr. Danvers speak the Words, wherewith he was charged; but only had the Words by common Report.

Wastes in King's Houses, &c.

The Order sent from the Lords, for a Stop and Stay of demolishing or defacing of, or committing Wastes in, the Houses and Lands, or any of them, belonging to the King's Majesty, was read:

Resolved, That this House doth concur with the Lords, with these Amendments; viz. Line 6. before the Word "and" in the Beginning of the Line, these Words, viz. "that are not sold," to be inserted; and in the Eleventh and Twelfth Lines, these Words, viz. "the House be further," be omitted; and these Words, viz. "his Majesty be," be inserted in their Stead.

Resolved, That the Lords Concurrence be desired herein: And that Mr. Pryn do carry the Order, so amended, to the Lords.

Leave of Absence.

Resolved, That John Rowse, Esq. a Member of this House, have the Leave of this House, to go into the Country.

Resolved, That the Lord Viscount Strangford, a Member of this House, have the Leave of this House to go into the Country.

Titles conferred by Cromwell, &c.

Resolved, That the Titles of Honour received from the late Protectors Oliver and Richard, or from Henry Cromwell, Son of the said Oliver, by any Person named a Commissioner in the Ordinance for Three Months Assessment, be omitted and struck out of the said Ordinance.

Persons apprehended, &c.

Mr. Annesley reports from the Council of State, several Lists of the Names of Persons committed, and some of them released, by the Council of State; which Names were read, and are as followeth; viz.

Persons apprehended by Warrant of the Council, and again set at Liberty:

Richard Wither, * Miller, Wm. Scott, Col. Dudley Templer, Ralph Davenport, Col. Wm. Kenrick, Dr. Griffith, Tho. Doily, Capt. Walley, Jacob Willet, Col. John Mason, Capt. Geo. Deakins, Capt. Moorecock, Capt. Preest, Capt. Adam Baines, Alderman Ireton, Ald. Titchborne, Col. Nath. Rich, Col. John Clarke, Henry Hills, Printer, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Beverley, Tho. Johnston, * Saule.

Persons against whom Warrants have been granted, who are not apprehended:

John London, * Chapman, Mrs. * Bassnet, * Mrs. Noe, Mr. * Vernon; Commissary General Whaley, Col. Goffe; appeared, Major General Ludlow, Hierome Ives.

Persons committed, and still remaining in Custody:

John Lambert, Maj. Breaman, Col. James Berry, Livewell Chapman, Alexander Tayler escaped, Hugh Courtney, Adjutant General Allen, Col. Wm. Packer, Major Creed, Col. Ralph Cobbett.

He also reports from the Council of State, their Desire, that this House will be pleased to declare their Pleasures concerning Col. Packer, Major Braeman, Hugh Courtney, Adj. General Allen, and Col. Berry; the last of which Persons is weak and infirm, in Lambeth House.

Resolved, That this House doth approve of what the Council of State have done, as well in committing the said Persons, as in releasing such of them as they saw Cause to release.

Resolved, That it be referred back to the Council of State, to continue in Custody such of the said Persons as are still in Restraint; and to release such others of them, as they shall find most for the Service of his Majesty, and the publick Peace; and, from time to time, to secure such others as they shall judge necessary for the Ends aforesaid.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State, to examine Col. Cobbett, concerning some Words alleged to be spoken by him, about the Men that were killed . . . 1648, upon bringing up the Surry Petition; and who encouraged him, or what other Occasion he had, to fall upon the Petitioners.

Higham Ferrers Return.

According to the Order of this House, made Yesterday, the Clerk of the Crown came to the Clerk's Table; and there amended the Return for the Borough of Higham Ferrers in the County of Northampton.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Dr. Child and Mr. Eltonhead, Masters of the Chancery;

Mr. Speaker, The Lords agree to the Additions made to the Order to stop Wastes in the King's Lands, as it was amended by this House; and desire, that this House will sit a while, for that the Lords have somewhat to communicate to this House.-

Wastes in King's Houses, &c.

The Order, so amended and agreed, is as followeth; viz.

Ordered, By the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, that there be a Stop and Stay of demolishing or defacing of, or committing Waste in, the Houses and Lands, or any of them, belonging to the King's Majesty, that are not sold; and that no Timber or Woods be felled, or cut down, off any of the said Lands, or any Part of any of them; and that no Wood or timber felled, and now remaining there, be taken away, or removed from the said Lands: And this to continue until the Pleasure of his Majesty be signified concerning the same: And all Persons whom it may concern, are hereby required to yield Obedience to this Order.-

Answer to Lords.

The Messengers were again called in; and Mr. Speaker gave them this Answer;

Gentlemen, The House have considered of your Message; and their Answer is, that they will sit awhile.


An Ordinance, ingrossed in Parchment, for an Assessment of Seventy thousand Pounds, by the Month, for Three Months, to commence from the 24th of June 1660, was this Day in Part read the Third time.

A Message from the Lords, by Dr. Child and Mr. Eltonhead, Masters of Chancery.

Arrears of Assessments.

Mr. Speaker, The Lords do agree to your Order, with these Alterations, which they have herewith sent you, being for quickening the bringing in the Arrears of the Assessments, and other Revenue.

The Amendments sent from the Lords were read; and, after, the Order, with the said Amendments, was read.

Resolved, That this House doth agree to the Amendments of this Order, as they are sent down by the Lords; which is as followeth;

Whereas the Pay of his Majesty's Armies depends upon due Satisfaction of the Arrears of former Assessments, and of the Assessment of One hundred thousand Pounds, by the Month, now collecting by virtue of an Act for Six Months, beginning the 25th of December last past, and ending the 24th of June next, and other Revenues, due by Recusants and others; whereof if punctual and timely Payment be not made (though not originally imposed by such an Authority as was legal) the Soldiers will be necessitated upon Free Quarter; to the great Oppression of the several Counties: Out of a tender Care, therefore, to prevent so great an Inconvenience to the Country, and Discouragement to the Soldiery, and to promote his Majesty's present Service, the Lords and Commons, in Parliament assembled, do hereby order and declare, in respect of the instant Necessity, there being no other Way to avoid the Inconveniency herein mentioned, that the Commissioners for the Assessment, in the several Counties, Cities, and Places, by virtue hereof, do proceed effectually for the getting in of all Arrears of Assessments, and of the Monies unpaid upon the said Act, or any other Act, according to the Proportions and Powers therein contained: And all Collectors and other Persons whatsoever, charged with the Gathering or Payment of any Part thereof, are forthwith (all Pretences and Excuses to the contrary set aside) to satisfy and pay their several and respective Proportions, according to the Directions of the said Acts; as they will avoid such Penalties as will necessarily fall upon them, in case of their Refusal, and the further Displeasure of the Parliament. And it is further ordered and declared, that all Receivers, and other Officers and Persons, as well Tenants, as others whatsoever, concerned in the Receipt or Payment of any Part of the Revenue, do make due Accompts and Payments of what they, and every of them, are charged with, or liable to; as they will be answerable for their Contempt and Neglect, in a Time when his Majesty's and the Kingdom's Service and Occasions requires the most punctual Satisfaction of what is respectively due from them: And the Receipt of the several Treasurers appointed for the Assessments, and the Officers of the Exchequer thereunto appointed respectively, shall be a sufficient Discharge to all Person and Persons that shall make Payment of any Sum or Sums of Money, by virtue hereof.

Advances for public Service.

The House being informed, that, of the Fifteen thousand Pounds ordered to be sent, by this House, to the Dukes of Yorke and Gloucester, Ten thousand Pounds is taken up, on Bills of Exchange, by Ald. John Robinson, for the Use of the said Dukes; and also that he hath procured Letters of Credit for Five thousand Pounds, the Residue of the said Sum;

Ordered, That, out of the First Monies which shall be advanced by the City of London, on the Credit of the Ordinance for Three Months Assessment, commencing the 24th of June next, there be paid to the said Alderman John Robinson (next after the Four thousand Five hundred Pounds, by him paid in ready Gold, for his Majesty's Use, to Sir John Grenvill) the said Sum of Ten thousand Pounds, provided by Bills of Exchange, as aforesaid, for the said Dukes of Yorke and Gloucester; and, next after That, the Five-and-twenty thousand Pounds, which by Letters of Credit, subscribed by John Langham, the said Alderman John Robinson, Wm. Vincent, Tho. Rich, and Thomas Bludworth, Esquires, and formerly delivered to Sir John Greenvill, was provided by them for his Majesty's Use; and, next after that Sum, the said Five thousand Pounds, for which the said Alderman John Robinson hath procured Letters of Credit; for completing the said Sum of Fifteen thousand Pounds for the said Dukes.