House of Commons Journal Volume 9: 12 May 1675

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercurii, 12 die Maii, 1675.


Daniell le Conte, and Richard Boyle, did this Day take the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, in order to their Naturalization.

Ordered, That the Names of Daniell le Conte, and Richard Boyle, be inserted into the Bill of Naturalization.

Prince Rupert's Licence.

Ordered, That Sir Cha. Wheeler, Mr. Whittacre, Lord Ashley, Sir John Olway, Mr. Eyres, Mr. Swanton, Colonel Phillipps, Mr. Weld, be added to the Committee, to which the Bill for granting a Licence to his Highness Prince Rupert Duke of Cumberland, for One-and-thirty Years, is committed.

Insolvent Debtors.

A Bill for Relief of poor Prisoners was read the Second time.

Resolved, &c. That the Bill be committed, upon the Debates of the House, to Sir Tho. Clergis, Sir Adam Browne, Sir Wm. Doyley, Sir Antho. Irby, Mr. May, Mr. Daniell, Sir Tho. Allen, Sir Robert Barnham, Mr. Culliford, Sir John Knight, Colonel Strode, Mr. Price, Sir Hen. Ford, Mr. Streete, Sir John Trever, Mr. Serjeant Pedley, Mr. Cheney, Colonel Titus, Captain Jones, Mr. Sacheverell, Sir John Covert, Mr. Progers, Mr. Serjeant Rigby, Mr. Pleydall, Mr. Nich. Morris, Mr. Eyres, Mr. Corey, Sir Cha. Harbord, Sir Wm. Smith, Sir John Pettus, Sir Trever Williams, Sir Cha. Wheeler, Sir Fra. Roll, Sir Edw. Masters, Sir John Heath, Sir Tho. Lee, Mr. Jay, Sir Phill. Musgrave, Captain Dyett, Mr. Linfeild, Sir Jo. Mallett, Sir Lanc. Lake, Mr. Tho. Morris, Sir John Birkenhead, Sir Eliab Harvy, Colonel Birch, Colonel Kirkby, Mr. Roll, Sir Wm. Hickman, Sir Edward Mansell, Mr. Lucy, Mr. Powle, Colonel Gilby, Colonel Norton, Mr. Spry, and all that shall come are to have Voices: And they are to meet on Friday next, at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the Exchequer Chamber: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Supply Bill; appropriating Customs.

A Bill for appropriating the Duty arising by the Customs to the Use of the Navy, being tendered, and delivered in at the Clerk's Table: And being brought in by Order of the House;

Ordered, That the Bill for appropriating of the Customs for the Use of the Navy, be read on Friday next, after Ten of the Clock.


Sir Edmond Jenings reports from the Committee to which the Bill for ascertaining the Duty of Hearth-money was committed, some Amendments, agreed by the Committee to be made, and Clauses to be added, to the Bill: Which he read, with the Coherence, in his Place.

The several Amendments till the Fourth Amendment were twice read; and, upon the Question, agreed.

The Fourth Amendment was twice read; and certain Amendments, upon the Question, agreed, and made at the Table.

The Question being put, That these Words, "whereof the Minister to be one," be left out of the Amendment;

The House divided.

The Yeas go out.

Tellers, Mr. Neale, for the Yeas, 154.
Mr. Gwyn,
Tellers, Sir John Barnaby, for the Noes, 108.
Mr. Westfaling,

And so it was resolved in the Affirmative.

Resolved, &c. That the Amendment, with this Alteration, be agreed.

Resolved, &c. That the further Consideration of the remaining Amendments to the Bill be adjourned till Friday Morning next, Ten of the Clock.

Frauds and Perjuries.

A Message from the Lords, by Mr. Attorney General and Sir Andrew Hackett;

Mr. Speaker, The Lords have sent you down a Bill, intituled, An Act for the preventing of Frauds and Perjuries; to which they desire the Concurrence of this House.

Privilege- Dr. Sherley to attend.

Resolved, &c. That Doctor Thomas Sherley be sent for in Custody of the Serjeant at Arms attending this House, to answer his Breach of Privilege for prosecuting a Suit, by Petition of Appeal in the Lords House, against Sir John Fagg, a Member of this House, during the Session and Privilege of Parliament.

Committee of Precedents.

Ordered, That the former Committee, appointed to inspect the Journals of the Lords House, and see what Entries are therein made in the Case of Sir John Fagg, do also inspect the Journals of this House, and see what hath been done in like Cases of Privilege with this; and report the Matter, with their Opinions therein, to the House.

Sir J. Fagg not to proceed.

Ordered, That Sir John Fagg do not proceed in the Appeal depending before the Lords, without the particular Leave of the House.


Ordered, That all Committees, adjourned and discontinued, be revived; and do sit this Afternoon, in the Places formerly appointed.

Hawkers, Pedlars, &c.

Ordered, That these Members following be added to the Committee, to which the Bill for suppressing Hawkers, Pedlars, and petty Chapmen, is committed; viz. Lord Fitz-williams, Mr. Geo. Clerke, Mr. Broome Whorwood, Sir Lewis Palmer, Sir Fran. Clarke, Mr. Gwynne.

And then the House adjourned till Friday Morning, Eight of the Clock.