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Calendar, Committee For the Advance of Money: Part 3, 1650-55. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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General Proceedings.

Page 20.
13 May 1643.
Vol. A No. or p.
89A. M. Dallison to Sir Geo. Clerke. I am desired to inform you that the moneys you wished to be allowed by way of discount with the Navy Treasurers will not be allowed upon your assessment, which must be paid. [½ page.]
Page 88. Vol. Lxxxv.
1650 ? 39A. List of 54 gentlemen in co. Lincoln who were assessed between 29 Jan. 1647 and 9 May 1649, and have not yet paid their assessments; with notes of the proceedings in most of the cases. [2 sheets, damaged.]
Page 88. Vol. Lxxxvi.
17 Jan. 1651. 1A. List of persons assessed on that day in cos. Lincoln, York, Stafford, Chester, Salop, and Oxon—being a copy of the entries in A 73, pp. 110–114. [2 pp.]


John Bewley, Merchant of London, at Mr. Edwards', Candlewick Ward.

Page 352.
27 Feb. 1644.
Vol. A No. or p.
Assessed at 200l. 61 82
17 Jan. 1645. To be brought in custody to pay his assessment 4 16
22 Jan. He is to be allowed 32l. lent in horses towards the first ½ of his assessment, to make it up, and then to be further heard. 4 20
3 Feb. 1645. His assessment discharged for 42l. formerly lent, and 58l. now paid. 4 29
[5 Jan. 1648.] He pleads that on 27 Feb. 1644, an assessment ticket for 200l., to be paid in 10 days, was left at the house of his brother, Thos. Bewley, where he lodged, being a young man just out of his time; but neither brother could properly own the ticket, because both had exceeded their 1/20 in free contributions to Parliament, in horses, plate, and money. Not knowing to which of many Bewleys it belonged, they suffered the time to lapse. After a year, another ticket of the same date was delivered to petitioner. He paid up 58l., beside what he had lent, rather than discover his estate on oath, and was promised a Public Faith bill, but it was not entered, and he has not got it. Begs to be allowed one. 94 117a
5 Jan. Granted for the 58l., he having formerly contributed 5 341

Jas. Lacon, West Coppice, Co. Salop.

Page 722.
21 Aug. 1646.
Vol. A No. or p.
Assessed at 400l. 71 40
13 Dec. 1650. Respited 14 days to appear and pay his assessment. 9 286
3 Jan. 1651. To be discharged on payment of 100l. for his 1/20 9 343
24 Jan. Payment being made, his assessment discharged 9 394

Nicholas and Feas. Moseley, Collyhurst, Co. Lan caster.

Page 834
1 Oct. 1647.
Vol. A No. or p.
Nicholas assessed at 120l. 71 88
Aug. 1651 ? List of debts owing to by Francis and Nich. Moseley in May 1642, to persons in the county, 2,020l. Among these debts occur the following:— 114 95a
To Humfrey Chetham, of Clayton 700l.
To Ralph Worsley, of Rusholme 50l.
To Ann Moseley, of Hough End 50l.
To Jane and Frances Moseley, of Manchester 100l.
To them by the will of Rich Moseley, after their father, Rowland Moseley's decease, by Fras. Moseley, executor to Rich. Moseley above said 100l.
Also list of their book debts—total, 1,029l. 15s.
19 Sept. 1651. Their father being dead, and Nicholas being sworn to the debts, which are more than the estate, order that the assessment be discharged. 17 27

Lord Percy, Delinquent. (fn. 1)

Page 1049.
22 March 1649.
Vol. A No. or p.
On information that he has an estate in co. Carmarthen, &c., in Wales, unsequestered, order that it be seized and secured. 6 231
31 March 1649. Mr. Bowes of the Strand summoned to give evidence about the said estate. 6 245
7 April 1649. Bowes pretending an interest in the estate, as extended for moneys owing to him by Lord Percy, the case is to be viewed and reported by the clerks. 6 260

Robert Hoare, Minister, Cotleigh, Co. Devon.

Page 1159.
10 Nov. 1649.
Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he set forth a man and arms for the King, and rode in arms himself, took the King's protestation in his parish church, and forced divers of his honest neighbours to do the same, threatening some that would not do so that they would be undone. That he absented himself from his habitation and benefice when the Parliament forces prevailed in those parts, and went to the King's quarters for protection. 21 296

Hen. Paramore, Maidstone, or Whitstable, Kent.

Page 1229.
1 May 1650.
Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was in arms in the Kentish rising under Lord Goring in 1648, and was cornet of a troop under Capt. Saunders of Canterbury. 22
1 May 1650. The county commissioners to seize and secure his estate. 8 331

Lieut. Fras. Kilburn (late).

Page 1241.
19 June 1650.
Vol. A No. or p.
BOND 141 72B Information that he was in arms in 1644 against Parliament, and was committed to Maiden Lane Prison, with other prisoners taken at Cheriton Hill and Winchester. That he owns 18 small houses in Kent Street, Surrey, which—upon his release on parole—he conveyed to Sam. Abbot, of East Smithfield, Chris. Leader, and —Medley, for fear of sequestration. That he has since been taken in arms at Denington Castle. That he left legacies to Medley and Leader, part of which have been paid, and they, with [Rich.] Cozens, now receive his rents, which have not been sequestered. Request that Abbott, Leader, Medley, and Cozens, with Jas. Gray—to whom Kilburn mortgaged a house in 1644—may be summoned, and the rents secured meantime. 22
20 June 1650. John Marshall, city marshal, and others summoned to witness in the case. 28 59
21 June. Rich. Cozens, of Kent Street, summoned 28 60

Sir Thos. Dallison (late), Co. York.

Page 1314.
18 Feb. 1651.
Vol. A No. or p.
BOND 148 34B Information that from 1642 to 1646 he was a commander of the late King's forces, and died of wounds at the battle of Naseby; that he had 200l. a year in the hands of Sir Art. Ingram of York, which Sir Arthur paid him when in service against Parliament, so that Sir Arthur owes the State 1,000l. arrears. 22 148 162
7 March 1651. The county commissioners to sequester Dallison's estate, and Sir Arthur to detain all moneys due to him. 10

Sir Rob. Heath (late).

Page 1347.
13 June 1651.
Vol. A No. or p.
Information that he was possessed of a lead mine, called the Dovegang, in Wirksworth, co. Derby, was a delinquent, and is lately dead, and his lease thereof from the Crown, for 31 years, is concealed, and the profits,—being 1,000l. rent and 15,000l. or 16,000l. arrears, concealed by Sir Corn. Vermuyden. 22
E.W. 28 138 4 July 1651. Order that Thos. Turner, barber, of the Temple, appear to certify his knowledge therein. 28 133
11 Dec. 1651. Order that he and — Denton, of Lincoln's Inn, appear to certify concerning a debt owing by Sir C. Vermuyden to Sir Rob. Heath. 28 155


  • 1. This is probably the same with the Sir Hen. Percy, of p. 829; his peerage, granted in 1643, was but tardily recognized.