Extracts from the Records: 1505

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1869.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1505', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528, (Edinburgh, 1869) pp. 101-108. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1403-1528/pp101-108 [accessed 19 April 2024]


1 July 1505.

Seal of Cause to Barbers.

To all and sindrie to quhais knaulege thir present sall cum, the prouest baillies and counsale of the burgh of Edinburgh, greiting in God euirlesting: Witt your vniuersities thatt the day of the dait of thir presentis comperit befoir me, sittand in jugement in the Tolbuith of the said burgh, the kirkmaister and brether of the Sueregianis and Barbouris within the samyn, and presentit till me thair bill and supplicatioun desyring ws for the louing of God, honour of oure Souerane Lord and all his liegis, and for worschip and policy of this burgh, and for the gude reull and ordour to be had and maid amangis the saidis craftis in tymes to cum, thatt we wald grant and consent to thame the privilegis reullis and statutis contenit in thair said bill and supplicatioun qubilk efter follows: To yow my loirdis provest baillies and worthy counsall of this gude tovne, richt humblie meins and schawis your daylie servitouris the kirkmaister and brether of Chirurgeonis and Barbouris within this burgh, that quhair we beleve itt is weill knawen till all your wisdomis quhow thatt we vphald ane alter situat within your College Kirk of Sanct Geill in the honour of God and Sanct Mongow our patrone, and hes na importance to vphald the samyn bot oure sober oulklie penny and vpsettis, quhilk ar small in effect till sustene and vphald oure said altar in all necessar thingis convenient thairto, and because we ar and ever was of gude mynde till do this gude tovne all the steid plesour and seruice than we can or may, baith in walking and wairding stenting and bering of all vther portabill chairges within this burgh at all tymes, as vther nichtbouris and craftis dois within the samyn, we desyre at your lordship and wisdomes till geve and grant to ws and oure successouris thir reulis statutis and previlegis vndir written, quhilkis ar consonant to resoun, honour till oure Souerane Lord and all his lieges, proffeitt and lowabill to this gude tovne: In the first, that we micht have yeirlie chosin amangis ws ane kirkmaister and ourisman to quhome the haill brether of the craftis foirsaid sall obey for thatt yeir: Item, that na maner of persoun occupie nor vse ony poyntis of our saidis craftis of Surregenie or Barbour craft within this burgh bott gif he be first frieman and burges of the samyn, and thatt he be worthy and expert in all the poyntis belangand the saidis craftis diligentlie and avysitlie examinit and admittit be the maisters of the said craft for the honorabill seruying of oure Souerane Lord his liegis and nychtbouris of this burgh, and als that euerie man that is to be maid freman and maister amangis ws be examit and previt in thir poyntis following, thatt is to say, that he knaw anotamell, nature and complexion of euery member humanis bodie, and inlykewayes he knaw all the vaynis of the saymn, thatt he may mak flewbothomell in dew tyme, and als thatt he knaw in quhilk member the signe hes domination for the tyme, for euery man aucht to knaw the nature and substance of euery thing thatt he werkis, or ellis he is negligent; and that we may have anis in the yeir ane condampnit man efter he be deid to mak antomell of, quhairthraw we may haif experience, ilk ane to instrict vtheris, and we sail do suffrage for the soule; and that na harbour, maister nor seruand, within this burgh hantt vse nor exerce the craft of Surregenrie without he be expert and knaw perfytelie the thingis abouewritteu; and qubat person sal happin to be admittit frieman or maisteris to the saidis craftis, or occupeis ony poynt of the samyn, sail pay at his entry for his vpsett fyve pundis vsuall money of this realme of Scotland to the reparatioun and vphalding of oure said altar of Sanct Mongow for deuyne seruice to be done thairatt, with ane dennar to the maisteris of the saidis craftis at his admissioun and entres amangis ws; exceptand that euery frieman maister of the saidis craftis ane of his lawful gottin sonnis to be frie of ony money payment, except the dennar to be maid to the maisteris efter he be exeminit and admitted be thame as said is: Item, that na maisteris of the said craft sail tak ane prenteis or feit man in tyme cuming to vse the Surregeane craft without he can baithe wryte and reid, and the said maister of ony of the saidis craftis that takis ane prenteis sail pay at his entres to the reparatioun of the said alter tuenty schillingis; and that na maister of the said craft resset nor ressave ane vther maisteris prenteis or seruand quhill the ische of his termes be run, and quha that dois in the contrair thairof, as oft as he failyies, sail pay xx s. to the reparatioun of the said alter but fauvouris. Item, euery maister that is resauit frieman to the said craft sail pay his oulklie penny with the priestis meit as he sail happen to cum about, and euery seruand that is feitt man to the maisteris of the said craft sail pay ilk oulk ane half-peny to the said alter and reparatioun thairof; and that we haif powar to cheise ane chaiplane till do devyne seruice day lie at our said alter at all tymes quhen the samyn sail vaik, and till cheis ane officiar till pas with ws for the ingathering of oure quarter payment and oulklie pennies, and to pas befoir ws on Corpus Christy day and the octauis thairof, and all vther generali processionis and gatheringis, siclike as vtheris craftis hes within this burgh; and that ane of the maisteris of the foirsaid craftis, with the chaiplane and officiar of the samyn, pas at all tymes neidfull lift and rais the saidis quarter paymentis fra euery persoun that aw the samyn, and gif ony dissobeyis that we may poynd and distrenye thairfoir all tymes haif and ane officiar of the tovne with ws: Item, that na man nor f rem an of the said craft purches ony lordschip incontrair the statutis and rewlis aboue written, in hindering or skaithing of the craftis foir saidis or commoun weill thairof, vnder the payne of tynsall of thair friedomes. Item, that all the maisteris friemen and brether of the said craft reddelie obey and cum to thair kirkmaister at all tymes quhen thay sal be requyritt thairto be the said officiar for to heir quarter comptis, or till avyse for ony thing concernyng the commoun weill of the saidis craftis, and quha thatt disobeyis sall pay xx s. to the reparation of the saids craftis, and quha thatt disobeyis woman within this burgh mak nor sell ony aquavite within the samyn except the saidis maisteris brether and friemen of the saidis craftis vnder the pane of escheit of the samyn but fauouris. Beseking heirfoir your lordschippis and wisdomes at the reuerence of God that ye will thir oure sempill desyris statutis rewlis and privilegis abouewritten, and grant ws the samyn ratefeit and apprevit be yow vnder your seill of cause, and with the grace of God we sall do sic seruice and plesour to the Kingis grace and gude tovne that ye salbe contentit thairof, and your delyuerance heirintill humblie I beseik. The quhilk bill of supplicatioun with the reullis statutis and privilegis contenit thairentill being red befoir ws in jugement, and we thairwith beand ryplie and distinctlie avysit, thinkis the samyn consonant to resoun and na hurt to our Souerane Lordis Hienes, ws, nor nane vtheris his liegis thairintill, and thairfoir we consent and grantis the samyn to the foirsaidis craftis of Surregenry and Barbouris and to thair successouris, and in sa far as we may or hes powar, confirmis ratefeis and apprevis the saidis statutis reullis and privilegis in all poyntis and articlis contenit in the supplicatioun abouewritten; and to all and syndrie quhome it efferis or may effers we mak it knawin be thir our lettrs; and for the mair verificatioun and strenth of the samyn we haif to hungin our commoun seill of cause, at Edinburgh, the first day of the moneth of July the yeir of God ane thousand fyve hundreth and fyve yeris.

4 July 1505.

Pest. To keep their houses; To reveill.

The quhilk day, it is avysit statute and ordenit be the provest baillies, etc. that the persouns dwelland within this towne that hes bene laitlie viseit with seiknes and nocht recoverit, sall happin to be seik in tyme to sum, that thai cum nocht furth of thair dwelling places quhill thai haif licence of the officeris, and that thai revele the said seikness quhen it happenis within xxiiij houris thairafter till the officeris, vnder and vther paynes contenit in the awld statutes, that is to say banisment of the towne and vther paynes that sall be thocht expedient or ordanit be the quantity of the treapas; and that the baillies take diligent inquisitioun be sworne nychtbouris nixt thairabout dwelling gif the saidis persouns cumis furth of their places and brekis the said command, the quhilk beand knawin at thai be pvnist and the said statute execute vpoun the brekkers but favouris. (This in the convict book of this daitt without ane covering.—Tr.)

4 July 1505.

(In the convict buik begynnand 4 July 1505, and first leiff thairof, is contenit as follows:—Tr.)

Clenging the casay.

The statut for clengeing the calsay—It is statut and ordanit be the provest baillies counsale and community of this burch if Edinburg, for he guid rewle honour and pollick of the saymn, and for the haldin of it clene bayth in somer and wynter on the hie streitt, and for that intent thai haif namit and chosin Thomas Glendunwyne thair before; the quhilk Thomas is oblist haif a hors with occupatioun thirof of before; the quhilk Thomas is oblist to haif a hors with a close cairt and twa seruandis daylie, quhen neid is, for purgeing and clengeing of the hie streitt beuix the Castelhill and Sance Mary Wynd and Leith Wynd heids of all maner of mwk, filth of flische and flesche, and fulzie weit and dry, stayni and vtheris, and til cary this mwk filth and fulzie till a place viz. [blank] and till approper the saymn to his awin proffitt and vse; and for that intent it is statute and ordanit that quhair ony persoun layis ony mwk or fulzie on the hie gaitt that it ly na langer bot xxiiiij houris, and gif it lyis attour the space and hour the said belman to tak that and approper the saymn to is awin proffitt and vse sicklyk as the vtheris whitkis gatherit before, and the towne to fortifie him thairintill, and the stopperis gif ony beis to be pvnist the vnlaw viij s. vnforgevin. And heirfor the saidis provest baillies counsle and community hes grantit and prommittit to the said Thomas for his rewaird and fie, to the sustentatioun of his hous kairt and seruitouris, to tak of every buith valt cellar and chalmer of ilk foirland planist and inhabite ilk quarter of the yeir 1d., viz. iiij d. in the yeir; and of ilk flescheour for his occupatioun be his stok in the gaitt with flesch or fische or ony of theame for the clengeing of the filth of the saymn ilk ane iiij d. in the quarter, viz. xvj d. in the yeir; and of ilk land fleshen or hiaffand flesche on stokkis or buirdis in the merkit to sell to pay ilk Mononday a halfpenny for dechting of thair standis; Item, of ilk huiksteris selland and kippand fische in the gaitt, haiffand na buith on the forgaitt, 1d. in the quarter, viz. iiijd. in the yier; and of the daylie cummers and selleris of fische that dwellis nocht in this burch, of ilk hors a certan of thair fische hosteris as vse and wount hes bene and halfpenny, or swamekil of the stufe; and at nathing be tayne of the burding of folks heidis. Item, quhar ony hors that bringis victuallis or laidis to the merkat nocht standand in stable bot on the hie gaitt eittand on the gait or fuilzeand the samyn, it sall be leful to the said Thomas to tak of euerie heid a half penny als oft as it happinis, and he to haif his dewty of the vittaills merkat as vse and wont hes bene, his dische fuill of ilk sek laid ilk merkat day, the quhilk dische sall be brynt and seillit; and at na regratowris be of fische before xij houris at the nychtbouris be seruit, and at the clengeris of the gaitt till espye heirvpoun and schaw to the towne that punitioun be put thairfore.

3 October 1505.

Pest. To reveill.

It is statute and ordanit be the provest baillies and counsale, yitt as of before, for the commoun weill and proffeitt of this toune twicheing the infirmity of pestilence, that quhair ony persouns happinis to be seik within this towne and bounds thairof, that the folkis haiffand the rewle and gouernance of that house, man or woman quhatsumevir thai be, reveale the said seiknes to the baillies or ony of theme be thair quarter maisteris or sum vthers within the space and time of xij houris, vnder the paynis of byrning and banesing after the forme of the awld statutes.


Item, that na maner of persoun dwelland within this towne house or harbery ony maner of persoun cummand furth of the countrey, or thair guids, cummand furth of any suspect place or presumet suspect but licence and leif askit and obtenit of the baillies vnder the said paynis.

Inter-com mouning.

Item, that alswa na maner of persoun repair nor intercommoune with ony vther persoun quhair ony seiknes happenis but speciall licence of the officeris, vnder the paynis as sall be thocht expedient to be inputt thairfore be the provest baillies and counsale; and at euery quarter maisteris within thair boundis lymmit hereto obefore in euery wynd execute thair diligence and office as thai will answer thairvpoun.


Alswa it is forbidden that ony wed wyffis or vthers oppinly or privatly tak or lay ony maner of weddis belangand to ony maner of clayth kind, wollis or lynning, silks or vthers, vnder the payne of byrning on the cheik, banesing this towne; and at na maner of seruand wemen madynis or vthers tak in wed or ley in wed any maner of claythis as is aboue expremit vnder the said paynes.


Alswa it is forbidden statute and ordanit, for till eschew daynger and peril of the said seiknes, that ony maner of vagabounds, young fallowis or young husis, haffand na prettik nor seruice to life vpon, that ony sic persoun be fundin in this towne, bot at thai devoyde and pas furth of the samyn within xxiiij houris, les than thai pas in service or sum honest gyding to sustene theme vpon, vnder the payne of banesing this towne for yeir and day.


It is statute and forbidden that any maner of persoun melt or rynde thair tawlche in fore housis on the hie gaitt, for till eschew the dishonesty and euil disposit savour thairof, vnder the payne of escheitt of the stufe quhair it may be fundin but favouris.

Furrouris, Skynneris.

Item, that the furrouris and skynneris dicht nor schaik their skynis on the hie gaitt, nor hing thame on the forestairis, for till eschew the evil sawour thairof, and the inhonesty that followes thairvpon, vnder the payne of xx s. to St Geillis werk but favouris.

Setting of landis.

Item, it is statue that na maner of persouns haiffand land or hous to sett within this burgh sett nocht the samyn till ony vagabounds man or woman, bot sic as may life vpon their awin and the their honest prettik and labouris; and gif ony sic tennents vnsufficient be had in thair houssis that the lairds of that ground devoyde thame incontinent within viij dayes vnder the payne of xx s. to St Geillis wark but favouris. (In the same buik [i.e. the convict book of 4th July 1505, without a covering.] The lyke act is 25 May 1530 in ane gild buik.—Tr.)

October 1505.

(In the convict buik begynnand in July 1505 is contenit as follows:—Tr.)

[Assise of wheat and malt.]

Curia tenta coram Alexander Lawder preposito et balliuis Octobris jm vc quinto. Assisa super frumentum et brasum.

[The court held before Alexander Lauder, Provost, and the Bailies, October 1505.

The assise upon wheat and malt.]


Robertus Rynd
Joannes Adamesoun
Willelmus Bothuele
Robertus Brus
Willelmus Lokart
Robertus Wardlaw
Joannes Fischear
Joannes Cranstoun
Thomas Levingtoun
Joannes Wicht
Stephanus Bell
Henricus Young.
Joannes Broun


The assyse abouewritten fyndis the pryce of the quheitt the bole for xiij s. the best.

Malt. Aill.

Item, the malt for xj s. the boll the best, and thairfore the provest baillies and counsale ordanis the browsteris and tapsteris to sell na darrer aill than for xij d. the gallowne fra to morne at even furth, vnder the payne contenit in the statutes.


Item, the baxteris to keip the pris of the tikkat that sall be given vnder the saidis paynis, and the baillies to execute the saymn.