Extracts from the Records: 1504

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1869.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1504', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528, (Edinburgh, 1869) pp. 98-101. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1403-1528/pp98-101 [accessed 22 April 2024]


9 February 1503–4.

[Priests' alms.]

Item, the dene of gild with ane baillie to se that na preistis pas to gadder almous with thair pece bot ane day in the yeir for ilk altare.

14 February 1503–4.

[Chaiplenry of St Eleyes altar.]

Is declairit that Elizabeth Wod, the spous of umquhill Allane Windeyettes, producet the infeftment of the chaiplenry at St Eloyes altare and the sowm thairof; anent the patronage, to be tailyeand the said donatioun after herself to Margaret M'Crerik her dochters airis of hir body quhilkis failyeand to Wods airis, the presentatioun to be within xv dayes after it vaik, quhilk gif thai slip than to pertene to the towne hac vice, and gif thai failyie of aventur and beis nocht levand to pertene to the toune for euirmair.

2 March 1503–4.

Watter mettis.

The quhilk day, it was declarit be Willie Couper, maker of the mettis, that be auld consuetude the half watter bol of quheit and ry contenis xlviij pynttis; sua cummis the watter chalder of homyll corne to xviij bollis.

Item, the half watter boll of beyre and malt sould contene [blank sua cummis it now to the messour of lxxvij pynttis.

For eschewing of pleyis before the toun.

The quhilk day, the provest baillies and counsale hes statute and ordanit for the eschewing of greit multitude of pleyis before the counsale of the toun, and stanching of goleinyeis in tyme to cum, that quhat persoun that tynis thair actiou and beis foundin in the wrang sall pay ane vnlaw of viij s.

2 April 1504.

Statute vpoun the collorreris of vnfremennis guidis.

The quhilk day it is statute and ordanit be the provest baillies and counsale [blank] consauit be thame that thair is certane nychtbouris fremen within this burgh that displessis God in thair aith, and hurtis the commoun proffeitt of fremen in leing till vnfremen, baith Lumbardis and vtheris, of certane merchandice, bayth woll hide skyne and claith and vtheris siclyke, with thair money vnder the colour of thair awin, and swa hourtis the said commoun proffett, and that hairvpoun due inquisitioun be tane of famous persounis to the nummer of xij or xiij personis efter the nixt law dayis efter Pasche nixttocum, and qua beis convict heirvpoun to be depriuit of thair burgesry for evir.

That na guidis be sauld to strangearis custome fre.

Item, it is statute that na freman within this burgh sel ony maner of guidis or merchandice to strangearis and vnfremen in tyme tocum custome fre, bot that the custumaris of the toun may haif thair customes and dewiteis thairof that efferis but demand or impediment.

18 April 1504.

[Absentees from dirges and soul masses.]

(Ane statute with consent of the prebenders of St Geilis kirk anent the dergis, sawle mas feists, and vthers, that the absents for the tyme sall haif na fie nor waiges for the draiges and sawle mes bot the persouns present except the seik and the superexorsistene attour the waiges to be distribute at the sicht of the patronis, provest and baillies counsale and vtheris, gif thair be.—Tr.)

(Ane vther statute that ane collectour be chosin to gadder the falts of the prebenders failyeand and absent fra thair seruice, and the speciall paynes and vnlawes is declarit. Thir on the lowse leiffis.—Tr.)

31 May 1504.

Furnissing of warklomes to the schoir of Leyth.

The quhilk day, the provest baillies and counsall hes ordenit Patrik Richertsoun, thesaurere, to furneis for the clenging and mending of the havin vj pikkis and mattokis, and gavelokis to sufficient number, for the outtaking of the greit stanis in the hevin and redding of the channell betuix the byknys, and that he furneis the wyndes hairfor dewlie as efferis, and to gett plaittis for the channell and lowsing thairof.

Pryce aill selling.

It is statute that na darrare aill be sauld fra this day furth darrare than for xvj d. the galone, vnder the panys contenit in the statuttis.

2 August 1504.


The provest baillies and counsall ordanis Thomas Bartilmo to pay to the thesaurare of the toun and the fermoraris of the mylnis iij pekkis of quheit, in recompans for the setting of the bak watter and skayth sustenit that tyme, and he to cum on Sounday with ane walx candill, in sark alane, and ask the provest forgevenis for his contemptioun.

10 September 1504.

Clayth and yairne selling.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale that na maner of persoun dwelland within this towne take vpon hand to sett furth or sell outwith thair houseis opinlie in the merket ony maner of clayth woll or lynning, or ony yairne, for the space of xv dayes, vnder pane of escheitt of the guidis.

9 October 1504.

Ports keping.

(It is statute (at lenth) that nane enter bot at the ports, nor nane to enter cummand fra suspect places but licence, nor na sic be resset.—Tr.)

Persouns putt furth.

Item, that the baillies lymmit sic persouns portares that sall be of sic guid rewle and gyding to keip the said portis, nother to tak wageis for the inlatting of infect persouns nor guids nor yitt of the pure folks that cumis to the markett, vnder the paynis as the baillies will ansuer to the Kings Hienes thairvpoun, and vnder payne to the porters of banesing for euir or of the deid as sall be thocht expedient to the juges; and als that na maner of persoun that hes bene putt furth to the watter to clenge thame and thair guids, that nane sic be resauit in the toune agane without a speciall deliuerance in writt maid thairvpon of the provest and counsale, that thairthrow it may be vnderstand the gude reule, and brekares thairof to be pvnist to the rigour but favouris.


Item, It is statute and ordanit anent the clengeing of infectit guids in speciall, that thair be ane or twa persouns of euery close quhair infectioun is or happenis to be, honest and of guid fame, to pas with a baillie to serche seik and se the clengeing of the said infectit guids at the watter, and at thai byde furth a certane space quhill the saidis guids be purgeit and clengeit be fyre and watter, and weill dryit be the space of viij or x dayis; and after thai cum agane to remayne in thair hous for the space of v or vj dayes, proydand alway that thair houssis be first singit and fyrit with hather or thai enter thairvnto, after the forme of the awld statutes, vnder the paynis contanit in thame.

The buireares.

It is statute and ordanit that gif it sall happin ony of the burearis to cum outwith thair awin place ordanit for thame amongs ony repair, or in the toun or ony pairt thairof, and may be notit vpon thame, thai sall be banist for all the dayes of thair lyffs exceptand allanerlie bot quhen thai ar commandit to eird the creatour of God.

Inclusit per-souns.

And inlykewyis that na persoun inclusit in the commoun place cum furth but licence of the baillies vnder the said paynis

Persouns putt furth.

It is statute and ordainit in our Souerane Lordis name, provest and baillies of the burgh of Edinburgh, that na maner of persouns, riche nor puir, that ar putt furth to the water for the wescheing and clengeing of thair claythis, or sall be putt furth induring the tyme of this pestilence cum neir the ports for ony caus thai haif ado, other for almous or ony vther rand, without thai haif a signe into thair hand of a stafe and a clayth borne thairvpon, that haill folks may ken thame, vnder the payne to men that cumis of banesing of the toune and fredome of it for euir, and to wemen vnaen the pane of byring of thair cheiks, quhilkis sall be execue vpoun thame be thame that handillis the fowle folks.

11 October 1504.

Serwands rewling

We chairge straitlie and commands in our Souerane Lordis name the provest and baillies of this burgh, that all nychtbouris dwelland within the samyn that hes ony seruands, bayth craftismen and vthers, that thai diligentlie consider the vse and the rewle of thair seruands in all maner of gyding, playing, nychtwalking and vtheris, and at thai bald thame of guid rewle as thai will ansuer for thair said seruands, or ellis, cum and reveill thair misgyding to the provest and baillies, that remeid may be had thairvpon as efferis, for the guid rewle and honesty of the towne.