Wills: 30 Edward III (1356-7)

Pages 688-694

Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 1, 1258-1358. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Monday the Feast of Conversion of S. Paul [25 Jan.].

Corp (Isabella, relict of Thomas, late pepperer).—To be buried in the new churchyard of S. Mary without Aldrichesgate. Bequests to the said church, the high altar of the church of S. Peter the Less and ministers thereof, the church of S. Paul, the work of S. Thomas de Acon, the three colleges of lazars around London, various orders of friars, the poor in certain hospitals, the sisters of S. Katherine towards the Tower, the Prioress and Convent of S. Elena within Bisshoppesgate, &c. To Sir William de Newenham, rector of the church of Codmersham, (fn. 1) he leaves a silver cup with three acorns on the top of the covercle, a pair of paternosters, (fn. 2) and a small nouche (fn. 3) with an agnus deipendant. To Roger de Walton, merchant, a silver cup with covercle, a great dark cup of mazer, and twelve silver spoons with dragon heads. To John de Garton a silver verrewith stand and covercle of silver, and a white cup of mazer not bound. To William Heyroun, vintner, a silver cup with covercle and a small cup of mazer not bound. To Margaret his sister, a nun at Berkyngge, a silver-plated cup with covercle, twelve silver spoons, two cups of mazer, and a silver enamelled pix, together with three gold rings—one having a sapphire, another an emerald, and the third a diamond—and divers household goods. Also to the said Margaret, Katherine de Sutton, and Dame Johanna de Honilane a piece of blanket to be divided equally among them. To Isabella, wife of William de Belegrave, a mixed red robe; to Agnes, wife of Richard de Bery, a tunic of Russetwith hood, and a red tunic with hood. Certain tenements in the parishes of S. Antonin and S. Peter aforesaid to be sold for pious uses. To Eoger de Walton the reversion of a tenement in the parish of S. Peter de Cornhull. Dated London, Monday next after the Feast of S. Bartholomew [24 Aug.], A.D. 1354.
Roll 84 (2).

Monday the Feast of S. Ambrose [4 April].

Fich or Fyssh (John).—To be buried in the churchyard of S. Mary Wlnoth in Lumbardestrete, for which he makes a bequest of two robes. A sum of money to be distributed annually among the poor for ten years for the good of his soul and the souls of Hugh his father, Alice his mother, Johanna, Alice, and Margaret his wives and children. Pecuniary legacies to Agnes Northhaw for her marriage, William Northhaw, chaplain, John Fich his kinsman, Margaret le leche, and others. To Alice his wife his tenement in the parish of S. Mary aforesaid so long as she live chaste; remainder to John his son and Elena his daughter. To the Fraternity of Webbes (fn. 4) forty pence. Dated London, Wednesday next after the Feast of Corpus Christi [4 June], A.D. 1355.
Roll 84 (42)

Assheford (John, son of John de, late woolmonger).—To Thomas. Mordale, his brother, shops in Martelane, and the sum of fifteen pounds sterling, charged with the maintenance of a chantry and other payments thereout. To John Blauett, chaplain, he leaves his horse called "Ward"; to William Krey an entire party robe (robam pertitam) and a tunic with hood of Russet; and to William, the page of the kitchen, a white tunic and all his linen cloths and hose. Dated at Fanchirch, 10 February, A.D. 1348.
Roll 84 (43)

Monday next before the Feast of S. Dunstan [19 May].

Tiffeld (Walter de), spicer.—To be buried in S. Paul's churchyard under the marble slab where lies the body of John de Tiffeld his father. Bequests to the work of S. Paul's, the high altar (le sovereign alter) and ministers of S. Mildred in Bredstret, the churches of S. Peter, Wodestret, and S. Katherine near the Tower, various orders of friars, and the Minoresses without Algate, &c. To Isabella his daughter he leaves divers household goods, comprising mazer cups with representations of S. Katherine and S. Mary Magdalen on the bottoms, basins and ewers, a possenetof a potel (fn. 5) and a possenetof a quart, sheets, towels, a bordcloth (fn. 6) and ear pillows (orillers), platters of peautre,a great Huche, (fn. 7) a pair of aundires, (fn. 8) an iron broche, (fn. 9) a fryingpanneand a gredire; (fn. 10) also his brewery and utensils in the parish of All Hallows, Bredstret, for life; remainder to pious uses in the said parish church and in the church of S. Mary Magdalen de Melkstret. John de Bovyndon, spicer, to be guardian of the said Isabella during her minority. His tenement in Watlyngstret to be sold to pay his debts, and the residue to be devoted to the maintenance of a chantry in the church of S. Mary Magdalen aforesaid. Bequests to Simon de Stapelford, Thomas ate Bowe, spicer, Richard de Abbenale his apprentice, and others. The residue of all his goods and chattels he leaves to Johanna his wife, whom he appoints one of his executors. Dated London, 12 March, A.D. 1355.
Roll 84 (48).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Barnabas [11 June].

Blithe (Peter de), potter.—To be buried in the church of S. Michael upon Cornehull near the tomb of Avice his late wife. Bequests to the said church and ministers thereof and also to various orders of friars. To John his son and Alice his daughter bequests of household goods and his jewels. To Robert le Mareschal his servant, Johanna his servant, Walter Pavy de Caunterbury his kinsman, and others he leaves sums of money and goods. Dated London, Monday next before the Feast of S. Edmund, King and Martyr [20 Nov.], A.D. 1353.
Roll 84 (63)

Monday next before the Feast of S. Margaret, Virgin [26 July].

Merre (Roger), painter.—To be buried in the church of S. John the Evangelist in Frydaystret, of which he was a parishioner. Bequests to the rector and other ministers of the said church, the poor, and Roger Merre his kinsman and apprentice. Certain shops in Colmannestret which he had by gift and feoffment of Agnes Merre, his mother, to be sold to pay his debts. The residue of all his goods he leaves to Agnes his wife. Dated London, 14 June, A.D. 1356.
Roll 84 (66).

Wapenham (fn. 11) (William de).—To be buried in the church of S. Martin within Ludgate near the tomb of Cristina his late wife. Bequests to the said church and ministers thereof, the poor, and the Carmelite Friars for two trentals of masses. To Walter his kinsman he leaves twenty shillings, a cup called "Warr" (fn. 12) with silver-gilt bands, and two beds, as well as all his implements of trade lying at the Tower. To William de Warjenham, his kinsman, his best robe; and to Agnes his kinswoman four silver spoons. To Isabella his wife her entire chamber, and lands and tenements in Fletestrete, parish of S. Martin aforesaid, for life, charged with the maintenance of a chantry; remainder to pious uses in the said church of S. Martin. Dated London, 20 January, 29 Edward III. [A.D. 1355-6].
Roll 84 (70).

Monday next after F. of Trans, of S. Edward, K. and Con. [13 Oct.].

Rokeslee (Gregory, son of Gregory de).—His tenement in the street of S. Laurence near Candelwykstret in the parish of All Hallows upon the solar (sic) in Thames Street to be sold immediately after his decease to pay his debts and the legacies contained in a certain other testament made concerning his goods and chattels. Provision made for the maintenance of chantries in the said church. Dated London, Friday next after the Feast of Translation of S. Thomas the Martyr [7 July], A.D. 1355.

And proclamation upon the above testament having been made, there came Thomas Moritz, son of Walter Moritz and of Sarah his wife, and put his claim upon the same.

Roll 84 (81)

Hathfeld (Robert de), bureller.—To be buried in the churchyard of S. Swythin de Candelwykstret. Bequests for the maintenance of chantries, &c., in the said church. To Margaret, daughter of Richard Sprot, his niece, he leaves household goods and a tenement in the lane and parish of S. Swythin aforesaid; and to Matilda Yonge and Richard her son, John Benoit, Henry de Weston, and others, divers sums of money. Bequests also to the work of S. Paul's, of London Bridge, and of S. Thomas de Acon. To Richard Yonge his cup of box-wood (de Warro (fn. 13) ) with a certain print at the bottom and a piece of silver; to John Benoyt his cup of mazer with also a prenteat the bottom; and to Henry de Weston, Matilda Yonge, Margaret Sprot, and Richard Yonge divers cups of mazer, chests, and a folding table (fn. 14) (tabilam meam plicabilem). No date.
Roll 84 (82).

Barat (Margery, late wife of John).—To be buried in the church of All Hallows, Iselworth. Bequests to the said church, to the work of S. Paul's Church, London Bridge, and the bridge of Kyngeston. One moiety of her crops growing at Istilworth (fn. 15) and Keneton (fn. 16) to be devoted to the maintenance of a chantry in the church of Istilworth, and the other moiety to go to Thomas her son. To Amy, daughter of John Barat, she leaves her best robe of sendryn. (fn. 17) To Lucy her daughter a robe of medleand her best forcer.To Alice her daughter a robe de pawnas (fn. 18) with double hood. Also to Alice her servant a surcoat of green cloth and a coat of red cloth. To Matilda Dachat a Gyteof bluet, a coat of green, a fur hood, and a gammon of bacon (pernam); and to Mauth de Wyke a Gyteof sendryn (fn. 17) with fur hood. To John Coke four ells of blanket, and to Lucy her daughter and John Holdee similar bequests. Also to Alice de Wyke, her daughter, she leaves a cow; and to John Breganam a heifer. To Henry the vicar of Istilworth a quarter of malt, half a quarter of corn, a gammon, a quarter of bef,a bordclothwith double towel, and a sanenapp. (fn. 19) To William her son three quarters of malt and a cow. To Thomas de Waltham a bed with two sheets, a canevas,a chalon, and a coverlite (?). To John Raile one quarter of malt, a gammon of bacon, and a quarter of bef.To Sir Henry a brass paten and pot. Also to Lucy her daughter a bed with sheets, canevas,coverlet of red, materas,and blanket. To Simon atte Gate de London she leaves all her tenements in London, and appoints him guardian to her daughter Lucy. Further bequests of household and other goods to William her son, John Holdeie, and Alice de Wike. To the friars of Houndeslowe she leaves an ox and four bushels of corn. Dated III. Nones of May [13 May], A.D. 1349.
Roll 84 (88)

Monday next after the Feast of S. Edmund [20 Nov.].

London (Thomas de), Canon of Cycestre.—His debts to be paid according to a schedule enclosed in his testament. To the free chapel of the lord the king of S. Martin le Grand he leaves certain rents of houses situate near the bridge and prison of Flete, to be distributed among the canons, vicars, and other ministers of the same, as by a deed sealed with his seal more fully is contained. Dated London, the Feast of S. Dionisius [9 Oct.], A.D. 1353.
Roll 84 (110).

Fossard (William), "burler." (fn. 20) —To be buried either in the church or churchyard of S. Swithin in Candelwikstret. Bequests to the said church and ministers thereof, provision for funeral, &c. Bequests also to the Fraternity of the Blessed Mary de Abbe-chirche and various orders of friars in London for chantries. To Amicia (or Amia) his daughter he leaves twelve pounds sterling; to Turel (sic) his best robe; to Johanna his servant five shillings; to Margaret his wife the remaining term of service of Nicholas his apprentice, and also his tenement in the parish of S. Swithin for life; remainder to his aforesaid daughter. Dated London, Sunday next after the Feast of S. Gregory [12 March], viz. the first Sunday in Lent, A.D. 1355.
Roll 84 (111).

Clerk (John), bureller.—To be buried in the church of S. Swithin de Candelwikstrete. Bequests to the said church and ministers thereof, the Fraternity of the Blessed Mary de Abbe-chirche, and to the various orders of friars in London for chantries, &c. To John his son he leaves his entire tenement in the parish of S. Swithin in tail; remainders to Amy and Elena his daughters; remainder to pious uses for the good of his soul and the souls of Johanna his late wife and others. Also to his said son and daughters divers household goods and chattels, including pots, pans, linen, and a pair of Bodes (? beads) of aumbre, as also shears (forfices) appertaining to his craft. He wills that John his apprentice continue to work in his house as best he may for one year after his decease, and then be released of the residue of term of service. To three chaplains of his fraternity he leaves three shillings. Dated London, Wednesday the Feast of Exaltation of H. Cross [14 Sept.], A.D. 1356.
Roll 84 (112).


  • 1. Possibly a scribe's error for Godmersham or Rodmersham, both situate in co. Kent, where there is also a Newnham, from which the rector mentioned in this will may have derived his name.
  • 2. Prayer-beads or rosaries.
  • 3. See note supra, p. 626.
  • 4. Weavers.
  • 5. Pottle or two quarts.
  • 6. Table-cloth.
  • 7. Hutch: a box or case.
  • 8. Andirons or fire-dogs.
  • 9. Or spit.
  • 10. Gridiron.
  • 11. Described both as a cellarer (cellarius) and sporier (calcarius); the latter is more probably correct.
  • 12. Possibly from its being made of box-wood. See an extract from the Dictionary of John de Garlande given supra, p. 151n.
  • 13. See note supra, p. 151, where "Warrys" appears as a gloss upon the Latin brucisin an extract from the Dictionary of John de Garlande. The editor of that dictionary in a note says that "brucis" (Fr. bruis) is another name for box-wood. Cf. supra, a cup called "Warr," p. 691.
  • 14. A tablet for keeping accounts (?) Cf. tabulam plicabilem ad desuper computandum(supra, p. 639).
  • 15. Isleworth.
  • 16. Kennington.
  • 17. Of purple colour (?). Ital. Pavonazzo.
  • 18. Cf. cendryn, supra, p. 584.
  • 19. Or sarenape, a napkin.
  • 20. See note supra, p. 424.