Cases brought before the committee: April 1648

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Calendar, Committee For the Advance of Money: Part 2, 1645-50. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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April 1648

Sir Wm. Hayward, Tandridge, Surrey.

3 April 1648. Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he and his mother are delinquents, have very good estates, and receive the profits. 21 95
12 April 1648. County commissioners to take examinations, and send them up. 5 418
BOND 118 2 19 June 1651. Information that when he compounded, there was due to him in right of [Martha] his wife 1,500l. from Sir Hen. Skipwith's estate, for which he had a saving to compound. It has been paid 15 months since, but he has not compounded for it. When he gave it in as a desperate debt, he had 400l. a year on mortgage of Skipwith's estate, co. Leicester, towards payment, till the lands were sold in payment. 22
DEP. 118 3
P.R. 118 4
CERT. 118 5
Aug. 1651 ? Sir William petitions that he has paid his fine for 1,250l. due to his wife, though he only holds it in the right of Aldermen, trustees for the orphans of John Acton, his wife being one. 118 6
P.D. 118 7 17 Oct. 1651. On his deposition as to his debts, ordered to pay an assessment of 80l. for his 1/20 in a month. 17 58
30 Jan. 1652. Having paid it, his assessment of 250l. discharged 11 160

Edw. Copley, Batley, Co. York, Delinquent, Administrator of John Copley.

12 April 1648. Vol. A No. or p.
His attorney suing Mary, widow of Hen. Foxcroft, for a debt of 30l. due to him as administrator to John Copley, who died in arms against Parliament, order that the attorney appear before the committee, and take notice that the debt is sequestered in the hands of Mrs. Foxcroft, Edw. Copley not having compounded for it. 5 419
10 Feb. 1649. Information that Edw. Copley was in Pontefract Castle in arms against Parliament. 21 158
24 Feb. County commissioners to examine witnesses, and secure his estate in case of delinquency. 24 41
4 July 1649. His estate to be kept from embezzlement, and he to have leave to cross-examine witnesses. 7 142

Rich. Foster, Papist, Cup-bearer to the late Queen Mary [Henrietta Maria].

17 April 1648. Vol. No. A or p.
Information by Cornet Rich. Morgan that he is a convicted Papist, and has an estate fallen to him by death of Mrs. Williams, whose husband, John Williams, of Drury Lane, has to writings thereof. With request by Morgan for a warrant for his sequesttration. 21
11 May 1649. Information that he is a convicted recusant, and is possessed of a tenement in Southwark, Surrey, value 70l. a year. 21 215
11 May. The tenants to detain the rents and arrears in their hands till further order. 6
H. 7 193 26 June 1649. Deposition to prove that Foster was the Queen's agent in Holland, corresponded with her and with others about her, and received and transmitted letters to and from her, and that he said he had houses in London which would fall to him by the death of an old woman. 118 11
INT. 118 12 12 Sept. 1649. Order that the sequestration of his estate be dis- charged, the proofs against him being insufficient. 7 266
2 July 1652. Infromation by John Gower, that Foster, now in France with the Queen, has houses in Southwark, value 90l. a year, come to him by the death of Alice, wife of Chas. Middle- ton, a Papist, and that Foster and his family were all Papists, and actors against the State. Thos. Stany pretends he bought the lands of Foster in 1649, but this is a mere colour, because as they are Papists, only ⅓ would be sold; and besides, the lands are held of the Crown, and the lease may be expired. 118 13

Phineas Hodgson, D.D., York, Delinquent, Deceased.

19 April 1648. Vol. No. A or p.
Walter Fowke, living behind Bride's Church, London, summoned to appear, having in his hands 500l. belonging to the State. 5 424
6 June 1649. Infromation that Walter Fowke, of Biship's Burton, co. York, has a concealed estate of the value of 500l. belonging to the doctor. 21 227
8 June. Witnesss summoned to certify as to a debt of 500l. owing by Roger (sic) Fowke to Hodgson. 7 39
[24 June.] Baron Fras. Thorp to Lord Edw. Howard. I am re- quested by Mr. Fowke to certify about Dr. Hodgson. During the troubles, the committee at Hull, under Lord Fairfax, got in some of his rents at Bishop's Burton. When York was sur- rendered, and a Parliament committee settled, he repaired to us, and begged leave to receive his rents, having done nothing to occasion their detention. We made enquiries, and I assure you some among us had a good mind to sequester him if we could find cause, but we found nothing except that he remained at home at York, so we gave him leave to receive his rents. With receipt from Hodgson, 25 Nov. 1644, of 75l. as composition for his 1/20. 118 14
29 June. Fowke to be discharged, on certificate that Dr. Hodgson was no delinquent. 7 107

Sir Hugh Owen, Bart., M.P., Co. Pembroke.

19 April 1648. Vol. No. A or p.
Information that he sat with the junto at Oxford, left home when the county was under the obedience of Parliament, and went to Anglesea, then in obedience to the King. Also that Merving Cannon owes him 1,500l. on bond of Maurice Cannon. 21 98
10 May 1648. Shalcross and Moseley to appear and pay in the moneys they owe to Maurice Cannon, who is a debtor to Sir Hugh Owen, a delinquent, and not to pay anything to Cannon without further order. John Clarke, who discovered the debt, to have ½ the proceeds, and the other ½ to be paid to Auditor Wilcox on his Parliament Order of 22 March 1648 for 1,000l. 5 435
18 July 1649. Information that Sir Hugh Owen gave the late King 800l., sued out his pardon under the Great Seal of Oxford, and then lived in North Wales, till most of the garrisons were reduced to obedience. That he countenanced Poyer, and had him continued Governor of Pembroke till his revolting, and after he was proclaimed traitor by Parliament, sent him provisions during the siege. That contrary to the ordinance for malignants to leave London, he was in town all the last insurrection, and did not help the Parliament army in the siege of Pembroke. That he was excepted from the Act for a general fine for South Wales, because he was sequestered for acting with Langhorne and Poyer, and from Anglesea articles, because he did not surrender in Feb. 1646, and corresponded with Gerard. 118 16
That his house is a refuge for notorious delinquents, and that he now harbours Langhorne's wife in his house in Dean's Yard, and she is constantly railing against Parliament, though she received much favour from the Lieut-General when in the county. Request that his estate in co. Anglesea, worth 1,000l. a year, may be sequestered, and that the State may not be moved by his deceitful allegations, trying to excuse himself.

Wm. Turbutt.

25 April 1648. Vol. A No. or p.
On information of his delinquency in assisting the Earl of Newcastle, Jos. Beverley is to seize and secure his estate. 5 430
DEP. 118 18
19 May 1648. His sequestration suspended till further examination, and meantime his bonds to be delivered up, on his undertaking not to dispose of his estate. 6 2
12 June. 1649. Information that he corresponded with the Earl of Newcastle's army, furnished them with men, money, and arms, signed the Yorkshire Engagement, and by warrant from the Earl of Newcastle, arrested divers men, and compelled them to pay large sums before they were released. 21 149
Jan. 1649 ? He denies the whole of the above charges 118 20
22 June 1649. His case to be heard 3 Oct., and meantime witnesses to be examined on both sides. 7 91
H. 7 313 23 Nov. 1649. Order on hearing that he is not within the Ordinance of Sequestration, and therefore his estate is discharged. 8 36

Welsh Drovers.

25 April 1648. Vol. A No. or p.
NOTE 118 21 Order that Hum. Davies, and the rest of the Welsh Drovers, bring in their discoveries of Papists' and delinquents' estates, out of the proceeds of which they are to be paid 1,153l., balance of 2,653l. due to them on an Order in the House of Commons of 3 March last, and the county commissioners are to examine witnesses in proof of their discoveries, and secure the estates of those who appear to be delinquents. 5 428
14 Oct. 1648. Information on their behalf that W— B—, of— Lane, London, sent a horse and arms to Lord Goring in Essex. 21 113
12 June 1649. Order to pay to Hum. Davies, for the Welsh Drovers, such money as comes in from Rob. Blashford and Jasper Cornelius, according to an Order in Parliament of 14 March 1648. 7 48
22 June. Mr. Knightley to report the names of the Welsh Drovers to whom the House intends satisfaction for cattle taken from them. 7 87
3 Aug. 1649. Whereas, by Order in Parliament of 3 March 1648, Thos. Griffith and the rest of the Welsh Drovers were referred to this committee, to prove the remainder of a debt due to them from the State; and whereas, by order of 25 April 1648, there was to be paid to them 1,153l., of which Thos. Griffith proves that 184l. 7s. is due to him, order for the payment thereof to him. 7 220
Like orders for 58l. 10s. to David Evans for himself, and 28l. 17s. as assignee to Evan Davies. 7 220
Like orders for 320l. 8s. to Rice Bowen, and for 108l. to Rich. Price for himself, and 37l. 10s. as assignee to William John Lloyd. 7 221
Sept. 1649 ? Bowen, Griffith, and Price complain that Wm. Lane, the treasurer, refuses to pay them the said sums, as not being assured that they are the right men. They plead that they must be well known by reason of their long waiting, and began order for payment, as they and their families are wanting bread. 118 22
REP. 118 25 18 March 1650. Rice Bowen petitions, on behalf of the Drovers, that Michael (Armiger) Warner, a messenger, offered to prosecute their discoveries for them, he receiving 30l. per cent. He paid them 30l. brought them hats, which he valued at 30l., out of which they could only make 12l., forced them into a bond in 100l. to apply to nobody but himself, and paid them 101l. 15s. more through John Dent, a hot-presser of cloth. They believe that Warner and Dent have received moneys in Hampshire and elsewhere, which they detain, and beg that they may be summoned, and petitioners freed from them on repaying the 131l. 15s. received, and the value of the hats. Also that parties who discover delinquents for them may be allowed 1/5, and they 4/5, till their debt is paid. Noted as referred to Carey. 118 23
23 Aug. 1650. Armiger Warner summoned to answer their accusation. 9
O. 17 105 116
INT. 118 27
E.W. 28 155
10 Dec. 1651. The Drovers renew their petition. Having furnished Gloucester garrison with cattle, value 2,653l., 1,500l. was paid them by the Excise Office there, and the rest was to be paid from discoveries. State their proceedings with [Armiger] Warner, and beg that he may bring in the money in his hands due to them, deducting his 30 per cent., and that the County Commissioners for Hants, and other places, may certify what they have paid him for petitioners' uses. 118 28
10 Dec. Col. Edw. Freeman, of Gray's Inn, and Nich. Martin, of Lincoln's Inn, to mediate the difference between Warner and the Drovers, or to report. 17 117
DEP. 118 30 7 July 1652. The Drovers complain that Warner did not appear on summons, and the referees had no power to decide the case without him, and beg that judgment may be given without him, the cause having now depended 7 years. 118 29
7 July. Order that if he do not appear after another summons, the case proceed ex parte. 12 41
28 July. The Drovers petition that—as Col. Freeman is the State's attorney in 6 counties of South Wales, and Recorder of Hereford, and as Warner much retarded the business by his delays during Freeman's leisure,—some other person may be appointed with Martin, or a day fixed for the hearing, that their families may be preserved from ruin. 118 31
28 July. Rich Graves added to Mr. Martin as referee 12 87
E.W. 12 307
H. 12 335
REP. 118 32
27 May 1653. Order on the report of Graves and Martin that Warner be examined as to his receipts for the Drovers, and that the late treasurers, Mr. Lane and Mr. Dawson, certify what they have paid him. 12 372
13 July 1653. The Drovers petition that owing to Warner's nonappearance, they could not obtain a day for hearing, though they and their families' fortunes depend upon it, and beg a judgment; and an order to Warner to state his receipts from Rob. Blashford and Jasper Cornelius. Also that Lane's depositions, grounded on an order of June 12, 1644, may be of force. 118 33
13 July. Hearing ordered on Friday week, notice being given to Warner. 12 390
H. 12 401
7 Aug. 1653. The parties to attend Mr. Brereton to agree the case and the accounts betwixt them, and to report. Hearing to be next Wednesday. 12 407
DEP. 118 34
17 Aug. Order that Warner appear in 10 days to be examined when, where, and of whom he has received money for the Drovers, and bring in the assignment and Order in Parliament named in the report, to be left with the Treasurers till the Committee for Advance of Money report the case to Parliament or give further order. 12 426
30 Sept. 1653. Order on affidavit that Warner has gone for Ireland, that in case he be in England, he be brought up in custody to answer his contempt. 13 7
H. 13 22 18 Oct. 1653. Order revoked on his appearing, and he discharged on security to appear when required on the case of the Welsh Drovers. 13 15
2 Nov. 1653. Order, with consent of both parties, that Capt. Thos. Smith state the case between them. 13 29
29 Nov. The Drovers complain that they have been 9 years suing for their just rights, and beg a hearing, and leave to examine 4 witnesses vivâ voce. 118 36
H. 13 41 29 Nov. Granted, and the witnesses summoned 13 38
9 Dec. 1653. Order that the Drovers and Warner account with the auditor for their receipts; that Warner state what he is out of pocket—principal, interest, and charges, and if the discoveries of Blashford and Cornelius were made by Warner on the Ordinance of Parliament for the Drovers, he is to be satisfied out of the discoveries, and the remainder paid to the Drovers. 13 45
O. 13 56
REP. 118 37
24 Feb. 1654. Order that the Committee for Advance of Money have no power to take further cognizance of the business. 13 78
17 March 1654. Warner petitions that he bought the Ordinance of Parliament from the Drovers for a large sum, and has prosecuted the discoveries at great charge; that Blashford paid in 72l. for his personal estate, and 268l. on his composition, but the Drovers have unjustly had petitioner imprisoned, and put him to great expense, he being 330l. out of purse, as appears by the auditor's report. Begs payment of the 268l., and will then deliver the Drovers their papers, and will allow them any small sums that may be desired. 118 38
17 March. Order that the Committee for Advance of Money consider Warner entitled to the money, but have no power to issue a warrant for payment. 13
16 April 1654. Warner petitions the Protector for an order for payment. With reference thereon, signed by the Protector, to the Council of State. 118 40
10 May 1654. Referred by the Council of State to the Treasury Commissioners. 175 288
REP. 13 101–2
REP. 118 41
23 Aug. 1654. Order by the Protector and Council to the Committee for Advance of Money for payment to Warner of the 268l. 175
REP. 118 44 5 Sept. 1654. Order for its payment accordingly to Warner. John Dent, to whom he assigned it, is also to sign the acquittance. 13 114

Miles Dodson, Kirby Overblow,; John Pierce, alias Peares, Lasenby;or Bedale.; Fras. Steele, Barraby, all Co. York.

25 April 1648. Vol. A No. or p.
On information of their delinquency, county commissioners to seize and secure their estates. 5 430
17 May 1648. John Wastell and Fr. Lasselles certify that they always found John Pierce well-affected, that he contributed largely in horses and arms; he was noted by the enemy as an opposer of their proceedings, proclaimed traitor by the late Earl of Cumberland at York, and obliged to fly at the Earl of Newcastle's invasion, when his wife and children suffered much from the enemy. On his return he was questioned both for life and estate, but it is the disaffected party who try to breed him trouble. 118 46
19 May. County commissioners to take examinations and certify 6 3
26 May. Beverley reports that Peares sent 120l. and 2 horses to the Earl of Newcastle, Dodson was on his committee, and sent a man and horse, and Steele was at Knaresborough Castle when a King's garrison. The enemy had nearly taken Pontefract Castle, but a sentry gave notice. 118 47
25 Aug. 1648. He begs discharge from sequestration, having been 5 times plundered for his affection to Parliament. 118 48
25 Aug. Granted, and his bonds to be returned, the committee being satisfied of his sufferings for Parliament. 6 42
28 July 1648. Fras. Steele and Miles Dodson deny the charges made against them of being Commissioners of Array, collecting moneys for the Earl of Newcastle, and riding in his army. 118 49
DEP. 118 51 15 Nov. 1648. County commissioners to give them copies of their charges, and leave to examine witnesses. 6 112
DEP. 118 52 22 June 1649. Their cases to be heard 5 Oct., and meantime witnesses to be examined on both sides. 7 91
14 Nov. 1649. Hearing again ordered 8 11
11 Jan. 1650. There being no proof of delinquency against Steele and Dodson, their estates to be discharged, they dismissed, and their bonds and securities returned. 8

Rob. Meldrum, Nephew and Executor of Sir John Meldrum.

25 April 1648. Vol. A No. or p.
Summons for Alderman Chambers concerning an attachment made by him of moneys of Sir John Meldrum's, which the committee's treasurer has in his hands. 5 429
3 May 1648. Statement that Walter Ward, merchant of London, made the attachment in Chambers' name, on an action of debt for 1,000l. against Sir Nath. Brent, administrator of Sir John Meldrum; that Rob. Meldrum promised to pay Ward out of the 3,000l. to be received from this committee ordered him by Parliament 15 Feb. 1647, and failing to pay, Ward had issued the attachment, but promises to withdraw it and apply to Parliament for remedy. 5 432
5 May. Walter Ward petitions. Sir John owing me 500l., I took from him a bond in 1,000l. for payment, in Sept. 1632, of the said sum to Ald Chambers in trust. 118 53
In Feb. 1648. Robert Meldrum, nephew and executor of Sir John, on pretext of paying his uncle's creditors, obtained an ordinance for payment of 3,000l. due for Sir John's arrears of service, got 1,750l. of it from Wm. Lane, Treasurer of Haberdashers' Hall, and in July 1647 took post for Scotland, where he remains. I beg that no more of the 3,000l. may be paid till the pleasure of Parliament about my debt is known.
11 April 1649. Order that, whereas Parliament ordered 3,000l. to be paid to Robert Meldrum out of the fine of George Mynn, and 1,750l. has been paid, the balance be not paid, but sequestered on information of Meldrum's delinquency. 6 263

Rich. Cressett.; Chas. Benyon, late Mayor of Shrewsbury, Co. Salop.

29 April 1648. Vol. A No. or p.
Letter from John Betton to Phil. Nye, stating that Cressett was in actual arms; was a commissioner for raising horse and dragoons, and was the chief means of garrisoning Bridgwater. That Benyon was mayor of Shrewsbury when Lord Capel was there, and took the oath imposed by him on the town, and imprisoned all honest men that refused it. When Prince Maurice came and wanted money, he summoned the aldermen and common council, and urged a loan of 200l., and he would give 20l. 118 55
14 June 1648. Information that they are delinquents, having been in arms against Parliament, and Benyon a Commissioner of Array for the King. 21 102
14 June. County commissioners to examine witnesses, and send up examinations, and in case of delinquency, to secure their estates. 6

Edw. Husbands, Printer to Parliament, London.

April 1648. Vol. A No. or p.
Wm. Lenthall, Speaker, Gen. O. Cromwell, Sam. Luke, and Fras. Allen, to the Committee for Advance of Money. Knowing that Husbands' necessities are very great, and that he is daily required by the House for services which he cannot perform unless money is provided for him, we request you to appoint him present payment of 617l. 15s. 6d. ordered him, that he may be the better enabled to perform service in printing for the public, as either House shall think fit. 118 56
26 Nov. 1650. Parliament Order renewed for payment to him of 617l. 15s. 6d., as ordered 4 April 1648 on account of printing. 9 263
4 Dec. 1650. Order by the Committee for Advance of Money for payment accordingly. 9 263
BILLS 118 57
24 Sept. 1651. Order on his bills that proof be made of the delivery of the goods. 17 33
17 Dec. 1651. Order for payment of his account of 6l. 9s. for printing, and for Acts and Ordinances employed in the service. 11 15