Wills: 29 Edward III (1355-6)

Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 1, 1258-1358. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Monday next after the Feast of S. Mark, Evangelist [25 April].

Musham (William de), Rector of the church of Denham in the diocese of Lincoln.—To the Prior and Brethren of the hospital called "Elsinggespitele" (fn. 1) within Crepulgate certain rents in Cornhill and in the lane called "Bergereslane" (fn. 2) in the parish of S. Michael upon Cornhull. No date.
Roll 83 (21).

Monday next after the Feast of SS. Philip and James [1 May].

Blake (Nicholas), vintner.—To be buried in the church of S. Michael de Paternosterchirche near the tomb of Alice his late wife. Bequest of rents issuing from tenements in the lane called "la Bowlane" in the parish of S. Michael aforesaid for the maintenance of a lamp in the said parish church. Certain tenements in the same parish and the parish of S. Botolph without Aldrichesgate to be sold, and one moiety of the proceeds to go to Johanna his wife by way of dower, and the other to be given in charity. Dated London, Monday the morrow of S. Thomas, Apostle [21 Dec.], 28 Edward III. [A.D. 1354].

Whereupon came William de Hokele and Johanna his wife, late wife of the testator, and put their claim to certain tenements in the parish of S. Botolph without Aldresgate at le Barbican in the suburb of London as of the right of the same Johanna.

Roll 83 (35)

Monday the Morrow of the Feast of H. Trinity [31 May].

Steyndrop (fn. 3) (Gilbert de), goldsmith.—To be buried in the church of S. Mary de Stanyngiane near the body of Leticia his late wife. Bequests of certain rents to the high altar and to the fabric of the churches of S. Mary le Quern and S. Mary de Stanynglane aforesaid, on condition that the following names be had in remembrance at mass, viz. Hugh, Robert, Edmund, John, Gilbert, Matilda, Beatrix, and Agnes (sic). To the nuns of the vill of Stretford he leaves certain rents in Holbourne. Dated London, 24 January, 28 Edward III. [A.D. 1354-5].
Roll 83 (52)

Monday the Feast of S. Margaret, Virgin [20 July].

Swote (Robert), fishmonger.—To be buried in the chancel of the church of S. Magnus de Briggestret, to which church and ministers thereof he makes certain bequests, as also to the four orders of friars, viz. the Carmelites, the Friars Minors, the Preaching and Augustinian Friars; and the works of S. Paul and of London Bridge respectively. To Agnes his wife for life a tenement situate in the lane opposite Oystregate; remainder to William, son of William Swote, his brother; also to his said wife, her heirs and assigns, a certain shop in the parish of S. Magnus aforesaid. To Katherine Quintyn a feather bed, chalons, and sheets; and the residue of his household goods to his said wife. Dated London, Saturday, 11 January, A.D. 1353.

Whereupon the aforesaid Agnes renounced in court the fee of the shop BO left to her, and accepted a freehold for life.

Roll 83 (59)

Monday next after the Feast of S. James, Apostle [25 July].

Godestone (John de), draper.—To be buried in the parish church of S. Matthew de Frydaystret. Bequests to the said church, its ministers, and the Fraternity of the Blessed Mary therein; also for the maintenance of chantries and of tapers in various other churches; to the poor in the hospitals of S. Mary without Bisshoppesgate, S. Bartholomew de Smythefeld, S. Thomas de Suthwerk, S. Katherine near the Tower, S. James near Cherryng, (fn. 4) and S. Giles without Holbourne; (fn. 5) to the new and old work of S. Paul's Church and the work of S. Thomas de Acon, &c. To Lucy his wife her entire chamber, with apparel and vessels appertaining to his house, and forty pounds sterling by way of dower, with which if she be not content she is to take nothing but what the law allows her for dower. (fn. 6) To William his son the reversion of shops and houses in the above parish of S. Matthew after the decease of his wife. To Richard his son, a friar of the Order of Minors, he makes a bequest in return for his prayers. To John his son, the children of Alice his sister, Salerna his wife's daughter, Stephen son of Nicholas le Chaundeler, Johanna daughter of William Marchaunt, and others, he leaves divers sums of money. The residue of his goods to be divided into two parts, whereof one part he leaves to his wife, and the other to be devoted to pious and charitable uses. Dated 6 March, A.D. 1346.
Roll 83 (66).

Monday next after the Feast of S. Luke, Evangelist [18 Oct.].

Bonet (John), woodmonger.—To Elena his wife for life he leaves his tenement in the parish of S. Gregory, subject to certain charges for wax tapers, &c., in the said parish church, and to the payment of an annuity to Cecilia Bonet. To Thomas his son and to Alice his daughter he leaves all his tenements and shops in the same parish which he acquired from Roger Bedik, "spycer," and Alice, wife of the same. His tenements in the parish of S. Anne near Aldrichegate to be sold to pay his debts, legacies, &c. Dated at his house in London, 7 July, 29 Edward III. [A.D. 1355].
Roll 83 (75)

Monday next after the Feast of S. Martin [11 Nov.].

Etton (John de), Rector of Great Massyngham (fn. 7) in the diocese of Norwich.—To be buried in the centre of his new chapel of Etton, situate near the parish church of the said vill, which chapel he caused to be erected there in honour of the Holy Trinity and the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Bequests of divers sums of money to Beatrix, Alice, and Johanna his sisters; Avice de Boulton; Alice, wife of John de Cokkyngham; to each of the four sisters of Sir Thomas de Etton; Thomas de Clay, his brother; William de Clay, of Beverley; John de Clay; Peter de Clay; to William de Etton, staying with the Prince of Wales; (fn. 8) to Johanna his sister, a nun of the house of S. Elena; Desirre, a nun of the same house; and others. Also to the said house of S. Elena he leaves his manse with fourteen adjacent shops near Crepelgate for the maintenance of chantries. Dated at his manse in London, Tuesday next before the Feast of S. Gregory [12 March], A.D. 1346.
Roll 83 (87).

Monday next after the Feast of S. Hilary [13 Jan.].

Berkyngge (Richard de), draper, Alderman. (fn. 9) —To be buried in the church of S. Mary le Bow, to which he leaves sums of money for chantries, &c. All his tenements in the parish of All Hallows de Grascherche to be sold, after the decease of Johanna his wife, for payment of his debts. To his said wife he leaves a certain tenement in the parish of S. Mary le Bow for life; remainder to Thomas de Kent and Johanna his wife, the testator's daughter, in tail. To Alice his daughter the reversion of a tenement in Goselane in the parish of S. Mary le Bow. Bequests to the ministers of the church of Enefeld. Dated 5 November, A.D. 1355.
Roll 83 (103).

Gloucestre (John de), fishmonger.—Bequests to the high altar and work of the church of S. Mary Montenhaut; to the old work of S. Paul's and maintenance of its belfry, the new work of the B. Mary, and the work of the chapel behind the crucifix at le Northdore of the same; to petty canons, chaplains, and others in the said church; also to various religious orders and houses, the poor in certain hospitals, the colleges for lepers, the rectors of London, the work of London Bridge, &c. To John his son all his tenements, with adjacent wharf called "le Saltwharf," in the parish of S. Michael de la Quenhethe, shops in the parish of S. Nicholas Coldabbeye, and a tenement in the lane called "Wyvenelane" in the parish of S. Mary Somersete; remainder in the event of the said John dying intestate during his minority to pious uses. Dated London, 21 December, A.D. 1355.
Roll 83 (110).


  • 1. See note supra, p. 562.
  • 2. A variation of "Bercherneslane" or "Berchervereslane" so often met with, now Birchin Lane.
  • 3. Sheriff 1351-2.
  • 4. Now Charing Cross; the hospital has been previously mentioned as the Hospital of S. James near Westminster. See pp. 415n., 456.
  • 5. S. Giles in the Fields. See note supra, p. 394.
  • 6. By the custom of the City of London a widow in such a case was entitled to one-third of her husband's personalestate.
  • 7. Co. Norfolk.
  • 8. Edward the Black Prince, then sixteen years of age, and a few months after the date of this will engaged in winning his spurs at the battle of Creçy.
  • 9. Of what ward he was Alderman does not appear. He served the office of Sheriff 1341-2.