Wills: 43 Henry III (1258-9)

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Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 1, 1258-1358. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Monday next after the Feast of Conversion of S. Paul [25 Jan.].

Huphelder (fn. 1) (Henry le).—To Erneburga his wife all his houses and goods in trust for sale for payment of his debts; remainder to pious uses. No date.
Roll 2 (17).

Bon (John le).—To Johanna his wife his capital mansion for life; remainder to John his son; remainder, in default of heir, to charitable uses. No date
Roll 2 (19).

Eswy (William), mercer.—To Sir R[alph de Monthermer], Earl of Gloucester, all his tenements in Fridaistrate for 100 marks wherein he was bound to the said earl, and for robes, capes, and other goods received from the same. His socages in the vill of London to be sold for charitable uses. No date.
Roll 2 (22).

Monday the Feast of S. Scolastica, Virgin [10 Feb.].

Gaunter (fn. 2) (Robert le).—All his goods, movable and immovable, to be divided into three parts: one part for his wife, a second for his daughter, and a third for the good of his own soul. His houses to remain to his wife and daughter so long as they shall live, and not to be sold except with the consent of Ralph, the chaplain of S. Nicholas Hakun, and William de Enefeld, cordwainer, inasmuch as he wills and devises one-third of the proceeds of the sale of his houses, rents, and goods to be distributed according to the discretion of the said Ralph and William his executors. No date.
Roll 2 (31).

Monday the Feast of S. Mathias, Apostle [24 Feb.].

Randulf (John).—To Walter de Nottingeham his house in Distavelane for twenty-four marks, out of which his debts and legacies are to be paid. No date.
Roll 2 (35).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Gregory, Pope [12 March].

Burgoyne (William de).—His large house to be sold for payment of his debts; one moiety of the residue to be distributed among the poor in cloth, shoes, and masses, the other moiety to be given to his wife and daughter. To Isabel his wife two other mansions for life; also quitrents of land held by William de Dagenham and others at Writele (fn. 3) so long as she be unmarried; remainder to Earilda his daughter. If his said daughter predecease her mother without heirs, the above houses and rents to be sold for masses and gifts to the poor. His house in Syvidlane, (fn. 4) held of the Hospitallers of Jerusalem, to be sold for like purposes, saving to Cristina, wife of Martin the "feutrar," (fn. 5) a sur-coat of the value of three or four shillings. No date.
Roll 2 (42).

Kingeston (Walter de).—House in Godronelane (fn. 6) to be sold, and the proceeds of the sale, together with all his goods, movable and immovable, to be divided into three parts: one part to go to Bona his wife, another to his children, and the third to payment of his debts. No date.
Roll 2 (43).

Colnere (Felicia la).—To Roger her brother rents in Westchep for life, remainder to the Priory of Merton for pious uses,. and a house at S. Mary de Sumersate. Devises of Caponeshors at Merton and other tenements to the New Hospital, and to the houses of Haliwell, Merton, and S. Helen. To Richard de Kingeston a house for life, and to Richard fitz Sigar a house in S. Nicholas Lane. Also to the said house of Haliwell various rents at S. Michael where corn is sold, (fn. 7) at Castle Baynard, S. Benedict Fink, and at Bradestrate. (fn. 8) No date.
Roll 2 (44).

Monday next after the Feast of S. Gregory, Pope [12 March].

Lawefare (Sir John de), clerk.—To Alice, sister of Otho de Lawefare, all his houses in the suburb of London, with all their appurtenances, rendering therefor to the lords of the fee the service due and accustomed. No date.
Roll 2 (49).

Monday next after the Feast of Invention of H. Cross [3 May].

Norwich (Ralph de).—All his lands and tenements, together with his wards, ferms, and rents in Ireland and in England, as also his messuages and rents in London, to be sold by his executors for payment of his debts; the residue, if any, to be distributed at their discretion for the good of his soul. No date.
Roll 2 (50).

Hardell (Ralph).—To Philippa his daughter tenements in Kyrunelane, parish of Paternostercherch. (fn. 9) To Sibil his daughter an annual quitrent of four marks issuing from the house of Nicholas Hardell, contiguous to the church of S. Martin in the Vintry. To his wife, by way of dower and legacy, all his rents and tenements near the lane of Richard le Gras, and extending towards the Thames; remainder to her surviving heir. To Ralph and John his sons and to the survivor of them, if either should die without an heir, the tenement which he bought of Reyner de Bungeye towards the Thames. To Johanna his daughter, wife of Peter de Frowik, and her heirs, rents in Chepe and Tower Street. To Alice, wife of Ralph de Rokeslegh, a tenement in parish of S. Mary "de Hilla." (fn. 10) All his ferms he leaves for the maintenance of his wife and children. The residue of his goods to be divided into three parts: one part to be expended for the good of his soul among the poor of London, and the other parts to be divided between his wife and children remaining under her care. A portion of his immovables to be sold, if necessary, by his executors for payment of his debts. No date.
Roll 2 (52).

Roger Pistor, (fn. 11) of Billingesgate.—To Johanna his wife for life all his messuage with implements belonging to his business, rendering annually to Cristian his son fourpence; remainder to his said son, or if dead without legitimate issue, to Felicia, wife of the same, for life; remainder to the children of James and Alice, brother and sister of the testator. No date.
Roll 2 (54).

Bat (Nicholas).—To Elizabeth his wife, by way of dower and free-bench, rents, shops, and houses not specified; also a seld (fn. 12) near Chepe, at the corner of S. Laurence Street, and rents in Sopereslane and elsewhere, whether she marry again or not. To the Hospital of S. Bartholomew, London, four shillings. To the New Hospital without Bissopesgate seventeen houses and a certain shrubbery next to the land of the said hospital. To the church of S. Mary de Suwerk half a mark rent in Candelwiccestrate. (fn. 13) To Thomas and George, sons of Thomas Bat, rents in parish of All Hallows "le grant" and other rents without Ludgate and beyond Flete bridge. To Richard de Coudres rents in Estchep, and two acres and one rood of meadow land in Edelmeton. (fn. 14) To Dame Roysia his sister quitrents in the aforesaid parish of All Hallows. And to Isabella his cousin six shillings rent towards the bridge. Houses, rents, &c., in Candelwiccestrate, and in parishes of S. Martin Algar, (fn. 15) S. Laurence, and S. Leonard, and at the corner of Oystregate, to be sold to pay his debts at the discretion of his executors. No date.
Roll 2 (55).

Monday the Morrow of the Feast of H. Trinity [8 June].

Blund (Sir Andrew), Knight.—To Elena his wife all his lands, rents, and tenements in London and suburbs for life; remainder to Hugh and Henry his sons in equal parts. No date.
Roll 2 (58).

Monday the Vigil of the Feast of S. Botolph [17 June].

Sotesbrok (Andrew).—Gives and assigns his body and his houses to the church of Meriton. (fn. 16) No date.
Roll 2 (59).

Monday after the Feast of S. James [25 July].

St. Alban (Nicholas de), goldsmith.—To Richard and Michael his sons the reversion of land at Hendon and of a house in London after the decease of his mother. To Johanna his wife a third part of all his goods, movable and immovable. No date.
Roll 2 (72).

Amias (Roger de).—His house to be sold, and his wife to have half a mark; the residue of the proceeds of the sale, if any, and of his goods beyond legacies to be distributed by his executors. No date.
Roll 2 (73).


  • 1. According to Riley ('Memorials of London,' &c., Introduction, pp. xxii, xlviii), Uphelder or Upholder is equivalent to Undertaker. More probably it means an Upholsterer or dealer in small wares, commonly known as a Fripperer (Way's 'Promptorium,' edited for the Camden Society).
  • 2. Glover.
  • 3. Writtle, co. Essex.
  • 4. Seething Lane.
  • 5. Feltmaker.
  • 6. Now Gutter Lane.
  • 7. The parish commonly known as S. Michael atte Corn or S. Michael le Quern.
  • 8. Broad Street.
  • 9. S. Michael Paternoster Royal.
  • 10. S. Mary at Hill.
  • 11. Or the baker.
  • 12. A shed or warehouse.
  • 13. Cannon Street.
  • 14. Edmonton, co. Middlesex.
  • 15. Commonly called S. Martin Orgar.
  • 16. Merton, co. Surrey.