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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'Index: N', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687, (London, 1802) pp. 38-39. British History Online [accessed 18 April 2024]


19° & 20° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 7. A. 1667, & 1668.

NATURALIZATION, Bills of. Vide Costa, and Comine.
-, -general Bill for it, read, 19 Nov. Order for Second Reading, 29. Read, 3 Dec. Debate thereon adjourned, 3 & 7. Resumed, 4.
-, -Names of Persons to be left out of a Naturalization Bill, for want of Certificates, 25 Apr.-Order, that Persons to be naturalized take Oaths in House, after Speaker takes the Chair, 2 May.

Navigation, Petition for Bill to encourage it, referred to a Committee, 11 Nov. Committees added, 15 & 22 Nov. 5 Feb. 5 & 17 Mar. Committee revived, 15 Nov. Order for sitting, 15 Nov. & 5 Mar. Matter referred to Three, 15 Nov. Bill read, 26 Mar. Committed, 23 Apr.

Navy Debts, Bill for paying them, read, 19 Nov. Withdrawn- new Bill ordered, 14 April. Read, 23.

Nettle. Vide Privileges.

Newburgh, Lord. Vide Privileges.

New Forest. Vide Dean, Address.

Newgate, Keeper of. Vide Juries.

Nicholas. Vide Privileges.

Norfolk, James, Petition, 25 Nov.

Nonconformists, Consideration of their Insolencies and illegal Meetings, referred to a Committee, 5 Mar.

21° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 8. A. 1669.

NATURALIZATION, Bill of. Vide Skelton.
-, - Leave for Persons, bringing Certificates before Day appointed, to be inserted in Bill, 9 Dec.

Navigation, Bill to improve it, read, 8 Nov. Committed, 18.

Navy, Committee to consider, whether it be needful to bring in Bill to provide Necessaries for the Navy, 13 Nov.

Norwich, Sheriff of. Vide Privileges.

22°, 23°, 24°, & 25° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 9. A. 1669, 1670, 1671, & 1672.

NATURALIZATION, Bills of. Vide Stockman, and Woodhouse.
-, -Bill, from Lords, for a general Naturalization, 3 Dec. Question for Reading next Day, Neg. Question for reading on a future Day, Affirmative, 19. Order for Reading, 4 Apr. Read, 5.

Navigation. Vide Plantation Trade.

Navy. Vide Stores.

Newburgh, Lord. Vide Privileges.

Newington, Barrow. Vide Supply.

Norfolk, Sir James. Vide Privileges.

Norgrove. Vide Privileges.

Norreys, Lord James, Bill, from Lords, to convey Lands during Minority, 17 Dec. Read, 20. Committed, 5 Jan. Reported, and passed, with Amendments, 20. Amendments agreed to by Lords, 6 Feb.

Northampton, Bill for building Sessions-house therein, ordered, 26 Nov.

Nosworthy. Vide Privileges.

25° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 10. A. 1672, & 1673.

NATURALIZATION, Bill of. Vide Lloyd.
-, -Committee to prepare Bill for general Naturalization of foreign Protestants, 8 Feb. Report; Bill read, 12 Mar. Committed, 24.

Navy Office, Bill for rebuilding it, and erecting a Court of Judicature touching Houses burnt, presented, 11 Mar. Read, 17. Committed, 20. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 22. Passed, 24.

Norfolk, new Writ, 6 Feb.

Nottingham County, new Writ, 6 Feb.

25° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 11. A. 1673.

NEALE, Sir Paul, excepted against, as having no Right to sit; withdraws; Debate thereon adjourned, 30 Oct.

Newcastle upon Tyne, new Writ, 27 Oct.

25° & 26° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 12. A. 1673, & 1674.

NEWARK Election, Petition, 31 Jan.

Newburgh, Earl of, Bill, from Lords, to sell Lands for Payment of Debts, read, 13 Feb. Committed, 14. Committees added, 16. Bill reported, and passed, 24.

Newcastle Trade, Petition of Persons using it, owned, and referred to Committee; Instruction concerning impressing Seamen, 21 Jan.

Norfolk, Duke of. Vide Address.

Northallerton, Petition from, 29 Jan. Vide Highways.

27° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 13. A. 1675.

NAPPIER, Mr. Vide Privileges.

Naturalization, Bills of. Vide Rushout, and Russell.
-, -Parties Names to be inserted, on producing Certificates of having received the Sacrament, 17. 22. & 31 May.- Another to be inserted, on producing Certificate that he is an Infant, and educated in the Protestant Faith, 17.

Navy, State thereof, and of Stores belonging thereto, ordered, 22 Apr. Presented, 24. Debate thereon adjourned, 24 £ 26 Apr. & 3 May. Resumed; Bill ordered thereupon, 4 May. Vide Supply.

Newark Election, Petition, 17 Apr. Another Petition, complaining of undue Means in obtaining the Charter, referred to Committee of Privileges and Elections, 10 May. Read, and referred to Committee of Grievances, 14.

Newcastle under Line, new Writ, 13 Apr. Election, Petition, 4 May.

Norfolk, new Writ, 13 Apr.

Northampton County, new Writ, 13 Apr.

Nosworthy, Mr. Vide Privileges.

27° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 14. A. 1675.

NATION, State thereof to be considered, 18 & 27 Oct. 2. 4. 9, 10. 12. and 15 Nov. Considered, and Report of Resolutions touching Atheism, Debauchery, and Impiety-touching summoning Justices of Peace to Council-board for Proceedings in Matters judicially before them, 10 Nov.

Navy. Vide Supply.

Newport, Mr. Vide Quarrel.

Northampton, Bill for rebuilding it, and erecting a Judicature for determining Differences, ordered, 4 Nov. Read, 6. Question for Second Reading, Neg. 8. Committed, 9. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 17. Passed, 19.

Norton. Vide Privileges.

28° 29° & 30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 15. A. 1676, 1677, & 1678.

NATION, State of, considered in Committee of whole House, and Remedies to prevent the Dangers thereof to be presented; Report of Resolution, 14 Mar. 1677. Vide Address.

Naturalization, Bills of. Vide Rushout, David, Scoppen, and Lincoln.

Neale, Ambrose, Petition, 7 Mar. 1676. Vide Hackney Coachmen.

Neile, Sir Paul, Petition referred to Committee of Grievances, 22 Feb. 1676. To be heard at Bar, 26. Vide Newark, infra.

Nelthorpe. Vide Thompson.

Newark Election, Petitions; Question for referring it to a Committee, Neg. to be heard at Bar; Sir Paul Neile to be heard at same time, 26 Feb. & 16 Mar. 1676. Petitioners to give Notice to Town, 26 Feb. Heard; Question that the Town has Right to send Burgesses to Parliament, Affirmative; Election declared void, 21 Mar.-New Writs ordered, 21 Mar. £ 7 Apr. Election; Petition referred to Committee of Privileges and Elections, to examine whether preferred in time, 31 Jan. Report, 12 Feb.

Newport, new Writ, 28 Jan. Election; Petitions, 20 & 23 Feb.

Newton, new Writ, 16 Feb. 1676. Election; Petitions; Question for referring them to Committee of Privileges and Elections, Neg. 3 Mar.
-, -John, and others, Petition, 24 Mar. 1676.

Norfolk, Duke of, a Lunatick, Petition of Brothers and Sister owned, and referred to Committee, 19 Feb. 1676. Committees added, 20. Report to be made, 5 & 7 Mar. Made, 9. Mr. Onslow to be heard at Bar before Question for agreeing with Committee, 9. & 13. Witnesses to be summoned, 13. Matter heard; House agrees with Committee, 15. Vide Address.

Northampton Town, Bill for Maintenance of the Ministers therein, ordered, 20 Feb. 1676. Read, 21. Committed, 23. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 20 Mar. Passed, 30. Agreed to by Lords, 9 Apr.
-, -County, new Writ, 7 Feb. 1677.

Northumberland, new Writ, 16 Feb. 1676.

Norwich, new Writs, 28 Jan. & 15 Apr.

30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 16. A. 1678.

NATURALIZATION, Bill of. Vide Scoppens.

Nelthorp. Vide Thompson.

Newport Election, Petitions, 23 & 24 May.

Nobility and Gentry, Bill, from Lords, for registering Certificates of their Diseases, Burials, Marriages, and Issue, 2 July.

30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 17. A. 1678.

NATION, State thereof. Vide Army.

Navy, Lists of Ships abroad, with Commanders Names; Times they have been in Command; and of Commanders of Ships in Harbour, who receive Pay, and who commands the Guard-ship, ordered, 22 Nov.

Neale, Mr. ordered into Custody, 11 Nov. Vide Northampton, infra.

Newcomb. Vide Gazette.

Newgate, Keeper of, to attend, 30 Oct. Vide Plot.

Newport Election, Petitions, 23 & 25 Oct.

Northampton Town, new Writ, 21 Oct. Election, and double Return; Petition to be heard at Bar; Sheriffs, Mayor, and Clerk of the Crown, to attend, 6 Nov. Heard; Resolutions thereupon; Return amended; High Sheriff ordered into Custody, 11. Another Petition presented, but not signed; Question for reading, Neg. 23.

31° Car. II. Parl. 3. Seff. 1. A. 1678, & 1679.

NALSON, Dr. Vide Privileges.

Naturalization, Bill of. Vide Mons.

Navy, State thereof to be considered in Committee of whole House, 14. 17. 22. 24. & 28 Apr. Speaker to issue Warrants for summoning Witnesses to be named to him, 24. Considered; Captain Roydon examined, 28. Vide Roydon.

Newport Election, Petition, 20 Mar.

Norfolk Election, Petition, 19 Mar. To be heard at Bar, 19 Mar. 1. 10. 12. 15. 21. & 30 Apr. 15 & 20 May. Sheriffs and Verdon to attend, 19 Mar. Sir Christopher Calthorpe's Petition for longer Time for hearing, not assented to, 28. Matter heard; Under-Sheriff and Dr. Hildyard ordered into Custody, 21. Doctor's Petition; Order for his Discharge, and Attendance again, 21 May. Petition of Freeholders withdrawn, on account of a Mistake in the Direction; another rejected, 24.-New Writ, 22 Apr. Sheriff ordered into Custody for refusing to return it, 12 May.

31° & 32° Car. II. Parl. 4. Seff. 1. A. 1679, & 1680.

NASH, Samuel, and others, Petition; 5 Jan. Vide African. Naturalization, Bill of. Vide Elers.
-, -general, Committee to prepare Bill for it, 31 Dec.

Non-residencies. Vide Pluralities.

Norfolk, Petition from, 25 Nov. Vide Verdon.

Norris, Mr. Vide Plot.

North, Sir Francis. Vide Plot. Committee to prepare Heads of Impeachment against him; to sit de die in diem, 24 Nov. Revived, 26. Report to be made, 10 Dec. To be expedited, 5 Jan.

33° Car. II. Parl. 5. Seff. 1. A. 1680, & 1681.

NEWCASTLE under Lyne, new Writ, 24 Mar.

1° 2° & 3° Jac. II. Parl. 1. Seff. 1. A. 1685, 1686, & 1687.

NATURALIZATION, Bills of. Vide. Esselbron, Dufay, Protestants, and Pellisarii.

Newburgh, Countess of, and Son, Petition, 1 June. Vide Cleveland.

Newcastle under Line Election, Petition, 23 May. Order for hearing by Committee, 26 June. Motion from Committee for Directions touching Proceeding; Committee to appoint a Day, 19 Nov.

Newton Election, Petition, 25 May.

Northampton County, Election, Petitions, 23 May, & 4 June. Hearing before Committee deferred, 17 June.
-, -Town, Election, Petition, 25 May.
-, -Bill for rebuilding it, ordered, 26 May. Read, 30.

Needle-makers, Petition, 22 June. Vide Buttons.

Needle-work. Vide Buttons.