Cases before the Committee: February 1647

Calendar, Committee For Compounding: Part 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1891.

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'Cases before the Committee: February 1647', in Calendar, Committee For Compounding: Part 3, (London, 1891) pp. 1657-1676. British History Online [accessed 21 April 2024]


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February 1647

Rich. Harebred, and William, his Son, Wistow, Co. York.

2 Feb. 1647. Vol. G. No. or p.
PASS 198 683
P.E. 198 689
C. 198 682,
684, 687
198 684
R. 198 681
Compound for delinquency. The father frequented the King's garrison in the beginning of the war, but tendered himself to General Poyntz in July 1645, and has since lived in the Parliament's quarters, and advanced 66l. 13s. 4d. on the propositions. The son accompanied his father, and assisted the forces against Parliament. John Harebred, another son, served in Ireland under the command of Parliament for two years, and was made lieutenant to the troop of horse under Lord Grandison in Sept. 1643, and being permitted to come into England to procure the arrears for his troop, he was taken at Liverpool, and shot by prince Rupert's command. 198 686
18 March 1647. Fine at 1/6, 350l. 4 42
27 April. No letters to be granted the father till Sir Henry Cholmondeley have notice to move the Committee that his tithes may be settled on the ministry, according to the order of the Committee for Plundered Ministers. 198 682
C. 35 68 March 1649? The fine to be remitted if he settle 50l. a year on the minster of Wisdow. 198 681
10 March. Certificate by Edw. Rich that it is settled accordingly 198 691
12 July 1650. John Bailston and Thos. Nettleton, of Wistow, complain that the County Committee have obtained a judgment against them, upon a nihil dicit and upon their bond, for the payment of rent for Rich. Harebred's estate, to which they were admitted tenants in 1648. They paid their Michaelmas rent to the County Committee, but Harebred, having perfected his composition, and obtained his discharge before Lady Day, they paid that half year's rent to him. Beg order for delivery of their bond, and a vacat on the said judgment. 65 378
12 July. Order for freedom from molestation, and return of bond, if they procure a discharge from the late Committee for Compounding, which was in force before Lady Day last. 11 16
2 Aug. Harebred complains that though he has paid his composition in full, and is discharged, the farmers of the land are disturbed, by which he is much damnified. 90 1167
2 Aug. Ordered to state who they are that disturb his tenants 11 67

Wm. Myers, Selby, Co. York.

Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 104 131
C. 104 133
R. 102 127
R. 102 127 128
2 Feb. 1647. Begs to compound for delinquency on the ordinance of Parliament for those coming in before 1 Dec. 1645. Living in the King's quarters, assisted the forces against Parliament, but never left his house, nor acted since the battle of Selby. Has taken the Oath and Covenant. Noted as referred to the sub-committee. 104 129

Brune Daccombe, Corfe Castle, Dorset.

3 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
C. 198 223
NOTE 198 228
P.E. 113 649
C. 198 224
R. 198 219
L. 113 649
Petitioner holding his estate within the borough of Corfe Castle, by castle guard, was compelled by Col. Lawrence, governor thereof, to go into it according to his tenure; never bore arms, but was there detained as a prisoner. When it was surrendered in March 1646, was sick of fever, whereof he languished three months after. Went into Blandford, 18 April 1646, and addressed the County Committee there, who refused to restore him to the possession of his land, because he had been in the enemy's garrison, and only granted him 1/5 for maintenance. Is referred by the Committee for Sequestrations to the Committee for Compounding. Begs that regard may be paid to his innocence, his four children, the utter ruin of his personal estate, and his indebtedness by bond in 180l., for which he is in danger of arrest. 198 225
REC. 79 846 11 March. Fine at 1/6, 370l. 4
L. 79 841
P.E. 234 52
25 July 1650. Fine paid and estate discharged 79
L.C.C. 152 571 31 Aug. 1653. Being summoned to shew cause why he paid not his fine, he produces a discharge which the Committee for Compounding believe to be false. The registar to make diligent search, and the County Committee meanwhile to forbear proceedings against him. 25 185
L.C.C. 152 537 6 Sept. County Committee of Dorset to transmit the original discharge said to be left with them to the Committee for Compounding. 25 192
L.C.C. 173 693
C. 34 48, 49
13 Oct. It being alleged that the fine was paid to Joseph Ring, who followed the business, Daccombe is ordered to prove the payment to Ring, and the County Committee to forbear to levy for 6 months. 25 225

Rob. Crossfield, Strickland-Roger, Westmoreland, and Thomas, his Son, Minister of Spennithorne, Co. York.

6 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
C. 224 217
P.E. 224 215
R. 224 211
P.E. 224 220
The father petitions that he is sequestered for adhering to the King, but submitted 6 Oct. 1644, and took the oaths. Begs to compound. 224 213
Aug.? 1652. The father being dead, the son begs to pay the fine, and have the estate discharged. His father only opposed Parliament on constraint, and came in on the first advance of the Parliament forces. Petitioner was living in the Isle of Wight, and only heard on coming to town that the solicitor had neglected to prosecute the composition. 224 222
31 Aug. Fine 72l. 12
6 Sept. Fine paid and estate discharged 12 468

Parkinson Odber, Hurne Court, Hants.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 210 823
P.E. 210 821
R. 210 811
6 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency. Served in the Prince's army in the late war, came in on Truro Articles, and voluntarily submitted to the County Committee of Hants. Purposed to compound earlier, but certain of his kindred laying claim to his estate, thought to settle his case first; yet the suit still depends in Chancery and the Prerogative Court. 210 819
P.E. 210 817
R. 210 813
28 April 1649. Begs a favourable construction of his obstructions, and admission to compound for so much of his estate as he may probably obtain, with a saving for the rest. Having cleared only a fourth part of the estate, begs to compound for it. 210 815
15 May. Fine on Truro Articles 260l., with saving for the rest of the estate. 6 47
18 and 22 Jan. 1656. John Warner, minister of Christchurch, and John Hildesley of Winchester, write to Major-Gen. W. Goffe, in behalf of Odber's Christian character, and affection to Parliament. "If any of the late King's party be a true proselyte and convert, this is the main." 234 53
7 Feb. Goffe forwards their letters to Sec. Thurloe, and asks favour for Odber's petition. 234 55
6 March. Being proceeded against for decimation on the late declaration, Odber petitions the Protector for the favour intimated therein to those who submit to the present government, which he has done cordially and cheerfully since the Articles of Truro. With holograph reference to Council. 234 56
6 March. Letters to the Major-Generals of Hants, Somerset, Wilts, and Durham to stay all proceedings against him. I76 582

Hen. Parnam, Somerby, Co. Lincoln.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 111 183
D. 111 185
6 Feb. 1647. Begs discharge of sequestration, as not worth 200l. Was sequestered for adhering to the King. Is indebted 40l., and has 7 children. Has taken the National Covenant and Negative Oath. 111 181
6 Feb. To be discharged in due course 4 17

Katherine, Viscountess Ranelagh.

Vol. G No. or p.
O.C. 113 39 6 Feb. 1647. Order in Parliament, allowing her 6l. a week for herself and 4 children from the sequestration treasury at Guildhall. 113 41
25 Jan. 1650. She begs its continuance. Her husband gave up an estate in Ireland, value 1,200l. a year, to the Parliament Commissioners for the service of the State, and they undertook to procure him like allowance here; but nothing has been received except this 6l. a week, now stayed on removal of the sequestration treasury to Goldsmiths' Hall. Her estate being still under the power of the enemy, she has no other subsistence. 113 38
29 Jan. Order of the Committee for Compounding for a loan of 40l., her necessities being pressing, and she eminent for piety and suffering. 7 9
30 Jan. She requests that the County Treasurers may certify their returns from rents paid towards the 50,000l. appointed for Ireland, that the treasurers at Goldsmiths' Hall may know whether they may not pay what is due. 113 35
30 Jan. and 1 and 5 Feb. Case to be reported to the House for continued allowance. 9
23 April. Order in Parliament that the weekly allowance, with arrears since last Midsummer, when it was stopped, be continued, that she may go with her family to Ireland. 1
25 April. The treasurers charged with the allowance are to certify what has been paid her. 8 4
26 April. Order of the Committee for Compounding for continuance of the allowance. 8 7
28 June. Order on a Parliament Order of 22 June given, for its continuance for 3 months, and payment of arrears. 8
1 July 1651. On an order of the Council of State of 26 June 1651, 240l. ordered in full of her pension of 4l. a week, from 20 Sept. 1650 to 20 Nov. 1651, of which 100l. is to be paid from lands settled on the Irish Trustees. 12
25 Nov. On a Parliament Order of 21 November given, ordered the 4l. for 6 months on account. 12
12 Jan. 1653. Order repeated on a Parliament Order of 31 December. 12
8 June and 18 Oct. Two orders for 100l. each on orders of the Council of State of 31 May and 14 October. 12 544
21 July. Order for payment repeated by the Council of State I70 86

Wm. Davenport, and peter, is Son and Heir, Broomhall, Co. Chester.

9 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
ART. 197 461
P.E. 197 467
C. 197 471
D. 197 473
R. 197 459
The father, aged 70, begs to compound with the Committee for Compounding if he may not have the benefit of his composition of 20 March 1645 with the County Committee, before whom he was questioned for appearing before the Commissioners of Array, and showing "his accustomed freehold arms," when they had the command of the country; agreed to pay 500l. according to the Articles annexed. Has paid 250l. in pursuance thereof, and prays a confirmation of the County Committee's proceedings, and leave to pay the rest to the Committee for Compounding. 197 470
25 Feb. 1647. Fine at 1/10, 745l. 4
P.R. 5 78 10 March 1649. Begs allowance of the 250l. paid to the County Committee, having paid 495l. 10s. of his fine; the County Committee were paid at a time when they were in great want of money for their soldiers, and so the country was kept in quiet and the city of Chester reduced. Noted as granted 3 months time from 10 March [1649]. 79 811
C.P. 6 89 3 April. Peter Davenport's petition (missing) referred 5 81
23 July. The father ordered to pay in the remainder of his fine in 14 days, or to have ¼ more imposed on him with interest. 6 174
C.P. 6 196 13 Aug. His case to be reported to the House before any proceedings to his prejudice. 6
13 Sept. Order that he be sequestered for non-payment 6
18 Sept. Ordered to pay in the rest of his fine, and then to have order for repayment of the 250l., Mr. Dove obtaining from the House an order for the same. 6 210
23 Oct. County Committee ordered to repay it 6
30 Oct. Case to be reported to Parliament 12 1
NOTE 79 823
C. 32 121
18 Nov. He petition Parliament, complaining that he cannot get the 250l., and prays an order to the County Committee to pay it. 79 819
18 Nov. The Committee of Parliament for Petitions refer him to the Committee for Compounding, to give him satisfaction and relief if they can, otherwise to state the truth of the fact. 79 817

Alex. Moore, Grantham, Co. Lincoln.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 198 128, 129
P.E. 198 125
9 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency. Has taken the National Covenant and Negative Oath. 198 124
P.R. 4 19 11 March. Fine at 1/6, 366l. 7s. 4 37
R. 198 121
D. 198 117
O.C.C. 198 117
R. 198 115
21 April. Begs a review, no account being taken of the fact that he is 77 years old, and has suffered loss of 500l. by the demolition of his house and fence-walls, by the tursing of his pasture grounds, to make works for Parliament, &c., and by billetting soldiers, 16 or 18 at a time, upon him during the troubles. Has been fined for an estate in free, yet has it but for life, and the present value is not above 93l. 8s. 4d. a year, although it was rated at 154l. 3s. 6d. Compounded for 160l. 10s. due to him by Robert Wing, who, to defeat petitioner, has compounded with the County Committee of Lincoln for it at a small rate. 198 119
21 April 1647. Case re-committed, first as to the 160l. 10s., and afterwards upon the whole matter. 4 77
20 July. Fine reduced to 1/10, 350l. 4
61, 62
NOTE 173 185 5 Jan. 1648. His bond to be delivered up 4 157

Thos. Fanshaw, late M.P., Jenkins, Essex.

11 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 204 595
P.R. 4 20
c. 205 599
P.R. 4 189
P.R. 205 589
Begs to compound on Barnstaple Articles for delinquency. Sat in the Assembly at Oxford, and resided there, and in other King's garrisons. 205 592
17 March 1647. Fine at 1/10, 1,300l., to be abated 800l. on settling 80l. a year on the minister at West Ham. 4

March? Pardon granted, he having submitted to his fine 86 157
C. 35 18
27 March. On the petition of the inhabitants of West Ham, co. Essex, Fanshaw is to settle 20l. a year on the church of West Ham, and the rest on that of Low Leighton; to be settled on Sir Harbottle Grimston, and 5 others as trustees. 4 195

Thos. Millicent.

Vol. G No. or p.
11 Feb. 1647. Petition to compound on Oxford Articles (missing) accepted according to the time of presenting his former petition, viz., 12 Dec. 1646, which was after the time limited by those articles. [? John Millicent, see p. 1598, supra.] 4 20

Nich. Saul and Wm. Glanville, Cornwall.

15 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
Order in the House of Commons that they be allowed to compound for their sequestered estates at 2 years' value, and be exempted from their 1/5 and 1/20 at Haberdashers' Hall. 106 343

Wm.Trevisa, St. Mellion, Cornwall.

Vol. G No. or p.
15 Feb. 1647. Order in the House permitting him to compound, similar to the preceding. 106 343
P.E. 219 475
P.R. 11 41
19 July 1650. He begs to compound, being sequestered 2 months since for aiding in the first war. 11 41
R. 219 471 30 July. Fine at 1/6, 153l. 11 58

Sherland Adams, Clerk, Woodlaiths, Co. York.

16 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
C. 198211–213
P.E. 198 203
P.R. 4 21
D. 198 205
R. 198 201
C. 198 215–217
Compounds for delinquency in adhering to the King. Has been ejected with a wife and nine small children from his church living, worth 300l. a year. Has continued at home throughout the war, and assisted Parliament with money. Took the National Covenant in June 1645. 198 208
11 March. Fine at ⅓ 198l. 4 37
12 Feb. 1649. Sequestration suspended, the fine being paid or 234 secured. 234 63

Lady Katherine, Widow and Administratrix of Sir Henry Fletcher, Bart., Hutton, Cumberland, for her Son, Sir George Fletcher, Infant.

16 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
NOTE 202 413
P.E. 202 409
P.R. 4 21
R. 202 405
16 Feb. 1647. Lady Fletcher begs to compound for the delinquency of her husband, who, for adhering to the King's party, had his estate sequestered by the County Committees of Cumberland, Westmoreland, York, and the bishopric of Durham. 202 404
20 May. Fine at ½ 2,200l. 4 95
R. 202 401
C. 32 45
86 619
21 Oct. Begs amendment of the fine. Her husband died 28 Sept. 1645; the estate being under the power of the Court of Wards, petitioned Lord Say, Master of the Court, and had an order for the wardship of her son, 21 November 1645. Begs that the fine for the real estate may be at 1/10 and as the personal estate is only hers for distribution amongst the creditors of the intestate, all well-affected persons, and is less than the debts, begs that no fine may be set for it. 202 408
17 Nov. The son's fine on review to be at 1/10, 714l. 17s., the mother's 50l. 4 139
1648? The minister and inhabitants of Cockermouth, Cumberland, beg an allowance of 20l. to their minister from Brigham Rectory, worth 140l., for which Sir George Fletcher is compounding, theirs being a chapel of ease, 2 miles from the mother church, to which 500 persons belong, and the allowance being but 6l. 13s. 4d. 76 379
27 Aug. 1652. John Brackenbury, of Sellaby, co. Durham, prays that he may pay in to the use of the Commonwealth the remainder of 1,000l., endeavoured to be recovered from him by Lady Katherine Fletcher, for which she had a saving to compound, and that her proceedings at law against him may be stayed. By indenture dated 29 July 1640, he conveyed Sellaby lordship to Henry, afterwards Sir Henry Fletcher, Bart., for securing 1,000l., to be repaid by 1 Aug. 1644; if petitioner failed to pay, Sir Henry was to pay 2,516l. more for the entire purchase. In 1642 Sir Henry, pretending petitioner had broken the covenants, put in suit against him a bond for 2,000l., and procured a judgment. After his death as a delinquent at the battle of Chester, the County Committee, in Jan. 1646, sequestered petitioner's real and personal estate for the debt, and raised 300l. or 400l. out of it, and Lady Fletcher has brought a suit against him. 83 203
31 Aug. Henry Darley, formerly governor of Berwick, recommends Brackenbury's case. 83 205
31 Aug. Note of a saving of Lady Fletcher to compound for a debt of 1,000l. 12 513
1 Sept. Brackenbury is ordered to forbear payment to Lady Fletcher, who is summoned to shew cause why the 1,000l. should not be levied, she having neglected to compound for it, and he is to have the protection of the Committee for Compounding in attending the business. 17
C. 32 96 19 Oct. Lady Fletcher pleads the late Act of Pardon as freeing the debt from seizure. She was never a delinquent, nor was the debt ever seized or sequestered. Prays she may not be denied the benefit of the lawful recovery of the debt. 86 624
19 Oct. Ordered to bring her case to a hearing 12 505
P.R. 17 392
86 615
NOTE 86 627
H 25 169, 189
INF. 154 573
12 Nov. She prays continuation of her saving, producing the auditor's certificate that the County Committee never received anything of the said debt. 86 617
23 Nov. Witnesses to be examined by commission to the County Committee of Durham. 17 430
ANS. 154 575
O.C.C. 154 571
L.C.C. 154 551
I. 154 580
R. 86 609
D. 154 553
24 and 25 Nov. 1652. Brackenbury summoned, and granted further protection. 17 431
6 Sept. 1653. Judgment postponed 19 1119
11 Jan. 1654. Lady Fletcher renews her petition to proceed on her saving for the 1,000l. due from Brackenbury. 86 608
11 Jan. Admitted to compound, unless Brackenbury shew cause to the contrary in 14 days. 25 284

Claimants on the Estate of Edw. Guildford, Recusant, Hempsteed, Kent.

Vol. G No. or p.
D. 201 549
P.E. 201 541
P.R. 4 22
C. 201 555
R. 201 537
c. 33 420
34 122
P.E. 118 393
P.R. 4 152
L.C.C. 118 395
R. 118 391
D. 79 192
16 Feb. 1647. Thos. Tipping and John Hildesley beg to compound for part of his lands sold to them by him, and sequestered for his recusancy. 201 548
29 April and 25 Oct. Fine at 1/10, 560l. 4
20 Dec. Edw. Smith, of Lullingstone, Kent, begs to compound for 2/3 of lands in Tenterden, Kent, purchased of Edw. Guildford, and sequestered for his recusancy. 118 392
22 Dec. County Committee to certify the true value 4
20 April 1654. John Daniell, of Bulmer, Essex, begs repayment of the 700l. spent in defending his title against Edward Guildford, who, in behalf of Catherine Poulton, his sister, and her children, for many years brought many suits in the Upper Bench, Common Pleas, and Chancery. By reason of these expenses, petitioner's inheritance in the said estate, as well as the Common wealth's interest in 2/3 thereof, will be utterly lost. 79 191
L.C.C. 155 623,
20 April. County Committee to certify whether they promised him an allowance for defence of his suit. 27 31
29 June. Order that 150l. be allowed out of the State's 2/3, to be paid by the County Committee of Essex. 27 83
6 Dec. Daniell begs order for repairs of farm-houses in Dallingdon and Pentlow, Essex, which are so ruined that they are almost uninhabitable. 79 188
6 Dec. County Committee to view and certify whether they became decayed while the State held them, and whether the tenants are not bound to repair. 27 199
28 Feb. 1655. The repairs estimated at 138l., of which 2/3 is 92l., but the Commonwealth's title being but for petitioner's life, 2/3 only of the 92l., viz., 61l. 6s. 8d. to be allowed, the houses being first put into repair. 27 322
24 May. Order on Daniell's request that the 61l. 6s. 8d. be left in the tenants' hands till the 138l. is expended in repairs, and the County Committee to certify when the 138l. has been spent, that the order for allowing 61l. 6s. 8d. may be made absolute. 27 400

Katherine Moore, Widow, Grantham, Co. Lincoln.

Vol. G No. or p.
D. 198 113
P.E. 198 109
P.R. 4 21
D. 198 113
16 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency in sending some of her goods to Newark garrison, to save them from pillage by common soldiers. Has long prosecuted her appeal to the Committee for Sequestrations without relief. 198 108
R. 198 105 11 March. Fine at 1/10, 137l. 4 37
16 Sept. 1647. Complains that though she paid her moiety, the County Committee of Notts. refuse her possession of her estate till she has paid her fifth and twentieth parts, viz., 34l. Begs 6 months further time for payment of the remainder of the fine. 100 754
16 Sept. County Committee to obey former orders, and the tenants to pay her their rents. 234 65

John Abington, Dowdeswell, Co. Gloucester, and Thomas, his Son.

18 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
C. 269 195
P.E. 209 191
P.R. 4 23
R. 209 183
NOTE 209 199
The father begs to compound, being sequestered for delinquency in signing 2 warrants to levy money for the King when in the enemy's power. 209 194
27 Feb. 1649. Fine of father and son at 1/6, 121l. 5 69
21 Oct. 1650. Both beg to compound on the late Act for undervaluations of their estate. 209 185
22 Oct. and 20 Nov. Their additional fines set at 160l. and 83l. 11
P.E. 209 187
23 Nov. Paid and estate discharged. 12 42

Wm. Bowcock, Craven, Co. York.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 197 839
P.E. 197 847
P.R. 4 23
R. 197 837
18 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency. Went into Skipton Castle under threat of being imprisoned if he refused. Was at its surrender to Parliament, about 20 Dec. 1645. Has taken the Negative Oath and National Covenant. 197 842
9 March. Fine at 1/6, 32l. 13s. 4d. 4
1, 3

Wm. Burleton, Shafton [Shaftsbury], Dorset.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 197 715
O.C.C. 197 719
REC. 197 713
P.E. 197 709
P.R. 4 23
R. 197 707
18 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency in declaring for the King's party, and sending to Oxford for a subpœna. Has taken the National Covenant and Negative Oath. 197 712
25 Feb. Fine at 1/10, 40l. 4 29

Thos. Coleford, Othery, Somerset.

Vol. G No. or p.
NOTE 200 676
O.C.C. 200 676
D. 200 673
c. 200 679,
P.E. 200 675
18 Feb. 1647. Begs to compound for delinquency in arms. In Aug. 1645 his estate was sequestered, and he was committed to prison at Bridgwater for three weeks. The plague has since visited Othery, and he has buried three children, so that he could not earlier come up to the Committee for Compounding. 200 678
5 April. Fine at 1/10, 25l. 4 63
P.R. 4 23 16 Jan. 1652. Reported for non-payment of the latter half of his fine. 12 393
R. 200 671 14 May. Fine paid and estate discharged 12 435

Jeffrey Glasier, Lichfield, Co. Stafford.

Vol. G No. or p.
R. 89 126
P.E. 89 127
P.R. 4 23
R. 89 129
18 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency in arms. Was in Lichfield Close whilst it was a garrison for the King. At its surrender, went to Ridgley, co. Stafford, where he has since lived. Has taken the Negative Oath and National Covenant. No note of fine. 89 123

Rich. Heath, Weston, Co. Chester.

18 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
PORT. 199 312
L. 199 313
C. 199 315,
322, 323
P.E. 199 319
P.R. 4 23
C. 199 317,
318, 324
R. 199 307
18 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency in assisting the Commissioners of Array in the execution of their warrants, which he did because under the power of the King's army. Submitted in August 1643, and gave money by way of composition. 199 310
23 March 1647. Fine at 1/6 138l. 4 47

Wm. Helyar, or Hillyard, East Coker, Somerset.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 201 526
P.E. 201 533–535
P.R. 4 75
D. 201 528, 531
R. 201 577
18 Feb. 1647. Begs to compound on Exeter Articles for delinquency in arms. Preferred a petition in April 1645, but has been hindered by sickness from prosecuting it. 201 522
29 April. Fine on Exeter Articles, 1,522l. 16s. 4

Thos. Hughes, Llanvetherine, Co. Monmouth.

Vol. G No. or p.
WILL 206 705
C. 206 701, 702
P.E. 206 699
P.R. 4 23
R. 206 693
18 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency in assisting the King's party. Came in before Dec. 1645, but had no estate till the death of his father. Is not yet sequestered. 206 698
2 Nov. Fine at 1/6 105l. 5 19

Sir Edw. Morgan, Pencoyd, Co. Monmouth.

Vol. G No. or p.
L.C.C. 200 657
P.R. 4 23
P.E. 200 661,
C. 200 659
R. 200 649
NOTE 173 314
18 Feb. 1647. Begs to compound for bearing arms against Parliament; laid them down two years ago, has submitted to orders since, and taken the Negative Oath. 200 655
5 April. Fine at 1/10, 1,007l. but allowance to be made if he can prove 2 annuities charged on the land. 4 63
R. 94 395 27 June 1649. Mary, his widow and executrix, daughter of Sir John Bridgman, begs removal of sequestration from her jointure lands of 300l. a year. Sir Edward, being enforced by the power of Raglan to be sheriff of Monmouthshire, was sequestered, and only lived to pay half his fine. His brother Christopher, who has inherited a large estate from him, is liable to the other half. Noted for Reading to review the deed of jointure, and the lady left to discharge her jointure if proved not liable to sequestration, but the whole estate to be sequestered for the remainder of the fine. 94 397
P.R. 8 75
10 29, 30
R. 200 651
H. 8 115, 126
D. 94 405-413
L. 94 415
C. 11 99
H. 12 15
L.C.C. 94 415
R.L. 10 214
94 404
R. 94 401, 402
H. 10 276
94 400
24 May 1650. Rich. Hanbury and Lady Morgan, now his wife, plead allowance of her jointure of 300l. a year, granted long before any delinquency. 200 654
14 June. Committee for Compounding approve the stay of felling wood on Sir Edward's estate. The heir to have notice, and rents to be detained meantime in the tenants' hands. 8 131,
18 July. Deed allowed, the assets to be examined, and meanwhile Hanbury allowed the jointure, on security for repayment if so adjudged. The trustees named in the deed of trust to be examined as to their receipts and the disposal thereof. 11 32
C. 33 371
103 319
24 Dec. The lady to pay in 503l. 10s. remainder of the fine, out of assets in her hands. 10 300
14 Jan. 1651. She is to pay half in a week, and the other half in a month. 10 340

Col. Roger Mostyn, Mostyn, Co. Flint, late Governor of Flint Castle.

18 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
C. 204 297
P.E. 204 295
234 67
18 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency on Flint Articles. Begs further time, as through the opposition of Holt Castle, where many of his writings are, he cannot perfect his particular. The time limited by the Articles has nearly expired. Begs an order for such persons as he shall name to deliver up his conveyances, &c. 204 294
18 Feb. Five weeks' delay granted 4 23
R. 204 291 23 Feb. Henry Wynne and 4 others required to send up all his writings, &c., to the Committee for Compounding. 4 28
17 Jan. 1648. Fine at 1/10, 852l. 4 162
17 Jan. County Committee to forbear all proceedings in letting his estate, &c., till further order. 234 68
21 Feb. Sequestration suspended, Sir Martin Lumley having secured half the fine, and Mostyn the other half. 4 179

John Norris, St. Decumans, Somerset.

Vol. G No. or p.
NOTE 198 446
C. 198 441
D. 198 448
P.E. 198 440
P.R. 4 23
R. 198 436
18 Feb. 1647. Compounds for supposed delinquency in persuading a man to take arms against Parliament, which he never did, and for sending corn into Dunster Castle, which he did upon compulsion of the governor. 198 435
11 March. Fine at 1/6, 82l. 4 38

Wm. Rand, Preston in Holderness, Co. York.

Vol. G No. or p.
L. 202 577
C. 202 575
P.E. 202 573
P.R. 4 23
R. 202 569
18 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency in adhering to the King's party. Surrendered to the governor of Kingston upon Hull, and before him took the Negative Oath. Has taken the National Covenant. His father, for refusing to take the Negative Oath, had his lands sequestered. He died 26 Dec. 1646. 202 572
28 May. Fine at 1/6, 136l. 4 97
16 Jan. 1652. Noted as having neglected payment of his fine. 12 394
4 May. Pleads his inability, the debts of his father, amounting to 250l., having been recovered against petitioner, who knew nothing of them at his composition. The County Committee have received 6l. 13s. 4d. from him in part payment of his second moiety. Begs allowance thereof. 112
12 May. Ordered to pay in the remainder of his fine with interest, according to the votes of 16 March 1652. 12 431
20 May. Paid and estate discharged 12 442

Rich. Toope, Bradford, Dorset.

Vol. G No. or p.
O.C.C. 197 668
C. 197 666, 669
P.E. 197 663
P.R. 4 23
R. 197 659
18 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency. Was a lieutenant in the King's army. Submitted in Sept. 1645 to the garrison at Poole. Has taken the National Covenant and Negative Oath. 197 662
25 Feb. Fine at 1/10, 77l. 4 29
16 Jan. 1662. To be sequestered for non-payment of the latter half. 12 392

Cuthbert Wade, Kilnsey, Co. York.

Vol. G No. or p.
PASS 198 475
C. 198 470
–472, 476
P.E. 198 468
P.R. 4 23
18 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency. Being related to the Earl of Cumberland, took up arms against Parliament. Voluntarily submitted 10 Nov. 1645, to Colonel Edward Briggs, then commander-in-chief of all the foot forces in Westmoreland, according to the new model. Took the Negative Oath and the National Covenant. 198 467
R. 198 464 11 March 1647. Fine at 1/6, 222l. 4
16 Jan. 1652. Noted as having elapsed payment of the latter half 12 394
20 May. Paid and estate discharged 12 440

Wm. Winchcombe, Berks.

Vol. G No. or p.
18 Feb. 1647. Petition to compound (missing) referred 4 23
22 April. Ordered to bring a certificate of his having taken the Oath of Abjuration. 4 78

Claimant on the Estate of Nich. Wolfe (late), Gravelling, Sussex.

Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 199 717
P.R. 4 23
R. 199 713
18 Feb. 1647. Anne Wolfe, his widow, for her eldest son Thomas, an insant, begs to compound for it. Her son's estate is sequestered for the delinquency of Nicholas Wolse, his father, who died three years ago. 199 715
23 March. Fine at 1/10, 48l. 4 48
C. 199 711
P.R. 4 191
17 March. 1648. She begs a review, there being no account taken of charges on the estates and debts. 199 710
R. 199 707 16 Jan. 1652. To be sequestered for non-payment of the latter moiety. 12 392

Francis Petre, Essex, and a Claimant on his Estate.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 198 71
P.E. 198 73
L.C.C. 198 75
R. 198 67
L.C.C. 198 61
P.E. 198 57, 60
C. 198 63
R. 198 53
18 Feb. 1647. Nathan Wright, Merchant of London, begs to compound for Cranham Manor, Essex, and divers lands, woods, &c., purchased of Francis Petre, but 2/3 are sequestered for Petre's recusancy only. 198 69
20 Feb. County Committee to certify their value, &c. 4 26, 27
9 March. Fine at 1/10, 483l. 15s. 4
2, 9
11 March. Sequestration suspended, the fine being paid or secured 4 38
9 July 1648. Compounds for the manors of Tintinhull and Charlton, co. Somerset, also sequestered for Petre's recusancy, and purchased by petitioner. 198 55
23 Nov. Fine 300l. 5 28
18 Jan. 1654. Fras. Petre begs to contract on the Recusants' Act for 2/3 of his sequestered estate. 111 591
18 Jan. Referred to Reading 26 10

Gerard Fowke, Parwich, Co. Derby.

20 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
PASS 197 731
P.E. 197 725
P.R. 4 25
C. 197 727
R. 197 721
Compounds for delinquency; was in arms during his minority. Since his coming in, when he was not worth 200l., he has married a widow with 6 children. Her jointure is but 70l. a year, and he has no other estate. 197 724
25 Feb. 1647. Fine at 1/6, 105l. 4

John Righton, Wakefield, Co. York.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 113 751
D. 113 755
P.E. 113 753
20 Feb. 1647. His estate is sequestered for being in arms, but he submitted on the reducing of Newark garrison. Having taken the Oath and Covenant, begs discharge as not worth 200l. on the votes of Parliament on the propositions lately sent to His Majesty. 113 750
27 May. Order for discharge accordingly 234 69

Sir Thos. Hall, Bradford, Wilts.

23 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 212 501
R. 212 497
D. 212 503
Begs to compound for delinquency. In Dec. 1643, was appointed by the King a commissioner for pressing men; forbore to act till April 1644, when, being menaced by letters from the King and the Earl of Forth, then General, and being desired by the County, for prevention of greater oppressions committed by the King's officers, he executed his commission, but with all lenity. Deserted in Sept. 1644, and in Dec. 1644, was brought before the County Committee at Malmesbury, and fined 160l. Being unable to pay, he was put in close custody till he had paid and secured the sum. 212 499
31 May 1649. Fine at 1/6, 660l. 6 80

John Aglionby, Carlisle, Cumberland.

26 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
C. 205 33–37
P.E. 205 41
P.R. 4 31
D. 205 40
R. 205 29
Begs to compound for delinquency. Has taken the National Covenant and Negative Oath, and submitted to the County Committee. 205 31
28 Feb. 1648. Fine at 1/6, 138l. 4
22 Sept. 1649. Returned as having paid no part of his fine. 248 73
22 Aug. 1650. Offers a bond for payment, or the money on a discharge being sent. 252 22
1 Jan. 1651. Begs leave to pay his fine, though owing to sickness he could not comply with the order in the Act of 2 Oct. 1650, to pay before 24 November. 61 608
NOTE 150 120 25 May 1652. County Committee certify the request of Aglionby, Hen. Baines, and Rich. Glaister, for return of beds, bedding, &c., taken from them as delinquents by the late committee, and still retained. 150 121
L. 150 115 12 Oct. Aglionby begs the benefit of the late Act of Pardon for restitution of his goods, lent to Colonel Fitch, late governor of Carlisle, who being sent to Scotland in the Parliament's service, had no further use for them. The County Committee refuse them to petitioner, though the goods were never sequestered. 61 605
12 Oct. The County Committee to certify whose goods they were, how they came into the governor's custody, and what right petitioner has to them. 17 318
13 April 1653. Begs discharge on the County Committee's certificate that they were not sequestered 1 Dec. 1651. 61 599
13 April. Hearing ordered when the certificates and returns are produced. 25 43
19 Oct. Committee for Compounding cannot discharge the goods, not being satisfied that they were not sequestered 1 Dec. 1651. 25 229

Thos. Egglesfield, and Richard Egglesfield, his Father, Alwarby, Cumberland.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 83 423
P.E. 83 427
P.R. 4 31
L.C.C. 83 436
P.E. 83 424
26 Feb. 1647. Thomas compounds for delinquency. Was in arms against Parliament, but submitted in Sept. 1644 to the Commissioners of Parliament in that county. Has taken the Covenant and Negative Oath. 83 426
20 March. Richard Egglesfield petitions with like statement. 83 423
P.R. 4 45
L.C.C. 83 417
R. 83 422
P.E. 83 419
27 Nov. 1648. Both their estates to be discharged, if found not worth 200l. 5 31
29 Jan. 1649. J. Richardson, one of the County Committee, begs Mr. Leech "to take off the file the two Mr. Egglesfield's charges of delinquency." 83 431

Sir Timothy Featherstonehaugh, Kirkoswald,; Cumberland.

26 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
NOTE 202 119
C. 202 115
P.E. 202 117
P.R. 4 31
D. 202 107
C. 202 109
R. 202 105
26 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency in arms. Has taken the National Covenant and Negative Oath. 202 114
11 May. Fine at ½, 128l. 4 87
22 Sept. 1649. Returned as having paid no part of his fine. 248 73
26 Feb. 1651. He begs allowance of a fifth of his estate for maintenance of his wife and children, which they have not hitherto received. Granted. 86
16 Jan. 1652. To be sequestered for non-payment of the latter half of his fine. 12 391
21 Jan. Thomas Featherstonehaugh complains of the seizure by the County Committee of the college of Kirkoswald, and of the tithes of the manor of Kirkoswald and Staffield, and of Rigartsfield, all co. Cumberland, which his father, by indenture of 5 April, 6 Car., settled on petitioner's brother Henry, with remainder to petitioner, &c. Henry died in August, without issue male, and the estate should by law come to petitioner, who has ever been well-affected to Parliament. Begs certificate of the cause of sequestration. Granted. 86
L.C.C. 150 113
86 962
D. 150 111
86 963
21 Jan. Thomas, Jane, Dorothy, and Bridget, the children of Sir Timopthy, complain that their father, having 23 March, 10 Car., granted to Thomas all his interests, in his tenement of Southwte, also in his coal mine at Broughton, his mills at Caldbeck and Ravenwick, and his tithe and corn sheaves of Ivegill and Lathlose, &c., on condition of his paying 1,500l. to the other petitioners in equal portions, as they reached the age of 18 years respectively, and petitioner Thomas having been put into possession, yet the County Committee on general instructions have disturbed him, till he produce his title, and have it allowed by the Committee for Compounding. Most part of the said money is unpaid, although petitioners are of full age to receive it. Beg an order to the County Committee to certify why they have secured the said estate. Granted. 86

18 Jan. 1653. The seal of the principal deed in support of the children's claim having been broken off, petitioners beg a further commission to the County Committee to examine their title. Granted. 86
13 July 1652. Lady Bridget, widow of Sir Timothy, complains that,—notwithstanding her husband, who was taken prisoner in the summer of 1651, and who suffered death at Chester for being in arms against Parliament, was only tenants for life, and by the custom of the country she ought to have the moiety of the college lands, rectory, and tithes of Kirkoswald, and the parks for life, and also the moeity of all the tenant-right lands above Dacrebeck, held of the late Earl of Arundel,—the County Committee keep the estate under sequestration. Begs allowance of her claim, or examination of her witnesses, and reference to counsel. 86 949
13 July. Reference granted 16 690
R.C. 25 81
D. 86 492
C. 32 280
348 38
26 May. 1653. Lady Bridget's petition renewed 86 947
10 June. Petitions the Council of State to grant her widow-right for herself and 10 children, being only 50l. a year, but 18l. is deducted by the County Committee, on pretence that it is Lord Dacre's land; also to be admitted tenant to the estate, at the same rate at which it is now let. 86 943
14 June. The Committee for Compounding are to examine and report to the Council of State. I 69 297
7 July. Reference by the Committee for Compounding to Brereton 25 114
14 Sept. County Committee to view and survey the estate, and on return of its value, it is to be let for seven years to petitioner. 25 199
Claimants on the Estate.
C. 80 47
P.R. 10 228
80 41
D. 80 45
R. 80 39
27 Nov. 1650. Francis, Lord Dacre, on behalf of Elizabeth, his wife, begs order for payment of a rent-charge of 37l. 0s. 2d. a year on the lands of Sir Timothy Featherstonehaugh in Cumberland, and allowed by the former committee there since the sequestration, but now refused. 80 44
5 June 1651. Claim allowed, with arrears from Dec. 1649 14 150
24 June 1651. Eleanor Birkbeck, guardian of Thos. Birkbeck, infant, petitions that the infant's grandfather held by demise, 22 James, from the Dean and Chapter of Carlisle, the rectory and tithes of Langanby, Cumberland, and devised them to his eldest son Henry and his heirs male. On his father's death, Henry was an infant under tuition of his mother Bridget, at whose request Sir Tim. Featherstonehaugh renewed the lease which was expiring, and kept it in his hands as security for 167l. 10s. 0d. The money was tendered in 1640, but he refused it, and now the estate is sequestered for his delinquency. Begs that the County Committee may certify the cause of sequestration, and counsel report on her title. 68 422
I. & D. 68 397
24 June. Order accordingly 14
150 465–475
L.C.C. 1502 471
R. 68 387
23 March 1654. She complains that the case coming to a hearing when her solicitor was sick, an order (missing) was given for the continued sequestration of the said tithes. Begs a speedy re-hearing, the case having so long depended, and being in course for re-hearing 6 months since. 68 408
23 March. Order that it be heard this day week 25 321

John Gifford, Wellington, Somerset.

Vol. G No. or p.
L.C.C. 209 521
P.E. 209 515
P.R. 4 30
5 65
C. 209 519
R. 209 511
26 Feb. 1647. Begs to compound for delinquency in leaving his habitation for the King's quarters, where he adhered to the King. Surrendered and took the National Covenant and Negative Oath before 1 Sept. 1645. 209 518
24 Feb. 1649. Like petition renewed 209 514
3 April. Fine at 1/10, 215l., 5

Rich. Musgrave, Bolton, Cumberland.

Vol. G No. or p.
L. 201 284
C. 201 287
P.E. 201 285
P.R. 4 31
26 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency. Was in arms for the King's party, but on the reduction of the county in Sept. 1644, submitted to the Commissioners of Parliament, and took the National Covenant and Negative Oath. 201 282
R. 201 279 20 April. Fine at 1/10, 42l. 234 71
C. 201 278
P.R. 5 40
R. 201 273
1 Jan. 1649. Having in the summer of 1648 gone into the house of his brother, Sir Wilfred Lawson, only to secure his goods, though not conscious of any opposition to Parliament, yet lest he may be conceived within the new insurrection, begs to compound. 201 275
11 Jan. Ordered to pay his fine before further proceedings. 5 43
22 Jan. The moiety of the fine paid by him for his former delinquency to be allowed him as part of the fine for the latter, when Parliament gives a rule of procedure. 5 49
1649 ? Note that the fine for his second delinquency was not set 201 288
28 Oct. 1652. Wm. Brabon and Rich. Musgrave, of Edenhall, Cumberland [? the same] petition that some household goods of Sir Phil. Musgrave were sequestered by the late County Commissioners of Cumberland, and sold 4 years ago by the candle, when Brabon bought a bedstead, 3 beds, and other furniture for Rich. Musgrave. The governor of Carlisle borrowed the goods, and leaving them there, the County Commissioners refuse their refuse thier delivery. Beg restitution. 201
28 Oct. 1652. County Commissioners to examine and observe the directions of 22 April. 17 368

Thos. Warwick, Warwick, Cumberland.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 205 213
P.E. 205 215
P.R. 4 31
R. 205 209
L.C.C. 205 217
26 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency in arms. On the reduction of the county in Sept. 1645, submitted to Parliament. Has taken the National Covenant and Negative Oath. 205 212
1 March 1648. Fine at 1/10, 25l. 4 185

Sir Rob. Banister, Passenham, Co. Northampton.

27 Feb. 1647 Vol. G No. or p.
C. 198 555
P.E. 198 544
65 748–753
234 72
R. 198 536
D. 198 561
NOTE 4 48
Compounds for delinquency. Was sequestered for being present at a Commission of Array, and petitioned against sequestration, but the Committee for Sequestrations decided against him 4 Dec. 1646. 198 541
16 March 1647. Fine at 1/10, 4,000l. 4 40
25 and 27 March. The County Committee of Leicester to see that 50l. a year, allowed by the Committee for Plundered Ministers out of Hungerton Rectory to Wells [Thos. Weld], vicar of Wanlip, co. Leicester, is paid him, notwithstanding the letters of suspension which Sir Robert has obtained, the Committee for Compounding having resolved to buy it of him, and allow him for it in his second payment. 4 52
12 May. The parishioners of Daventry, Towcester, and Hemington, co. Northampton, beg continuation of the augmentations granted by the Committee for Plundered Minister to their ministers. 124 341
12 May. Sir Robert is to settle out of the rectory of Hungerton the 50l. a year on the minister at Wanlip, 500l. being allowed him therefor; also 50l. a year on each of the ministers of Towcester, Daventry, and Hemington, for three lives, out of Towcester Rectory, he having a lease for 3 lives therein, and to be allowed for the same 1,050l. 4 90
June? Having paid a moiety, and secured the rest of his fine, he complains of the order to settle 200l. a year upon four small ministers, and to receive abatement only after the rate of 7 years' purchase. Compounded for Towcester Rectory as of the clear yearly value of 230l., held of the Bishop of Lichfield, and bought it a little before the beginning of Parliament at 12 years purchase. One farmer has prohibited all persons from setting out petitioner any tithes, affirming that he is admitted tenant to the parsonage. Before the said order, had sold it to Alderman Adams, and so cannot perform the order. The rectory, moreover, required 600l. to be spent on it, to make the title good. 65 716
O.C.C. 234 73
C. 198 559
13 July. The parishioners of Daventry, Towcester, and Hemington complain of contempt of the order of 12 May 1647, and state that Sir Robert gathers the tithes of the rectory, and debars them from paying their rents to those to whom they were farmed by the County Committee of Northampton, and beg the Committee for Compounding to take steps to enforce their order. [30 signatures.] 79 739
July? The parishioners of Towercester complain that Sir Robert's agents terrify them with arrests and threats, and beg that his hands may be tied form molesting them, in pity for the poor condition of the town, which was a King's garrison, and the a sufficient were plundered, and made unable to maintain a sufficient minister. [27 signatures.] 124 343
13 and 15 July. Sir Robert summoned to answer 4 104
22 July 1647. Order of 12 May reversed, and the County Committee of Northampton directed to allow Sir Robert to receive the rents and profits of the rectory. 4
28 Sept. This order not to extend to Hungerton Rectory, the profits of which are to be still converted to the use of the minister of Wanlip, according to the order of 12 May 1647, and the County Committee of Leicester to see the profits so disposed of, with arrears from the date of the order of the Committee for Plundered Ministers. Sir Robert is to settle the rectory forthwith, and if he have received the rents or any part thereof, to pay the same to Weld, the present incumbent. 4 122
L.C.C. 65 736 24 Nov. Thos. Weld, vicar of Wanlip, complains of Sir Robert's disobedience to orders, and begs maintenance of his grant, as Sir Robert is so cross that he will not sell Hungerton Rectory to the State; if he takes the arrears, Weld will lose all his labours and journeys to London. 129 577
L.C.C. 65 718
C.R. 4 184
C. 198 530
R. 65 726
C.R. 4 187
65 724
5 Jan. 1648. Sir Robert peremptorily refusing to yield conformity to the order of 28 September, the Committee for Compounding direct the County Committee of Leicester to gather so much of the profits of his estate as will satisfy the said arrears, and to give him notice that if he do not convey the rectory as aforesaid, the Committee for Compounding will resequester his estate. 65 744
22 Feb. Weld again complains of Sir Robert's refusal to obey; the County Committee cannot help him, being only ordered to collect the rents, not to seize or distrain for them. 129 575
28 Feb. On Sir Robert's motion for discharge of the order of 5 January, the sub-committee are requested to peruse all orders in the case, and report. 4 184
6 March. Reading to examine the proceedings about the rectories named in Sir Robert's particular. 4
C. 110 405 Feb. 1648 ? Wm. Palmer, of Leicester, begs an order of the Committee for Compounding to Sir Rob. Banister to accept 65l. which he owes him, but which Sir Robert refuses to receive, demanding greater sums, through he only compounded for the debt as 65l. No order. 110 403
P.E. 198 533
R. 198 528
17 March. Sir Robert begs to compound for additions to his particular. 198 535
17 March. Fined 25l. for 12l. a year for 20 years, and admitted to compound for the 90l. a year added to the demesne of Sparford and Kilne, and 20l. a year old rents. 4 191
20 March. Fine thereon 175l. 4 192
20 March. The parishioners of Hungerton beg the Committee for Compounding, if they buy that rectory of Sir Robert for the church, to settle it not on the minister of Wanlip, but on their minister, Thomas Hollier, who for 42 years has diligently and painfully preached the word there, and whose allowance is only 40 marks a year. 94 339
20 March. Committee for Compounding to the County Committee for Leicester. We judge it right to settle the rectory as requested, but being unwilling that the country should lose a man of so much worth as Wells, we provide that,—Sir Robert's lands in Ingarsby, compounded for by him at 650l. a year, having been returned as worth 800l. a year, and so let to him,—with his consent, all the surplusage shall be paid to Wells. 65 740
The 36l. a year copyhold rents in Bagworth, omitted in his particular, and the profits of fines or heriots which may arise are to be converted to the same use till further order, provided that the timber and houses on the premises be not wasted. The arrears due to Wells from the date of the order of the Committee for Plundered Ministers are to be satisfied out of the profits of any part of Sir Robert's estate in the county, growing due at Lady Day 1648.
C. 35 29
H. 5 16
24 Oct. 1648. Sir Robert complains that it is neither agreeable to any ordinance nor to the Committee for Compounding's own rules to charge his estate with the said 50l. a year after composition and payment of his fine, and begs discharge of the payment of the profits from the time of his composition. 65 722
O.C. 5 21
L.C.C. 198 526
30 Oct. On his settling Hungerton Rectory as formerly ordered, the treasurer is to pay him part of 500l. allowed him in his fine in lieu thereof, and the County Committee to allow him to receive all his rents, without deduction for arrears, since his letters of suspension dated 20th March 1647. 5 17
L.C.C. 65 780 27 Nov. He remonstrates against the terms of the order of 17 March 1648, having compounded for the copyhold rents in Bagworth at 30l. a year, yet begs to compound for several under-values, besides that of the lands in Ingarsby, and the 6l. a year in the said copyhold rents. 198 523
27 Nov. Referred to the sub-committee and allowed to compound for his own discoveries. 5 31
11 Dec. Order that Wells be paid the surplus as formerly ordered 65 734
R. 198 520
H. 5 38
1 Jan. 1649. Sir Robert's fine set at 1,520l., being at 1/10 for the estate discovered by himself, and at 1/2 for that discovered by the County Committee. The 75l. formerly ordered to be repaid him is to be deducted from this new fine, and if he pay it, the 60l. received by him for fines and heriots shall be repaid to Wells out of the Treasury; but if he do not pay, the 60l. is to be stayed from his rents. 65
C. 35 116
R. 198 521
Jan. ? Sir Robert submits to the fine, but prays allowance of a fee-farm rent of 7l. 12s. a year out of Ingarsby Manor, granted by Queen Elizabeth to Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Chancellor. 198 525
L. 198 542 11 Jan. His fine being paid or secured, his estates in cos. Leicester and Gloucester discharged from sequestration; but as he has settled 50l. a year on the ministry, for which 500l. is allowed, and all his first fine is paid, 325l. is to be deducted from his payment, which, with 175l. former additional fine, makes up the 500l., and 60l. thereof is to be for the use of Mr. Wells. 5 44
April 1654. Sir Robert's executors called on to pay 56l. arrears of rent due by him for part of the estate of the Earl of Northampton. 65 651

George Beaumont, Dalton, Co. York.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 198 135
P.E. 198 139
P.R. 4 33
27 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency; 3 years ago, was compelled by the Earl of Newcastle to be an assessor for raising money for the King's army. Never deserted his dwelling. 198 134
11 March. Fine at 1/10, 90l. 10s. 4 37

John Bennett, Sen. and Jun., South Marston,; Co. Wilts.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 202 163
P.E. 202 162
P.R. 4 33
R. 202 157
27 Feb 1647. The father compounds for delinquency. Was a captain in the King's army. Submitted to the County Committee of Wilts in Nov. 1644. Has taken the National Covenant and Negative Oath, and has only an estate in reversion. 202 160
11 May. Fine at 1/2, 187l. 10s. 4
9 Oct. 1649. Fine passed at 75l. 202 166
P.E. 219 23
P.R. 11 5
R. 219 233
9 July 1650. The son begs to compound for delinquency in arms. Has never been sequestered, but by the death of his father, some small estate has fallen to him. 219 238
16 July. Fine at 1/6, 150l. 11 23

Thomas Booth, Goxhill, Co. Lincoln.

27 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
C. 207 317
P.E. 207 319
P.R. 4 33
R. 207 299
27 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency in arms. Was taken prisoner during the siege of Newark, and carried to Tattershall Castle. Has no estate in possession, but has the reversion of a small estate after the death of his father. 207 316
30 Nov. 1648. Fine at 1/6, 120l. 5
Dec. ? Begs a review, his solicitor having made a mistake in stating the value of his estate, which was discovered by petitioner. 82 605
D. 82 609 16 April 1651. Like petition renewed, complaining that no mention was made in his particular of a rent-charge of 3l. 5s. 10d. upon his estate, nor of his debts, amounting to 196l., besides 600l. engaged on his lands. Noted, admitted if the fine is not confirmed. 82 605
L.C.C. 162 153 6 Aug. Complains that though with great difficulty he at length raised the 120l., and tendered it to the Treasurers at Goldsmiths' Hall, they refused to receive it, because his time was elapsed. Begs reference to Parliament or the Army Committee for relief. 82 608
L.C.C. 207 311
D. 207 313
R. 207 305
6 Aug. His case to be reported to the Army Committee 14
17 Aug. 1653. Ordered to pay in the moiety of his fine, and then his case to be considered. 12 559
19 Aug. Reading to state his case 12
15 Nov. Fine reduced to 90l. 12
P.E. 24 1140 19 Nov. Being summoned to show cause why his fine is not paid, and having paid it, his estate is to be discharged. 24 1140

Sir Thos. Eyton, Eyton, Salop.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 199 15–18
P.E. 199 23–25
P.R. 4 31
D. 199 27, 21
R. 199 1
P.E. 199 9–11
P.R. 12 7
R. 199 5
C. 199 3
R.E.C. 199 14
27 Feb. 1647. Begs to compound on Conway Articles for delinquency. Adhered to the King, his estate being wholly in the King's quarter. 199 14
18 March. Fine at 1/10, 818l. 4 42
6 Nov. 1650. Begs to compound for undervaluations of his estate 199 8
20 Nov. Fine at 1/10, 158l. 2s. 12 22
26 Dec. Note of his payments, total 976l. 199 14

Fras. Horne, Almondbury, Co. York,

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 198–191
P.E. 198 185
1 43
R. 198 181
27 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency in adhering to the King's side. Came in two years ago, and has taken the National Covenant and Negative Oath. 198 184
11 March. Fine at 1/10, 55l. 13s. 4d. 4 37

John Jeffreys, Abercundrick, Co. Brecon.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 207 475
P.E. 207 471
P.R. 4 31
R. 207 467
27 Feb. 1647. Begs to compound for delinquency in the late war. Has submitted to Parliament, in whose quarters he has lived more than a year past. 207 470
14 Dec. 1648. Fine at 1/6, 380l. 10s. 5 36

Capt. George Loup, Boroughbridge, Co. York.

Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 98 819
PASS 98 821
C. 98 825
R. 98 827
27 Feb. 1647. Begs to compound on Oxford Articles. Was in arms there for the King, but being shot in the back, and his life despaired of, could not tender his submission before. Sent it by his solicitor, but it was refused, because he was not personally present. Noted, "Received and committed, but not on Oxford Articles." 98 815

Sir Thos. Lucas, Lexden, Essex.

27 Feb. 1647. Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 198 613
P.R. 4 31
C. 198 611
R. 198 607
P.R. 4 90
27 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency. Fell into the displeasure of Parliament by being present at the last cessation in Ireland. Begs to compound at two years' value. 198 610
16 March. Fine at 1/10, 1,194l. 4 40
12 May. Produces his writings in proof that his estate is but for life, and begs reference to the sub-committee, in order to the abatement of his second payment. 98
R. 148 603 26 Sept. 1648. Fine reduced to 637l. 5

Francis Manley, Erbistock, Co. Denbigh.

Vol. G No. or p.
PASS 198 756
P.E. 198 753
P.R. 4 31
P.R. 4 31
R. 198 749
27 Feb. 1647. Begs to compound on Denbigh Articles for delinquency in arms. Surrendered at Denbigh Castle. 198 752
18 March. Fine at 1/10, 75l. 4
6 March 1656. Order on a letter from Maj.-Gen. Berry with the Commissioners of North Wales,—that he has received testimony on behalf of Fras Manley, sometime officer in the late war against Parliament, that he has really changed sides, entirely forsaking the King's party, and that there is some mark of grace in him;—that he be discharged from all proceedings from the Major-General against his person or estate. I 76 578

Chris. Richmond, Highhead, Cumberland.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 205 249
P.E. 205 247
P.R. 4 31
C. 205 253
R. 205 243
27 Feb. 1647. Begs to compound for being in arms for the King; submitted when the county was reduced in Sept. 1644, and has taken the Oath and Covenant. 205 246
1 March 1648. Fine at 1/10, 103l. 13s. 4d. 4 185
3 Nov. Paid and estate discharged 234 77

Wm. Thornton, Oldstead, Co. York.

Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 215 629
P.R. 4 31
R. 215 625
27 Feb. 1647. Begs to compound on York Articles for delinquency. Did not prosecute his composition earlier because by those Articles he should have his person and estate free from sequestration. Has taken the National Covenant and the Negative Oath. 215 627
16 July 1649. Fine 136l. 19s. 6d. 6 159

Sir Robert Tracy, Toddington, Co. Gloucester.

Vol. G No. or p.
C. 205 925
P.E. 205 932
P.R. 4 31
27 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency. Was a Commissioner for the King. Surrendered two years ago to Col. Massay, and has since taken the Covenant and lived peaceably. 205 918
27 Feb. Petition referred to the sub-committee 4 31
1 March. Ordered to take the Covenant again before Mr. Barton; also the Negative Oath, and then to be proceed with his composition. 4 33
NOTE 205 919 27 March. The well-affected inhabitants of Winchcomb, co. Gloucester, pray for allowance of the impropriate vicarage, which is worth 40l. a year, and belongs to Sir John and Sir Robert, Tracy, for the minister there. Their parish is populous, consisring of 1,500 communicants, who have long groaned under an idle and scandalous ministry. They have lately presented their grievances to the Committee for Plundered Ministers, who have ordered 50l. a year out of the impropriation of Lords Morley and Molineux in Honeybourne, whereof 16l. a year is payable into the Exchequer. Petitioners are to poor to pay for the maintenance of a "conscionable" godly minister." 205
R. 205 909
C. 35 21
14 Feb. 1648. Sir Robert is to amend his particular now that his father, Sir John, is dead. 4 175
19 May. Fine at 1/6, 1,500l. 4 203
23 June. Order that as he has paid to the County Committee of Gloucester 590l. 18s., and to this Committee 94l. 2s., and given security for 755l., he be discharged, if he settle Winchcomb tithes, worth 7l. a year, on the ministry there. 4
30 June. Sir Robert's letter of suspension granted 4 209
9 Oct. County Committee are not to discharge from the payment of 100l. due on a contract for his lands, this being part of the fine. 234 83
L.C.C. 234 81
O.C. 5 23
P.R. 5 56
I. 5 63
P.E. 205 922
P.R. 12 45
R. 205 914
P.E. 124 584
R. 124 587
C. 32 90
5 Feb. 1649. Sir Robert begs review of his fine, having paid a moiety. Finds a debt of 7,000l., and omissions and undervalues, in his particular. 205 924
22 Nov. 1650. Begs to compound for omissions according to the votes of 2 Oct. 1650. 205 916
10 Dec. Fine at 1/6, 500l. 12 59
18 Dec. Begs leave to sell Fairford Manor, co. Gloucester, to pay his fine. Noted as granted, but if there has been any undervaluation, the rest of the estate is to be liable for the fine. 124 585
24 Dec. Fine paid and estate discharged 12 72

Thomas Wilson, Kyme, Co. Lincoln.

Vol. G No. or p.
PASS 200 303
C. 200 299
P.E. 200 297
P.R. 4 33
R. 200 293
27 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency. Being an old servant of Lady Dymock, and Charles, her son, went to Oxford by his command. Obtained the Earl of Manchester's protection in Aug. 1644. 200 295
30 March. Fine at 1/10, 25l. 4 56

Elizabeth, Lady Windham, Kensford, Somerset.

Vol. G No. or p.
D. 199 107
P.E. 199 113
C. 199 109
C. 199 109
R. 199 103
27 Feb. 1647. Compounds for delinquency. Being in Dunster garrison, had Sir Thomas Fairfax's pass to go to her house, notwithstanding which protection, all her goods were taken from her, her estate sequestered, and her house ruined. 199 106
18 March. Fine at 1/16, 324l. 4 42
April? Begs that in regard of her great age, 70 years, she may pay but one year's value of her estate, having paid a moiety. Has lost 1,500l. by plundering. No order. 139 142

John and Peter Massey, Leeds, Co. York.

Vol. G No. or p.
Feb. 1647 ? Peter Massey petitions that he submitted on the surrender of Newark, and has lived peaceably since, having taken the Oath and Covenant, and also an oath that he is not worth 200l.; begs discharge on the late propositions of Parliament. 101 841
Feb. ? Order for John Massey's discharge on the votes of Parliament of 8 December and 6 November last, exempting those not worth 200l., and for discharge of all similarly placed, the votes being positive. 101 835