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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'Index: O', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687, (London, 1802) pp. 39-40. British History Online [accessed 19 April 2024]


19° & 20° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 7. A. 1667, & 1668.

OATELEY, Sir Richard. Vide Privileges.

Office, Six Clerks, Bill for Regulation thereof, ordered, 6 Mar. Read, 12. Order for Second Reading, 7 & 9 Apr. Committed; Committee joined to Committee on Bill for Offices for Royal Aid, 10.

Offices, Bill for recovering Money due from them to the Crown, read, 5 May.

Officers, indigent, Petition; Committee to examine Accounts of Money received for them, 11 Dec. Committees added, 12. Member for Counties in Arrear to examine how much is in Arrear, what collected, and what unpaid; Collectors to pay it before next Meeting, or, in Default thereof, to be taken into Custody; Speaker to write Letters, with Order inclosed, to absent Members; a Committee, during Recess, to take Account of Money in particular Hands, 19. Committee to sit de die in diem, 6 Feb. To prepare Bill for better Payment of Money due, 5 Mar. Another Petition; Bill to be expedited, 3 Apr. Read, 21. Committed; Instruction to amend Bill, as they find Cause, 23.

Orders. Vide Speaker, Bills, House, and Serjeant.
-, -that no private Business be entertained till publick dispatched, 18 Dec.-No new Business till House be called, 6 Feb. -Against Obstructions in the Streets, Justices of Peace to see Order executed, 12.-That no new Motion be made after 12 o'Clock, 28 Mar.

Outwood Forest, Bill for inclosing Part thereof, read, 7 Dec. Committed, 1 Apr.

Owen, Hugh, Petition referred to Committee of Privileges and Elections, 15 Oct.

21° Car. II. Parl. 2. Seff. 8. A. 1669.

OFFICES. Vide Fees.
-, -Committee to prepare Bill to prevent Sale of them; Bill recommended to Care of one Member, 29 Nov.
-, -Bill to recover Arrears therefrom due to the Crown, read, 19 Mar. Committed; Instruction, 22. Committee revived, and Order for sitting; Committees added, 24.

Officers, indigent, Petition; Bill for taking Account of Money given them, and for their further Relief, ordered, 12 Nov. Read, 23. Committed; Instruction, 27.

Ossley. Vide Privileges.

Orders. Vide Serjeant, and Speaker.
-, -against receiving new Business before Recess, 4 Dec.

Orme, Mr. Vide Privileges.

Orrery, Lord, Petition, with Articles of Impeachment against him annexed owned; previous and main Questions, that Charge contains treasonable Matter, severally Affirmative; sent for in Custody; Serjeant to acquaint him with Order, and, if incapable of coming, leave a Servant with him; Copy of Charge to be delivered to him, 25 Nov. Desires Admittance; Manner of receiving him; Articles read; gives in his Answer; previous Question, that a Day be appointed for Accusers to produce Witnesses, Affirmative; main Question, Neg. Question, that Accusation be prosecuted at Law, Affirmative, 1 Dec. Debate touching him; Resolution thereupon, 10. Vide Address.

22° 23° 24° & 25° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 9. A. 1669, 1670, 1671, & 1672.

OAKHAMPTON new Writ, 24 Nov.

Obrian. Vide Maiming.

Offices. Vide Supply.

Officers, indigent, Petition of Sir John Bennett, complaining of Collectors of their Money, 15 Mar. 1669. Commissioners desired to meet, 15 & 30 Mar. Sir John to attend them, 15. Committee on their Bill revived, and Order for sitting, 16 Nov. & 14 Dec. All that come to have Voices, 17. Committees added, 19.-Bill for Recovery of Monies in Arrear to them, ordered, 25 Jan. Read, 6 Feb. Order for Second Reading, 7. Committed, 8. Committees added, 9. All that come to have Voices, 18. Bill to be reported, 10 Mar. Reported, 11. Report to be considered, 11 & 12. Considered, 13 & 14. A Committee to see Blanks filled up, and provide Clause for Discharges, 14. Clause for constituting Mr. Birch Treasurer, ordered, 16. To be read, 20. Read; Bill to be ingrossed, 27. Passed, 29. Returned from Lords, with Amendments, 19 Apr. Amendments agreed to, 20.

Ogden. Vide Privileges.

Ogle, Sir Thomas, Bill to sell Lands for Payment of Debts, read, 4 Jan. Committed, 9. Committees added, 3 Feb. Committee revived, and Order for sitting, 14 Mar. Bill reported, and to be ingrossed, 27. Proviso added; Bill passed, 29. Agreed to by Lords, 17 Apr.

Orders. Vide Serjeant, House, and Bills.
-, - against receiving new Business before Recess, 31 Mar. 1670.-for nailing up Back-door of Speaker's Chamber during any Sessions, 8.-against Obstructions on the Stairs; Offenders to be sent to House of Correction; Order to be fixed at Lobbydoor, 12 Nov.

Out-ports. Vide Fees.

Outram, Dr. desired to preach, 23 Jan. Thanked, 3 Feb.

Outwood Common, Bill for Improvement thereof, read, 12 Nov. Committed, 15.

25° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 10. A. 1672, & 1673.

OATHS. Vide Test.

Officers of House, Petition, 24 Mar. Vide House.

Orders. Vide Serjeant, and House.
-, -against Obstructions on the Stairs, and in the Passage; Offenders to be taken into Custody, 7 Feb.

25° & 26° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 12. A. 1673, & 1674.

OBRIAN, Lord, Petition referred to Committee, 15 Jan. Committee impowered to send for Persons, Papers, and Records, and hear Parties on behalf of Duke of Lauderdale; Committees added, 17. Committee revived, and Order for sitting, 20.

Officers, indigent, Petition read; Debate thereon; Members to desire Lord Chief Baron to order Sir John Bennett's Account to be expedited, 28 Jan. His Answer; Debate concerning the Account adjourned, 11 Feb.

Orders. Vide Speaker, House, Serjeant.
-, -antient to be considered by Speaker, 21 Jan. Committee to assist him, 22.-for locking Back-door of Speaker's Chamber, 29.-Committee to consider antient Rules, and Means to compel Attendance of Members, 31 Jan.

27° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 13. A. 1675.

ONSLOW, Mr. Vide Privileges.

Orders against Obstructions on the Stairs; Offenders to be taken into Custody, 16 Apr.

27° Car. II. Part. 2. Sess. 14. A. 1675.

OFFICERS of inferior Courts. Vide Fees.

Out-parishes. Vide Churches, and Southwark.

Oxford County, new Writ, 13 Oct.

28° 29° & 30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 15. A. 1676, 1677, & 1678.

OBRIAN, Lord. Vide Quarrel.

Okehampton new Writ, 16 Feb.

Orders. Vide Serjeant, and House.
-, -against Obstructions in the Passages; Offenders to be taken into Custody, 22 Feb.-against proceeding in private Business after 10 o'Clock, 3 May.

30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 16. A. 1678.

OFFICERS of House. Vide House.

Orders against receiving private Business, 15 June.

Outlawries, Bill concerning them in King's Bench, ordered, 15 June. Read, 19. Committed, 24. Committee revived, and Order for sitting, 6 July.

Out-parishes. Vide Burglaries.

30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 17. A. 1678.

OATES, Mr. Serjeant to bring him to Bar, 23 Oct. Vide Plot.-Member to know of him, how far King's Commands for taking off Restraint are observed, 5 Dec. Report; Resolution thereupon, 6. Vide Address.

Oaths, Information given, that Commissions for taking them are not issued; Clerk of Crown to attend with them; examined; Conference desired with Lords thereupon, agreed to; Committee to assign Reasons, 9 Nov. Report; Conference held; another Conference, desired by Lords, agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported, 11.

Orders. Vide Speaker, Serjeant, House, and Bills.
-, -for clearing the Lobby, 25 Oct.-for locking House Door, 28 Nov.-of House, to be read before entered in Journals, 11 Dec.
-, -standing, that Speaker shall not adjourn the House without a Question, if insisted on, 19 Dec.

Outlawries, Bill for reversing them in King's Bench, read, 21 Oct.

31° Car. II. Parl. 3. Sess. 1. A 1678, &. 1679.

OATES, Mr. to attend, 20 Mar. Vide Plot.

Orders. Vide House, Members, and Serjeant.
-, -of every Day to be read first next Morning, 21 Mar.- after reading, to be entered in Journal, 29.-for locking up the Back-door of Speaker's Chamber, and shutting the adjoining Window, 7 Apr.-that the standing Order, that no new Motion be made after 12 o'Clock, be strictly observed, 29.
-, - standing, that, upon a Vacancy, no Motion be made for chusing a new Speaker till after 11 o'Clock, 12 Apr.

Outlawries, Bill for reversing them in the King's Bench, read, 18 Mar. Committed, 24 Apr. Committee impowered to consider of the Supersedeas out of Common Pleas; Committees added, 26 May.

Out-parishes. Vide Southwark.

Oxley. Vide Address.

31° & 32° Car. II. Parl. 4. Sess. 1. A. 1679, & 1680.

OFFLEY. Vide Privileges.

33° Car. II. Parl. 5. Sess. 1. A. 1680, & 1681.

OFFICERS of House. Vide House.

Orders. Vide House.

1° 2° &Jac. II. Parl. 1. Sess. 1. A. 1685, 1686, & 1687.

OGLETHORPE, Theophilus, Petition, 5 June. Vide Seawater.

Orders. Vide Serjeant, and House.
-, -against Obstructions by Footmen, 4 June.-against Obstructions in Streets, 19 Nov.

Offory, Earl of, Bill, from Lords, to enable him to make a Jointure, 4 June. Read, 5. Committed, 6. Reported, 11. Passed, 13.

Out-parishes. Vide Southwark.

Oxon University, new Writ, 9 Nov.