Wills: 44 Henry III (1259-60)

Pages 5-7

Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 1, 1258-1358. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Monday the Vigil of the Feast of S. Martin [11 Nov.].

Colecestre (William de), clerk.—To the Brethren of the Penance of Jesus Christ (fn. 1) a dovecot with pigeons. To Alice his sister and Cristina his daughter all the houses formerly belonging to his father. His houses to be sold and provision made thereout for some honest chaplain, a scholar studying in a university, to celebrate for the good of his soul and the souls of others, and on his ceasing so to study, then for some other student, at the hands of his executors, and so in perpetuity. No date.

Cristiana Heyrun put her claim upon a tenement with which the executors of the testator had enfeoffed the Abbess and nuns of Berking, saying that it was her right and inheritance.

Roll 2 (85).

Monday the Morrow of Feast of Conversion of S. Paul [25 Jan.].

Poleter (fn. 2) (Robert le) de Arcubus.—To the Abbey of Tyletey (fn. 3) his house on Cornhell, purchased of John Norman, and also his body. To Cristina his daughter the place of Bissopesgate with houses, &c. To John, clerk, his nephew, the moiety of his houses "de la Wytecruche." (fn. 4) To Juliana his wife the moiety of all his goods, movable and immovable, acquired and to be acquired. No date.
Roll 2 (102).

Monday the Morrow of Feast of S. Peter in Cathedrâ [22 Feb.].

Gofayre (John).—To Gerard his son the reversion of his capital mansion after the decease of Olive his wife. To Lambert his son his house situate between the houses of Robert Scot and Richard Knyht. And to Simon his son his workshop (domus operabilis) near his mansion. In default of heirs of any one of his said sons, his house to be divided into three parts, whereof one part is to be devoted to the benefit of his soul, the second to revert to his next heir, and the third to remain to Olive his wife for life. No date.
Roll 2 (104).

Stockere (Walter le).—To the Hospital of S. Thomas beyond the bridge the reversion of certain rents of a shop near the church of S. Leonard in Estchep, after the decease of Petronilla his wife. To the churches of S. Mary towards the Tower and S. Leonard aforesaid, two shillings rent respectively of the said shop, for the maintenance of a wax taper after the decease of his said wife. Also to his said wife for life his principal house in the said parish of S. Leonard, remainder to her brother Laurence and heirs of the same, subject to certain charges for pious and other uses, and one moiety of all his goods, movable and immovable. No date.
Roll 2 (117).

Monday the Vigil of the Feast of S. Margaret [20 July].

Wulmar Pistor. (fn. 5) —To Margery Alfwini le Riche (sic), his servant, his house, &c., in the parish of S. Dionisius, (fn. 6) to have and to hold to the said Margery and her heirs, or to whomsoever she may wish to give, demise, bequeath, sell, or assign the same. No date.
Roll 2 (131).

Monday the Morrow of the Feast of S. James [25 July].

Horton (Walter de), butcher.—To his nephew John de Horthone his capital messuage with two shops in parish of S. Nicholas Shambles. To Cristina de Hortone, sister of the said John, and to Walter her son, the testator's godson (filiolus), a house adjacent to the said messuage for their lives; remainder to the aforesaid John. To Roger and Ralph his nephews the shop "quam tenuit de opere beate Marie Virginis de Westmonaster'," in the aforesaid parish of S. Nicholas. No date.
Roll 2 (135).

Arderne (Ralph de).—His houses and rents in London to be sold by his executors for the good of his soul. To the Prior and convent of Buttele (fn. 7) five marks by the year for the good of his soul. No date.
Roll 2 (138).

Monday next after the Feast of S. Michael [29 Sept.].

Travers (Thomas).—To Sir Geoffrey de Wynton his land in Berchervereslane, (fn. 8) and two shops in parish of S. Michael le Quern. (fn. 9) His houses at Cornhill to be sold for payment of debts and funeral expenses; the residue to be devoted to pious uses. No date.

The same day Roger Fitz-Roger challenged the said testament on behalf of Stephen Bukerel and Jullian de Dunholmia, saying that the testator had no right to devise the tenements contained in the said testament, and asked that his challenge might he allowed the aforesaid Stephen and Jullian according to place and time.

Roll 2 (144).


  • 1. Fratres de Pænitentiâ Jesu Christi; also known as Fratres de Saccâ from the sackcloth which formed their habit. An order of begging Friars, who, according to Stow, had their house near Aldersgate, but who afterwards removed to a suppressed synagogue of the Jews situate in Lothbury (Newcourt's 'Repertorium,' vol. i. pp. 515, 516).
  • 2. Poulterer.
  • 3. Co. Essex.
  • 4. Whitecross.
  • 5. Or the baker.
  • 6. S. Dionis Backchurch.
  • 7. Butley, co. Suffolk.
  • 8. Birchin Lane.
  • 9. Ad bladum. See note supra, p. 3.