Volume A 82: June 1645

Pages 45-46

Calendar, Committee For the Advance of Money: Part 1, 1642-45. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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June 1645

June 4. The assessment of Dr. Colleden respited, till the pension of 100l. a year be settled on him for his attendance on the King's children, and then he is to pay his 1/20 for that pension, having no other estate.
John Rand to be committed to Newgate, for affronting this committee. [A 4, pp. 171, 172.]
June 6. The petition of Thomas Ferrers, assessed at 100l., referred to Justice Hubbard and 5 others of the Tower Hamlets' Committee.
The assessment of Thomas Davenish, keeper of Winchester House, respited, till he receive much money owing him by the State. [A 4, pp. 173, 174.]
June 11. 9. Order in the House of Commons, on the petition of Major Rob. Thompson, and 6 others, that the estates of such Papists and delinquents as are discovered by them shall be employed, ½ to pay their debentures, when duly cast up, and the other ½ for sick and maimed soldiers in and about London, and for the payment of apothecaries and surgeons employed in healing them, for their provisions and pains. [¾ page.]
June 13. Thos. Herbert being one of the Committee for the Army, his assessment is discharged.
Mr. Rea's assessment discharged, he living in Lincolnshire, and only coming to London to pay his rent to Sir Ant. Irby, and about a suit at law. [A 4, p. 177.]
June 16. 10. Particulars of the Papists, and delinquents' estates discovered by George Wood, to the Haberdashers' Hall Committee, for payment of his own debt concerning Ireland, and for the benefit of the State; in six sums. Total, 11,090l. [1 page.]
June 18. Several persons having lapsed time, after due notice, for payment of the assessments levied on them towards the 4,750l. to be raised in the Tower Hamlets, Westminster, and Southwark, their goods and chattels are to be seized, and they committed to Peter House, or elsewhere, as the Southwark Committee shall appoint, there to remain until they have paid their assessments.
(fn. 1) Lady Dudley
John Dixon 50
Rich. Draper 50
(fn. 1) John Pearce 50
(fn. 1) Sir Mat. Mennes or Mince 100
(fn. 1) Leonard Ward 50
(fn. 1) Bassett Cole 50
[4, 182, 183.]
June 21. 11. Roger Hill and Denis Bond to Martin Dallison, clerk of the Committee for Advance of Money.—We beg you to send us a list of sequestered houses fit for Sir John Northcote, M.P., and 20 of his family to live in. He lost all his estates and goods by the Dunkirkers, in coming hither by sea from Lynne. [1 page.]
June 27. 12–14. Petition of Capt. Jas. Francis Delatour and Lieut. John Drowint to the House of Commons.
Having served faithfully 2 years in Sir Wm. Waller's regiment of horse, they have arrears due, for want of which, being strangers here, they suffer much. They beg an order for ½ of such concealed delinquents' estates as they shall discover. [2 copies.] With note by Speaker Lenthall, June 20, recommending this discovery to the Committee for Advance of Money. [Scrap.]
June 27. No counsel to be in future admitted to plead in any cause in this committee without leave, and no affidavits to be taken without special order of this committee.
Capt. Fras. De la Tour and Lieut. Drowint, recommended by the Speaker, to have ½ the money that comes in on the discovery of Capt. Pinchbeck's estate, towards their arrears. [A 4, pp. 186, 187.]
June 28. Information by them that Capt. Pinchbeck, who died last March, left 1,000l. in the hands of — Brampton, in trust for his son, who is a captain in service against Parliament. [A 21, p. 14.]
June 30 The House of Commons having, through their Speaker, recommended to this committee to sequester persons in a schedule named who reside in co. Lancaster—Order that the County Committee for Lancashire examine whether the cases are within compass of sequestration, and if so, proceed in levying the rents and profits, and transmit the receipts to the treasurer of the Northern Association, to be sent to this committee; and the said treasurer is to issue ½ to Geo. Piggott, late treasurer for Col. Rigby's forces, towards their arrears, on certificate of the Commissioners for Accounts, and the County Committee are to join such others as they think fit with them, for the speedy carrying on of the work. [A 4, pp. 188, 189.]


  • 1. The cases of those names to which asterisks are prefixed began earlier, and will be found in the tables under their respective dates.