Cases brought before the committee: March 1643

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Calendar, Committee For the Advance of Money: Part 1, 1642-45. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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March 1643

Wm. Pinsent, Cordwainers' Ward.

1 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Certificate that 12l. 10s. which he has already paid is the full proportion of his assessment; signed by Sir John Wollaston and 3 others. 88 106

John Booker, Captain of one of the trained bands of London.

1 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
DEP. 88 108 Lord Mayor Pennington begs his release from an assessment of 150l. He has well fulfilled his duties, has lately lost 2,500l., has no trade to live by, his rents being only during his wife's life, and his debts desperate, and he has lent several sums, is well-affected, and willing for service. 88 107
28 July 1643. He petitions to the same effect; has served at Turnham Green, and for the safety of the City and Tower, and Parliament, and his loans far exceed his 1/20. 88 109
28 July. Order that as he has lent 50l., and most of his estate is in small rents, which he cannot receive because of his attendance on Parliament, and as he has done many services, his assessment be discharged. 2

Sir John Wolstenholme, Delinquent, Tower Ward, and Co. York.

1 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Order to Sam. Gosse that a trunk of linen, &c., distrained by the collectors for Tower Ward for his assessment be re-delivered to the collectors, to be conveyed to the place whence they took it. With affidavit 28 Feb. 1643 of Kath. Matthew and Rose and Thomasine Dardnell, that a trunk left in the house of Sir John Wolstenholme contains linen, &c., and a spur royal, given by Kath. Fanshawe, widow, deceased, to her sons Thomas, William, and John, and are not Sir John's goods. Sworn before Rob. Hylett, Master in Chancery. 1 114
4 Sept. 1643. His dividends and stock in the East India Company [value 2,000l.] to be detained in the company's hands, for non-payment of his assessment. 2 72
11 Sept. Order that the keeper of the warehouse at Young's Quay, where a parcel of Russia leather belonging to him is kept, do not deliver it up without leave of this committee, as it is seized toward payment of his assessment of 1,000l. 2 86
ACCTS. 88 111 9 Nov. 1643. Thos. Crathorne, who received for him 194l. 18s. 9d. for cocket fees, to pay it in to Haberdashers' Hall towards the assessment. 2 140
9 Nov. The keeper of Peterhouse prison to take Crathorne into custody, and keep him till discharged by this committee 88 112
17 Jan. 1644. Wolstenholme again assessed at 4,000l. 63 135
23 May 1645. Blakiston to certify what goods of Sir John's came to his hands, and whether he has any money remaining of the proceeds to satisfy the discoverer, who petitions for his allowance. 4 164
21 July 1645. There being several parcels of plate and money mured up in Sir John Wolstenholme's house in Seething Lane, order that they be sought for, seized, and brought away. 4 209
31 Oct. 1645. Sir John to be brought up in safe custody to pay his assessment. 4 311
1 Dec. 1645. Information that Sir Thos. Hatton of Holborn owes Wolstenholme 2 years' rent at 63l. 5s. 0d. a year, for Naseby Manor, co. Northampton. 21 56
E. 4 394
NOTE 88 113
16 Jan. 1646. Sir Thos. Hatton to pay in 126l. 10s. due for rent to Wolstenholme, or it will be levied on his estate. 4 390
6 Feb. 1646. The sequestration of Naseby Manor for 62l. yearly rent, payable by Hatton to Wolstenholme, taken off, as it is already sequestered by the County Committee. 4 419
25 Sept. 1646. His case respited till further order, he giving security to abide the order of this committee. 5 106
17 Oct. 1649. A letter from the Lord-General about his assessment for his 1/20, and a vote of the House of 21 March last read. The Lord-General's request to be reported to the House. 7 305 356
11 April 1650. Parliament Order that he pay his 1/5 and 1/20, and that the sum be paid for repair of Carlisle Garrison. 24 222
1 May 1650. Ordered to pay in 14 days 2,000l., ½ his assessment of 4,000l., and then to be further heard. In default of payment, it is to be levied on his estate. 8 315
17 May. He requests further time, but the order of 1 May is enforced. 8 334
12 June 1650. His estate to be sequestered for non-payment of the 2,000l. 8 374
10 July 1650. His rents to be taken, and his goods sold to pay the assessments. 9 29
O.C. 9 60 13 Sept. 1650. Order that he be heard on paying 1,000l. 9 128
18 Sept. Order that if Phineas Andrews will pay 1,000l. towards Sir John's assessment, he shall be repaid out of the profits of the estate, and Sir John is to have a month to come to London, and be heard about his assessment. 9 132
20 Sept. Order that he appear 16 Oct., and be not arrested or molested in coming to or returning from the committee. 9 136
25 Oct. 1650. Ordered to bring in a particular of his estate, and of what he has paid on his 1/20. 9 187
1 Nov. 1650. His assessment to be discharged on payment of 500l., besides the 1,000l. already paid. 9 201
29 Nov. Phineas Andrews, merchant of London, having advanced 500l. on Wolstenholme's assessment, beside the 1,000l. paid on order of 18 Sept. last, order that the 500l. be repaid from Wolstenholme's sequestered rents. 9 251
6 Dec. 1650. Sir John having paid the 1,500l. ordered, his estate discharged. 9 275

John Sivedale, Cripplegate Ward.

3 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
His assessment of 100l. discharged, on an acquittance for 25l. paid on the propositions for plate and money, and on payment this day of 75l.; endorsed with note of the payment. 88 114

Arthur Lee.

4 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Certificate by the assessors, on enquiry from his neighbours, that on account of hindrances and losses, his estate cannot bear the assessment of 20l., and request that 10l. may be accepted. With note that he is to protest that the 10l. he has paid is the 1/20 of his estate. 88 115

James Stuart, Duke of Lenox and Richmond.

7 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Order in the House of Commons that the 2/3 alnage taken for the export of white cloths be sequestered by the Committee for Advance of Money, and that the committee formerly appointed thereon consider the grievances of the alnage. 1 115
9 Mar. 1643. Ant. Uphill, receiver for the Duke, to appear and bring in all the books of account concerning the Duke's licence, and to pay no moneys received thereon till further order. 1 116
25 May 1643. Rob. Lewis and Rich. Bloer of Gray's Inn, appointed by the Duke to receive the profits of the Alnage Office, to bring in all the books and papers relating thereto. 1 153
16 Oct. 1644. Mr. Stacey, the Duke's bailiff at Gravesend, to receive the rent due for booths and stalls at the fair there, and give account forthwith to this committee. 3 262
April 1645. Information that he holds fee-farm rents and arrears in Bromley and Poplar, co. Middlesex, and also for Eybury Manor, Middlesex, and Over Manor, co. Cambridge, not yet sequestered. 21 3
9 April. The Duke being now in arms against Parliament, order that his manors and lands at Bromley, Poplar, Eybury, and Over, be sequestered, and the rents and arrears levied by distraint, in case of refusal. 4 113
25 July 1645. Like information of lands unsequestered in cos. Norfolk, Lincoln, Notts, Bedford, Hunts, Hants, Berks, Gloucester, and Wilts. 21 17
25 July. Order for their immediate sequestration 4 214
4 Aug. 1645. The Duke assessed at 5,000l. 69 63
11 Aug. Committee for Advance of Money to the Commissioners of Scotland. Having received information of goods belonging to the Duke laid up in a room in your house by Mr. McAlly, we desire they may be delivered to our officers, to secure and inventory for the State. 88 116
21 Nov. 1645. Col. Edw. Montague is to detain in his hands the quit-rents due by him to the Duke, till the title to them be cleared before this committee. 4 331
19 Dec. 1645. Order to pay 4l. charges in levying 51l. due by Sir Wm. Palmer to the Duke. 4 362
8 June 1646. Starkey to appear and show cause why he molests the officers in receiving the Duke's rents in co. Bucks. 5 48
22 June. Col. Montague to be desired to pay to the Committee for Advance of Money 120l. due by him to the Duke, whose rents are sequestered for delinquency. The fee-farm rent of 102l., due from the lands of Lord Cottington in Blewbery Manor, co. Berks, to the Duke, to be paid by the tenants to the Committee for Advance of Money, any taxes from the adjacent garrisons notwithstanding, or in default, they will be levied by distress. 5 59
29 June. Col. Montague acknowledging that he owes the Duke 44l. 10s. 0d. due last March for quit-rent,—order that he pay 20l. forthwith, and that the rest be respited till further order, and not assigned by any warrant of this committee. 5 62
20 July 1647. Order for sequestration of the rents and arrears due by Sir Rob. Tracy to the Duke, from the late dissolved monastery of Hales, co. Gloucester. In case of refusal, they are to be levied by distress. 5 282
1648 ? Articles of complaint by Thos. Lindsey, messenger to the Committee for Advance of Money, against — Hudson, for abuses in counterfeiting the orders of the Committee for Advance of Money, and thereby sequestering and raising money on the Duke of Lenox's estate, acting in the name of Edw. Stephens. Lindsey, the officer appointed to sequester the estate was not privy to his actions. 88 118
3 May 1650. On producing from the Committee for Relief on Articles of War, an order on the Duke's petition, about moneys alleged to be received of his rents, contrary to the Articles of Oxford, the registrar is to state the matter of fact, and report. 8 318
8 Aug. 1651. Information that Thos. Welby of Boston, co. Lincoln, received 1,100l. of the Duke of Lenox's estate during sequestration, for which he has not accounted, which sum he received from Jos. Peters of Sutton, merchant. Also that Reuben Park received 300l., which he has in hand. With note of an order that they show cause why they should not pay in the said sums to the State, and account for their receipts from the Duke's estate during sequestration. 22
DEP. 88 120 31 March 1652. Petition of Welby and Park for an order to the County Committee to examine the case, as they are aged and infirm. Both plead that they never had any money or other estate whatever of the Duke's in their hands. 88 121
31 March. Order that they account on oath concerning the premises before the County Committee of Lincolnshire, the prosecutor having liberty to except to the depositions. 11 313

Capt. Geo. Moore, Thomas', Southwark.

7 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Certificate by the collectors of the parish that they left a notice at his house for 200l. assessment, and 12 days limited for payment being elapsed, they have demanded the money, but cannot receive it, nor find enough in moneys or goods to distrain for it. 88 122

Anne Duckett, Milk Street, Cripplegate Ward.

11 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Receipts of 65l. and 10l., total 75l., as her assessment for her 1/20 88 123
17 March 1654.Receipt of a certificate for the said payment [for a Public Faith bill]. 88

John Grant, Walbrook Ward.

14 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Certificate by the assessors, that though they assessed him at 50l., they find that he is over-rated, and that 25l. is his proportion, and request that on paying it, he may have the Public Faith for it, and restoration of his goods distrained. With note that on paying 25l., he is referred to make protestation. 88 125
12 March 1648. Certificate by him that 25l. is the full proportion of his assessment for his 1/20, with what he has formerly lent. 88 126

Peter, or Sir Peter Ricard, or Richaut.

14 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Order that as 2 chests, seized in the house of Mr. Sanders as the goods of Sir Peter, are claimed respectively by the agents for the ambassador of the King of Spain and of the resident of Venice—the Customs' Commissioners certify the entry of the goods. 1 117
27 March 1643. Order to the Commissioners of Customs to make diligent enquiry thereon, the former order having been delivered to other officers of the Custom House, to whom it did not belong. 1 117
16 May 1643. Order that Hen. Box, drugster, who owes Sir Peter 258l. 7s. 0d., pay it to this committee, and not to Sir Peter. Also like order for Phil. and Abr. Holditch who owe him 666 crowns on a bill of exchange. 1
19 May. Order that as Sir Peter is assessed at 1,500l. which is not paid, a trunk of goods consigned to him from Leghorn, and now in the Custom House, be seized and carried to Guildhall, to be disposed of. 1 151
15 Aug. 1643. Order that—as the case of the Portugal merchants who claim goods distrained as Sir Peter Richaut's, referred by Parliament to the Committee for Advance of Money on 29 April last, is proper to be discussed by merchants,—Ald. Hendrich and 6 others consider the letters and papers produced, and certify in 8 days, whether the goods belong to Richaut or the Portuguese. 2 54, 60
2 Sept. 1643. Order, on report of the referees that the sugars seized as Sir Peter Richaut's are the goods of the Portugal merchants who claim them—that the distraint thereon be discharged, and the moneys due for the same be paid to the right proprietors. 2 70
15 Jan. 1645. Peter Smart, minister, to have ½ the money that comes in on his information that Claxton and Waldo of Cheapside owe Sir Peter 200l. 4 12
7 Feb. 1645. Order that Claxton and Waldo pay to this committee the 179l. 4s. 0d. they owe to Sir Peter. 4 32
11 Aug. 1645. Information that the East India Company owe Sir Peter 1,200l. for a ship bought of him. Also that Capt. Goodlad owes him 500l. for ordnance. 21 23
18 Nov. 1648. Sir Peter, who has attended on summons to answer as to his assessment of 1,500l. for his 1/20, to be heard next Saturday. 6 115
O.C. 6 152 9 Feb. 1649. His estate to be sequestered for non-payment of his 1/20. 6 165
20 Feb. He is to be heard on Tuesday about his 1/20, and meantime to bring in a particular of his estate compounded for at Goldsmiths' Hall, that the clerks may compute his proportion. 6 176
3 March 1649. His assessment discharged, it appearing that 350l. is his full 1/20, that 288l. has already been made by the sale of his goods, and that he has suffered much in his estate. 6 195

Moses Tryon, Old Jewry, Coleman Street Ward.

15 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Promise of Peter Tryon, on behalf of his father, Moses Tryon, to pay an assessment of 400l. by Saturday next, and 280l. before 5 April next. With note March 16, that the 400l. was paid; that 250l., part of the 280l., is to be paid to George Witham, in part of 400l. lent by him 9 Feb. last, on the order of 8 Feb.; 100l. he received back 11 March, and 50l. he is content to pay on the subscription of 18 Feb. towards the 60,000l. [for Ireland]. Also that the 100l. named was allowed at Guildhall, being the money of Mrs. Brereton of Cripplegate Ward Within. 1 119
21 Aug. 1644. Moses Tryon assessed at 4,000l. 65 145
4 Sept. 1644. Order that in 10 days he make up ½ his assessment and be heard, or take oath what is his 1/20, or say what he will be willing to advance. 3 229
R. 3 233 23 Sept. Respite allowed him, but all his treasure and estate to be secured till further order. 3 244
30 Sept. Sir Edw. Barkham and 2 others to consider and report what he should pay for his 1/20, or he to make oath or pay his ½ in 10 days, and the security taken for his goods to be redelivered. 3 248
R. 3 255 261 18 Oct. 1644. Order that as he paid a former assessment of 1,300l., if he pay 200l. before 19 Oct., his assessment of 4,000l. be discharged, and he no further troubled for his 1/20, and that he have the Public Faith for the sum. 3

Thos. Bowyer, Coleman Street Ward.

15 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Certificate by the assessors of the ward, that they first assessed him at 200l., but on better information of his estate and of his good offices, having lent 62l., and being willing to lend 108l. more, making 170l., they think the other 30l. should be abated. 88 127

John Robinson, Vintry Ward.

21 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Summoned before the Committee for Advance of Money on 22 March. 88 128
21 April 1643. Order that as he has undertaken to pay 500l., part of his assessment of 1,000l., the collectors forbear prosecution till further orders. 1 130
7 Nov. 1645. Order that he be discharged from sequestration, and set at liberty by the serjeant-at-arms, nothing being proved against him. 4 315

The Tower Warders And Moneyers.

24 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Order in the House of Commons referring the petition of the 40 warders and the moneyers in the Tower to the Committee of the Tower, and meanwhile the collectors of London, Middlesex, or elsewhere, are to forbear levying any assessment on them, or distraining their estates for assessments. 88 129
28 Aug. 1643. Note of assessments of sundry of the warders at 10l. each. 61 69
14 Aug. Edw. Greene, moneyer, of Tottenham, Middlesex, assessed at 150l. 61 48
2 Sept. 1643. To be heard about his assessment 2 70
12 Sept. Order in the Committee for Advance of Money for suspension of 6 moneyers assessed, they producing the above Order in the House of Commons. 2 87
R. H. 2 234 4 Jan. 1643. The moneyers respited 14 days, on motion of Sir Rob. Harlow. 3 217
12 Mar. 1644. Greene to be brought up in custody to pay 3 47
April 1644. Note by Lord Mayor, Sir Isaac Pennington, to the collectors of loans or taxes in London, requiring obedience to the Order in the House of Commons, of 24 March 1643, prefixed, which is reasonable, as the warders' places afford no great profit at the best, and now little or none, and they have received no pay these 3 years, though they have sued earnestly for it, so that they are hard put to it to subsist. With list of the 40 warders, and note of the assessments of some, being from 3l. to 15l. each. 88 130 131
27 April. Order that the warders, moneyers, and other officers of the Tower be prosecuted to pay their assessments. 3 90
2 Aug. 1644. The moneyers who refuse payment of the assessment to be committed to the custody of the Lieutenant of the Tower, till further order. 3 198
5 Aug. Simon Corbett, Thos. Robinson, Jas. Clay, Thos. Young, John King, and Edw. Greene, moneyers, to pay ½ their assessments in 10 days and give security, or else to be committed to the Tower. 3 200
22 Jan. 1645. Greene being lately deceased, his assessment respited, and Major Mainwaring giving security that Mrs. Greene shall abide the order of this committee about his assessment, the sequestration for non-payment of assessment on his estate in Grub Street, Chigwell Street, value 60l. a year, which is engaged for his wife's jointure, discharged. 4 19, 21
19 Feb. 1645. Petition of Simon Corbett. Edw. Greene, late graver of the Mint, who was sequestered, has lately died; was engaged for him, and is in danger of losing 200l. To cover his loss, has taken the administration of Greene's estate, and begs some abatement of the rent due by him to the State, as other tenants have, and aid for finding and possessing his estate. 88 132
19 Feb. Whereas the late Edw. Greene held of Lord Coleraine, who is assessed for his 1/20, lands in Tottenham, worth 140l. a year, which rent is 2 years in arrear, of which Greene has paid 70l. into Haberdashers' Hall, and his goods have been seized and appraised, and the tenants warned to keep back their rents: And whereas Simon Corbett, provost of the Mint, has administered to Greene's estate, begs reduction of the rent to 90l., and will pay the arrears at that rate, amounting to 135l., and also Greene's assessment, with the collectors' charges:—Order that all Greene's goods be delivered to Corbett, and the house let to him at 90l., and that the tenants to pay him their rents and arrears, towards the debt owing him by Greene. 4 48

Edw. Harris, merchant, Tower Ward.

27 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Certificate by the assessors for the ward that he has an unexpected loss of 2,500l. by the King of Spain's reducing black money to be of no more value than copper, so that he cannot pay his own debts, much less his assessment of 50l., and request that he be acquitted of any payment for his 1/20. 88 133

Wm. Whitworth, Olave's, Southwark.

30 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Obliges himself to pay, in plate, money, or horse, 10l., the residue of his assessment, before 14 April. 88 134

Fras. Thomson.

30 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Promises to pay to the Guildhall Treasurers before 12 April 10l. assessment, which he protests is his 1/20. 88 135

Roderic Powell, Vintry Ward.

31 March 1643. Vol. A No. or p.
Promise to pay 5l. to the Guildhall Treasurers on 5 April next, in full of his assessment. 88 136