Volume G 247: September 1648

Calendar, Committee For Compounding: Part 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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'Volume G 247: September 1648', in Calendar, Committee For Compounding: Part 1, (London, 1889) pp. 128-131. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/compounding-committee/pt1/pp128-131 [accessed 22 April 2024]


September 1648

Sept. 1. 118. Parliament order that 100l. be given to Capt. James Pittson and 50l. to James Noble, messengers who brought particulars of the great success of the Parliament forces in the dissipating and total ruin of the Scots' whole army, and brought up the Scots' colours, and a list of prisoners taken at Warrington; to be paid by Goldsmiths' Hall, out of the fine of Sir Charles Keymish. [1 page; also G 1, p. 194.]
Sept. 4. 119. Order of the House of Commons, that the persons that have been in the late insurrections in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Essex, whose fines and compositions are not already disposed of, be admitted to composition at Goldsmiths' Hall, at a full 4th part of their estates, unless any of them be already under some higher qualifications. [½ page; also G 1, p. 197.]
Sept. 5. Committee for Compounding to the Committee for co. Chester. We wrote you that Rich. Frere, of Tufton, had petitioned us, acknowledging his delinquency, and setting forth the time of his surrender and taking the national covenant and negative oath, with an affidavit that he was not worth 200l.; and we ordered you to discharge him if, upon examination, you found his allegations true. He has presented us an order from you, declaring that you have taken an oath not to discharge any sequestrations without order of Parliament, and that you know no such order discharging estates under 200l. value. We send you the votes of 10 Nov. 1646 and 8 Dec. 1646, and the ordinance of both Houses establishing this committee, 6 Feb. 1647, and enabling us to act, and we beg you to proceed accordingly. [G 4, p. 217.]
Sept. 8.
120. Order of the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall, that Sir Ant. Irby report to the House what this committee has done on the Parliament order of 27 March about Lady Moore, and what was formerly passed by Parliament order, prohibiting the disposal of particular fines to particular uses, and that he request further orders therein. [⅓ page.]
Sept. 8. 121. Committee for Scottish Affairs to the Committee for co. Middlesex. We have sent you the orders of Parliament requiring us to bring in the arrears of the 4 months' assessments for the Scottish army, and our engagements in advancing money on the credit thereof, and we have had promises of expediting the arrears in your county, which the necessities of our treasury remind us to call on you to perform. As you have been levying them, send us your account, and let such moneys as you have received be speedily paid in. [¾ page; also G 5, p. 2.]
Sept. 11. 122. Order of the House of Commons, on a letter from Thos. Smith and Roger Tweedy, Navy Commissioners, to Sir Hen. Vane, jun., that the Navy Committee confer with the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall as to how the 40,000l. charged on them for the navy may be suddenly raised or advanced, for paying the wages of this summer's fleet, victualling the ships, and furnishing the magazines, and that they use their utmost diligence therein.
That the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall meet the Navy Committee thereon this afternoon, and choose out the most considerable and valuable compositions, and report them to the House first; these reports to be made every morning till ten o'clock. [1 page; also G 1, p. 206.]
Sept. 11. 123. Order of the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall on the former part of the preceding order, that the treasurers be desired to extend their credit by exchange, or by moneys taken up on bond, for 10,000l. for the pressing affairs of the navy, joining in security with Sir Hen. Vane, jun., Giles Green, and others who may be willing to join; the treasurers to repay the same with interest at the times mentioned in the bond. [1 page.]
124–126. Like order on Parliament orders given of 31 Aug.—that whereas on departure of the Scottish army in 1646, 400,000l. was to be paid them for arrears, whereof 200,000l. was paid in ready money, and the public faith of this Kingdom given for the latter 200,000l.; and for better security, by order of 13 Jan. 1647, 50,000l. was assigned to be paid from fines of Papists and delinquents or sale of their estates, on 3 Feb. 1648, being 12 months after completion of the first 200,000l., and at the same time 50,000l. more to make up the third 100,000l., and on 3 Feb. 1649, 100,000l., to make up the sum;—that of the latter sum, 50,000l., part of the third 100,000l., is to be paid as follows:—
To Sir Hen. Vane, jun., Navy Treasurer, by order of the Navy Committee 40,000l.
Sir Walter Earle, Lieut. of Ordnance, for furnishing the stores 7,000l.
Wm. Cottam, of Preston, co. Lancaster, for the Lancashire forces that left their county in the late expedition under Col. Ralph Ashton 3000l.
any ordinance to the contrary notwithstanding; the Navy Committee to have power to take up moneys at interest, on credit of their 40,000l. and of Earle's 7,000l., and the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall to pay the interest.
Also on an order of Parliament, given of 2 Sept.—that whereas by ordinance of Parliament 31 Aug. 1648, 50,000l., part of the third 100,000l. appointed for Scotland in part of the 400,000l., is to be employed for the pressing necessities of the navy, &c.; and whereas the other 50,000l., part of the third 100,000l., assigned to the Marquis of Argyle 13 Jan. 1647, with interest till paid, is by order of the Committee at Haberdashers' Hall 6 March 1648, appointed to be paid from fines of Papists and delinquents, and also from arrears; from the counties on the first Scottish loans, or the two 4 months' assessment,—and the 50,000l. first named is to be paid out of the said fines, in course after 10,000l. (sic) assigned by ordinance of 13 Jan. to the Marquis of Argyle, any other ordinance of Parliament or of the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall notwithstanding;—for payment accordingly. [Also G 1, pp. 195, 196; 4, pp. 217, 218.]
Sept. 11. 127. Copy of the preceding order of the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall, with assignment by Wm. Cottam, attested by Hen. Blundell, Mayor of Preston, and 3 others, of his 3,000l. to Jas. Wainwright, of London, and receipt of 2,400l. thereof in 3 sums. [1¾ pages.]
Sept. 13. County Commissioners for Somerset to John Arundel and others. We are ordered by the Committee for Compounding, 22 Aug., to sequester the persons hereunder written for not prosecuting their compositions, or paying their fines. You are therefore to seize their estates, real and personal, dispose of them to the best advantage, and return a speedy account of your proceedings. [G 90, p. 639.]
Sept. 14. 129, 130. Order of the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall on a Parliament order given, of 8 June 1647—that 10,000l. more, with interest, be added to the 10,000l assigned for the private soldiers by order of 5 June 1647, charged upon the same credit, paid to the same treasurer, and disposed of by order of the same committee as the former 10,000l.; and that both be disposed of for relief of the private soldiers that have served under the commanders mentioned in the said former order, and all others within the lines of communication, provided they bring in their names and tickets to the auditors sitting at Christchurch, named in the former order, before Friday next, and that the auditors begin their sittings early to-morrow morning for dispatch of these affairs—for payment of 4,000l., part of the 10,000l., to the treasurers for maimed soldiers, for relief of the soldiers who have served under the Earl of Essex, Sir Wm. Waller, Lieut.-Gen. Massey, Major-Gen. Browne, or within the lines of communication. [Also G 1, p. 204.]
Sept. 19. Order of the House of Commons that any 2 of the gentlemen appointed to go down on the disposal of the Scotch prisoners, joining with any one of the county commissioners, shall be a quorum to transact business.
That Col. [Ant.] Weldon, Major Strachan, and the other 2 appointed to go have 40l. each for pains and charges.
That the 160l. for them be charged upon moneys payable out of Goldsmiths' Hall to officers of the Scottish nation who formerly served Parliament, but have since been in arms against it. [G 1, p. 198.]
Sept. 19. 131, 132. Order of the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall on a Parliament order given, on 2 Sept.,—for payment by the treasurers at Goldsmiths' Hall to John Rushworth, for good service in giving timely and constant notice of the proceedings of the Parliament's forces, of 50l., to buy him a brace of geldings;— for payment accordingly. With his appointment of Sam. Bartlett to receive the money. Yarmouth, 12 Sept. 1648. [Also G 5, p. 4.]
[Sept. 20.] Petition of Alice, Viscountess Moore, to the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall. Has been obliged to borrow money on hard terms for her urgent occasions. Gave a recognizance with security in 400l. for payment of 250l. at a day not expired, yet has been arrested in her own chamber for the money, and compelled to assign 714l., the remainder of 1,000l. due from Goldsmiths' Hall to the creditor, John Oviatt, on pledge for the assignment to be void if 310l. 1s. 10d. were paid him before 28 Feb. It was tendered, but he was not present to receive it, and now he intends to sell the 714l. for 400l., thereby deceiving her of 300l. Begs a caveat to the assignment, and admission of no further proceedings without further information. [G 100, p. 637.]
Sept. 20. 133. Order of the House of Commons, referring to the M.Ps who are members of the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall, a petition of Alice, Viscountess Moore, reported from the Committee for the affairs of Ireland, at Derby House, and also the petition of Stephen Smith, agent for the Duke of Ormond, touching moneys payable out of Goldsmiths' Hall, and an attachment laid thereon; counsel to be heard on both sides, and also the letter in Mr. Scott's hands about Lord Ormond. [2/3 page.]
Sept. 21. Parliament order, that as Parliament wishes to borrow 10,000l. of the City of London for the charges of the Treaty, all who advance it shall be paid out of the Grand Excise in course, and out of the moiety of compositions not engaged to the City for the 400,000l. lent, with interest at 8 per cent. ½ yearly; Gilbert Harrison, chamberlain of London, to be treasurer for the 10,000l., and pay it by direction of both Houses. [G 1, p. 202.]
Sept. 26. Order of the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall that the business referred from the House to this committee, between Lord Ormond and Lady Moore, be heard on Tuesday.
Order on a Parliament order given, of 4 Aug.,—for 1,000l. each to be advanced to Col. John Carter and Lieut.–Col. George Twistleton, towards their disbursements and arrears, from fines of the delinquents to be named by them in North Wales who joined with Sir John Owen in the late insurrection, or endeavoured the surprise of Denbigh Castle; also on a letter from Carter and Twistletion to the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall, from Conway, 26 Aug., Naming Sir John Owen and 26 other delinquents—allowing so many of the names as have not been sequestered for former delinquencies; or if before sequestered, allowing the fines as far as contracted by this new delinquency. [G 5, pp. 6, 7.]
Sept. 26. 134. Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall to the County Commissioners of Somerset. Several mistakes have arisen from the imperfection of your returns, giving no place where are several persons of one name; also names of persons who are not to be proceeded against, as waiting for their reports, or being discharged already. Against all others proceed as directed. [¾ page; also G 5, p. 7.]
Sept. 28. Order of the House of Commons, that the sequestrations of the lands and estates within county York of all sequestered upon their new engagements against Parliament, and all fines that shall be set upon such persons on composition to be hereafter had with them, and all arrears of the old compositions of Papiets in county York, be applied for maintenance of the new militia and forces raised in the said county and in the City of York, and for defraying of other charges there; but this ordinance is only to continue in force until 12,000l. has been raised for payment and maintenance of the said forces, and 1,000l. for the payment and maintenance of the new militia and forces, and for other charges in the said city and county. [G 1, p. 215.]
Sept. 30. 135. Order of the House of Commons, that the Committee at Goldsmiths' Hall sit next Monday, and so constantly, and give their best assistance for the present payment and bringing in of the 40,000l. assigned upon those receipts to the navy. [⅓ page; also G 1, p. 198.]
Sept. ? Petition of the reduced officers of the 4 lists to the Committee for Compounding. By orders of the House of Commons 9 and 28 Jan. 1647, the fines of sundry delinquents were given them, to raise 30,700l. for payment of ⅓ of their arrears, in expectation of which they are famishing. By an order of both Houses of 17 Aug. last, and of this committee thereon, 8 per cent. interest was to be allowed them, which they cannot obtain. Being unable to bear their great extremities, request enforcement of those orders on delinquents who will not compound, or who have paid nothing, or who have paid only the first ½ of their fines. [G 108, p. 793.] Annexing,
i. List of 21 of the said delinquents who have not submitted to composition; of 7 who have submitted but paid nothing, and of 9 who have only paid the first half. [G 108, p. 795.]