Cases before the Committee: September 1651

Pages 2867-2877

Calendar, Committee For Compounding: Part 4. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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September 1651

Joshua Clench, Kingston, Dorset.

2 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 222 673
P.R. 12 297
R. 222 671
Begs to compound, not being sequestered, for adhering to the King. 222 675
2 Sept. 1651. Fine at 1/6, 1l. 13s. 4d. 12 298

Inhabitants of Worcester.

Vol. G No. or p.
PROT. 133 331 2 Sept. 1651. On an order in Parliament of 30 Aug. 1651, given, that the Committee for Compounding take the informations of Thos. Wilkes and Rich. Thomson touching the goods and estate in London of any of those who have adhered to the King of Scots in this business, order that the County Commissioners for London examine them and other witnesses, and secure the estates. 133
9 Sept. 1651. Request by the Worcester Committee that the Worcester cloths belonging to Thos. Soley, St. Andrew's Parish, Worcester, and seized on the above order, may be discharged, as he is well-affected, subscribed the engagement, and was in arms to defend the city against the Scottish army, but was forced to fly and had Lord-General Cromwell's protection, given. 133 335
24 Sept. Allowed his estate on Cromwell's certificate of his good affection. 15 31
15 Sept. 1651. Request by the County Committee that as James Badham has always been well-affected, his cloths and debts seized in London may be discharged. 133 339
24 Sept. Allowed his estate on certificate of his good affection, and on security of Laurence Brinly, unless the County Commissioners show that he was in the late engagement. 15 31
30 Sept. 1651. The London Committee certify that Rich. Juice was returned in the list of persons whose estates are secured. 133 321
17 Oct. Juice discharged on hearing from Nich. Lechmere, M.P., that he was not concerned in any treasonable engagement. 133 317
NOTE 133 327 30 Sept. 1651. The London Committee report that Jonas Demetrius was returned in the list of persons whose estates are secured. 133 321
21 Oct. On certificate of Baron Wilde that he was sick during the rebellion, he is to enjoy his estate on security, if liable to sequestration; if not, the security is to be returned to him. 15 54
21 Oct. 1651. Thos. Peirce. Allowed at his request to have a copy of the charge against him, and to examine witnesses, and meantime to enjoy his estate on security. 15 54

Joshua Whitley, Hipperholme, Co. York.

3 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 223 49 Has been at great charge in his appeal before the Barons of Exchequer, where his case still depends, but they sit so seldom that he prefers to acknowledge his delinquency, and compound for adhering to the King. Noted as referred to Reading. 223 48
R. 223 45 7 Oct. 1651. Fine at 1/6, 105l. 12 319
14 Oct. Having paid ½ his fine, allowed his Michaelmas rents 12 323
29 March 1652. Fine paid and estate discharged 12 417

Thomas, Son of Thomas Almond, Ensham, Co. Oxford.

9 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
Order by the Committee for Compounding that he produce his discharge from sequestration. 15 10
C. 61 668
& D.
61 665
R. 61 659
D. 61 651
21 Oct. He begs release of his estate in co. Bucks, sequestered for his supposed recusancy. Was discharged by the County Committee in 1647, on a certificate from Protestant residents, but is now threatened with re-sequestration. 61 664
21 Oct. Referred to Reading 15 53
17 Feb. 1652. Refused, because his title is disallowed, and his father is a recusant convict. 16
22 April. Begs discharge of 4 tenements in co. Bucks, value 4l. 4s. a year, sequestered for recusancy of his father, now dead. 61 649
22 April. Referred to the County Committee 16
12 May. Discharge granted, if his father was sequestered for recusancy only. 16

Thomas Bryan, Aylesbury, Co. Bucks.

Vol. G No. or p.
9 Sept. 1651. Ordered to produce the discharge of his sequestration within 28 days. 15 10
L.C.C. 70 809 26 Nov. He pleads that in 1643, being but a youth, he took up arms for the King, on which his small estate, one house in Aylesbury, was sequestered. In 1644 he submitted to Parliament of his own accord, and in 1645 compounded with the Committee for the 3 counties, Berks, Bucks, and Oxon, for 15l., which he paid, being a year's value of his estate; the composition was presented to Parliament, but through ignorance he did not obtain his discharge, and is now threatened with re-sequestration, through never acting against the Commonwealth since. Noted, "The order that empowered the Commissioners to be produced before any further proceeding." 70 807

Joshua Chamberlain, Halberton, Devon.

Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 222 863
P.R. 12 303
R. 222 859
9 Sept. 1651. Compounds, not being sequestered, for adhering to the King in the first war. 222 862
16 Sept. Fine at 1/6, 1l. 12 307

Thomas Child, Waybridge, Surrey.

Vol. G No. or p.
L.C.C. 257 65 9 Sept. 1651. The County Committee report that he was in the first war with Lord Hopton, and that an estate has since fallen to him by death of his father, real 20l. a year, personal 120l. 255 88
31 March 1652. No proceedings to be taken unless he was sequestered before 1 Dec. 1651. 30 441

Lewis Mordaunt, and a Claimant on his Estate.

Vol. G No. or p.
9 Sept. 1651. Mordaunt is ordered to produce the order for the discharge of his sequestered estate. 15 10
7 Oct. 1651. A petition (missing) of Thos. Farrer referred to Brereton, to report in a month. 15 41
4 Nov. Farrer begs to prove in Bedfordshire his title to Newton Blossomville Manor, Bucks, demised 16 Car. by Lewis Mordaunt for 500l. to Hum. Monox, of Wootton, co. Bedford, and Thos. Boteler, of Bedford, for 31 years, at a peppercorn rent, but sequestered for his recusancy. The title was cleared, and the estate discharged by the County Commissioners in 1647, but now petitioner, to whom the lease was assigned, is summoned to clear the estate, and his witnesses are "remote in Bedfordshire, and not able to travel so far as London." Granted. 85
10 Feb. 1652. Like order on his petition (missing) for examinations as to his title to be taken in co. Bucks. 15 254

Edward Nurse, Co. Bucks, and a Claimant on his Estate.

Vol. G No. or p.
9 Sept. 1651. He is ordered to produce his discharge from sequestration. 15 10
8 Oct. 1651. John Whalley. jun., of Cosgrove, co. Northampton, clerk, begs allowance of his title to "the Rose" in Stony Stratford, co. Bucks, which Edw. Nurse in 1642 settled on him in trust for his wife and children. Has received and disposed of the profits, &c., till of late the County Committee summoned Eliz. Lloyd, who was trusted by him to receive the rents, to produce the deeds, pretending that Nurse, now deceased, was a delinquent. If he were, it was long after the deed. Begs a certificate from the County Committee as to when he became a delinquent, &c. 130 9
C. 147 141
D. 147 143
8 Oct. Referred to the County Committee and Brereton. 15 41
26 March 1652. Whalley begs discharge on the Act of Pardon, the said estate not standing sequestered 1 Dec. 1651. 130 13
26 March. The County Committee to certify whether it was sequestered 1 December last; if not, the registrar to draw up a discharge. 16 225

George Rawlins, Co. Bucks, and the Claimants on his Estate.

Vol. G No. or p.
9 Sept. 1651. Order that he produce his deed of discharge of sequestration. 15 10
D. 147 151
C. 147 149
17 Sept. 1651. Sir Thos. Palmer, Bart. [of Wingham, Kent], begs reference to counsel of his title to lands in East Burnham, Bucks, sequestered for delinquency of George Rawlins. Applied to the County Commissioners, who have certified the truth, but could not relieve him. 110 395
L.C.C. 110 397
147 153
D. 110 401
R. 110 385, 389
D. 110 399
17 Sept. Referred to Reading 15
25 Feb. 1652. Order to the County Commissioners to certify date and cause of sequestration, and to Reading to report. 16 56
28 Oct. Order on report that the County Commissioners of Kent, Middlesex, and Bucks examine whether Rawlins was in any of the meetings in Kent before the late rebellion, or whether they can fix any delinquency upon him before 18 May 1648, the date of the conveyance of the estate in question to Palmer; if not, Palmer is to be allowed the rents. 19 1039
O.C.C. 119 320
147 147
C. 119 319
147 145
9 Oct. 1651. Wm. Style, jun., of Sunbury, Middlesex, petitions that Anne Rawlins, widow, deceased, daughter and co-heir of Sir George Carew, by her will of 10 Jan. 1642, demised to Sir Wm. Beecher, and 3 others, all her lands in Cippenham 119 297
D. 119 316
[? Chippenham], co. Bucks (the woods and college leases excepted), to be sold for payment of her debts, and for providing portions for her younger children. The said trustees accordingly sold to petitioner, by indenture 4 March 1650, for 1,700l., the lands aforesaid, which she has since enjoyed till the late sequestration, on account of the delinquency of George Rawlins, her eldest son, who has no right to the estate. Begs discharge of the sequestration.
D. 119 317
R. 119 309
9 Oct. 1651. Referred to the County Committee 15
23 Oct. On hearing of N. Lechmere, M.P., the deed is allowed, and the sequestration ordered to be discharged. 15 60

Thomas Stafford, of Tottenhoo, Bucks.

Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 120 481
9 Sept. 1651. The Committee for Compounding, finding that he was discharged by the County Committee, require him to produce his discharge. 15 10
31 Dec. He producing a discharge from the County Committees of Bucks, Berks, and Oxon, sitting at Westminster 14 March 1645, the Committee for Compounding cannot allow it till confirmed by Parliament, and require him to bring in a particular of his estate, and Reading to state the whole proceedings, in order to a composition. 15 161

John Turner, Bletchingley, and Thomas Turner, Nutfield, Surrey.

Vol. G No. or p.
9 Sept. 1651. The County Committee report that they have sequestered them as delinquents in the second war. John's personalty is 350l., and his real estate 250l. a year; Thomas's, 100l. a year. The estate was their father's and eldest brother's, and they pretend that the timber seized belongs to the brother's widow. They also pretend a conveyancy in trust which is fraudulent. 255 88
L.C.C. 169 407
257 65
29 Oct. The Committee for Compounding order seizure of the estate, any claim notwithstanding. 30 441
31 March 1652. The Act of Pardon having passed, the County Committee are not to proceed against them unless they were sequestered before 1 Dec. 1651. 30 441
C. 125 403, 405 8 July. Sequestration to continue if, as intimated, they were sequestered before then. 30 442
C. 32 42, 43
L.C.C. 258 70
Bond 169 411
8 Sept. Request on their behalf for discharge on the Act of Pardon, their estates not being sequestered 1 Dec. 1651. 125 401
8 Sept. As they compounded with the late Committee for Surrey, paid 10l. each fine for delinquency in the Earl of Holland's rising, and had their discharges, they are to be left out of the list to be returned to Parliament for a bill of sale, provided they are the same persons as compounded; the County Committee is to send up their bonds for securing their estates, and certify whether any profits were received from the estates before 1 Dec. 1651. 17 193
L.C.C. 169 413
23 Oct. The Surrey Committee send the bond, and certify that they had received no profits 1 Dec. 1651. 169 409
17 Nov. The Committee for Compounding complain of contradictory reports as to the date of sequestration, and order the County Committee and their own registrar to certify all particulars. 17 405

Elizabeth Abraham, Thornton, Sefton Parish, Co. Lancaster, and William Abraham, her Son.

10 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
L.C.C. 61 142
R.C. 15 13
Eliz. Abraham begs discharge of her cottage and 3½ acres of land, worth 40s. a year, having acquitted herself before the County Committee of the charge of recusancy. 61 131
D. 61 135
160 379
C. 61 135
160 380
L.C.C. 61 133
R. 61 125
C. 32 141
R.C. 25 154
10 Sept. 1651. The County Committee are to state what they know concerning her recusancy. 15 13
25 May 1652. She begs a reference of their returns to counsel. Granted. 61
3 Feb. 1653. The Committee for Compounding, being equally divided on the question, order the County Committee to certify the date and cause of sequestration. 19 1068
2 Aug. 1653. Wm. Abraham prays discharge of his late mother's estate of 40s. a year, sequestered for her alleged recusancy, but she died Sept. 1652, before procuring her discharge. 61 123
17 Oct. Granted, with arrears from the date of petition 23 1635
5 Dec. 1654. He begs to have the arrears from 24 Dec. 1649, as his mother then obtained the discharge of the County Committee. 61 121
5 Dec. Petition refused, unless it appear that his mother's title was not heard before her death through delay of this Committee. 27 193

John Siller, Roger Hore, Bartholomew Batson, and Thomas Read, all of Kilmington, Devon.

11 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
They petition severally that hearing that there is a charge of delinquency against them, and that witnesses have been examined by the County Committee; they beg that they may have the names of the witnesses, copies of the charge, and leave to examine. Granted. 67
27 Feb. 1652. They petition jointly that though they never bore arms against Parliament, the County Commissioners questioned them, and seized their estates, but freed them; yet the clerk of the late County Committee returned them by mistake as sequestered, and therefore they are ordered to produce their discharges in 28 days on pain of sequestration. Have none to produce, never being sequestered; beg dismissal from attendance, or an order to the County Committee to certify whether they were sequestered before Jan. 1652, and any moneys received from their estates. 94 153
27 Feb. The County Committee to certify proceedings in their cases. 16 76

Claimant on the Estate of William Partchcot, Devon.

16 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
L.C.C. 152 183
NOTE 152 180
D. 152 177
Henry Moyse begs discharge of messuages, &c., in Northorne, Broadwood Widger parish, Devon, granted to him by Wm. Patchcot in 1638, but now sequestered for Patchcot's supposed delinquency. 100 614
16 Sept. 1651. Referred to the County Committee and to Reading 15 20

Robert Bostock, Davenham, William Mosse, Kinderton, William Hurstfield, Bradwall, all Co. Chester.

17 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
The County Committee send up informations against them, viz.:— 148 351
That Hurstfield associated with Cavaliers, assisted them with intelligence, and was at the taking of Doddington. 148 353
That Bostock was a sequestrator on behalf of the King 148 356
That Mosse was in the King's army 148 357

Gregory Grange, East Harlsey, Co. York.

17 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
17 Sept. 1651. Coufesses that in the beginning of the war he adhered to the forces raised against Parliament, but being satisfied of their unlawfulness, submitted to Parliament. Being sequestered from the first, and having great debts, he has been unable till lately to raise money for his fine, but having now friends who will disburse it, he begs that his sad condition may be recommended to Parliament by the Army Committee. 87 611
17 Sept. To be reported to the Army Committee 15
30 March 1652. Capt. Lascelles states that Grange was unable to compound for his sequestered estate, within the limited times on account of great debts. Petitioner (who has been for 8 years, and still is, in service of Parliament) lent Grange much money, not knowing that he was a delinquent, and a year ago purchased his whole estate, not knowing but that he or petitioner might compound for it; being engaged in the wars, he was ignorant of the strict rules of Parliament. His whole fortune depending thereon, begs reference to Parliament of his desire to compound. Noted, "The Commissioners can do nothing in it." 99 399
2 April. Petition renewed 99 396
2 April. Order that it be reported to the Army Committee by Brereton. 16 254
14 Jan. 1653. Order in Parliament that Lascelles be admitted to compound at 3/6 for the estate he bought of Gregory Grange. 99 407
P.E. 99 409
224 891
19 Jan. He begs to compound accordingly, and to have an order to the County Commissioners to examine the proofs of a charge of 6l. 13s. 4d. issuing to the minister of East Harlsey, and other annuities on his estate. 99 406
D. 224 897
R. 224 893
19 Jan. Reading to draw up the composition, and the petitioner to prove his allowances before the County Committee. 12 530
29 March. Fine at 2/6, 802l. 14s. 224 897
7 Sept. Lascelles complains that the fine is set for an estate of 144l. a year, whereas it is now demised at 120l. a year for 7 years, and begs reference to counsel. 99 394
7 Sept. To be heard to-morrow 25 195
28 Sept. Fine reduced to 586l. 11s. 9d. 12 568
8 Oct. Sequestration suspended, ½ the fine being paid 24 1128
15 March 1654. Fine fully paid, and estate discharged 24 1157
Claimant on the Estate.
30 Dec. 1653. Wm. Robinson, minister of East Harlsey, pleads for payment, with arrears, till discharge of sequestration of Grange's estate, compounded for by Lascelles, of a grant made by the Committee for Plundered Ministers in 1646, of 30l. a year to the minister, and all angmentation for the future. With note of order for payment of the arrears. 114 927

Claimant on the Estate of Andrew Lucar.

Vol. G No. or p.
17 Sept. 1651. Mary, widow of Robert Garland, petitions that she holds a 21 years' lease, taken by her husband 10 years ago, of a house in Botolph Lane, London, at a very rack rent of 36l., from Andrew Lucar, since a delinquent; but rents being much lowered since, and the house only now worth 20l., begs abatement of rent. 88 204
17 Sept. The County Committee to survey and certify the value, and proceed on instructions. 15 23
3 Oct. 1651. They certify that it is very old and ruinous, and they could not get 30l. a year for it. 88 215
28 Jan. 1652. Petition renewed, as the house must be repaired 88 213
R. 88 207 28 Jan. Reading to peruse the lease and report 15

Ralph Whittington, or Withington, Burscough, Co. Lancaster.

Vol. G No. or p.
O.C.C. 130 397
L.C.C. 131 247
160 457
17 Sept. 1651. Begs discharge of his small estate of 5l. a year, sequestered on misinformation that he is a recusant. Has taken the Oath of Abjuration before the County Committee, but they cannot discharge him without order. 130 400
17 Sept. The County Committee to examine the date and cause of sequestration. 15 23
27 Nov. On their report that he was discharged by the late County Committee, but that having no order, they cannot confirm the discharge, the Committee for Compounding reply that they wait the direction of Parliament in such cases. 30 212
30 Nov. 1652. Petition for discharge renewed. He was sequestered in 1647 or 1648, but has always been conformable to Government. 131 253
O.C.C. 160 459 30 Nov. The County Committee to examine and certify date and cause of sequestration. 17 456
C. 32 158
131 251
5 Jan. 1653. Petition renewed. With note of order for a certificate of the proceedings. 131 249
26 Dec. 1654. Begs an order to the County Committee to give him his charge and leave to examine witnesses, that they may have power to discharge his estate. 144 339
26 Dec. The County Committee to certify whether they have any charge of delinquency against him; and if so, to send up copies, and the registrar to certify the proceedings in the case. 27 222

Edward Owen, Condover, Co. Salop.

19 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 222 915 Begs to compound for delinquency in the first war, being not yet sequestered. 222 914
23 Sept. 1651. Fine at 1/6, 207l. 12 313
R. 222 911 29 June 1652. Fine paid and estate discharged 12 458

Claimants on the Estate of Richard Rogers (late), Bryanstone, Blandford, and Langton, Dorset.

Vol. G No. or p.
O.C. 15 45 19 Sept. 1651. The County Committee of Essex are to certify when the estate of Rich. Rogers in their county was first sequestered, whether in his lifetime, and for whose delinquency, and how discharged. 15 26
L.C.C. 156 87 Jan. 1652? Case stated—that he was in arms against Parliament; part of his estate, which was in London and in Essex, was in his lifetime sequestered, and the greater part of his estate, both in that and other counties, was not sequestered, but privately taken off, and enjoyed after his decease, without composition, by Lady Banaster, who, with [Lancclot] Lake, has the custody of all the personal estate. 114
L.C.C. 114 719
240 46
P.E. 240 47
NOTE 240 48
9 Jan. 1652. Further inquiry ordered, with account of receipts therefrom. 15 180(2)
21 Jan. Enquiries ordered as to whether he had any estate in co. Somerset. 30 392
21 and 22 Jan. His estate in cos. Essex, Dorset, and Kent to be seized, and particulars returned of the value. 30
22 Jan. 1652. The Committee for Compounding instruct the County Committees of Hants, Dorset, and London that as he was sequestered in 1643, and adjudged a delinquent by the Committee for Sequestrations, and so died, his estate, hitherto unknown, in cos. Hants and Dorset, and a house in Walbrook, London, be sequestered. 30 406
L.C.C. 240 49
P.E. 240 50
30 47
18 Feb. 1652. John Rogers, grandchild and heir male of Sir Rich. Rogers, begs discharge of the sequestration of divers lands in cos. Somerset and Dorset, sequestered for delinquency of Richard Rogers (late), who never had possession thereof, viz., Nutford Farm, and Kilve and Holford Manors, Somerset. Five years ago, Nutford Farm was recovered by petitioner on trial in the Upper Bench, by virtue of the entail by Sir Rich. Rogers, his grandfather, though Rich. Rogers did all he could to bar petitioner's title. 114 700
18 Feb. Referred to County Commissioners and Brereton 16 33
18 Feb. 1652. Dame Margaret Banaster and Lancelot Lake, guardians of Elizabeth and Rogersa Rogers, daughters and coheirs of Rich. Rogers, beg discharge of sequestration of their estate in Dorset, alleging that it proceeds from some misinformation that their wards' father was, in 1643, sequestered by the Committee for Sequestrations. He was only tenant for life, and the whole estate is theirs after him, a deed of trust for payment of debts being first satisfied. 65 684
L.C.C. 240 51
O.C.C. 240 52
L.C.C. 166 301
240 53
D. 65 644
L.C.C. 166 303
18 Feb. Referred to Brereton, and the petitioners to give security for that part of the estate which was discharged by the Committee for Sequestrations. 16 33
16 March. Discharge granted on the Act of Pardon of the estates in Dorset and London, and enquiries to be made as to the rest. 16 143
17 March. Enquiries ordered in cos. Somerset and Dorset as to whether the estates were sequestered 1 Dec. 1651. 16 156
26 March. Order for discharge of the estate in Dorset renewed 16 227
O.C. 16 280
& D.
167 434
6 Aug. Dame Margaret Banaster, for the daughters, begs discharge on the Act of Pardon of their estate in co. Hants, no actual sequestration being thereon 1 December, and the sequestration in co. Dorset being discharged. 65 682
6 Aug. Granted, if the County Committee certify that it was not sequestered 1 Dec. 1651. 17 118
16 Feb. and 9 March 1653. Petitions renewed for discharge of the estate in Hants, as granted in other counties, the County Committee certifying that it was not then sequestered. 65 680
C. 32 169 9 March. Discharged on the Act of Pardon 21 1301
2 April 1652. Dame Margaret Banaster begs discharge of an estate in Sparkford and Kilve, co. Somerset, settled on her for jointure by her first husband, Sir John Rogers, in 1608, part of which, called the fee-farm rent, is sequestered as the estate of Richard Rogers, who never possessed or claimed it. 65 646
2 April. The seizure to be discharged, she making oath that she has not released the premises. 16 256

Robert Place, Dinsdale, Co. Durham.

23 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 222 921
P.R. 12 313
R. 222 917
Begs to compound, not being sequestered, for delinquency in the wars. 222 920
23 Sept. 1651. Fine at 1/6, 200l. 12 314

Dorothy, Widow of John Browne, London.

24 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
Begs confirmation of an order of the Committee at Camden House, granting her a small room and closet in the house near the Custom House, lately Capt. Rawdon's, and now in the holding of Mr. Hill, in consideration of her distress, of the loss her husband sustained by the late bishops, and of his sudden death. With certificates by John Corbett and Phil. Smyth, that petitioner is a poor distressed widow of a godly life and conversation. 71 398

William Gill, Silverton, Devon.

Vol. G No. or p.
24 Sept. 1651. Begs a copy of his charge, his estate being secured by the County Committee on a charge of delinquency. 87 754
24 Sept. Granted, with leave to cross-examine witnesses, unless he was sequestered before Jan. 1650. 15 30

Dame Katherine Knollys, Widow, Grove Place, Hants.

Vol. G No. or p.
24 Sept. 1651. Begs allowance out of 2/3 of her estate, sequestered for her recusancy, for costs of suits to which she is compelled to resort, by contentious and ill-minded tenants who unjustly detain her right from her. 97 39
24 Sept. Referred to the County Committee 15 29
18 Jan. 1654. Begs to contract for 2/3 of her estate on the Recusants' Act of 21 Oct. 1653. 97 37
18 Jan. Referred to Reading 26 10

Claimant on the Estate of Charles Saul, Saulwood and Stainton, Westmoreland.

Vol. G No. or p.
24 Sept. 1651. Jane, or Jennet Saul, his wife, petitions that she has long enjoyed her estate, but it is now seized by the County Committee on an untrue surmise that Charles Saul, delinquent, has some interest therein. Begs an order to the County Committee to allow her the rents on security, and to certify the cause of sequestration. 115 134
24 Sept. County Committee to certify as requested 15 31
24 June 1652. Jane, widow of Charles Saul, petitions that in 1627 she had a jointure of 25l. a year, assigned her on lands in Hincaster by Edwin Saul, her father-in-law, after her husband's death, but they were sequestered 4 years ago for recusancy of her husband, who is dead, and though she has taken the Oath of Abjuration, she is not allowed her jointure. 115 105
D. 115 108, 99
I.& D. 115 109
170 599
C. 33 422
115 117–121
R. 115 95
C. 240 53A
D. 115 99
C. 34 89
24 June. County Committee to certify the date and cause of sequestration, and that she has taken the said oath, and Brereton to report. 16 594
6 Dec. 1653. Petition renewed 115 127
6 Dec. Referred to the County Commissioners and Reading 25 179
2 March 1654. Begs reference of the return of the County Commissioners to counsel. Granted. 115
12 July. Claim to be allowed, on her deposition that she has not barred the said 25l. 28 12

Henry Young, Rushton, Co. Chester, and a Claimant on his Estate.

Vol. G No. or p.
& D. 148 329
24 Sept. 1651. John Wall, of London, begs discharge of lands in Rushton, mortgaged to him in 1644 for 50l. by Henry Young, for whose delinquency they are sequestered. 127 199
24 Sept. 1651. Referred to the County Committee 15 29
9 Jan. 1652. Their return referred to counsel 15 180
Dec. 1653? Young begs to contract on the late Recusants' Act for 2/3 of his sequestered estate. 135 52

George Atkinson, Montgomery, Co. Montgomery.

25 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
His estate being seized for some supposed delinquency, he begs to receive his rents on security till he has made his defence. Noted with an order that a copy of the general order of 23 April 1651 be given him. 64 664

Francis Withes, Skewsby, Co. York.

26 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
P.E. 223 44
P.R. 12 315
R. 223 39
Compounds, not being sequestered, for delinquency in the first war, and the County Committee are to sequester the estate, real and personal. 223 41
15 Oct. 1651. Fine at 1/6, 18l. 12 324
17 Oct. Paid and estate discharged 12 325

Richard Smith, Bridgnorth, Salop.

30 Sept. 1651. Vol. G No. or p.
Complains of the seizure of his estate for some supposed delinquency, of which he is unconscious, "having been all along really affected to the Parliament." Begs an order to the County Committee to forbear disposal of his estate. Noted, "A copy of the general order, with a copy of this petition, given to petitioner." 117 1129
Claimant on the Estate.
15 Oct. 1651. John Greenfield, silkman of London, petitions that Smith took of him silk wares, value 30l. 1s. 3d., but assisting the King's party at the late Worcester fight, is fled, and his goods seized for the State. Begs an order to the County Committee of Salop to restore his goods on proof of the debt. 88 349
15 Oct. He is to prove particulars of the goods and their sending, and the County Commissioners to certify. 15 49

Claimants on the Estate of Henry Patrickson, Goldsmith, Silver Street, London.

Sept. 1651? Vol. G No. or p.
Thos. Garth, solicitor and agent for sequestrations in Cumberland, petitions the Committee for Compounding, that Thos. Salkeld and Wm. Patrickson, of Weddiker, held the tithes of Arlecdon, which were sequestered in Michaelmas 1648 for their delinquency. In Feb. 1649, Carlisle garrison needing money, fines were imposed on delinquents, and Salkeld and Patrickson paid their fines, and again compounded for the tithes with Sir Art. Haslerigg and the Committee for Northern Delinquents; before Patrickson's return from Newcastle, in Sept. 1649, William and Rob. Williamson, and others, intruded into the tithes, but petitioner issued a writ against them, and obtained restitution. Now Wm. Williamson has obtained a writ of restoration from the Upper Bench. Begs that Williamson may be summoned, the case referred to the County Committee, and meantime petitioner retain the tithes for the use of the State. 87 278
2 Oct. 1651. Wm. Williamson and Mary his wife, daughter and heir of Hen. Patrickson, and Mary Patrickson, his widow and administratrix, beg an order to the County Committee to examine and certify their claim to the tithes of Arlecdon, Cumberland, sold 11 years ago to Hen. Patrickson for 1,000l., by Hen. Patrickson of Frissington; Joseph Patrickson, brother of the purchaser, who lived near, received them for him, but both brothers being dead, William, son and heir of Joseph, and Thos. Salkeld, who married his widow, both delinquents, claim the tithes, disturb petitioners in their title, and procure persons to farm them from the County Committee. 132 299
I. & D.132 253
150 459
& P.E. 132 275
150 455
– 457
D. 132 269–273
112 493
R. 132 241
D. 132 271
2 Oct. 1651. County Committee to certify and Reading to report 132
21 Jan. 1652. Any part of the personal estate of Henry Patrickson that has been seized by the widow or by the sheriff to be demanded, or the full value thereof. 30 127
10 Feb. The returns being made, and nothing appearing against the petitioners, they beg to enjoy the tithes on good security pending the hearing. 132 295
10 Feb. Granted on security of double the value, if the tithes have not been adjudged or sequestered, and if they prosecute their claim to effect. 15 254
27 July. Mary Patrickson, of Silver Street, London, widow, pleads a speedy hearing; being poor and infirm, and living 250 miles away, she has to employ an attorney, and as all go into the country at the assizes, she is in danger of losing a year's profits. Had recovered the tithes by law, and the County Committee report her title to them. 112 492
27 July. Hearing ordered on Thursday 17 53
29 July. Claim allowed on report, sequestration to be discharged, and her security delivered up. 17 73